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As The World Turns Transcript Friday 2/3/06

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Maddie: Hey, I thought you were going out?

Casey: The party was lame. So, I bagged it.

Maddie: Oh.

Casey: So instead I got some of those old movies you're always talking about.

Maddie: Movies? For us to watch? Together?

Casey: Yeah. So where have you been?

Maddie: Dinner.

Casey: You wanna watch a movie or what?

Maddie: Casey, I went to dinner.

Casey: Yeah, I heard you.

Maddie: With Nate. I went to dinner with Nate. Hey.

Casey: Nate.

Nate: Case. I just got off the phone my folks, told them I was going to be later than I expected.

Maddie: Good. Casey was just about to go watch a movie. Upstairs.

Nate: Let me help you with that.

Maddie: Thank you.

Bartender: See anything you like?

Gwen: No. Water's fine. Thank you very much.

Bartender: You're welcome.

Will: Hey, sorry I'm late.

Gwen: It's okay. But can we please get out of here before my former boss thinks I tried to steal the lemon out of the water?

Will: I can't, I gotta hang out. I'm doing it tonight.

Gwen: Tonight? Your mom's not home?

Will: She is right now, but she won't in a few minutes she'll be at dinner. She's got a reservation in the dining room.

Gwen: Will, that's no good! That's still in the same building. She could just go back to her place and catch you?

Will: I'll be in and out in one minute. Just enough time to get the money she keeps stashed away.

Gwen: Maybe we should wait.

Will: For what? With that money we can get our own place. We can be together while we're looking for a job. Don't you want that?

Gwen: Yeah. But I don't want you to steal from your mom.

Will: You're way too nice. After everything she's done to you. Getting you kicked out of your apartment, getting you fired from your job.

Gwen: Lisa Grimaldi fired me. Your mom just helped, a lot.

Will: She completely jumped on the bandwagon and made everything worse. She deserves to have a $1,000 stolen from her that she won't even miss. So, do you want to meet me later or wait for me here?

Gwen: I want you to change your mind. Please, Will, don't do this.

Barbara: Jen, honey, I didn't think you'd be done so soon -- Lisa --

Lisa: These are for you.

Barbara: Goodness, thank you. They're beautiful. Come in. What's the occasion?

Lisa: Barbara, it's a peace offering. I felt like when we talked earlier today I was really very harsh with you. Especially going what you've been through.

Barbara: Are you kidding? You made my day. I should be giving you flowers.

Lisa: You're talking about Gwen, aren't you?

Barbara: Yes, it's high time someone exposed her for the thief that she is. I could kiss you.

Lisa: I don't understand. You think my firing Gwen helps you?

Barbara: It certainly does. Now that Will's been backed into a corner with no place to live, no place to go, he will come home where he belongs.

Lisa: Is that really what you think?

Barbara: Of course it is. I'm his mother. Where else would he go?

Lisa: He could leave town.

Barbara: He wouldn't do that.

Lisa: Barbara, he is in love with Gwen. Can't you see that?

Barbara: It's infatuation.

Lisa: Enjoy the flowers.

Barbara: Where are you going?

Lisa: I didn't come here to argue.

Barbara: Okay, all right then. Before you go, why don't you tell me why you're in such a snit.

Lisa: Honey, Paul is dead. Isn't losing one son heartache enough? Don't you see if you keep hassling Gwen, you're going to lose Will, too.

Jennifer: So I beg you to accept the only things that remain of me. Accept them for yourself and your son and know that I might find some peace in doing for you in death what I didn't have the guts to do for you in life. I love you forever, Paul. Why didn't I see it? Everything you did, you did out of love for me. I didn't understand before and now that I do you're gone. I wish you were still here.

[Tires screeching]

Luke: Oh my God, no! There is no way that was a person. A deer, maybe. It had to be. Oh, no! No! Oh, please God. Please don't be dead. Where is it? Where's your pulse? Where is your pulse? Okay. She's alive. God, please let her live! Let her live! And I swear I will come clean with my parents. Okay -- you hang in there! I gotta get my phone. My phone is in the car. Hey! You're not breathing! You were just breathing! Please, wake up! Wake up! Hey, call 911! She's not breathing.

