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Mike: Mmm. What's the occasion? For you to make breakfast, it must be very important.

Katie: It is very important. You have to move out of the house today.

Mike: What?

[Elevator bell dings]

Susan: Make sure Dr. Hughes gets these before lunch, okay? Oh, Emily!

Emily: Hi, Mom.

Susan: Hi. Nothing's wrong, is there?

Emily: No, I'm just picking up Daniel’s allergy medicine.

Susan: Good.

Emily: I'm gonna go get that medicine.

Susan: Wait, I was actually gonna call you this afternoon.

Emily: Why?

Susan: I was wondering if you and Paul had set a date for the wedding.

Emily: No, actually, but we're not planning anything big, so don't worry. You don't need to show up. I mean, I wouldn't want to force you to watch your daughter make the biggest mistake of her life.

Susan: I never said that.

Emily: No, you don't have to, not in so many words. Could we just not have this conversation? I'm just so not in the mood.

Susan: You don't understand. I want to be there. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Meg: So, what do you want now?

Paul: Okay, just relax. I got some news that I thought you'd be interested in hearing, that's all.

Meg: I already did your dirty work. It's done. I'm over. I have nothing left to say. Isn't that clear?

Paul: No, well, what was clear was that this was really upsetting you, so I have some news about Jennifer that I think might make your life a little easier.

Meg: Is it gonna make Jennifer’s life easier, because she's the one who's having the hard time here. She thinks her baby's dead. We know he's not, and every time I see her, I have to live with that.

Paul: Okay, come on. We both know that Jennifer’s life is better because of this. And you got what you wanted as well -- Dusty. So I don't know why you always have to make such a big drama out of everything.

[Meg sighs]

Meg: Drama. Okay, I thought you had news that would make me feel better.

Paul: Yeah, I do. If bumping into Jennifer is what's kicking your conscience, your guilt or whatever you want to call it into overdrive, you don't need to worry about it anymore. Jennifer's leaving town.

Jennifer: Thank you so much for your help.

Salesman: All the ornaments are in here. Let me know if you need anything else.

Jennifer: Okay. Oh, Jeanie, look at that beautiful tree.

Jeanie: Yeah.

Jennifer: Aren't you excited? Christmas is almost here. What's the matter?

Jeanie: I'll still be in the hospital on Christmas. How's Santa gonna find me here?

Jennifer: Have you been a good girl this year? Well, then you have nothing to worry about, because Santa always knows where you are. He's gonna find you. He finds all the kids who've been good.

Jeanie: Really?

Jennifer: Absolutely. Did you send him a list? I bet it was a really long one.

Jeanie: The longest ever.

Jennifer: Well, wherever you are, whether it's here or home, Santa is gonna find you. And I hope you get everything that you asked for. It's gonna be an awesome Christmas, you'll see.

Gwen: Hey, somebody boarded up that window. Who do you think that could be? No, no. Mom couldn't have made bail. Mom? Billy, I'm not getting a good feeling about this. Let's go, okay? We're gonna come back later.

Will: Wait! [Christmas music plays] Welcome home.

Gwen: Wow! When? How?

Will: I've been racing around like Santa’s little helper to try and get this finished before you got home. First, I had to, you know, find the perfect tree. Then I got all the lights and stuff. Thank God the store was open 24 hours.

Gwen: The whole house looks different. It's beautiful. Wow, you even got rid of Iris' stuff.

Will: Yeah, I took all of her tacky knickknacks, and I put 'em in a box in the garage. I tried to get rid of everything that would remind you of her.

Gwen: You're the best.

Will: Am I?

Gwen: I was afraid when I woke up and you weren't there this morning. I thought you'd still be at the station.

Will: I was just so buzzed, you know, I couldn't sleep. So I decided I'd get some decorating done. And I figured if I went back to the Snyders that I'd end up waking you guys up.

Gwen: Oh, no. Not a chance. I was dead, out to the world. I can't believe that I actually spent the night in their house, but Billy and I slept great.

Will: Good.

Gwen: So, you're up. You're free. No one's gonna lock you up again?

Will: Nope, it's all over. And mostly thanks to you.

Gwen: Me, what did I do?

Will: You had faith in me.

Gwen: You were innocent.

