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Jack: Mmm. That's a hell of a way to bring in the New Year. Making out with my wife.

Carly: Over coffee. You are a wild man, Jack Snyder. I think you should've gone to the hospital, honey.

Jack: No, it's just a flesh wound.

Carly: Hey, when a bullet plows into my husband, there is no "just" about it.

Jack: Hey, come on. It's okay, really.

Carly: You're wounded. Arm in a sling, and you're smiling.

[Jack laughs]

Jack: Tonight was amazing. What can I say? I did what I was trained for. Got to B.J. before he could shoot Mike. That was awesome.

Carly: Getting shot yourself.

Jack: Hey, I just did what I had to do, you know? Margo said she was going to stop by here later. Maybe we can kick around some ideas about how we're going to catch this guy. You don't mind if we stick around, do you?

Carly: No. I don't mind. It's been a long time since I've seen you so excited.

Jack: I would give anything if I could help bring in B.J., I'll tell you that. Oh, Katieís here. Maybe Margoís with her.

Carly: Can't I just be happy you're in one piece?

Jack: Hey, wife, when it comes to you being happy, there's no "just" about it.


Barista: You're that guy from WOAK. The one that got rid of the bomb and everybody. This guy is a hero!



[Baby crying]

Jennifer: Go sleepy so Mommy can take a shower and brush her teeth.

[Knock at the door]

Barbara: Hi, honey.

Jennifer: Johnny just fell asleep.

Barbara: My grandson is so adorable.

Jennifer: You look pretty adorable yourself. Oh, that's right. I caught the first half hour of the telethon. You were fantastic.

Barbara: Partial.

Jennifer: No, please, you heard the applause. They loved you. And I bet Aunt Kim was very proud of you. Did you guys go out and celebrate?

Barbara: Actually I was out celebrating with someone else.

Jennifer: A guy someone?

Barbara: I finished my song, walked backstage, suddenly had a date.

Jennifer: Mom! That's fantastic. Tell me about it.

Barbara: Nigel. Stockbroker. Very nice. Fabulous kisser.

Jennifer: On the first date?

Barbara: We were bringing in the New Year. Everybody was kissing. Oh, did I mention he was younger?

Jennifer: How much younger?

Barbara: A little bit older than you. Would you like to meet him, Jen?

Jennifer: I think you're trying to fix me up with your date.

Barbara: Well, that wasn't the plan, but now that you've mentioned it.

Jennifer: Oh, my God. You didn't go out with him for you, you were auditioning him for me.

Barbara: Honey, what is wrong with finding a wonderful man who is good looking?

Jennifer: No, I am not going out on a date with someone -- eww -- that you kissed.

Barbara: I'm sure there's someone around who's wonderful and good looking who would love you and love to be with you.

Jennifer: Okay, well, when you find him, will you send him to me first?

Barbara: Why don't you call him?

Jennifer: Who?

Barbara: Do you really think I'm blind? Dusty Donovan.


Meg: It was a few bad months, that's all. In Jen's whole life, in the baby's life. We can make it up to her.

Dusty: We?

Meg: Me, okay. I'll make it up to her. I had a few weak moments and I let Paul manipulate me. But I made it right in the end. I mean, doesn't that count for anything?

Dusty: Get out. Did you hear me? Get out.

Meg: No. Not until I make you understand.

Dusty: I'm telling you, you gotta get out of my way now.

Meg: The only way out of here is through me. And I know you won't do that, Dusty. I know you won't hurt me.

Dusty: Hurt you? You're giving me way too much credit now.

Meg: You'd never hurt me. I know it! By the way you touch me. The way you hold me when we sleep.

Dusty: The woman I thought I was holding -- the woman I moved in here with -- was kind, honest, she told the truth. What you did to Jennifer --

Meg: It was wrong. I know it was wrong. I know that. But come on, Dusty. Haven't you ever done anything? Anything in your life where you were ashamed of it? Something you would give your right arm for to change?

Dusty: Yeah, I wish I never got started with you again. Does that count?

Meg: I know it was wrong to keep the truth from Jennifer. She should have had her baby, and he needed her. She had every right to know that her baby was alive.

Dusty: You kept it a secret.

