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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 2/15/06

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Gwen: Breakfast is served. Hey, where are you?

Will: Hold on. There was a noise in the back alley, so I went to go check it out.

Gwen: And?

Will: Nothing.

Gwen: It was probably just some big cat. There's some leftovers from the stuff Maddie brought. Want some cold pizza?

Will: Gwen, listen. There was a real estate guy out on the street. He was talking with a contractor about Metro.

Gwen: I don't want to know.

Will: They found a new buyer for the building. And they're going to start renovating again. Tomorrow morning.

Gwen: Tomorrow?

Will: Yeah, which means that we should probably get out of here tonight.

Gwen: If we're going to be on the move again, we're going to need more supplies. What are we going to do?

Will: There's only one thing we can do.

[Cell phone ringing]

[Will sighs]

Maddie: This is Maddie.

Will: It's Will. We've got a problem.

Maddie: Did somebody find you?

Will: No, not yet. But if we're not out of Metro tonight, then they will.

Maddie: I'm not following you.

Will: They sold the building, so the construction crew's coming back to finish renovations. And we've gotta be out of here by the time they show up for work tomorrow.

Maddie: Ouch. Okay, well, what do you need me to do?

Will: Well, we're going to need some warm clothes.

Maddie: Check.

Will: And toothbrushes, shampoo, stuff like that.

Maddie: Double check.

Will: Basically, we need you to put together a survival kit.

Maddie: Piece of cake.

Will: Really? Are you sure? You've done a lot for us already.

Maddie: Stop. I'll take care of everything. I will keep a low profile, so you don't even have to worry. Give me about an hour.

Will: Thanks, Maddie. You're a lifesaver.

Maddie: I know. Oh, look, the snoop.

Casey: Said the sneak. What are you taking care of, and why do you have to keep a low profile about it?

Maddie: Well, how is that any of your business?

Casey: I know you're up to something. Does it have anything to do with Will and Gwen?

Maddie: No. It was Nate. He needed some help with his math homework.

Casey: Since when does Nate the brain need help with any of his homework?

Maddie: Since he likes hanging out with me, I guess.

Casey: Right. What would he do without you?

Maddie: Probably be as miserable as you are.

Casey: Hey, did he like the chocolates?

Maddie: What?

Casey: You know, for Valentineís Day. The chocolates you sent him.

Maddie: Oh, yeah, those. He loved them. He ate them right up.

Casey: Yeah, I don't think so.

Maddie: What?

Casey: Nice try, Maddie, but I'm onto you.

Henry: Well, it's official. Meg returned from Puerto Vallarta.

Emily: Are you sure?

Henry: Desk clerk just confirmed it.

Emily: And I'll bet you any money she's been back in touch with Paul, letting him know she's back.

Henry: Would that be your money you're betting, or mine?

Emily: I wonder if they're together right now.

Henry: Oh, I don't know, Emily. And frankly, I don't care anymore.

Emily: Well, you should care, because we're so close to getting to the truth, we need to stick on Meg like white on rice.

Henry: You know, I've never understood that phrase, "white on rice." Not all rice is white. You've got yellow rice. Some of it's brown.

Emily: Oh, Henry, Henry, focus, focus, please.

Henry: On what?

Emily: On proving that Paul is still alive, what else?

Henry: Why? Why bother, Emily? If he wanted you to know that he's alive, he would have contacted you by now. Why put your stick into a hornet's nest?

Emily: Because obviously, he's planning something. And I need to find out what.

Henry: Listen, listen, listen, listen, if Paul is smart, and obviously he is, he's a smart man, he would be miles away from Oakdale by now.

Emily: Well then, why is Meg back?

Henry: Maybe she's homesick. And you know, I don't feel like following her around for shopping and going to the bank.

Emily: No, no, no, no, no. Listen to me, the two of them are in cahoots and I'm going to prove it.

Henry: Well, how about you prove it without me?

Emily: You are not pulling out. If you ever want to get your hands on that money, you will jump back on the bus -- [Elevator dings] She just got off the elevator, here's your chance. Come on.

Henry: Oh, great.

Meg: Oh, hello, Emily. Henry.

Henry: Hey.