Will: Yeah, but even my parents doubted me. You stuck by me, and I'll never forget that.

Gwen: You're worth sticking by.

Will: Well, you're worth going through all of it. Even the state hospital.

Gwen: I'm sorry. I can't imagine what it was like for you to go back there.

Will: There was only one thing that made it bearable.

Gwen: What?

Will: When you told me that you loved me.

Gwen: I meant it.

Will: Well, that's what saved me.

Emily: So what are you saying? You're suddenly willing to embrace my marriage to Paul?

Susan: I'm not embracing it. I have misgivings. I have a lot of them. I've been very clear about them, but I'm willing to accept the fact that you love him, you think he can make you happy.

Emily: You don't really believe that, do you?

Susan: It doesn't matter what I think.

Emily: Yeah, it does matter. You're my mother. I want you there because you're happy for me and you want to support me, not because it's the proper thing to do.

Susan: Nothing will make me happier than to see Paul come through for you.

Emily: He will. He already has.

Susan: Good, good. And in ten years or so, you guys will be laughing in my face. Oh, come on. I'm making an effort here. Don't cut me off, I'm your mom.

Emily: You swear you'll behave? Because I don't want you freaking out while I'm walking down the isle, Mom.

Susan: I'll be too busy crying.

Emily: Yeah, well, I will pretend those are tears of joy.

Susan: Me too.

Meg: Why do I get the feeling that you orchestrated this whole thing?

Paul: Does it really matter? I think it's great for Jennifer to get away from Oakdale. It's good for you, too.

Meg: I can handle my own guilt. Maybe not as well as you, but I'll deal with it. Its Jennifer I'm worried about here.

Paul: Jennifer will be fine. Go. Get on with your life. Be with Dusty. Be happy. Look, you got what you wanted. We all did.

Meg: Except Jennifer. She didn't get her baby.

Paul: No, but she doesn't have to be with Craig, either. And that would be way worse than what she's going through right now.

Meg: You seem to have an answer for everything, don't you? I guess you learned that from the master?

Paul: I'm gonna pretend that you're not alluding to my father and just leave it at that.

Meg: I hope that you're right about Jennifer. I hope she is happy in Europe. I want to believe that we did the right thing, lying to her.

Paul: We did.

Meg: Maybe. Or maybe it's gonna catch up to us eventually. Maybe we'll both burn in hell for this, Paul.

[Elevator bell dings]

[Baby crying]

Henry: Breakfast in bed. How generous. You're too good to me, Olga.

Olga: Stop. No tricks today.

Henry: All out of tricks, sweet cheeks. The world has forgotten about me, so I have forgotten about the world.

Olga: Aw, Henry is waking wrong side of bed.

Henry: Henry wakes up on the wrong side of stone cold floor. [Henry sighs] I want to think that it was a dream last night, and that Katie wasn't actually here.

Olga: Oh, she was here, but not for you.

Henry: Knock a man when he's down, why don't you? What was she doing here, Olga? That's the part I don't understand.

Olga: She is wanting wine. She finds wine. She goes.

Henry: Without a clue that I'm trapped down here? No, no, no. You don't understand the connection that she and I used to have.

Olga: Yeah, no more.

Henry: You're a cruel woman. You're cruel.

Olga: Yeah, and you are a sad man.

Henry: Yeah, that's right, that's me. I'm a sad man, and forgotten.

Mike: I know what you're trying to do, and it's not gonna work. I'm not leaving you alone in this house.

Katie: Mike, you have to. We're already in this. The only way B.J. is gonna believe that we're broken up is if you're out of this house. I told him when I left him last night that I was coming to kick you out.

Mike: Oh, I'm sure he's thrilled to hear that.

Katie: Honey, I'm gonna be careful, I promise, but I have to get B.J. to trust me. It's the only way I'm gonna find out what he's done with Henry.

Mike: Was there any sign that B.J. put Henry in that wine cellar?

Katie: I wasn't there long enough to find out. I mean, I don't know. I didn't see anything, but he could have moved Henry before I got there.

Mike: Or maybe Henry’s disappearance had nothing to with B.J. at all. We're going on Maddie’s gut instinct.

