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Katie: You're alive.

Henry: And kicking.

Katie: You had us so petrified, Henry.

Henry: Yeah, me too.

Nick: Who is that?

Mike: Katie's ex-husband.

Nick: She married a cross-dresser?

Henry: I could hear you trying to find me.

Katie: Yeah?

Maddie: The Amazon stopped him.

Katie: Your Amazon? She was real?

Henry: Oh my, yes. Olga.

Katie: Hers?

Henry: Yes, of course, it's hers. She was very blonde, and this worked for her in a kind of prison warden/kitten in chains kind of way. That and the stilettos.

Katie: You sound almost happy about it.

Henry: I'm not, no. Bubbles, it was hell.

Katie: But you're okay? You sure?

Henry: Yeah, I'm sure. Hey, what about you, big guy? I heard you took a fender for my sister.

Mike: It was nothing.

Henry: No, don't do that. You're a hero.

Mike: No, there's the hero. That's my cousin, Nick Kasnoff.

Henry: The guy who landed on the bomb. How you doing? Henry Coleman, glad to meet you. This is my sister, Maddie.

Katie: So, tell me everything, Henry. B.J. was keeping you prisoner?

Maddie: He was, we were totally right.

Katie: Where?

Maddie: Fairwinds' wine cellar.

Katie: The whole time?

Maddie: Mm-hmm. Except they moved him once when you came. They knew you were coming.

Katie: Wait, who's they?

Maddie: The Amazon.

Katie: Oh, right.

Mike: Welcome back.

Will: A new year's campout. Now there's an idea.

Gwen: Hey, you said fresh air.

Will: I said "come up for air." We could have stayed inside.

Gwen: And miss all these stars?

Will: Or all the drunk people. Look at the window.

Gwen: Oh, oh, wow. They're gonna feel stupid tomorrow.

Will: Yeah, if they even remember.

Gwen: Does that look like fun to you?

Will: Truth? Never did.

Gwen: Yeah, me neither. I don't get it. And what's up with this holiday anyways? People say New Yearís, but it's really just this one day. Like one day really makes a difference.

Will: Sometimes it can.

Gwen: Yeah, I guess. Like one day, I had a baby, and then I didnít.

Will: Like one day we were alone, and then we were together.

Gwen: I like your one a lot better than mine.

Will: We'll make this year all good days, okay?

Gwen: Yeah.

Meg: Okay, just one drink, and then we're out of here.

Dusty: Okay.

Meg: You know, I can't believe you haven't asked.

Dusty: About what?

Meg: My surprise. I know how much you hate surprises, and I thought for sure you would try and get it out of me before the end of the night. Our first toast. To you.

Dusty: No.

Meg: To me? Because I'm the greatest? This is where you're supposed to say "yeah, you are."

Dusty: To you.

Meg: There we go.

Dusty: To you, for finding out the truth about Jen's baby.

Susan: Hal.

Hal: Oh, this is the bride's side of the aisle.

Susan: They're not coming.

Hal: What?

Susan: She called me from the car and told me.

Hal: Well, thank God she's come to her senses.

Susan: Oh, I didn't say that.

Hal: Well, as long as she's not marrying Paul, it's a good first step.

Susan: She's marrying him okay. It's just the location that's changed.

Hal: Why?

Susan: She told me what happened when you went to see her today. You scared her.

Hal: Oh, yeah. Well, I scared myself.

Susan: What were you thinking?

Hal: Thinking had very little to do with it.

Susan: So you started breaking things?

Hal: As I said, Susan, I owe Emily an apology. I really do.

Susan: That'll have to wait.

Hal: Where is she, Susan?

Susan: She wouldn't say. Only that it's someplace secluded and romantic where we'll never find them, so don't even try, because they're going to get married no matter what we say. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. They're going to be together for all eternity.

Hal: Yep. Emily is definitely the star of her own personal movie right now.

Emily: You found it.

Paul: Of course I did.

