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As The World Turns Transcript Monday 2/6/06

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Carly: Hi.

Jack: Hey, gorgeous.

Carly: Long day?

Jack: Half over.

Carly: I put your WOAK uniform in the car, along with a very nutritious snack.

Jack: Thanks. I'll try not to wake you when I get home.

Carly: Are you going to be able to get some sleep before you're due back here?

Jack: I'll nap. It'll be like a stakeout.

Carly: Jack, you can't keep this up every day.

Jack: Honey, we need the money. And WOAK needs the security. With any luck, B.J. Green will come back and I'll grab him.

Carly: Well, then I'll block the door in case somebody tries to come in there and steal all the glory again.

Jack: I thought we were going to keep a positive attitude about my new partner?

Carly: To his face. I'm trying.

Jack: Try harder.

Carly: Oh, look. Junior Varsity practice must be over.

Jack: Carly, play nice.

Nick: Hey, Carly. Jack, you still on the clock?

Jack: I don't punch a clock, Nick. What's up?

Nick: Oh, I just worked a out plan for breaking the Anatoly case.

Jack: You don't say?

Nick: Yeah, I got the files right in here.

Carly: The Anatoly case? That's your case, isn't it? That's the gambling ring. That's your case. You did all the groundwork.

Jack: Carly, go home. Tell the kids I'll see them at breakfast, okay?

Carly: Okay.

Jade: It's you. I can't believe it.

Lily: Do I know you?

Jade: No. I'm Jade. Jade Taylor.

Lily: I'm Lily Snyder. This is my son, Luke. My husband, Holden. Dr. Hale said you wanted to see us.

Jade: I did.

Lily: Well, here we are.

Jade: It feels like a dream.

Lily: You're bound to be a little fuzzy because of the accident.

Jade: I don't care about that.

Dr. Hale: Oh, excuse me, I have to examine the patient now.

Holden: Sure.

Lily: Okay.

Jade: No, don't go!

Maddie: You completely sabotaged my date.

Casey: I took the trash out, that's all.

Maddie: You knew we were outside and you came out anyway.

Casey: Get real. The guy was working to get you alone all night.

Maddie: Hello! I didn't want it to be work.

Casey: You have no idea what you're saying.

Maddie: What?

Casey: Nate is not the guy you think he is.

Maddie: Oh? And how do you know what I think?

Casey: I know you.

Maddie: Oh, yeah? Tell me what I'm thinking right now.

Casey: No, thanks.

Maddie: No, thanks? You know what, why do you insist on ruining my life?

Casey: Oh, please. And like going out with Nate makes your life?

Maddie: I don't even understand why it's an issue who I date.

Casey: Because I care!

Dusty: You know what you're having?

Jennifer: Whatever the special is.

Dusty: It's puppy chow mein.

Jennifer: That's fine.

Dusty: Jen? Have a look at the menu.

Jennifer: I just wish my mom hadn't cancelled.

Dusty: Well, maybe she wants the night to herself.

Jennifer: That's not it. She found out this afternoon that Paul hated her so much that he won't even let her touch the papers in his estate. And this morning, Will told her that he wants her out of his life for good. I mean, that's a pretty bad day.

Dusty: Would you feel better if she was here talking about it?

Jennifer: I just don't think that she should be alone right now. I mean, I know how I would feel if Johnny cut me out of his life.

Dusty: Well, that wouldn't happen.

Jennifer: I'm serious.

Dusty: So am I. You're not your mother.

Jennifer: She's hurting.

Dusty: Jennifer, it's no wonder Barbara is where she is after the way she treated you guys.

Gwen: She's still breathing.

Will: I didn't mean to make her fall.

Gwen: It looks like she clobbered her head on the table.

Will: She wouldn't put the phone down. So I grabbed it and I pushed her.

Gwen: Hey, she fell. It was an accident. I'm calling 911.

Will: I'll try to -- what? Mom?

Gwen: Hello? I need an ambulance at the Lakeview.

Will: Mom? Please wake up, Mom.

