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As The World Turns Transcript Monday 1/30/06

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Barbara: I told you it was a mistake to allow that woman in here.

Jennifer: Mom, she's gone.

Barbara: And to let her to speak at my son's funeral when she's the reason that he's dead?

Henry: Emily appears to be overcome with grief.

Barbara: What are you doing here?

Jennifer: Mom.

Henry: Its okay, Jennifer. Emily asked me to escort here, because she was afraid it might be too much for her. And apparently, it was. Even Meg had to leave.

Barbara: I know you, Henry Coleman. You're an opportunist. Are you trying to cash in on my son's death by romancing Miss Stewart?

Minister: Could we continue with the service?

Barbara: Remember this, all right? My son did one good before he died -- he dumped that woman.

Dusty: Barbara, the minister would like to continue.

Barbara: I am sorry. I am sorry, Reverend. Please, please, continue.

Minister: Let's try to focus on Paul and how much he loved his family. This family that needs to be healed -- and I can think of no more fitting tribute to your son than for us all to come together in love and forgiveness.

Paul: I need to stay. I need to find out if my family's all right. [Talking to Meg.]

{Emily and Paul standing outside by the church doors.]

Emily: That's Paul. That's his voice!

Meg: Fine. It's your funeral.

Paul: Oh, very funny.

Meg: Yeah.

Paul: Where're you going?

Meg: You know what, you're on your own. I am not conspiring with a dead man.

Casey: I don't care what you do, all right? I don't know why you keep thinking I do.

Maddie: Good.

Casey: It's just -- Nate -- I mean, why Nate? It's just -- he's so perfect.

Maddie: So you do care.

Casey: I didn't say that.

Maddie: Well then, what are you saying, Casey? Am I your little sister or --

Casey: Will you stop with that? I did that to keep my mom off my back, all right? Because she was worried about you being in my room.

Maddie: Why would she care if I was in your room?

Casey: Because --

Maddie: Of Gwen.

Casey: Yeah, but you're not Gwen, so --

Maddie: Yeah, but I am a girl, at least as far as your mother's concerned, anyway.

Casey: I know you're a girl.

Maddie: So what does it mean?

Casey: Why does everything always have to mean something with you?

Maddie: Because I want to know where I stand.

Casey: Where do you want to stand?

Nick: Well, I'm sick of you riding me.

Jack: And I'm sick of you taking credit for breaking this case as if you did it all by yourself. You had a whole team of cops in those woods. And you -- you were keeping warm in the station when they found the car.

Nick: And if it had been up to you, there wouldn't even have been a search.

Jack: Oh.

Nick: No, he was like, "Paul Ryan's not dead, he's sucking back champagne in Vegas."

Jack: You find a body?

Nick: Stop trying to do my job! This is my job, not yours --

Mike: It is your job --

Nick: No, this is what it's all about!

Jack: I've had my reasons, you know.

Margo: All right Jack, come on.

Jack: You come into town, you come waltzin' into town acting like a hero before you even cover yourself, and I don't want to hear how he got the bomb in the stairwell. Who cares about that? We found the bomb, we would've dismantled it before it went off -- but no. You took your life into your own hands, as well as everybody else's life in the station. Why? Because you're reckless, that's why.

Nick: At least I'm not dirty -- like other people I know.

Jack: Oh, stop it.

Margo: Don't go there. Don't go there.

Jack: Don't comment on stuff you don't even understand!

Nick: Understand, Jack? You strong-armed a witness.

Jack: Yeah, I was protecting my wife. That's why.

Nick: Oh, yeah. So you say. I'd say you took the easy way out.

Jack: Oh, all right.

[Jack punches Nick.]

Carly: No! Jack!


Katie: Mike, get him! Stop!

Margo: Knock it off!

Katie: Stop him!

Emily: Excuse me, Meg.

Meg: Is the service over?

Emily: No. Did you see him?

Meg: Who?

Emily: Paul. I heard his voice.

Meg: Emily, what are you talking about? Paul's dead.

Emily: Meg, I heard his voice.

Meg: There was a homeless guy out there talking about his family.

Emily: What were you doing outside?

Meg: I went to check on my car lights. I thought I left them on. You know why you think you heard Paul's voice, don't you? Guilt.

Emily: Guilty? What am I supposed to be guilty about?

Meg: According to his mother, you're the reason Paul's dead.

