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Keith: Here you go. Reservations for two. Morrissey, Keith.

Clerk: You're going to San Diego this morning, Mr. Morrissey?

Keith: That's right.

Clerk: The other passenger's name?

Keith: Snyder, Lily Snyder. Soon to be Morrissey.

Clerk: Congratulations. Round trip?

Keith: No, this is a one way. Once Lily and I leave town, we're not coming back.


Lily: You're going through with the divorce? But I thought that you wanted --

Holden: You thought that I wanted you? Well, you were right.

Lily: Oh, Holden.

Holden: Lily. I've never stopped wanting you. I always will. Nothing will ever feel more right than this.

Lily: But you're still sending me away.

Holden: That's because you've had your foot out the door for weeks, and maybe we can keep going like this, but we can't do this to the kids. Not anymore. It's time to either go or stay.

Lily: I know that you'll never understand, but I can't stay. If I break my promise to Keith and something happens to Luke because I went back on my word --

Holden: It's okay. You told Keith that you were going to divorce me. Well, here it is. It's done. All you have to do is sign the papers. And everything that we have is gone.

[Lily sighs]


Gwen: Hey.

Will: Hey. You're already finished with your appointment?

Gwen: Almost. I have to come back in an hour to talk to Dr. Schiller about the results of my exam and sonogram.

Will: Sonogram? You had a sonogram already? Today? Are you saying you're already pregnant with our baby?


Casey: Freshman year is going to be a blast. Wait till you see this.

Maddie: A book, wow.

Casey: You know what? I'm in such a good mood right now that even you can't ruin it. Listen and learn.

Maddie: Oh yeah, like you can teach me anything.

Casey: This, young high schooler, is a freshman face book. When you send in your acceptance, you send a picture of yourself and then they send you this book with all the majors and photographs in it so you can see who you'll be in class with.

Maddie: I knew that.

Casey: Right. The cool thing is, I already know a bunch of these people. Like -- wait, where's he at? This kid right here used to go to Oakdale and then he moved away sophomore year. We used to play ball together.

Maddie: Wait, who's she?

Casey: Nobody.

Maddie: Well, if she's nobody, then why is her picture circled?

Casey: Because she's hot.

[Maddie sighs]

Maddie: Casey, you have all these -- they're all blondes.

Casey: I had to be selective. What? I'm going to have to study sometime.

Maddie: Well, this whole moving away thing is a big step. Living on your own. Aren't you going to be homesick? I'm just saying, if I were going away, I would really miss Henry. Especially being that he was nearly killed and everything.

Casey: Well, I mean, I'm not going away until September, you know? I'm going to be home on weekends sometimes. There's always Thanksgiving and Christmas. We'll still hang out, you know?

Maddie: Yeah. Mm-hmm.

Casey: You, me and my gorgeous new girlfriend. Oh, snap!

[Maddie laughing]

[Knock at the door]

Tom: Hey, Maddie.

Maddie: Hi.

Tom: Case, we need to talk.

Casey: Sure.

Maddie: Hey, I will meet you at Java.

Casey: Okay.

Maddie: Okay. Hey. Excuse me.

Casey: I was showing Maddie my Wisconsin stuff.

Tom: Yeah, um, that's exactly what we wanted to talk to you about. You will not be attending the University of Wisconsin this fall.


[Emily screams]

Emily: Paul?


Gwen: Are you going to pass out? Do I need to get a doctor or something?

Will: We're going to have a baby. I'm going to be a father.

Gwen: Well, not yet. Maybe. I don't know for sure yet.

Will: But you had a sonogram. They only do that to get a picture of the baby, right?

Gwen: Yeah. I have symptoms.

Will: Like pregnancy type symptoms?

Gwen: Dr. Schiller drew some blood and did a sonogram to make sure that everything's in the right place and working the way that it should.

Will: Okay, but you feel okay?

Gwen: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I feel great. She just wants to be extra careful since I didn't get a lot of face time with the doctors when I was pregnant before.

Will: And you fell down those steps in New York, did you tell her about that?

Gwen: Yes, only because you told me to like a hundred million times.

Will: Well, you had a really bad headache for a while and you just kept shrugging it off like it was nothing.

Gwen: Well, I'm fine now. When it comes to the baby, I won't take any chances, I promise. The last time I did everything wrong and I don't want him to -- I want to make sure he's okay.

Will: It will be.

Gwen: There's so much I didn't know and I was too scared to ask. And I didn't eat well. And I smoked.

