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Nick: Oh, I'm sorry, was I making too much noise?

Katie: No, it's not that. I always have trouble sleeping when Mike's not here.

Nick: You know you're safe. I'm not going to let any guy through that door. Especially some maniac who tried to blow you to kingdom come.

Katie: Yeah, well, good. Because I keep seeing his face, every time I try to close my eyes. You know, as small as this place is, we do have a lot of closet space.

Nick: Yeah, I guess. I know I'm a slob, I admit it. But when you live by yourself, you get used to throwing stuff wherever you want.

Katie: Never too late to break a bad habit.

Nick: Yeah, I guess. Listen, once Mike's out of the hospital, you know, I'm moving to my own place.

Katie: Oh, no, I'm sorry. That was rude. I didn't mean to sound like I didn't want you here.

Nick: I wouldn't blame you if you didnít. C'mon, you don't know me from Adam. And nobody likes a third wheel. And listen, I do want to apologize for what I did earlier.

Katie: What, you mean saving my life? No apology necessary.

Nick: No, not that. I want to apologize for flirting with you the way I did. It was wrong and I'm sorry.


[Knock at the door]

Lily: Hey, Luke. It's late. Are the girls okay?

Luke: Oh yeah, they're fine. I couldn't sleep, so I went for a walk. I guess I kind of just ended up here.

Lily: Come on in. Come on, go ahead.

Luke: Is Keith here?

Lily: Yeah, he's asleep, I think.

Luke: You don't know?

Lily: Okay, could you -- would you like some hot chocolate or tea or something?

Luke: No thanks. I don't really even know why I came.

Lily: Maybe you need to get something off your chest.

Luke: Like how I hate the fact that you and Dad are going through with this divorce? I don't even think that this is what you want.

Lily: Why not?

Luke: I think Keith is forcing you to do this.

Lily: You didn't just happen to stop by tonight. Did your father send you over here?

Luke: Are you going somewhere?

Lily: Keith got a job in California. We're leaving tomorrow.

Luke: For how long?

Lily: I don't know. Why would you think that Keith is forcing me into something? I need to know if your father told you something.

Luke: No.

Lily: You promise?

Luke: This doesn't have anything to do with Dad. I figured this out on my own.

Lily: What do you think you've figured out?

Luke: You're not marrying Keith because you want to. It's because he made you promise to marry him for saving my life. Now, that's true, isn't it?

Lily: I don't know where you came up with an idea like that.

Luke: Okay, just tell me something. How many years of marriage does it take to pay for one slightly-used kidney?


Emily: What are you doing here, Hal?

Hal: Susan called. She's worried about you.

Emily: So you had to run to my rescue. Drop everything and run to Emilyís rescue.

Hal: She told me what happened, about Paul not showing up for the wedding.

Emily: I really don't want to talk about this, okay?

Hal: Look, Emily, I'm not here to gloat or say "I told you so." Can you just tell me what happened?

Emily: Why? Paul's gone.

Hal: If I know, maybe I can find him and give him what's coming to him.


Paul: Cops. Meg's bringing cops. [Paul sighs] Okay. Pull it together, Ryan. Come on. You're not dead. Yet.

[Paul groans]


Emma: Who's there?

Dusty: It's me.

Emma: Oh, Dusty. You scared me almost to death.

Dusty: Sorry, I didn't want to make noise. I didn't want to wake you.

Emma: Where's Meg? I thought you two were going up to Chicago for New Yearís.

Dusty: Yeah, well, that didn't work out.

Emma: I don't think I like the sound of that. Where is she?

Dusty: At the hospital.

Emma: Oh, dear. Some kind of an emergency?

Dusty: I don't know. I don't know the details.

Emma: Probably a back-up on the interstate or something.

Dusty: Yeah.

Emma: Well, that doesn't explain why you're here. And what's this?

Dusty: It's some of Meg's stuff.

Emma: I hope this doesn't mean what I think it does.

Dusty: We split up.

Emma: Yeah. Yeah. It's almost just a question of time, wasn't it? You broke her heart again. You broke my baby's heart.


Jennifer: Well, just the person I wanted to see.

Meg: I can't talk right now, Jen. I've got an emergency I have to deal with.

Jennifer: A medical emergency?

Meg: It's a private matter. So if you'll excuse me --

Jennifer: Look, I know the truth. Dusty told me. You knew. You knew all along that my baby was alive.

Meg: Look, I can't do this right now, okay? I'm sorry. I have a patient who really needs me, all right?

