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Holden: Lily, are you marrying Keith because he found a kidney for Luke?

Lily: Do you know how absurd that sounds?

Holden: Was it through his old contacts or other connections?

Lily: That's not what this is about.

Holden: Then tell me what it's about. Every time you tell me that you want to marry this guy, the less and less I believe it.

Lily: I can't change what you believe.

Holden: No. You canít. And I believe with all my heart that Keith was somehow involved in the surgery, and this of an engagement is payback. Sham


Meg: No.

Dusty: Think about it.

Meg: We don't need it.

Dusty: But we want it.

Meg: You want it.

Dusty: I'll talk him down on price.

Meg: There is no way we need a gilded mirror over our bed.

Dusty: But scented oil and silk scarves --

Meg: Are standard equipment for anyone who believes in creating a romantic atmosphere.

Dusty: And a mirror doesn't?

Meg: Picture my mom paying us a visit and seeing that thing.

Dusty: We're not buying it for your mother.

Meg: Okay, I'll think about it.

Dusty: Thank you

Meg: Do you realize we've only shopped for one room?

Dusty: The most important room.

Meg: We have to eat.

Dusty: We'll eat in bed. I will load this such in the car first. Where is the kitchen stuff?

Meg: Life in a hotel, it's showing, Donovan.

Dusty: But I love the perks.

Meg: You'll still have perks, better perks. Maybe we'll find a nice mirror for the kitchen.


Emily: Wow!

Paul: Christmas coming early?

Emily: It looks like we're all getting what we want for the holidays.


Jennifer: Gwen? Anybody there? It's okay. Come here. You're not alone. You're not alone. Everything's all right.


Hal: You lifted this from Iris?

Jack: Hal, I know, but look at it. We can find out how Rose d'angelo was poisoned.

Hal: And I can't use any of it.

Carly: It proves Stan and Iris set Will up.

Hal: And what good is that if we can't take this to a judge?

Jack: We can use it to lean on Iris and Stan, though, can't we? What was I gonna do, let it sit there? I couldn't risk Iris destroying it after the fact.

Hal: So instead you let her catch you nosing around her house.

Jack: She figured I was there about Carly.

Hal: While Carly was busy with this Stan - and don't tell me doing what - I don't want to know.

Jack: We have to move on this.

Hal: You think I don't want to, Jack? Will is my son I want him out of that psych ward yesterday.

Jack: So are we going to get bogged down in procedure or are we going to be creative?

Hal: I don't care how you got your hands on this stuff. To hell with protocol, we're going to find a way to use it.


Barbara: Doctor, can't my son be move to a regular room? He's only supposed to be here for observation.

Dr. Price: This is where we'll be doing the evaluation, Ms. Ryan. Once that's completed, we'll see if we need to make a change.

Gwen: Can I go in?

Barbara: Of course not.

Gwen: He doesn't belong in this place.

Barbara: That may be true, but your opinion is of no consequence here. I don't know the technical name for it, Doctor. But my son feels the constant need to be rescue people. Rescued meet his latest cause.

Gwen: All I'm asking for is a couple of minutes. I won't make trouble.

Dr. Price: He seems calmer with you here. A short visit might be beneficial.

Barbara: Are you serious? I won't allow it.

Dr. Price: Five minutes. And you'll keep things low key.

Gwen: I will. I swear.

Barbara: Doctor, do you have any idea what you're doing? She'll only upset him, for heaven's sake.

Dr. Price: Ms. Ryan, I need you to respect my decision. Please, step aside.

Barbara: I hope you're prepared for the consequences, Dr. Price. Whatever setback my son suffers is on your hands.

Gwen: Will, I -

Will: Ssh, don't talk. Don't say anything. Just hold me.

Barbara: Oh, spare me the psychobabble. You've read his case history, you know how serious his last breakdown was. That girl is the problem, not the solution.

Will: But you haven't heard from Jack?