Emily: I wasn't sure you would, because, you know, there's snow up here, and I wasn't sure I'd find it myself. So I decided to come up a little early. Why's the minister still in t he car?

Paul: He's not in the car.

Emily: What? I told you to go pick him up. He's never going to be able to find us up here.

Paul: He's not coming. Emily, we're not getting married.

Emily: So, we're not going to get married here?

Paul: We're not getting married. I can't do it.

Emily: Do what?

Paul: I can't take you down. Emily, I'm going to prison.

Emily: No, we've talked about this.

Paul: It could be for a really long time.

Emily: You're not going to jail. I won't let them send you to jail. We'll fight the charges.

Paul: What if we lose?

Emily: Well, then we'll appeal.

Paul: For years?

Emily: Stop it, okay? I'm not going to let you do this. Sweetheart, it's our wedding day, please.

Paul: I won't sign you up for a life like that.

Emily: You didnít. I did. The only life I want is with you, Paul.

Paul: Emily --

Emily: Period. Whatever that means.

Paul: If I'm in prison, we don't have a life. You have your life on one side of the bars, and I have my life on the other side of the bars, and I can't do that to you.

Emily: Then let's go. Let's go.

Paul: Go?

Emily: Let's leave. Tonight.

Paul: Leave?

Emily: Let's leave the country, Paul.

Paul: I --

Emily: Why not? Listen to me, who needs a life full of people judging us? It's okay, we'll just -- we'll go away. A fresh start. A new place.

Paul: You would do that?

Emily: Yes, of course I would. We were going to do it before for Jennifer.

Paul: Danny. Emily, you would never see your son again.

Emily: I'd find a way to get him back. No. I mean, it may take a while, but I would find a way to get him back. Please, it's okay. We can't think about all these things. We need to focus on one thing at a time.

Paul: No. We're going to do what's right for you. For once, we are going to do what's right for you.

Emily: Then marry me. Please. Oh, God, I love that you want to take care of me and protect me, but I am a big girl. And I went into this with my eyes wide open and I am not blinking. I want you. Whatever comes with you, I want it, all of it. So just marry me. That's what I want. That's all I want.

Will: It's gonna be great. Fireworks at midnight.

Gwen: You want to wait until then? Oh, you mean those fireworks.

Will: You know, you're good for my ego.

Gwen: Yeah, I could say the same thing. So, we'll make this our tradition?

Will: Yeah. From now on, fireworks on our roof.

Gwen: Our roof. Yeah, I guess it is, isn't it?

Will: Well, we came to some pretty important decisions up here, you and me. Sometimes I forget that I used to come up here to be alone.

Gwen: Would you ever still want to?

Will: Be alone? Not when I have you.

Meg: My turn. To you, for giving me everything I ever wanted. To us.

Dusty: Let's go back to mine. You did find out about Jen's baby.

Meg: Dusty, I don't want to be thanked for that.

Dusty: Why not?

Meg: It wasn't some big noble act. I just, you know, saw some things, and I got lucky. I mean, you did the real work. You got Jen's baby, and I'm so happy for her.

Dusty: Come on. It was a big deal. I mean, it was noble.

Meg: No, it wasnít.

Dusty: No? Why not?

Meg: Because, you know, it wasnít. You know, I ran into some charts, they were right there, and I had Jen and the baby on my mind because of you. And I just happened to glance.

Dusty: And that's all it

Dusty: And that's all it took. After months and months of me trying to prove that that baby belonged to Jennifer, suddenly it's all over.

Meg: Well, I know you must have felt relieved.

Dusty: Did you?

Meg: What?

Dusty: Feel relief. I mean, you saw Jen that day, falling apart.

Meg: Yeah, it was hard to see her in so much pain. I'm just glad I was a small part of making it stop.

Dusty: Oh, come on, now you're being modest. You made it happen. You made it stop. It was all in your hands.

Meg: Yeah, that would be me. You know what? Let's focus on dazzling you, okay? There is a limo waiting for us.

