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As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 12/6/05

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Mike: Katie is missing. What more does it take for you to -- so what if jerry's gone. You don't think B.J. Green can hire more muscle? I haven't seen her for hours. You're the FBI. You tell me. I mean, how long does it take to hurt someone. I know green has her. 20 -- 24 hours from when? That's it? All right, listen to me. If anything happens to Katie, it's on your head. What'd you get?

Maddie: I stuck around WOAK another hour after you left.

Mike: And?

Maddie: No one showed. No B.J., no Katie.

Mike: Did anybody say anything?

Maddie: Not a word. And I hacked into Mrs. Hughes' assistant's calendar, and nothing on her schedule said where they would be. Check the gym?

Mike: The gyms. I've called the bars, restaurants. I even had her paged. And here's the kicker -- the FBI won't do anything for 24 hours.

Maddie: What?! That might be too late.

Mike: Thanks.

Maddie: Sorry. Like you haven't thought of that, like I haven't thought --

Waitress: Do you plan on ordering anything today?

Maddie: Double skim mocha latte with a shot of espresso and cayenne.

Waitress: You?

Mike: Not that. Regular coffee.

Waitress: Okay.

Mike: What'd you just order?

Maddie: Henry used to order it all the time. He said it was the greatest.

Mike: Sounds foul.

Maddie: I should have listened to him more.

Mike: It's okay.

Maddie: No, it's not okay, Mike. We're never gonna find him. Katie was Henryís last hope, and now that she and B.J. have fallen off the radar --

Mike: Don't say that. They're here somewhere, and I'll find them.

B.J.: Welcome to Firewall Island.

Katie: Firewall?

B.J.: It's a computer term.

Katie: What does it mean?

B.J.: It's for protection. It keeps out intruders of any kind.

Katie: So what's the firewall here?

B.J.: We're in the middle of nowhere. There's hundreds of little islands in these atolls.

Katie: And you said we're gonna be working?

B.J.: Well, yeah, yeah. But you know, we got a lot of the telethon planned on the flight here, right?

Katie: Yeah, but -- my cell phone doesn't work.

B.J.: Yeah, it's -- well, its remote here.

Katie: Okay. Well, we can't just leave the country without telling people.

B.J.: Who would you want to tell?

Katie: My sister. Somebody has to feed Snickers.

B.J.: I'll have an intern at WOAK call her.

Katie: You can get in touch with the station?

B.J.: There's a satellite phone. Uh-oh. I have a feeling that you just stopped having fun.

Katie: I feel hijacked.

B.J.: Well, donít. See, that's the thing. Just don't feel that way. I mean, you know, just think about it for a second. If you weren't here, what would you be doing? You'd be back in Oakdale worrying, instead of here, you know, relaxing, enjoying your life.

Katie: That's what we're doing?

B.J.: Yeah. I mean, it will be. Look, here. Here, have some champagne here. It's one of the bottles you admired in my cellar. Come on, Katie. It's a short trip. You're gonna be back in Oakdale before you know it. In the meantime, just relax. [Katie sighs] There! There it is. See, you smiled.

Katie: Yeah, you know what? You're right. I'm gonna take full advantage of this trip.

Jennifer: Well, there are two caterers you could use, but only one of them will do dinner and the wedding cake. So I think we should go with them. It's Zigarelli's. It's just about two streets over.

Emily: You checked all this out?

Jennifer: Yeah. Do you have a florist?

Paul: Jennifer, I don't think you need to go to all this trouble. There's only, like, three guests.

Jennifer: Well, maybe more.

Paul: Like who?

Jennifer: Oh, hey, over here.

Will: What is this about France and Switzerland? It sounds like you're going away forever.

Jennifer: Okay, you could say hello.

Will: Hello. You're going to Europe? You leave a message like that?

Jennifer: Okay, okay, don't get so upset. You're gonna upset the baby. Paul, could you and Will please speak to each other?

Paul: Okay. Will, why the hell did you bring that baby here?

Meg: I thought I could live with how we got here. [Meg sighs] Dusty, I tried. I can't do this. The only thing is, I don't want to give you up.

Dusty: You're giving me up?

Meg: Would you stop that!

Dusty: Well, you said it. Why are you giving me up, huh? I'm over here. What's up?

Meg: I have to go do something.

Dusty: Me, too. I'll give you a little something.

Meg: Yeah. Not the same thing I had in mind.

Dusty: No? That's bad news.

Meg: I have to go to the hospital.

Dusty: I thought you were off today.