Emily: Hi, hi. Welcome back from your vacation. How was it?

Meg: What vacation?

Emily: Oh, well, we heard you were in Puerto Vallarta.

Meg: You heard where? Because I certainly didn't advertise the fact that I was going.

Emily: Well, you can't keep a secret in a place like this, you know that. So, why'd you cut your trip short?

Meg: Who says I did?

Emily: Well, you weren't gone very long.

Meg: Why are you so interested?

Henry: She's just making conversation.

Emily: Yeah.

Meg: The hell she is. For some reason, you've been following my every move. You both have.

Henry: Whoa, whoa, I've never even been to Puerto Vallarta. You can check my passport.

Meg: No thanks, but here's what I will do. Stop stalking me or I will report you to the cops. You got that?

Paul: Have you heard from Jennifer yet?

Madame Lacoste: No, but I'm confident I will, and soon.

Paul: What if you scared her off? I mean, when you told her that I might be alive, you were pretty intense.

Madame Lacoste: That's the best way to get them to believe.

Paul: Yeah, okay, look -- no offense, but my sister is a lot smarter than, I'm sure, your usual clientele. And she's had a lot of time to think about this. If she hasn't called, I bet it's because she knows that you're a fake.

Madame Lacoste: I saw the look in her eyes when I left her that night. There was an urgency there to know more. Trust me, she'll call.

[Phone rings]

Madame Lacoste: Hello? Oh, Jennifer. How are you?

Jennifer: Oh, confused and anxious. I need to see you. Can you come by the hotel today?

Madame Lacoste: Today?

Jennifer: Yeah. This morning if at all possible.

Madame Lacoste: Oh, gee, I don't know. It's such short notice. Let me check my book. I think I can shuffle things around a bit.

Jennifer: That would be great. I would really appreciate it.

Madame Lacoste: Very well, then. I'll see you shortly.

Jennifer: Thank you. Thank you so much. You know, honey, I don't know if I'm feeling up to going to lunch today.

Dusty: Really?

Jennifer: Yeah, I kind of -- I think I might have a fever. And I'm kind of achy.

Dusty: Well, Lucindaís going to be disappointed.

Jennifer: Well, I don't know, just tell her that I'm sorry and I'll meet with her as soon as I can. But you should definitely go.

Dusty: By myself?

Jennifer: Sure, why not?

Dusty: Are you kidding? If you're not going, I'm not going. I'll tell her we can't make it.

Emily: The sun down in Puerto Vallarta must've fried your brain. Honestly, you are truly paranoid if you think we are following you.

Meg: Let's stop playing these games, okay, Emily? You and martini-head over here have been dogging my footsteps all over Oakdale before I went to Mexico. And as soon as I was gone, you obviously made it a point to know where I was.

Emily: That is ridiculous.

Meg: No, what's ridiculous is you actually thinking that I wouldn't notice. So, come on, what are you looking for? And how I figure in to this? Tell me.

Henry: Well, Meg, it must be quite a burden to think the world revolves only around you.

Meg: I donít. Someone else is in the center of this situation. Someone we both know.

Emily: Okay, who's being cryptic now?

Meg: Oh, come on, Emily. Why don't you get it out there? It'll make you feel better.

Emily: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Meg: I wonder what you're so afraid of. Well, if you're not going to talk, I can't force you. But I did mean it about calling the cops if you don't leave me alone. So don't push it.

Henry: Wow. She really gave me the heebie-jeebies all over that time. For a second there, I thought she had you.

Emily: Would you forget about me and go follow her before she gets away?

Henry: Weren't you paying attention, Emily? She is on to us. She'll just lead me in circles.

Emily: Henry, you're more clever than she is.

Henry: Of course I'm more clever than she is. That's not the point, don't you understand? She's on the lookout, she will spot me a mile away. Honey, you need to find another P.I., a better P.I., someone she won't recognize.

Emily: No, no, no, no, no, no. I am not paying someone to do what is supposed to be your job. And frankly, I am fed up with your lame excuses.

Henry: I am fed up with your obsession over this. I don't care if Paulís alive or not.