Katie: And the receipt that I found for an mp3 player at Fairwinds. That basically proves that B.J. bought the mp3 player to give to Maddie to make her think it was from Henry. Please, I know something's wrong. I know something bad has happened. You gotta be with me on this. I'm Henry’s only hope.

Mike: I am with you. I just don't like the idea of moving out of the house. I want to be close enough to protect you if that's what it comes to.

Katie: It's not going to. I'm not gonna go back to Fairwinds. The only time I'm ever gonna see B.J. is in a public place. Please, Mike, I need your help on this. Please be with me.

Mike: Please, please, be careful.

Katie: I will be careful, and I'll be smart. We're gonna beat B.J. at his own game.

Mike: Do I at least get a proper good-bye?

Katie: I think that could probably be arranged.

[Door bell rings]

B.J.: Katie? It's me, B.J.

Mike: Be quiet, maybe he won't hear us.

Katie: What if he does? He said, "Ciao, baby."

Henry: What's got you in such a tizzy? What did I say now?

Olga: You think you are only one with broken heart?

Henry: Yeah, who else? The spiders? The rats? I mean, come on, Olga, you have to have a heart first.

[Henry laughs]

Olga: It's all you, you, you. Poor Henry. Boo-hoo.

Henry: Whoa, whoa. Where is all this coming from?

[Olga sighs]

Olga: I am foolish to share with you my anguish. Olga must go.

Henry: No, no, wait Olga. Don't go now. You're right. Honey, I have been so selfish, I can't believe it. I have been trapped down here for days on end in this musty wine cellar, and it's dampened my compassion. I didn't even think for a second that maybe you are the way you are for a reason.

Olga: I am having many reasons.

Henry: Has someone broke your heart and ruined your life?

Olga: He dumped me like moldy potato.

Henry: Aw, that's terrible. That's horrible. What happened?

Olga: No, don't pretend you are caring.

Henry: How can you say that after all we've been through? Of course I am caring. Here, grab a Bordeaux, and tell Henry all about it.

B.J.: Katie, is everything okay in there?

Katie: Yeah, I'm not quite dressed yet. Just give me a second. Hey, sorry. I just had to throw some clothes on. I was still in my ratty robe.

B.J.: You know, you'd look beautiful in a burlap sack.

Katie: Well, flattering will get you everywhere.

B.J.: I hope so.

Katie: So, not that I'm not thrilled to see you, but what are you doing here?

B.J.: Oh, I just stopped by to check up on you, and to make sure things didn't get too crazy when you gave Mike the boot.

Katie: Yeah, things got a little ugly.

B.J.: He didn't hurt you, did he?

Katie: No, no, Mike would never do that.

B.J.: Good. So he's gone? Out of your life?

Katie: That's right.

B.J.: What's that?

Katie: Oh, I thought I had gotten rid of everything. And you know what? Mike was such a slob. I was always picking up after him day and night. Thank God that I won't have to do that anymore. [Katie sighs] So, should we go?

B.J.: Go where?

Katie: To the studio. We have a big day, lots to do.

B.J.: What's the rush? You're the star, I'm the boss. Let's make 'em wait. Besides, I want to toast to your new freedom. Got any chocolate milk?

Katie: Yes, I do, actually.

B.J.: Well, bring it on.

Katie: Okay, I'll be right back.

B.J.: Okay. Bye, bye, Kasnov. Thanks. To your future.

Katie: To our future.

B.J.: A future without Mike Kasnov.

Emily: Hey, that's everything. How did it go with Meg?

Paul: She still feels guilty about lying to Jennifer.

Emily: Yeah, well, so do I.

Paul: This is one time when the end really does justify the means, and we know that. And I think Meg's starting to figure it out now, even though she did tell me to burn in hell.

Emily: She said that?

Paul: Yeah.

Emily: Oh my God. I hate to think of what she'd like to see happen to me.

Paul: You don't need to worry about that. She's with Dusty now. And you and I, we have a wedding to plan.

Emily: Oh. Yeah, about that. I ran into my mom.

Paul: Uh-oh.

Emily: No, no, it's actually good this time. She wants to come to the wedding.

Paul: Why, so she can sabotage it?

Emily: No, I mean, that's what I thought at first, too. But she actually said she's willing to give us the benefit of the doubt. I'm happy, she's happy.

