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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 1/18/06

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Carly: Hey.

Jack: Hey. How did we afford a babysitter?

Carly: We didnít. Remind me to thank our children for being so adorable.

Jack: Mrs. Lebo came over?

Carly: Mm-hmm. So, are you through for the day?

Jack: No, I needed a break.

Carly: Nick Kasnoff strikes again.

Jack: The OPD's newest star takes up a lot of oxygen. What are you up to?

Carly: What?

Jack: You didn't want me to ask, I can tell.

Carly: What? I'm just here waiting for Gwen to come to work.

Jack: She hasn't called back?

Carly: No. I figure my best bet is to catch her face to face, and plus, where she's trapped.

Jack: Honey, are you sure she just doesn't need some room?

Carly: Hey, Jack. My sister is in trouble. She says that I'm the cause, but I'm still the only family she's got. And she can't afford to hate me. I won't let her.

Will: No good?

Gwen: No.

Will: How can that be? Even if your mom's in jail, they can't confiscate her house.

Gwen: Well, the cops can't, but the bank can. She was way behind on payments. The notice was hammered into the door.

Will: Oh, I'm sorry. That's got to be weird for you. You did grow up there, right?

Gwen: Yeah, I left there a long time ago. The only reason I would've gone back is because we were desperate.

Will: Not anymore.

Gwen: You won the lottery?

Will: No, not exactly. But I cleaned out my pockets, and I got $59.

Gwen: That's what you have lying around in your pockets? You have too much money.

Will: Yeah, well, you know -- its room money. At least for a night or two, if we can stand a place like the Wagon Wheel.

Gwen: If it's warm and there's a bed --

Will: Then we're set.

[Knocking at door]

Gwen: Hey, Burt, we're almost packed.

Burt: Okay. You gotta be out today.

Will: Yeah, we know.

Gwen: Don't worry, we won't hang you up.

Burt: I know.

Gwen: What's this?

Burt: Your last phone bill. $57.60. You can stop by and pay it off on the way out.

Maddie: Mike, I owe you my life. You threw your body in front of a vehicle just to save my life. And you got dangerously close to B.J. just to save Henryís. You both deserve a lot more than a couple of watches.

Katie: A couple of incredibly expensive watches. Mike, look at the logo.

Mike: I know. These cost a lot of money. Where'd you get the money for this?

Maddie: Don't you worry about the money, it was a gift. Door. Now.

Casey: Good seeing you guys.

Katie: Maddie, wait.

Maddie: I have to go. I have homework, I have to meet Mrs. -- Oh, my God.

Casey: What?

Maddie: That was, like, the tenth lie I've told, like, in the last hour. I'm not you, I'm worse than you.

Casey: She does this sometimes. She just talks. I don't know --

Maddie: Don't cover for me. Thank you, but donít.

Katie: Maddie --

Maddie: I came here to tell you something. Maybe a life-altering confession.

Mike: Do we want to hear this?

Maddie: Probably not, but you need to know the truth. So here goes.

Henry: You'll make a good marker. Don't you worry, my darlings. I'll be back for you as soon as they ease off.

Cop #6: The call came from this general area on the northwest side of town.

Nick: What's up there?

Cop #6: Mountains, hiking trails, some cabins.

Nick: Let's put a team together and get right over there. I'm willing to bet this guy's still in our backyard. Even if Paul Ryanís not there, I'm willing to bet that he left something behind to tell us where he went. Grab every uniform that's not on patrol.

Emily: The car. Paul's car.

Nick: Emily. I'm glad I caught you. The last time you spoke to Paul Ryan, did he mention anything to make you think he was going to leave the country?

Emily: No. I mean, not directly. But I guarantee you, he is far, far away. Did you know he was a pilot?

Nick: He was?

Emily: I have to think of him in the past tense, you know? The man dumped me and left town. Are we finished here? I really need to go.

Nick: Sure. And Emily, thanks for coming in again.

Carly: Nick Kasnoff will never be even half the cop you are.

