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As The World Turns Transcript Monday 11/14/05

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Meg: Wow, I should've worn sunblock.

Dusty: They're wasting their film. There's not a magazine in town that would pay for my picture. I'm just small potatoes.

Meg: And I'm melting like a stick of butter.

Dusty: You look pretty cool to me.

Meg: I feel like I'm gonna be stopped by the fashion police.

Dusty: What are you talking about? You look gorgeous.

Meg: Yeah?

Dusty: Yeah, now you're fishing.

Meg: Oh, and here I thought i had you reeled in.

Lisa: Don't you two look absolutely adorable.

Meg: Thank you Lisa. Are you up for an award?

Lisa: Me? No sweetheart, no. I just sell them, I don't make them.

Dusty: You just make them look good.

Lisa: Listen to him. I always said he had such good taste. So will the star designer of Street Jeans be appearing?

Dusty: Jennifer? No, no, I doubt it.

Lisa: I'm not surprised. Poor girl, she's gone through so much. Oh my Lord, would you look at that coat? I've seen worse fur on roadkill.


Meg: Wow, lieutenant commander of the fashion police.

Dusty: She thought you looked great.

Meg: So you don't think that Jenniferís coming? I thought since it's a business event --

Dusty: She left Street Jeans, so what's the point? You want a drink?

Meg: Champagne.

Dusty: Uh oh.

Meg: Why not?

Dusty: Hey, I'm with you.

Meg: Yeah you are, aren't you?


Paul: Hi, I'm Paul Ryan. I'm not sure where I'm sitting.

Staff member: Table two. Will Ms. Ryan be joining you?

Paul: Unfortunately.

Jennifer: Actually, there's been a change in plans. I'll be filling in for my mother tonight.


Henry: If I'm dreaming, please don't wake me.

Olga: Is no dream. Why you make so much noise?

Henry: 'Cause I'm trapped in a wine cellar without a corkscrew. You don't know why I'm down here? You mean, you just heard me yelling and you came a-running? You angel, you.

Olga: No touching Olga.

Henry: Olga. That's such a strong, memorable name, Olga. I'm Henry. Henry Coleman. No touching Olga. Right. You can't be too careful. I don't blame you. You have no idea what could be lurking down here in a wine cellar. But me, I'm harmless, Olga. I wouldn't bruise a grape. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Olga: Olga go now.

Henry: Wait, wait, but you just got here. And I'm just so -- I'm so happy to see you. Here I thought I was gonna be trapped down here forever, and then you came and rescued me. You have rescued me, right?

Olga: Olga keep you safe and sound.

Henry: Oh, Olga, that's music to my ears, it really is. Now, I've got a little bit of business I need to transact. A certain fellow who's up to no good. He's bad, actually. He's very, very, very bad. He's going to dispose of someone. As in take a long hike off a short pier, you know? Your credit is no longer good ever, anywhere. Kaput?

Olga: Oh, kaput. Ja.

Henry: Ja.

Henry: Ja, ja, ja, ja. But thanks to you, I think I might be able to stop him.

[Henry chuckles]


[B.J. clears throat]

B.J.: Maddie?

Maddie: Oh, my gosh.

Casey: We are so busted. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. She said this was a bad idea. And she said if we got caught that she'd lose her job, so I'm sorry.

B.J.: I thought I gave you the day off?

Casey: Yeah, I know, but it was my idea, man. We were trying to get a little alone time, you know what I mean?

B.J.: Don't you two live in the same house?

Casey: Exactly. My parents find out that we hooked up, she's outta there like that, man, and that's not fair, right? You're not -- you're not gonna tell my grandma, are you?

B.J.: I won't tell Kim this time. But next time you two need some privacy, please find somewhere else.

Casey: Right, right. All right, we're cool, man. Sorry.

[Cell phone rings]

B.J.: What was that?


Lily: I didn't think we should have this conversation in a public hallway.

Keith: Hey, Lily, you know what? You're starting to treat me like I'm a stalker.

Lily: I'm sorry, I don't mean to.

Keith: Look, I love you. And you love me. I know you've been through a lot, but you promised me that if I got a kidney for Luke, we'd get married.

Lily: I know, I know I said that --

Keith: And I took you at your word, 'cause I trust you. I trust you more than anybody else in the world. I mean, I took a huge risk getting that kidney. I was glad to do it, 'cause I would do anything for Luke. But knowing that you were waiting for me, that this whole family wall that you've built up was broken down, I mean -- that made all the difference in the world.

