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[Doorbell rings]

Maddie: I'll get it.

Casey: Don't bother, I doubt it's for you.

Maddie: Fine, it's your house.

Casey: I'm glad you still remember. Oh, hello, Henry.

Henry: Oh, hello. Don't be happy to see me.

Casey: Oh, no, I'm thrilled, really. Any friend of Maddie's is a friend of mine.

Henry: Well, I think being an actual brother counts a little bit more than being a friend, don't you, Casey?

Casey: Whatever?

Maddie: Never mind him, Henry. I'm so happy you're here.

Henry: Yes, I'm so happy. What was so urgent that you needed to see me right away?

[Maddie sighs]

Maddie: Do you mind?

Casey: Would it matter if I did?

Maddie: You have got to get me out of here ASAP.

Jade: Wow, nice house.

Lily: Thanks.

Jade: Thanks for inviting me in.

Lily: Well, it was too cold to talk outside and obviously there are some things we need to clear up.

Jade: I know you think that i sound crazy, but I'm not. I know exactly why I'm here. I know exactly what I'm saying. I came here to find out about my mother.

Lily: There's no way, absolutely no way that I could be your mother.

Holden: Why would you think that?

Jade: Wait, you don't understand?

Lily: No, I do. See, you've been in a car accident. You're a little confused right now. You just need to rest, that's all.

Jade: I'm not confused about anything. Let me explain. I came here to see what my mother looked like and now I'm looking at her face. It's beautiful.

Will: What if it's worse than they think? What if she dies?

Gwen: Your mom's not going to die from hitting her head. I'm sure she's going to wake up any second.

Will: When I tried to get through to her at the hospital, she didn't hear a word I said. I could tell. She didn't even move. When someone's unconscious that long, it's not good.

Gwen: Look, stop thinking like that.

Will: How could I not be worried? If something happens to her, it's my fault. I'm responsible.

Gwen: It was an accident.

Will: No it wasnít. I got really mad and I pushed her really hard.

Gwen: Yeah, but you weren't trying to hurt her. You were just trying to get the phone away from her. Stop making yourself crazy. No one is going to die.

Will: It doesn't matter. I've got to go to the cops.

Gwen: And tell them what?

Will: Tell them the truth. I've got to turn myself in.

Jennifer: How is she?

Nurse: Her vitals are in the normal range.

Jennifer: Oh, thank God. Mom, how do you feel?

Barbara: I'm a little weak. How did I get here?

Jennifer: Well, we found you on the floor at your suite. You were unconscious and then the paramedics brought you to the hospital. What happened?

Barbara: How long have I been out?

Jennifer: We're not sure. It seemed like might have fallen and hit your head. Does that sound right?

[Barbara remembering]

Gwen: Will, stop!



Jennifer: Mom, do you remember what happened?

Barbara: Oh, yes. I remember everything. I know exactly what happened to me. And who did it.

Nick: That's what I'm talking about. You're killing me, sweetheart. Come here!

Butch: Can I help you?

Carly: Oh, hi.

Butch: Hi.

Carly: Maybe, who are you?

Butch: I'm the manager. Who are you?

Carly: Me?

Butch: Yeah.

Carly: I --

Butch: Are you here for the job?

Carly: You mean doing that? [Carly laughs] No, no, I don't think so. No.

Butch: Lady, you're either here looking for someone or something, so which one is it?

Carly: I am here about a job, just not that kind of job. I'm not a stripper.

Butch: You know, that's funny. I can kind of tell. What kind of job were you thinking about?

Carly: Well, I heard that you were looking for waitresses.

Butch: Yeah? Where'd you hear that?

Carly: You know, here and there.

Butch: Turn around.

Carly: What?

Butch: Let me check out your caboose.

Carly: I beg your pardon?

Butch: Look, this isn't a Lakeview, all right? The guys don't come here for the food. Even if you want a waitress job, you gotta look good. Come on. Yeah, you'll do.

[Carly laughs nervously]

Carly: Gee, thanks.