Emily: You were listening to Barbara?

Meg: Look, I'm not the one who feels guilty here. Barbara claims that you alienated his affections? Conspired with him to keep little Johnny from Jennifer? Which I'm also guilty of. And you made him feel so lousy about himself that he called the wedding off and --

Emily: And what, Meg?

Meg: Well, the cops are saying it was a suicide.

Emily: Because it was. They did tests.

Meg: Right.

Henry: Hi. You two ladies having a chin wag?

Meg: Emily seems to think that she heard Paul's voice.

Henry: From on high?

Emily: I heard his voice, Henry.

Meg: Henry, since you seem to be Emily's new best friend, or best last hope, I think you should take her home and give her some help. I'm sure your mother has a whole list of qualified therapists. I think she needs some help managing her feelings about Paul's untimely death.

Henry: I have a better idea. Lots of drinks with little umbrellas.

Meg: Dusty.

Dusty: What are you doing here?

Meg: What, my mother has you on the payroll? What is this?

Dusty: You have no business here.

Meg: Neither do you. You hate Paul Ryan. I saw your face in there. You're happy he's dead.

Dusty: That's not true.

Meg: Oh, please. If Paul were alive, he would make life miserable for you and Jen. You'd couldn't wait to be free of him. So don't get all sanctimonious with me. I'm here to dance on the man's grave, and so are you.

Jennifer: Hey, Gwen.

Gwen: Hi.

Jen: Thank you so much for coming and for bringing my little brother.

Gwen: I'm glad we came. I'm really sorry about your brother, Jen.

Jennifer: I'm sorry that Paul caused you so much pain.

Gwen: It's okay. I have Will. That's the one good thing that came out of all of this.

Jennifer: And he has you. I can really see how happy you make him. What? What is it?

Gwen: No, no, we'll talk about it another time.

Jennifer: You want to know how Johnnyís doing?

Gwen: Yeah.

Barbara: Honey, please. Please, don't go. Please.

Will: What do you want, Mom?

Barbara: I just wanted to thank you for coming.

Will: I came here for Paul, not for you.

Barbara: Oh, Will, didn't you hear one word the minister said? All this hatred, all this bitterness -- we have got to let it go. We have to come together as a family. We have to lean on each other. Especially now. I just lost my eldest son. Will, I need you.

Maddie: It's not about what I want.

Casey: Why not, huh? You're a brave girl, right? You come to Oakdale, new town, new school, move in with me --

Maddie: I didn't move in with you, I moved in with your parents. And you.

Casey: So what do you want, huh? Nate the great?

Maddie: You just never thought somebody like Nate would like somebody like me.

Casey: I didn't say that, either.

Maddie: Yes, you did. You told me that he was out of my league. And you think that the only reason why I'm talking to him is to get back at you.

Casey: Was it?

Maddie: No. He's in my calculus class.

Casey: Yeah, I know. Yeah, you've said that about 50 times.

Maddie: Well?

Casey: So, do you want to go to the "Star Wars" thing with me or not?

Maddie: It's not about the movies, Casey.

Casey: Then what's it about, all right? Huh? Maddie?

Maddie: You know what, just forget it. We're friends, right? We're friends.

Casey: Friends, right. Okay, just friends. So, do you want to go a friendly movie together?

Maddie: No. Thank you.

Nick: Come on!

Jack: Get him off of me. Get him off.

Nick: Come on!

Margo: That's enough. That's enough. Let it go.

Jack: Don't you ever talk to me like that again, you got that?

Margo: Let it go! Jack, you're drunk. He's getting drunk. If you guys don't knock it off, I'm dragging you both in, I swear to God.

Mike: You okay?

Nick: No, he didn't even connect.

Katie: Do you need some ice or something?

Nick: Aw, Katie. I'm sorry.

Katie: Oh, it's okay. It's fine. It'll be a good story for the kids.

Mike: You know who you owe an apology to? Jack.

Nick: He can kiss my --

Jack: To hell with him.

Margo: You should not have let it get out of hand like that and you know it.

Carly: Wait a minute, that is not fair. Jack was just standing up for himself.

Margo: Jack is the more seasoned cop. You should've controlled the situation.

Carly: Oh, is that right? So Nick can say anything he wants? He can call my husband a dirty cop, and Jack can't do anything about it?