Jennifer: No, no, no. I'm not going to let you try and avoid this, because I need an answer to a very important question.

Meg: I don't have any answers, Jen.

Jennifer: Oh, you haven't even heard the question yet. It's very simple, Meg. One word. Why?


Lily: The kidney came from the hospital, from a donor in Texas. Keith had absolutely nothing to do with it.

Luke: So, you're telling me that you're marrying him because you want to? Because you're in love with him? I don't buy that for a second.

Lily: Well, you're going to have to start accepting it, I'm sorry.

Luke: If you're so in love him, then why were you fooling around with Dad behind Keithís back?

Lily: Your father and I -- there are a lot of things that I don't expect you to understand.

Luke: Oh, I understand fine. You and Dad were together the other night in the barn. I saw you. And it doesn't take a genius to figure out --

Lily: Please, please, just stop.

Luke: If you marry Keith, I'm not your son anymore. Because you are not my mother. You are someone else. Someone I don't even know.

Lily: Don't say that.

Luke: What is the point of being alive, when my life is so messed up? I know you're in love with Dad, but you won't be with him because of me.

Lily: Not because of you.

Luke: Stop treating me like a kid. I know the truth. We all know it. You, me, Dad. We all know it. And yet, you won't admit it. How can you be so afraid of Keith? How can you let him do this to you? To all of us?

Lily: Wait. Luke! Luke!


Katie: Let me just set the record straight, right off the bat. I am completely, absolutely, head over heels in love for your cousin Mike. So I don't notice other people even when they flirt.

Nick: That's good. I like to hear that.

Katie: Yeah?

Nick: But I gotta tell you the truth. I can't do that. I see beautiful women and I've got to connect. It's like breathing in my natural state.

Katie: So that explains why you were also flashing those big brown eyes at Carly.

Nick: Carly? The blonde? Jack Snyderís wife?

Katie: Don't pretend you don't know who I'm talking about.

Nick: But that's what I mean. I can't control it.

Katie: Well, you better learn. A word of advice, cousin or not, Mike will lay you out. Actually, Jack, too, for that matter.

Nick: Yeah, thanks for the safety tip.


Dusty: I think you talk to your daughter.

Emma: Oh, I intend to. I really thought for a while that you had changed. You fooled me. I really felt that on Christmas that the two of you were happy.

Dusty: Yeah, we were.

Emma: You remember? You stood right there in that room and you looked me in the face and said to me that you wouldn't hurt her.

Dusty: Yeah, I remember I meant it.

Emma: I see.

Dusty: I don't know what to say, I tried my best.

Emma: Oh, tried your best. Wasn't your fault, huh? I remember. It's never your fault. Nothing's ever your fault.

Dusty: Meg and I didn't break up for the reasons you think you think we did.

Emma: Then why did you? Tell me. Look, if you're not man enough to face up and tell me the truth, don't worry, I'll ask my daughter. Would you please, please just go?


Meg: Obviously, Dusty didn't waste any time telling you.

Jennifer: I guess he thought I had a right to know that someone I trusted betrayed me.

Meg: I waited too long, I don't deny that. But I finally got the truth out. I got you your baby back.

Jennifer: After how many months of hell? You saw what I was going through and you did nothing. You let me suffer! And for what? So that you could hold onto Dusty? How selfish and heartless can you be?

Meg: I was selfish. You're right. I did a terrible thing to you. But I couldn't live with it. I couldn't live with myself.

Jennifer: Oh, just save the tears, please. You're a few months too late.

Meg: I know. I'm sorry.

Jennifer: Sorry? You turned my life inside out. You let poor Gwen get attached to a child that wasn't even hers. And all so you could spend a few months with a man who doesn't even love you. Was it worth it?

Meg: Yes, Jen. It was. Look, it was wrong what I did to you, Jen. And I have to live with that for the rest of my life. And I'm sure there's no explanation that will change the way you must feel about me.

Jennifer: No, no, I would really love to hear what you could come up with.

Meg: I love Dusty. I probably always have. And Paul and Emily saw that, and they played it for all it was worth. They were relentless. They pounded on me about how you and Dusty would be bonded forever if you got your child back. And I tried so hard not to listen to that. I really did. But every time I turned around it seemed Dusty was comforting you, or caring for you, or holding you. And finally, I just couldn't take it anymore. I lost it. All I could think about was how I might lose Dusty. So I faked the blood test. I drew my own blood and substituted it for yours. That's why the test showed the baby wasn't yours.