Meg: I just need to check something out.

Dusty: What's wrong? Is it the same thing that was bugging you after you saw Jennifer? 'Cause whatever your explanation was at the time, I didn't buy it then. So, what's the story?

Meg: Let me find out if there is one first.

Keith: Lily?

Holden: Let him find us.

Lily: No, no.

Holden: Why not? He's gonna have to face it sooner or later.

Lily: No, I am going to marry him. I'm not changing my mind.

Holden: He is not the one you want. I am.

Keith: I saw Lily come down here a little while ago. Is she here?

Katie: I bet your chocolate milk doesn't do so well in the tropics, huh?

B.J.: Out here, I pretty much stick with fruit juices. And a little bit more. Ooh, sorry.

Katie: That's okay.

B.J.: And enjoy the bubbles.

Katie: Mm.

B.J.: What?

Katie: It's Henryís nickname for me -- Bubbles. We shared a lot more than a few glasses of champagne, that's for sure.

B.J.: Well, maybe then you should have fruit juice, too.

Katie: Good idea. Henry's only alternative beverage was martinis.

B.J.: Yeah, I noticed that. You know, you seem to talk about him about as much as you talk about Mike.

Katie: No, don't mention that name, remember?

B.J.: I'm sorry.

Katie: No, it's okay. You were right. I just needed to be here and -- it's making me think.

B.J.: Okay, well, thinking wasn't really part of the plan.

Katie: It never is for me. See, that's the problem. When Mike and I got together, I never really had a chance to settle things with Henry, so Mike and I could never work. Nothing will ever work for me until Henry and I find that closure, you know?

B.J.: Yeah. Maybe you should write him a letter.

Katie: No, no. I need to see him face-to-face. I need to look at him and make sure that he's okay with everything.

B.J.: Right. You should that on your things-to-do when you get back to Oakdale. But in the meantime, just, you know, relax, enjoy the moment.

Katie: No, see, I don't think I can do that. This is too big. Don't you realize that I found the key to my future happiness? And I just, I need to do this. It's something I need to do. So let's do it.

B.J.: What?

Katie: If you can fly me here, you can fly me to Palo Alto. I can settle things with Henry, and then -- and then relax.

B.J.: Okay.

Katie: Really?

B.J.: Yeah. I just want you to be happy, Katie. It's all I want. So let me call my pilot.

Katie: Great.

Mike: No, your guy at the FBI's dragging his feet. To hell with this case. What does it matter if Katie ends up -- yes, please. I know. Thanks, Jack.

Maddie: Is he gonna get one of your cop friends to bust down some doors?

Mike: Well, we'll see what he can do. The last thing we need is the cops breaking into Fairwinds. Might just send B.J. over the edge.

Maddie: Assuming he hasn't already bungee jumped straight off the edge. I say we just go over there and bust down doors ourselves.

Mike: Wouldn't be any smarter.

Maddie: I know Henry is in that wine cellar.

Mike: Well, how? From that phone call you got a few days ago? What, is it some code?

Maddie: And in dust. He wrote "help" on that wine bottle.

Mike: Okay. Maddie, even if he was there for a little while, I'm sure B.J. has moved him by now with all the snooping around that you and Katie have done. He'd be an idiot not to.

Maddie: Or because that's what he'd expect. Now the wine cellar is the safest place of all.

Mike: What are you thinking?

Maddie: Nothing.

Mike: No, you can not go over there again. Do you hear me?

Maddie: That was way too paternal.

Mike: The last thing anybody needs is for you to get caught snooping around. Don't you have a midterm tomorrow?

Maddie: What?

Mike: A test.

Maddie: How did you know that? Oh. You are the sharpest tool in the shed.

Mike: You stay here and study for your test, all right? That way, you're occupied.

Maddie: While you --?

Mike: Go see Margo.

Maddie: She doesn't know about this, does she?

Mike: No, she doesnít. When she finds out, she's gonna freak. She'll be a full-time job. Okay, so you stay here, all right? Promise me. I want to know exactly where you are.

Maddie: Okay. Get Margo to go to Fairwinds.

Mike: All right, I'll call you.

Maddie: Oh, hey, Kasnoff? Thank you.

Mike: You're welcome.

[Maddie sighs]

Maddie: Here's to you coming home, Henry. Oh, oh! And I got news for you, bro. Cayenne is no good in coffee.

Jennifer: Paul, for heaven's sakes. I don't mind. I'm happy that Billy is here.