Margo: He's on probation. If these two get into a bar fight, I have got to report it to Hal. And Jack is the one who is going to suffer. And so, like it or not, Jack is the one who's going to make nice with Nick.

Carly: No, no. If anybody needs to apologize, it's that man over there.

Jack: But life isn't fair. Is it?

Margo: No, it's not.

Jack: Excuse me. [Jack clears throat] I'm sorry. I shouldn't have lost my temper.

Nick: Don't worry about it. We all make mistakes.

Carly: I thought you were Jack's friend.

Margo: I'm trying to save his job.

Carly: You're sticking it to him. And I don't like it.

Margo: I understand that you love your husband, Carly. But you did this. You sandbagged him. Yeah, you did that. Because of you, Jack lost his job. Because you broke the law. Because you drugged Gwen Norbeck. Now Jack's the paying the price for it. Why don't you just, for once, grow up and stop blaming somebody else for your mistakes, and would you please just stay away from the whole Jack and Nick thing? You're only making things worse for your husband.

Jack: How's the lip?

Nick: It'll mend. How's your shoulder?

Jack: Nothing Carly can't fix. So we're good?

Nick: Sure.

Jack: I'm sorry about the party. I really am.

Katie: Oh, that's all right.

Mike: I should have warned you about my cousin. He's got a little bit of a mouth.

Jack: Yeah, well, his mouth and my temper --

Katie: And let's not forget lots of beer.

Nick: That's a good idea. Come on, guys. Drinks all around.

Jack: No, no, no. This round's on me. Please, set them up. Who're you mad at?

Carly: Nick. I want to wipe that smirk off his face.

Jack: Honey, it's not worth the trouble. Besides, I've got to work with him.

Carly: And why is that? Hal knows how you feel about him. So why put you two together?

Jack: Yeah, well, knowing Hal, he wants us to work things out sooner rather than later. That's why he puts us on the same case. We'll be forced to get along.

Carly: Yeah, but this isn't kindergarten, Jack. This is a police force, isn't it? People's lives are at stake. And Nick is reckless and dishonest. He pulls one of his stunts, he tries to nab all the glory like he did with that bomb at WOAK, and he could jeopardize the outcome of a case. He could risk your life.

Jack: Like I said, I still gotta work with him. So the Nick bashing -- it stops, now. Honey, it's the only way I'm going to be able to get through life with a clear head. Okay? Promise me, just forget about Nick from now on. For my sake.

Will: I'm sorry about Paul.

Barbara: So am I. We loved him. All of us, we loved him, despite our problems as a family. That's why Jen wanted to do this, so we could honor his memory. I'm just so glad you came, Will.

Will: Me, too.

Barbara: Despite all the differences we've had lately, I'm very grateful to Kim and Bob for taking you in. But Will, I miss you. Don't you think maybe you could come home, and be with Jen and me and Johnny? We could try to live together as a family?

[Jennifer shows Gwen a picture of Johnny.]

Gwen: Oh, he's so big.

Jennifer: Yeah, he's grown almost a full size already.

Gwen: And so happy.

Jennifer: Gwen, if you ever want to see him --

Gwen: Thanks. [Hands the picture of Johnny back to Jennifer.] I'll think about it.

Dusty: Ready to go?

Jennifer: Yeah. As soon as you tell me why you went after Meg.

Meg: You're lucky you fell asleep in the car. I would've yelled at you all the way up the mountain. Do you have any idea what you've done?

Paul: Did you hear her? She for -- ow. She forgave me.

Meg: Yeah, well, I havenít. You've spiked yourself another fever.

Paul: Oh, come on, I'm a little warm, but I'm not delusional. I know what I heard. And I saw her tears.

Meg: So what, you want a medal? You made your sister cry. It hasn't been the first time, but if she's lucky, it might be her last.

Paul: It's really hot.

Meg: Okay, well, in a minute, you'll be freezing.

Paul: They both looked so sad. Will was there. I really think that if I were still alive, and that I were home, that they would forgive me.

Meg: Here.

[Paul coughs]

Paul: Sorry. [Paul coughs] Oh, boy.

Meg: You sound terrible and you look worse. You never should have gone out in that cold.

Paul: Oh, it was worth it. I am so happy. My sister loves me. So does my brother.

Meg: So what's the plan now? Are you going to throw yourself a "welcome back from the dead" party?