Lily: Luke? What happened?

Luke: I don't know. We've got to do something! I don't know, she's dying!

Gwen: I appreciate you standing up for me, but not stealing.

Will: It's not like my mom needs the money. She probably hasn't even looked at it in months. She just keeps around for emergencies.

Gwen: You know what? Your mom is right.

Will: Since when?

Gwen: She said I'd corrupt you. That I'd be a bad influence on you.

Will: Gwen, you're the best thing that's ever happened to me.

Gwen: Say that when your in jail.

Will: I'm not going to get caught.

Gwen: That's what everybody says before they get caught.

Will: Gwen, my mom's not even going to know the money's missing.

Gwen: It's still stealing.

Will: Not if I give it back.

Gwen: How are you going to do that?

Will: When we get jobs and get back on our feet, I'll sneak the money back. Now what's wrong?

Gwen: You keep losing stuff because of me.

Will: Like what?

Gwen: You never see your sister. You stopped talking to your brother because of me, and now he's gone.

Will: Gwen --

Gwen: No, you used to have a car. A trust fund. You used to have friends. You use to be friends with Casey.

Will: I'd rather be friends with you. You're a lot cuter.

Gwen: Just like you want to take care of me, I need to take care of you.

Will: You do?

Gwen: If you get caught, you'll be locked up. Can you survive that? Because I canít. I can lose jobs, I can live on no money. But I can't lose you, Will. I canít.

Barbara: You really think that Will would leave town with Gwen?

Lisa: He certainly was willing to stay out on the street with her. So it's not far stretch of the imagination that he would be willing to hop a bus and leave town. Besides, the kids don't have any money. She has no apartment, no place to live.

Barbara: Okay, I'm through feeling sorry for this girl. She's no good, Lisa. Now I realize that she had a very difficult upbringing, but she's a drop-out, she's a thief and she's cheating my son out of the life that he deserves!

Lisa: She loves Will and he knows it.

Barbara: She is a leech. And you know what? I am not going to stand by and let him be dragged down by her! I already had one son who was involved with disreputable women and I know what happened to him. I know the trouble it caused him.

Lisa: Ok, Paul made his mistakes, honey. You could not stop him. And you can't stop Will, if you try the whole thing is gonna backfire. The more that you criticize Gwen, then the more he is going to defend her. Barbara, I'm asking you, can't you just try to be kind to them, try to be nice and help them a little bit.

Barbara: Help them do what, Lisa? Help them move in together? Help them get married?

Lisa: Don't you understand? You got to back off a little bit because if you don't, Will is going to end up hating you.

Barbara: Like Paul did?

Lisa: Paul loved you in his own way.

Barbara: No, Paul hated me. Especially in the end.

Lisa: Don't say that.

Barbara: But, it's true. His lawyer told me that I'm not even supposed to know anything about his estate. I'm not supposed to know what his last words were. My son is dead and he's still pushing me away.

Jennifer: Why did you have to kill yourself? If we'd had more time -- one more chance --

Dusty: Here's Mommy. Here she is. What's wrong? What happened?

Jennifer: I found a letter from Paul. It was in his safe.

Dusty: What's it say?

Jennifer: Wait, no, please, please. That's private.

Dusty: Your brother shoots himself and he wants you to feel guilty for the rest of your life.

Jennifer: Wait, you think that was a suicide note?

Dusty: Of course it is. Your brother is dead and he's still trying to run your life.

Jennifer: He did it because of me.

Dusty: You didn't put the gun in his hand.

Jennifer: I pushed him towards it. I told him that I'd never forgive him. That he was dead to me. And then he wrote that letter and now he's gone.

Dusty: You don't need the letter. You don't need Paulís money, you don't need his apartment, and you certainly don't need a guilt trip.

Jennifer: What are you doing?

Dusty: I'm going to take all this stuff, and I'm gonna burn it.

Holden: How's Luke?