Gwen: A woman fell and she hit her head.

Will: I'm so sorry, I didn't mean for you to get hurt. Don't scare me like this.

Gwen: I don't know the number, it's Barbara Ryanís suite. Please hurry. [Gwen doesnít hang the phone up all the way.]

Will: Mom?

Gwen: Hey, an ambulance is coming. We probably shouldn't move her. I don't know what else to do.

Will: Leave.

Gwen: What?

Will: Gwen, I'm serious. You've got to get out of here right now.

Nick: You know, Anatoly has to have another way to launder the money. We've got him on bookmaking, racketeering --

Jack: Drugs.

Nick: What?

Jack: The heroin trade in the market district -- that's Anatoly. You knew that, right?

Nick: Of course I did. It's just -- there's probably more.

Jack: Yeah, I've got a source working on that.

Nick: Well, the point is, he cannot be running all of his money through bookmaking. I mean, he's got another spot, and I found it.

Jack: The Galaxy Strip Club?

Nick: Right.

Jack: Took me a while to track that one down, Nick.

Nick: So then I guess you already know about the poker tables in the back of the Galaxy's main room.

Jack: Yeah, I got one V.I.P. table there, yeah.

Nick: Yeah, but that's where we can get the high rollers.

Jack: We get leads on where their business is headed. We find someone we can turn. I figure it's an undercover job. But we've got to work slow, okay? We don't want to throw too much cash around. Not at first. These guys won't trust the flash.

Nick: Exactly. Get to know the manager, become a regular, be real quiet.

Jack: Show them a serious man of business, yes.

Nick: That's right. I'll go over there tonight. I bet you I will be at the top table within a week or two, tops.

Jack: Wait, you?

Nick: Of course.

Jack: No. No way in hell you should be the one undercover.

Lily: Don't worry, Jade. We're not going anywhere. We'll be right outside.

Jade: Okay.

Lily: That's so strange.

Holden: Are you sure you don't know her?

Lily: No, I have no idea who she is. Luke, do you know her? Have you seen her at school?

Luke: No, no, I've never seen her before today when she hit my car.

Holden: Wasn't it the other way around?

Lily: Mm-hmm.

Luke: Right. Hey, can I go get a soda? I'll just be right down there, just at the end of the hall?

Holden: Go.

Luke: Thanks.

Holden: How nice, the attitude is back.

Lily: He does, he feels horrible about hitting her, believe me. But he wasn't drinking. Now that we know that Jade's going to be okay, that's really all I care about.

Holden: Yeah, I know what you mean. I'm going to go check on him.

Lily: Oh, okay. How is she?

Jade: Thanks for staying.

Lily: Staying? I told you that I would. And the doctor gave us the good news.

Jade: That I can go?

Lily: That's what he says. Are you absolutely sure? I can't imagine someone being hit by a car and having no internal injuries.

Dr. Hale: No, we scanned her from head to toe. There were no internal injuries. But if you still have pain in a few days --

Lily: She'll call her doctor. Right? Or come back here. Right?

Jade: I'll be fine.

Lily: That's not the answer. So, I'll make sure she does.

Dr. Hale: I'll go write the discharge papers now.

Lily: Thanks. Are you sure that you're ready to leave? If you're worried about the bills, don't worry about that. We'll take care of everything. We're just happy that you're okay.

Jade: It's all we. You keep saying "we." Who is that?

Lily: My husband. My family. It's just a figure of speech.

Jade: No, it's not.

Lily: Are you sure you're okay?

Jade: I'm better than I've been in a long time, thanks to you.

Maddie: You care about me.

Casey: Yeah. I mean, because you've had my back. And you covered for me when I missed curfew, so --

Maddie: Right, so you're grateful.

Casey: Yeah. Not just that, but yeah.

Maddie: And you pay me back by making look like a total dweeb in front of Nate?

Casey: I was looking out for you, Maddie. The guy lied. That wasn't his sister who called. And I didn't want you to get hurt or think it's something it's not.

Maddie: Something it's not? He kissed me out there. That's what you interrupted.

