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As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 1/17/06

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[Knocking at door]

Tom: Hey, Jack.

Jack: Hey, Tom. What's up?

Tom: Hal tells me you're working on this gambling investigation. Time for me to start handing out arrest warrants yet?

Jack: No, not yet, but I think I'm on to something here. Maybe a couple more days?

Tom: Okay.

Jack: All right.

Tom: Nice to see you back at work.

Jack: Yeah, for a whole 20 hours a week.

Tom: Don't worry about the part-time thing. I'm sure it's only temporary. Crack this gambling case, you'll be back on top, I'm sure of it.

Jack: Let's hope so. We'll see.

Tom: All right. Keep me posted?

Jack: Will do.

Tom: Oh. So why aren't you in school?

Casey: They had some kind of heating problem, so they let us out for the day. So I'm checking in with you and Mom. You know, following the rules.

Tom: You've been doing a good job with that. Mom and I appreciate it.

Casey: Good. I was hoping you'd say that.

Tom: Why?

Casey: Could you maybe ease up on the whole probation thing, and let me go to a party tonight?

Tom: Tonight's a school night.

Casey: Not the way things look. I don't think they're going to fix this heating problem for a couple days, at least.

Tom: Okay.

Casey: So, can I go?

Tom: Well, that all depends on where the party is, and with whom you plan to attend.

Henry: Hey. I'm sorry I am late. Traffic was crazy.

Maddie: Yeah, well, you could've called. I was worried.

Henry: Well, you know what, honey? They turned off my cell phone. And when I called up the billing department and I said I couldn't pay because I was trapped in a wine cellar, they didn't believe me. Can you imagine that? Yeah. Anyway, I had to go there in person -- they just turned the thing back on.

Maddie: Yeah, well, I thought something happened to you.

Henry: I'm sorry. I'm fine, I'm okay. You don't look good at all, though. What's the matter?

Maddie: What's in that bag?

Henry: It's a little gift for Mike and Katie.

Maddie: Expensive?

Henry: Well, I thought I owed them a big "I'm sorry" for everything I put them through, so, yeah, it's a little pricey. But it's B.J.'s money, so what the hell, you know?

Maddie: I thought you promised that you wouldn't start spending that yet.

Henry: It's a gift for someone else. That doesn't count.

Maddie: Oh, and you think the cops are going to make that distinction?

Henry: Oh, the cops -- the cops have bigger trout to sauté. I'm being very careful. It's just a little investment here, and a little gift there, and --

Maddie: What do you mean by investment?

Henry: I mean, I'm rolling the money over into something that is untraceable.

Maddie: Are you gambling again?

Henry: What is this, Maddie? What is this, the inquisition?

Maddie: Well, I hope you like stripes.

Henry: I love stripes.

Maddie: Well, good. That's good, because we're both going to be wearing them, locked up in our matching cells.

Mike: Hello, sexy.

Katie: You're not so bad yourself, slim. What's the occasion?

Mike: The occasion is, we're finally alone.

Katie: Oh -- no, no, no. Don't say that. We've said that so much lately, and then something always goes wrong.

Mike: Not this time. Nick's on assignment, looking for Paul Ryan. He could be gone all afternoon, and most of the night.

Katie: I definitely like the sound of that.

Mike: I thought you would.

[Doorbell rings]

Katie: I told you -- we're cursed.

Mike: No. Whoever this is, I will get rid of them.

Mike: Jennifer, hello.

Jennifer: Mike, Katie -- this is a bad time.

Katie: Sort of.

Mike: No.

Jennifer: I'm sorry. But I've waited too long to do this. And I really want to do this now. So, can I please come in?

Meg: How do you feel?

Paul: I feel like hell.

Meg: Well, at least you're not dead. You made it through the night.

Paul: I remember you saying you didn't think I was going to make it through the night.

Meg: Well, I think Rosanna bought you a little bit more time.

Paul: What?

Meg: That's what got you through. You thought I was Rosanna.

Nick: I bet you miss him a lot.

Emily: What business is that of yours?

Nick: More than you know. Nick Kasnoff. I called you on the phone, about the disappearance of Paul Ryan?

Emily: Right, right, right. I thought I already told you I couldn't help you.

Nick: See, I think you can. I've got this good instinct about people. And something tells me, when it comes to finding Paul Ryan, you're the best ammunition I've got.

Casey: Look, I know I screwed up, all right? And I'm sorry about that. I'm not going to make another mistake like that again.

Tom: I hope not. I still want to know where the party is.