Jack: Honey, he's green. I'm sure he could learn.

Carly: If he knew how to talk to people. Which he clearly doesnít. You know, you don't have to be nice about him, Jack.

Jack: I just got to get this case solved. And quickly. Well, Moreno should be off shift, maybe I can use his desk. Wish me luck.

Carly: Luck. Sweetheart? I think that we should really think about my taking a job.

Jack: No, I can't live with that.

Carly: Barbara's offer was very generous, Jack.

Jack: Now I know she's up to something. And so do you.

Carly: Well, it did come with a certain condition.

Jack: See, I knew it.

Carly: Which I could totally get around.

Jack: What was the deal?

Carly: She wants to break up Gwen and Will.

Jack: Now that's the way to your sister's heart.

Carly: I would never do it, Jack.

Jack: Then, please, forget it. Please. I'll see you later.

Carly: Okay. I love you.

Jack: Love you, too.

Carly: Hey.

Manager: Hey.

Carly: Is Gwen Norbeck working tonight?

Manager: Who?

Carly: Gwen. Norbeck. The girl -- you gave her a job the other day. I told you she was great.

Manager: Oh, right. Yeah, no offense, Mrs. Snyder, but I can't have an employee that picks fights with the customers.

Carly: Oh, no. Oh, no. You didn't give her a job because of me?

Manager: We're in the service industry. Someone with a short fuse just isn't going to cut it. Frankly, the way she spoke to you, I don't know why you care.

Gwen: We can't ask Carly for help.

Will: Gwen, but she owes you. You'd have a job if it weren't for her.

Gwen: That's the least of it. Will --

Will: Look, just -- I'm sorry, I'm just trying to think of everything, all right? It's not like my family's any help, either.

Gwen: They would be, if it weren't for me.

Will: No.

Gwen: I'm just saying --

Will: What? That I should go home? I don't know where home is, I've lived --

Gwen: What?

Will: I have an idea.

Gwen: Can I help?

Will: Just give me an hour. And with any luck, we'll have that nice warm bed for the night.

Katie: It's us. Whatever you need to tell us, just say it.

Maddie: I brought B.J. Green to Oakdale.

Mike: What?

Katie: You can't be serious.

Maddie: Well, not brought, exactly -- I thought -- I thought I was writing to Byron.

Katie: You wrote Byron? How?

Maddie: I had his e-mail address. I found it.

Katie: Why?

Maddie: Okay, remember that time when you, Henry and I were looking through your yearbook? Well, there was this picture, and this guy looked really crazy about you. So I thought if I wrote him, he'd write back, Mike would find it, get jealous and break up with you.

Mike: Nice.

Maddie: Mike, I thought -- listen, Mike. I thought that Katie and Henry were still in love, and I thought you were just in the way, and I just needed you to move out of the way -- I didn't know!

Katie: I can't believe you wrote to B.J. Green!

Maddie: No, I wrote to Byron Glass. I had no idea he was going to turn into B.J. Green, and be all rich and crazy. I didn't think in a million years that he would even show up here.

Mike: What did you think?

Maddie: I thought that it would stop after the sweater. I e-mailed him, and I told him to stop.

Katie: Wait a second. Henry said that he sent the sweater, at the beginning. Is that because he knew about this, too? Did he know about this?

Maddie: Yes. But, Katie -- Katie, he was only doing it to protect me. Katie, he didn't want you to get mad and throw me out so that I couldn't go to school.

Mike: What about Katie?

Maddie: He was looking out for her, too! We both were. Why do you think he took that job?

Mike: Green bought him off.

Maddie: No. No, it's not like that at all. Henry did not know how sick of a man B.J. was. Neither did I. We thought he was a little weird, and a very sad person. But he was so nice to everybody. We told ourselves he was harmless, okay? We didn't realize how dangerous he was until he'd already grabbed Henry.

Mike: Unbelievable.

Katie: You should've told us.