Casey: A kiss.

Maddie: Yes.

Casey: So?

Maddie: So!

Casey: And that means what? He's a guy!

Maddie: Right. He's a guy. So of course he's really not interested in me? That's your little mind, Casey, okay. Nate's totally different.

Casey: Like you'd know.

Maddie: You think that I don't know the difference between a guy who's just working me and a guy who is actually interested in me?

Casey: No, you donít.

Jennifer: Okay, I know that my mom's not your favorite person, but come on.

Dusty: I'm just saying, you know why your mother ended up where she is.

Jennifer: She's still human.

Dusty: Of course she is. I'll have the steak.

Jennifer: You hate my family, don't you?

Dusty: Jennifer, I found you in tears today over Paul. Paul, who allowed you to believe your baby was dead for months. Now you're so worried about your mother, you can't even order your first meal of your day. So, no, I'm not crazy about your family.

Jennifer: I'll have the fish.

Dusty: I love you. If anybody gets in the way of your happiness, I have a problem with that.

Jennifer: I know. I know. Thank you for that.

Dusty: So if your mother's giving you the night off, it's a good thing. Who are you calling?

Jennifer: I'm going to check on her.

Dusty: We can send her some fish if you want.

Jennifer: You're lucky I think you're cute.

Dusty: Cute?

Jennifer: Sexy?

Dusty: Is that a question?

Jennifer: Okay, that's wrong. The phone's busy. That never happens. She either picks up or it goes straight to voice mail. The phone's off the hook. She never does that. I'm going to go check on her.

Will: Gwen, why are you still here?

Gwen: I can't --

Will: The EMTs are going to be here any minute. You have to go.

Gwen: I'm not leaving you.

Will: You have to.

Gwen: No, I won't leave you like this.

Will: Gwen, if you're here when they get here, you're gonna get blamed.

Gwen: Don't worry about me.

Will: Gwen, you fought with my mother in public, in this hotel, people saw you. Lisa saw you.

Gwen: No, it was an accident.

Will: It was my accident, not yours. This has nothing to do with you.

Gwen: No, I'm not leaving you to take the blame alone. I'm with you. You can't talk me out of it.

Will: Okay, fine, fine, then we'll both go.

Gwen: What?

Will: We'll leave the door open. The paramedics will be here any minute. I don't know what else to do for her, do you?

Gwen: No.

Will: Well then, let's go.

[Doorknob rattles]

Jennifer: Mom? [Knock at the door] Mom, are you in there?

Nick: You know, there are a lot of reasons why I should be the one who works the inside.

Jack: Give me one.

Nick: Because I'm a poker champion.

Jack: Yeah.

Nick: I've won tournaments.

Jack: You're twenty-what?

Jack: I'm not sure youth is on your side here, buddy.

Nick: Actually, it is. If they see some young punk that walks in and drinks too much, is a little too loud, all right, maybe they'll get careless, think I'm harmless.

Jack: Well, that's a gamble.

Nick: Yeah, well we're lucky that's the business that they're in. Besides, you're too high of a profile in this town. I'm an unknown.

Jack: Who's had his face plastered all over the news thanks to the bombing at WOAK? You're Oakdaleís biggest star right now.

Nick: Nobody remembers that. Maybe except you.

Jack: What do you say we run this by Hal.

Nick: Jack, there's no way that you can do this with working your second job.

Jack: What are you talking about?

Nick: The security guard thing.

Jack: How do you know about that?

Nick: Hal had mentioned it to me. Listen, I'm sure the extra paycheck comes in --

Jack: Look, my personal finances are none of your damn business, Nick.

Nick: Listen, all I'm trying to say is that I used to work security for the bears, all right? Off hours. The money was great. Listen, you work the paper trail during the day keep feeding us tips.

Jack: Like an informant.

Nick: That's not -- that's not what I meant.

Jack: Forget it. Good luck, good luck. You know what, it's all yours.

Nick: Snyder, you're still on this case, and I need back-up.

Jack: You sure as hell do.