Casey: Jamie Macintyre’s house.

Tom: Is there going to be adult supervision?

Casey: Yeah, I guess. I mean, his parents.

Tom: Any other type of chaperoning?

Casey: Dad, you're treating me like I'm 13.

Tom: This whole mess started because you and Gwen got drunk at an obviously unsupervised party. And I don't want to take any chances.

Casey: You think I do? Look, call Jamie’s parents, and I'm sure that they'll tell you everything you want to know.

Tom: I'll do that. Are you taking anybody? A date? I mean, somebody we know?

Casey: What difference does that make?

Tom: Well, do you want to go or not?

Casey: Yeah, all right, fine. I'll take someone you know.

Henry: Hey! Stop worrying. Even if I get caught, you are in the clear, Princess. I am not going tell them that you knew anything about the money.

Maddie: Hey, the money is your problem. I have a few "go to jail" worries of my own.

Henry: Such as?

Maddie: Remember the time that I connected B.J. -- aka Byron -- to his old high school crush?

Henry: Yeah, I remember. When you went online as k-k-katie. Not one of your brighter ideas.

Maddie: Well, the cops found out that it wasn't Katie who was writing those e-mails. And Mrs. Hughes wants to know who it was.

Henry: Can they trace it to you?

Maddie: I don't know. I hope not. I cleared my laptop. I don't know if there's still a trail I left behind.

Henry: Yeah, um --

Maddie: What?

Henry: You didn't use my credit card when you set that up, did you?

Maddie: No, no, no. Relax.

Henry: Okay, good. All right.

Maddie: You are clear -- at least in cyberspace. Listen, I will take care of cops and computers. You just worry about B.J.'s money. As in, stop spending it!

Henry: What are you doing?

Maddie: Katie and Mike would be happy with just a regular thank you, okay? I'm taking this back. Oh, and by the way, how much did you lose gambling?

Henry: Who said I lost?

Maddie: Well, you would have bragged about it if you won.

Henry: That's true. 30 gs.

Maddie: What? $30,000? Henry --

Henry: Its chump change with these high stakes games. Don't worry about it. And I'm going to get it back. Because my luck is changing. I can feel it, I really can.

Maddie: Can you? Great. That is good, Henry. Why don't you go ahead and spend some illegal money to win back the illegal money that you shouldn't have spent in the first place? What, do you want to go to jail?

Henry: Will you quit talking about jail, Pumpkin? You're such a worrywart, you know that?

[Cell phone ringing]

Jack: Henry, Jack Snyder.

Henry: Hi, Jack. What can I do for you?

Jack: Well, I was wondering if you could come down to the station today.

Henry: Why? Is something wrong?

Jack: I hope not.

Henry: Well, I'd love to help you out, Jack, but I'm kind of in the middle of something here.

Jack: Henry, this is important.

Henry: Okay. Anything for you. I'll be right over. Uh-huh.

Maddie: What did he want?

Henry: He wouldn't say.

Maddie: That's always bad.

Henry: No. I'm sure it's just nothing. If you don't hear from me in an hour, get my lawyer.

Maddie: You don't have a lawyer.

Henry: Then find one. And remember, Maddie -- I'll always love you.

Emily: I'm sick and tired of everyone accusing me of helping Paul get away.

Nick: Listen, I'm the new kid on the block here, okay? Why don't you cut me a little slack and give me a hand? If anything, look at it as a way of clearing your name.

Emily: Fine.

Nick: Can I give you a lift down to the station.

Emily: Wait, wait, wait. Why do we need to go down there?

Nick: Because that's where I have to handle all my interviews.

Emily: You know, you could have called me, and I could have met you down there.

Nick: Yeah, and I tried that already. You kept hanging up on me. And I find that I can get a little more information out of people when they feel less bullied.

Emily: Oh, you're bullying me, all right. You're just trying to be subtle about that.

Nick: So I'll take that as a yes.

Paul: I must have been delirious to confuse you with Rosanna.

Meg: You were scared. I think you needed her with you to keep you going.

Paul: I don't remember that.

Meg: You must still love her a lot.

Paul: She's gone. And she's not coming back, Meg.

Meg: Well, she may be gone from your life, but she's not out of your head. And she sure isn't out of your heart. Is that why Emily shot you? Because she couldn't live in Rosanna’s shadow anymore?

[Paul remembering]

Emily: Rosanna. You still love her. That's what this is all about.

Maddie: You've really gone and done it this time, Madeline.