Butch: Go grab your uniform in the dressing room.

Carly: You want me to start tonight?

Butch: You got someplace better to be, princess?

Carly: No, I just thought that you'd have some paperwork to fill out. Some forms.

Butch: No, no, no, no. The only thing that you need to fill out is that uniform. All right? I don't even need to know your real name. Everything's under the table here. $50 a night cash, plus tips. You want to get something extra going on with one of the customers, I don't want to know about it, understand?

Carly: Yeah, no, no. You don't have to worry about that. That's never going to happen. Ever.

Butch: You got any questions, you ask Chardonnay. Go ahead, go change. She'll help you out.

Carly: Chardonnay?


Butch: You having a good time?

Nick: Yeah, I'm doing all right. Listen, I was looking for a little different kind of action.

Butch: Whoa, whoa, whoa, pal. In my club, the girls only dance, all right?

Nick: That's not the action I really meant.

Butch: Enlighten me.

Nick: You know, like five card stud, Texas hold'em. You know, whatever you got.

Butch: This look like Vegas to you?

Nick: No, that's why I'm here. You know, I can't stand Vegas. It's like Disneyland on acid, you know? Here's the deal. What's it going to take for me to get in the loop? Hmm?

Butch: Keep going. Follow me.

Henry: Okay, what happened?

Maddie: It's not one thing, it's everything.

Henry: With Casey? I thought you two were getting along.

Maddie: He's an idiot.

[Henry laughing]

Henry: Why?

Maddie: Because he thinks I'm an idiot.

Henry: Well, now, how could he accuse you of that? You're precocious. Maybe you're stubborn. But he'd have to be an idiot to call you an idiot.

Maddie: My point exactly.

Henry: Okay, then specifics, Madeline. What, did you two get in a fight?

Maddie: He has this lame idea that he can just tell me what to do.

Henry: Example.

Maddie: He thinks he can tell me who I should and shouldn't hang out with from school.

Henry: From school. Somebody that's off limits in his book?

Maddie: Sort of.

Henry: A male somebody?

Maddie: As if that mattered.

Henry: Hmm, I can tell by your nonchalance that it must.

Maddie: Henry, where are you going with this?

Henry: Maybe, Madeline, maybe he's jealous.

Maddie: Who?

Henry: Casey.

Maddie: No, no. He's not like that, Henry.

Henry: How can you know that for sure?

Maddie: We're getting off the subject.

Henry: I thought this was the subject.

Maddie: No, the subject is "get me out of here."

Henry: That's just not going to be very easy right now, okay?

Maddie: Why not? Go get the car. I'll go pack. Pull up, I'll put my stuff in and we can go someplace else.

Henry: Someplace else is the problem. I am sorry, sweetheart. Like it or not, but you're stuck here for a little while.

Gwen: No way are you going to go to the cops and turn yourself in for something that was a complete accident. There's no reason to get the cops involved. Especially since your mom is going to be fine.

Will: I pray that you're right, but it doesn't change the fact that she got hurt while I was trying to steal from her. How am I supposed to talk my way out of that?

Gwen: We'll get a lawyer.

Will: I can't believe I let myself get pushed so far that I tried to rob my own mother.

Gwen: It's my fault. You were doing it for me.

Will: No, I was doing it for us. I just never thought it would get to this point.

Gwen: She put us here.

Will: That doesn't make what I did okay.

Gwen: I'm not saying it was right.

Will: No, you told me not to do it and I should have listened to you, Gwen.

Gwen: It doesn't matter. We're in this together. This is happening to both of us, so if you go to the cops, I'm going with you.

[Phone ringing]

Will: It's Jen. Hey, Jen, how's Mom?

Jennifer: She's regained consciousness.

Will: Thank God. She's awake.

Jennifer: The doctors are running some other tests but they don't think there's any neurological damage.

Will: Okay, so she's got her eyes open and she knows who you are and everything?

Jennifer: Yeah, she's completely aware. You know, she understands what I'm saying and she's answering questions.

Will: Did she say anything about what happened to her?