Paul: So what, you said yes?

Emily: Well, yeah. Yeah, of course. I want my mother there. I'd like to have my whole family around me.

Paul: Sounds like you got it all worked out for yourself. Did you start sending out the wedding invitations, too?

Jennifer: Hey, Billy. How's it going?

Will: We should get going. We're gonna be late for Billy’s appointment.

Jennifer: Will. Will, don't do that. At least let me say that I'm sorry.

Will: For thinking that I really did try to poison someone? Why should you be sorry about that? You're only my sister.

Jennifer: You're right. I never should have doubted you and I know it's gonna be hard for you to forgive me.

Will: Well, Iris did a pretty good job at making me look guilty, so I shouldn't be too surprised that people fell for it.

Jennifer: Well, I bet Gwen never did.

Will: You're right. She's the one person that never lost faith.

Jennifer: Then I would say that makes you about the luckiest man alive.

Will: Yeah, I am.

Jennifer: So you have a doctor's appointment. Billy's okay, isn't he?

Gwen: Yeah, it's just a checkup. He's doing great, no thanks to my mom. It really was a miracle that you came by the house when you did. You know, she really saved his life. He could have died.

Jennifer: Well, I'm just glad I was there.

Will: So are we, Jen.

Gwen: Come on. Come on up here. Hey, you want to hold him? You know, he really seemed to take a shine to you yesterday.

[Baby cries]

Jennifer: No, it's okay. You're doing fine. And I really need to get back to decorating the tree.

Will: We should get to a pediatrician anyway.

Jennifer: It was really great seeing you guys. I'm really glad we set things straight. And I'm sorry I wasn't there for you, Will.

Will: Well, you were there for Billy. So let's just put all this behind us, okay?

Jennifer: I love you.

[ Baby cries ]

Gwen: Say bye to Auntie-Jen, duder. Say bye. Look at that. Look at that. See?

Katie: So I guess we should probably get to the studio.

B.J.: You know what? I've got a better idea. Why don't you and me, we take the day off? We'll spend it at my place. We'll have lunch. Just enjoy each other's company. What do you say?

Katie: Oh, it sounds tempting, but we just have so much to do at the studio.

B.J.: Well, that's what we have a team for. Working for us, you know? Let them worry about things, okay? Just for one day. Please. And you know, we've got a lot of catching up to do.

Katie: I know, and that's what I want to focus on as soon as we finish this telethon. But until then, I can't even imagine taking a day off.

B.J.: Katie. Katie. Shh. Do me a big favor. Take a deep breath. You know what, Katie Peretti? If I didn't know any better, I'd think you were trying to avoid being alone with me.

Maddie: So B.J. is in there right now with Katie?

Mike: Yeah.

Maddie: I cannot believe she told you what she was up to.

Mike: Well, she didn't, I kind of caught her in the act.

Maddie: But you're okay with her finding out what really happened to Henry?

Mike: Would I be standing out here freezing my butt off if I wasn't?

Maddie: Mike, thank you so much. Henry is in trouble, and Katie is the only one who can get close enough to B.J. to find out what really happened.

Mike: I don't know if this little plan's gonna work, but I told her I'd back her up, so I will.

Maddie: And B.J. thinks that you two broke up, so he's in there right now trying to make his move. Oh, that must make your blood boil. Well, at least it'll keep you warm. Here, this might help.

Mike: Thanks.

Maddie: So now what?

Mike: Well, we just sit tight. Hopefully Katie works this out.

Katie: Don't be ridiculous. Of course I want to spend time with you. It's just that I really need to keep busy right now. Not just because we have the telethon and the show coming up.

B.J.: Because you're trying to forget about Mike.

Katie: He caused me a lot of pain, B.J..

B.J.: Can I be your distraction?

Katie: You will be. At work. We work well together. We're the perfect combination of efficiency and fun. And when I need a shoulder to lean on, you're that too.

B.J.: I want to be. I really do. I want to be that, always. You know what? You talked me into it. What are we waiting for?

Gwen: It's weird. Suddenly we're like the oldest ones in the house.

Will: I know.

Gwen: I keep expecting Iris to come barging through the front door.

