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Lily: Hi.

Lucinda: Oh, God. Holden's got the girls out. They're doing some serious sledding. They'll be back shortly.

Lily: Okay. Is Luke here?

Lucinda: Uh, no, not at the moment.

Lily: There's something I need to discuss with you. It's about tomorrow.

Lucinda: Oh --

Lily: No, I --

Lucinda: Oh.

Keith: Hey. Merry Christmas, everyone.

Holden: What are you talking about? I didn't hear any sleigh bells.

Faith: They're from Santaís sleigh, Daddy.

Holden: Oh, well, then we'd better hang our stockings.

Faith: I told you I heard Santa.

Dusty: Ho, ho, ho, ho.

Lucinda: Yes.

Keith: Merry Christmas, Holden. I hope you don't mind me dropping by, but Lily insisted. And in the future, after we're married, feel free to drop by our family occasions, 'cause we're gonna have a lot to celebrate.

Emily: I went to Tomís. And I went to see Daniel, and they wouldn't let me see him -- I mean, they let me see him for five minutes. Five minutes, Mother, and Margo was standing there looking at the clock the entire time. And poor Daniel, he looked so confused, you know? He thought I was working out of town or something.

Susan: Well, they've got to tell him something. They can't tell him you were in jail.

Emily: I'm not in jail anymore. Mother, I'm his mother. It's Christmas.

Susan: I know, I know. I'm sorry.

Emily: This is awful. I mean, you've got to help me fight this. If they don't let me see my own son, what am I gonna do?

Susan: What did Tom say exactly?

Emily: Tom wasn't even there. He had Margo doing his dirty work, and she acted like she was doing me some kind of favor letting me see my own son.

Susan: Maybe -- maybe she didn't know how to handle the situation.

Emily: Mother, what is the situation? I am his mother, and it is Christmas!

Susan: You're right! You're right. And you're free and clear, and Tom has no legal grounds to withhold custody or visitation or anything. And if he tries, we'll go after him.

Emily: You're gonna help me?

Susan: Of course I'll help you. I'm your mother.

Emily: Thank you.

Susan: Sweetie.

Emily: Thank you. Oh, okay, so now on top of everything else, Halís decided to play hardball and won't let me see Paul. But I know Paul would agree with you, you know? If Tom's gonna deny visitation, then I got to take him to family court, right?

Susan: Oh, well, it's nice to know Paul would agree with me.

Emily: Paul wants us to be a family, and as soon as I get my son back, we will. The three of us, we'll be a family.

Susan: Emily, you can't be serious.

Emily: Serious about what?

Susan: I don't know where to start. What makes you think Paul will be released after what he's done, or that you two will be together? It's never gonna happen. You have to let him go.

Paul: Is that the ghost of Christmas past, come to tell me where I've gone wrong? If you're looking for someone to blame, mother, you can look in the mirror.

Barbara: So I'm to blame for this?

Paul: No. Well, you did marry Craig, so yeah, in that sense, you did bring him into the fold. But no, this is all me.

Barbara: You almost sound proud of yourself.

Paul: Proud of myself? No. I have failed completely. I'm in jail. Jennifer is raising Craigís son.

Barbara: Jennifer is raising her son.

Paul: Her son would have been happy. And so would she have been, if she had just been willing to move on, to just start over.

Barbara: It's not so easy to start over after losing a child. I know that. I was able eventually to start over when I lost the baby. But your sister? She's a tender creature.

Paul: That's why I tried to protect her from Craig.

Barbara: I believe that. And I believe I understand your motivation better than you do.

Paul: If you're here to give me forgiveness, don't bother. I -- I don't need it.

Barbara: No, Paul. I'm here to say good-bye.

Gwen: Uh, I guess it wasn't such a good idea for me to come after all. I'm sorry, I have to get out of here.

Jennifer: Wait, wait. Gwen, you can't run away from this anymore than I could. No, I think that we should talk about this, for the baby's sake.

Meg: So girls, is there anything you want to ask Santa? I know you sent him a letter.