Jennifer: She said she remembers everything, but they're trying to track down Dad so that she can give him her statement.

Will: She didn't say how she got hurt?

Jennifer: No, no, she wants to wait until Dad can get here. Are you coming back in?

Will: Yeah, I'll be right there. Jen said she remembers everything, but she's going to wait for Dad so she can give an official statement.

Gwen: Oh, Will, you have to talk to her before he gets there.

Will: I don't think that's going to do any good. She must hate me right now.

Gwen: But if you sit with her and explain to her that it was an accident, that you didn't mean to hurt her.

Will: I don't think it matters. I don't think she's going to listen to me.

Gwen: It's worth a shot.

Will: You want to come with me?

Gwen: You know I do, but you know how she feels about me so i should stay here while you talk to her.

Will: Yeah.

Gwen: I'll wait for you right here.

Will: Okay. You know how much I love you. I couldn't get through this without you.

Gwen: Things are going to be okay. She'll forgive you. I'm sure of it.

Jade: Maybe I better start over. I think you've all gotten the wrong idea.

Lily: Uh, Jade, all I know is that you're under a very mistaken impression that I am your mother. I am not.

Jade: I'm sorry. Of course you're not my mother. What I meant was, you have the same face. I knew that she had an identical twin, but it's so amazing to actually see it.

Lily: Whoa, wait a minute. You're talking about my sister Rose?

Jade: Yes.

Lily: You're telling me that you're --

Jade: Her daughter. That's right. Rose díangelo was my mother. This is my buddy.

Jade: I know this is a pretty big surprise. I never meant to spring it on you like this. I had this whole plan worked out in my head of how I was going to tell you. Of course, that plan didn't include getting hit by a car.

Luke: That's my fault.

Jade: No, it wasnít. I ran right in front of you. No one could've stopped in time. But luckily, I'm still in one piece, and once then we all ended up face to face, I couldn't put it off any longer. It sort of forced my hand. I can tell you're all pretty shocked. Maybe we better talk about this tomorrow.

Luke: No, no, no, no, don't go. I'm sure you guys want to deal with this tonight, right?

Holden: Oh, you mean, instead of dealing with you?

Luke: No, I just --

Holden: There'll be plenty of time for that but I do agree. I think this -- I think this takes precedence.

Lily: If there's any truth to it.

Jade: I have no reason to lie.

Lily: Rose and I were extremely close, we shared everything. She never once said she had a daughter. And she would not keep that secret, not from me.

Jade: I didn't expect you to take my word for it but I do have some proof.

Lily: Really? I'd be very interested in seeing it.

Maddie: Are you going to even bother telling me why you can't get me out of here? Or are you just going to leave me hanging while you -- Henry, what are you looking for?

Henry: Where the Sam Hill do they keep the hooch around here?

Maddie: Tom and Margo actually work for a living so they don't really have time to come home and booze it up.

Henry: Oh, come on, Maddie! They deal with hardened criminals all day long, you're telling me they don't need a little reinforcements when they come through that door at night.

Maddie: Quit dodging and answer my question. Why can't I leave with you?

Henry: Because there is no place for you to go to.

Maddie: Let me live with you.

Henry: No, this is the best place for you right now. You don't need to be with me.

Maddie: Why?

Henry: I'm under a lot of pressure right now and I wouldn't be a very good live-in companion.

Maddie: Henry, please, I have seen you at your worst, okay. I think I can handle it.

Henry: Give it a few weeks. I've got to tell you something, I've got some irons in the fire. My ship is coming in. I can see a silver lining in that cloud that's been hanging over me for so long. I'm all out of clichťs, baby. But I think you get my drift, don't you?

Maddie: Yes I do. But I don't think you understand the urgency of my plight.

Henry: A-ha! Creme de menthe? Oh Lord, who are these people, mad?

Maddie: Please, please, please. I can not bear it any longer, okay. Okay, all right, I will let you -- I give you permission to use a little of that money from B.J. Henry, we can share a place. You can use it and we can share a place.