Dusty: We're taking a limo to this surprise?

Meg: Yes, we are. And I don't want to ruin the whole thing, but we do have very impossible-to-get dinner reservations and a penthouse suite 80 floors up, so come on, let's go.

Dusty: Sounds like the perfect, perfect night. It's all perfect to you.

Meg: You know, Dusty, if you don't like my idea, we can go somewhere else.

Dusty: How about Tampa?

Meg: What?

Dusty: Tampa. Florida. I went there in October with Jennifer. So did you. The same day.

Gwen: Are you sure that you don't want to be alone ever?

Will: I'm sure.

Gwen: That can't be true. You can tell me, Will. You have to, you have to be honest. Otherwise, it'll get weird.

Will: Okay. You know what, right now, I don't want you to move one inch. But yeah, sometimes, once in a while. Everybody needs their space. Don't you?

Gwen: Yeah.

Will: That's what you were worried about?

Gwen: Yeah. I don't know what's normal and what's not.

Will: And you're using me to figure it out? You're in trouble.

Gwen: How can I be freezing my butt off and still be this happy?

Will: 'Cause you're hanging out with the right crowd.

Gwen: Oh, that alone time we were talking about? We're going to have to take turns once there's a baby.

Will: We'll manage, like we did before.

Gwen: Are you sure?

Will: Yeah, it wasn't tough.

Gwen: I mean all of it.

Will: Having a baby? Yeah.

Gwen: You're not going to feel -- I don't know, too old?

Will: I always did.

Gwen: Yeah, me too.

Will: My mom used to say that I was born old.

Gwen: Oh, but you were still her little boy.

Will: Yeah, it was a neat trick.

Gwen: You know, if it's a girl --

Will: We are not naming it after her.

Gwen: Oh, yes, come on. Barbara Iris Munson.

Will: You know what? Now I want to be alone. You have to give me my space.

Gwen: Uh uh. No.

Will: What, you're not going to give me my space?

Gwen: Uh uh. Not tonight.

Henry: I can't believe Maddie came looking for me. And you, too. You took too many chances.

Katie: Like you did, when you confronted B.J.? I'm the reason you were in trouble in the first place.

Henry: No, not exactly.

Katie: Yes, well, close enough. And it's not the first time, either. I've landed you in trouble a lot.

Henry: Well, I more than paid you back for that this last summer. Both of you.

Mike: It's forgotten.

Henry: I'm not sure I deserve that.

Mike: Take it anyway. I'm all drugged up and in a lot pain, so you're not going to get another chance.

Henry: All right. Then, thanks.

Katie: You even have to ask?

[Beeper beeping]

Nick: That's the station.

Henry: Station?

Mike: Nick's a cop.

Henry: Hey, no kidding.

Nick: Did you give a statement to the Oakdale PD?

Henry: Yeah, I'm sure I did.

Nick: 'Cause there was a lot of confusion at the scene. I want to make sure that they have everything they need.

Mike: If not, the cops know where to find Henry.

Henry: Yeah, we're tight.

Nick: All right, I'll be right back. Let me check in.

Katie: So Henry, when Olga moved you from the wine cellar, where did she take you?

Henry: Outside. Then back in. You know, Maddie and I should get going.

Katie: You just got home.

Henry: Yeah, and I am wiped. Besides, this guy, he hauls himself out of the hospital to save you -- I think he needs his rest.

Maddie: Thank you again, Mike.

Katie: We'll see you tomorrow?

Henry: Sure.

Mike: Or not. Ribs, ribs, ribs, ribs.

Katie: Oh, sorry. So close. I forgot. Better?

Mike: Much.

Katie: Can you believe we're finally alone?

Mike: No.

Katie: It's finally over.

Mike: Not exactly. B.J.'s still on the loose and I'm still in here. That needs to change.

Maddie: All right, what's the deal? Everyone was getting along in there, better than ever, and you suddenly want to pick up and go?

