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Katie: Aren't you hungry? I was really in the mood for Java cheesecake.

B.J.: Oh. Well, I'll have the chauffeur pick up some for us later. I had this overwhelming urge to be alone with you. Alone, here at home.

Katie: Home?

B.J.: Yeah, home. That's what it feels like, anyway, now that Mike's not here cluttering up the place. You know what? We should keep it.

Katie: What?

B.J.: This place. I mean, we'll live at Fairwinds, of course, but we can keep this as a cozy get-away.

Katie: B.J., let's not jump the gun.

B.J.: What?

Katie: I know you think we have a future together, but it's just --

B.J.: What?

Katie: This isn't where I want to be. I can't go on like this anymore.

B.J.: You're right. Things need to change for us.

Olga: Soon you sleep with the fishes, tool man.

Maddie: I understand that Mr. Kasnoff needs his rest, but he is expecting me. I promise I won't tire him out. Mike? You awake?

Mike: Maddie.

Meg: Do you have any idea how happy I am?

Dusty: Feel free to show me. What is it?

Meg: You're here.

Dusty: What?

Meg: Nothing.

Dusty: Meg, come on.

Meg: I was scared. A little.

Dusty: About what?

Meg: Big changes.

Dusty: Like?

Meg: Come on. Where have you been? I mean, Jen's got her baby back.

Dusty: Yeah, it's great.

Meg: Yeah, it is. But that means she'll probably want to stay in Oakdale now.

Dusty: Yeah. And?

Meg: And she'll be around, Dusty. Available.

Dusty: Oh.

Meg: Yeah, oh. So what does that mean for you and me?

Jennifer: They said you knew he was alive and that you kept him from me. Oh, God, it's true.

Paul: There was a -- there was a good reason.

Jennifer: A reason? What? What, that every single family member that we have would suddenly die if I had my baby back? Because that's it, Paul. That is the only reason imaginable that could possibly even begin to justify -- you told me to get on that plane. Last night. You were already in jail and you were still trying to keep me from Johnny.

Paul: No, I wasn't -- I never wanted -- I never wanted to see you look at me the way you're looking at me right now.

Jennifer: Well, get used to it.

Barbara: You have no business here.

Gwen: I need to see my baby.

Barbara: This is not your baby. There were DNA tests. There was a court order. You talk to your lawyer, okay? You need to go now, Gwen.

Barbara: Will, surely you understand that Gwen has no rights here.

Gwen: They took him away when I wasn't there.

Barbara: Your sister doesn't need this on top of everything else.

Gwen: I'm not going to hurt him.

Will: Mom, we were gone when they came with the court order.

Gwen: And he's a baby, he doesn't understand things like courts and records. Billy still thinks I'm his mom, and suddenly, I'm gone.

Barbara: I assure you that Johnnyís real mom and I will take excellent care of him.

Gwen: That is not the -- just let me hold him -- for a minute, please. To make sure he's okay.

Will: Mom?

Barbara: Gwen, I know how difficult this is for you, and I don't want to make things any harder on you, but after everything my daughter has gone through, I --

Gwen: I'm losing my child and you expect me to walk away without even saying goodbye?

Barbara: But what would be the point? You can see that he's fine. This will just make it harder.

Will: For who, Mom? Not the baby, he loves Gwen. It'll be okay. Mom, trust me. I'm here. Just let her hold the baby.

Casey: University of Wisconsin. Oh, yeah!

Tom: Congratulations. That's a great start.

Casey: Start? Dad, that was my first choice. I got early acceptance. I'm done. All I need to do now is pick a frat.

Tom: Okay, it's a good school, but so are a lot of others.

Casey: Who cares? I'm out of here. Man, I can't wait.

Tom: What is it, exactly, that you're trying to get away from?

Casey: You know, everything.

Tom: Could you narrow that down a little bit? I mean, you know, just for me?

Casey: I'm just gonna be glad to go somewhere where no one's heard of Gwen Norbeck or her baby.

Tom: But that stuff's all over with. I mean, you're off the hook.

Casey: Yeah, well -- I just want to be gone.

Paul: I didn't switch the babies. I could never do anything like that, Jennifer, and I hope that you know that. Craig, Craig did that.

Jennifer: But you knew.

Paul: No, I -- I didnít. I put it together after he tried to kill Rosanna. That's why he ran her off the road, Jennifer. He was willing to try and kill somebody to keep that child.

Jennifer: Craig is locked up. He can't do anything.