Meg: But I couldn't live with the secret. I'm not like Paul and Emily. It kept eating at me. Even though she never would have known, I couldn't see Jennifer suffer anymore. And that's why I had to do something. Because of me, Jennifer has her baby back.

Dusty: Months later! This went on for months, Meg. Why did you lie to me? Why'd you lie to me?!

Meg: I didn't set out to. I set out to tell you the truth. Both of you.

Dusty: But you didnít. So whose fault is it? Whose fault is it that you didn't tell the truth?

Meg: Yours.


Emily: That's it? You just walk away?

Paul: Emily, there isn't anything I can say or do now that'll make this any better.

[Gun shot]

Emily: Son of a -- I don't know! I don't know! I don't know what I just did! I'm -- you were walking away from me and I didn't want you to walk away! Please tell me I didn't hurt you! Turn around and tell me you're okay! Please, Paul! Oh, God. Oh, no! No, no, no, no! Oh, God!

[ Emily sobbing ] 

Emily: No! Open your eyes. Oh, please! Thank God, thank God. Look at me, please. Don't ever close your eyes again, because I couldn't stand it if anything ever happened to you. Please don't leave me. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to. I'm sorry. Paul, please! Yes, my love. I'm right here. I'm here!

Paul: Why?

Emily: You are my perfect one.

Paul: Why?

Emily: You are my perfect one and I thought that's what I was to you. I thought I was your everything. I thought you loved me. Oh, God. Oh, God, no. Oh, God. Paul? Paul? Oh, God, look at me! No, God no! Look at me! Please open your eyes! Oh, God, open your eyes! Please! Oh, God! Oh, God!


Jennifer: Mom, there is only room for one person in my life right now, and that's my son. Besides, you don't even like Dusty.

Barbara: Well, it's true he can be cold, distant.

Jennifer: He is not. There was a time where I wasn't sure if I could go on, and Dusty, he would just show up and he would let me talk and cry. And he would just be there for me.

Barbara: A man of few words. Don't you find that unnerving?

Jennifer: He helped me find Johnny. And he believed in me when no one else would. What do you mean "of few words"? We can talk for hours.

Barbara: So call him.

Jennifer: No.

Barbara: Can you hear yourself here? You're telling me you care about him. You know that he cares about you, so just pick up the phone and call him.

Jennifer: I canít. I told him we couldn't be together.

Barbara: Well, tell him that you changed your mind. Tell him that you were crazy or blind. Or cry, for Peteís sake. That doesn't work under certain circumstances.

Jennifer: You would know.

Barbara: Call him, Jennifer.

Jennifer: No, Mom. I'm not doing it. Dusty belongs with someone else now.


Dusty: How did I stop you from telling the truth? Look at me. How?

Meg: I saw you.

Dusty: You what?

Meg: In Florida, when I went down to Tampa to tell you that Jennifer -- her baby was alive and that I had proof. I wanted to give you that so badly. And then --

Dusty: You saw me.

Meg: In Jen's hotel room. I was going to knock on the door. Then I heard you with her.

Dusty: You were spying on me.

Meg: I told you why I came down there. To give you what you've both been searching for. I didn't expect to see what I saw. You both were --

Dusty: Right. Well, you should've stuck around. You took off too soon. Nothing happened.

Meg: I know. I know. I heard Jennifer say she couldn't until she had her baby. She didn't feel like a whole person. And she couldn't be with you. I know how it sounds.

Dusty: So because of that, you buried the proof? Because you were afraid that Jennifer was going to steal me away from you?

Meg: I didn't know what to think. Especially after everything that Paul said.

Dusty: I don't care what that loser said! Admit what you did! You knew for months about Jenniferís baby. For months! You had the proof in your hands!

Meg: I love you! I wanted us to have a chance!

Dusty: What about Jennifer and her baby?

Meg: She has what she wants. She has her baby.

Dusty: What about me? Do you understand? What about me?! The way I wanted things to go down!

Meg: We're good, Dusty. We're good. I mean, with Jennifer, you were her protector. It was all about the baby. With us, it's the total package. We made a home here together. We've been happy here.

Dusty: Yeah, you're right.



Nick: Thanks, I really appreciate this.

Carly: Like he did it all himself.

Nick: It's not like I saved the TV station all by myself.