Henry: That money -- that money's off limits for now, okay?

Maddie: You're right. I shouldn't even mentioned -- what was I thinking --

Henry: I don't know. Shame on you, shame on you. Oh God! What am I supposed to drink this or gargle with it?

Maddie: What am I supposed to do?

Henry: Why don't you try making up with Casey? What the hell?

Maddie: I would rather stick my head in a lion's mouth. Are you still gonna drink that?

Henry: Yes! It's that bad, huh? Listen, for every problem there is a solution.

Maddie: You sound like my calculus teacher.

Henry: What we need to do is -- what I need to do is figure out the best way to help you, what would that be?

Maddie: There's only one thing that could do that.

Margo: All right, Barbara, why don't we start at the beginning and you tell me everything that happened.

Barbara: I'd really rather do this with Hal.

Margo: Well, Halís working another case and can't be pulled away. So, if this is a matter for the police, I'll be very happy to take your statement. However, if it's something more personal --

Barbara: It's both. I want to make a statement and I plan on pressing charges.

Margo: Very well. Then let's start with how you got hurt.

Barbara: I was in bed, and I thought I heard noises in the living room. When I walked in, someone was there, robbing me. And when I tried to chase them out, things turned violent. And the intruder grabbed me and pushed me. Apparently I hit my head and I was knocked unconscious. The next thing I remember is waking up here, in the hospital.

Margo: Did you get a look at this intruder?

Barbara: Yes.

Margo: And did you recognize him?

Barbara: Yes, I did.

Margo: Was it someone you know?

Barbara: Yes. It was Gwen Norbeck. She broke into my suite. And she attacked me.

Butch: All right. Not bad. Not bad at all. As long as you don't spill beer on anybody, you'll probably work out. Get, go pick up an order from the bar.

Chardonnay: You're new.

Carly: Yeah, hi.

Chardonnay: I'm Chardonnay aka Sylvia Turnblatt.

Carly: Tiffany, aka Tiffany.

Chardonnay: You came on just in time. I was afraid I'd have to start waitressing.

Carly: Oh, does that happen a lot?

Chardonnay: Whenever Butch is short-handed, we have to pull double duty. Believe me, it's no fun. Guys can get a little dangerous when you serve them drinks after they've seen you naked.

Carly: Oh, I can imagine.

Chardonnay: Nah, you probably have no idea. What are you doing, taking a job like this? You don't seem like the type.

Carly: It's just a job, right? I need the money.

Chardonnay: Talk to me at the end of your first shift.

Carly: I'm not worried.

Chardonnay: Good. Just make sure the guys are clear about something -- hands off. And be careful with the back room boys. They can get rough, especially when they're losing.

Carly: Thanks for the tip.

Chardonnay: Any problems, come to me. Good luck.

Carly: Thanks. Thanks.

Player #1: I hear ya, man. Nothing like the smell of cheap beer.

Nick: I smell expensive perfume. It's a little too familiar.

Butch: Whoa, whoa. There a problem, pal?

Butch: You got a problem with my new waitress?

Nick: No. It's just that my girlfriend used to wear the same kind of perfume. Blondie over here reminded me of her, that's all.

Carly: What happened to her? I bet you broke her heart.

Nick: Actually, she broke mine. Why don't you come stand over here, Blondie, maybe you'll bring me more luck than she did.

Carly: In your dreams.

Butch: Let's go, Tiffany, back to work.

Nick: Tiffany. That's a nice name.

Carly: Miss Tiffany, to you.

Nick: I'm out.

Butch: Of the game?

Nick: No, just out of this hand. I'll be right back. What the hell are you doing here?

Carly: I'm working, what does it look like?

Nick: It looks like you're trying to blow my cover!

Carly: How was I supposed to know you were here?

Nick: You followed me here. What, did Jack put you up to this? I knew he couldn't stand the fact that I was flying solo on this!

Carly: Jack doesn't even know I'm doing this.

Nick: Then why the hell are you here?

Carly: That is none of your business.