Paul: Oh yeah, maybe.

Meg: Yeah? Well, then you better hope you live through the night.

Henry: Now, are you going to be a good girl? Because Henryís not very happy with you.

Emily: Give me the drink, Henry. I am not in the mood. I never should've gone to that service.

Henry: No, what you never should've done is run screaming down the aisle. Might as well have pinned a sign to your dress that said "I shot Paul."

Emily: Would you be quiet? You keep it up, and I'm asking for adjoining cells.

Henry: Whoa, whoa, you know, for a hardened criminal, you're not very optimistic.

Emily: Optimistic?

Henry: Yes. You have to assume you're going to get away with it and then do whatever it takes.

Emily: Like giving a eulogy for the man that I shot?

Henry: Whatever it takes, Emily.

Emily: That's assuming I killed him.

Henry: Mmm. Emily, Emily, please. You did not hear Paul's voice. The man's dead.

Emily: Maybe.

Henry: May -- oh. You know what? Okay, okay, let's assume that he's alive and he came back to his own funeral, but he stood in a place where only you could hear him. And then he did what? He climbed up a tree? You shot him. You killed him. There was no breathing, there was no pulse.

Emily: I don't know if there was a pulse. I mean, he looked dead. I mean, there was lots of blood.

Henry: Yeah, and then you pushed him off a cliff into a river. Okay? He's a rag merchant, and he's not an olympic athlete. He's dead, right? All right?

Emily: I don't know. I just don't know.

Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Carly: You work with my husband. That's it. There is no you and me.

Paul: So what're we going to do?

Meg: I guess we have to convince her you're dead.

Emily: If Meg Snyder knows something, then we're going to have to take care of her.

Henry: The way you took care of Paul?

Casey: So you're still going to hang out with Nate?

Maddie: Why shouldn't I?

Casey: No reason. Unless you'd rather spend the day riding the millennium falcon with me.

Maddie: Two friends cruising the galaxy?

Nate: Hey, Maddie, thanks for waiting.

Maddie: Sure.

Nate: Casey.

Casey: Nathan.

Nate: Hey, look, can I get you something to drink?

Maddie: Yes, please.

Nate: Let me guess -- a decaf mochaccino.

Maddie: Mm-hmm. How did he know that?

Casey: Because that's what you always order.

Maddie: He noticed. Look, since we're just friends, you wouldn't mind if I sat at another table with Nate.

Carly: To my husband -- the best, most decent, hardworking cop who ever got gypped out of a --

Jack: I will drink to the first part of that.

Carly: I'm sorry. All right, how about this one? To my handsome husband. My g-man. Who deserves a much better partner than --

Jack: Stop, stop. This lady's got a one track mind.

Carly: I'm sorry, it's hard to sit by and watch him hurt you.

Jack: Honey, stop. Just -- hey, are you going to cheer me up, or you going to bellyache about a man neither one of us likes?

Carly: I'm going to cheer you up.

Jack: Mmm, honey.

Barbara: Will, with Paul gone, Johnny needs a man around the house. And not just Dusty. He's not family. You are, and now that you and Gwen aren't together anymore, can't you just come home?

Will: Mom, Gwen and I are still together. And I know you tried your best. You locked up my trust fund, you paid Carly to break us up, you even got Dad to put pressure on Burt so that we'd lose the only home that we ever had.

Barbara: Your father and I are very worried about you. We want you back in school, and we want you to finish it.

Will: Well, it would be a whole lot easier if I had the money to pay for an apartment, that way we could both go to school. But I know the real issue here is that you want me to be wrapped around your little finger.

Barbara: No, no, that's not true.

Will: Well then, give me the money so that I can pay for our apartment, and trust me to finish school.

Barbara: This is not about money. Your brother just died.

Will: And if he knew you were using his death to rope me back in, he'd laugh.

Barbara: Your brother was a very troubled man. And every time he came close to admitting how much he needed his family, he would sabotage it and he would push us away. Now please, don't make the same sad mistake. You need us. We need you. I need you, Will.

Will: Gwen's my family now. And until you can respect that, we have nothing to say to each other. And by the way, we're going to be living together by Valentineís Day.

Dusty: I don't know what Meg was doing here. She's supposed to be sick. I saw her getting antibiotics from this guy, a friend of hers she knows from the hospital.