Will: The message said, "Come quick." Gwen had an appointment, so I have the baby. Now, what's going on? Why are you leaving?

Jennifer: I'm going back to Europe for a while.

Will: And that's what you want?

Jennifer: Yes, it is, really. But there will be plenty of time for good-byes and all that later. That's not why I asked you here.

Will: I can guess. And forget it.

Jennifer: No, you and Paul need each other, especially now.

Will: I will never need him.

Paul: Jennifer, don't push this, okay? Not now.

Jennifer: No, now is all the time that I have, okay? Will you please let me leave town happy? Is he cold?

Will: No, he's completely bundled up.

Jennifer: No, he looks cold. Let me see.

Emily: You know what? There's a little spot over there. It's not so windy. Maybe I can take him over there.

Will: No, I'm supposed to be watching him.

Paul: Emily's a mother. I'm sure she won't screw up.

Emily: I promise, I won't break him.

Will: Okay. Go ahead.

Emily: Okay. Come here, you. Come here, you. Hi there.

Will: Scarf in there.

Emily: Oh, there's a scarf. There you go. Come on. Let's go for a walk.

[Phone rings]

Dusty: Hello?

Meg: Hey, Dusty, it's me. I need to see you.

Dusty: Now?

Meg: Yeah. Right now at the hospital, right away.

Dusty: What's wrong?

Meg: I have to show you.

Dusty: I'm on my way.

[Meg sighs]

Meg: Okay. So far, so good. You'll have your baby soon, Jen.

Holden: She was here. She just left. You might want to try and pick up her trail someplace else.

Keith: I don't need to hunt her down.

Holden: No?

Keith: No. Because she said she was coming to get the divorce papers from you.

Holden: Sounds plausible.

Keith: Well there's nothing plausible about it. It's the reason.

Holden: Okay.

Keith: Do you want me to think that scarf means something else?

Holden: She must've dropped it. Somehow.

Keith: Look, if you're forcing yourself on her --

Holden: Hey, I would never touch Lily. Unless she wanted me to touch her. I would never do anything to hurt her.

Keith: Well you know what, you seem pretty smug about something, so why don't you tell me what it is?

Holden: Okay. You want it, you got it.

B.J.: Yeah, thanks. The pilot's still running through our post-flight check, but he'll call soon.

Katie: Great.

B.J.: In the meantime, you want to go swimming?

Katie: Oh, I don't think so. Maybe a little walk along the beach before I leave? It really is gorgeous here.

B.J.: And no one to disturb the peace and quiet. Dad would've approved.

Katie: Your dad?

B.J.: Yeah, he was -- a bit of a loner.

Katie: That can be tough when you want a dad.

B.J.: It just forces you to be independent. In fact, you're the first guest that I've brought here at all.

Katie: Really? I'm honored. You sure no other girlfriends?

B.J.: None.

Katie: Oh, come on, B.J., I'm sure there's thousands of girls who would be thrilled --

B.J.: With the money.

Katie: And you.

[B.J. chuckles]

B.J.: Ah, me now? Maybe. It's just kind of funny, you know -- all that work and money put in to tempt, to somehow make me seem just a bit more attractive, and I don't trust it at all. I don't trust anybody who would want me for this, because I bet you that none of them would've been interested when it mattered. You know, back when you were nice to me then.

Katie: And you're being nice when it matters for me. Thank you.

[Cell phone rings]

B.J.: Green. Why not? What's the problem? We have to get out of here. We have to leave this -- what if were an emergency? You know what, I don't care. I don't care. Okay, fine -- fine, fine, fine, fine. Just call me when you know.

Katie: What?

B.J.: The pilot went back to the mainland.

Katie: What?!

B.J.: It seems like the plane needed a little bit more than a routine maintenance. He didn't have the materials here, so, yeah, he's gone.

Katie: For how long?

B.J.: We're stuck here at least until tomorrow.

Katie: Bag it.

Maddie: That's -- that's Henryís handwriting.

Katie: I know.

Maddie: This is --

Katie: Save the recriminations, Coleman. We've got a job to do. See where the evidence leads us. Read it.

Maddie: "Maddie C. I hung on as long as I could. I know you did everything you possibly could to find me. Remember that I loved you. Xxoo, Hen." He died before the "r-y"? In mid-name?

Katie: But he hung on as long as he could. You ready for the I.D.?

Maddie: No, what?

Katie: You're the next of kin. It's up to you.

Maddie: This is my responsibility?

Katie: Yeah, and you blew it.

Maddie: Mike told me to stay put.