Will: This time's going to be a lot different, okay? Because I'm going to be there to help. I'm going to go to every appointment with you. That way I can take care of you and the little guy.

Gwen: Little guy?

Will: Yeah, I guess we don't really know if he is a "he."

Gwen: Yeah, maybe it'll be a girl. There's something that I have to ask you. It's kind of big.

Will: Okay.

Gwen: Come on, let me buy you a milkshake.

Will: No, just ask me now.

Gwen: Hm-mmm, not until you got a sugar high.

Will: Gwen.

Gwen: Okay, I'll give you a hint. It is about the baby. And when I ask you, if you say yes, it'll make me really, really, really happy.


Tom: We do not believe that it's a good time for you to be attending an out of state university. At least not right now.

Casey: Why not?

Tom: Because of your behavior.

Casey: What?

Tom: We believe it would be best if you attended Oakdale U.

Margo: And then, you know, you can still live here.

Casey: I don't want to live here, though. I want to go to Wisconsin like we've been planning since I was, like, ten. No, I'm not letting you do this, I'm going.

Tom: Well, you need to think about how you're going to finance that, case, because your mom and I will only agree to pay for your college tuition if you agree to stay here.

Casey: But I've already been accepted. All my friends know I'm going and we're all going to hang out at orientation. My face is in this book, Dad. What am I going to tell people?

Margo: Maybe after a year, you can --

Casey: Next year? Mom, get real. That'll be so lame. By then everybody will be moved off campus and -- why are you doing this?

Tom: I think you know why.

Casey: If this is about all that Gwen stuff, I'm sorry. How many times do I have to tell you? If you want me to prove that I'm sorry, then tell me what to do and I'll do it.

Margo: We just want to make sure that when you do go out into the world, Casey, that you're ready.

Casey: I am ready. I made one mistake and now you guys are going to ruin my whole life?

Tom: Well, what about the life of your child? The one you wouldn't even acknowledge until you were forced to. That little baby died. You can't give that back to him. And what about Gwen? You denied even having a relationship with her. And then you forced her to go through that entire pregnancy alone when we could have easily helped you.

Casey: Ground me then! I don't know, ground me for the last of my life. Take my car away. Take my computer. Take my games. Take all this. I don't care. Dad, please let me go to Wisconsin. Mom, please.

Margo: I'm sorry. The decision has been made and we're doing what's best for you.

Casey: What am I going to tell people?

Tom: Well, maybe you should just tell them the truth.

Casey: You're kidding, right?

Tom: And you're sorry, right? You've been lying to us, Case, repeatedly for months.

Casey: And like I'm the only one in this family who's done that.

Tom: And like you take that down a notch or you will get grounded and you will lose your driving privileges.

Margo: All right, all right. We're all upset. We're all upset, Casey, all right? But we're doing this for your own good. If you want us to trust you, you just have to prove that you are trustworthy.

Casey: And how do I do that, huh? How am I supposed to do that when you guys won't even let me out of the house?

Tom: I guess you start by taking responsibility for what you've done. It's one thing to be a man, case. It's another thing to act like one. That goes along with making responsible choices. And as of the last month or so, you don't seem prepared to do that. So until you can prove to your mom and I that you can, this decision stands.

Casey: So the bottom line is that I'm supposed to forgive and forget everything you guys have ever done, but you're going to take one mistake that I did and throw it in my face until I die?

[Margo sighs]

Tom: Casey, you're missing the point.

Casey: What point, Dad? That you hate me?

Margo: No, we don't hate you.

Casey: And you want to hurt me because I hurt you. Well, you know what? Congratulations, because you have.


Lily: I can't sign these now.

Holden: Now? Meaning you're going to sign them later? Lily, if you're going to go, if you want the divorce, sign the papers.

Lily: I'm not going to sign something that I haven't read over.

Holden: We've been batting this around for weeks. I'm sure you have those papers memorized by now.

Lily: I need to read it again, sorry.

Holden: All right, fine. Take it with you on the plane. Read it. Sign it. Get it back to me as soon as possible.

Lily: Why are you putting such a rush on this? It's like you want me to go.

Holden: Because I can't take living in limbo. It's torture for me, for the kids.

Lily: I don't want to torture you. I just know that if I have a little more time I can come up with something. Work out something. For Keith, for you, for the kids.

Holden: Do you remember when we were dating? When your mom hated me?

Lily: She didn't know you.

Holden: She did everything she could to force you to try and stay away from me.

