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Will: Hi.

Gwen: Hi.

Will: Weren't you naked before?

Gwen: I'm sleepy now.

Will: Oh. Okay.

Gwen: What?

Will: Nothing, I was just thinking about how beautiful you are.

[Gwen chuckles]

Gwen: I'm not beautiful.

Will: What are you talking about?

Gwen: Take your mom.

Will: No, thank you.

Gwen: She's beautiful.

Will: We're not talking about my mother while I'm -- while we're -- we're not talking about my mother.

Gwen: Okay, look at your sister.

Will: Her, either.

Gwen: Celia.

Will: You're going to bring up Celia right now?

Gwen: I'm just saying, you've been surrounded by beautiful women, and I'm not.

Will: How did I let that get past me? You know what? Let's take another look. Hmm.

Gwen: What are you doing?

Will: Taking inventory.

Gwen: What are you doing?

Will: Nice legs. Nice toes. Beautiful, just like the rest of you.

Gwen: You're not just saying that because we made love?

Will: I'm saying it, Gwen, because you're the girl that I love. And the woman that took my virginity.

Gwen: Hey -- you gave that to me.

Will: You're the light of my life.

Gwen: Please.


Will: No, it's like I keep saying, we're family. You, me --

Gwen: Billy.

Jennifer: Carly?

Carly: Yeah?

Jennifer: Could I hold him?

Carly: What?

Jennifer: Could I hold him for a little while? By myself?

Carly: No. No, Jennifer. I don't think that's a good idea.

Susan: My keycard couldn't have just disappeared.

Meg: Well, when did you see it last?

Susan: I could've sworn I slipped it in my pocket when Emily got here and she was all upset. What did I do with that card?

Meg: Was Paul here, too?

Susan: No. Why would you ask that?

Meg: Where did Emily go? Susan, where did Emily go?

Susan: I don't know. Home, I think --

Meg: She took it! She took the key!

Paul: Rory Cabot.

Emily: Do it.

Paul: Bye-bye. Your turn.

Emily: Okay, well, this is all that's left.

Paul: Put it in the shredder.

Hal: Stop right there, Emily! Don't you do it.

Paul: Do it now.

[Shredder noise] [Hal unplugs shredding maching.]

Hal: Don't you move an inch. Is there enough left?

Dusty: Enough to prove that Jennifer's the baby's mother. Why'd you do it? Why would you want to hurt your sister like this?

Paul: Come on, Emily, let's go.

Hal: You stay where you are!

Paul: You can't hold us here. We've done nothing wrong.

Hal: How about breaking and entering?

Paul: We walked by. The door was open. We were always curious about what was in here.

Dusty: And started shredding.

Paul: That piece of paper was on the floor. I thought it was trash.

Hal: You got that wrong. This piece of paper's what's going to send you both to prison.

Will: What are you doing?

Gwen: Putting on clothes. I'm cold.

Will: Well, I'll warm you up.

Gwen: You're cold, too. You have goosebumps.

Will: Well, the fire went out.

Gwen: Oh. Yeah. I guess one of us better go put a log on it. I'll wait here.

Will: Well, we're all out of logs, so someone's going to have to go outside and chop wood.

Gwen: Be sure to wear your gloves.

Will: Yeah, and what are you going to be doing in here while I'm outside in the cold?

Gwen: Cooking soup.

[Gwen laughs]

Will: Okay, I can cook. Do you want to trade jobs?

Gwen: No. No, I donít.

Will: Okay, well, you can't blame me for trying.

Gwen: We really are alone, aren't we?

Will: Yeah. Just the two of us. It's a good thing we like each other.

Gwen: I'm going to come with you.

Will: It's freezing outside.

Gwen: It's freezing in here, too, but at least out there I'll be with you. My favorite place.

Jennifer: I know Billyís not my son.

Carly: Then why is it so important for you to be alone with him?

Jennifer: I'm leaving town tomorrow. And I was going to stop by my son's grave and say good-bye, but the thought of kneeling by a headstone --

Carly: Hey, Jen, Billy is not your son.

Jennifer: No, he's not, but he is the memory that I would like to take with me. He's -- he's not my son, I know, but he is exactly what Johnny would have been -- happy and healthy. I know my son is dead, Carly. But I'd like to believe that somewhere, he still exists. And I'd like to think that by holding Billy that -- I don't know -- somehow my son, my Johnny, could feel it and know how much I love him.

Carly: Okay, come in. Just for a little while, okay?

Jennifer: Thank you.