Gwen: No, but he called your dad. I think they have something on Stan and my mom.

Will: What?

Gwen: I don't know, but your father tore out of here right after he hung up the phone. He said it could be really good

Will: I hope so. If I have to stay here --

Gwen: You won't.

Will: And you're so sure because --

Gwen: I won't let you. I with won't let my mom get away with

Will: She was planning this for weeks, Gwen. This what if the only trail she left is the one that leads right to me?


Hal: I want it by morning. No excuses. Okay, things are rolling. We go through the back door on this one.

Jack: They'll rework the labs on the poison that was used?

Hal: Tonight. I put out an APB on Stan and Iris.

Carly: Hal, I'm sorry about Will.

Hal: It seems like every time kid catches a break, something knocks him down.

Carly: He's not alone this time.

Hal: He sure as hell feels like he is.

Carly: He and Gwen are pretty tight.

Jack: She's the one who went to Carly and made a pitch for help.

Hal: Then I need to thank her. Not to mention both of you. It's a good thing someone was looking out for Will, because truth is, I've been so wrapped up with my own issues with Emily, I dropped the ball.

Carly: I don't believe that.

Hal: It's been a constant juggling act. Most days I can't keep all the balls in the air.

Carly: You're the best father

Hal: Thanks.

Jack: We're going to get Will out of that hospital and back where he belongs, okay? All you have to do is let us take it from here.

Hal: Take what? We never had this conversation, Jack. Just be careful.

Jack: I'm thoroughly confused.

Hal: Officially, there's nothing you two can do to help Will.

Jack: So we better move fast before we unofficially run out of time. Let's go.


Meg: Did I ask you to comment on my life?

Emily: You and Dusty seem very close. I'm happy for you.

Meg: Am I supposed to say I'm happy for you, too?

Emily: That would be nice, considering Paul and I are getting married.

Paul: We'll send you an invitation to the big day.

Meg: Sorry, I'm pretty sure I'm busy, but I do have one question. Is Jen happy for you guys, too? Or has she completely forgotten what it feels like to be happy?


Jennifer: That's better, sweetie. You're all fresh. You're such a good boy. You're such a good boy. What were you doing here all by yourself? It's a good thing I came by to give you your teething ring, huh? Is it your favorite? You are such a good boy. You're safe now, Johnny. I'm sorry, Billy. My baby was born the same night. And sometimes -- sometimes I dream that he never -- But what is this crazy lady talking about? You are probably hungry, aren't you? Are you hungry? Let's get you a bottle, okay? Okay. Good boy. What a good boy you are.


Lily: Even if Keith had helped Luke, why would I marry him now?

Holden: I don't know. Is he threatening, you holding something over you. Help me understand.

Lily: Why? You never understood before. Keith and I were happy together before that whole mess in Mexico. But you refused to accept that.

Holden: Maybe you were happy with him, for a little while, but you don't look happy now. You don't look happy at all. Lily, tell him no. Whatever you promised him, tell him your future is off the table.

Lily: Holden, you have to believe me. This is the right thing for our family.

Holden: Nothing's right about using our boy's life to force his mother into marriage.

Lily: No one's forcing me.

Holden: We've all been in shock, living minute to minute. He took advantage of that, he played on your fears. Keith found a way to get Luke that kidney, didn't he?

Lily: Please, let it go.

Holden: I know you, Lily. I see the truth in your eyes, you need to stand up to this guy and tell him to get the hell out of your life.

Keith: You can forget that. See this ring on her finger. It means it means she's going to be something my wife. You have to accept the fact that it's over.


Gwen: My mom's done a lot of things for money, but she's always worked alone. I can't believe she got that loser Stan involved on this one.

Will: Think she offered him a percentage of Billy's trust fund? And now that Carly's working

Gwen: Absolutely, she'll find out exactly how much.

Will: I should have seen it coming, Gwen. Iris couldn't stand me.