Emily: Yeah, but you do care about your money. I know you do. And if you ever want to get your hands on it, you will get a move on it and follow her before she gets away. I don't care what Meg says, I am more convinced than ever she knows exactly where Paul is. Now you go find her and call me when you find out something.

Desk clerk: Mr. Coleman?

Henry: Yeah?

Desk clerk: I need to speak with you.

Henry: Yeah, now's not a good time. How about a month from now, huh?

Desk clerk: There's a problem with payment on your bill.

Henry: My bill?

Desk clerk: That's correct. If you want to stay here another night, let alone a month, we're going to need to clear this up right now.

Gwen: I just don't see how we're supposed to get out of town with the cops watching the bus station, the train station and the airport.

Will: Well, there's a truck stop out by the interstate. I don't think they're going to be watching that.

Gwen: A truck stop?

Will: Yeah. We could hitch a ride on an 18-wheeler going west.

Gwen: Do you really think that's safe?

Will: You've seen too many horror films.

Gwen: I don't know, I just think it sounds kinda weird to ride halfway across the country with somebody that you don't even know.

Will: Gwen, you just gotta look at it like it's an adventure. I bet those guys are dying for some company on the long haul. Plus, we can offer to help out with gas money and stuff like that.

Gwen: With what? The last time I checked, we had less than $0 in our bank account.

Will: We do have some money, Gwen. The $1,000 I took from my mom.

Gwen: Yeah, but we're not using that. No, no way. That's like -- that's like blood money.

Will: Desperate times, Gwen.

Gwen: It doesn't matter. That money's poisoned. I'm not touching it, and neither are you.

Maddie: Okay, so now I can add liar to the list of names that you've called me in the past two weeks.

Casey: Call it whatever you want, but you did not give Nate that candy.

Maddie: And you know this how?

Casey: You want me to actually believe that he liked them when everybody knows guys hate getting chocolates on Valentineís Day. It's almost as bad as getting flowers.

Maddie: What, do you live in a cave? Real men happen to love getting chocolate and flowers. I guess you're just not the sensitive type.

Casey: Oh, really, and Nate is?

Maddie: Yeah, he was psyched to get something from me. When he got it, he kissed my hand, just like in the movies.

Casey: Uh huh, well, what if I told you that when I was at the Lakeview the yesterday, I --

Margo: Help. Help, help.

Maddie: Hey, Mrs. Hughes. How's it going?

Margo: Thank you, thank you.

Maddie: See you.

Margo: Yeah, thanks. Well, great. Where is she off to so fast?

Casey: Probably back to fantasyland. What is all this? Didn't you just go shopping a couple of days ago?

Margo: Yeah, I did, but apparently, you guys ate it all up, because I went to the cupboard and it was bare. What, do you have a worm, a hollow leg? I know, it's a growth spurt, huh? No, no, no, you're training for the Olympics.

Casey: Really? I don't feel like I've been eating any more than usual.

Margo: Well, by law, I can't withhold nutrition, so would you just ease up a little? Because this stuff actually costs money, you know?

Casey: Okay, I'll try to remember. Any news on Will or Gwen?

Margo: No, unfortunately. I wish those two would just wise up and come back home. They're only making things worse by running.

Casey: What about that train schedule that Maddie found? Didn't that pan out?

Margo: No, nothing. I don't know, maybe they changed their minds and decided to postpone their departure.

Casey: So, you're saying that they could still be in Oakdale?

Margo: Yeah, maybe. No, if they haven't taken off yet, they're going to soon. Good luck.

Jennifer: Honey, come on now, okay? You can't just cancel on Lucinda. She'll be hurt and highly insulted.

Dusty: Yeah, but if you're not feeling well --

Jennifer: No, but I'm just -- it's a little under the weather, that's all. Really. But that doesn't mean you should disappoint her. And you know, you're closer to her than I am, and she's probably looking forward to this.

Dusty: Who cares? If you're sick, I'd rather stay here with you and look after you.

Jennifer: Honey, I don't need a nurse, okay? I'll probably just pop a few aspirin and take a nap.

Dusty: Are you trying to avoid me?

Jennifer: Why would I be trying to avoid you?

Dusty: I don't know. That conversation we had on Valentineís Day. The one about Paul.