Will: I promise you she won’t. Jack said even if she makes bail, he can get a restraining order so she can't come near you or Billy.

Gwen: That would be a relief.

Will: So a minute ago, you just said that we were living here. Is that what you want? Do you want me to stay?

Gwen: Unless you don't want to.

Will: No, there's no place I'd rather be. Well, not exactly here. I mean, with you and Billy.

Gwen: So we're together now.

Will: I hope so. What about you?

Gwen: This is what I've always wanted. A real family.

Will: Well, there are three stockings on that tree, and that's about as real as it gets.

Gwen: Yeah, I've never had one with my name on it before. It feels good.

Will: Well, get used to the feeling because I'm gonna make sure that you never lose it.

Emily: What is going on with you? You give me a hard time about my own mother coming to my wedding and you suddenly get an urge for a hot chocolate and a bag of chestnuts.

Paul: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to upset you. It's just that you're barreling ahead with these marriage plans and we're not even officially engaged yet.

Emily: I knew it.

Paul: You knew what?

Emily: You're having second thoughts.

Paul: No, why would you even say that?

Emily: Because of the way you're acting. You don't want my mother coming to our wedding and then you bring up these technicalities like engagement. Official engagement. Who cares? What does it matter?

Paul: I do. It does matter. Look, Emily, if we're not gonna do this the right way, I don't think that we should even bother to do it at all.

Emily: Are you backing out from me?

Paul: No. I'm just trying to do this with a little class.

[Jennifer crying]

Meg: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to intrude or put you on the spot.

Jennifer: No, you just happened to catch me at my worst.

Meg: I know, we all have those moments. Is there anything I can do?

Jennifer: No, it's okay, just please don't tell anybody that you saw me like this. Thanks. I'm just such a mess.

Meg: Jen, its okay. Are you sure you don't need someone to talk to? I just miss him. My son, I miss him so much.

Henry: That's it, don't be shy. In vino a veritas.

Olga: Yeah, this is true.

Henry: This is true. Open your heart to me. Let the truth flow.

Olga: It's too sad to.

Henry: No, it's not too sad. Confession is good for the soul, Olga. Here, give me that. I love the smell of burgundy in the morning. You ever gonna tell me about this man who ripped out your heart and threw it down on the ground and just stomped it into little pieces.

Olga: Vanya. His name was Vanya.

Henry: Vanya. That's so Czechovian. [Olga cries] Oh, oh. Yes, you come here. It's okay. It's okay. Its okay, Olga. That's right, you let it all out. You can trust me. That's right.

B.J.: You know, you should probably get the locks changed. You wouldn't want Mike showing up drunk one night, begging for forgiveness. Or if he does, at least you want a locked door between you.

Katie: Good point. I will call a locksmith as soon as we get to the studio. Ready?

B.J.: I've been ready for a long time.

Katie: Oh, you know what? I think I forgot my cell phone. Go to the car. I'll meet you there in a second.

Will: Well, there's one little thing left to do, and I was waiting for you.

Gwen: And what's that?

Will: We've gotta put this on the tree.

Gwen: Is that a custom?

Will: Yeah, it's like saving the best for last. You've never put an angel or a star on the tree before?

Gwen: What tree? I was usually cleaning up vodka bottles.

Will: Okay, well, this is gonna be your initiation into the Christmas tradition. Come on, let's go. All right. Lift. Brace yourself.

[Gwen sighs]

Gwen: Uh-huh. Don't you drop me!

Will: I'm not gonna drop you. Just put it up there.

Gwen: Wait.

Will: Oh, that's good.

Gwen: Just a little -- yep. Like a pro.

Will: That's perfect. Now make a wish.

Gwen: No need to.

Jennifer: I've been trying so hard to put on the right face for people, so they'll think that I'm coping and that I'm better, but that's just on the outside. On the inside, I still feel as lost and empty as the day he died. And I don't think it's ever gonna go away.

Meg: It will. It'll take some time. Maybe a long time. So, if you feel the sadness coming on, just let it. It's okay.

Jennifer: No, but I was so sure that I was over it. I was just fooling myself. I was fooling everybody.

Meg: It sounds like you think people expect more from you than they really do.

Jennifer: Oh, please don't tell Dusty that I'm falling apart, please. It'll make him feel so guilty, and that's just really, that's not fair to you.