Lily: He's getting dressed. The doctor examined him. They said he'll probably just have some bruises from the seatbelt. His kidney -- his kidney is fine.

Holden: What about the girl?

Lily: I don't know. The EMT said she went into cardiac arrest at the scene.

Luke: So she's okay?

Lily: We need to get you home.

Luke: No, no, I hit that girl. I need to know how she is. What did the doctor say?

Lily: Nothing, yet.

Luke: But it doesn't look good. Oh, man. Oh, man, she's gonna die, isn't she?

Lily: No, don't you -- don't you jump to conclusions.

Holden: Luke, you need to tell us what happened.

Luke: Well, it was dark. There was no one on the road. I couldn't see. And then all of the sudden, she just --

Holden: Why were you out driving?

Lily: Were you getting something for the girls.

Luke: No, I -- I was just hanging out with some friends, you know?

Holden: Despite the fact that you were grounded?

Luke: Yeah, I know I shouldn't have done that.

Holden: And you lied to me. When I asked you where you were, you dodged the question. You acted like you were home.

Luke: But I was on my way home.

Holden: Because you had to get there before us, right? Were you speeding?

Luke: No, no.

Holden: We trusted you. We trusted you not to leave the house. And the minute we turn our backs, where did you go?

Luke: A party.

Holden: A party? Wow, what a surprise. Were you drinking?

Luke: No, Dad, I didn't have anything to drink. I swear, no.

Holden: I don't believe you.

Holden: You are so lucky that that cop left the scene. If they'd given you a breathalyzer test, you'd be sitting in a jail cell right now.

Luke: But Dad, I didn't drink, I swear.

Holden: We'll never know that for sure, will we?

Lily: Holden, please.

Holden: Why don't you just admit it? You went to a party, you were drinking, you got behind the wheel and you hit that girl!

Lily: Please. Holden --

Luke: I -- it was dark. I didn't see her. Mom, Mom, please believe me. I wasn't drinking.

Margo: Hi.

Holden: Hi, Margo.

Margo: Hi. Luke, how are you doing?

Luke: I'm -- I'm okay.

Margo: Yeah. Traffic accidents, they're scary, huh?

Luke: Yeah.

Lily: Any word on the girl? Is she okay?

Margo: Uh, we don't know yet. It's been a pretty hectic all the way around. We had a multi-vehicle accident on the highway. That's why the patrolman left your scene.

Holden: Are you here to ask Luke some questions?

Margo: Actually, I'm here to give Luke a breathalyzer test.

Lily: He doesn't have to take it, right? He can say no.

Margo: Sure, sure, you can say no, but that means an automatic suspension of your driverís license for a minimum of six months.

Holden: And if he was drinking?

Margo: Then I have to arrest you.

Lily: Margo --

Luke: No, no, it's okay. I'll take the test. I'll take it.

Margo: Wow. No trace of alcohol.

Luke: I told you I didn't have anything to drink.

Margo: And I believe you, but still, you did hurt someone. It could have turned out a lot worse for you.

Lily: Do you have any idea who that girl is?

Margo: Well, there's no I.D. on her. Listen, I'm gonna need a full statement from you. So you come by the police station tomorrow morning 9:00 A.M.?

Luke: Yeah, I'll be there.

Margo: Let's hope the girl turns out okay?

[Luke sighs]

Luke: They don't even know her name.

Lily: I'm gonna talk to the doctor, see if I can get any information.

Holden: Hey, you said you hadn't been drinking, and I didn't believe you.

Luke: Why should you believe me? I was drunk all those other times and I lied to you about it. I blew your trust and Moms.

Holden: You can get it back. You just need to level with me.

Luke: About what?

Holden: About what is going on with you.

Luke: I'm fine.

Holden: What about the notes on the computer? What was that all about?

Luke: That was -- that was just stuff.

Holden: "My parents will never understand. If they find out the truth, they'll hate me." What was that all about?

Luke: Nothing.