Jennifer: I haven't even thought about that, really. Or Paul. No, I just -- I don't feel very well, okay? It's not a big deal. But you need to go, okay, with Lucinda. Have fun. And tell her I'm sorry I can't make it.

Dusty: You'll call me if you need me, right?

Jennifer: Yes, honey, of course. You're going to be late. Okay. You know how she hates that. [Knock at the door] Oh. Please, come in. You didn't happen to see that man that I introduced you to the other day? Was he out there?

Madame Lacoste: No, there was no one in the hall when I got off the elevator.

Jennifer: Okay, good. Thank you so much for coming. I just -- I haven't even been able to sleep since you told me that my brother could be alive.

Madame Lacoste: I'm sorry I couldn't give you more information at the time. But as I explained, these feelings come and go on their own schedule.

Jennifer: No, no, I understand. But I was hoping that if you were here, that you could sense something else, you know? Like where my brother might be, or how I might contact him. Please, Madame Lacoste, if my brother is out there, you have to help me find him.

Paul: How do you know that Henry and Emily haven't given up?

Meg: Because I confronted Emily in the lobby, and I told her to back off. Of course, she pretended like she didn't know what I was talking about. But the minute they thought I was gone, she sent Henry off after me.

Paul: I think it's time to up the ante a little bit.

Meg: How?

Paul: Maybe it's time for Emily to learn that I'm still alive.

Gwen: You can't really think it's a good idea to spend that money, can you?

Will: Something good's got to come out of what's happened. That money can help us get back on our feet. We can away from here and get away from everything.

Gwen: But if we spend that money, it's like we actually did commit a crime. I don't want to live with something like that.

Will: Okay. Normally, I'd agree with you. And I hate that we've been driven to this point. But there's nothing else we can do right now. We got to do whatever it takes to make it through this.

Gwen: We don't even have a plan yet.

Will: I've been thinking -- um, I think we should head out to L.A. You've got a friend out there, right? And I have a half-brother out there, too. We could hop a semi and be out there in two days. We could get lost in a place like that. No one would ever find us.

Gwen: I don't know.

Will: Well, we know we can't stay here. And if we want to get settled somewhere, then we have to have some money. So unless you want to ask Maddie to rob a bank for us, then we got to use the money that I took from my mom. And then when we get jobs and we get settled, we'll find a way to send her the $1,000.

Gwen: And we'll send it back to her without her tracing it and finding out where we are.

Will: Yeah. We'll figure it out. Or we might as well just turn ourselves in right now.

Gwen: We're not doing that.

Will: Then we take that money, and we get out of here tonight. Are you with me?

Casey: Where are you going?

Maddie: What are you, my parole officer?

Casey: Just curious. You look like you're in a big hurry. What's in the bag?

Maddie: Clothes.

Casey: What, are you and Nate going camping?

Maddie: No, I'm dropping this off at the used clothing bin.

Casey: Really? The one on 4th Street or the one at the church?

Maddie: What does it matter which one I throw my old, ratty clothes in?

Casey: I thought you were going to Nateís.

Maddie: I am, Mom. Just as soon as I do my good deed for the day. Can I go now?

Margo: Maddie, are you going out?

Maddie: Yeah, for a little.

Margo: Could you do me a favor? Would you pick up some stuff from the drugstore for me?

Maddie: Sure.

Margo: I need -- you know, I have a whole list upstairs with my purse and the money.

Maddie: Okay.

Margo: What? What is it with you two? Is everything all right?

Maddie: Yeah, we're fine. Right, Case?

Casey: Whatever you say, Mad.

Maddie: Mmm.

Margo: I really appreciate this, Maddie.

Maddie: Not a problem. See ya.

[Margo whistles]

Margo: What's going on?

Casey: Nothing. Maddie's just -- weird.

Margo: Yeah? So are you. So what's going on?

Casey: Nothing. I don't -- nothing, its fine. Can I go?

Margo: Where are you going to?

Casey: The library, to study.

Margo: Ooh! Good answer, Casey. You know what, honey? I really am very proud of you. You really pulled it together, you know? You're going by the rules, and your grades have been better than ever.

Casey: Thanks, Mom. So why don't you loosen the handcuffs a little bit? How about a later curfew?