Paul: You can't stop Craig just by locking him up. He would've made your life a living hell, Jennifer.

Jennifer: How do you think it's been the last -- since July? When did you know?

Paul: Does that really matter?

Jennifer: Tell me! Halloween? Is that why you were -- you were acting so strange? It wasn't the sleeping pills, you were -- you knew. You stood next to me at that grave and let me grieve. No, it's before that? Before, Paul? Oh, God. You put me in that hospital. Did you take my baby from me, telling me he wasn't mine, and you knew? Before then, even? Oh, God, Paul, no. Tell me. Tell me when it was. Tell me!

Paul: I went to see Craig in prison. And he told me that Rosanna was in a coma. And Jennifer, he had killed her in the worst possible way. She was left an empty shell. And I knew, as soon as I confronted him, the truth about that baby.

Jennifer: You found out about Rosanna in August. I'm going to be sick.

Paul: No, I called you. I wanted to tell you. I was going to tell you right away, and --

Jennifer: Months. Months. You knew from the beginning.

Paul: Then all I could think about was what Craig had done.

Jennifer: You went to that christening. You left me that day, and you went to that church, and you stood there, playing Godfather, while some other people named my son! And when I heard Johnny crying, you took him away. Oh, God, Paul. All those times. You were always telling me "no, it's not him." You were wrong. I know you're hurting, but it's not him." How could you? Why?

Meg: What if Jennifer decides to stay in town now?

Dusty: Well, then she stays in town.

Meg: How do you feel about that?

Dusty: I feel good about that if it's good for her. I mean, it'll be nice having her around. She likes you.

Meg: I like her, too.

Dusty: You want lunch?

Meg: She's going to have her hands full with the baby.

Dusty: Jen has her family. She'll be fine.

Meg: What if she wants more? Happiness for herself, a daddy for the baby?

Dusty: You're looking at me?

Meg: Yeah, I'm looking at you. You helped deliver the baby. He's even named after you. You're the closest thing he has to a father. And Jennifer --

Dusty: Jennifer is a friend of mine. And I made you a promise. I'm in this for the long haul.

Meg: Why does it sound like a prison sentence when you say it?

Maddie: How could you sleep all scrunched up like that?

Mike: What?

Maddie: Look at you.

Mike: Ow!

Maddie: See? Scrunching hurts. And I'm sure it hurts your ribs. Now, did you sleep like this all night?

Mike: Not much.

Maddie: Yeah, well, I didn't sleep at all. I was searching the internet all night.

Mike: For what?

Maddie: I went on B.J.'s company's website trying to find meetings he could've gone to, places Henry was sent. It's hopeless, we're never going to find him.

Mike: He's back.

Maddie: What?

Mike: B.J.'s back. With Katie.

Maddie: You couldn't have told me that, like, immediately?

Mike: You didn't give me a chance.

Maddie: Is she okay?

Mike: Yeah, but it was close. He took her to some remote island. I don't even know how she got him to come back here, but I'm telling you, she had to sneak away from the guy just to come in here for five minutes. Otherwise, I wouldn't know anything.

Maddie: That's okay, she's back, she's fine. Now she can find out from that creep about Henry.

Mike: Uh-uh.

Maddie: What?

Mike: No way, it's too dangerous. I made Katie promise me she's breaking things off with B.J.

Katie: You want things to change for us?

B.J.: Absolutely. I think we're on the same page, Katie.

Katie: You think?

B.J.: Well, I know. Katie, I mean, you're not happy with the way things are, right?

Katie: Right.

B.J.: You didn't get a chance to talk to Henry and finish things up with him, and that's what you really wanted.

Katie: I really do need that, yeah.

B.J.: Well, then I need it, too. So I called him.

Katie: You called Henry?

B.J.: Yeah. He's having a great time in California, so it was pretty hard to convince him to come back.

Katie: He's coming home? Henry's coming home?

B.J.: Yeah, so he promised. I told him you really needed to see him. It's funny, the guy still runs right for you.

Katie: That's great. That's great! When is he coming back?

B.J.: Well, I don't have the details of all of that, but I told him it's urgent, so I'm sure he'll hurry. What?

Katie: No, nothing. Great news.

B.J.: Yeah, yeah, it is. For both of us. First you're going to settle things with Henry, then the whole world opens up for you and me.

Dusty: You can't take yes for an answer, can you?

Meg: The curse of being the second choice.