Holden: You know what? That's not a good enough answer, especially after what happened tonight. You need to come clean with me. You need to tell me what's going on. Luke, you're not alone here. Your mom and I, we love you very much. Come on, just tell me. Tell me what's bothering you.

Casey: Hey, you know, we can just watch these movies together.

Nate: What?

Maddie: I've already seen them.

Nate: Me, too. You know, we like a lot of the same stuff.

Casey: Yeah, Maddie, she's the movie queen. Did she tell ya how she likes that cartoon with the pink, fuzzy bears? She even sleeps with one.

Maddie: No, I donít. I just -- I keep it on my bed for a decoration.

Nate: Don't worry about it. I still have all my Dr. Seuss books.

Maddie: Really?

Nate: Mm-hmm.

Casey: And don't get her in front of a mirror, either. She's a maniac with barrettes.

Maddie: I am not!

Nate: Well, whatever you're doing, it's working. You always look hot.

Maddie: Thank you.

Casey: And don't let her see your password either, 'cause she's been known to use other people's screen names. It can cause a whole mess of trouble.

[Phone rings]

Nate: It's my little sister. Sorry.

Maddie: What are you doing?

Casey: Nothing. And just so you know, that's not Nate's kid sister he's talking to.

Maddie: You know, you're just trying to -- how do you know who he's talking to?

Casey: 'Cause I know. He's been seeing this girl from St. Vincentís.

Maddie: You know, you're just trying to ruin my date.

Casey: All right, find out the hard way.

[Maddie sighs]

Nate: Is he gone?

Maddie: Yeah, mm-hmm.

Nate: Good.

Maddie: Yeah.

Nate: I had a great time tonight.

Maddie: So what did your sister have to say?

Nate: Oh, she wanted to use my new computer. Your hair's gorgeous.

Maddie: Did you let her? Did you say yes?

Nate: Huh? My computer? Yeah, yeah. Yeah, it's fine.

Maddie: What kind is it?

Nate: Look, did I get some signals crossed here? Because I thought you wanted to come back here so that we could be alone.

Maddie: I did.

Nate: Then why are you acting like you want me to leave?

Will: My mom stole a lot more than $1,000 from us. I'm not gonna let her hurt you again, ever. We deserve a future. We can work and be together and go to school and save up for college and make a family. We're entitled to that.

Gwen: Yeah, that'd be nice.

Will: And it'll happen.

Gwen: But not stealing from your mom.

Will: I'm not gonna let her win.

Gwen: What does it matter?

Will: Paul loved Rose d'angelo. Mom hated Rose all she ever talked about was how Rose wasn't good enough. Rose was just with him for the money.

Gwen: Like how she talks about me?

Will: Yeah. She did everything she could to break the two of them up. And all she ever talked about was how Rose was tearing our family apart. So I thought if I could get rid of Rose, then we'd all be happy.

Gwen: Don't go there.

Will: The point is that Mom didn't stop until Rose was dead. And because of my mother, I killed an innocent woman. Because of my mother, I was in the hospital. Because of you, I have a life now, and I'm happy. And I got a shot at staying that way, and I'm not gonna let that go.

Gwen: We're not gonna have a lot of money.

Will: You know what? I can get the trust fund back, and the car. But without you, I'm just gonna be a lonely, sad person again.

Gwen: There's got to be another way that we can turn things around without your mother's money.

Will: There's always Al's. You could go back to waiting tables and I could wash dishes. It would take longer, but --

Gwen: No.

Will: What?

Gwen: I went by there. He -- he didn't need anybody.

Will: Really?

Gwen: Yeah. He had a "help wanted" sign in the window. He just -- he didn't want me. I don't know why.

Will: Damn it!

Gwen: What?

Will: It's my mom. She's probably talked to Al.

Gwen: You really think she would do that?

Will: Yes. She's not gonna stop at anything. She'll do whatever she can. I'm getting that money.

Gwen: Look, no, we will find another way.

Will: There is no other way for us to be together. Mom's fixed it so that we can't find jobs, we can't live together. And I need to be with you. I need to wake up next to you. I miss you.

Gwen: I miss you so much.