Nick: You know, Lieutenant Munson asked us to make this happen, all right, and if you've got a problem with it, speak up, because I need to know now.

Maddie: You think that I'm so clueless that I couldn't even tell if Nate is playing me?

Casey: That's not a bad thing, Maddie. It's nice.

Maddie: So now it's nice to be an idiot?

Casey: You don't have a lot of experience, and that's okay.

Maddie: Oh thank you so much.

Casey: Why are you being such a brat about this?

Maddie: Because -- because you're so condescending. "Poor Maddie, she's a loser."

Casey: I didn't say --

Maddie: "Nobody would ever date her."

Casey: I didn't say that! Just -- you're new at this, right?

Maddie: New at what? And whatever your answer is, it doesn't mean that I don't know. What?

Casey: Have you ever had a real boyfriend, Maddie? Any guy?

Maddie: You mean, the way you go for any girl? No. And the way you're experienced? No.

Casey: Will you just listen? Like, don't jump, just hear me?

Maddie: Fine.

Casey: You see a guy like Nate and you like, make it this big thing. But for him, it's just a night.

Maddie: So you think that I'll blow it out of proportion.

Casey: Yeah. You don't want to throw yourself at him and then get rejected, because then you'd feel like a fool.

Maddie: Yeah, and that would be terrible. I would feel terrible.

Casey: Yeah, you would, and I'd hate that.

Maddie: Would you?

Casey: Yeah.

Maddie: Because you care.

Casey: Yeah. I don't want you hurt.

Maddie: Go to hell, Casey.

Casey: Wait, everything I say, you take wrong.

Maddie: Well, what do you want me to think? You tell me.

Holden: Hits the spot, huh?

Luke: Yeah, I was thirsty. Don't worry, Dad, I'm not going to explode. Or die. So, can we just drop it? Just for tonight?

Lily: Jade, I'm glad that you're okay, I don't think that I had anything to do with it.

Jade: You did. I mean, you stuck around. Most people wouldn't care about a stranger.

Lily: But we do. We all do. We all feel responsible.

Holden: Good news. Dr. Hale just gave you the green light to go home.

Jade: I can leave tonight.

Luke: Jade, I'm so sorry.

Jade: It wasn't your fault. You couldn't have seen me coming. I should've looked before I jumped into the road.

Lily: Okay, well, nevertheless, I'm sure your parents are going to have some questions, and we'd be more than happy to talk to them.

Holden: Did we call her parents?

Lily: No, not yet. Jade, if you want us to call your parents, we'll do that.

Jade: No.

Holden: No?

Jade: There's not -- I mean, you can't call my parents.

Lily: Okay. Our phone numbers. Can you get that card that we have?

Holden: Yeah, sure.

Lily: And here, please call us if you need anything at any time, okay?

Jade: I promise.

Holden: Can we give you a lift somewhere?

Jade: Yes. Please.

Holden: Where do you want to go?

Jade: I need to go back to where the car hit me.

Jennifer: Mom? Mom, I'm coming in. Mom! Mom, hey, Mom, Mom!

Dusty: What happened? Call 911. Jen, call 911.

Jennifer: Okay. Hello, yes, I need an ambulance or a doctor or something at the Lakeview. It's penthouse four. My mom -- she's unconscious. I don't know what happened. I don't know if she fell or -- I don't know, she's just out.

Dusty: Over here.

Jennifer: They're here. How did they get here?

EMT #1: Pulse is thready, but respiration's okay.

EMT #2: You said she fell?

Jennifer: No, we don't know, we just got here. She hit her head? If she hit her head -- my mom had a brain tumor a couple years ago. I don't know, she's been okay, but said that it could recur and --

Dusty: It's okay. It's all right, they're gonna check for everything, right fellas?

EMT #2: Yeah, but the call said she fell?

Jennifer: No, we don't know!

Dusty: Did the call come from the suite or the front desk?

EMT #2: We don't know. There was a call, and we answered it.

Jennifer: Who would do that? Who would make a call and then just leave a woman --

Dusty: Let the gentlemen take care of it.