Lily: What does that have to do with this?

Holden: I wonder where we would be if your mom had said, "Go ahead, marry the Snyder boy." Would you have lost interest?

Lily: Of course not. Oh, so that's what the divorce papers are about. Is this your idea of reverse psychology?

Holden: That's who you are. People push you, you push. I'm done pushing.

Lily: This is your idea of fixing everything by sending me away? You're messing with our future.

Holden: I'm fighting for our lives with any weapon that I know.

Lily: A divorce.

Holden: No, you! You. I'm hoping you will do right by our family.

Lily: Keith saved Lukeís life.

Holden: So why don't you save ours? Tear up the papers.

[Phone ringing]

Lily: Keith.


Paul: You need to go to town.

Paul: You need to go to town.

Meg: Well, hello to you too.

Paul: No, you need to go to town. You need to figure out -- you need to figure out what's going on with Emily. Why she came here.

Meg: Emily was here?

Paul: Yeah, she was here. She was looking in the window. She almost walked through the door. The only thing that scared her off was your car.

Meg: She knows you're alive?

Paul: I don't know.

Meg: If she thinks she killed you, why would she come back here?

Paul: It doesn't matter why she came back here, she came here! Meg, she saw me!

Meg: You're sure. Okay, then we've gotta get you out of here before she comes back with the cops.

Paul: Look at me, Meg, I'm in no condition to go anywhere.

Meg: But if Emily saw you --

Paul: I don't know that she trusts what she saw. It was foggy. I saw her scream. I think maybe she thought that her mind was playing tricks on her.

Meg: Okay, okay, okay. Fine, fine, fine. I'll change your dressing and I'll make us some breakfast.

Paul: What are you talking about? You need to go find out what's going on with Emily!

Meg: A few hours won't make any difference.

Paul: No, Meg, now! I said now!

Meg: I heard you. And you hear this. You don't tell me what to do.


Emily: It can't be him. It can't be him.

[Emily remembering]

[Gunshot] Oh, God.

[Emily shrieks]

Susan: Honey, are you all right?

Emily: Yeah, I'm fine.

Susan: You're shaking like a leaf.

Emily: With everything that's happened to me, I think I'm allowed to be a little jittery, don't you think?

Susan: How'd you get all that mud on your Jacket? And your boots are soaked. Did you have a flat or something?

Emily: No, no, no, no. I took Daniel to school and then I decided to look for my earring. I found my earring.

Susan: Where? You look like you hiked out of the wilderness.

Emily: I was outside. I was outside looking around. It was wet. Stop looking at me like that, I'm fine.

Susan: Honey, you feel like you're chilled to the bone. Why don't we get you some hot chocolate? We'll warm you up, okay?

Emily: Okay, okay.

Susan: And then you can tell me where you've really been and what you've really been doing.


Will: Chocolate strawberry milkshake coming up.

Gwen: Hey, William Munson Jr.

Will: What?

Gwen: That's what I wanted to ask you. If that's okay. I mean, I have a million favorite names if it's a girl, like Valerie or Olivia, but if it's a boy, there's only one name I want, and it's yours.

Will: Gwen --

Gwen: Look, I know what you're thinking. That if I use that name again, it's only going to bring up bad memories, but it wonít. I know that Johnny is Jen's and our baby is ours. And he should have the one name that really belongs to him. If he is a "he." And I -- I really must be pregnant. I'm messing this up.

Will: No, no, you're not. You just -- you want to --

Gwen: I want to name him after the best guy that I've ever known.

Will: Me?

Gwen: What? You see anyone else around here named Will Munson?

Will: It's not exactly a name to be proud of. Especially in this town. Half the time I want to be somebody else.

Gwen: Hmm-mmm. That wouldn't work, because if you were somebody else, then who would love me?

Will: Any guy in his right mind.

Gwen: So what do you say?

Will: I don't know. I don't know what to say.

Gwen: William Munson Jr. Say yes.

Will: Yes. And just in case you are, you know -- why don't you sit down. I'll get the drinks.

Maddie: Hi.

Gwen: Hi.

Maddie: I'm Maddie. We kind of met before.

Gwen: I remember. I'm Gwen. How's it going?

Maddie: It's going good. Good, thanks. I just wanted to -- I heard about the baby and I'm really sorry.

Gwen: Most people go out of their way not to talk about it.

Maddie: Oh, I'm sorry. Maybe I shouldn't have said anything.