Gwen: We both let our guard down because we were thinking of our future - counting the days until I was out of there and it could be just you, and me and Billy.

Will: Maybe it's Carly.

Gwen: It's her number. Hello. When? You're sure she said she was taking him back to the house? No, I'll head back now. Thanks.

Will: What's wrong?

Gwen: My mother showed up at Carly's and took Billy back home

Will: Go.

Gwen: Are you okay?

Will: It doesn't matter. Make sure Billy's safe.

Gwen: I hate leaving you.

Will: You're not leaving me.

Gwen: I'm not, Will, not ever. Don't laugh at me, okay? You've been my hero. Through out of this. I don't let this place take you away from me.

Will: I'll try not to.

Gwen: If the walls close in, shut your eyes, think of us

Will: You better get home.

Gwen: I will. Billy loves you, too. We'll get you out of here. I promise. I'll be back.

Will: I'm not going anywhere.

Barbara: What did he say?

Gwen: He'll be fine, as long as we can get him out of here.

Barbara: You just don't get it, do you? He's here so he doesn't have to go to prison!

Gwen: Will's not going to jail.

Barbara: Gwen, you don't have a clue what we're dealing with here. If you want to do what's best for Will, you'll say goodbye now and you won't come back.

Gwen: Why can't you just believe in him?

Barbara: I believe deeply in my son, but he suffered a complete psychotic break just a couple of years ago. Stop me if I'm talking over your head.

Gwen: He's not crazy, Ms. Ryan.

Barbara: Do you know that? Do you have any doubts about? Do you think he's fully recovered from his last episode?

Gwen: Will didn't poison my mother.

Barbara: You ask too much of him! You expect him to fix your sorry life.

Gwen: No, I don't.

Barbara: He didn't swoop in, try to make things better? He didn't surprise

Gwen: Because he wanted to be my friend.

Barbara: He was rescuing you.

Gwen: He knew I could take care of myself.

Barbara: Your life is nothing but ask and take. As long as you're here, the fantasy of being your savior won't end.

Gwen: Why do you always believe the worst?

Barbara: Because I'm not blinded by greed and desperation. If you care for my son, encourage him to cooperate with his doctors.

Gwen: Will doesn't need a doctor, he needs you and everybody else to give him a little credit! He's got a brain, okay? He's not stupid. It makes no sense he'd use the same poison, plan the same stuff he did before!

Barbara: You can't predict what someone with his history will or won't do.

Gwen: I didn't know him then. I know you love him, Ms. Ryan. So do I. Will doesn't need to see us fighting, he needs hope. Don't you want to give him that? Don't you want him to know you're on his side?


Stan: Lay off, Iris.

Iris: Bet you didn't say lay off to Carly when she was leaning over the table with her big, big

Stan: I didn't know. Eyes

Iris: Story of your life.

Burt: Fuel pump's shot.

Iris: Fix it.

Stan: I'm not the one who let that cop take the

Iris: Ex-cop. File

Stan: Worse.

Burt: And this brake line.

Iris: Burt, be a doll, just patch it up so we can get out of here.

Burt: This thing needs more a patch, lady.

Stan: And for your information, I didn't buy than the cell phone thing. I knew she was wired, that's why I hung out and kept an eye on her and saw her with your kid.

Iris: You knew, my eye.

Burt: I don't know how many miles are left on this transmission.

Iris: All this baby needs is the right pair of hands.

Burt: And about fifteen hundred in parts and labor.

Stan: That's a rip-off!

Burt: Take it somewhere else.

Stan: You can buy a whole car for that kind of money.

Burt: Good luck.

Iris: Relax. Stan doesn't know a ratchet from a wrench. But you, Burt, you can fix anything.

Burt: Not this time. Even if I had the parts, and I don't, it needs at least a day, maybe two, in the shop.

Iris: What am I going to have to do to get this car out of the shop?