Lily: I will always be grateful to you from the bottom of my heart for the risk that you took. And for understanding that my family is the most important thing in the world to me. But don't you see? I thought Luke was going to die. But I don't mean to minimize what we had together, but I was desperate. I was so desperate.

Keith: So desperate that you would have said anything to save your son's life.

Lily: I'm sorry, I don't meant to hurt you --

Keith: No, I -- you just didn't think it through.

Lily: No, I didnít. Now Luke, he has a real chance. It's more important now than ever for him to see me with Holden, to see his mother and his father together again. This is vital for his recovery. My little girls -- my little girls, the are so relieved. And my mother. This is -- this is meant to be.

Keith: I understand.

Lily: Do you?

Keith: Yes, I do. I know how you think, Lily. I know what your priorities are. Of course I understand.

Lily: Thank you. 

Lily: I knew it. I knew you'd understand, because deep down you're a good man.

Keith: You're good too, Lily. Sometimes, you're too good. You're always putting everybody first. Kids, your mother, your sister, when she was around. It's taken its toll on you. I shouldn't have pressured you.

Lily: Oh, come on, it's not like you've had an easy time of it. I haven't forgotten that your sister passed away. You barely had time to cope with that. You were down in Mexico fighting for your own life. I can't imagine coming back here and seeing Luke sick and Holden back in my life.

Keith: Yeah, well, I got to admit, I was a little surprised that you took him back. Especially after the way he treated you. Old habits die hard, eh? You know, when I started to think about it, it didn't add up. Not after what you and I had.

Lily: I know it doesn't seem fair. And we were happy. I'm not going to deny that. And if Luke hadn't gone missing, who knows what would've happened? But he did. And Holden and I, we found our way back to each other. And I really appreciate you being a gentleman about this.

Keith: Oh, no, no, no. Wait a minute. I'm no gentleman.

Lily: But you understand the situation. Holden and I are back together, so you won't hold me to my promise?

Keith: Yes, I will. I'm not letting you go. Not now. Not ever.


Henry: You know, Olga, I've enjoyed our little chat, and maybe after this is all put to bed, so to speak, we can meet on a mountaintop somewhere? Or a fjord?

Olga: Olga no like fjord. Too damp.

Henry: Mountaintop it is. Until then, auf wiedersehen, baby. Wow, frisky. [Henry growls] I like that in tall blondes, I do. But you know, Olga, life is all about timing, don't you think? And unless I get out of here, B.J. is going to hurt someone who means a lot to me, and I can't let that happen. So, as much as I'd like to take a little roll on the cement, I'm afraid I'm just going to have to pass. Whoa, hey! Hey, ho, easy. What happened to safe and sound there? Look, I've been known to sit up and beg, especially for the right woman and a shaker full of martinis, but no touching Henry!

Olga: Then Henery be good.

Henry: Olga, I don't think you understand. I have to get out of here.

Olga: No let Henery go.

Henry: You work for B.J.?

Olga: Of course! What you think?

Henry: I think that I have had a misunderstanding with B.J., and it's something that I need to resolve sooner rather than later. You see, he thinks I overheard something. Something about disposals, and i understand now he was talking about garbage disposals. He's doing some remodeling on this wonderful beachfront property he has. It's lovely. But he thinks I misunderstood everything, and now he's scared I'm going to go to the police.

Olga: Olga don't like police.

Henry: I don't like them either, Olga. I hate the police. Why would I ever rat him out? I wouldn't do that. B.J.'s given me a job, he's given me a home. He's going to put my kid sister through college. I don't mess with that. I'm sure that you, as a fellow employee, can understand my urgency. So if you don't mind, I'm just going to pop on upstairs and I'm gonna talk to Mr. Green, all right?

Olga: No go upstairs.

Henry: Okay, but I feel like we've turned a page here. We're on the same vibe, right? So why don't you -- do you have a cell phone?

Olga: No.

Henry: Okay then, we can just call him from upstairs, huh?

Olga: No! No go upstairs.

Henry: Olga, I have got to get out of here.

Olga: Sorry, Charlie.


B.J.: That's your brother's phone. Where'd you find it?

Maddie: Right here under this desk.

B.J.: Really, how odd.

Maddie: I thought so.

Casey: Yeah, he must've dropped it, right? Come on, Maddie, let's go.

Maddie: No, Henry never drops his phone. It's his lifeline.

B.J.: Well, I'll be sure to get it back to him then.

Maddie: I think I'll see him before you do.