Henry: I'm tired, kitten. Remember, held hostage, numerous escape attempts, no shower, no real sleep for weeks.

Maddie: Aw, I'm sorry.

Henry: Yeah.

Maddie: You still have your suite at the Lakeview, though?

Henry: Yeah, I never checked out, and B.J. had it on some kind of automatic payment plan.

Maddie: Ooh. Well then, you have one more night there. We should get you the biggest steak that they have.

Henry: Yeah, and a big pitcher full of room service martinis?

Maddie: Right. I'll take this case.

Henry: That's okay.

Maddie: Henry?

Henry: I'm sorry. That's just a prison reflex.

Maddie: Uh uh. You've been acting weird about this case all night. And if you don't tell me what is, I'm going to start making some noise.

Meg: Where'd you get that?

Dusty: I found it in the file that you left at your motherís. You know, the stuff you left behind when we moved in together?

Meg: Dusty, it's not --

Dusty: It's not yours? You didn't go to Tampa? You went to Tampa. I went to Tampa with Jennifer. You followed us.

Meg: Yes, I did. So, what do you want to hear? That I was scared, jealous? I was. No matter what you said, I knew Jennifer was more than a friend, and I just wanted --

Dusty: You wanted to what? Surprise me?

Meg: Yes.

Dusty: With what?

Meg: Me. Myself.

Dusty: Really? How about the big news that Jenniferís baby was alive? Were you going to bring that up?

Meg: How could I?

Dusty: Because you knew. I spoke to your friend, Eli. You knew for months that Jenniferís baby was alive, and you said nothing.

Hal: Besides secluded, did Emily say anything else about this spot?

Susan: It's romantic.

Hal: Were you able to tell where she was calling from?

Susan: The car.

Hal: I mean, could you hear any background noises? Like airplanes landing. Anything like that? Paul's a pilot.

Susan: Oh, no, no, no, no, no. Emily knows that would be the final nail in the coffin as far as Danielís concerned.

Hal: All right, so you think they're still in town. I'll buy that. I'm going to put out an APB on both their cars.

Susan: Oh, no.

Hal: Is she still driving the SUV?

Susan: Hal --

Hal: Without Daniel, I thought she might have switched.

Susan: Stop! Stop trying to be a cop.

Hal: It's no effort.

Susan: And stop trying to be a husband. She's cut us loose.

Hal: So?

Susan: So we have to let her go. It's her life.

Emily: Paul, I love you. And I love that you want to protect me and take care of me, but I don't need to be protected. I need to be your wife.

Paul: I'm not getting married.

Emily: Yeah, well, in case you haven't noticed, I'm wearing the wedding dress, you know? So let's just find a preacher and get hitched. You know, we'll go to the preacher's house. We'll find the minister's house, and we'll get married. I mean, it's not a windswept bluff, but we'll make it romantic. It's what we do.

Paul: That's what you do.

Emily: Yeah, well, that's why you want me around, you know? Come on. Come on, let's go. Paul?

Paul: I canít.

Emily: Why?

Paul: Because it's not fair.

Emily: No really, why?

Paul: That is really why. Emily, for once in my life I'm going to do what's right for somebody else, and not necessarily what's right for me.

Emily: Yeah, but this isn't about -- this is right for me. I am in love with you.

Paul: And I care about you. That's why I won't let you throw your life away.

Emily: You care about me?

Paul: Of course I do.

Emily: I thought you loved -- I thought you loved me.

Paul: I'm not sure I know what that is.

Emily: No, you knew. With me, you're not sure what it is.

Paul: No, with anybody.

Emily: No, you knew. I saw it. With Rosanna. You still love her. That's what this is all about.

Katie: Its one night, Mike. They said you could come home tomorrow.

Mike: That's all it takes. I don't want you home alone with B.J. still on the loose. Call Margo, have her put a uniform at the house.

Katie: No, no! I want every cop on duty out there looking for that creep.

Nick: Don't worry, they're all over it.

Mike: Nick, you're a cop.