Jennifer: You killed the last chance of hope I had. How could you do that to another woman?

Meg: I was scared. I was desperate. But I couldn't live with it anymore. And that's why I made the decision to right the wrong.

Bob: It's a bit late, don't you think? If I overheard correctly, you've been a part of this entire deception. Meg, did you knowingly help Paul and Emily keep Jennifer from her child?


Hal: Okay, Jonesy. If you hear anything, any news at all, keep me posted. Thanks. Paul hasn't been back to his apartment. If he skips town, it's a bail violation. So if you know anything, now's the time.

Emily: I donít. But I wouldn't be surprised if he was long gone by now.

Hal: I'll still catch him.

Emily: You know what, maybe it's better if we just let him run.

Hal: After what he did to Jennifer? After what he's just done to you? Don't tell me you still feel loyalty toward this guy.

Emily: I don't know what I feel.

Hal: So what happened? Last time I saw you, you were on your way to Lutherís Corners and the wedding was all set. Then I spoke to your mother and she told me the location was changed all of a sudden. Where to?

Emily: Paul said he was going to pick up the minister and then call me and tell me where to meet him.

Hal: Mm-hmm. And did he?

Emily: Yeah, he called to tell me that the wedding was cancelled.

Hal: I can't believe he dumped you over the phone.

Emily: Well, maybe he couldn't face me.

Hal: Coward.

Emily: No, maybe he was just trying to protect me or something.

Hal: He wasn't trying to protect you. He did it to save his own neck.

Emily: What do you mean?

Hal: I think it's pretty obvious. He used you to get him out on bail and then he fled the country.

Emily: No, I can't believe -- I don't know what to believe. I don't know, maybe you're right! I mean, it was my idea to run off and get married the minute he was released.

Hal: Where was he when he called?

Emily: I have no idea.

Hal: Okay, where were you?

Emily: I don't know. Driving around. Waiting.

Hal: Was he at the apartment before I got there?

Emily: Yeah.

Hal: Did he take anything with him? A bag, a briefcase, anything like that?

Emily: I would've noticed. Why are you looking at me like that?

Hal: I just want to make sure I'm getting the whole story. Because if you're holding anything back, anything at all, I need to know now.


Meg: Dr. Hughes, I can explain.

Bob: There is no explanation for falsifying a blood test. Especially one that you are not authorized to perform. As of this moment, you are suspended from all duties here at this hospital, pending investigation.

Meg: Yes, sir.

Bob: Jennifer, I'm sorry. I apologize for this hospital, for the actions of Nurse Snyder. But believe me, action will be taken. This could cost you your license.

Jennifer: You're about to lose everything that matters to you. Still feel like it was worth it?

Meg: All I can tell you is, when you love someone so much that the thought of losing him feels like the end of the world --

Jennifer: What about the son that was inside me? The son that you kept from me. The son that I thought was dead. That was the end of my world, Meg. So don't you talk to me about love.

Emma: Oh, Meg. Meg, are you all right sweetheart? I just saw Dusty. What happened?

Jennifer: Yes, Meg. Go on. Tell your mom what happened. Tell her what you did to my baby.


Coming up, on "As the World Turns" --

Hal: I'll find him. And when I do, I'm going make him pay for he did to Jennifer and what he did to you.

Lily: If Luke feels that I have traded my happiness for his, God knows what he'll do.


Emma: What about your baby? Meg, honey, what's happening?

Meg: Can I talk to my mama in private, please. Tell her in my own way?

Emma: Come on, we can go in that room there and talk. Excuse us. Meg, what's going on? Did you have anything to do with what happened to her son?

Meg: Where did you see Dusty? And what did he say?

Emma: He came by the house, he dropped off your things. And he told me that the two of you had split up.

Meg: Did he say why?

Emma: Well, he didn't have to. I mean, it's what I feared all along. Jennifer gets her baby back and he doesn't need you anymore.

Meg: No, Mama. It's wasn't like that. Not at all.

Emma: You want to tell me? You want to tell me what it is?

Meg: I messed up. And I don't know what to do.


Holden: I'm glad it's you. I hope you're here to tell me that you're not leaving tomorrow.

Lily: I'm here about Luke. Did he come home?

Holden: What do you mean? He went up to bed hours ago.

Lily: No, he must have snuck out and you didn't here him. He came to the house. We had a huge argument.

Holden: About Keith?

Lily: Did you tell him to come?