Nick: I think it's all of my business. This is my sting operation.

Carly: Well, how was I supposed to know you were working undercover?

Nick: You know what? Save it, Carly. You've got thirty seconds to explain what you're doing here, or you're going to wish you never even came to the gala club. Now start talking.

Will: What are you doing? Mom, it wasn't Gwen who did this, and you know it.

Jennifer: Will, calm down. She's trying to lie, Margaret. She's trying to hurt Gwen, but it wasn't Gwen that pushed her. I did. What?

Barbara: Will, you can't defend her anymore. First, the incident with Lisa, and now this.

Margo: Wait, what -- what incident with Lisa?

Barbara: Lisa gave Gwen a job at the Lakeview, but then she had to fire her when she found out that Gwen had taken a diamond necklace from a guest suite.

Will: You can't prove that she did that!

Margo: Was this reported to the police.

Barbara: No, it wasn't, but I was there when Lisa accused Gwen of the theft.

Will: It doesn't matter! It doesn't make her guilty. Mom is completely wrong about Gwen. It was my idea to break into the apartment and steal the money. Gwen tried to talk me out of it.

Barbara: Do you see how this girl has him twisted around her finger?

Will: Stop it, Mom. You and I both know what this is all about. Gwen and I are in love, and you can't deal with that. You've tried everything you can to get her out of my life, and this is just your latest attempt. But Gwen's not responsible, I am. Jen, please, help me. I'm telling the truth.

Doctor: What -- what's going on in here?

Margo: Uh, I'm Detective Margo Hughes. I'm taking Ms. Ryan's statement as to how she got these injuries.

Doctor: This patient needs her rest. She doesn't need to be agitated.

Margo: Very good, very good. Why don't you and I talk out in the hallway, okay? I'll get your side of the story.

Barbara: Whatever he says will be a lie. Gwen is responsible, and I'll swear to it under oath.

Will: It's not gonna work, Mom. You're not gonna pin this on Gwen.

Doctor: Okay, everyone else outside.

Jennifer: I'm gonna stay here if you don't mind, make sure she's all right.

Will: You don't believe me, do you, Margo?

Margo: Oh, I don't know what to believe. At this point, it's your word against your motherís. And quite frankly, it appears you both have a good reason to lie.

Jade: These are my birth records. I got them from the orphanage where I grew up.

Lily: Oh, The Orphanage of the Little Flower in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Jade: See, right there. Rose d'angelo is listed as my birth mother.

Luke: Look at that, Rose d'angelo. Wow.

Holden: Says the birth father is unknown.

Jade: Either she didn't know, or she didn't want to say. So --

Lily: How long were you in the orphanage?

Jade: Not very long.

Holden: How did you get these records? This case is confidential.

Jade: It wasn't easy, but there was a nun who was very sympathetic to me and finally agreed to make a copy. And there it was in black and white -- Rose d'angelo, my mom.

Lily: Obviously, you tried to track her down.

Jade: I needed some answers. I wasn't angry, just confused. I need to know why she did it. But I was too late. My mother was gone. When I found out she was murdered, it was awful. I didn't know what to do next.

Lily: When did you find out?

Jade: A few weeks ago.

Luke: What have you done since then?

Jade: I went to Atlantic City. I wanted to find out everything I could about her. And then I came to Oakdale. I wanted to look into your eyes and maybe see a little bit of my mom there.

Holden: What about your adoptive parents? Do they know you're here? Do they know about any of this?

Lily: You know, I think we need to call them. I really would like to hear what they have to say.

Jade: No, please donít. You can't do that. ...

Lily: So your parents have no idea you're even here.

Jade: No, they donít.

Holden: Where do they think you are?

Jade: Backpacking with some friends.

Lily: So you lied to them?

Jade: They would have never let me go looking for my mom. I found the adoption papers in a box in the attic, and then I went looking for her.

Luke: Wow. Aunt Rose has a daughter. That's -- that's wild.

Lily: That's one word for it.

Jade: You still don't believe me, do you?