Dusty: You're not. Don't even -- why do you say something like that?

Meg: 'Cause I know how we got here, Dusty.

Dusty: Do you?

Meg: Yeah.

Dusty: I don't settle, you know that. There's no point.

Meg: No, there isnít.

Dusty: Well, that's what I'm saying. I'm with you. Because you're the best.

Meg: I am.

Dusty: Yes, you are. Don't act that way, or I'll be forced not to give you the gift I got for you.

Meg: Really?

Dusty: Really.

Meg: Where is it?

Dusty: No, no, no, now you've got to wait. You got to wait until Christmas.

Meg: Oh, oh, there is no waiting. No waiting for me, no.

Dusty: Merry Christmas. Go ahead and open it. You like it? Let's see, let's put it on you. Turn around. I got it. There. Let's see.

Meg: It's beautiful.

Dusty: So are you.

Jennifer: How could you hate me that much?

Paul: No, no, it wasn't like that.

Jennifer: It was like that. You nearly killed me, Paul.

Paul: No, Craig almost killed you.

Jennifer: Craig, Craig -- what? Craig is horrible. Craig does horrible things. So what? How could you hate me that much, too?

Paul: I don't hate you. Jennifer, I could never -- look at you. I was thinking of your future.

Jennifer: My future?

Paul: Yes.

Jennifer: My future without my child?

Paul: No, your future when you healed. When you -- when you met someone else, when you fell in love. When you had a baby, a future, without Craig --

Jennifer: If you say that man's name one more time, I swear I will come through here and tear you apart! This is not about Craig! I had no problems with Craig. I could handle Craig. I was not scared of him. This was about you. And if you had looked at me for ten seconds, you would've realized that this was all about you. You and Craig, you and Rosanna. This was all about you.

Gwen: Hey, did you wonder where I went last night, huh? Did you miss me? 'Cause I missed you. And I'm gonna miss -- you're gonna get a new mom. A new mom, a new month -- right, kid? That's the story of your life. You're going to get a new grandma, too, but I'm not so sure you're trading up on that one. But you're going to have a great mom. Better than me. But she will never love you more than me. That's not possible. Yesterday you were mine. You were my son. You still feel like mine. How am I supposed to give you up, huh? How am I supposed to do that?

Barbara: Do you want me to take him?

Will: He's sleeping. It's naptime.

Gwen: Yeah, he must've had a pretty long night. Night night, sleep tight. You'll forget, I know, but I wonít.

Will: Jen will tell him.

Gwen: What was -- what was his name again? His whole name?

Will: John Dustin Kasnoff, but that never really -- I guess it'll be Munson.

Gwen: Yeah, Kasnoff. That's what it was at the funeral, I remember now. John -- wait, except that -- that wasn't -- that wasn't -- that was my baby. That was my baby. They put my baby in the ground.

Will: Just hold on.

Gwen: How? How? Yesterday, we had everything. Everything that we wanted. 10, 12 hours ago. Now, it's gone. How does that happen?

Margo: Hey, guys, I'm home! Bad guy put away in jail in Chicago! I'm a hero! Hello, anybody?

Casey: Mom!

Margo: Hi. [Margo gasps] Oh. Casey, look, you did it. Congratulations.

Casey: University of Wisconsin.

Margo: All right. Oh, my God, I'm so happy for you. It was the S.A.T. scores, wasn't it? Aren't you glad I made you study?

Casey: Yeah. And the recommendation by Hal helped, so thanks.

Margo: Yeah, well, it was worth every glowing word I made him write for you. Oh, Case, you did it. You pulled your grades up and you pulled through, just like I knew you always would. And this is what you want, right?

Casey: Definitely. I'm going to go online right now and check out where to pledge.

Margo: Pledge? Okay, all right. I'm proud of you, baby, good. Pledge. So, how was I, huh? What, what is it?

Tom: Wisconsin?

Margo: Oh, honey, it's a really good school.

Tom: Yeah, it's a good school, and so are a lot of the others he applied to, and he refuses to wait on them.

Margo: Oh, you think he's jumping the gun here?

Tom: I think so. He just wants to get out of town, honey.

Margo: Well, that's normal, isn't it?

Tom: I don't think so.

Margo: Wait a minute, wait a minute. He's had a really rough year. Our son has had to go through some very grown-up, very ugly accusations that were thrust upon him through no fault of his own.

Tom: You haven't talked to Hal, have you?

Margo: Well, no. Why?