[Dusty in a deep voice]

Dusty: Wait a minute. Before Santa hands out any gifts this year, he needs to know if you girls have been good.

Lucinda: Faith, honey, Santa asked you a question.

Faith: I was wrong. That's not Santa. That's Dusty.

Dusty: All right!

Lucinda: That's my girl! That's my girl!

Dusty: All right, you caught me, so I'm not Santa. But I am one of Santaís closest friends. In fact, you might even call me his spy.

Meg: That would be elf.

Dusty: Do I look like an elf? Do I look like an elf?

Girls together: No.

Dusty: No, I'm a spy. I'm here to make sure you hang the stockings correctly and make sure you put out a plate of cookies, so when the man comes down the chimney, he's got something to eat.

Keith: Well, let's hear it for the guy in the red suit, huh?

Lucinda: Okay, well, why don't we just girls let's go into Grandma Emmaís parlor and hang up those stockings. And Santaís spy, can you help us? I'm just so helpless. I need help.

Dusty: Let's do it. Let's do it. Let's help out.

Lucinda: Come on, come on. I need help, help, help. Wonderful, wonderful.

Keith: So, do you want to go help? That's what you want to do?

Lily: Sure. Sure, why not?

Meg: What the hell's going on here?

Holden: I wish I knew.

Meg: How could she bring him here?

Holden: You know what? Now is not the time. Let's not get into it.

Meg: I'm sorry, but that's wrong.

Holden: I want the kids to have a good Christmas, and that won't happen if I start in with Keith.

Meg: I'm sorry.

Holden: Let's just -- let's try and stay positive. So Dusty seems right at home.

Meg: Yeah, he was a real sport putting on that Santa suit.

Holden: Yeah, better him than me. So did you guys move into your place?

Meg: Yeah, and it's great. I've never been as happy, I don't think.

Holden: It shows.

Meg: And he's happy. So --

Holden: So that means that I guess I was wrong about the guy.

Meg: You and Mama. I understand you're protective, but he really is a good guy.

Holden: Word is that he's responsible for reuniting Jennifer Munson and her baby. How could Paul possibly keep them apart, and how did Emily get involved? What could Paul have possibly said to convince Emily to keep Jennifer from her child?

Meg: I'm surprised Emily was part of any of this. But you know, Paul can be pretty convincing when he sets his mind to it. Okay, look, I'm not saying that what she did was right. But you know, Emily, she loves the guy.

Holden: That's no excuse.

Meg: No, it isn't, and now she has to live with it.

Emily: I'm not listening.

Susan: Honey! You've been given a second chance. Jennifer has dropped the charges.

Emily: Yeah, because Hal begged her to. I think he thinks he can get me back or something.

Susan: He knows that's not gonna happen.

Emily: No, it's not gonna happen, because I am in love with Paul. And I'm not going to abandon him because it's inconvenient to you or Hal or anybody else, for that matter.

Susan: Well, I wonder if he would do the same for you. I just wonder, because I think he's pretending to be all concerned about Jennifer. I think this is all about Rosanna, and why you would let him use you --

Emily: He's not using me. He loves me. He loves me, and I don't care what you think. We're getting married. That was his idea. Now if you don't believe that, I can't talk to you.

Susan: Emily, is having Paul worth losing your son?

Emily: I will not lose Paul, not to please you or anyone.

Paul: You're here to say good-bye? Be still my heart.

Barbara: Jennifer has told me that if I wish to stay in her life and help her raise this baby, that I have to cut off all ties to you. And I've accepted her terms.

Paul: You really are something. I gotta give it to you, Mom. You have managed to -- to turn this whole thing around and use it somehow to your advantage.

Barbara: You think this is funny, Paul?

Paul: You know what I think? I think that when Jennifer had that baby, you and Jennifer, you were barely on speaking terms. And then when she becomes the grieving mother, all the sudden, you have an opening. All the sudden, you have something in common. You have something that you can use. Look at what I did for you, Mother. I have put you right in the bosom of your family, right exactly where you have always wanted to be.

Barbara: Not like this, Paul.

Paul: Beggars can't be choosers.