Nick: Yeah.

Mike: You on duty yet?

Nick: Not until tomorrow morning.

Mike: Then I think I'm going to take you up on your offer, all right? You said keep an eye Katie?

Katie: No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Please, nick, don't even worry about it. It's fine. I'll lock the doors.

Mike: I want you to stay with Katie tonight. Can you do that?

Nick: Sure. I actually was going to ask you if I can crash at your place. The place I rented is not going to be ready for a few days.

Mike: Perfect, perfect. Don't fight me on this.

Nick: I really need a place.

Katie: Okay. Done. You can stay with us.

Henry: Couldn't this wait until I got home?

Maddie: No. You didn't want to talk at the hospital, that's fine, but I'm not going to let you check into a hotel with that.

Henry: That what?

Maddie: That. I need to know what that is and I need to know that you're not going to get arrested.

Henry: Oh, honey, why would I be arrested?

Maddie: You tell me.

Henry: You are making way too big of a deal of a tiny, little briefcase.

Maddie: No, I'm not. Now tell me what is in the briefcase!

Henry: Shh, shh. Fine, fine, okay? It is a big deal. But this is not fun and games. If I trust you, you have to agree to let me decide how to handle this, all right?

Maddie: I promise I will not do anything on my own. Without your approval. Okay?

Henry: Great, deal, okay.

Maddie: Okay.

Henry: First thing's first. This is a secret. Now, what is that, Madeline?

Maddie: I don't tell.

Henry: You don't tell anyone. No one at school, no Hughes of any description, not on your blog, not even in code. Nothing. Anywhere. Anytime.

Maddie: Okay, I got it, all right? Just tell me already.

Henry: Okay. But you may want to take some slow, deep breaths.

Paul: Let's not bring Rosanna into this.

Emily: She's already here. She was always here. Everything I -- everything we did, all the trouble you're in right now. It was all because of Craig, and what he did to Rosanna.

Paul: He's a cruel and vicious man.

Emily: Oh, please. He's not that bad, but he hurt Rosanna. That's all you cared about.

Paul: Not all.

Emily: But most? Oh, my God. Oh, my God, oh, my God. Oh, my God. Everybody could see it, too. Everybody kept telling me that you weren't in love with me. They could see it. But I was so sure, I pushed back and I defended you.

Paul: Hold on a second, take a deep breath.

Emily: Don't -- don't tell me what to do!

Paul: I'm not, I want --

Emily: What? What do you want?

Paul: To turn the clock back a year and get it right this time. No, no, no, that's not what I meant.

Emily: You were married to Rosanna a year ago.

Paul: No, I'm not talking about that, I'm talking about everything else. Everything else. What I did to Jennifer, all of the other mistakes.

Emily: What, what, what, what, you don't want to go back and erase what happened with Rosanna, too?

Paul: Well, I wish she were not in a coma, but --

Emily: You never loved me. You never loved me.

Paul: That's not true.

Emily: No, you never loved me. You were pretending to love me. You just wanted to get away.

Paul: You saved my life so many times this year.

Emily: Yeah, the year you want to erase.

Paul: Because of everything that I did. Because of all of my mistakes -- my mistakes, not you. Never you. It was never anything that you did. You are the best thing that ever happened to me.

Emily: Yeah, but you don't love me.

Paul: I do. Just -- not the way you want.

Emily: Not the way you loved Rosanna. [Emily sobbing] Oh, God, how could you? How could you do this to me? Oh, God.

Meg: Dusty --

Dusty: You worked me for the last time.

Meg: I am not working. There was a reason.

Dusty: That makes it all better.

Meg: If you're not going to listen, what's the point?

Dusty: That's a good question.

Meg: No, wait. You owe me.

Dusty: I owe you?

Meg: Yes. I didn't take Jen's baby away from her. As a matter of fact, I went out on a limb to try and find out the truth. And I am the only reason she even found out. And you know why? I did that because of you, Dusty.