Carly: Okay. Here you go.

Jennifer: Hi. Hi.

Carly: And Jack and I will be right upstairs, all right?

Jennifer: Thank you. We'll be okay.

Hal: We know about Gwenís baby and Jenniferís baby being switched at the maternity ward.

Emily: Wait a minute, we had nothing to do with that.

Paul: Emily, donít. Don't say anything. He's just trying to trip you up. You've got nothing on us.

Dusty: We've got this. You made Jennifer believe her baby was dead?

Hal: How could you do that to your own sister?

Paul: You want to arrest us, go ahead. It won't stick.

Hal: Emily, come with me.

Paul: Don't say anything.

Hal: Now, let's go. Keep an eye on him until the uniforms get here.

Dusty: What do I do if he tries to escape?

Hal: You stop him.

Emily: I've got nothing to say to you.

Hal: You might want to reconsider that, because in about 30 seconds, two of my cops are going to be up here, cuff you and take you to jail.

Emily: Paul and I didn't do anything wrong.

Hal: Dr. Susan Stewart. Did your mother give you this? So the first charge would be possession of stolen property. Add criminal trespass, breaking and entering, and all because of your boyfriend.

Emily: Fiancť.

Hal: And does your fiancť mean so much to you that you are willing to give up your son, your freedom, for him?

Emily: You're just jealous because I left you and I moved in with Paul. You're making this personal.

Hal: You were shredding hospital records, Emily. This isn't personal. This is criminal.

Emily: What do you want from me?

Hal: The truth. You tell me everything Paul coerced you into doing.

Emily: Why are you doing this to me?

Hal: It's not my doing, Em, it's you. I warned you to stay away from Paul, but you didn't listen. Instead, you let him almost destroy Jennifer's life.

Emily: He didn't destroy Jennifer, he --.

Hal: She started abusing drugs, he committed her to a psychiatric hospital, and you let him. You could've stopped him from doing every terrible thing that he did to her, but you didn't. You let her suffer, my daughter!

Emily: I didn't mean to hurt Jennifer. I didn't mean to hurt you.

Hal: I want to believe that, Emily. Now, I'm going to give you a chance. One chance. You tell me the truth. Everything that you and Paul did, the whole truth, and maybe I can help you.

Emily: I love Paul. I will not betray him.

Hal: Well, that's too bad. Because one thing for sure I know is that he will betray you.

Officer: Lieutenant. Hi, Mrs. Munson, good to see you.

Hal: Officer, cuff this suspect and take her down to the station.

Officer: Yes, sir.

Dusty: I know what you're thinking. You're thinking you almost got away with it, but you're wrong. I would have caught you. You see, you can get rid of paper, but people talk.

Paul: People? What people?

Dusty: Casey. Will. I overheard him talking about a paternity test. I took it from there.

Paul: You took it from there? All by yourself? No wonder you screwed it up.

Officer: Paul Ryan?

Dusty: We've been waiting for you.

Officer: You're under arrest.

Dusty: How do you think your sister's going to react when I tell her what you did?

Paul: She won't believe you.

Dusty: Maybe not, until I put her baby in her arms. Yeah, it's Donovan. I need some good news.

Susan: Emily, what's going on?

Emily: Mother, stay out of it. I'll be fine.

Susan: Why is my daughter in handcuffs?! Hal, what happened?

Hal: I just caught Paul and Emily in the records room.

Susan: But that room is always locked. Emily took my key? Why?

Hal: She and Paul were shredding documents. I don't have time to go into details now, but it's bad, Susan.

Susan: I better see what -- Emily?

Dusty: Hal? Hal. The DNA test on Jenniferís hair is done. The technician's on his way over to compare it to the stuff that we found. That's all we need to get Jen's baby back, right?

Hal: It may not be enough for a judge. What kind of credentials does this tech have?

Dusty: He's got a PhD.

Hal: All right, that'll help. Get me documentation on that. I'm going to see if there are backups to what Paul shredded on the computer.

Dusty: Whatever we gotta do for Jennifer.

Hal: Right.

Jennifer: Oh. Yes. This is it. Tomorrow, I'm leaving Oakdale. And I am going to miss you so much. You saved me, do you know that? Hmm? [Jennifer sighs] For a little while, I thought you were my own son. And just the promise of that was enough to -- it was enough to pull me back. [Baby fusses] Yes. Thank you so much for that, beautiful boy. Please remember me, okay? [Baby fusses] I will always remember you.

Carly: Hey, Jen. I think I'd better get him to bed, okay?