Maddie: I know. I'm doing it right now. I'm trying to make it right.

Katie: And you thought expensive watches would make things better?

Maddie: No, of course not. I came over here to tell you the truth. And I got all dry in the mouth, and I got nervous, and I used the watches as an excuse to be here.

Katie: So where did they come from?

Maddie: Henry got them for you. To thank you for risking your lives for him.

Mike: Which wouldn't have been necessary if you hadn't lured B.J. Green here in the first place.

Maddie: I know.

Katie: That was a really reckless thing to do. I can't believe you did this. But, I can tell -- I can tell you learned from it.

Mike: How can you be so calm about this? This girl almost got us killed. She nearly got all of us killed!

Katie: She knows.

Mike: Do you? Do you realize how serious this is?

Maddie: Yes.

Mike: You do? I don't think you do.

Katie: What are you doing?

Mike: Calling the police. And you will tell them everything you know.

Henry: Ice. You've been here for a while. Too nice to be abandoned. What kind of rich jackass would leave a nice car like -- B.J.? No, no. That can't be. That can't be. Paul Ryan? Fugitive -- a reward for the capture of or information leading to -- thank you so much. Now Daddy's got rent for the next month until I can come back and --

[Car approaching]

[Engine stalling]

Emily: Great. Who's there?

Henry: Hey, Emily. Come here often?

Katie: Are you sure you want to do this?

Mike: Yeah. First of all, the cops need to hear anything Maddie knows that'll help them track down B.J. Green, okay? And then there's identity theft.

Katie: Yeah, but do you want her to go to jail.

Mike: Katie, have you forgotten what this man did? He locked Henry away, I was hit by a car, a whole studio full of people were nearly killed.

Katie: All right, but should Maddie be blamed for that?

Mike: Oh, you think she should just walk away scot-free?

Casey: All right, so you punish her. Then what?

Mike: What?

Casey: Look, you think she doesn't feel like dirt already? You have arrested, what good does that do? You ruin her life, who does that help?

Will: Thank you so much for seeing me, Aunt Kim.

Kim: Oh, actually, I'm really glad to get away from the station. Everything is such a wreck over there from the bomb.

Will: Oh, it must be. I bet you're working night and day to get it cleaned up. Maybe I can help with that.

Kim: Oh, thanks, darling. But I have a feeling you have more than enough to do getting back to school again.

Will: Actually, not this semester. I've decided to work, so I really could use a job.

Kim: Really?

Will: Yeah, I will do whatever you have for me.

Kim: Well, because of all the damage that's been done to the station, we really have cut back on hiring anybody new. And the only thing available is heavy construction. You have to be licensed to do that.

Will: Mm-hmm.

Kim: Will, are you in some kind of trouble?

Will: No. No, we're fine. Gwen and I. We've been staying in a room next to Burtís garage -- well, Dad put some pressure on Burt to try and get me to move back home, so -- we got evicted.

Kim: Well, if you need a place to stay, you know you're always welcome to come and stay with Uncle Bob and me.

Will: Really?

Kim: Of course. We'd love it. Your room's sitting there waiting for you. If you really want the truth, we miss having you around.

Will: Thank you so much, Aunt Kim. I promise you, Gwen and I, we're not going to be any trouble at all.

Kim: Um Ė

Gwen: Hey, Burt. We're still here! Don't worry, we didn't duck out on the bill.

Carly: What are you doing?

Gwen: Did I invite you in?

Carly: Where are you going?

Gwen: We're moving.

Carly: Because you didn't get the job at Java? I was there. The manager told me. I'm sorry, Gwen. Maybe that argument that we had --

Gwen: Stop it, Carly.

Carly: Let me help you.

Gwen: Please, just stop.

Carly: If I cost you a job, I want to help.

Gwen: You cost me a lot more than that, and you know it. Go home, Carly.

Carly: Gwen, what that doctor told you -- you must have misunderstood.

Gwen: The doctor said that I could not get pregnant again. It was pretty clear.