Dusty: Really? Tell me.

Meg: I got the baby's paternity test analyzed. I got the DNA from Jennifer to make a comparison. I went against all the rules, probably broke a few laws. But I did that for you, remember?

Dusty: Yeah, I remember. I won't forget it.

Meg: When I found out that Jen and the baby were a match, I called you and I called you, but you wouldn't answer, so it went straight to voice mail. And you never returned the calls.

Dusty: And so you're saying if I would've called you back, it would've been over? You would've told me, right there and then?

Meg: Of course I would've. That's why I kept calling you back. I was desperate to tell you. And that's why I flew to Tampa, so I could see the both of you and tell you in person.

Dusty: What happened? You couldn't find us?

Meg: Paul happened. Paul got on the plane.

Dusty: Paul followed you on the plane?

Meg: Yes, yes. I don't know how he got there, probably Emily. She was on my back, snooping around. The point is, Paul started working on me.

Dusty: Paul Ryan got to you?

Meg: He made sense, Dusty, okay? He told me what Craig would do to Jennifer, and it scared me.

Dusty: Nonsense!

Meg: No, it's not! It's not nonsense, okay? He had lots of reasons that made a lot of sense.

Dusty: You kept Jennifer away from her baby because a loser like Paul Ryan started talking trash to another loser?

Meg: That's not the way I saw it.

Dusty: No? How'd you see it? Why'd you keep Jennifer from her baby?

Meg: I think you know why I did it.

Dusty: Whatever you do, don't tell me I'm the reason you did this.

Meg: So you're telling me not to love you?

Dusty: This isn't love. You saw Jennifer falling apart day after day. You could've stopped it.

Meg: I did. I did. I didn't want to see her suffer like that. And I found a way. I finally found a way to make it right.

Dusty: You found a way when you were good and ready? When you had everything set up the way you wanted it?! Man, this town is making me so soft.

Meg: What?

Dusty: You played me.

Meg: No.

Dusty: Big time. Setting up house, making sure you had everything tied up in a bow before you let the news slip.

Meg: You, Dusty. You asked me to move in here with you, okay? I never pushed you.

Dusty: That's right, I know. You were perfect. You were perfect, baby. I never saw you coming.

Meg: This is not a conspiracy, Dusty.

Dusty: No? You led me to this paper trail by accident? By accident?

Meg: No! I never planned --

Dusty: Planned to what? Tell Jennifer? You would've kept it a secret forever!

Meg: No.

Dusty: Yes! You, Paul and Emily. I bet you were shaking in your boots when they got arrested. But you're good. You're real good. You played them like you played me. And everybody looks out for sweet little Meg, who took so much risk setting up those tests. Who are you?

Meg: Don't look at me like that.

Dusty: I can't look at you at all.

Nick: Before I take Katie home, I think you should know the latest on B.J. Greene. I just got off the phone with the station right now, and they said he flew off right after the explosion. He took a limo to the airport, and took off. No flight plan.

Mike: Oh, man.

Nick: Totally off the radar in every way.

Katie: B.J. has an island in the Caribbean. At least, that's where he said we were.

Nick: We should get any detail that you remember.

Katie: If he's there, you're not going to find him. See, we don't have to worry.

Mike: Forget about it, I do worry. I almost lost you today. I'm not taking that chance again.

Henry: Yes, B.J.'s getaway money. When he knocked me over with this. He had no idea that he would be leaving without it.

Maddie: We have to go to the police.

Henry: What, are you crazy? Do I know you? Who are you? We go to the police with this, they will put this in a police locker to use as evidence for a trial that will never happen.

Maddie: It's not ours.

Henry: It will be, eventually. Don't you think I would've sued B.J. Greene to within an inch of his life? He put me in prison, he threatened my life, he had me tortured, Maddie.

Maddie: I knew that Amazon worked you over.

Henry: Yeah, like you wouldn't believe. My point is that any jury would award me at least this much in damages. I'm simply streamlining the legal process.