Jack: Are you okay to drive? I can give you a lift home.

Carly: Okay, sweetie.

Jennifer: I'm okay.

Carly: All right.

Jennifer: I'm fine.

Jack: Are you sure?

Jennifer: Thank you, thank you.

Jack: All right, drive safe, okay? [Carly sighs] She's a sweet girl, you know? I'm just sorry that it was so tough on her.

Carly: Well, I'm glad she's leaving town. You know, I really don't want her hanging around. It creeps me out.

Jack: Well, don't hold back, honey. Just come out and say what you mean.

Carly: Well, this little baby has been bounced around, he's been fought over, named, renamed. Are you forgetting that Jennifer kidnapped him?

Jack: She was sick.

Carly: And poor Gwen has been through hell. I mean, granted, mostly because of me.

Jack: Well, you had your reasons.

Carly: Well, it's about time for everybody just to back off and let Gwen and Billy have a nice, quiet, normal life. I, for one, am thrilled that Jennifer Munson is packing up her marbles and leaving town. Yes.

Will: So we can cook the soup over the fire, and we can pop the popcorn in the popcorn popper, and we can roast marshmallows. Gwen?

Gwen: I was just thinking about Jen having her baby out here. I mean, it was hard in the hospital, but out here, I --

Will: Yeah, I would have freaked out.

Gwen: Do you think that's why the baby died? Because they didn't get to the hospital in time?

Will: I don't know.

Gwen: I don't know how you'd get over something like that. When you're pregnant, it's like there really is a person inside of you. And you get to know them. And how they move and stretch. And you can sense how innocent and pure, and how full of possibility they are, and you can hardly wait to meet them. And then to lose that --

Will: You're missing Billy, aren't you?

Gwen: Yeah. I tried calling Carly, but I couldn't get a signal.

Will: Well, we'll try again after dinner.

Gwen: Hey, Will? I really love being up here with you, but it's starting to snow again, and maybe we should get back home tonight.

Dusty: These are the DNA results of the hair sample I gave you.

Dr. Pelkin: Yeah.

Dusty: I want you to compare them to another DNA test done on a child. I'm trying to figure out if my friend is the child's mother.

Dr. Pelkin: Where are the child's test results.

Hal: Sorry about the condition.

Dusty: Now, Dr. Pelkin, if you need to do more tests or if you need more equipment, let us know, but we've got to be sure. You understand? Absolutely sure.

Dr. Pelkin: It's conclusive. This is mother and child.

Dusty: Thank you. Thanks.

Dr. Pelkin: Glad I could help.

Dusty: Jennifer's son's alive.

Hal: I have a grandson. I have a grandson! I have to tell Jennifer!

Dusty: No, no, Hal. Not yet, not yet.

Hal: Why? She's been waiting all this time.

Dusty: We've got to get that baby away from Gwen and in Jen's custody tonight.

Hal: Tonight? That's impossible. We've got to get the evidence to a judge. We'll have to get a court order.

Dusty: Jen's not going to believe anything until the baby's in her arms.

Hal: All right. Well, let's get down to the courthouse.

Dusty: I'll see you there.

Hal: All right.

Meg: I heard about Paul and Emily. Are you okay?

Dusty: I had this feeling, this gut feeling in my stomach for a long time that something was very wrong with Jen's baby and you -- you made everything right.

Meg: Don't say that.

Dusty: You did. Hey, hey. You did so much, and Paul acted like such an idiot. I wanted to tell him that you were the one who stopped him.

Meg: Wait, you didn't say anything about that, did you?

Dusty: No, of course not.

Meg: Dusty, if you tell anybody that I helped you get confidential files, I could get in big trouble.

Dusty: I promised I wouldn't say anything, and I didnít.

Meg: But you almost let it slip with Paul. You can't do that, okay? He could get me fired.

Dusty: Relax. I didn't say anything and he didn't either, and he's not going to get you fired. He's not even going to be getting out of jail by the time you're collecting social security.

Meg: Did Paul ask you how you put the pieces together?

Dusty: Yeah, I told you, I didn't say anything. And he didn't, either. Don't worry. All your secrets are safe with me.

Officer: Where's your lawyer?

Emily: I think he's running a little late. He'll be here in a few minutes.

Officer: I'll be right outside.

Emily: Oh, God.

Paul: You okay?

Emily: Yeah, I am now. I am now. Cass is late. He'll be here in about an hour. I just hate to see you --

Paul: Listen, I didn't mean for things to turn out like this.