EMT #1: She's got a nasty bump on the base of her cranium, but -- no apparent fracture. She's good to go. What was her name?

Dusty: Barbara Ryan.

EMT #2: Barbara, we're going to move you now.

Jennifer: Why is she still unconscious?

Dusty: She's going to be fine. Are you taking her to memorial?

EMT #1: Yeah.

Jennifer: Oh, I'm going to go -- I'm going to go with them.

Dusty: She's going to ride with you. She'll give you information on the way. This is her daughter.

EMT #2: Let's go.

Jennifer: Okay, the baby.

Dusty: I'll make sure the sitter stays, don't worry.

Jennifer: And then the 911 call.

Dusty: I'll speak to Lisa, I'll find out what I can.

Jennifer: Okay, okay, thank you.

Dusty: I'll see you at the hospital, all right? [Dusty leaves.]

Gwen: We should get out of here. That guy Dusty might come back. He was all over that call to the EMTs.

Will: My mother could die because of me.

Jack: If Hal wants us working together, we'll work together.

Nick: Are you sure?

Jack: Yeah, I'm sure. It'll be a change, because I actually thought that I'd be the one going undercover, but I'll manage.

Nick: What made you assume?

Jack: I'm the one with the experience, Nick.

Nick: Yeah, I know. Six years in the bureau and then you came here.

Jack: Exactly.

Nick: That was a long time ago.

Jack: I'll work my contacts. I'll feed you information so you're up on things. You ever work a mob case? These guys, they don't fool around. If they don't buy your act, they will stuff you down a very deep hole. But I'm sure you already knew that. So don't go in hard, not at first. Sit at the bar. Take in the room. Wait for an --

Nick: You know, I've had girlfriends that have bossed me around less. You're acting like I haven't even been to the academy. I know what I'm doing. You better to get ready to punch in for work. Because I'm sure they have a clock.

Carly: You little weasel. You shouldn't even be in this town. And you wouldn't be if it weren't for me.

Nick: Hey, George. Listen, I'm going out tonight.

Cop: You looking for a date?

Nick: No, I'm not going to need a date where I'm going. Here's the address.

Cop: The Galaxy Strip Club. No, you won't need a date, dog.

Nick: If any units get a call there to go there, tell them they don't know me, right?

Cop: Right, good luck.

Nick: I don't need any luck, because I'm swimming in it, right?

Cop: Right.

Carly: That's about to change, Nick Kasnoff. If I have my way, you'll be off this case and out of this town for good.

Casey: This is about Nate. The kind of guy he is. Not you.

Maddie: Right.

Casey: It is.

Maddie: What, do you think that he's not interested in a girl like me? What is it Casey? Am I not pretty enough? Or not smart enough? No, it's not smart enough, because that's never the case with you.

Casey: Not for you.

Maddie: So I'm option a, then. Not pretty enough.

Casey: That is so not what I'm saying. Nate's no good for you.

Maddie: He's a nice guy! And that's what the problem is.

Casey: What?

Maddie: Nate just doesn't try on different girls like they're neckties and throw them away if they didn't look right on his arm. He doesn't get girls pregnant and lie about it. He's a good guy, he's smart, he's going to an Ivy League school. And that is why you feel the need to trash him. Because he is everything that you're not!

[Door slams]

Will: I forgot what Jen said about the tumor. The surgery. I was in the hospital when it happened.

Gwen: I'm sure that's why you don't remember.

Will: I wasn't allowed to see Mom until after. She was all smiles. She looked fine. Then I never thought about it again. I was so mad at her. I didn't want to feel sorry for her.

Gwen: It's probably just a concussion. I'm sure she's going to be okay.

Will: That's a pretty long time to be knocked out from a bump to the head.

Gwen: Is it? I mean, I don't know. Are you a doctor? I'm not. It was an accident.

Will: What if it wasn't? I was really mad, Gwen.

Gwen: Oh, I'm not going to let you go there. You were really ticked off because your mom has done horrible things to us lately. But that's all. Ticked off. You didn't come here to hurt her. I saw it.