Barbara: You know what? I love all of my children. All of you -- you and Jennifer and Will.

Paul: Right.

Barbara: You mean everything to me.

Paul: And yet, you have accepted her terms.

Barbara: She's alone with a baby.

Paul: Don't worry about Paul. He'll be fine. He'll be tucked in with the general prison population. I'll be just fine. Three squares a day, plenty of sports, plenty of recreational activity. I can't wait to see the convicts when they realize that there's a fashion executive on the cell block.

Barbara: Is Cass Winthrop representing you? Uh, because if he's not, I can make some phone calls.

Paul: Would you now? That's very generous of you.

Barbara: That's not fair, Paul. This is your doing.

Paul: This is not my doing. Craig did this. You, of all people, I thought would understand that. You, of all people, I thought you'd be able to get through to Jennifer.

Barbara: I could have, but you took this too far.

Paul: You mean I almost succeeded.

Barbara: Don't you see what you did to her, how far gone she was? You should have stopped all this when she got involved with the drugs!

Paul: So it's a matter of degree?

Barbara: And common sense, and compassion. You were fixated on Craig!

Paul: Well, look who's talking.

Barbara: Okay, okay, I've made mistakes, yes. But I have never been cruel, Paul.

Paul: That's a matter of opinion. And it is also completely beside the point. The point is that you have chosen Jennifer, and Jennifer has chosen her son. And poor little old Paul, well, he can just go pack it in.

Barbara: I'm sure that your attorneys can explain the mitigating circumstances --

Paul: I do not need your legal advice, thank you.

Barbara: No, you donít. What you need is your sister's forgiveness. And I don't think you're ever going to get it.

Jennifer: Gwen, I'm really glad that you came out. I've been wanting to talk to you. Um, I know that you came by my mom's house.

Gwen: I just wanted to say good-bye to him. You can ask Will.

Jennifer: No, no, I know. And I'm -- I'm really glad that you had a chance to see him.

Kim: Will, why don't we give them some privacy.

Will: Yeah, I'll be right over there, okay?

Gwen: I know you probably don't want me around him.

Jennifer: No, Gwen. No, I do. Because I know what you're going through, and I owe you so much. You really took care of him. He's -- he's healthy, he's happy. And this is not your fault. My brother Paul did this to you.

Gwen: Craig did this.

Jennifer: Yes, but Paul made it so much worse, and I'm really sorry for that.

Gwen: It's not your fault.

Jennifer: Well, I mean, if there's anything that I can do, anything at all -- do you want to hold him?

Gwen: You'd let me?

Jennifer: Of course.

Gwen: No, I canít. I'm sorry. [Baby cries]

Will: You okay?

Gwen: Yeah, I'm sorry.

Jennifer: I didn't mean to upset you.

Gwen: No, I appreciate the offer. It's just -- if I hold him, I don't know if I'll be able to let him go.

[Baby fusses]

Jennifer: I understand.

Kim: Gwen, why don't you and I go in, and we'll find someplace to sit, okay?

[Baby fusses]

Jennifer: You know what? I think he's -- he's getting a little restless. I think I'm gonna take him home. Can you tell Aunt Kim that I'm not staying for the service?

Will: Thanks, Jen. Gwen could really use a little peace of mind.

Jennifer: I know.

Will: Listen, I'm sorry I haven't called you.

Jennifer: Hey, you've got -- you've got enough on your plate, okay? And I know that you were going to be helping raise him, but he's still your nephew. And I would really like it if you were part of his life. And Gwen, too, whenever she's had enough time.

Will: Well, I can't speak for Gwen, but I'd be happy to be a part of his life.

Jennifer: Thank you.

Will: Jen --

Jennifer: I should go.

Will: Yeah -- um, I'm really glad you got him back. I mean, I wish it could've worked out so that both of you got what you wanted, but I know how much you missed him. And you're gonna make a great mother. I am really sorry I suggested this.

Gwen: No, you did nothing wrong.