Will: My mom owes us, so I'm gonna collect. You understand, right?

Gwen: Yeah, I do. We'll do it.

Lisa: I think that Will is a very strong young man. I doubt that Gwen or anyone else could manipulate him to do anything he doesn't want to do. You've got to give the boy some credit here. And Gwen, give her credit.

Barbara: She is a criminal. She took a diamond necklace.

Lisa: Well, the necklace is missing, yes, and she was in the suite. But that doesn't prove she that she actually took it.

Barbara: You're going to rehire her, aren't you?

Lisa: No, I am -- no, of course not. No, I can't do that. But I thought -- I just can't help feel that there's some -- there's some good in that girl. I think she really is a deeply decent person. A caring person. She just hasn't had the breaks in her life that other people have had, and I think she truly loves your son. Now that should count for something.

Barbara: Thanks for stopping by. The flowers are beautiful.

Lisa: Barbara, I don't think you should be left alone. How 'bout we have dinner? How 'bout that?

Barbara: I made plans with Jennifer. And I need to freshen up. So if you don't mind --

Lisa: Just remember -- you know that second chance that you think you lost with Paul? You still have that with Will. You still have that with Will.

Jennifer: No, you're not going to burn that.

Dusty: We don't want it.

Jennifer: That letter is the only think I have left of my brother.

Dusty: Why are you letting him do this to you?

Jennifer: Please, Dusty, donít. Don't do what Paul did and try to make my decisions for me.

Dusty: When he did that, you pushed him away. Is that what you're going to do to me? Are you going to push me away?

Jennifer: No.

Dusty: Don't compare me to your brother. Your brother was a selfish son of a --

Jennifer: Hey, not in front of Johnny.

Dusty: Son of a gun. That's what I was going to say.

Jennifer: Well, yes, he was. But I loved him anyway. And he wanted me to execute his will. So that's what I'm going to do. I owe him that much.

Dusty: You don't him a damn thing -- darn thing. I think I scared him.

Jennifer: I doubt it. Your yelling is like a lullaby to him. It's probably all the wrestling you guys watch.

Dusty: Did he tell you about the ladies' mud wrestling? Because that was supposed to be our secret.

Jennifer: Yes, I know. You're corrupting my son.

Dusty: No I'm not. I'm teaching him the lessons of life. Number one, I taught him no woman, anywhere, is as beautiful as his mother.

Jennifer: Where are you going?

Dusty: I'm getting him a towel, do you see him? He needs table manners.

[Paul hides around the corner of the next room.]

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Jade: It's you.

Barbara: What are you doing?

Jennifer: Oh Dusty, wait. I know where it is.

Dusty: Where is it?

Jennifer: Right where I put it.

Dusty: Uh-huh. Are we cool? I don't like seeing you hurt, Jen.

Jennifer: Well, you know what? I don't think Paul did either, but he was just trying to protect me from Craig.

Dusty: He stole Johnny just 'cause Craigís the father? It's insane. It doesn't make sense.

Jennifer: Honey, you wanted to burn all these papers, as if there weren't copies somewhere. When you love somebody, sometimes you do things that don't make sense. I need you to do something for me.

Dusty: Sure, what?

Jennifer: When I'm going through all his things -- it's going to be just like saying good-bye to him over and over. Will you hold me when I need it?

Dusty: Even when you donít.

Will: You're not going with me.

Gwen: No. You need somebody to watch your back.

Will: Gwen, I'll be in and out in two minutes. Mom won't even know I was there.

Gwen: What if someone sees you?

Will: They wonít. They'll think I'm visiting, okay? I have a key, so it's not like I have to pick a lock.

Gwen: What if your mom comes back?

Will: She wonít.

Gwen: Okay, then let me go with you.

Will: What if the worst happens? What if Mom catches me? She's not going to call the cops, but if you're there --

Gwen: Okay, what time is her dinner reservation?

Will: Now. She's meeting Jennifer. So we should actually get out of here in case they decide to have drinks first.

Gwen: Okay.

Will: You're not doing this.