Jennifer: Yeah, well, that makes about as much sense as Henry Coleman being here. I mean, at least Meg has some history with Paul.

Dusty: Well, Henry was here with Emily.

Jennifer: Yeah, but they're not even -- you know, they've never been bosom buddies. And bringing someone to a funeral that you're just an acquaintance with? I mean, it's kind of weird. I guess it doesn't make any difference why Henry or Emily or Meg came to show her respects. Everybody's just trying to come to peace with this in their own way.

Dusty: Well, Meg lied to me and you. She kept you away from your son. I don't trust her.

Jennifer: Well, I don't trust her, either. But Johnnyís at home, you and I are together, and she can't do anything else to us. You know? So why don't you just let it go?

Meg: Do you honestly think that your family wants to see you again?

Paul: Yeah, I do.

Meg: So if you marched back into that church and interrupted the service, then Jen would have thrown her arms around you? Will would have offered you a ride home at the Lakeview? With a stop at Al's for your favorite cheeseburger and fries? Because, you know, nothing's too good for the big brother that ruined their lives and staged his own suicide.

Paul: All right. I'm not saying that there won't be a few questions.

Meg: Questions? Paul, they'd have answers. They'd know for a fact that you lied to them once again, and that you would rather run away and let them believe that you were dead because it's easier than sticking around and taking responsibility for what you'd done.

Paul: Okay, take it easy. Don't forget, I've been shot.

Meg: Yeah. And you could've had a nice, comfy bed at Oakdale Memorial since the day I found you. Okay, of course, you would had a guard at the door and a trial pending. But at least your family could've come and visit you if you really cared about them.

Paul: I was trying to spare them.

Meg: Paul, you hid out because it suited you. You didn't want to go to jail and you were sick and tired of feeling guilty. And I'm not judging you. Because I'm no better than you are. But at least I'm not pretending that there's anyone out there who wants me back. And now, with your little field trip to the church, Emily is onto us. What? You're burning up.

Paul: Stop. It doesn't matter anymore. So what?

Henry: I know you loved him. I know. And you're angry at him because he broke your heart, and you feel guilty because you shot him. And so I can understand why he'd be on your mind. You miss him.

Emily: I do miss him.

Henry: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Of course you do sweetie, come here. I know. And it makes sense, psychologically, that you think you see him, or you think you hear him. That's why I wouldn't worry about it.

Emily: That's what Meg said.

Henry: That's decent of her.

Emily: No, it isnít. I think she knows something.

Henry: How could she possibly know something?

Emily: Because she said something to me. She said something to me about "feeling guilty" and I called her on it. And she said it was something about the whole baby thing. And yes, I feel very guilty about that, and so does she, but there was something more than that, I can just feel it. It was the way she looked at me.

Henry: Can I just say something? Can I say something really quick? You don't take rejection very well. We have proof of that. And I think maybe because she doesn't like you very much, you're just overreacting.

Emily: Maybe. Or maybe she knows something.

Henry: That Paul's dead?

Emily: Or that Paul's alive.

Nick: He's all over me. I can't even make a move at the station without him weighing in.

Mike: Did you ever think that maybe he's just trying to help out? Man, you're new in town. You come in, throw your weight around, you shoot your mouth off about what a great cop you are. No wonder the guy gave you a knuckle sandwich.

Nick: Knuckle sandwich? I haven't heard that since I was about 8.

Mike: Just do yourself a favor, calm down, okay? You've got the job, I want to see you keep it. Maybe that way you'll still be around when I need a best man.

Nick: Mikey's getting married. I still can't believe it. All right. For you, I'll put a sock in it. But only for you. And for your bride. Hey, Katie.

Katie: Hey.

Nick: You're looking at your new best man.

Katie: Oh, really? You think you can stay out of jail long enough for the wedding?

Nick: No more fights. You have my word.

Mike: You ready to go?

Katie: Yes.

Mike: What about you? You leaving?

Nick: In a bit, in a bit. I've got some apologies to make. Don't worry, I'll be fine. Congratulations.

Katie: Thank you.

Barbara: Honey, I am not trying to use your brother's death. But all of this has made me think that life is so short, and we have to cling to what's important, to the people that we love.

Will: That's exactly what I'm doing, Mom.

Barbara: And how exactly do you plan on supporting yourself? Do you have a job?

Will: No. But I'll find one, and Gwen's working now.