Jennifer: It's almost Christmas, Johnny. Let's make a wish. I wish -- well, that would be selfish now, wouldn't it? 'Cause we already have so much. Thanks to Dusty. He brought you home to me. Merry Christmas, Dusty, and thank you.

Luke: Oh, holy night --

Kevin: Will you shut up?! The last thing I need is for my parents to think I've been drinking. Now, aren't you supposed to be at home carving up some helpless squash, anyway?

Luke: That's Thanksgiving, genius.

Kevin: Well, whatever. I just thought you said something about spending Christmas Eve with your family, that's all.

Luke: One more for the road?

Kevin: You're really pushing your kidney there, huh?

Luke: Can you think of a better reason to celebrate? To my kidney.

Kevin: I don't -- I don't know, man. It just -- it seems like you should be taking better care of yourself.

Luke: Why?

Kevin: Why? Didn't you almost die?

Luke: Well, I didn't die. But maybe I should've.

Meg: I'll take her.

Lily: Okay.

Meg: Hold on, Faith, I'll tuck you in.

Lily: Thanks.

Holden: I need to go out to the barn and get some more presents that I left out there for the kids.

Keith: 'Night.

Lucinda: Honey, I'm going to -- I'm gonna head out. I'm gonna make one stop, and then home. Home, blessed home.

Lily: I'm gonna walk you out, okay?

Keith: Would you like me to drive you home?

Lucinda: I have a car and driver, thank you.

Keith: All right.

Lucinda: I'll see you tomorrow.

Lily: No, no, no, let we walk you out. Uh, thank you for not -- for tolerating Keith.

Lucinda: Darling, the scourge of cancer -- you know, if it's taught me anything, it's taught me that no one can control too much. I'm just hoping for a miracle. 'Tis the season -- for both us.

Lily: Whew! Safe home. Be careful! Whew!

Keith: Hey, I found a copy of "The Night Before Christmas."

Lily: Oh.

Keith: You want to read it to the kids?

Lily: Oh, that's a great idea, but I -- I didn't realize how late it was.

Keith: We don't have to read the whole thing.

Lily: No, no. It's late. I have to call sierra and Lucy. So why don't you get the book started, and I'll meet you up there in a minute?

Keith: Okay. Hey, you know, I think it's going pretty well with the kids. I mean, they don't seem to have a problem.

Lily: It's fine.

Keith: Yeah, see, you -- you worry too much. Your kids love me. Soon, one day, their mother will remember that she loves me, too.

Holden: Natalie, in all this fuss, we keep forgetting about you.

Lily: It's perfect.

Holden: Is it? Do you remember the night that Natalie was born?

Lily: Of course I do.

Holden: We were all on the bed, all five of us. Luke was reading his Sunday school poem. And I had this feeling that there was nothing that could ever, ever break the five of us apart.

Lily: I know having Keith here is very, very awkward.

Holden: Awkward?

Lily: I hurt you, and I'm sorry.

Holden: You surprised me, I'll give you that. Bringing Keith over for Christmas Eve. I never thought that would happen.

Lily: I know.

Holden: Truth is, you're confusing me. And I thought I knew you pretty well.

Lily: You do. Of course you do.

Holden: All right, then tell me this, because I don't understand. The way we left things -- I thought that Keith was out of the picture. But maybe I'm wrong. You tell me.

Barbara: I have blamed myself and your father for so many lapses in your childhood. But this attitude, this arrogance --

Paul: Get out. Get out, Mother, or I will call the guard.

Barbara: Oh, I'll go. I'll go, Paul. And I won't be back. You will be completely alone.

Emily: No, he wonít.

Paul: Hi. My mother was just leaving.

Barbara: You will be punished for what you have done to my children and to me.

Emily: I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry I couldn't get here earlier, but Hal was being Hal, and he wouldn't let me see you. But he's off tonight, so I was able to get in. How are you?

Paul: I'm better now that you're here. So, Jennifer dropped the charges against you, huh?

Emily: Yeah, I'm free and clear.

Paul: I'm really glad. If you'd gone to jail for mistakes that I made, I never would've forgiven myself. How's Daniel?