Jack: You see, it's not as bad as you thought.

Carly: He's going to talk about what you did.

Nick: This lovely lady right here can attest to the fact that she and everybody else could've been blown to bits if not for the help of someone else. Someone we should all give thanks to. Who risked everything.

Carly: Get ready to take your bow.

Jack: Honey, it's not about that.

Nick: The real hero tonight is my cousin Mike. He got himself out of a hospital bed, ignored the pain of his busted up ribs, to save his true love. Miss Katie Peretti.


Jack: I'm going to go wash my hands.

Carly: You pompous moron. Jack may be too nice to tell you off, but I'm certainly not.

Carly: You really think you're something else, don't you?

Nick: The lady with the flat tire. Did you ever get to where you wanted to go?

Carly: No thanks to you.

Nick: I offered to give you some help. You sent me away.

Carly: You were obnoxious. You may as well have called me a bimbo.

Nick: Didn't I apologize for that?

Carly: You ought to apologize for being the kind of guy who even thinks such a thing.

Nick: Then I apologize for being the kind of guy who thinks that kind of things.

Carly: Are you always this incredibly irritating?

Nick: You misjudge me.

Carly: Do I? No. No, you were a jerk when I met you and you've done nothing to prove me wrong.

Nick: You are such a tough lady to impress, but I like that. I prefer a woman with a little spunk.

Katie: Look at all this free stuff. I guess heroes get whatever they want.

Nick: Not necessarily.

Katie: Hi Carly.

Carly: Hi Katie.

Katie: Do you two know each other?

Carly: No.

Nick: Yes. Well, we haven't formerly been introduced.

Katie: Okay. Carly Snyder, this is Nick Kasnoff.

Carly: Right, that's Mike's cousin. I think I've heard something about that.

Nick: Are you related to Jack Snyder?

Carly: I'm his wife.

Nick: Wife, right. You mentioned you were married.

Katie: Well, you must know Jack, right. You're a cop and he's a --

Nick: Yeah, I'm Jack's replacement.

Katie: Didn't realize that. Sorry.

Nick: Yeah, but he's a good guy, Jack. And he was a great cop.

Carly: He's not just a great cop. He's the best cop. And there is no way a green, arrogant hotshot like you could ever take his place.


Dusty: I was happy here.

Meg: Because it's been wonderful. We've had so much fun putting this whole place together. Buying things. Making it our own. We laugh all the time. You bring me coffee in bed. You rub my shoulders. You smile when I walk in a room. I wish I had believed from the very beginning that you could love me. I believe it now.

Dusty: It's too late now.

Meg: No, come on, don't say that. Everything's out in the open. We could start again. Come on, Dusty. Just give me a second chance.

Dusty: You think you deserve a chance?

Meg: I could've kept my mouth shut. Let the baby stay with Gwen. Kept you with me. But I didn't want to see Jen suffer anymore. And I didn't want our life together to be based on a lie.

Dusty: So you waited. It didn't matter to you that Johnny was getting older by the minute, being raised by some woman who wasn't even his mother?

Meg: But in the end --

Dusty: At the end, you figured out a plan to give Jennifer back her baby and keep me. It was all a bunch of lies.

Meg: Why can't you understand, I did it because I love you!

Dusty: I'm going to pack up my stuff, all right? And I don't want you around when I do that.

Meg: No, Dusty, come on, please.

Dusty: Come on!

Meg: Okay, I'm sorry. I just wanted -- this is your place now, okay? Your home. I'll go to Momís. You could just call me whenever. You know, at every point, every decision I made, I always asked myself, "If Dusty did this, could I forgive him?" The answer was always yes.

Dusty: I can't forgive myself. You know why? I'm a street guy. Nobody puts one over on me. Nobody but you.

Meg: Dusty.

Dusty: Do you know why? Because I had you pinned as a nice girl. Nice home. Nice life. So finally, finally, I could be a nice guy. Now get out of here!

Meg: Dusty, please.

Dusty: Get out of here! Don't make me say it again!

[Door slams]


[Emily whimpering]

Emily: I didn't mean it. Oh, God, I didn't mean it. I didn't mean it! I'm sorry. Oh God, is he dead? Are you dead? Oh God, no! Oh, God. Oh. Oh, God. Oh, no. Oh, God. Okay. [Emily whimpering] Oh, God! Oh, God!


Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Jack: We are not going to do anything about this. Do I make myself clear?

Emily: I need help! I don't know what to do!

Meg: Hello? Anyone out there?

Dusty: I've got something to tell you.


Carly: Jack not only worked with the FBI, but he has loads of awards for the cases that he has solved.

Nick: I'm not surprised.

Carly: And he has saved the lives of everybody in this town at least twice, don't you think, Katie?

Katie: He's saved me five or six times.

Carly: And he caught James Stenback, and James Stenback is almost impossible for anybody to catch.

Jack: Yeah and I did that while I was on one foot twirling a fiery baton. How you doing? I'm Jack Snyder.

Nick: Nick Kasnoff. You're shorter than I expected.

Carly: What?

Nick: From what your wife tells me, I thought you'd at least be 20 feet tall.

[Jack laughs]

Jack: Yeah, only on Sundays. You see, on weekdays, I like to keep a low profile. You know what I mean? Welcome to Oakdale.

Nick: Thanks.

Jack: You did a good job tonight.

Nick: You, too. How's the arm? It's not serious, I hope.

Carly: Jack's lucky to be alive. After he discovered that bomb --

Jack: We don't need a recap, all right?

Carly: Right, baby.

Nick: You're a legend at the Oakdale PD. I'm going to have some big shoes to fill.

Carly: Yes, that's true. You certainly will.

Jack: Katie, how's Mike?

Katie: He's okay. He's back in the hospital. We were afraid he refractured a couple of ribs.

Carly: Is he going to be all right?

Katie: Yeah, he should be home soon.

Jack: Good. Give him all my best, please.

Katie: Will do.

Jack: Nice meeting you.

Carly: Yes, Katie, be sure to tell mike that we say hello.

Jack: See you around. Good luck.

Katie: Okay.

Jack: What the hell was that all about?

Carly: He's just so full of himself. I can't even stand it.

Jack: Come on, he did a very brave thing tonight. He got that bomb out of there before it blew up in the middle of a crowd.

Carly: He's a showoff.

Jack: Okay, so he's a showoff, so what? He took a risk. It could have ended his life and the lives of a lot of people, but it didn't happen, honey. He deserves the applause and everything that goes with it.

Carly: So do you.

Jack: Okay. I promise the next time I walk into a room and everyone's applauding for me, I'll stop and bask in the glory. Why does that bother you so much?

Carly: Because it should be you, Jack. This guy has your job, and it's not right.

Jack: That's the way it is.

Carly: Yeah. Because of me.


[Emily cries] [She rolls Paulís body over a clift.]

Emily: Oh, yeah. Okay. Good. [Emily moans] The phone. Hi, it's Emily. Here comes the beep. Okay. Nobody knew I was here. [Emily weeping] Oh, God.


Barbara: I used to watch you and your brothers like this. Just sit and watch you sleep. For hours. I don't know why I'm getting so sentimental. He deserves the best, honey.

Jennifer: And he's going to get that from me. And you can help.

Barbara: And who's going to help you? Who's going to help you through the fevers and the broken bones and the little league games?

Jennifer: Thousands of women manage.

Barbara: Because they have to. But given the choice, don't you think they'd want a man with them who loved them? Who loved their children?

Jennifer: Mom, I meant what I said. Dusty's with Meg now, and I will not interfere with that.

Barbara: Honey, I can understand that you are grateful to Meg, but given everything that's happened, do you really think it's so terrible that you put your own needs first? [Jennifer chuckles] What?

Jennifer: Oh, you are something else.

Barbara: What? What's so funny?

Jennifer: No. That's just the exact opposite of what I told Paul. I said he should think about somebody else for a change.

Barbara: You saw Paul?

Jennifer: Yeah, at the police station.

Barbara: What did he say to you?

Jennifer: He didn't listen to me much, but what he said, I just basically told him he was as good as dead to me and that I never wanted to see him again. Mom?

Barbara: No, its okay, I understand that you feel that way after everything that he's done to you, but he's my son. And I will always love him. And forgive him. And I'm sure you don't understand that.

Jennifer: Oh, I do. Now I do.