Gwen: No, I'm glad you did. He was a beautiful baby. It's nice to --

Casey: Are you trying to get back at me through her, too? My parents wasn't enough?

Will: Casey, what are you doing?

Casey: I'm telling your girlfriend to stay out of my life.

Will: Don't talk to her like that.

Gwen: Hey, it's okay.

Maddie: You know what, we were just leaving, anyway. You want to tell me about the dorms?

Casey: I'm not going.

Maddie: What?

Casey: I'm not going to Wisconsin next year. My parents won't let me go because of the baby and her. Are you happy now?


[Crashing sound]

Holden: Please tell me that you haven't been out running.

Luke: I needed to think.

Holden: Luke, you just had kidney surgery. You've been drinking. Last thing you need to do is go out running across the countryside.

Luke: I wasn't running hard, okay? Where's Mom?

Holden: She's gone.

Luke: She left for California? I thought you said you were going to fix things. Make Mom stay.

Holden: I said that I would handle it, and I did.

Luke: By letting her walk out on us?

Holden: Luke, I've done everything that I can. The rest is up to your mom.


Keith: Lily, I was afraid that you weren't going to make it. I thought that we were going to have to take a later flight. Everything okay?

Lily: I was in the middle of something.

Keith: Were you with Holden?

Lily: Yes.

Keith: What did he do? What's up?

Lily: This.

Keith: Divorce? He's giving you a divorce?

Lily: Yes.

Keith: That's great. We'll mail this off from here. We'll get down to San Diego. We'll get married. I know this great place on the ocean.

Lily: Holden signed the divorce papers, but I didnít. Not yet.

Keith: You need a pen? Holden, huh? It's always something with him. Something's fishy here. What's up? What does he want?

Lily: Nothing, nothing. He said he's not going to fight me. He said he'll give me what I want.

Keith: Then what's the problem?

Lily: Holden's right. He was right. As long as he was pushing me, I didn't know what I wanted. But I do now.

Keith: What do you want, Lily?

Lily: I want my freedom.


Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Keith: You made a promise!

Lily: Please let me go.

Dr. Schiller: You're not pregnant, Gwen.

Gwen: There's something else? What is it?

Meg: Do not walk away from me.

Hal: Paul never went back to his apartment.

Emily: Where do you think he went?

Hal: I don't know, but I think you do.


Tom: We did the right thing.

Margo: You should probably go.

Tom: Am I in this alone?

Margo: Are you in --? You asked to present a united front. We presented a united front. I stood right next to you while you broke our son's heart, and I helped you do it. And you ask me that?

Tom: Okay, okay. So you obviously don't feel as strongly about this as I do now. When Casey puts that together --

Margo: Oh, yeah, he's going to put you against me, and me against you, and yada, yada, yada, yada. I got it. I think I can hold a hard line while you're gone.

Tom: Hey, hey, hey. I'm not the bad guy here.

Margo: Yeah? Neither is Casey. He's a kid, honey. He made a mistake. He made a big mistake, but he's still a kid, and I just feel like this is overkill.

Tom: So you want to change your mind? You want to send him out to Wisconsin with this lesson that we've taught him? That there is no price to pay for being sexually irresponsible, for lying, for turning your back on your own child?

Margo: Did you see his face, honey? Did you see? Even when he was a little boy, he didn't hold a grudge, but we sure taught him how to do that. He's so angry with us, Tom.

Tom: Yeah, well I'm angry, too. At him.

Margo: Yeah, well, what if he can't forgive us? Are you going to be able to handle that? Because he could leave. He could run.

Tom: Or he can learn something from this. Okay? Listen, he's a good kid. He'll come around.


Casey: Why do you keep messing with my life?

Maddie: Wait a minute. What happened? You're not going to school now?

Casey: No, my parents don't think I'm ready to live on my own because of what happened with her.

Will: And how is that Gwen's fault?

Gwen: Hey, it's okay. I'm really sorry. I'm really sorry that things didn't work out for you.

Casey: Yeah, right.

Maddie: It meant so much to him. You should have seen him this morning. Thank you, though, for being nice to him, even though --

Gwen: Yeah, I meant it.

Maddie: I'm going to go, before he does anything stupid.

Will: Are you okay?

Gwen: Yeah, yeah.

Will: Now say it like you mean it.

Gwen: Okay, so I'm a little freaked.

Will: I should have decked him when I had the chance.

Gwen: I just realized how wrong I was about him.