Carly: You have to get a second opinion. They can give you hormones -- there's got to be something they can do to help you.

Gwen: Maybe Will and I should think about Canada.

Carly: Hey. Why are you leaving this place? You kept saying that you were okay here. Did you find a better deal?

Gwen: Will's dad put pressure on Burt. Some zoning thing. I don't know.

Carly: What?

Gwen: He's wants Will to go home, so he said that Burt couldn't have people living this close to the garage.

Carly: No, that can't be Hal. Barbara, maybe, but that certainly doesn't sound like Halís style at all.

Gwen: Go home, Carly.

Carly: Where are you going to go?

Gwen: Will's taking care of it.

Carly: Let me help you. Please.

Gwen: Please? Whatever you do, don't help me.

Carly: Listen to me, Gwen. You need me. I know you don't want to hear that right now, but it's true. I know that Will wants to help you. But believe me, if Barbara could get Hal to do something this extreme, the two of them could block any move that Will makes.

Gwen: His family's as bad as mine. We know that we're on our own.

Carly: You don't have to be. I know that I've made mistakes, but I'm trying. Eventually I'm bound to get something right. Give me a chance.

Gwen: You really want to help me?

Carly: Yes. Name it.

Gwen: Give me $1,000 tonight.

Nick: You still looking for a place to perch?

Jack: Don't sound so happy about it.

Nick: You could go home. Carly would love to see you home early, wouldn't she?

Jack: Don't worry about my wife. She's used to the hours. And I'm used to getting my job done. I'll figure out a way.

Nick: That gambling case is picking up some steam?

Jack: It's getting there. What's that?

Nick: Just a break in the Paul Ryan case.

Jack: Really?

Nick: Yeah. We should have him in custody and the whole thing wrapped up by tomorrow. How'd you guys get along without me?

Henry: Hey, you found my shovel. Just give it back, and I'll take off. No questions asked. Or keep it.

Emily: What are you doing out here, Henry?

Henry: I'm taking a walk.

Emily: With a shovel?

Henry: Yeah, in case I run into any snow drifts.

Emily: Or a big pile of bull -- what are you doing here, Henry? Now! Talk!

Henry: I'm -- I'm communing with nature.

Emily: With a briefcase?

Henry: Yes, I'm meditating on my business plans. What are you doing here, Emily? Huh, did you come up here to jumpstart Paulís car?

Emily: What?

Henry: I know that's Paul Ryanís car.

Emily: Yeah. So what?

Henry: So, so, so --

Emily: He -- the jerk owes me, okay?

Henry: He owes you. So you're going to steal the car for revenge, is that it?

Emily: Yeah, yeah, why not?

Henry: Well, because if we turn it into the police, it's a big reward.

Emily: Forget it, Henry.

Henry: Or maybe, I will tell them that I caught his jilted ex-lover trying to move it, that might double the reward.

Emily: Oh, you wouldn't dare.

Henry: I'll just keep the car just for old times' sake.

Emily: You're not going anywhere, Henry.

Henry: What?

Emily: Try me, try me. It's a long way down the bluff, buddy. And trust me, you won't survive it.

Henry: Well, you may be relatively new to the life-threatening thing, but you're not bad.

Emily: I mean it, Henry.

Henry: Please, Emily. I've been held hostage by a professional sinister blonde. So you either need to grow eight inches, or get a better weapon. Hey, what's going on here? This is me, this is Henry. What's going -- why do you want Paulís car? You're helping him escape, aren't you? That whole jilted-at-the-altar thing was just a big scam!

Emily: No, no!

Henry: No? Then, he really dumped you? And you're still trying to save his skin? Emily, please, you've got to be kidding. No, no, don't do this. This is not good. Show some pride. Get even with him. I'll tell what we'll do.

Emily: Stop it.

Henry: We'll split the reward.

Emily: Stop it.

Henry: We'll go to the police together --

Emily: Stop talking, Henry, just stop talking, please stop talking!