Gwen: The plan is us together, right?

Will: Gwen.

Gwen: I'm with you. Always. That's just the way it is.

Maddie: Nate, I don't want you to leave. I really like being with you. But --

Nate: But, what?

Maddie: Well, I -- well, I mean -- when he --

Nate: All pronouns present and accounted for, Maddie. Would you like to buy a verb?

Maddie: I got all weird because Casey told me it wasn't your sister who called, that you're seeing somebody from St. Vincentís.

Nate: Oh -- well, he's right. I am seeing somebody from St. V's --

Maddie: Okay. That's okay, I mean. It's like I practically threw myself at you --

Nate: No, Maddie --

Maddie: And it's not like we're like exclusive or anything --

Nate: Maddie Ė

Maddie: It's too soon, right? So you can date whoever you want.

Nate: Maddie. The girl that I'm seeing from Saint V's? She's my sister. Here, do you want to call her?

Maddie: Yes. But I'll feel like a really big idiot if it is your sister.

Nate: Her name's Amy, she's a freshman and I drive her to and from school everyday. She actually got a scholarship. I like you, okay?

Maddie: Okay. Hi. Hi, Detective Hughes.

Margo: Hi, Maddie.

Maddie: Oh, this is Nate. Nate Bradley.

Margo: Hi. Hi, Nate Bradley. Oh, Maddie tells me you're on the short list for valedictorian.

Nate: Yeah, me and 20 of my closest friends.

Maddie: Oh, he's just being modest.

Margo: Ah. Sorry, I don't want to interrupt you guys.

Maddie: Oh, that's okay we were going to go outside anyway. It's kind of hot in here.

Margo: Oh, okay.

Casey: Hey, you guys want a soda? Where'd they go?

Margo: They just went out for some fresh air.

Casey: And you're okay with that? I mean, Maddie -- he's a senior.

Margo: Yeah, he's a nice senior. And he's smart, and he's polite. So, yep, I'm okay with it. Are you?

Luke: What do you want me to say, Dad?

Holden: I want you to tell me what's going on with you.

Luke: No, you donít. You really donít.

Lily: Okay, I finally got some information from the doctor.

Luke: Is she going to be okay?

Lily: She's still unconscious, but there's no sign of internal injuries. She's in a little pain. It looks like she's going to make it.

Holden: That's great news.

Luke: Yeah, that's great news.

Lily: It is. Luke, I just want you to know something. Your father didn't tell me anything that he read on your blog.

Luke: Why are you guys making such a big deal about that?

Holden: Look, we lucked out this time. The girl's going to be okay. But you need to tell us what is happening with you, before you destroy yourself or somebody else.

Luke: I don't know -- I don't know what I'm going to do. I don't know what to do.

Lily: Luke, listen to me. Whatever this is -- whatever it is, whatever's making you so scared, we're going to get through this together, because we're a family. And we love you.

Luke: I know, I know that, I know. It's just -- but the only thing that's wrong with me right now is that I almost killed someone tonight, and you guys keep asking me all these questions!

Lily: We just want to know what's going on with you.

Luke: Nothing.

Holden: I think I know what it is.

Lily: What?

Holden: Luke, I think that your mom -- I think it would be better if you just tell us yourself.

Dr. Hale: The young lady is conscious now.

Lily: Oh, wow, that's great. Did she give you her name?

Dr. Hale: Not yet.

Luke: Did she say anything? About the accident or anything?

Dr. Hale: No, she asked to see you and your parents. In fact, she insisted on it.

Casey: It's just -- Nate's been around. I mean -- and Maddie, well, she's Maddie.

Margo: She's kind of a little sister to you, right?

Casey: Yeah, that's why I've got to look out for her, you know? She's kind of naive. I don't want anything bad to happen to her. Maybe you should chaperone?

Margo: Nah, I don't think so. I think I'm just going to head on up to bed. I am compelled to ask you a question though. Are you jealous? Because it kind of looks that way to me.

Nate: Anything wrong?

Maddie: Nope. Nothing at all.