Katie: Mike is not the sharpest tool in the shed. Why would you listen to him? You never listened -- no forget it, sorry. Just, no looking back now. Now you live with what you do, stupid girl.

Olga: Stupid girl. Not caramel. Mocha. One double skim mocha latte, espresso one shot, cayenne pepper on top, yeah?

Will: Listen, I'm out of here.

Jennifer: No, wait, wait, wait. Paul -- please.

Paul: Will, please stay. Look, isn't there a custom look, isn't there a custom in some country where a groom-to-be is forgiven of all his mistakes right before the wedding?

Jennifer: We could start one.

Will: Jen, I appreciate what you're trying to do. But I don't need this.

Jennifer: You think? Will, you're not even 18 years old, and you're planning on helping your girlfriend raise a child. And you're getting married and not many people in this family approve. You two need each other now more than ever. So, come on, please. It's the only Christmas present that I want. Okay, please. Work it out.

Paul: You have got to keep Jennifer away from that baby.

Will: You're worse than she is. Why are you so obsessed with Billy?

Jennifer: Let's hope those two make up. Hey, dimple, sweets. Here, let me take a shift.

Emily: Okay.

Jennifer: Come here, darling. Come here, buddy. Oh, yes. Aren't you the sweetest thing? I bet you miss your mommy, huh? Mmm.

Dusty: Hey.

Meg: Hey.

Dusty: What's up? You sounded freaked out.

Meg: I am. Come here. I was afraid of this, and I thought I must be wrong. But I went back, and I double-checked it, and then I triple-checked it, so I wasn't wrong again, and I just --

Dusty: Take it easy. Sit down. Talk to me, from the beginning.

Meg: Gwen Norbeck was in today for her baby's checkup. And I was looking over her chart before I sent it back to the records, you know, just to make sure all the tests were there and everything. And I noticed the baby's blood type.

Dusty: We knew that already.

Meg: Right. But I was looking at the baby with Gwen, and I realized I didn't know her blood type. So, I go and I look at her chart. Dusty, if those records are right, there is no way Gwen could be that child's mother.

Dusty: Are you sure that the chart has the baby's real blood type, the baby that Gwen's walking around with? Because we thought that Craig changed the records, remember?

Meg: I remember. But these were recent tests done on this baby.

Dusty: And Gwen's test?

Meg: From her last check-up.

Dusty: Any chance the tests are wrong?

Meg: No. No, Memorial has a good lab, they can't mess up something this basic. But maybe I did. Maybe I --

Dusty: Now, wait a second. Don't go there. You're telling me, that Gwen's not his mother?

Meg: Right.

Dusty: Wow. I mean, this is -- wow. Is there a chance that this kid belongs to someone we don't even know?

Meg: I don't see how.

Dusty: Well then, there's a problem with one of the tests. Gwen's? The baby's?

Meg: Or, the test we ran on Jennifer and the baby.

Dusty: This changes everything.

Jennifer: When I said he missed his mommy, I meant Gwen.

Emily: Of course, you did.

Jennifer: Such a good mommy, isn't she? He loves her so much.

Emily: You're really good with him, Jen. He's sleeping.

Jennifer: You think so? Is it okay if that makes me really happy to hear?

Emily: It's not for me to judge, you know.

Jennifer: But you're just as worried about me with this baby as Paul is.

Emily: Aren't you, just a little?

Jennifer: I'm leaving the country, aren't I?

Emily: I'm going to take him.

Jennifer: No, wait. Please. How many more times am I ever really going to get a chance to hold him?

Paul: I just hate to see Jennifer so torn up.

Will: It's not her, it's you. Paul, you left me in a jail cell facing charges because you heard that she was with Billy for a little while. What is that? And then I got kicked over to the state hospital and you didn't even care.

Paul: I did care. I do care, Will. About you and Jennifer both. That's probably my whole problem. I, at the time, didn't know which one of you to worry about more. I'm sorry that I bailed on you.

Will: You didn't just bail on me when I got locked up. It's everything, Paul. It's all of it. You lied. You tried to get my girlfriend to dump me and leave town with her kid and not tell me.

Paul: I was just trying to protect Jennifer.

Will: Look, I can't do this again. Five minutes, five minutes, that's all. We'll stand here, we'll pretend to make nice and that way when Jen comes back, we'll tell her it's all good between us, so she doesn't worry. But that's it.

Paul: Okay. You know, you just did it.

Will: What?

Paul: What you're so mad at me about, you just did it.

Will: What are you talking about?