Maddie: I don't know.

Henry: I do. This is our nest egg. And I won't give it up.

Gwen: I love it up here. It's definitely our spot.

Will: Yeah, from now on.

Gwen: Just think, there's -- there's a whole city down there. But up here, we're the only people in the whole world.

Will: Nothing could make this better in any way.

Paul: Let's get you home, come on.

Emily: Don't you touch me!

Paul: I'm sorry.

Emily: You're sorry?

Paul: Yes, I'm sorry. I want to love you. You deserve to be loved. I wish I were the guy that could give you that.

Emily: But you can't quite get yourself there, can you?

Paul: No.

Emily: Because of Rosanna.

Paul: Rosanna left a hole in my heart.

Emily: That's it?

Paul: Nobody can fill it. Not even you.

Will: To a year full of good days.

Gwen: Happy New Year.

Henry: Do you realize what this money could do for us?

Maddie: A lot.

Henry: Yeah, yeah. Our ship has come in, Maddie C.

Maddie: Well, I am just glad that you are okay.

Henry: Be a little glad about the money, too, would you?

Maddie: Okay, that'll sink in. Lattes are on you.

Henry: Oh, at the very least. Happy New Year, kid.

Maddie: Already is.

Nurse #1: Visiting hours are over.

Mike: You better be careful. She wants me.

Katie: Oh, you be careful or I'll let her have you. It wouldn't be so fun. See you in the morning. Sweet dreams.

Mike: You, too. Happy New Year, angel.

Katie: Happy New Year.

Meg: This isn't happening. Dusty, come on, wait. Okay, it was a horrible thing. I did a stupid thing. But I fixed it.

Dusty: Nonsense! You didn't fix anything.

Meg: I did it for you and for Jennifer. I wanted everybody to be as happy as we were. I mean, haven't we been happy? Hasn't it been good?

Dusty: You need to get out of my way.

Meg: No.

Dusty: Don't push it.

Meg: It was a few bad months, okay? In Jenniferís whole life, in the baby's life. We can make it up to her.

Dusty: We?

Meg: Me. Me, okay? I'll make it up to her. I had a few weak moments and I let Paul manipulate me, okay? But I made it right in the end, okay? Doesn't that count for anything?

Dusty: Get out. Get out.

Hal: You don't have to stay with me.

Susan: Oh, this is as good a place as any to hope and pray Emily doesn't make another horrible mistake.

Hal: That's a smart prayer.

Susan: Of course, the only time she didn't make a horrible mistake was when she married you.

Hal: I don't know. If my life with her hadn't been so ordinary, she might not have felt she had to swing so far the other way.

Susan: Don't say that. She loved her life with you.

Hal: Not enough.

Emily: I gave up everything for you. I lost my son because of you.

Paul: See, now you can get him back.

Emily: No, I can't! I'm a pariah. I'm an unfit mother. Because of you. Because of the things I did for you.

Paul: We'll figure out a way to get your life back on track.

Emily: There is no way back from here, Paul!

Paul: Yes, there is.

Emily: No, there's not.

Paul: Emily, you're the strongest person I know. And you will figure out a way. At least now you'll be free. Free to have the life that you deserve. And I only hope that one day you will understand that.

Emily: I understand. I get this. I get it.

Paul: Do you? Do you really?

Emily: Oh, yes. I've been here before. I've been here before. Oh, God.

Paul: Emily, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

Emily: That's it? You just walk away?

Paul: Emily, there isn't anything I can say or do now that'll make this better.

[Emily takes a gun out of her purse and shots Paul.]


Announcer: Next week on "As the World Turns" --

Jennifer: [Dusty holding Jennifer.] Every night, I dreamed this. This moment. You coming to me.

Luke: [Holding a butcher knife and talking to Keith.] If you don't cut this kidney out of me, I swear to God I'll do it myself.

Emily: Paul? Paul? Oh, God, look at me! No! God, no! Look at me! Please, open your eyes!

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