Burt: Pray

Iris: Burt, come on.

Stan: Forget it.

Iris: My little girl lived in that spare room of yours for how long?

Burt: And she was late on her final month's rent. Look, maybe if you come back with cash, I'll see what I can do. If not, you're both out of luck.


Paul: She's doing fine. She's got a long ways to go, but--

Emily: I don't think it was a serious question, Paul. You didn't look too preoccupied about Jen's happiness when you were here with Dusty a few minutes ago.

Meg: Sometimes I forget what a rotten thing I've done to her. Then I see you two and I hate myself all over again.

Paul: A little late to grow a conscience.

Emily: Don't worry, with Dusty, she won't need one.

Dusty: What's going on?

Emily: Just catching up.

Dusty: Don't let me keep you.

Paul: I never do.

Dusty: They're not invited to our house warming

Meg: We're having a housewarming?

Dusty: Why not? We're happy, let's show it. Meg, hey. You okay? Did Paul say something?

Meg: No.

Dusty: Then why are you so upset? Talk to me what's the problem?

Meg: Dusty. I'm the problem.


Jennifer: Good thing your mom left lots of bottles. Almost done? Is that it? All right. Well, then, well, then, little man, you know the drill. You know the drill come on, little man. I need a big one. You're such a good boy. Yes, you are. Yes, you are.

Gwen: What are you doing with my baby? Jen, why did you break in my house?


Meg: I'm fine, really. Must be all the Christmas music in the stores. Makes me sentimental.

Dusty: You sure it wasn't Paul? He's not a fan of mine.

Meg: I've noticed.

Dusty: Want to call it a night?

Meg: No!

Dusty: Tell me what you want.

Meg: You.

Dusty: You got me I'll even wrap myself up in a bow, if it helps.

Meg: Sounds like fun.

Dusty: Are you having fun, Meg?

Meg: With you.

Dusty: Is it the move? Us?

Meg: No, not us, never us. Dusty, you make me so happy, like I can do anything, be anything.

Dusty: You're perfect the way you are. What is it?

Meg: Nothing. These are tears of joy. Can't you tell?

Dusty: No. Do me a favor, all right?

Meg: Name it.

Dusty: Stay away from Paul Ryan.


Paul: Want to go in?

Emily: I want to buy duct tape and seal Meg Snyderís mouth shut.

Paul: Yeah. Her doubts and Jen's meltdowns every time she spots a baby are a bad combo.

Emily: Who knew Meg was the type to be eaten up with guilt?

Paul: It gets the best of her.

Emily: No. If it's a contest between keeping Dusty or helping Jen, meg will pick Dusty, hands down. Shall we order a drink and toast to that?

Paul: Wait. Even if Dusty keeps Meg from talking, it won't keep Jen from missing her son. So let's figure out how we can help. What's the best way to get over a tough time?

Emily: Have an affair?

Paul: Seriously?

Emily: Distraction. Find a new interest, something fun. Like hockey?

Paul: Exactly what I was thinking. It's time for me to rip a page right out of the Barbara Ryan playbook.


Jennifer: Here you go.

Gwen: Where's my mom?

Jennifer: She's not here.

Gwen: He was alone?

Jennifer: That's why I broke here the window.

Gwen: But the sitter said my mom was taking him home.

Jennifer: I banged on the door. There was nobody in the house but the baby when I got here.

Gwen: I can't believe her.

Jennifer: I would have called somebody but he was sitting here in his car seat and this stupid stuffed animal had fallen on top of him and I was afraid he wouldn't be able to breathe.

Gwen: Is he okay?

Jennifer: He's fine. I changed him and gave him a bottle.

Gwen: I must look like such a lame excuse for a mother, but I was with Will.

Jennifer: No, it's not your fault. You thought someone was taking care of him.

Gwen: Well, thanks. Thanks for taking such good care of him.

Jennifer: I should go. Bye, Billy.