B.J.: I doubt that.

Maddie: Why is that?

B.J.: I sent him out of town on business.

Casey: That explains it. All right, Maddie, come on, let's get going.

Maddie: Henry -- no, Henry never said anything about a business trip.

B.J.: Well, it was very last minute. He didn't know about it until I put him in the car. So no time for personal calls. But I'm going to see him, possibly later tonight in California, so if you give me the phone, I'll be sure to get it back to him.

Maddie: I think I'll hang on to it.

B.J.: Okay, suit yourself.

Casey: Okay, so we're done here. Let's go.

Maddie: I don't understand why Henry couldn't just call me when he got on the plane or when he landed. It's not like him.

B.J.: Maddie, Maddie, I'm sure he planned on doing that, but once he realized he had forgotten his phone, then, you know, how could he?

Casey: Makes sense. Let's go.

Maddie: There are no pay phones in California?

B.J.: I'm sure he will call you as soon as he gets a second to catch his breath.

Maddie: If he's still breathing.

B.J.: What's that supposed to mean?

Casey: Nothing, you know Maddie, she's always kidding around.

Maddie: I think you know exactly what it means.


Dusty: So what are we celebrating?

Gus: Don't tell me. This is the famous Jennifer Munson.

Meg: Meg.

Gus: Gus Kazantakis.

Dusty: Gus is a sales rep. Meg is my girlfriend.

Gus: And Gus is an idiot because Jenniferís a redhead. Sorry, my bad.

Dusty: Is that Brian Posen?

Gus: Where?

Dusty: He sells a lot of jeans. Whatever. Sorry for the interruption.

Meg: You called me your girlfriend.

Dusty: Yeah, I guess its official.


Jennifer: What's our table number?

Paul: Two.

Jennifer: Oh.

Paul: Excuse us.


Henry: You're not the boss of me.

Olga: Mr. Green is boss.

Henry: Yeah, he is. And I'm afraid I'm going to have to report you for insubordination. And belligerence above and beyond your job description.

Olga: You are cute, Henry. Not much muscles, but you are cute.

Henry: I'm sorry, excuse me, what did you just say to me? Not much muscle? What, are you kidding? I'll have you know I wrestled in college. I would have, if they would have let me on the team. Look, you ask any woman I have ever dated. You're not going to pin Henry Coleman down, okay? Because I float like a butterfly, baby. I sting like a bee.

Olga: That is boxing, not wrestling.

Henry: And you would know that, wouldn't you, Olga? Listen, sweetie, I'm going to put this to you straight. I've got to get out of here because B.J.'s going to hurt someone who used to consider me a friend. I'm not going to let that happen. I'm a man on a mission. So I don't want to have to hurt you, but it may come down to that. And all the whimpering and crying and blubbering isn't going to stop me.

Olga: Olga is more worried about Henery.

Henry: Don't you worry about me, Olga. I've got a black belt.

Olga: In karate?

Henry: In my closet. And I know how to wear it. So step aside, you blonde goddess, you. This is Henry Coleman coming through. Oh! Ow!


B.J.: What exactly are you implying, Maddie?

Casey: You know, the thing is, Maddie -- she's kind of a worrywart when it comes to her brother. She's always calling him, expecting him to check in, you know?

Maddie: Which is why him leaving without telling me makes no sense. Unless --

B.J.: I forced him to leave town?

Maddie: Did you do something to him? Because if you did, so help me, I will go to Caseyís mom, and you will be dead meat. She's a detective, you know?

B.J.: Your girlfriend here has quite an imagination.

Casey: Yeah. She sure does, huh? But that whole thing about going to my mom? She would never do that.

Maddie: You didn't answer my question.

B.J.: What? Did I force your brother to leave town? Well, sort of -- I mean, I left it up to him, but I told him, if he wanted to keep his job, that he was going to have to get on the private jet and go to Palo Alto and beat the competition. See, there's this boy genius there who invented some new computer chip, and I sent him there to go bid on it.

Maddie: Henry doesn't know a computer chip from a potato chip.

B.J.: Which is why I sent my top I.T. guy with him. Now, are we through here? I have to check a few e-mails. Answer them. You know how that is? Don't you, Maddie?

Casey: Yeah, yeah, she sure does. Um, let's get going, Maddie. All right, thanks, Mr. Green.


Dusty: What are you doing here?

Jennifer: Last time I checked, I was still a designer.

Dusty: Of course you are. You should have called me.