[Maddie daydreaming]

Maddie: We've had a good run, but it has to end. I have to protect myself. Goodbye, old friend. [She throws her laptop over a ledge on a hill.] Hello, freedom. Uh-oh.

Tom: Not so fast, Ms. Coleman.

Maddie: Mr. Hughes. Katie. Mike. What's the problem?

Mike: Drop the act, Maddie.

Katie: How could you do this to us? To me!

Maddie: Do what?

Mike: Bring B.J. to town. You could have gotten us all killed.

Tom: What do you have to say for yourself, young lady?

Maddie: Guilty, with an excuse?

Katie: What excuse could you possibly have?

Maddie: Ow! I did it for Henry. I did it for Henry, okay? Because he loves you. He always has, Katie, all right? I thought if I brought B.J. into the mix, he would split up you and Mike -- how was I supposed to know that he was a psycho?

Tom: Ignorance is no defense. You're facing some serious charges here.

Maddie: You don't have any proof. I destroyed all the evidence.

Casey: Got it, Dad. [He’s got Maddie’s laptop in his hands.]

Tom: Well done. Madeline Coleman, you're under arrest for cyber impersonation and poor judgment.

Maddie: What? Poor judgment? Is that even a crime?

Henry: It's no use arguing with them, Princess. They've got us both. And by the way, I was wrong -- horizontal stripes are not flattering.

Maddie: You, can't you do anything? He's your father.

Casey: Are you kidding? I can't even help myself with this guy.

Tom: Would you like a blindfold?

Maddie: For what? What are you going to do to me?

Tom: Throw you into the abyss, of course.

Maddie: Oh. Okay, well, then in that case, go ahead. Blindfold. Henry -- Henry, I love you. I love you.

Henry: I'll see you on the other side, Sis.

Maddie: Okay.

[Maddie screaming]

Casey: Maddie? Maddie, snap out of it. Where were you just now?

Maddie: Staring death in the face.

Casey: Huh?

Maddie: I have to come clean, Casey. About everything. Before it's too late.

Katie: So things are good with dusty?

Jennifer: Very good, yeah. And I guess things are very good with the two of you, as well. I am sorry that I just kind of showed up like this, but -- Mike, we have some things we need to straighten out.

Mike: Okay.

Katie: I have some calls to make, actually. So, it was so good to see you, Jen.

Jennifer: Oh, no, Katie, you don't have to leave.

Katie: It's okay. It's okay. You guys take your time.

Jennifer: Okay, thanks. [Jennifer sighs] The past few months have been quite a blur. And I think that the two of us kind of got lost in the fallout. And I don't think that we got a chance to end things the way we should have.

Mike: You're right. I never meant to hurt you, Jen. I'm sorry that I did.

Jennifer: No, it's okay. I know that you were trying to do right by me -- Mike -- I mean, you were always in love with Katie.

Mike: But I could have handled the situation a little better.

Jennifer: Well, maybe we all could have. But what matters is that -- that we're all in a good place now -- and we're where we should be.

Mike: I think you're right, yeah. We are.

Jennifer: I think it's time to make things right between us -- I saw a lawyer --

Mike: Divorce papers?

Jennifer: Or, a fresh start -- for both of us.

Nick: Oh, I thought the room was empty. Weren't you supposed to be working from home?

Jack: I was, yeah, but I'm bringing someone in to be interviewed.

Nick: So am I. And Hal had given the Ryan case top priority --

Jack: No problem at all, Nick. I'll get out of your way.

Nick: I suggest the locker room. It's a great place to sweat somebody out, if that's what you need to do.

Jack: Yeah, I'll keep that in mind.

Nick: Seems like you're not the most popular person in town right now.

Emily: Welcome to my life.

Nick: Please, have a seat. So, I see you were able to get the no bail ruling on Paul overturned.

Emily: No, no, no. My lawyer did that, not me.

Nick: And then, once he was released, you wanted to get married right away.

Emily: Yeah. We were going to get married that night.

Nick: And then Paul changed his mind?

Emily: That's right.

Nick: And why do you think that was?

[Emily remembering]

Emily: But you don't love me.

Paul: Not the way you want. Rosanna left a hole in my heart. Nobody can fill it. Not even you.

Emily: He said he didn't want me to live with the pain of being married to a convict.

Nick: And how did he seem when he broke it off?

Emily: I wouldn't know. He did it over the phone.

Nick: Oh, that's right. He called you before, to cancel the wedding. Interesting choice, don't you think?

Emily: I imagine it was the only way he could actually go through with it.