Henry: Okay, okay, okay. All right, I'll stop. I'll stop.

Emily: Oh God.

Henry: I'll tell you what, I'll shut up. If you disarm. Is that a fair deal?

Emily: Okay.

Henry: You want to tell me what's going on here?

Emily: I'll make a deal. Whatever the reward is, I'll double it. Okay, you just keep your mouth shut and help me get that car into the river.

Henry: Uh huh. Price is right.

Emily: All right, let's go.

Henry: Wait, wait. Not so fast. Now, I'm not going to do that. I'm aiding and abetting a fugitive.

Emily: Yeah, yeah, whatever.

Henry: Well, that's not smart, Emily. Because just think about it -- what if Paul comes back?

Emily: He wonít.

Henry: Well, he might. I mean, he's actually stupid to leave in the first place, considering the charges. So he comes back, turns on you, you're still on the hook for helping him --

Emily: No, see, it won't happen.

Henry: What, he loves you too much?

Emily: He did love me, that's why he --

Henry: Oh come on Emily, this is stupid. If Paul comes back --

Emily: He won't come back!

Henry: You keep saying that but you don't know.

Emily: He can't! I know! Paul can't come back!

Henry: Why? Emily -- what did you do to Paul?

Emily: Oh God. Oh God, Henry, it doesn't matter.

Henry: Okay.

Emily: Oh. He's gone. And nothing I can do can change that.

Henry: Emily -- you killed Paul, didn't you.

Mike: Am I the only person who thinks that Maddie should answer for this?

Maddie: No, I do. That's why I came over here and told you. So do whatever you need to do. Oh, thank you.

Mike: Look, if you know anything, let the police know.

Maddie: All I had was the e-mail trail. And they have that too.

Mike: Which means they're going to come looking for you, so save yourself the trouble and go find them yourself.

Maddie: I know. I will.

Katie: We're not going to press charges, so tell Margo to call me if she needs anything.

Maddie: Thank you. I mean it. Thank you.

Katie: Wait. Take the watches. I'm sure you took them from Henry to return them. Right?

Maddie: Yeah.

Katie: He does go a little crazy with the plastic. So tell him we don't need expensive gifts, okay?

Maddie: He has good taste, though.

Katie: Yeah, they are beautiful.

Maddie: I meant you.

Katie: Stay out of trouble, please.

Maddie: Thank you.

Katie: Thank you.

Mike: Donít. All I did was kick the can down the road.

Katie: What's that mean?

Mike: That girl is trouble. Someday, somehow --

Katie: Mike, give her a break. Maddie's got a lot of things going for her.

Mike: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. She's cute, she's smart, she always has a plan. I'm telling you, someday, some poor clown is going to end up doing time because of her. Write that down.

Katie: Hey. You really want me to go find a pen? Right at this very moment?

Mike: You don't have to do it right at this moment.

Katie: Right.

Mike: You sure you're okay letting her off the hook?

Katie: Yeah. I mean, she's genuinely sorry, she knows she messed up.

Mike: Look familiar?

Katie: A little too familiar. And besides, I don't want to spend one more second talking about Beej, when we could be celebrating.

Mike: Yeah, we do.

Katie: I can't believe all of our unfinished business just knocked on the door and said goodbye.

Mike: I know. I can't believe Jen showed up with those papers.

Katie: I'm glad she was ready. She seems good.

Mike: Yeah, she does. I'm officially a free man.

Katie: A divorced man. Oh, come on, I have two on you, don't worry about it.

Mike: I wonít. In fact, I'll be right back, okay? Don't move.

Will: This is such a relief. Gwen was really counting on me. And I felt really bad, because she had lost her place because of me. So we're going to be the best houseguests you have ever had.

Kim: Well, first of all, you are not a guest, you're family, and you always have a place with us. But I'm afraid that we can't have you and Gwen both.

Will: What?

Kim: Look, even if your parents weren't dead set against it, I really have a problem with two teenagers living together under my roof.