Casey: Don't mind me. Just taking the trash out.

Maddie: Now?

Casey: Yeah, those sanitation guys come by at the crack of dawn.

Nate: You know, I should go.

Maddie: No, you don't have to.

Nate: I do. See you around, okay?

Maddie: Yeah.

Jennifer: You're a such a good person and in his own twisted way, Paul was too.

Dusty: Very twisted. Let's get Johnny home, order some room service and go to bed early.

Jennifer: Oh, we can't, we canít. I promised my mom that we'd meet her for dinner.

Dusty: Dinner, with your mother? You're kidding me.

Jennifer: She was so upset earlier.

Dusty: Okay, let's go in there and eat fast.

Jennifer: Well, I'll still have to come back here, though. I have stuff to work on with the will.

Dusty: Let's take that stuff home, because this place creeps me out.

Jennifer: Yeah, me too. It feels almost like Paulís still here. I think you would have liked your Uncle Paul. I know he loved you. Bye, Paul. [They leave out the front door.] [Paul comes out of hiding.]

Paul: Not goodbye, Jennifer. Not yet.

Gwen: Are you sure she's not home?

Will: Yeah. She always has every light on when she's here. Wait, don't do anything. Just in case -- I don't want anybody to know you were here.

Gwen: Hey. We're in this together. Whatever happens to you, happens to me.

Will: Nothing's going to happen.

Gwen: Come on, let's go. [Barbara walks in.]

Barbara: What are you doing?

Maddie: Explain.

Casey: What, did Nate leave already?

Maddie: Oh come on. You drove him away!

Casey: Me?

Maddie: Yes, you. Admit it. You did everything you could to put the kibosh on my date.

Casey: Okay, first explain "kibosh."

Maddie: Why don't you just tell me what the heck your problem is!

Lily: She's sleeping.

Holden: We should come back later.

Dr. Hale: I know she wanted to speak to you. Excuse me.

Jade: It's you!

Paul: 2153. Ow.

[Speaking with accent] 'Allo. Do you have a room? Let's see for long. For -- for -- indefinitely, baby. Right on.

Lisa: I had left a message for the two of you. Did you get it?

Dusty: What did you say?

Lisa: Oh, I said that the hotel babysitter is going to be few minutes late.

Jennifer: Oh, well, that's okay. We can just take him into the dining room, she can just meet us there.

Lisa: I have such a good idea. Let me take him? Come on. Let me take him, I'm dying to. Oh, look as this boy. Just about time I held a baby in my arms again.

Jennifer: Lisa, you know that you don't have to do this, you know.

Lisa: Oh yes I do. I do. I want to. Come on. Come on, let's go wait for Mary Ellen.

Bartender: Ms. Munson?

Jennifer: Yes.

Bartender: Your mother left this for you.

Jennifer: Oh, thank you.

Dusty: What's it say?

Jennifer: "I'm sorry, I won't be joining you for dinner. I'm not feeling very well."

Dusty: Okay. Not okay?

Jennifer: I don't think that she's sick. I think she's depressed -- maybe I should go check on her.

Barbara: Where'd you get that money?

Will: I just --

Barbara: You're stealing from me?

Will: If you'd just stayed out of my life, I wouldn't have to do this.

Barbara: I knew you would drag him down. You've turned him into a common criminal, just like you.

Will: Oh, you don't know Gwen at all. She tried to talk me out of this, Mom. This was my idea.

Barbara: Lisa was too soft on you. She should have called the cops on you this morning! Well that's a mistake I'm going to correct right now.

Will: Mom, don't! Stop! [He goes and grabs the phone out of her hand, and Barbara falls and hits her head.]

Gwen: Don't! Just leave it.

Will: It was all me!

Next week, on "As the World Turns" --

Jennifer: Mom? Mom, are you in there?

Jack: Well, I really don't think there is anything else, do you?

Nick: Is that true, Carly? You said so last night. I thought you'd be glad to see me.

Emily: Paul's not dead. I can feel it in my heart. And he's close, Henry. He's very close.  

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