Will: Did you?

Gwen: Yes. I was looking right at you when it happened. I saw your face afterwards. You were just trying to get the phone away from her. Will, you're okay. You are not some evil, damaged guy. A bad thing happened, that's all. Okay?

Will: How did we end up here? All I ever wanted was for us to be together.

Gwen: Me too. We'll get there. But right now we got to get out of here.

[Cell phone rings]

Will: It's Jennifer.

Jennifer: Oh, Will, thank God you picked up.

Will: What's up?

Jennifer: It's Mom. Don't hang up, it's serious. She's in the hospital. Will, listen to me, this is not a trick, okay? I found her passed out on the floor of her suite and she's still unconscious.

Will: Yeah?

Jennifer: Yeah, and they don't know what's wrong. They've called a neurosurgeon to do a consult. I don't know how much you know about what happened a couple of years ago.

Will: I know.

Jennifer: I'm not trying to scare you, but Will, she needs us, okay? We don't know how serious this could be. I know you two just got into a fight this afternoon about Gwen, but you have to forget about all that, okay?

Will: Mom wouldn't want to see me now, Jen.

Jennifer: Of course she would. Mom always wants to see us. Please just promise me you'll think about it. We're in the ER at Memorial.

Will: Okay. Bye.

Jennifer: Wants me go see Mom.

Gwen: You want to go?

Will: Do I? Yeah. I guess I do. So where are you going to --

Gwen: I'm with you.

Dusty: How's she doing?

Jennifer: There's no change. The doctors have been in, they scheduled tests. The neurosurgeon is on his way in.

Dusty: Your mom is tough. You know that, right?

Jennifer: Right. Thanks for stopping by. You can go home.

Dusty: What do you mean I can go home?

Jennifer: Listen, I know how you feel about my family. I don't want you to stand there and pretend like you care.

Dusty: I love you. This is your mother, so I'm here.

Jennifer: How many times have I wanted her out of the way? I mean, I've thought it myself. Exactly what you said today. I've felt it myself before.

Dusty: It's okay, people think those kinds of things sometimes. You certainly didn't wish this on your mom.

Jennifer: She was so good to me. You know, when we thought the baby was gone, she was a real mom.

Dusty: I know.

Jennifer: And now she's lost her baby. Her first son. And she and Will were fighting. I guess I've always thought that she was so completely relentless, but maybe she's done with it, you know? Maybe she's just worn out?

Dusty: Barbara Ryan? No, no, no. I don't think so.

Jennifer: She should be awake by now.

Dusty: She's not going anywhere, Jen. She's got you. She's got Will. Johnny alone is enough reason for anybody to stick around. Right?

Jennifer: Yeah. Any wardrobe for Johnny would be enough.

Dusty: That's what I'm saying. Nobody's leaving you, okay? Not tonight.

Gwen: Excuse me, where is Barbara Ryanís room?

Nurse: Are you family?

Will: I am. Her son.

Gwen: How is she? Is she awake?

Nurse: The doctors ordered some tests to try and figure out why. She's stable. Your sister's inside, if you want to go in.

Will: Thanks.

Gwen: You ready?

Will: Yeah.

Gwen: I'll wait for you back by the elevator. If she wakes up and sees me, it'll set her off.

Will: The same thing could happen if she sees me.

Gwen: Nah, you're her son. She'll always be happy to see you. I'll wait for you by the elevator, okay?

Will: I won't be long.

Jennifer: Will. Hey, I'm so glad you're here.

Will: Yeah.

Dusty: Hey, Will. Glad you're here.

Will: So the nurse said Mom's still out?

Jennifer: Yeah.

Will: Do you know what happened?

Jennifer: I found her unconscious. Somebody called the EMT, I don't know if it was her. She might've felt bad and called before she passed out or she might've fallen.

Will: So we don't know?

Jennifer: And they say the longer she's out, the less likely it is Mom will remember.

Will: Is that what they said? So that's it?

Jennifer: Well, until the doctors can figure it out.