Will: Alison lived there with Chris.

Kim: Yeah, well, Chris was a grown man, we thought. And they were engaged and Alisonís family approved. And, in spite of all of that, I still had problems with it. I'm really sorry Will. I can see this is a really tough time for you.

Will: No, it's okay. I understand. I just really need to find a place to stay.

Kim: Well, yeah, I did --

Will: For Gwen, too. Thanks to my parents, she's practically out on the street right now.

Kim: Well, that's just not acceptable. I can't believe anybody wants that to happen. Okay, look, you come to my place tonight. Gwen will stay in the guest room. You'll stay in your bedroom. That gives you tomorrow to figure out something better. Okay? Look, kiddo, I'm sorry, but that's really the best I can do. One of the other of you, long term, that's fine. But both? It's out of the question.

Gwen: Forget I asked.

Carly: No. No, I'd give it to you, I'd give you $1,000, I'd give you $10,000 if I had it.

Gwen: Go home, Carly.

Carly: But Jack -- he's been out of work for awhile. He's back now, but it's just part-time. We're stretched pretty thin.

Gwen: I got it, okay? Never mind.

Carly: I could get a loan. We have some equity in the house, but I wouldn't be able to t it tonight.

Gwen: No, please, don't do that.

Carly: I don't mind. But I think there's an easier way to help you.

Gwen: How?

Carly: Why don't you come and live with us. You and Will.

Gwen: Together?

Carly: Yeah. We'd like that. The kids would be thrilled. They adore you, you know. And you guys could stay in the spare room until we could fix up the attic. And then it would be like having a whole floor all to yourselves.

Gwen: This is a bad idea.

Carly: How do you know if you don't try? What have you got to lose?

Gwen: Not much. Which is why I can't afford to take any chances.

Carly: I know that family is a four-letter word for you and Will, but it doesn't have to be that way.

Gwen: We're good with each other. That's enough. Please, just go.

Carly: You're wrong about me. And I will prove it to you.

Katie: What is all this?

Mike: Just proposing a toast. To the most beautiful woman in the world.

Katie: Wherever she may be.

Mike: You can't let me be serious.

Katie: Hon, we've been serious for months. I want to laugh.

Mike: I do too. That's why I'm with you. Just not at this exact minute, okay?

Katie: Okay. Serious.

Mike: Serious. Baby, you're making this really hard on my big plan.

Katie: I'm sorry, it's just, like, all the rushing around, and making things -- okay, I'm sorry.

Mike: What is wrong with you?

Katie: I don't know. I have the giggles. I just have the giggles, I can't stop -- whoa.

Mike: Yeah.

Katie: Oh my --

Mike: Katie.

Katie: No!

Mike: I forgot, I totally, totally forgot. I'm going blank.

Katie: No!

Mike: That's what happened, you kept laughing, I lost it!

Katie: No, no. Here, here. I'm sorry. I'm totally serious. You can get it back.

Mike: Okay, all right.

Katie: Something on your mind?

Mike: You. Pretty much every day since the day I met you. I don't know how it took us so long to get back to this place, but I'm not leaving it again until you say yes. So -- little angel, will you marry me?

Katie: Yes! Yes, yes, yes.

Casey: You were awesome, Mad.

Maddie: Tried scared to death. Thank you, though, for standing up for me.

Casey: You were facing down the firing squad. It was the least I could do.

Maddie: You knew how I felt though.

Casey: Nah.

Maddie: Yeah. Everything with your parents.

Casey: Yeah, but I was never as brave as you were.

Maddie: Please. I would've caved if you hadn't stood up for me.

Casey: It's no big deal. I mean, you're my friend. And maybe if I would've stood up the way you did, I'd be on my way out of town to college next year.

Maddie: But you're stuck here. Well, we'll try to keep it from being a total bore.

Casey: Why don't we start by going out tonight?

Maddie: Oh yeah?

Casey: Jamie McIntyre's having a party. You want to go?

Maddie: You mean together?