Emily: Paul, I am really scared. How are we going to get out of this?

Paul: I don't know, but I think it might be a little easier for you than it is for me. Hal's still in love with you.

Emily: Yeah, well, that didn't stop him from hauling us both down here, did it?

Paul: Did he ask you to provide evidence against me? Or did he threaten to take Daniel away from you?

Emily: What, were you listening at the door?

Paul: Emily, I don't blame you if you considered it.

Emily: I would never do or say anything that would hurt you.

[Paul sighs]

Paul: I need to get out of here and I need to get to Jennifer before Dusty gets to her.

Emily: Jennifer knows that you love her.

Paul: Yeah, but if Dusty tells her his version of what happened, she's not going to know what to believe.

Emily: Well, then you explain. And she will forgive you.

Paul: I hope so.

Emily: She will forgive you.

Susan: Oh, Emily! Get a grip. You'll be on your way to the penitentiary and you still can't keep your hands off this guy?

Emily: Mother, I told you I would handle this on my own.

Susan: Oh, yeah, well, I ignored you, because I thought somebody might have to bail you out.

Emily: You can get us out of here? You would do that? That's fantastic. I will pay you back everything.

Susan: Don't get all excited. They haven't set your bail yet. And as for him, he can rot.

Paul: I think maybe I'd better get back to my cell.

Emily: No, no, my mother was just leaving.

Susan: Not before you tell me what's going on.

Emily: Mother, if I tell you anything, and Hal asks you a few questions, you can incriminate us

Susan: Oh, Emily, come on! The desk sergeant told me that you two kept a little baby away from its mother. Is that true?

Emily: Mother, if you would just let me explain --

Susan: Is that true?

Emily: Yes.

Susan: What kind of monsters are you?

Gwen: Will, talk to me.

Will: You should put the fire out and I'll go put the chains on the tires.

Gwen: What's wrong?

Will: This was the first time, Gwen. And I'm no expert or anything, but when your girlfriend wants to leave and go home instead of spending the night as planned, i think that's a pretty bad sign.

Gwen: But that's not why I want to go.

Will: If you say so.

Gwen: Okay, fine, so I'm scared.

Will: Of what?

Gwen: Being here alone with you. No distractions, all right? Just us. What if I'm not enough for you?

Will: Gwen, if you start in again with that "I'm not pretty" stuff, I swear, I'll punch a wall or something. How can you think that when every time I look it at you, it's like -- and you don't even know. Like, when you're giving Billy a bath and your t-shirt gets wet --

Gwen: I didn't know.

Will: Well, now you do.

Gwen: You should know something then. I fantasized about this for a while. Like, all the time. And it was better than -- it was amazing.

Will: Yeah?

Gwen: I want us to last. And I don't know how to do that. My parents didn't stay together.

Will: Mine didn't, either.

Gwen: But I do love you.

Will: And I love you. Are you ready to go?

Gwen: Whoa, are you kidding? No, no, no. We're staying.

Will: You know, maybe we should go, though. Because what if it is a blizzard and the roads become impassible, and then Billyís going to think we abandoned him --

Gwen: No, no, no, you just said, mm-mm. You know what I think is really attractive?

Will: What?

Gwen: The way you look out for Billy and me.

Will: Well, I guess I'll have to keep doing that.

Gwen: Mm-hmm.

[Door opens]

Barbara: Oh, honey, I was just trying to call you. I just got home and all of these were here.

Jennifer: Oh, yeah, I had the concierge bring them up from storage, but I wanted them put in my room. Sorry.

Barbara: That's no problem. I'll take care of that, and then we can go out to have dinner, and then I will help you pack.

Jennifer: You know what? I'd rather get a jump on that right away.

Barbara: Fine, I'll take these to your room, then.

Jennifer: Mom, donít.

Barbara: Oh, honey, it's already packed full of something in here. Oh, Jen.

Jennifer: It's okay. That was the suitcase that I packed for the hospital so that we would be ready when the baby was born, but then he was born early.

[Jennifer sobbing]

Barbara: Its okay, its okay, its okay.

Dusty: Hal and I discovered Paul and Emily in the act of shredding the baby's records.

Meg: So it's finally over?

Dusty: Almost.

Meg: Well, what else is there to do? I mean, you've caught the bad guys. You've found jen's baby.

Dusty: Hal's seeing if maybe we can get jen's baby back to her tonight.

Meg: And you have to be there.

Dusty: No, I want to be.

Jack: How's he doing?