Margo: How 'bout you talk to your dad.

Casey: Okay.

Emily: What the hell are you still doing here?

Henry: Contemplating suicide, Emily. Look at this. My bar bill is enough to feed a small African country.

Emily: You're supposed to be following Meg.

Henry: I was following Meg. I got ambushed by the desk clerk. He says if I don't settle this, I face immediate eviction.

Emily: Aye-aye-aye. How much is it?

Henry: $7,433.

Emily: What?!

Henry: Yeah, I don't know. How is that physically possible?

Emily: I have no idea, and it's not my problem.

Henry: It is your fault, Emily, since you insist on keeping my stash hostage. I'm flat broke.

Emily: Yeah, well, I thought we had a deal.

Henry: Oh, honey -- oh, honey, you veered from the deal a long time ago. I was supposed to keep my mouth shut about your little target practice with Paul, you were going to keep your mouth shut about the money that I -- appropriated from B.J. Green. and that was it. It was pure, it was simple, it was easy to follow. Now you have railroaded me into all kinds of shenanigans that were never part of the bargain, and I am sick of it!

Emily: Well, the situation's changed, hasn't it?! Paul's alive!

Henry: Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn. And neither should you. We should be counting our lucky stars. No one's snooping around here about B.J.'s money. And Paul -- if Paul is alive, there's no way he's coming back to Oakdale, because they will throw his butt in jail. I don't know why you want to push it.

Emily: 'Cause, Henry, it's all a little too suspicious. I mean, think about it. There is no way Paul would be in contact with Meg unless he had some kind of agenda.

Henry: Paul is a smart man, Emily. He's better off dead, and he knows that. There is no way he's gonna blow his cover.

Emily: Well, I need to find out for sure. I mean, I need to make sure he's not planning some kind of trap for me.

Henry: Yeah? You're gonna have to find out on your own.

Emily: You cannot walk away from me! From all that delicious money?

Henry: I don't care about the money. To hell with the money. I'm getting out before we both end up in jail.

Emily: Henry, you canít. We are so close.

Henry: Yeah? Yeah, we're a little too close for comfort.

Emily: No, Henry, please. Please, listen to me. Don't walk away from me, please. I mean, you're the only person I can trust. You're the only friend I've got.

Meg: We've both gone to unbelievable lengths to make Emily and the rest of Oakdale believe that you're dead. Now you want to let her know that that's not true?

Paul: Yeah, sure. Why not? Let's turn the heat up a little bit.

Meg: I thought the idea was to throw her off the trail here.

Paul: Well, think about it, Meg. Why has Emily been following you? It's probably because she's afraid that I'm still alive, and I'm coming back after her. So we turn the pressure up a little bit, see how she reacts.

Meg: Oh. And what if her reaction is to finish what she started by killing you for real?

Madame Lacoste: I was afraid I might have scared you by telling you that your brother Paul might still be alive.

Jennifer: Well, I was definitely frightened and bewildered. But now I'm just curious. How is this possible?

Madame Lacoste: I can't say. My visions are rarely clear-cut. Sometimes, they're like a cold wind that moves through me, and then it's gone. That's how it was with your brother -- a brief flash where he was struggling to be heard. That's why I thought he might be close to death, somewhere between this world and the next.

Jennifer: Okay, I'm sorry, you're being really vague.

Madame Lacoste: Yes, but it's a lot less vague whenever I'm near you. So that's what makes me believe that, alive or dead, he's trying to reach out to you.

Jennifer: Okay, okay, but I need to know more. I just -- if I'm gonna have any closure. And if you're holding something back because you're afraid that I can't take it --

Madame Lacoste: No, I would never do that, Jennifer. You deserve to know the truth, no matter how hard it is to hear.

Jennifer: Okay so are you feeling something now? An aura, or his presence? Can you feel his presence?

Madame Lacoste: Yes, I can.

Jennifer: And what is he -- is he trying to tell you something?

Madame Lacoste: No, he is in this plane, our world. The feeling's stronger now -- much stronger.

Jennifer: So he's still alive?

Madame Lacoste: Yes.

Dusty: Jennifer, what are you doing? Are you okay?