Jennifer: Well, actually, I'm here for my mother, representing B.R.O. She felt sick at the last minute. I offered to bail her out. Meg, that's a beautiful dress. I love it.

Meg: Thank you. Thanks. You look great, too.

Paul: I'm going to go see if we can't change our table.

Jennifer: No, that's not -- necessary. So. Champagne? You guys are celebrating?

Meg: Just the evening. A night out.

Jennifer: Yeah, it's great to get out of the house. I saw Frank Vertucci on the way in here. I told him he should give you a call.

Dusty: Oh, yeah?

Jennifer: He's one of our buyers in the southeast.

Dusty: Gus Kazantakis wants to be remembered.

Jennifer: He never quits. He's a sales rep.

Dusty: She met him.

Meg: You know, I'm going to go powder my nose. It was nice to see you, Jen.

Jennifer: You too. Well, I'm going to go see where Paul is.

Dusty: Wait a second. Don't go.


Lily: I thought you said you understood?

Keith: I do. I know how you think, Lily. That's why I made you promise. Because I'm -- I'm trying to save you.

Lily: Save me? Come on.

Keith: Yeah, come here. Sit down for a second. Now, listen. Do you think because your mother and Luke are on the mend that everything's fine? That Holden moves back in? Lily, that ship has sailed. He walked out on you and your marriage long before I ever showed up here.

Lily: There were a lot of reasons for that.

Keith: Why? Because your sister died and you shut down? What did he do? He went out and he had an affair with my sister. When you need him, he bailed on you. It was me, Lily. I was the one that was there to kickstart your heart again. It was me that took Luke up in the plane to get him to commit to something because his father wasn't around. Of course Holden wants you back. Why wouldn't he? But how many times have you tried to patch things up? How many times have you tried? There's something missing there, and you know it. You do.

Lily: I love him.

Keith: Lily, of course -- of course you love him. He's the father of your child. You're always going to love him. He doesn't know you the way I do. He still sees you as this teenage girl that he fell in love with. Lily, you need somebody who's going to go toe-to-toe with you. Someone that wants you every night. Not because there's nothing on TV.

Lily: Oh, come on, that's not fair.

Keith: I know, I know, I know, but it's kind of accurate. Because you're always so busy worrying about everybody else, taking care of everybody else. I mean, this whole move back to Holden -- I mean, sure, it's going to make everybody happy. Him, your kids, your mother. But what about you? What about you, Lily? I'm going to make sure that you get what you want for a change. And, in a year from now, you will thank me.

Lily: So you're going to force me to marry you?

Keith: You made me a promise, Lily. And I know you don't have it in you to go back on your word.


Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

B.J.: Convince her you're fine, or I may be paying your sister a little visit.

Paul: If you're going to have that happy ending, you're going to have to keep your mouth shut.


Keith: You're a woman of integrity. You'll keep your promise, I know that.

Lily: And if I don't?

Keith: Well, that's between you and your conscience. Fair bargain.

Lily: Fair? Fair bargain? Would you have let Luke die? Really?

Keith: Lily, come on, don't make me out to be the villain here. I would never, ever have let Luke die. I would have saved any kid. That's why I was working for that outfit in the first place. So I could save people. You know, you said yes to me because, deep down, you know that I care about you. That I love you. And now, you're thinking that maybe, you know, if you don't go through with this, that you could be punished. You know, that maybe somehow, by lying to me, something could happen to Luke.

Lily: Are you saying that you would do something to Luke if I don't marry you?

Keith: No, no, no, no. I'm not saying that. I'm just saying that that's what you could be thinking, because -- because you're always blaming yourself. I mean, you probably blame yourself for Holden having an affair on you. Because you're always trying to put everybody first, before you. And I'm just not going to let that happen.

Lily: This all sounds very, very noble. And maybe I will give you the benefit of the doubt. Maybe -- maybe -- you would have given Luke the kidney whether or not I had agreed to marry you. Maybe you're so concerned about me and my happiness. Maybe. But Holden and I, we've been together for a very, very long time. We're not perfect. Yes, he has hurt me, and I have hurt him. But we are a family, and we belong together. And you need to respect that, and let me out of a promise that I made when I was out of my mind with fear.

Keith: I -- I know. You've been through a lot these last couple of weeks. And any thoughts that you had about your life, and where you wanted to go, is just gone. It's vanished. If you want to make me out to be the bad guy, because I won't go along with this, then so be it, Lily. But you will thank me down the road. Because I know that you love me, and you love the life that we could have together. So -- I want you to hold on to this. I want you to try it on. When you're alone. And for once, just dream a little.