Will: You thought he was a jerk. He is a jerk.

Gwen: Yeah, but I used to think that Casey was the one with everything and I had nothing. And now it's the opposite.

Will: Because you have me.

Gwen: Yeah. And we'll have our baby. I'm the one with everything.


Holden: I'm going to say something to you. Something that's going to be very hard for you to take. But it's the truth.

Luke: What is it?

Holden: It's not your fault. It's not. None of it.

Luke: Yeah, it is my fault.

Holden: Luke, no.

Luke: No, it is. I'm the one that got sick. That's why mom made this stupid promise with Keith.

Holden: What if Natalie or Faith had gotten sick? Would you blame them?

Luke: They're just little kids.

Holden: And what about your grandmother? If she hadn't gone to Mexico, you wouldn't have gotten sick. So should we blame her, too?

Luke: No.

Holden: What about me? If I hadn't gotten involved with Julia, Keith would never have come to town. So do you blame me?

Luke: Yeah. A little.

Holden: Good. Because it's on me. And it's on your mom. It's our marriage. It's our problem. Your mom, she made certain choices because she loves you and the girls.

Luke: And you.

Holden: And me. And if she comes back, it's because of that love. In fact, that's what I'm counting on.

Luke: When does her flight leave?

Holden: 20 minutes.

Luke: So if Mom's not back in 20 minutes, then she's just gone? Forever?


Lily: You asked me what I wanted.

Keith: Yeah, your freedom. The divorce. Now that you've got that, you've got all the freedom in the world.

Lily: You're the only one that can give it to me.

Keith: Oh, no, no. Wait a second. Lily, come on, you made me a promise. I've kept my end of it, now you've got to keep your end of it.

Lily: Your promise only took a couple of hours. And in exchange, you want me to trade five peoples' lives. How can you ask me to leave my family?

Keith: You can't back out of this now. Come on, after everything we've been through.

Lily: No, do not threaten me with divine retribution. Don't you dare! I didn't know what was going on. All I wanted to do was save my son's life. And even now, I may be killing him.

Keith: Yeah, by walking away from me.

Lily: No, by allowing him to blame himself for his family's breakup. I thought I was the only one who was sacrificing something. But now Luke knows that he's the reason that you and I are together, and he is paying with his youth, his happiness. Maybe his life.

Keith: Yeah, if you turn your back on me and he dies --

Lily: What's worse? That, or him dying a little bit every single day? I don't know.

Keith: What about Holden? He cheated on you. He walked out on you, Lily!

Lily: I walked out on him first. After my sister died, I checked out on him. And on my kids. But Holden never gave up. He took care of everything and he waited patiently for me to wake up and walk back to them. It's time that I did.

Keith: Okay. Well, you can walk away, Lily, but there'll always be that thread in your head. That fear that you made a promise on your son's life.

Lily: Please, don't ask me to break that promise. If you ever loved me -- please let me go.

Keith: You can go.

Lily: Thank you. Thank you.

Keith: Or you could keep your word. One more chance to do the right thing.


Casey: Mom, if you don't mind, I'd like to be alone.

Margo: You know what? I just -- I want to explain. I want you to understand.

Casey: Mom, I think I got it. In order for you to respect me, I need to respect you, right?

Margo: Yeah, right.

Casey: Then be a good example, Mom, and respect my privacy. [He slams the door after she leaves.]


Susan: Here's your hot chocolate, sweetie.

Emily: Thank you.

Susan: Now tell me what's got you so upset?

Emily: When I was looking for my earring, I just -- I started thinking about how just last nigh I was getting ready for my own wedding. Then I was just remembering how Paul ruined everything, and I started imagining things.

Susan: Like what?

Emily: Crazy things. Things that couldn't possibly happen.

Susan: You're not thinking about getting back together with him. You can't get involved with Paul again. He's a criminal. A fugitive.

Emily: Don't worry, okay? It's over. There is no way Paul will ever be in my life again.

Hal: Emily. Susan.

Susan: Have you found Paul?

Hal: I just came from his apartment. He isn't there.

Emily: You didn't really think he would be there?

Hal: You told me you saw Paul at his place last night.

Emily: Yes.

Hal: But you didn't leave together. You weren't in the same car.

Emily: No, I told you. God, I already told you. He went to pick up the minister, and then he called to tell me that the wedding was off.

Susan: Hal, what are you getting at?

Hal: Paul never went back to his apartment. We checked the tapes. No one's seen him since he phoned Emily last night.