Jennifer: Yeah. Yeah, I am.

Will: Can you just imagine us in that little apartment in L.A.?

Gwen: Our little, empty apartment? What are we gonna do for furniture?

Will: We'll find secondhand stuff. And I can flip burgers, and you'll find work, and we'll be happy. We'll make new friends and go on a ton of walks. We'll always go to the beach, 'cause it's always gonna be sunny in the morning. You can get used to that, right?

Gwen: Yeah. It sounds like a fantasy.

Will: A fantasy that's within reach. And we can make it.

Gwen: All it's gonna take is your mom's money.

Will: Which I already promised that we would send back.

Gwen: Okay, you've talked me into it.

Maddie: Quick. Get out of sight. Turn off the lights. I think somebody may have followed me.

Meg: Be realistic, Paul, okay? Think this through. What's the most important thing to you right now?

Paul: Repairing the damage that I've done to Jennifer.

Meg: That's right. And you've been carefully laying the groundwork to reveal yourself to her.

Paul: Yeah, so what?

Meg: So if you let Emily believe that you're alive, and for some reason she decides to tell Jennifer, or Jennifer somehow inadvertently finds out, then your whole plan is shot to hell, and Jennifer is gonna hate you more.

Paul: You might have a point.

Meg: Well, it's a good thing I'm here then.

Paul: Yeah, I guess so.

Meg: Okay, so uh, let me deal with Henry and Emily.

Paul: Okay -- for now.

Meg: I've managed to keep them at bay. They're really not that hard to handle.

Paul: Okay, don't underestimate them, most of all Emily. I have a bullet wound to prove just what she's capable of if her back is up against the wall.

Meg: I'll be careful.

Paul: Promise me, Meg, that you'll do whatever you have to do to protect yourself.

Meg: Look, it's not gonna come to that, as long as you stay put and don't try anything risky. I'll check in with you later.

Henry: Are you sure you're okay?

Emily: Yeah -- no. No, I am not. I'm mad at myself for getting all vulnerable like that.

Henry: Hey, I -- I seem to bring that out in people.

Emily: You're not really gonna turn your back on me, are you, Henry?

Henry: Come here, sit down. Um, as a friend, no, of course not. But I still think it's a waste of time for you to try to find Paul. I mean, if he wanted to get back at you for shooting him, don't you think he would've made his move already?

Emily: I don't know. Paul's a tough guy to figure out. I mean, you would be, too, if you were the son of James Stenbeck.

Henry: Yeah, that's quite a pedigree, I'll give you that. But why would he waste his time plotting revenge when he -- he's free now to put all that misery behind him?

Emily: You really think he's never coming back?

Henry: For all we know, meg took off to Puerto Vallarta, because that's where Paul has settled down. He's probably on a beach now. He's living large, he's under assumed name, Pablo Ryano or something. And Oakdale, and you, are barely a blip on his radar. So hey, I'm sorry. Alive or dead, I think you need -- I think you need to give him up.

Emily: I wish I could. But I have to know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he's not gonna come knocking on my door one night.

Henry: Is that why you're doing all this?

Emily: What? What other motive could I have?

Henry: Maybe you want to find him so that you can apologize to him. Or maybe -- maybe you want to find him so that you can let him know that you forgive him. Maybe you just want another chance.

Emily: No. My chances died the minute I rolled him off that cliff. There's no going back, Henry.

Henry: Are you sure you believe that?

Emily: I'm not looking for a new beginning. I'm looking for a final ending.

Henry: Um, well, I think you got that.

Emily: Close, maybe, but I'm not there yet. So I will keep at it. You -- you want to walk away? Fine. But know that if I get Meg to tell me the truth, it's every man for himself.

Henry: Meaning?

Emily: Meaning you can bluff me all you want, Henry, but you are so not ready to kiss good-bye a million bucks. You're with me to the bitter end, whether you like it or not.

Dusty: So you're back? Does this mean you have a lead on Will and Gwen?

Madame Lacoste: Possibly. You know, I wanted to ask Jennifer a few more questions about her brother.

Dusty: What kinds of questions? Sorry, what's her name again?

Madame Lacoste: Oh, just call me Doris.