Emily: He's good. I only got to see him for like five minutes, but its okay. Everything's going to be okay. What matters is getting you out of here.

Paul: I don't think that's going to happen anytime soon.

Emily: I do. I know a way.

Meg: Well, it's not your conventional mistletoe, but it works.

Dusty: Let's hope so.

Keith: Sorry. Have you seen Lily?

Dusty: I haven't seen her.

Keith: Okay.

Meg: He's not giving up, is he?

Dusty: So what? Neither am I.

Keith: I don't mean to interrupt.

Dusty: Then donít.

Keith: Well, it's just that we were going to read "The night before Christmas" to the kids, and I can't seem to find Lily -- where she is.

Dusty: And I told you, I haven't seen her. Have you?

Meg: No, no, sorry. But then again, I haven't seen Holden either.

Lily: Look, I realize it's an adjustment having Keith here, but we can talk about this later. We still need to bring these presents inside.

Holden: Lily --

[Tools falling]

Lily: What was that noise?

Holden: I don't know. I'll go check. There's nothing there.

Lily: Then what was the noise?

Holden: I don't know. I don't know what it was. Maybe a barn cat.

Lily: I should get back to the girls.

Holden: Lily, what is going on with Keith is wrong. It doesn't make any sense. I know that you don't love him. Every time he comes near you, you flinch.

Lily: Is it that obvious?

Holden: To everyone except him. What the hell is going on?

Lily: This isn't the time.

Holden: No, now is the time. What we need to do is, we need to clear the air. I'll start. I love you. I'll always love you.

Lily: I know. I know.

Holden: Good. Now, tell me how you feel about me.

Minister: And Joseph went up from Galilee unto the city of David, which is called Bethlehem, with Mary, his betrothed, who was great with child. And the time came for her to be delivered. And she brought forth her first born son and wrapped him in swaddling clothes and laid him in a manger because there was no room for them in the inn.

Barbara: Honey, I didn't know you were going to be home so soon. I thought you were going to church with your Aunt Kim.

Jennifer: Well, I thought it would be best if we spend our first Christmas Eve at home.

Barbara: Oh.

Jennifer: Where've you been?

Barbara: I went to see Paul. To say goodbye. And Emily showed up, which was no surprise. I know she is guilty in this, I do, and it just galls me that she's walking around free as a bird.

Jennifer: Mom, please.

Barbara: Honey, I know it's Christmas, and I know you're a very forgiving person, but she is guilty. I know your brother would have told you what happened if she hadn't kept up on him. I just wish you'd reconsider dropping the charges against her.

Jennifer: Look, what's done is done. And I'm not talking to Paul. I'm not talking about Paul, all right? It's over. And I don't mean to bark at you, but I would just like to focus on Johnny and being happy.

Barbara: You're right. You're right, that's all that matters, this little guy. You know what, I have -- I have a Christmas present for him in the bedroom. I'm going to go get it, okay?

Jennifer: Okay. All right, well, your grandma's not that bad. You'll get used to her. Yes. [Jennifer gasps] Dusty --

Dusty: I couldn't stay away. I want to be with you, Jen. I want us to be a family.

Barbara: Jennifer? Honey, what is it? What's wrong?

Emily: I talked to Cass on my way over here. And, apparently, he's working on some sort of precedent which would allow him to appeal your bail ruling. He's working on it right now.

Paul: I don't care about my bail.

Emily: Well, I do. I want you home. And Cass says, if everything goes okay, you might be home by morning, which means we could get married. I thought maybe out on the terrace.

Paul: On the terrace? It's freezing.

Emily: Well, it beats the state penitentiary, don't you think? Come on, we could say our vows to each other with the sun coming up.

Paul: I still have the trial.

Emily: We'll be married. After we're married, everything will be okay. We'll work on a defense, and maybe, by then, Jennifer will back down.

Paul: I doubt that.

Emily: Baby, listen to me, you just feel that way because you're stuck inside this place all alone. But you're not alone, you have me. And I have you, and nothing's going to tear us apart, I promise. We're going to get you out of jail, we'll get married -- we're going to be a family. God, I've missed you so much.