Gwen: Jen, you don't have to go. You can hang around until he falls asleep if you want.

Jennifer: No, no, I'll get out of your way. You're really lucky, Gwen. He's a sweet baby.


Will: Mom, I don't need your help, Mom.

Barbara: I realize blaming me for everything is a family pastime --

Will: I'm not blaming you.

Barbara: You know, I'm to make sense of all this. Trying I thought you were doing so well and then --

Will: And then what? I met Gwen? Mom, before I met her, I was trying to keep track of who was married to whom and for how long in this family.

Barbara: Honey, this is a good start. Tell the doctors what Emily did to your father and how she used your own brother to do it.

Will: This is not about Emily and Dad you still don't get that the one person who makes me feel like I even have a life is on your hit list.

Barbara: What did Gwen say about me?

Will: Nothing. Gwen doesn't play that game. She doesn't talk behind your back. She doesn't manipulate.

Barbara: I am not here to manipulate you. I am scared to death for you.

Will: Because of Rose? You want to get into it? Let's do it. Let's talk about what happened.

Barbara: I'll call Dr. Price.

Will: No, I want to talk to you. I want to talk about how you told me over and over again that Rose would destroy Paul, how she'd take him away from me, how she'd ruin what was left of our family.

Barbara: I was wrong.

Will: Because you didn't know your crazy son would try to fix the problem.

Barbara: Will, you're not crazy.

Will: Great, then tell them and get me out of here.

Barbara: Honey, the judge needs an official report. Official evaluation.

Will: I don't care about the judge.

Barbara: He could send you to jail.

Will: Fine, it's just a different cell.

Barbara: I can't let you give up.

Will: I'm not giving up. Mom, I'm not that kid anymore. I'd never hurt anybody.

Barbara: Not by choice, never by choice.

Will: What does that mean? Like you always take everything I say the wrong way.

Will: Forget it. This isn't getting us anywhere. Besides, Gwen is already talking to Carly and she's going to get the

Barbara: Carly wouldn't know truth the truth if she tripped over it.

Will: Just go, okay?

Barbara: I'm sorry. Maybe you're right. Maybe Carly and Jack will find something. It wouldn't hurt to talk to the

Will: I don't need a shrink, Mom! You think I'm not capable of handling my life. The dark thoughts are gone

Barbara: I just thought as long as we're here --

Will: You think there's something wrong with me. You think I'm not capable of living my own life, but I am, Mom. The dark thoughts are gone. I'm not afraid of who I am anymore.

Barbara: Neither am I.

Will: Please, just leave me alone, get out of here.


Keith: Is he giving you a hard time about the divorce?

Holden: Our divorce, that's not the problem.

Keith: I think it is.

Lily: Holden, you already signed the papers.

Holden: Yeah, I think that's where we are.

Keith: All you have to do is put your signature on there, right?

Lily: One favor.

Keith: What?

Lily: I just need a couple more days to explain everything to the kids

Keith: Again? Have a little pride.

Lily: It's been rough, it's like a roller coaster, together, apart, together

Keith: Apart.

Holden: This is funny to you?

Keith: Yeah, it is a little bit.

Holden: It's not funny to Luke. He was blindsided by this engagement.

Keith: Kids are stronger than you think.

Holden: These aren't just any kids, they're our kids. And this is the one part of our lives that is still none of your business. So if you don't mind, I'd like to finish my conversation with my wife

Keith: Are you okay with that?

Lily: I'm fine.

Keith: Your kids need to move on. I'll go see J. J. I'll have my phone.

Lily: Thanks. So when do you want to talk to the kids before or after I sign the

Holden: There won't be papers a divorce, Lily, not now, not ever.

Lily: Why are you doing this?

Holden: Tell me the truth and I'll back off.

Lily: I have told the truth.

Holden: You can't pull this off. It'll destroy you.

Lily: I won't let it.