Barbara: Really? Where?

Gwen: At a hotel.

Barbara: What hotel?

Gwen: The Lakeview. Mrs. Grimaldi was nice enough to let me stay in one of the spare rooms.

Will: Yeah, you guys are neighbors. But not for long, because once we have money and can afford it, we're gonna move in together.

Barbara: Okay, this is not the time or place to debate your future. We're mourning your brother here.

Will: Mom, there's nothing to debate. Gwen and I are moving in together. I'm gonna get a job. I'm gonna go back to school. And for the record, I think Paul would be really happy for me.

Barbara: We'll see about that.

Dusty: Meg was lying to me, and I bought it. Had I been smarter, I could've gotten Johnny back to you months ago.

Jennifer: Hey, no, it is not your fault, okay? It's Craigís fault. And then Paul, you know, he took advantage of the situation and then brought Emily into it. And Meg, I don't think she got caught up until later. And she felt guilty about it the whole time. And I'm not making excuses for her, but I don't think that it was -- I mean, it was awful, but I don't think it was an easy for anybody. Hey, it's over, okay. And we have each other. And that's really all that matters. We have a chance at a really amazing future.

Dusty: You and Johnny are everything to me, you know that?

Jennifer: Yeah. Besides, meg can't do anything worse to us than she's already done.

Henry: Emily, I thought we both agreed that Paul is dead.

Emily: Fine, fine, he's dead. Or he isnít. Look, I don't know, but meg knows something, Henry.

Henry: Yes, okay, maybe she's just pushing your buttons, sweetie.

Emily: I'm telling you, it's more than that.

Henry: Okay, okay, fine. Maybe she knows that you killed him, or maybe he's living in that tree by the church. The point is, why would she want to protect you? She hates you, she hates Paul, why not get her cousin to turn you both in?

Emily: I don't know.

Henry: You don't know. Look, she's upset, you're upset, I'm upset. Well, actually, I'm not that upset.

Emily: Henry, why was she at the funeral?

Henry: I don't know. Why do you care?

Emily: Why do I care? I care because I don't want to get caught any more than you do. And if Meg Snyder knows something, or thinks she knows, then we're going to have to take care of her.

Henry: Take care of her? The way you took care of Paul?

Paul: Sorry I went to the church.

Meg: No, you're not.

Paul: Yes, I am. I'm sorry. I screwed everything up. Now I've got a relapse, and Emily thinks that she heard me, which is really going to complicate things until you can convince her that she's wrong.

Meg: I don't know if I'll be able to do that.

Paul: Sure, you can do that. She can't go to the police. The police think that I'm dead.

Meg: Emily doesn't care what the cops think. All she needs to do is make some noise and they'll start listening to her. And don't forget, my cousin Jack still thinks you skipped bail. And he's right. So Emily turns up with one or two clues, maybe even a decent theory, and they're gonna reopen the case.

Paul: So what're we going to do?

Meg: I guess we have to convince her you're dead. But unless you are willing to donate your corpse to the cause, I don't know how we're gonna do. Ideas?

Nate: So, you ever notice I sit right by the door?

Maddie: Yeah, so you can make a quick exit.

Nate: No, so I can keep an eye on you.

Maddie: On me?

Nate: Yeah, you're very entertaining. You know, Farnsworth will put these problems on the board, and you just get this look in your face of sheer panic.

Maddie: I do not!

Nate: No, you do.

Maddie: No.

Nate: No, but then you get this cute little smile about you when you figure it out. You know, you're cool about it. You wait to raise your hand. No showing off.

[Maddie imagining]

Casey: You're so considerate. You'll know the answer, and then you'll make a joke so no one feels bad. You're so funny and pretty. And you have great hair. It smells so good. The whole house smells like your shampoo.

[Casey imagining]

Casey: So, no more Nate?

Maddie: Nope, no more Nate.

Casey: I was hoping you'd come back -- for a sign or something that you were interested.

Maddie: Why, are you interested?

Casey: I just didn't know how to throw it out there.

Maddie: Me, either.

Casey: So, you want to go out?

Maddie: Uh-huh.

Nate: I want to show you something. I talk in my sleep.

Mike: Making a wish?

Katie: No, I have everything right here.

Mike: Sorry about the party.

Katie: No, it was fun. But this is better.