Carly: Oh, I think he's just fine. You know, I do feel sorry for Jennifer. How can you look at this little guy and not want him? I'm so glad we had him for the time that we did. And now, Gwen'll take over and she'll do a great job.

Jack: Yes, of course, she will. 'Cause you'll be right there to show her how.

Will: Okay, last chance. If we're going to go home tonight, then we got to leave now.

Gwen: You have tire chains, right?

Will: Mm-hmm. And a snow-mobile in the shed.

Gwen: So even if we get a foot of snow --

Will: We're getting back to Billy in the morning, even if I have to find a dog sled. So what do you say?

Gwen: Let it snow.

Jennifer: Why does this keep happening to me? I'm not trying to make every moment of my life about Johnny, but every time I turn around --

Barbara: Honey, let me get these things out of here, okay?

Jennifer: It's not about the suitcase, Mom. I saw Gwenís baby tonight at Carlyís.

Barbara: What were you doing over there?

Jennifer: I went to see Will, but he wasn't there, and the baby was. And I just thought that if I held him --

Barbara: Honey, you have got to stop doing this to yourself.

Jennifer: I know, but it just feels so good to hold him. It feels right, like he's mine.

Barbara: He's not, Jen.

Jennifer: I know that! But when I see him, I can't help how I feel.

Barbara: Listen, once you get away for a while, things will be --

Jennifer: Oh! Paul and Emilyís wedding.

Barbara: What about it?

Jennifer: What if Gwen and Will show up with Billy?

Barbara: They're not going to bring a baby to the wedding.

Jennifer: No, but if they can't get a sitter. No, I can't deal with leaving him again, and he's not even mine. What's wrong with me?

Barbara: Honey, honey. You have put yourself under too much pressure. You're trying to do too many things. Maybe you should just put off this trip to Europe.

Jennifer: And how is that going to help?

Barbara: It'll just give you some time to recover. To get over things. Get a different kind of perspective.

Jennifer: I can't stay here, Mom.

Barbara: Okay. Then you'll go to Europe as planned. But listen, I don't want you packing right now. I'll take care of all that. I want you to have a good dinner and get a good night's sleep, okay? Everything will look better in the morning.

Meg: Fine. Go do whatever you need to do. I'll see you at home whenever.

Dusty: Hey, stop it.

Meg: I'm fine. I'm fine. I'm happy you're going to go see a beautiful redhead and make her the happiest woman in the world. And then she's going to be so grateful that she'll probably do anything, and I do mean anything, for you.

Dusty: Well, I got a brunette at home, and I'd do anything, just about anything, for her.

Meg: You're good.

Dusty: You're better.

Meg: Okay, go. Go be with Jennifer. I mean, if it weren't for you, she probably would have never known the truth.

Dusty: You made it happen, and you know it. You're the real hero.

Meg: Hurry home.

Paul: Being Emilyís mother does not give you the right to come down on her like that.

Susan: And being Emilyís lover doesn't give you the right to use her. Get her all tied up in this abominable scheme.

[Door opens]

Officer: Time to get processed.

Susan: I told you not to get involved with that guy.

Emily: Mother, I am a big girl. I make my own decisions. My own choices.

Susan: Emily, you're a child. You're an impetuous, spoiled, dishonest child. You haven't grown up at all. You've regressed into that desperate girl you were when you married Hal.

Emily: Oh, oh, right. So being married to Hal made me good, right? Someone you could be proud of.

Susan: Well, what's wrong with that? What is wrong with having a stable marriage and having a happy child? Why are you trying to destroy everything that made your life good?

Emily: Because I was lost when I was with that man. My God, I was always chasing after Halís wants. Hal's wants, Halís needs. Always looking for his approval. You know what, with Paul, I don't have to. He accepts me for who I am.

Susan: You think this is who you are? This is you sinking to Paul Ryanís level. And why? Why? Because he thinks you're so gorgeous? Because he has a big penthouse? Why?

Emily: Because he likes me for who I am. That's something I haven't had a whole lot of experience with.

Susan: Emily, love is supposed to make you a better person, not less than you were.

Emily: How does this make me less? I have a son who is still very happy. And I am marrying him.

Susan: You are in jail! And you lied to me. You told me that jerk was out of your life, and all the while, you were using me. Me? Your own mother. To help that arrogant jerk with this twisted scheme.

Emily: I'm sorry. Really, I am sorry I'm such a disappointment to you.

Susan: Well, what am I supposed to do? How am I supposed to help you now that you've done this horrible thing?