Holden: That's a strange way to talk about your future marriage.

Lily: That's not fair. You're twisting everything around.

Holden: Keith wants this divorce, he wants this marriage, not you.

Lily: You can't stop us.

Holden: You know what. It doesn't matter whose ring you wear, it's not going to change what's in our hearts. Lily, you don't have to honor the deal when he was trying to take advantage of you like this.

Lily: You just have to let me go.

Holden: This is wrong. Everything about it tells me that it's wrong. Our life changed when we got back from Mexico.

Lily: I'm sorry.

Holden: Nothing you've said, not one word, makes me believe you love him.

Lily: Then I guess there's nothing more for us to say to each other.


Carly: Iris just dumped the baby here?

Gwen: If Jen hadn't broken in, he could have smothered to death.

Carly: That crazy witch.

Jack: That should suffice until I can get somebody here to fix the window.

Gwen: Thanks, Jack.

Carly: Is Iris' car here?

Gwen: No, it's been acting up. It's at Burt's garage. Maybe they took Stan's.

Jack: It was repossessed last month.

Carly: Hal's checking all the outgoing buses and trains.

Jack: We doubt they'd fly, but he sent a detail to the airport anyway.

Carly: Gwen, I'm sorry.

Gwen: No, you tried.

Carly: Stan must have tipped her off.

Gwen: What if we don't find her?

Jack: We will.

Carly: We know the truth now.

Gwen: But we can't prove it.

Jack: Hal will make the evidence work, or I'll get a confession out of them.

Gwen: We have to find them first.

Carly: Gwen, Iris won't get away with this.

Jack: We better go.

Gwen: I should be helping you.

Carly: No. Stay here and take care of Billy okay?

Jack: We'll call as soon as we find her.

Gwen: But she's my mother.

Carly: Honey, you've fought Iris your whole life. Today, it's your big sister's turn.


Iris: Fine. That's it. That's everything.

Stan: She cleaned out my savings.

Iris: You want to get out of dodge, it costs.

Burt: I just got to add the power steering fluid.

Iris: Make it quick.

Stan: You better get me every cent of that money back. Take the car. I've changed my mind. I'm not

Iris: Fine. Let's both stay. Leaving what the hell do I care? I'll just tell them we had a fight and you spiked my juice.

Stan: You're crazy.

Iris: No, Stan, staying here's crazy. We got a chance on the road. Gwen and her boyfriend will be thrilled to be rid of me. They won't be looking after us.

Stan: Fine. What are we going to live on?

Iris: What do we live on now? Don't be a dope. Leaving is the only shot we got. How's it coming, Burt?

Burt: A couple more minutes and you two are on the road.


Will: I asked her to leave.

Dr. Price: Will, I think it's important that we discuss conflict.

Barbara: Please, Will.

Dr. Price: Your mother told me about your outburst. Would you like me to restrict her visits?

Will: I can restrict her visits? I get a choice?

Dr. Price: Of course you do.

Barbara: Don't be absurd.

Will: Then restrict her.

Barbara: I will not be kept from my son. I wish to speak to you, doctor.

Dr. Price: There's no reason we can't speak in front of Will. I think it would help if you respected his wishes.

Will: She never respects my wishes. But she tries sometimes.

Barbara: I love you, Will. Please, talk to the doctors

Will: I don't have anything to say to them. There's no confusion, no voices in my head. Yes, I'm angry, but you would be too if they locked you up in a padded cell. Could you please escort my mother out, doctor?

Dr. Price: Ms. Ryan Ė


Gwen: I won't leave you again, buddy. I promised Will I'd come back. We got to help him, okay? The way he always helps us.


Keith: Where's Lily?

Holden: You know what? I'm not going to let her go.

Keith: She wants a divorce.

Holden: No. She doesn't want to marry you.

Keith: She hasn't told me that. She doesn't want you. You need to face reality there.