Mike: So I shouldn't book Jack and Nick for a rematch at our wedding reception?

Katie: You were good with him.

Mike: Nick?

Katie: Yeah. Knuckle sandwich? He deserved it, though. You know, if I was Jack -- whew, man.

Mike: Jack's a pretty even guy until you get between him and his family.

Katie: Yeah, he's a good dad. When I see him with his kids -- you're going be a good dad.

Mike: That's -- that's twice in one night.

Katie: What?

Mike: That you mentioned kids. Something I need to know about?

Katie: Just that I love you and someday, soon I hope, I want to start a family. I want four, by the way.

Mike: Four, huh?

Katie: At least four.

Nick: I shouldn't have gone after him like that. It won't happen again.

Carly: Glad to hear it.

Nick: Well, I hope so. I wouldn't want it to spoil anything between you and me.

Carly: You and me? Nick, you work with my husband, that's it. There is no you and me.

Nick: Well, this is a small town, and I'm sure we'll run into each other. I wouldn't want there to be any hard feelings.

Carly: There aren't any feelings at all. Good night.

Jack: Ready to go?

Carly: Yeah, yeah, baby. Let's go home.

Jack: Let's go.

Gwen: Thanks.

Will: For what?

Gwen: For standing up for me with your mom.

Will: I was sticking up for me just as much as I was for you.

Gwen: You know, I don't want you to lose your sister, Will. Or your nephew. I don't want you to move back home.

Will: Good, because I'm moving in with you.

Gwen: And I'm counting on it. I'm just saying that if you wanted to, maybe you could spend a some time with Johnny. Jen showed me a picture. He's really cute. Those two teeth in the front, they grew in.

Will: Do you want to see him?

Gwen: Maybe later, when he doesn't look like I remember him. But you could spend some time with him if you wanted to. See your sister. I know you miss her. She's a really great person.

Will: I think you're a really great person.

Gwen: Once in awhile.

Will: I wish we were going home together.

Gwen: Soon.

Barbara: Lisa? Hi, it's Barbara. Listen, I hope you're free tomorrow morning. We have to have a little chat about Gwen Norbeck.

Jennifer: All right, so what's the plan?

Dusty: You hungry? You want to go to Al's?

Jennifer: No, I mean, what's the plan with Meg?

Dusty: Meg's on her own. It's me, you and Johnny. And that's it. The future's bright.

Paul: Let's say that we can't convince Emily that I'm dead. Then what? She can't go to the cops. She'll incriminate herself. So, really, what can she do? Nothing.

Meg: A woman who shoots a man when he dumps her at the altar then drops his body off a cliff and then shows up at his funeral dressed like a widow out of a cartoon is capable of almost anything. Including hunting you down and finishing the job she started.

Henry: So, anyway, Meg -- you're saying that she saw you shoot him?

Emily: I don't know.

Henry: You don't know?

Emily: No.

Henry: Well, you know that no one was following you, and I'm pretty sure that Paul didn't want anyone following him. And I don't think that Meg is much of a picnicker. So, what would she doing out in the woods?

Emily: I don't know, Henry.

Henry: And why isn't she blackmailing you? That's what I'd do.

Emily: No, because that's what you and I do. That's us. Other people twist the knife for the sheer fun of it.

Henry: Then let her have her fun.

Emily: And then what? Just when we get to relax, she turns us in? She's did it before. I'm telling you, she did it before. She waited months to tell Dusty the truth about the baby. The woman is a loose cannon, I tell you.

Henry: Maybe, maybe, maybe.

Emily: Well, so we need to find out for sure. And that's where you fit in.

Henry: What do you mean that's where I fit -- me?

Emily: Yeah, you -- the private eye.

Henry: No, no, no, no, no, no, I'm a poker player, and I'm an ex-husband and I'm a lover of pimentos, but my P.I. days are over.

Emily: Oh, no, no, no, they're back. And we are gonna follow Meg. And we are gonna tap her phone. And we are gonna open her mail.

Henry: Oh, okay. And then what? Then what? Oh, God.

Emily: If she's onto us? We shut her up for good.

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Gwen: Let her take her best shot. She can't hurt us. I won't let her.

Henry: Why would Meg make her bed in the hotel room?

Emily: Oh, my God, she didnít. Sounds to me like Meg ever came back last night.

Meg: What happened?

Paul: We need to get out of here. Now.

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