Paul: You're so gung-ho to protect Jennifer, that you're willing to lie. You want us to stand here and smile, and pretend that we've forgiven each other, so that she can go away and leave town happy.

Will: What's your point?

Paul: I guess it's some kind of family curse.

Will: That we're all doomed to become our mother?

Paul: No. Not if we help each other out. Not if we call each other on it when we make a mistake. Okay?

Will: Okay.

Holden: Lily will always know -- always know -- how much I love her.

Keith: Well, now, don't you think that's going to be a little awkward, since she's going to be my wife.

Holden: Not in her heart.

Keith: And you're so sure of that, too.

Holden: I am. Because I know what she feels. And I'm going to hold on to that, no matter what she does.

Keith: What was that?

Holden: Morrissey, I want you off this property, now. And you know what? Take these with you.

Keith: What's that?

Holden: Divorce papers. Lily and I -- we did not reach a settlement.

Keith: What?

Holden: I hired a new lawyer, so we're going to starting over, from scratch.

Keith: What do you want? A bigger piece of the pie? More money?

Holden: We'll negotiate that. And then we'll re-negotiate. Along with every provision, every word, every comma. She doesn't love you. And you know it. But you're still trying to trap her. You want to tell me why?

Keith: Did she tell you that she doesn't love me? Because I'm the one that put the smile back on her face. I've done it before and I'll do it again. And you can count on that, Holden.

Olga: Spinach in teeth?

Maddie: Excuse me?

Olga: You stare.

Maddie: Oh, no, sorry. No spinach. You're not from around here, are you?

Olga: One coffee black, one double skim mocha latte, espresso one shot, cayenne pepper on top?

Waitress: Right.

Olga: Good. Again with eyes of bug.

Maddie: Sorry, it's just an unusual drink. Where'd you hear of that?

Olga: In my country is very common.

Maddie: Where's that?

Olga: Bye now. Stay in school.

Maddie: My brother Henry drinks that drink. No one else, ever.

Olga: Remove yourself.

Maddie: Ow! Wait! Where's Henry?

Katie: It just feels wrong.

B.J.: What does?

Katie: I want to move on, really enjoy myself. Be here. But I canít.

B.J.: Sure you can. Really. All you have to do is focus. I mean, really focus. It's all it takes, Katie. Just look at me.

Katie: Yeah, you built an amazing business. But that's not what I'm talking about.

B.J.: No, no, no, no, no, no. It's not that. It's you. And you and me. Here. Alone together. I mean, after all the mistakes i made, I never lost my focus. And here we are. You know what? We can just redo everything.

Katie: What?

B.J.: See, where we lost it, is where I said, "Enjoy the bubbles," and you said that's Henryís nickname for me --

Katie: You remember every word I said?

B.J.: Of course. Do you know that what most people call being smart is actually just being able to remember things. Holding on. Being able to redo things when you need to. So what we do, is go back to the part where it got all messed up when you brought up Henry, and I pour the champagne and then you just say something different.

Katie: No let's just skip the cham -- ah -- pagne.

B.J.: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Katie: Ho! No, no, no. I'm cool, yeah. Thanks. Ooh, that's cold.

B.J.: You know, I have a cabana out there -- something in there might fit --

Katie: Great.

B.J.: Probably.

Katie: Thanks. Bet everything's just my size.

Will: Can I ask you a question?

Paul: Yeah.

Will: Are you ever going to be able to look at me and not think about rose? I'd get it. I just want to know. Are you ever going to be able to trust me completely?

Paul: I can't trust anybody completely. Most of all, myself. But I love you, Will. And I'm proud to have you as my kid brother. And I would be very honored if you and Gwen would please come to my wedding.

Will: We'll see. We'll try.

Paul: Okay. You want to go tell Jen we kissed and made up?

Will: Sure.

Jennifer: I know how it sounds, like I'm desperate to be with this baby.

Emily: Are you?

Jennifer: No, it's -- it's not that. But, Emily, promise me you won't say anything to Paul.

Emily: Okay.

Jennifer: I don't want him to worry, and it's really not as crazy as it's going to sound.

Emily: But?

Jennifer: I still feel connected to this baby. I don't know, when I hold him, it feels like we're home. Both of us. And I know that he's Gwen's baby, I know, I believe what the tests say. But when I see him, all of that just goes away. I know, I know! But honestly -- I feel the very best holding him. But it's also torture. What am I going to do? Why is this so hard?

Emily: Because you can't shake the truth.