Tom: Some stuff happened while you were out of town. Gwen's baby --

Margo: What? No, no. That's none of our concern. I don't want to talk about Gwen. I don't want to talk about her baby. Our son just had something really great happen to him, and I want to enjoy it. Maybe if you could cut Casey some slack, you could enjoy it, too.

Will: Let's go home.

Gwen: Where's home?

Will: Iris' house, where we live.

Gwen: No, all his stuff is there.

Will: Well, I'll pack it up if -- if you let me.

Gwen: No, okay? Donít. I can't deal with that right now.

Will: You know, we can go anywhere, Gwen. Wherever you want.

Gwen: I just need to be alone.

Will: That's the last thing you need right now.

Gwen: Leave me alone. I mean it.

Barbara: Give her time, honey.

Will: I can handle this, okay?

Barbara: I need to talk to you about something.

Will: Well, Mom, it's going to have to wait.

Barbara: It canít. It's about Paul.

Paul: I know that you think that what I've done is horrible. But I just -- I need for you to understand this, okay? I only wanted you to heal.

Jennifer: When? When was I going to do that? When I was insisting every day that he was still alive? When I kidnapped him from the Snyders? When I was searching for him every day? Whenever I would see him it would be like a lightning bolt between us because we knew -- we both knew. You know Johnny knew!

Paul: I wanted to tell you so many times. We both did.

Jennifer: Both? Emily -- Emily knew? Of course she did, she even tried to tell me at the christening, didn't she?

Paul: No, she never wanted to keep anything from you. I begged her. I promised her that we would go to the christening, and if you weren't feeling better, that we would tell you. But then, I don't know, it seemed like you were recovering.

Jennifer: I was on drugs.

Paul: We didn't know that. And then you were committed, and we couldn't tell you because you were in detox. You were in no shape to hear anything. And then this whole thing took off on a life of its own and it just -- it -- it -- it got away from me, Jennifer. Please say something. Anything. Please yell, scream, anything. Come on. Jennifer, please, tell me that there's a way out of this. Can you tell that there's something that I can do to make this up to you?

Henry: Hi, honey, how was your day? We never talk anymore. There was a time when you couldn't wait to tell me about the office, then I would tell you all about the kids and --

Olga: Oh, zipper your lips, Henry.

Henry: You look tense.

Olga: Boss expects miracle. I give him half miracle, not enough.

Henry: Come here, come here, come here. Sit down, sit down, sit down, sit down. I know bosses. They always expect miracles. And then, in the end, they're realistic.

Olga: Normal persons, yeah. Not bosses who live in personal lala land.

Henry: I hate what he's done to you, Olga. A beautiful woman, you're trapped down in this basement with a prisoner and merlots and chardonnays, and there's no end in sight. Now, who treats a gorgeous creature like that? Not a real man.

Olga: What does real man?

Henry: Well, he appreciates the beauty that's in front of him. He lavishes her with tenderness and affection. He seizes Ė

Katie: Here you go.

B.J.: Great, thanks. Here's to one door closing, so another door can open.

Katie: Here here.

B.J.: You know what, maybe you need to close a lot of doors.

Katie: What?

B.J.: Well, I just think we should start fresh. I mean, I come to you with no strings attached, no past relationships hanging on.

Katie: I know. And maybe you deserve someone who's just like that.

B.J.: Oh, yeah, I do. But so do you. So let's make it happen.

Katie: What?

B.J.: Like, these. [B.J. picks up photos of Mike.] Do you really need these?

Katie: No, no, of course not.

B.J.: I have to admit, that felt great. Here, you try.

Katie: No.

B.J.: Come on, I know you want to.

Katie: No.

B.J.: It's very liberating.

Katie: No, thanks.

B.J.: Why not?

Katie: Because -- it smells. Photographs smell when they're burned. You know, all the chemicals and stuff.

B.J.: Come on. It's no worse than those starter logs. Now come on, join the party. I insist.

Katie: What the heck?

Mike: Okay, all right, look, I'll make you a promise, okay? As soon as I'm out of here, I'll do everything I can to find Henry. And I won't stop until we have answers. But you've got to promise me that you're not going to push Katie at B.J, all right? And that you're not going to make a run at him yourself, okay?

Maddie: Okay.

Mike: Promise?

Maddie: Is a pinky swear okay, or do you want blood?

Mike: Your word.

Maddie: My word. Okay, I promise.

Olga: You know what I need, Henry.