Barbara: If Paul had had a decent father, which is why I keep pushing you. I don't want you looking back years down the road and realize you could've made a different choice.

Jennifer: Mom --

Barbara: I want what's best for you and for that little boy.

Jennifer: I love my son now, and that's gotta be enough for right now.

[Baby cries]

Barbara: You know what? You can do that tomorrow and the next day and the day after that.

Jennifer: Are you sure?

Barbara: Let me give him a bottle and settle him down tonight, okay? And you can relax. You can rest.

Jennifer: Okay.

Barbara: All right?

Jennifer: Okay, but if you need me, you just call.

Barbara: I will. Come on, sweetheart. Lay down now.

[Knock at the door]

Jennifer: Who is it?

Dusty: It's me.

Jennifer: Did my mother call you?

Dusty: No, why? Is something wrong? Is something wrong with Johnny?

Jennifer: No, he's fine. It's late.

Dusty: Yeah. I've got something to tell you.


[Windshield wipers moving]

[Meg remembering]

Dusty: Get out, it's over. Get out, it's over.

Meg: No, it's no over. I have to make him understand that. Where's my phone? Where is my phone?

[Tires screeching]


Jack: Honey, Nick Kasnoff has not taken a thing away from me. I lost my job, okay? And he got it. That's just the way it goes.

Carly: You lost your job because of me.

Jack: Oh, Carly, come on. Well, okay, here's something I haven't told you. I like sleeping in the whole bed. Did you know that? I like sprawling out. I do. But I donít. I stay on my side. You know why?

Carly: Because of me?

Jack: I love knowing that when I reach out in the middle of the night, you are going to be there. Go figure.

Carly: Jack.

Jack: Honey, and these kids we have, the ones that make a lot of noise and leave their bikes in the driveway and give me hugs and kisses. You know why these little rugrats are in my life?

Carly: Because of me.

Jack: Yes. I did not -- honey, you did not make me lose my job. I didn't lose my job because of you. I did what I did because of me. Because I need you with me, always.

Carly: Just let me try and fix --

Jack: No, absolutely not! I know you want to help! I know you want to help. But when you help, you end up getting everybody into trouble.

Carly: But this Nick Kasnoff is all flash. The police department doesn't need him. They need you.

Jack: Hello? Hello? Am I talking to a wall here?

Carly: Why can't a wife help her husband?

Jack: You can. You can help by listening to me right now. Carly, we -- not me, it's certainly not you -- we are not going to do anything about this. Do I make myself clear?

Carly: Mm-hmm.

Jack: Okay. So you're not going to make trouble for Nick Kasnoff?

Carly: Not if you don't want me to.

Jack: Right. And you're going to be nice to him?

Carly: Not in this lifetime, no. Sorry.


Katie: These past few weeks have been such a nightmare. First Henry disappearing, and then Mike getting hurt. I am just so thankful that everybody is back, and -- Nick?

Nick: Oh, I'm sorry. I was just taking in sights and faces. It's a cop thing.

Katie: Yeah?

Nick: For example, what do you know about Carly?

Katie: Carly?

Nick: Katie, can you just tell me what you know about Carly Snyder?


Susan: Emily -- Emily, what's wrong?

Emily: It's awful. It's awful.

Susan: Come with me. Come on. What happened? Last time I saw you, you were all excited about getting married.

Emily: Was I?

Susan: What is it? Is it Paul? What's going on?

Emily: Sorry. I'm so sorry.

Susan: Oh, honey. I'm sorry, I should've been at your wedding.

Emily: No, the wedding -- the wedding never happened.

Susan: What?

Emily: Oh, God. Oh, I need help. I need help. I don't know what to do.

Susan: No. You just tell me one thing. Who called off the wedding, you or Paul?


Jennifer: Dusty, does Meg know you're here?

Dusty: No.

Jennifer: Well, then, maybe this isn't such a good idea.

Dusty: Probably not.

Jennifer: Hey, what is it?

Dusty: Meg.

Jennifer: Did you two have a fight or something?

Dusty: Yeah. We fought.

Jennifer: That's no big thing. You two are great together, and couples have problems all the time. You'll work it out.

Dusty: No, we wonít.

Jennifer: Okay, maybe I'm not the person that you should be talking to about this.