Emily: Mother, please go home. This isn't your problem. It's mine.

Susan: If you were any kind of man, and I'm not banking on it, but if you were, you would fix this. You would take full responsibility and get my daughter off the hook.

Emily: Mother, leave. [Susan sighs] [Door slams shut] Please don't pay any attention to her.

Paul: Actually, I think your mother's right.

Emily: So what do you think my mother was right about? That I'm petty and grasping or that you're arrogant?

Paul: That I should -- that I should get you off of the hook.

Emily: No.

Paul: Emily, there's no point in both of us going to prison for this.

Emily: Paul, no!

Paul: Okay, just think practically, okay. If you're in prison and I'm in prison, who's going to come visit us?

Emily: Please, I went into this with my eyes wide open.

Paul: No, see, I don't think you did, all right? I think I dragged you into this. I think you were trying to talk me out of it and if it were up to you, you would have gone to Jennifer with the truth from the beginning.

Emily: I could've told Jennifer everything at any time! I could've told Hal or my mother, but I chose not to. I could've pushed you out of my life. I could've walked away.

Paul: You could've, but you didnít. And I don't know why.

Emily: Because I understood your reasons. I still do.

Paul: There's one thing your mother's wrong about, Emily. I do love you.

Emily: And I love you. So no more talk about taking the fall, okay? Because we are in this together, right down the line. No matter what happens.

Will: What's wrong?

Gwen: Billy's crying.

Will: Billy's not here. He's with Jack and Carly, remember?

Gwen: No, I heard him.

Will: Gwen. Gwen, you were dreaming. I was dreaming, too.

Gwen: What were you dreaming about?

Will: We were watching Billy sleep, and he was making that smacking noise he does. You know.

[Will makes smacking noise]

Gwen: Yeah, you look just like him. Where were we in your dream?

Will: We were at home. We had just put him to bed and went to our bedroom, and got naked and got busy.

[Will laughs]

Gwen: You have sex on your brain, sir.

Will: And that's a problem why? Anyway, after we turned out the lights, I pulled you really close. Kind of like this. And then after you were sleeping, and I was sure you couldn't hear me, I told you my wish.

Gwen: What was it?

Will: This, forever.

Gwen: That's a nice dream. I hope it comes true.

Will: It will.

Gwen: When?

Will: Starting tomorrow. You, me, and Billy.

Jennifer: Yes, I think I have it. The confirmation number, though? Great, thank you.

Barbara: Okay, I made us a little earl grey with cinnamon, just the way you like it. Now honey, I was just listening to the weather report, and they're saying that with all this snow coming, they may close the airport tonight.

Jennifer: Mom, I told you. I told you.

Barbara: All right, then, why don't we go south. Why don't we go to a spa? Go somewhere where it's warm. And after the wedding --

Jennifer: I'm not going to the wedding, Mom.

Barbara: Okay, I'm sure that Paul and Emily will understand that you don't want to be very social. And, frankly, I don't want to either. So we'll stay here. Just the two of us. We'll order in. We'll have dinner. We'll be decadent.

Jennifer: Mom, I just talked to the airline. I changed my flight. A car will be here in about a half an hour to pick me up. I'm leaving tonight.

[Jack sighs]

Carly: Did you get Sage back to sleep?

Jack: Yes, so I'll get the lights. You get the baby. I'll meet you on the stairs.

Carly: All right.

[Doorbell rings]

Jack: Hey, Hal. It's --

Carly: Hal? It's so late. Parker's asleep. Are you supposed to have him tonight?

Hal: I'm not here for Parker.

Dusty: Can we come in?

Jack: Yeah.

Carly: Hal?

Jack: What's going on, guys?

Carly: Why are you -- why are you here with Dusty, Hal?

Hal: Well, there's just no easy way to say this, but we're here to pick up Billy.

Jack: Did something happen to Gwen?

Carly: Why? Was there an accident?

Hal: No, no. We have conclusive proof that this child is not Gwenís child. He belongs to Jennifer, and we're going to take him to her.

Carly: No.

Jack: What?

Carly: No, Hal. There is no way in hell you're taking this baby.

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Holden: The truth is, you don't want this divorce any more than I do.

Keith: Well, it's too late, because she's moved on.

Paul: Jennifer doesn't know what we've done, and nobody's ever going to tell her.

Jennifer: Oh, the car's here, good. I'm ready to go.

Will: It's over. You have full custody. He's all yours.

Hal: Either hand him over, or I'll be forced to take him.

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