Meg: Oh, my God. It was my fault this test didn't come out right -- I don't know how I'm going to forgive myself for this.

Dusty: Come on. You don't even know what happened.

Meg: I messed it up, okay? Somehow I must've messed it up.

Dusty: You put yourself on the line to get that test for me. I saw you, I was there. All right, let's go through it, from the top.

Meg: I just don't know how it could've happened --

Dusty: Relax, shh, shh. Hey. Relax, okay? We'll go through it step by step. You took the blood from the baby at iris's house. We brought it here. You had your eye on it the whole time.

Meg: I kept it in my pocket the whole time.

Dusty: Then you took the blood from Jennifer. You had that with you the whole time.

Meg: Until we gave it to the lab tech.

Dusty: You think he mixed them up?

Meg: No, no. They wouldn't do that.

Dusty: Okay, let's go back to the beginning.

Meg: You know what? This is just all a blur. Between Barbara showing up and then when I was writing up those blood orders and then another nurse came in and she almost caught me. And then I had to go --

Dusty: What?

Meg: I had to go get another chart, just to get her off my back. And I left the blood samples back there.

Dusty: You think this nurse touched them?

Meg: No, no, no, no. But it was a good five minutes that I didn't have my eye on them.

Dusty: Well, then something could've happened to them.

Meg: Yeah, I guess, if someone went --

Dusty: Meg?

Meg: Oh, my God.

Dusty: Hey, Meg. Do you think that someone tampered with that blood?

Meg: Yes.

Meg: Yes, I do.

Holden: You okay?

Lily: I have to get back to Keith.

Holden: Lily, you have to tell me what he has on you. Whatever it is, I will get you out of it. Tell me what it is.

Lily: Please, Holden, stop! Okay, please. You have no idea what is happening.

Holden: I understood what happened before he got here.

Lily: Never again.

Holden: What?

Lily: From now on, you just have to contact my lawyer.

Holden: Lily, donít.

Lily: Good-bye.

Holden: When you come back, I'll be waiting.

Maddie: Take me to Henry or I'm calling the cops!

Olga: You don't call nobody!

Mike: Maddie? What happened?

Maddie: I'm okay. Just follow her.

Mike: Who?

Maddie: Blonde Amazon. That way. She has Henry! Ow.

Katie: It was this or a string bikini. Nice collection.

B.J.: A guy's gotta have a dream. You -- [B.J. clears his throat] You look beautiful.

Katie: These are beautiful. You have a bud vase around this campsite? Oh, look, this'll work. This should keep them nice and fresh. Can I take them?

B.J.: Huh?

Katie: When we go to Palo Alto to see Henry. Can I take them with me?

B.J.: Shh. No Henry, remember? We're starting over. Today.

B.J.: You are irresistible.

Dusty: You know who tampered with the blood test.

[Meg sighs]

Meg: I can't say for sure.

Dusty: But you suspect.

Meg: I just don't want to think that it's true. I don't want to think that.

Dusty: Then donít. Just tell me what you remember.

Meg: I had to go out of the room to handle the nurse. So I left the vials of blood on the counter next to the order form. I stepped out of the door, and Paul was right there.

Dusty: Paul was outside the room?

Meg: Yes. Yes, I guess he said he was trying to avoid Barbara.

Dusty: Did you leave him there?

Meg: Yeah, I had to go. I thought Paul was on our side. Right?

Dusty: Paul's on Paulís side.

Jennifer: Well, I'm glad to see you two are talking, sort of.

Paul: Yeah, sort of.

Emily: You know what? Why don't you help Will with the baby, to the car.

Paul: Okay, come on. Let's see if we can't get some Christmas presents for Billy.

Emily: Jen?

Jennifer: Yeah?

Emily: Don't torture yourself.

Jennifer: Emily, before you said -- you said something about shaking off the truth. What truth is that?

Emily: It will always hurt to see Billy. So donít. Get out now.

Jennifer: I'm leaving right after your wedding.

Emily: You should leave now. Look, I will miss you so much. I mean, you're the only person who's truly been happy for me and Paul. But it's just not fair to you. I mean, why stick around and risk running into Will and Gwen with the baby? Why do that?

Jennifer: You're saying I should just pack up and leave?

Emily: Yes. You should leave today.

On the next, "As the World Turns" --

B.J.: I'm not about to let some teenage brat with a Sherlock Holmes complex ruin all the work I've done. I want you to take care of her, permanently. Do you understand?

Paul: So where are you going now?

Dusty: You are going to keep me from going after the truth. What's the deal?

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