Henry: Yes, count on it, my Goddess.

Olga: Oh, no Goddess. Throw me down from stone pedal.

Henry: Pedestal?

Olga: See, woman, not Goddess.

Henry: Oh, you bet.

Olga: Take woman.

Henry: Here?

Olga: Now, on floor, not one minute more to wait.

Henry: Oh, my Swedish strudel, my darling, my -- no.

Olga: No?

Henry: I mean, no, not no. Not no. I mean, not here. Not this place.

Olga: It's where we meet. It's where the fire is born!

Henry: Yeah, yeah, I know. But it's so damp and it's nasty, and I've been a prisoner. And I think my fire might go out, sweetie. You deserve something better. Yeah. You deserve soft cushions and feather pillows and cashmere blankets, don't you? Upstairs.

Olga: Boss not like that.

Henry: We have no boss, Olga. It's just you and me.

Olga: Boss not know. Took butt buster to her house.

Henry: Oh, did he really?

Olga: Yeah.

Henry: Did he really do that? Then it is just you and me. It was fate, baby. Let's go upstairs, huh? What do you say? Yeah, put it in the hole.

Olga: Yeah.

Henry: Open the door. [Henry runs out the door and pushes Olga back in the door, without locking the door and runs.]

[Olga screams]

Paul: I love you. And I'm going to do whatever I have to do to make this right.

Jennifer: How? I lost the first months of my son's life. You can't give that back to me. I ended up a junkie, I lost my mind. And when I was this close to breaking, when I was my most fragile, you kept from me the one thing that could have saved me. Now, how do you make that right?

Paul: I don't know. But we will find a way. I'm right here, Jennifer, and I can take whatever you dish out.

Jennifer: I'm done.

Paul: I'm not giving up on you.

Jennifer: That sounds like a threat now, coming from you.

Paul: No. It's like you said to Will, Jen. You only have one big brother. And I am still your brother.

Jennifer: No, you're not. Not anymore.

Meg: Blinding, isn't it?

Dusty: It's pretty.

Meg: It is. So, you picked it out yourself?

Dusty: Of course.

Meg: Lucinda didn't send out her personal shopper?

Dusty: No. But I did ask the salesgirl, which one spoke "I won't abandon you."

Meg: Look, I won't always be like this. It's just, you know, this is new. [Cell phone rings] It's the hospital. Hello. Hey, Maggie. Yeah, I can swing over right now. I'll be there soon. Okay, bye. I have to go by the hospital for a little while. But I will see you later?

Dusty: See you later.

Meg: Okay. Thank you.

[Phone ringing]

Jennifer: Leave a message for Jennifer Munson after the beep.


Dusty: Hey, Jen, it's me. I was just wondering how you were doing after talking to Paul and everything. I've got some stuff to take care of at the Lakeview, so I'll drop by. Hello, my darling, your lush blossom beckons.

B.J.: Still uneasy?

Katie: Yeah.

B.J.: Like you're still wondering if you're doing the right thing? Well, don't worry. The more you clear out, the more right it will feel. I promise. And see, this will take care of mike. And then, when Henry gets back, we'll finish him off. Then you really will feel free.

Katie: I really want that to be true.

B.J.: Then we'll make it so.

Margo: No, I think you could do the first year in the dormitory. You know, you're going to want to be on campus.

Casey: It costs a lot.

Tom: Dorm.

Margo: An apartment costs a lot. And at least there, I know that you're going to get some real cooked food, okay? [Doorbell rings] Come on in, it's open! Not that you ever got real cooked food here.

Gwen: I know you don't care, or maybe you don't even want to know. But I thought you should, so -- Billy wasn't our baby. Yours or mine. He's Jennifer Munsonís. I guess Mr. Montgomery switched the babies.

Margo: What?

Gwen: That's why the paternity test came back wrong. I wasn't crazy or lying. It just wasn't our baby. Our baby is dead, Casey.

Cop #4: All right, you're up, Ryan. It's time for your arraignment.

Will: You did this! You! [Will grabs at Paul as heís let out of his cell.]

Dusty: Jenny? You okay?

[Jennifer cries]

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Holden: How do you feel about me?

Lily: I will always love you.

Casey: I did sleep with Gwen, once. Maybe the baby was mine.

Carly: I want you to come home to my house. At least come and spend Christmas with your family.

Emily: What matters is getting you out of here.

Paul: I don't think that's going to happen anytime soon.

Emily: I know a way.

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