Holden: No, of course not.

Lily: Then why did he accuse me of marrying Keith because Keith got him a new kidney? Unless you told him something.

Holden: Lily, I didn't say a word. But it's not too tough to figure out that you're being forced into this marriage. What else could Keith be holding over you?

Lily: I can't have this argument right now.

Holden: Lily, you need to walk away from Keith.

Lily: I canít.

Holden: Come on, already!

Lily: I don't know, I'm just worried. I'm worried about Luke. He was so angry.

Holden: Do you blame him?

Lily: That's not the point. He thinks it's his fault. He's blaming himself for everything.

Holden: Just tell Keith you're not going to marry him and everything will be okay.

Lily: We don't know that.

Holden: Oh, come on. Don't tell me you're back to this bizarre notion that if you break your promise, something's going to happen to Luke. Lily, its superstition. You're smart enough to know that.

Lily: Don't ask me to defend this with rational thought. I canít. All I know, is that I can't take chances with my son's life.

Holden: Yeah, well I'm worried about it too. I'm worried about what's going to happen to him if you marry somebody that you don't love and abandon your family.


Katie: So how'd you become a cop?

Nick: That's a story for another day.

Katie: Were you close to Mike when you guys were growing up?

Nick: Yeah, we were like brothers.

Katie: What was he like when he was little?

Nick: Everything I wasnít.

Katie: That's good, right?

Nick: Yeah, it was good. It was too good. I was like the black sheep and he was my watchdog.

Katie: So tell me some stories.

Nick: Well -- you hear that?

Katie: No. What?

Nick: Shhh. [Nick whispering] Somebody's at the door. [Gun loading]

Mike: Whoa, whoa! Nick!

Katie: Mike?

Nick: Mike? I didn't hurt you, did I?

Mike: No, man, I'm fine.

Katie: What are you doing home?

Mike: Hey, baby. I couldn't be away from you any longer. So I talked Bob into letting me go.

Katie: And he just said okay?

Mike: Eventually. I finally convinced him they were wasting their attention on me. I missed you.

Katie: I missed you.

Nick: Hey, you two. Get a room.

Mike: What are you doing up so late, anyway?

Katie: Talking about you.

Mike: Me?

Katie: Yeah, your wild and misspent youth.

Mike: Oh, brother.

Nick: I'm going to just go get a snack from the kitchen. Anybody want anything?

Mike: Yeah. How about the usual?

Katie: What's the usual?

Mike: Let's see if Nick remembers.

Nick: Tuna, martini olives and tarragon with mustard on sourdough?

Katie: Ew, you would never eat that.

Nick: It was his favorite. He used to eat it everyday.

Katie: No way.

Mike: My tastes have changed. But it does sound pretty good right now.

Katie: What other secrets have you kept from me?

Mike: None.

Nick: Plenty.

Katie: Oh! Now I want to know everything.


Emily: I don't blame you for not trusting me.

Hal: Paul Ryan has hurt you enough. So if he jumped bail and you helped him run and you are covering for him now, you are in so deep that I will not be able to help you. So please, tell me the truth. Do you know where Paul is?

Emily: No. I donít. If I were in on this with him, I would've gone with him. You think I wanted to come back here and subject myself to the humiliation of you and my mother that you were right all along?

Hal: Maybe not.

Emily: Oh, please, I don't want your pity.

Hal: You won't get any. Did you leave the apartment after we had the fight?

Emily: Yeah, yeah I did. I was very upset, no thanks to you. I needed to get out and clear my head.

Hal: So Paul could've gone back to his place after you were gone.

Emily: Why would he do that?

Hal: To get his passport, cash from the safe, any number of things. I'm going to go back to that apartment and check it out, see if he left any clues as to where he might have gone. Could I have the keys, please? Your mother had to go to the hospital on an emergency. I don't know when she'll be back. I don't like the idea of you being here alone.

Emily: I'm a big girl, okay? I could use a little alone time. Just go.

Hal: Emily, I'm sorry you had to find out this way. I'm sorry you got hurt.

Emily: Me, too.

Hal: But I'll find him. And when I do, I'm going to make him pay for what he did to Jennifer. And what he did to you.


Emma: I was so worried all this time that he was going to hurt you. It seems like you're the one who let him down.

Meg: I let myself down, Mama. But I turned it around. I made it right. I mean, doesn't that count for anything?

Emma: Meg, who are you trying to convince? Now I thought I brought you up to know better.

Meg: You did. I failed you.