Emily: Wow, Henry, you got some wild imagination.

Henry: Yeah, so I'm told. Okay, I'll leave you to it.

Emily: You're not going anywhere, Henry!

Henry: What're you going to do? You going to kill me too? You going to leave me with Paul? Where is he, in the trunk, by the way? Are you going to put two bodies in there?

Emily: Stop walking.

Henry: It was an accident, all right? He made you crazy, right? I can totally buy that, Em. Anybody seeing you right now would think you were crazy, okay? Hey. Shh. Listen, I'm not going to hurt you. I'm not going to hurt you. But I can't let you hurt me, either. So I'm going to go. You leave the car behind --

Emily: No!

Henry: And I'll forget that i ever saw you, okay?

Emily: No, no! You can't leave me!

Henry: No, no! Oh. No, no! Come back!

Maddie: You want me to go to with you?

Skylar: Hey, Casey. I just went by your house. Where were you?

Casey: Yeah, sorry. I was running late.

Skylar: It's okay. Are you ready to go?

Casey: Yeah, yeah. Maddie?

Maddie: Huh?

Casey: Are you going to come to the party or not?

Maddie: Not. I'm beat. Criminal confessions are really tiring.

Casey: Yeah. All right, well, then I'll see at home?

Maddie: Yeah, okay.

Skylar: Bye.

Maddie: Bye. Oh, hey, Casey? Thank you again.

Casey: No big deal.

Maddie: Right. Clearly, no big deal.

Carly: Hey, Barbara, it's Carly here. I want to talk about that job offer. I think it can work for both of us.

Gwen: Hey.

Will: Hey.

Gwen: No luck finding a place?

Will: No, we're good.

Gwen: What?

Will: I found that nice warm bed we were talking about.

Gwen: Oh, you're the best! Oh, I needed good news.

Will: Yeah, you got it.

Katie: I can't believe you just asked me to marry you.

Mike: I didn't really get that far.

Katie: Close enough. I won't let you take it back now.

Mike: I wouldnít. I've been holding onto this for a couple of months.

Katie: I still have the old one you gave me.

Mike: I want us to have a fresh start.

Katie: Me too. Dead serious.

Mike: Why are you doing this? I mean, what are we going to tell our grandkids when they ask how I proposed to you?

Katie: We'll tell them it was beautiful. And that I was so deliriously happy that I couldn't stop laughing. Except when you kissed me.

Henry: Good reflexes. Thanks.

Emily: Not so fast.

Henry: It's getting cold out here, Em.

Emily: Whose money is this, Henry?

Henry: It's mine. It's my last payment from B.J. Green.

Emily: You stole it.

Henry: That's not true.

Emily: Henry, get real. If this was a legitimate salary, you wouldn't be trying to bury it in the middle of the woods.

Henry: Every one of those hundred dollar bills is real. It's my money! B.J. held me hostage. He had me tortured. And this is the money that I am owed that money for the damages.

Emily: I wonder if the cops would say about that.

Henry: Oh, I don't know, Em. Let's go talk to them and find out.

Emily: Really?

Henry: You like those odds?

Emily: We don't have to go anywhere, because they're on their way to search this area right now.

Henry: What?

Emily: Yeah, I just left the station. They'll be here in a few minutes. So we need to come to terms, now.

Henry: Emily. If I help you, I am an accessory to murder.

Emily: You'd go to jail rich. Otherwise, cash goes to the cops.

Henry: You're the meanest woman alive, you know that?

Emily: Henry, listen up. We either help each other and both survive, or we both go down in flames. It's up to you.

On the next, "As the World Turns" --

Dusty: You can tell me anything.

Jennifer: Yeah, well, now that we're more than friends --

Dusty: I'm not going to blow our friendship, because I'm in love with you.

Emma: Susan told me Emily told her that she saw medical supplies and syringes in your handbag.

Henry: I'll help you with the car. You've got to help me stash the cash!

Emily: Fine, let's go.

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