Lily: I don't know what to do with any of this. It's really a lot to take in.

Jade: I totally understand, and I don't blame you for needing some time with this. So I'm gonna get out of your way. Thanks for taking care of me after the accident by making sure I was okay.

Lily: It's the least we could do.

Jade: It really was fantastic seeing you and seeing what my mom was like.

Lily: Wait, wait, wait, wait. Maybe you should leave a number.

Jade: Sure. Does that mean you might believe me after all?

Maddie: Only way I could stand living here -- the only way I can tolerate is if Casey --

[Phone rings]

Henry: Hold on, hold on. I'm sorry, sweetie, I've got to take this.

Maddie: All right.

Henry: Emily, what a surprise. There is no reason to get nasty, okay? I know we're in this together. I have not forgotten that, Emily, and I have done everything humanly possible to live up to my end of the bargain. Now, I -- I can't talk about this right now. We'll discuss it later. Fine. Fine, I'll see you there. Great.

Maddie: What was that all about?

Henry: It's the wrong number.

Maddie: Henry, are you in trouble again?

Henry: Yeah --

Maddie: Don't lie to me.

Henry: Nothing

that you need to worry about.

Maddie: Is that one of those irons you claim to have thrown in the fire? Looks like it's getting a little hot.

Henry: Not too hot to handle, Madelyn. You were talking about Casey.

Maddie: Yeah, I was. [Crash] What was that? What, are you spying on me now?

Casey: How can I be spying on you when this is my house?

Maddie: Oh, okay, so then what do you call lurking and overhearing then?

Casey: You know, I was getting a book. I could care less what you and your brother are talking about.

Henry: Even if we were talking about you? Or more specifically, how you two can learn to get along?

Maddie: No, we were not talking about that, because it's not possible. We can't get along.

Henry: Oh, Maddie, the Colemanís never say canít.

Maddie: You do all the time.

Henry: Well, do as I say, not as I do. I've got to get going kids. Now, you two play nice, okay? Bye-bye.

Will: It wasn't like I meant to push her. It was an accident. But I'm the one responsible, not Gwen. You've got to believe that.

Margo: Well, since your mother is the victim, if she makes the claim, then --

Will: She'll say anything to get Gwen away from me. She'll do anything.

Margo: Regardless, if she wants to press charges --

Will: You can't let her do that!

Margo: It's not up to me. Was Gwen even in the room?

Will: No.

Margo: Well, Will, you're not a very good liar. I think I should talk to Gwen.

Will: Why? She doesn't know anything.

Margo: Why don't you let me just talk to her?

Will: You're siding with my mom.

Margo: I am not siding with anyone. I am doing my job. Now, I want you and Gwen to meet me at the station in half an hour. That is not a request, and do not be late.

Jennifer: Oh. Boy, that is such great news.

Doctor: Mm-hmm.

Jennifer: Oh, Will, the doctor said that there's no neurological damage.

Doctor: Your mother still needs to take it easy.

Will: Hmm.

Jennifer: Yeah, well, he won't be any trouble, I promise you.

Barbara: Thank you very much, doctor.

Will: I told Margo the truth, and you're not gonna get away with putting this on Gwen.

Barbara: Honey, it's your word against my mine, and I plan on being very persuasive. Now, I'm sorry that it had to come to this, Will, but someone had to prove to you what that girl is capable of.

Will: She didn't do anything!

Jennifer: Will, you heard what the doctor just said.

Will: Tell me you don't believe Mom over me.

Jennifer: I didn't say that, okay? I just need you to calm down, okay? This is not the time or place to have this conversation.

Will: It's not a conversation. Mom's turning it into a war.

Carly: The truth is, I need the job.

Nick: You expect me to believe that Jack would let you work in a place like this?

Carly: I really don't care what you believe.

Nick: Then why do you even bother to tell me?

Carly: And you asked me, and I don't want you thinking that Jack's trying to horn in on your operation here, because he wouldn't do that. I need the money, and I heard that the tips here are best in town.