Emily: Where do you think he went?

Hal: I don't know, but I think you do.


Meg: You need to stop making assumptions about me and you need to stop giving me orders.

Paul: I beg your pardon?

Meg: And that patronizing thing you do? Stop that, too. I'm here to help you, Paul. Do you a favor.

Paul: I am paying you. That makes you an employee, not somebody who's doing me a favor.

Meg: And if I walk out that door and not come back, you know what that makes you? Dead.

Paul: You won't walk away from me. Leave and you go to jail. It's just a matter of time. But the moment, Meg, that you decided that you would nurse me back to health and not report this to authorities, everything's shifted. You are now as deep in this as I am.

Meg: Not quite.

Paul: You think that things are as bad for you as they're ever going to get, but trust me, I can make things much, much worse.

Meg: Stop trying to scare me.

Paul: If we're discovered, I go to prison. So what? That's where I was going anyway. But now, you'll be joining me.

Meg: I didn't do anything criminal.

Paul: You stole medicine from the hospital. You failed to report a shooting. And if we're caught, I will make it clear to the authorities that you were going to help me escape. The evidence will support that.

Meg: You would really stoop that low?

Paul: I would do whatever I have to do. And that means staying one step ahead of the people who I think are going to hurt me. And that's you, Meg.

Meg: You think you know my every move?

Paul: I had you figured out from t moment I followed you to Florida. You will do exactly what I tell you to do because you have no choice. What is so funny?

Meg: You are so delusional.

Paul: I can take you down, Meg. Don't think I wonít.

Meg: All this talk about what you've done to me, and you have no idea what I've already done to you.


Luke: Mom's flight is taking off. She's gone.

Lily: Save any pancakes for me?

Luke: You're already back? Keith's gone? How did you do it? What did you say?

Holden: Luke.

Luke: Right. Sorry. I think I hear Natalie.

Lily: I'm sorry.

Holden: It's okay. You're here. That's all that matters.


Maddie: What are you doing out there?

Casey: Being alone.

Maddie: What, freezing to death? Come on back inside. It's cold.

Casey: I never ever wanted anything as bad as I want this. And the worst part of all of it is my parents hate me.

Maddie: Well, my mom's not exactly crazy about me, either. Why do you think I moved here? Henry's the only one in my family who likes me.

Casey: I like you occasionally.

Maddie: Casey, what happened today -- I don't know, it might not be such a bad thing. At least now we can see each other more.

Casey: I thought you couldn't stand me.

Maddie: Only occasionally. If you went away, I would have missed you.

Casey: Your hand is cold.

Maddie: Like I said, it's freezing.


Gwen: Hey, Dr. Schiller. We were just on our way to see you. Did you get my test results?

Dr. Schiller: Yes, I did.

Gwen: Oh, you remember Will, he's my -- we're together.

Dr. Schiller: Hello, Will. Gwen, why don't you come back to my office?

Gwen: I can't wait. I just have this feeling and I want Will to hear all the news, too. Are we pregnant?

Dr. Schiller: I do have news but --

Gwen: I knew it!

Dr. Schiller: I don't think we should discuss this in the hallway.

Gwen: It's okay. You can tell us now.

Will: Gwen, maybe we should go with dr. Schiller.

Gwen: But I can almost guarantee I'm pregnant. You just have to give us confirmation, please.

Dr. Schiller: I can't do that. You're not pregnant, Gwen.

Will: It's okay. We'll just try again. We only just started.

Gwen: There's something else. What is it? Just say it.

Dr. Schiller: Gwen, the odds are you may never be able to get pregnant again.


Paul: You're not making any sense.

Meg: You think you have me all figured out, that you've controlled me from the start?

Paul: I have.

Meg: Haven't you wondered how the police found where you were? How they collected all that evidence against you? I was the one that brought you and Emily down. I'm responsible for your getting caught. Me!


Emily: You still think I helped Paul escape?

Hal: Emily, I'm going to ask you this once and I want an honest answer. Where is Paul? Where is he right now?

Emily: I -- I don't know. I don't know. I told you. I haven't seen him since last night.

Hal: Em, you're lying.


Announcer: On the next "As the World Turns" --

Casey: Let's just say it was a mistake and leave it at that.

Maddie: I already have.

Hal: What is it you don't want me to find out?

Emily: You're imagining things.

Paul: You told Dusty and Hal about Jenniferís baby?

Barbara: Don't you tell me that you've gotten yourself pregnant again.

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