Nick: Was there anything else that he said to you?

[Emily remembering]

Emily: You just walk away.

Paul: Emily, there isn't anything I can say or do now that'll make this any better.


Emily: Just that he didn't think it was fair for me to have to wait for him if he went to jail.

Nick: And what did you say to that?

Emily: I said that we could run away. I'd help him leave the country.

Nick: And you were just willing to leave?

Emily: Yeah, I guess I was. I thought I was. But then Paul said he didn't want me to live a life on the run, and that he would never make me leave Daniel -- that's my son. Look, I have a feeling he's very, very far away right now. Out of everyone's reach.

Nick: The only way he'd be out of my reach is dead. For what it's worth, I don't think you're covering anything up to protect him. Seems that he's gone to great lengths to protect you.

Paul: I never hid how I felt about Rosanna from Emily. In fact, when I broke it off with Emily, I told her that that was why -- to set her free. I told her that.

Meg: And she shot you for it.

Paul: She didn't hear things exactly how I hoped she would.

Meg: You're a piece of work, you know that? You made Emily an accomplice to this whole horrible thing with Jennifer -- and then when the heat got too intense, you just cut her loose.

Paul: To protect her. Same way I deceived Jennifer, to protect her from Craig.

Meg: You're still holding onto that defense?

Paul: Craig put Rosanna in a coma to keep her from telling me that he had switched the babies. God only knows what he would have done to Jennifer.

Meg: So you don't regret your decision, you just regret getting caught.

Paul: I hadn't planned on that. And when it happened, I had to let Emily go. I couldn't force her to live a life on the run. She has a child of her own to think about.

Meg: Wow. Wow, you are just brimming with noble gestures, aren't you?

Paul: Maybe I went overboard. But don't you, for a second think that you are any better. We both have selfish motives.

Meg: Yeah, and look what it cost us.

Paul: We are more alike than we are different, Meg. Don't forget it.

[Paul winces]

Meg: Don't you ever tell me we're alike again.

Paul: So whatI touch nerve and you hurt me? Is that how it goes?

Meg: Look, I don't like the idea of you putting the two of us in the same pot. We're driven by very different motives.

Paul: We both went too far, and we both lost everything because of it. Are you going to deny that?

Meg: No.

Paul: Well then, can you ease up on the torture?

Meg: Fine, okay. Now what? I patch you up, you pay me off. Then what? Where are you going to go?

Paul: Switzerland, maybe.

Meg: Of course. To Rosanna. Do you think she's ever going to regain consciousness?

Paul: I don't know.

Meg: She really was the love of your life, wasn't she?

Paul: I'll tell you -- I'll tell you one of the things I told Emily right before -- I don't think I know what love is.

Meg: Did you tell her that for her sake?

Paul: You keep asking me questions I don't know how to answer, and I'm going to start to wish that you had just let me die.

Meg: I still could.

Paul: I have made a mess of things, haven't I?

Meg: Uh-oh. A vulnerable moment of honesty.

Paul: Must be your pills.

Meg: Well, you can't blame yourself. You do have Barbara Ryan as a mother.

Paul: Yes, and James Stenbeck for a father. I suppose things could've been much worse, huh? Blaming them only goes so far.

Meg: Yeah, well, we need to take responsibility for what we do.

Paul: I have made a mess of every relationship that I've ever had. In one way or another. You don't know? You didn't know her. But there was this woman, Rose. She was amazing, and we were going to get married, but somehow I got it in my head that she had been sleeping with a friend of yours.

Meg: Dusty?

Paul: Mm-hmm.

Meg: Was it true?

Paul: No. But I was blinded with jealousy. And so, when Rose was murdered, everybody looked to me to be the killer. Everybody but Rosanna. She believed in me. Rosanna helped me believe in myself again. And so when I thought that I had lost her to Craig, I just went crazy. I wanted to destroy Craig and I wound up destroying Rosanna in the process. And now, Emily -- and Jennifer -- it just doesn't stop.

Meg: Yeah, that's pretty bad.

Paul: Maybe it would be easier for me just to blame my parents for everything.

Meg: Well, at least you have something to hide behind. My only excuse is my own stupidity.

Emily: I think that Paul went to Switzerland, to be with a woman by the name of Rosanna Cabot.

Nick: Yeah, we took that into consideration. And frankly, we don't think he's left the country.

Nick: Because there would be some kind of a trail. A car left at the airport, something like that.

Emily: Right. Well maybe he took his car to Canada -- you know -- it's so close -- and caught a flight out of there?