Dusty: It involves you.

Jennifer: How?

Dusty: I just found out tonight that Meg knew that your baby was alive. She knew months ago.

Jennifer: What?

Dusty: She knew. She and your brother kept it from you, from me, from the both of us.

Jennifer: I don't understand. Why would Meg do that?

Dusty: Because of me.


[Car horn blaring]

Meg: Hello? Anyone out there? Oh, no. Did I hit someone?


Katie: Why are you so interested in Jack's wife?

Nick: I don't know, ever since I've saw her, she's got this story about her. She's funny. She's cute. Even the way she's so protective of her husband.

Katie: Well, that's the way it should be. I'd do the same for Mike.

Nick: Yeah, but that's a given. I mean, you two were obviously made for each other.

Katie: And what about those two? You don't think Jack and Carly belong together?

Nick: I don't know them. I mean, just that Carly -- she's got this heat about her that just doesn't seem like it goes with him.

Katie: I think you're underestimating Jack.

Nick: Since you know him and I don't, you're probably right.

Carly: Are you ready to go home?

Jack: Mmm. Okay. All right. We are going to say goodnight. You're going to be civil, and we're leaving. You got it?

Carly: Mm-hmm. I'll do whatever you want.

Jack: Well, goodnight, Nick. Nice meeting you.

Nick: Right back at you.

Jack: You're going to see Mike tomorrow?

Katie: Yep.

Jack: Okay, can you give him a message for me?

Katie: Sure.

Nick: Carly. See you around, Sparky. Katie, you ready?

Katie: Yep. Goodnight.

Jack: Goodnight.

Katie: Goodnight.

Jack: See? That wasn't so hard.


Emily: I didn't see Paul.

Susan: You mean that bum stood you up? He never even showed? You think something happened to him?

Emily: I talked to him. It's just that when we decided not to get married at the church. We were going to find a place outside of town and he was going to pick up the minister and then tell me where to meet him.

Susan: So you were just supposed to hang out until he called you back with a time and a place?

Emily: Yes. Yeah. I didn't want to wait at home. I couldn't wait at home, so I got in my car.

Susan: You got into your car? And then what?

Emily: And then I just drove around. I drove around and waited to hear from him, and then he called.

Susan: What did he say?

Emily: He said he canceled the minister and we weren't getting married.

Susan: What? Did he give you a reason?

Emily: He said -- [Emily sobbing] I can't do this. I can't talk about this.

Susan: Of course not. Of course not, but how dare he do that. How dare he handle it like that? And -- and lead you on. I mean, why did he let it go so far if he wasn't going to go through with it?

Emily: He said his life was just too much of a mess right now.

Susan: So it's over?

[Emily sobbing]

Emily: It's over.

Susan: It's over until the next time he comes crawling back, begging you to stand by him just one more time. Oh, Emily, you're not going to do it, are you? Honey, everything is going to be all right now.

Emily: No. Paul is gone forever. And I'm never going to see him again.


Jennifer: It doesn't make any sense. Meg was helping us because of you. Because she loves you.

Dusty: No, Meg had her own agenda.

Jennifer: Which was what? Watching me suffer?

Dusty: No. She's a lot of things, but she's not cruel. She didn't enjoy you suffering. She did get the truth to you eventually.

Jennifer: Yes, without admitting what she had done. How she'd been part of the whole thing.

Dusty: Yeah.

Jennifer: And so all these little coincidences. Suddenly, finding out that the baby's blood didn't match Gwenís, she knew the whole time. Why didn't she tell me? She didn't want to lose you.

Dusty: She figured that the baby was such a huge bond between us that the only way to stop us from being together was to keep the baby away from you.

Jennifer: At least until you --

Dusty: She knew something else, too. Something that we never saw coming, I guess.

Jennifer: What?

Dusty: She knew that we had fallen in love with each other. And that once you had your baby, nothing in the world could keep us apart.


Meg: Hello? Is someone here? Are you hurt? I'm a nurse. I can help.

[Paul gasping]


Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Keith: Pack your bags. We leave for California tomorrow.

Jennifer: I dreamed this -- this moment. You coming to me.

Meg: Oh, my God. Okay, okay. Just stay with me. Who did this?

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