Meg: If it makes it easier for you to be friends with Dusty, for God's sake, don't push him away.

Jennifer: No, I pushed him away because he reminded me of my son, and it hurt too much. When I'm still hurting as much as before.

Meg: You know, Paul told me you're gonna Europe for a while.

Jennifer: Yeah, I really can't deal with all this holiday cheer.

Meg: Yeah that could get to you sometimes, too. I think it's smart for you to get away.

Jennifer: I'm not smart, Meg. I'm scared. I'm scared that I'm never gonna be fine. How can I cope with something that I can't even accept?

Meg: I don't know.

Jennifer: Why does it hurt so much? Why does he haunt me? Why can't I just accept that he's dead and put my life back together?

Gwen: Make love to me.

Will: Are you sure?

Gwen: Yeah. Unless you --

Will: No, I want to. You have no idea how much I want to. I just don't want you to --

Gwen: What?

Will: You've been through so much. I don't want you to do something that you're gonna regret later.

Gwen: I'll never regret being with you.

Will: Listen, this is -- you know, I've never.

Gwen: That's okay. Me neither. I mean, I have had sex before, one time with Casey when we were drunk and stupid. But I've never made love before. This is the first time for me, too.

Will: Gwen, you are so beautiful. I feel like I've loved you my entire life.

Gwen: I feel the same way.

Paul: Okay. So now it's official. Now you can make whatever wedding plans you want. You can invite my mom. I'll stand in front of the whole town and tell everybody how much I love you. Then you should invite the whole state.

Emily: Oh, don't tempt me.

Paul: I'm serious. I want you to have the greatest wedding of all time.

Emily: As long as you are there, it will be.

Paul: I wouldn't miss it.

[Meg gasps]

Jennifer: Are you okay?

Meg: I can't breathe.

Jennifer: Should I get a nurse or a doctor?

Meg: No, no, no. I just need one minute. Just let me sit down. I can’t. I can’t. This is wrong. This is wrong. This is wrong.

Jennifer: Are you sure I shouldn't get a nurse?

Meg: No, no.

Jennifer: Tell me what you need.

Meg: I can’t. I can't take this anymore.

Jennifer: You can't take what? What's got you so upset?

Meg: You.

Olga: I tried to find him. I tried to find her. Cow who steal him from me. Both gone. And I swear to myself, never again.

Henry: I know the feeling.

Olga: No. No, you are different. You are still wanting woman who broke your heart. This, I don't understand.

Henry: Frankly, Olga, neither do I. I do know one thing, though. I know that Vanya was a fool to let you go.

Olga: Yeah, this is true. And this Katie, she too is fool.

Henry: No, the fool would be me.

Olga: We are making some pair here, no?

[Olga cries]

Henry: We're making some pair here. Oh, no. Hey, I'm here. Come here. Oh, you let it go. Looks like we've finally found that common ground, hmm?

Mike: All right, you ready to go?

Maddie: Where?

Mike: WOAK. I don't trust B.J. any farther than I can throw him.

[B.J. whistling]

Katie: You know, it's really too bad that Henry’s not here.

B.J.: Why is that?

Katie: Because he's really good at organizing things, and we can use some help with this telethon.

B.J.: Yeah, you're right, that's true. He is. Unfortunately, he's gonna be in Palo Alto a little longer than I expected. He has a lot of work to do there.

Katie: That's too bad.

B.J.: Don't worry about it, though. We'll find somebody else to do the job. Maybe even somebody better. But you, Katie, you don't have to worry about a thing. You know why? Because you are a star. You deserve to be treated like a queen.

Katie: Boy, the traffic must be bad. It feels like we've been driving forever.

B.J.: Hmm.

Katie: You know what? This isn't the way to the station.

B.J.: We're not going to the station.

Katie: Why not?

B.J.: I thought we can get just as much work done in the Caribbean.

Katie: The Caribbean? What are you talking about?

B.J.: I've got a private island there. It's amazing. I'll bet you've never seen anything like it. I'm telling you. You're gonna love it.

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Meg: Gwen Norbeck was in today for her baby's checkup, and I noticed the baby's blood type. If the records are right, there is no way Gwen could be that child's mother.

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