Paul: This is hard on you, right? Everybody turning against us.

Emily: I don't care about them. I just want to hold you so badly. They don't understand us, you know? We love each other, Paul. And we will never abandon each other, not for nothing.

Will: What? What is it?

Gwen: I want us to have a baby.

Barbara: Honey, what's wrong? You're flushed.

Jennifer: I'm fine.

Barbara: I heard you gasp.

Jennifer: I just -- I forgot a present I meant to get for you. I just remembered it, so --

Barbara: You don't need to get me any gift. This is the best Christmas present I could possibly have.

Jennifer: You're right. You're right. This little guy here is all I'll ever need.

Keith: Lily!

Meg: He's going to wake the kids.

Keith: I can't find her.

Meg: Well, that might be something you won't want to broadcast to her kids.

Keith: I just don't know where she went.

Dusty: Is her car still here?

Meg: Okay, this is so --

Dusty: So not our business.

Faith: Hi.

Dusty: Hi.

Faith: Natalie needs a diaper.

Meg: Oh, she does, does she? Okay, let's go upstairs.

Faith: I need a drink of water.

Dusty: Water I can handle.

Meg: Yeah, I'll be upstairs with Nattie.

Dusty: So -- water, huh? 'Cause you're thirsty or 'cause you're excited?

Faith: Excited.

Dusty: 'Cause it's almost Christmas?

Faith: Right.

Dusty: Right. Well, the problem is, water has a strange way of keeping little girls awake at night, you know? Normally it's not a problem, but it is Christmas Eve. And if Santa sees you awake --

Faith: He won't bring me any presents?

Dusty: That's right.

Faith: I don't need any water.

Dusty: I didn't think so.

Faith: Can you get that picture in that drawer?

Dusty: Over there?

Faith: Yeah.

Dusty: What's over there?

Faith: I drew a Christmas picture for Aunt Meg. It's her present.

Dusty: Well --

Faith: I want to give it to her.

Dusty: You sure you're not hustling me? Huh? I guess, if it's her present. Is it this? In here?

Faith: That's it.

Dusty: That's it? Goodnight. Meg went to Tampa? October 17th. That's when Jen and I were there.

Keith: Hey, Luke. Oh, you've been drinking.

Luke: Give the man a shot.

Keith: What's the matter with you? You just had a kidney transplant.

Luke: You know what? If I were you, I'd worry about my own problems.

Keith: Wait a minute --

Luke: Get your hands off me.

Keith: What are you talking about?

Luke: That's what I want to know.

Keith: What?

Luke: Listen, I am not your problem, okay? And whatever deal you made with my mother --

Keith: What deal? What are you talking about?

Luke: Check out the barn, loser.

Holden: I asked you a question.

Lily: I gave you an answer. I'm marrying Keith.

Holden: So you say, and then you kissed me like your life depended on it.

Lily: I -- I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that. I'm giving you mixed signals.

Holden: Mixed signals? We made love.

Lily: And that was a mistake, and I apologize.

Holden: I'm not looking for an apology.

Lily: Well, that's all I have to give you.

Holden: No, I think you need more. I think you want to be my wife again. I think you want your family back.

Lily: I think we need to get back to the house, right now.

Holden: No, stop running away. You're only going to come running back, and that's not going to be any good for anyone.

Lily: I'm trying to make this work, I'm trying -- but it's not easy. The kids need me, my mother needs me --

Holden: I need you. And you need me. And you need to be honest with yourself. Now give me an answer -- do you want to be with Keith? Because, if you do, I'll back off. I'll walk away.

Lily: No.

Holden: You know what? This -- it's just -- it's so confusing. I look at you and you're mine, but then he walks in the room, he puts his arm around you, and I want to kill the guy.

Lily: No. Please don't say that.

Holden: Lily, you need to make up your mind. Now.

Lily: I didn't have a choice. Don't you understand?

Holden: No, I do understand. All you owe anyone is the truth. Tell me -- how do you feel about me?

Lily: I love you. I will always love you. Always.

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