Dusty: I'm going to make some calls.

Jennifer: Okay, sure. Why don't you come see, Will.

Will: She's asleep.

Jennifer: We're still talking to her. I don't know if she can hear, but it might even help wake her up.

Will: Jen, she was really mad at me.

Jennifer: Good. Mom's always up for a fight. Go in there and make her really angry for me, please. You sure have a lot of nerve showing up here considering what happened.

Jade: It has to be here somewhere.

Luke: Well, maybe you should let us look tomorrow when it's light out?

Jade: That's okay.

Holden: Luke's right, it's probably not a good idea to be tromping around out here.

Jade: This is where I'd be anyway.

Holden: Here?

Lily: I found it!

Lily: Good. It was stuck behind one of those trees back there.

Jade: Thanks.

Lily: It looks like you've packed for the road.

Jade: My whole life is in this bag.

Lily: Is that why we couldn't take you home? Do you live around here?

Jade: No.

Lily: Do you need some help?

Jade: No, I meant it. You've given me everything I needed. So thanks for the ride.

Holden: Next time, look both ways before you cross the street.

Jade: I will.

Luke: But, it wasn't the street, it was our driveway.

Lily: Yeah, what were you doing out here?

Jade: Waiting.

Luke: For?

Jade: The right time. And this really isn't --

Lily: You've wanted to say something to me tonight, haven't you?

Jade: But not like this out here in the freezing cold.

Holden: It's okay, just go ahead and say it.

Jade: I was here because I've been watching you.

Holden: Who?

Jade: All of you. For weeks.

[Door closes]

Maddie: Casey. What I -- what I said before, I'm --

Casey: No, you're right. What you do or who you do it with, it's none of my business. So, from now on I'll keep my mouth shut.

Butch: You're looking for entertainment, you came to the right place.

Nick: That's what I hear.

Butch: Where'd you say you're from?

Nick: Out west.

Butch: Oh.

Nick: Listen, it's been a long trip, so I'm looking for a little relaxation. Can you make that happen?

Butch: You'll want a front row seat for our next act, chardonnay.

Nick: Tell me that's not some kind of prissy wine.

Butch: Huh-uh. That's our most requested dancer. A real artist.

Nick: All right. Bring her on.

Butch: New customer. Keep an eye on him.

Carly: Enjoy it while you can.

Holden: What do you mean, you were watching us?

Luke: What do you want?

Jade: Nothing.

Luke: Then why were you hanging out in our driveway?

Holden: For weeks.

Jade: I'm not here to hurt anyone.

Holden: Well, then, what do you want?

Luke: And why do you keep looking at my mom like that?

Lily: You look like you recognize me.

Jade: Because I do. I've gone to sleep with your face in my head. This is the first time it was there when I woke up.

Holden: What are you talking about?

Jade: I feel like I've waited for this for so long.

Lily: Why would you say something like that?

Jade: Because I am looking at my mother's face.

Jennifer: Oh, I'm sorry, that totally came out wrong. It's good of you to be here with Will. I know that you and my mom had a blowout earlier.

Gwen: Yeah, it was pretty ugly.

Jennifer: Will didn't really want to come, did he?

Gwen: No, of course he wanted to come. She's still his mom.

Jennifer: Thatís for convincing him.

Dusty: Jen, the sitter will stay for the night, but she needs to know about the feeding schedule?

Jennifer: Okay, I'm coming.

Dusty: Okay. Thanks again.

Gwen: Don't thank me, please.

Will: They say that you won't remember. And I hope you don't, because I didn't mean it. I just wanted you to leave Gwen alone. I didn't mean to hurt you, Mom. I'm so sorry. Come back, Mom. Please come back.

[After Will leaves, Barbara opens up her eyes.]

On the next "As the World Turns."

Maddie: You have got to get me out of here ASAP.

Barbara: It was Gwen Norbeck. She broke into my suite and she attacked me.

Lily: You're telling that you're --

Jade: Her daughter. That's right. Rose DíAngelo was my mother.

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