Nick: Quite possibly. But I don't think so. I think his car is right here, in Oakdale. Maybe he is, too.

Mike: I'm glad things worked out so well for you. And you're going to be an amazing mom to that little boy.

Jennifer: I'm certainly going to try. Johnny really deserves the best.

Mike: You both do.

Jennifer: But it's funny though. Sometimes I think that it was all meant to be. You know, like we had to be together, to find the people we really belonged with.

Mike: Yeah, life is strange that way. I did love you, Jen.

Jennifer: And I loved you too, Mike.

Mike: You take care of yourself, all right?

Jennifer: Promise me you'll do the same.

Mike: I will. Bye, Jen.

Jennifer: Bye, Mike.

Maddie: How'd you do it? With the whole thing with Gwen? I mean how did you keep it going for so long?

Casey: I don't know. Fear, mostly.

Maddie: Yeah, and when it finally hit the fan, did it come out as bad as you thought it would?

Casey: Yeah.

Maddie: Great.

Casey: Why do you ask? Are you going thinking about coming clean to my parents?

Maddie: No. I don't know if I'm ready to face your mom. Or your dad, for that matter. But there is somebody that I do need to come clean to.

Casey: Who?

Maddie: The two people I ended up hurting the most by bringing B.J. into town.

Casey: Well, good luck.

Maddie: Yeah.

Casey: Call me when you're done if you want to hang out. We can go do something fun, to get take your mind off things.

Maddie: I don't think I'll be having any fun ever again.

Casey: Would it help if I came along, for moral support? I mean, I will, if you want.

Maddie: Really?

Casey: Absolutely. Just say the word.

Jack: I appreciate you coming down on such short notice.

Henry: Hey, like I said Jack, anything for you. And I got to tell you, I'm surprised but thrilled to see you back on duty -- got any new juicy assignments?

Jack: As a matter of fact, I'm looking into an illegal gambling operation.

Henry: Gambling, really? What is that, like, back room slot machines or basement roulette tables?

Jack: More like high stakes poker games.

Henry: Poker? Poker? I didn't realize poker was considered illegal gambling. But you learn something new every day, don't you?

Jack: What are doing? What's going on with you?

Henry: I don't -- I don't know what you're talking about --

Jack: You lost a huge amount of money in a poker game just the other night.

Henry: Did I? What night was that?

Jack: Henry, stop dancing around this, please.

Henry: Man, did it get hot in here all of a sudden?

Jack: Where was the game? Who were the players? And where'd you get that kind of money?

Henry: You know, I think a need a little air here, Jack.

Jack: You'll cool down as soon as you come clean.

Henry: Jack, I don't think you understand.

Jack: Here you go.

Henry: Oh, thanks, thanks. I'm sorry about that. It's my low blood sugar. I get a little dizzy sometimes.

Jack: I don't think it was the low blood sugar that made you dizzy.

Henry: You know -- no, really, I have swooned so many times.

Jack: Let me tell you something. I'm not trying to nail you for this, and you're not in trouble. Yet. I'm just looking for information. Names.

Henry: Nobody gives a name, Jack.

Jack: All right, how about a location? You do remember where the poker game was held?

Henry: Well, it was dark --

Jack: Did you miss the part where I said I wasn't coming after you, Henry? I'm not, I swear. But this is bigger than you think, and like it or not, it's illegal. So you just tell me where the game was held, and you can be on your way.

Henry: It was 321 Second Street. Eighth floor. In the back. That's all I know.

Jack: How many players were at the table?

Henry: Six, including me.

Jack: Okay. All high rollers?

Henry: Well, there's no low rollers with these guys, Jack. You can't get in for less than 50 gs.

Jack: Where did you come up with this kind of money?

Henry: The track, man.

Jack: Okay, whatever. Right. All right, do yourself a big favor, Henry, and stay away from 321 Second Street, okay?

Henry: Yeah, good. And you're not going to tell anybody where you got that address, are you?

Jack: No, not unless you give me a reason.

Henry: Oh, no, hey, heaven forbid.

Jack: Good. Good.

Henry: Is that it? Can I -- can I go?

Jack: Yeah. Thank you. Thank you for all your help.

Henry: Hey, no problem.

[Doorbell rings]

Katie: You've got to be kidding me.

Mike: Oh.

Katie: I'll get it. Maddie, Casey.

Casey: Aunt Katie, hi.

Katie: Hi.

Maddie: Is this a bad time?

Katie: Of course not. Come on in.

Maddie: Hi, Mike.