Nick: Carly, you're not gonna be serving beers to these drooling drunks. This is beneath you.

Carly: I have three kids to raise, and I will do whatever I have to do for them.

Nick: Jack has two jobs.

Carly: Right, and we're still barely making ends meet. When he was unemployed, I ran up quite a credit card bill, and it's gonna take a while to catch up.

Nick: I'm sorry. I can't believe that Jack's going along with this.

Carly: He doesn't know, and you better not tell him.

Nick: Don't worry, 'cause after tonight, this won't even be an issue.

Carly: And what is that supposed to mean?

Nick: It means I can't risk you blowing my cover. I want you out of here as of right now. Does your ultra thin ever get wet and uncomfortable? Yeah.

Jade: Here's a number where you can leave a message for me. When you realize I'm telling the truth, maybe you'll want to get in touch with me.

Lily: Okay, I don't want to get your hopes up, Jade, but you were in a car accident, a police report was filed. The police might need to get in touch with you to follow up.

Jade: Okay, whatever. Sorry I bothered you.

Lily: Uh, where are you gonna go?

Jade: I'll hitch a ride into town and find a motel. I'll be fine. Don't worry about me.

Lily: Okay, hold on. It's too cold outside to be wandering around town trying to find a place to sleep. I don't think it'd be a problem to give her a room here tonight, do you?

Holden: No. It should be fine.

Jade: I don't want to impose.

Lily: No, please. Come on. We have plenty of room around here. Uh, Luke, could you show Jade to the guest room, please?

Luke: Sure thing. I'm kind of beat, too. I guess -- I guess we should all call it a night?

Holden: Hey, pal, don't think you're off the hook. We have a lot to talk about, and we're gonna do it first thing in the morning.

Luke: I understand. Come on.

Jade: I really appreciate this. Thank you both so much.

Holden: Sleep well.

Jade: Good night.

Lily: Good night.

Jade: Sorry. It sounds like you're in some real trouble because of me.

Luke: No, no, I was in trouble long before you came around. Actually, you've -- you've been kind of a reprieve.

Jade: Can I ask you something?

Luke: Sure.

Jade: Do you believe me?

Luke: About Aunt Rose being your mom? I guess so. Why would you lie about something like that?

Jade: I get the feeling that your parents are trying to answer that question right now.

Holden: That birth certificate looked pretty legit.

Lily: I do find it hard to believe that Rose would have a daughter and not tell me about her.

Holden: Maybe she was ashamed that she gave her up.

Lily: Maybe. What if it's true? I'd have another connection with my sister. That would be incredible.

Holden: Here's what we do. Let's prove it, one way or another. Tomorrow, we check out her story and find out if it's true.

Maddie: Don't let me stop you if you need to find your book. Just don't try and tell me that you're -- what was it again? Oh yeah, you suddenly had to come out and take the garbage out when Nate was here.

Casey: You know what? I did have to take the garbage out.

Maddie: No, you were trying to make Nate never come over here again.

Casey: Fine, whatever. You want to keep blaming me because your love life can't get off the ground. Whatever. I just don't have time to listen to it, because I have a test.

Maddie: You have a test, and you're studying for it now? It's practically midnight.

Casey: What do you care?

Maddie: I donít. But when you get caught snoring with your mouth wide open in the middle of an exam, don't say I didn't warn you.

Casey: You're the one who's gonna be zoning out in class. You're usually lights out by 10:30.

Maddie: How do you know when I turn my lights off?

Casey: Because every night, i secretly pitch a tent up outside your door, and I listen to you breathe. Your bedroom's on the way to the bathroom, genius. I can see if your lights on or not.

Maddie: Well, I'm sorry if it disturbs you.

Casey: Oh, I'm disturbed? You're the one begging your brother to find you another place to live.

Maddie: That's because I don't have any privacy here!

Casey: Oh, so it's just a privacy thing, nothing personal?

Maddie: What else?

Casey: I don't know. I just can't seem to shake the memory of somebody telling me I was a worthless creep who lies about getting girls pregnant and would never be half the man Nate the great is.