Dusty: Doris. What's your connection to Will?

Jennifer: Doris works at a travel agency, and one of her co-workers told her that he thought that a couple matching Will and Gwenís description came in the other day.

Madame Lacoste: Well, they were asking questions about package deals to Mexico. But they didn't leave their names, so we can't really be sure it's Jenniferís brother and his girlfriend.

Dusty: They showed a photo of Will and Gwen on TV. Your co-worker didn't see that?

Madame Lacoste: I'm afraid not.

Jennifer: Thank you so much. Um, I'll show you out. We'll be in touch. Thanks again for all your help.

Madame Lacoste: I hope you find what you're looking for.

Jennifer: So do I. What?

Dusty: Come on, Jen. If that lady works at a travel agency, I'm Mike Tyson. Tell me, what's going on?

Gwen: How do you know that somebody followed you?

Maddie: I donít. But I was walking, and I turned around, and I thought I saw someone duck behind the corner, like they didn't want me to see. I don't know, I just got this really weird feeling.

Will: If it was the cops, they would've come in by now, don't you think?

Gwen: Yeah.

Maddie: Well, maybe they're waiting for reinforcements.

Gwen: There's three of us. How much reinforcement do they need?

Maddie: You two are serious felons. You have an attempted murder charge on your head.

Gwen: Yeah, yeah.

Will: I still can't believe my mom's trying to pin that on you. She knows damn well that it was me.

Gwen: No, I'm not surprised. She hated me from day one.

Will: There's no point in sitting here, waiting for someone to come busting in. I'm gonna go check it out.

Gwen: All right. Be careful.

Maddie: Here.

Gwen: Oh, this is -- this is really great. Thank you so much.

Maddie: Sure. I -- I'm sorry I can't do more, Gwen. It's just, what happened to you is just so wrong. You shouldn't have to be on the run. So, do you have a place to go, or you know, have you figured that out yet?

Gwen: Um, you know, it's probably better if I don't tell you.

Maddie: You don't trust me?

Gwen: No, no, it's not that. It's just that they can't make you say what you don't know.

Maddie: Oh. Good point. But you do have, you know, someplace specific that you're headed, right? You're not just gonna be camping out in the woods, right?

Gwen: No. I mean, we have a plan -- sort of.

Maddie: Sort of? That doesn't really sound too promising.

Gwen: I think we're gonna be okay. And once we settle in and things quiet down, we'll get in touch with you, let you know where we are.

Maddie: Please, you better.

Gwen: You know, you've helped us, you know, more than you will ever know. Will and I will never forget this.

Will: That's right, we wonít.

Gwen: Hey, is the coast clear?

Will: Seems like it. Hey, isn't this Caseyís. Isn't he gonna miss this?

Maddie: Think I care? If you don't like it though, I can go back and get some of Tom's fancy suits.

Gwen: Wouldn't that be funny? You'd be the best-dressed fugitive in America.

Maddie: Just don't get caught. They'll hang you by your necktie.

Jennifer: The babysitter must have worn him out at the park. He was asleep before his head hit the pillow. Oh, and you were so fast. How's Lucinda?

Dusty: She canceled. Stop beating around the issue. Who's that woman that was here? And don't tell me it's about Gwen and Will, 'cause it's not.

[Jennifer sighs]

Jennifer: Okay, okay. Um, and I was gonna tell you. I just wanted to be more certain.

Dusty: Certain about what?

Jennifer: First of all, you have to promise to keep an open mind.

Dusty: I'll do the best I can.

Jennifer: No, no, no, you have to promise.

Dusty: I promise, I'll keep as open a mind as I can. Now tell me, what's going on?

Jennifer: It's about Paul. Honey, it's unbelievable. Everything has changed.

Henry: See, the vulnerability is gone. We're back to the threats.

Emily: You know what? You're not giving me much of a choice. You're pushing me into a corner, Henry.

Henry: Oh, Emily, I'd say you've backed yourself right on in there without my help really.

Emily: I cannot do this alone. And I know you want that money.

Henry: I told you, I'm not bluffing! I don't want the money. You keep it!

Emily: You know what? I pegged you for a lot of things, really, but never a coward.