Mike: Hey Maddie.

Maddie: Are you sure we're not interrupting something?

Katie: Not at all. We were just sitting here talking about --

Mike: Loose ends. That actually reminds me. I owe you an apology.

Maddie: Me?

Mike: Yeah. Yeah, I should've believed you from the beginning, when you said that Henry was in trouble.

Maddie: Well, it was all a little farfetched, even though it was true.

Mike: Still, I should've given you the benefit of the doubt.

Maddie: Don't worry about it. It's all over.

Katie: Well, from now on we're going to give you a lot more credit. We've both given you a pretty hard time ever since you got to town. Sorry.

Maddie: I gave it right back.

Mike: That you did. So what brings you here?

Maddie: I, uh -- I got you something. I did. A present for both of you.

Emily: I can't think of any reason, really, why Paul would stick around.

Nick: Maybe he thought Oakdale would be the last place anybody would look.

Emily: Why would he dump me, and say it was for my own protection, and then not run?

Nick: That's the part I haven't figured out yet.

Emily: Well, I think you're wrong. I think he's heading as far away from Oakdale as he possibly can.

Nick: Maybe. Either way, I'll find him. Thanks a lot, Emily. You've been a lot of help.

Emily: Oh, okay. You'll keep me in the loop with your investigation?

Nick: Absolutely. I'm sure we'll be see a lot of each other the next few days.

Meg: I'll go into town and get some more stuff, okay?

Paul: Every time you walk out that door, I worry you're not coming back.

Meg: Don't worry, I'm not disappearing on you Paul. You're my ticket to a better life, remember?

Paul: You really think it's out there?

Meg: Well, it can't be any worse than what I already have left here. I forced a man to love me. I hurt a woman who didn't deserve it. My mother thinks I'm a lost cause. And I'm asking money from a dying man in return to save his life. Come on, what could be worse?

Paul: Being absolutely alone.

Meg: I'm going to go get some food, all right? Anything you're in the mood for?

Paul: Hot coffee.

Meg: Okay, I'll see what I can do. You'll still be breathing when I get back, right?

Paul: Yeah. I'm a lot farther from death's door than I was last night.

Meg: Good. But here -- just in case.

Paul: Meg, don't do that, it's freezing outside.

Meg: I'll manage.

Jennifer: Just meet me in the lounge, Dusty. No, it's a surprise. Yes, as a matter of fact, it is very good news. About us.

Mike: Maddie, we can't accept these.

Maddie: Of course you can. Mike, I owe you my life. You jumped in front of a moving vehicle just to save my life, and Katie, you got dangerously close to B.J. just to save Henry’s life. Please, you both deserve a lot more than a couple of watches.

Katie: A couple of really expensive watches! Mike, look at the logo.

Mike: I know. Where'd you get the money for gifts like these?

Henry: Oh. Oh, poor darlings, I am so sorry to leave you here. It's just for now. I'll find a nice, safe, warm place where no one will ever find you. No, they will never find you. No they won't! And I'll be back for you, I promise.

Tom: Emily, hi.

Emily: Hi, Tom. How's Daniel?

Tom: Well, he misses you.

Emily: Yeah, not half as much as I miss him. So I hope you meant what you said, you know about letting me spend more time with him.

Tom: I am still thinking about that.

Emily: Good. Because I've followed your rules. And you can't possibly think I'm a threat to him anymore, so --

Tom: No, I think it might be good for Daniel to see you more often.

Emily: Thanks.

Cop #6: We've got the transponder records for Paul Ryan’s cell phone. We know where that last call from.

Nick: You just made my day.

Paul: Don't gone long, okay? I don't want anybody to find me before you get back.

Meg: I don't think there's a chance for that. You're about as safe here as anywhere.

Paul: Don't you think I'd be safer a thousand miles from here?

Meg: Well then, get well, pay me off, and you can get as far away from here as you want.

Paul: I can't get well without you. Just make it a quick trip, okay?

Cop #6: The call came from this general area on the northwest side of town.

Nick: What's up there?

Cop #6: Mountains, hiking trails, some cabins.

Nick: You know, let's put a team together, let's get right over there. This guy might still be in our own back yard.

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Will: Give me an hour, and with any luck, we'll have that nice warm bed for the night.

Maddie: What are you doing?

Mike: Calling the police. And you're going to tell them everything you know.

Emily: Paul's gone.

Nick: Emily. I'm glad we caught you.

Carly: Barbara, its Carly here. I want to talk to you about that job offer. I think it can work for both of us.

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