Holden: I know more about what Lily wants then you could learn in a lifetime. I won't let you take her away from me and our kids.

Keith: She's made up her mind.

Holden: We'll see about that.

Keith: What does that mean?

Holden: It means you better get used to seeing me around, because you've got a fight on your hands.


Paul: Perfect timing.

Emily: We have something to celebrate?

Paul: Just got ahold of Jen's friend and she invited her to come.

Emily: What if Jen says no?

Paul: Why would she stick around? For the forced holiday cheer, the endless carols playing in the mall, the joy of sharing figgy pudding with Barbara?

Emily: Figgy what?

Paul: But the best reason I got was eating fruit cake. To get out of town is no baby, no reminders.

Emily: They don't have babies in Paris?

Paul: Not in the fast lane.

Emily: Is this another modeling friend?

Paul: Now. Relax. She doesn't do anything other than dabble in the occasional after work martini.

Emily: And you know this because?

Paul: We hung out a little when I lived in Europe.

Emily: Should I be jealous?

Paul: No.

Emily: Do you think Jen will go?

Paul: Yeah. I think the best thing that could happen to Jen is she would skip Christmas in Oakdale.


Shopper: Hey, watch where you're going.

Jennifer: Sorry.

Dusty: You drive a hard bargain. I'm telling you.

Meg: You cannot be complaining about satin sheets. There's a new kitchen place that just opened. Maybe we should pick up some pots and pans before we leave.

Dusty: No we can find a better way to celebrate moving in together, can't we?


Iris: From what I can tell, we should hit Canada in seven or eight hours, if we're lucky.

Stan: Let's do it.

Jack: Going somewhere? [Carly punches Iris in the jaw.]


Emily: So Jen's gone, Meg feels less guilty.

Paul: And we have the first of many happy holidays together.

Emily: You think there's such a thing as peace on earth?

Paul: I'd settle for peace in Oakdale.

Emily: You know who I'll really miss this Christmas? The most, that kid tried harder than will anybody during the holidays.

Paul: That's the trouble. He always felt he had to make things better and happier for everybody else.

Emily: You don't think he tried to poison that woman?

Paul: I don't know what I think.

Emily: I'm sure Halís all over it.

Paul: You've talked to Hal?

Emily: No. God, too much aggravation. No

Paul: Speaking of aggravation -- hello, Mother.

Barbara: Where are you?

Paul: Did I miss my curfew?

Barbara: How can you joke when Will is in trouble?  

Paul: I went to see him at the jail.

Barbara: He's not in jail. He's in the state psychiatric hospital.

Paul: When?

Barbara: Paul, I need your help. He won't talk to the doctors here. He's thrown me out of his room. He's relying on Gwen, of all people.

Paul: Slow down.

Barbara: Are you listening? Your brother is in a psychiatric hospital and if he doesn't cooperate, they will throw him back in jail.

Paul: I'm on my way. They put Will in the psychiatric ward.

Emily: Go, go see him.

Paul: Really?

Emily: Yeah.

Paul: I'll call you, as soon as I see him.


Will: How were things at the house?

Gwen: Bizarre.

Will: Is Billy okay?

Gwen: See for yourself.

Will: You snuck him in?

Gwen: He misses you, too.

Will: Hi, guy.

Gwen: How are you?

Will: Glad to see you. Oh man, Gwen, it feels so good when you're here. Welcome to the jungle, little man. Anything from Carly and Jack?

Gwen: They're looking for my mom now, and your dad's got his people out. It won't be long.

Will: When you guys are with me, I feel like I can handle anything, even this place.


[Iris picks up a screwdriver and holds it to Carlyís throat.]

Iris: Drop the phone, Jack, now.

Carly: Jack.

Iris: Now.


Next on As the World Turns.

Henry: Katie is here? Now?

Katie: No, if you're hiding him here in that cellar, Iím going to find him now.

Mike: You're not going anywhere. You come home with me right now.

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