Henry: When it comes to jail time, sweetheart, I've got a streak down my back the size of the yellow brick road.

Emily: Henry, please don't walk away from me. Please, please, I'm begging you.

Henry: I am done with this, okay? This is -- you are on your own. Good luck.

Meg: I thought I told you to leave me alone.

Emily: I will, when you answer a question.

Meg: What?

Emily: Where is he?

Meg: Where's who?

Emily: You know damn well who I'm talking about. Where's Paul?

Will: I don't think I feel comfortable wearing the district attorney's suit or ties. But I don't want to wear Caseyís sweatshirt, either.

Maddie: He doesn't want it anymore. His parents aren't letting him go to the University of Wisconsin. Now he's stuck here going to Oakdale U.

Will: He really had his heart set on Wisconsin.

Maddie: Yeah, he's pretty bummed about it. But that being there will just be a reminder of what he's missing.

Gwen: Hey, besides, it looks nice and toasty. You're gonna need all the warmth you can get in the back of one of those big rigs.

Maddie: Big rigs? Trucks? You guys aren't seriously telling me that you are going to hitch a ride on a truck?

Will: Yeah, why not?

Maddie: I don't know, because the driver could be a serial killer or something.

Gwen: You see? I am not the only one.

Will: You're both nuts. We're gonna be fine. And I still don't feel comfortable taking this.

Maddie: You're doing him a favor by getting it out of the house.

Will: So how are you two getting along?

Maddie: Wrong question.

Gwen: Meaning you're not?

Maddie: You guys don't have to worry about me and Casey, okay? It's your last night in Oakdale, maybe for a long time.

Will: Maybe forever. She's right.

Maddie: Okay, so put on your shirt, and we'll get this stuff together, and we'll figure out a way to get out of here without getting caught.

Meg: As far as I know, they never found Paulís body. It's probably at the bottom of Lake Michigan by now, okay? So stop harassing me.

Emily: I'm not harassing you. I just want to talk to you about Paul.

Meg: Okay, fine. Go ahead. Talk. What, what? Cat got your tongue? What do you want to say?

Emily: He's alive, isn't he?

Meg: Where'd you get that idea?

Emily: Will you stop it? I know he's alive, and I know you know where he is. So stop tap dancing and tell me the truth.

Meg: The truth is, there's no way Paul is alive. And you and I both know why.

Emily: How would I know that?

Meg: Because, you're the one who killed him. You shot him. And you've been covering it up ever since.

Madame Lacoste: Jennifer went for it.

Paul: You're sure?

Madame Lacoste: Oh, yes. She's hooked and she's ready to be reeled in.

Paul: You mean she believes I'm alive?

Madame Lacoste: Definitely. Now I think it's time for you to confirm it.

Paul: What? Show myself?

Madame Lacoste: Yes, while the impact is still fresh in her mind. You don't want to give her time to start doubting it again.

Paul: Yeah, but -- look, I can't just show up out of the blue. You're going to have to lead her to me.

Madame Lacoste: Be glad to. But before I make another move, there's a little matter we have to settle.

Paul: What's that?

Madame Lacoste: I need more money. A lot more.

Dusty: You're saying this Doris woman has something do with what happened to Paul?

Jennifer: No, not exactly. But she knows what happened to him. Or rather, what didn't happen.

Dusty: You're talking in riddles.

Jennifer: I know, I'm sorry. I'm just so excited. You promised though, you'd keep an open mind.

Dusty: I promised I'd do the best I can. Tell me, what did this woman tell you about Paul?

Jennifer: That he's still alive.

Dusty: But that's not possible.

Jennifer: It is, Dusty.

Dusty: Jen --

Jennifer: Listen, listen, this woman, she knows things. It's not scientific, I have no proof for you, but I know it, too. I feel it in my heart the same way I felt about Johnny. Paul is alive.

On the next "As the World Turns" --

Maddie: What was that? I told you somebody followed me.

Jennifer: I could almost hear him calling my name and I knew, I just knew that I was going to get to see my brother alive again.

Meg: If the police find out that Paul is alive, you'll be going to jail for shooting him.

Emily: And you'll go to jail for hiding him.

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