Emma: Don't you worry about me. You failed yourself. So what are you going to do about it?

Meg: I don't know Mama. What do you expect me to do about it?

Emma: I expect you to just pick up the pieces here and get on with your life. Come on, let's go home. We'll sort this out. Come on.

Meg: No, not yet. I'm not ready to go anywhere. Not yet.


Dusty: So Johnnyís with your mother. He's fine. Did you see Meg?

Jennifer: Yeah, I need an aspirin.


Meg: I'll meet you back at the farm in a little while. I just need some time to myself.

Emma: Meg Snyder, you're not going to do anything stupid, are you?

Meg: No, Mama. Don't worry. I already have. I promise, its fine. I'll see you soon, okay?

Emma: Okay, I'll be waiting for you.


Holden: Luke's not in his room. I called all his friends and nobody knows where he is.

Lily: I'm so worried about him. What if he's drinking again? That can't be good for his kidney.

Holden: We just need to go out and find him. That's what we need to do.

Lily: He needs some time. He needs some time to adjust to the fact that I'm marrying Keith. And he won't do that if I'm here, rubbing it in his face.

Holden: No. You need to walk away from Keith. If Luke thinks that he's the one who drove you away because of this deal that you made, he's gonna be hit with a ton of guilt. How do you think he's gonna handle knowing that you traded your life for his?


Keith: Lily? You down here? [Keith sighs] All right. Who's here?

Luke: Me.


Mike: I changed a lot when I hit high school. But by then, you were gone. Easy rider, headed for who knows where.

Nick: Yeah, it's a long road to nowhere. That's where it got me.

Mike: Hey, you're a cop now. That's a long road from nowhere.

Katie: I can't get him to tell me how that happened.

Mike: Come on, Nick. Don't keep us in suspense.

Nick: It's no big deal.

Mike: Then why don't you want to tell us?

Nick: All right. I got into trouble with the cops and they straightened me out.

Mike: What kind of trouble?

Nick: Had a few too many boilermakers one night. You know, slipped on a patch of oil in the road. Totaled my bike and nearly killed myself during the process. The first cop on the scene was a guy named Pat Ruddick. He could've thrown me to the dogs. I deserved it. But he challenged instead. Wanted me to change my life rode me hard until I did. He was like that role model I always wish Dad would've been.

Mike: At least you found one. I'm glad you're here.

Nick: Thanks, man. Let me tell you, I'm going to kick some major butt at the OPD. They ain't seen nothing yet.


Lily: My mistake was ever letting Luke think for a second that you and I were getting back together again.

Holden: No, your mistake was letting Keith bully you into marrying him. Luke doesn't believe that love has anything to do with your plans. You're never gonna convince him of that.

Lily: We need to convince him that my plans have nothing to do with him finding a new kidney.

Holden: No, don't drag me into that. If Luke figured out the truth, I'm proud of him. I just wish you would realize the harm you're doing by not telling him that he's right.

Lily: Please, I am begging you, Holden. If Luke feels that I have traded my happiness for his, God knows what he'll do. I need your help. Please, I'm begging you, please.


Keith: All right, look -- put the knife down. Let's just talk about this.

Luke: You're a selfish pig, you know that? You trashed my family.

Keith: I never meant to do that, Luke.

Luke: Yeah, you did. You wanted my mom to yourself. So you get me this kidney and you forced her marry you.

Keith: Is that what she told you?

Luke: She didn't have to tell me.

Keith: Well, you know what? You got it completely wrong. Now, put the knife down!

Luke: You want it? Okay, take it. Use it to cut out this kidney you got me, because I don't want it any more. Fair trade, okay? You can take the kidney and let my mom go.


Dusty: I packed up Meg's stuff and brought it to her motherís. She's out of my life now.

Jennifer: I just wish I could erase everything she's done. I wish I could erase the months of fear that Johnny was dead.

Dusty: Well, Johnnyís with you now. You're barely going to be able to sleep, let alone worry about the past.

Jennifer: I hope you're right. So what do we do now?

Dusty: Whatever you want.

Jennifer: I want you to take me home.


Meg: Where are you going?

Paul: I don't know. Are the cops coming, Meg?

Meg: That depends.

Paul: Depends on what?

Meg: Were you serious about making me rich?


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Holden: What the hell have you done to my son?

Dusty: I love you.

Jennifer: I love you, too.

Meg: I couldn't figure it out, why you wouldn't report the person who shot you. It was Emily, wasn't it?

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