Maddie: I apologized for that.

Casey: Did you mean it?

Maddie: I shouldn't have thrown the whole Gwen thing in your face. You've -- you've made up for a lot of it.

Casey: Gee, thanks. I didn't realize you were giving out report cards.

Maddie: And I didn't realize you were so sensitive.

Casey: What, guys like me are too shallow to feel anything?

Maddie: I didn't -- Casey, I didn't say that.

Casey: You know what? You didn't have to. Tonight showed me where I stand as far as you're concerned. You know what? And don't worry about your privacy because just because we live together doesn't mean we need to speak to each other. And you know, we don't even need to look at each other if that's the way you want it. And don't worry, I won't be checking on your door to see if your light's on.

Barbara: What is it going to take to prove to Will that Gwen is dangerous? I mean, look what she did to me here. Honey, I need your help. We need to go find them and bring her back here.

Jennifer: Mom, it's late, okay? You need your sleep. We can talk about this tomorrow.

Barbara: Tomorrow might be too late. They could run off together.

Jennifer: Well, I think it's obvious to them that that's not gonna work.

Barbara: Well, it's also obvious that your brother will do anything to protect her.

Jennifer: Mom, did Gwen really do this to you, or is Will telling the truth?

Barbara: Honey, do you really think your brother would hurt me like this?

Jennifer: I don't want to believe that, but I also don't want to believe that Gwen would do something like this.

Barbara: Well, she did. And I'm gonna make her pay. I will see her behind bars if it's the last thing I do.

Gwen: Thank God you're back. I was starting to get really scared.

Will: Gwen, we have to leave, right now.

Gwen: Did you talk to your mom?

Will: Yeah, for all the good it did.

Gwen: She didn't believe you?

Will: No. She was already telling Margo her version of the story.

Gwen: So she told her that you tried to hurt her?

Will: No, Gwen, she didnít.

Gwen: I don't understand.

Will: Gwen, she said that it was you.

Gwen: What?

Will: She's trying to blame everything on you.

Gwen: I can't believe this.

Will: Look, it doesn't matter, 'cause I'm not gonna let her get away with it, I promise.

Margo: Why don't you set up over there, and then start looking around back in that area. I'll take care of this.

Cop: What exactly am I looking for?

Margo: Oh man, I wish I knew. Just anything unusual. [Margo picks up Gwenís hair barrette. ]Well, this doesn't really seem look like a Barbara Ryan original, does it?

Cop: No. Looks like some young kidís.

Margo: Yeah. It sure does. Hey, it's Hughes. Are Will Munson and Gwen Norbeck waiting for me? Are you sure? Put out an APB for them -- both. Well, it looks like Gwen really did try to kill somebody.

Carly: I'm married to a cop, Nick. I know what you're doing here is important and I'm not going to blow your cover. I just hope that you don't blow mine, by telling Jack you caught me working here.

Nick: This would be a whole lot easier if you'd just quit, right now.

Carly: Well that is not going to happen. And you better not get me fired, either. Or I might just slip up and tell butch that you've got a badge in your back pocket.

Nick: So I guess this is a stalemate. Just stay out of my way.

Carly: Why don't you try to do the same?

Chardonnay: Who's the hunk?

Carly: Oh, just some poker jockey from the back room.

Chardonnay: Oh, so if he's back there, it means he's got cash to spare. So if he's interested, I would jump on it, sweetie. You might get lucky.

Carly: That's what I'm counting on.

Announcer: On the next, "As the World Turns" --

Will: What are you doing?

Gwen: I'm leaving you.

Maddie: You think that Gwen pushed her?

Casey: She's got a temper.

Maddie: Yeah, well doesn't everybody?

Casey: With half the stuff that Gwen's pulled, it's not that much of a stretch.

Lily: If it's some sort of scam --

Holden: If it's a scam, we'll figure it out.

Jade: Sorry, I don't mean to interrupt --

Lily: Oh, no, no, no. You're not. We need to talk.

Jack: What the hell is this?

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