Dusty: We'll go. Meg and I, we'll go. I mean, you're much more into this kind of thing than I am anyway.

Jennifer: No, no, no, don't be silly. I'm sure Meg has been looking forward to this, and it's fine.

Dusty: It's not fine, and you know it.

Jennifer: It has to be fine. And it will be. As soon as I get used to the fact that you've moved on, which is great. I am so glad, because I -- I mean, I asked you to. Of course, not that you needed my permission. You and Meg have been close all along. You and I were never anything more than, you know -- whatever we were.

Dusty: We were great.

Jennifer: We were friends.

Dusty: We're still friends.

Jennifer: We are?

Dusty: Yeah, of course we are. You can't unring that bell.

Jennifer: Speaking of bells --

Dusty: Let's not change the subject.

Jennifer: Dusty.

Dusty: There was a time when we both wanted something more. Who knows where it could've gone.

Jennifer: But for many, many reasons, mostly mine -- I can't handle it.

Dusty: Yeah, you said that.

Jennifer: Anyway, you and Meg have something really good. Anybody can see that. And I know Meg really cares about you. And you obviously care about her.

Dusty: I do.

Jennifer: So that's great. Then everything's worked out. Hey, Meg.

Meg: Hey. Do you hear that?

Dusty: Hear what?

Meg: The music. They used to play that at the close of every high school dance. C'mon. You don't mind if I steal him for a minute?

Jennifer: He's all yours.


Olga: Toes are moving?

Henry: Toes, Olga, are at the end of my legs, which hurt. Hurt.

Olga: Sorry Henry, but Olga have orders.

Henry: Do those orders include helping me up?

B.J.: No. They donít. Nice work, Olga.

Olga: Thank you, Mr. Green.

Henry: Where did you find her? A snow bank somewhere? Easy, easy, easy! I'm glad you're here, B.J. I think I needed to explain something to you. I think you thought I heard something, and I didnít. But even if it did, why would I go with the cops? What have they ever done for me? Nothing. Are they going to put my little sister through college? No way! So I want you to know. I want you to know, from the bottom of my heart, you can trust me. Oof!

B.J.: Henry, I believe you.

Henry: You do? You do. Of course you do, that's good. Because I'm as loyal, Beej, I'm loyal as an eagle scout. Great. I'm glad we had this talk. I'll be talking to you soon. You're not going to let me go, are you? Look, I think you need to understand that people are going to notice that I am gone. I'm a memorable guy. My barstool at the Lakeview goes empty for even a couple of days -- people are going to know something's up, you know?

B.J.: People are already starting to notice. Your little sister, she's asking questions.

Henry: If you've laid a finger on my little sister --

B.J.: Henry, Henry, relax. I am not interested in Maddie. Although I could be, if you don't cooperate.


Casey: Guaranteed to cheer you up.

Maddie: The only thing that will cheer me up is talking to my brother.

Casey: He's in Palo Alto negotiating for a computer chip.

Maddie: You bought that?

Casey: Just drink the coffee.

Maddie: This is coffee? Looks like whipped cream in a cup.

Casey: Just try it.

Maddie: All right. This is good. It's good.

Casey: Yeah.

Maddie: Oh. So that, uh -- kiss. That was --

Casey: Yeah?

Maddie: Quick thinking. Although I'm sure it's not the only time you got caught a girl a tour of your molars.

Casey: I'm just glad you didn't slap me like all those uptight women in those black and white movies you watch late at night.

Maddie: Are you monitoring my viewing habits? Casey, I didn't know you cared.

Casey: I hate those movies. It's all tease and no payoff.

Maddie: The tease is the payoff. But, that's right, I forgot, you are Mr. Hit 'n Run.

Casey: Oh, and you're so subtle? What was that back at the station?

Maddie: The only reason why I kissed you back is to throw off B.J.

Casey: No, after that. I'm talking about when you were grilling B.J. about your brother.

Maddie: Well, he was lying to me.

Casey: How do you know that? You brother might've lost his cell phone.

Maddie: He couldn't call me at a payphone?

Casey: Not from a plane when he's flying to Palo Alto.

Maddie: He's on a plane with one shoe? And how did he get to the airport? Did hop all the way there? And how did it come off, anyway? Was it an accident? And why was it in the filing cabinet? And why was B.J. so determined to get that cell phone? Was it the only thing that's left of Henry? That cell phone and his shoe?

Casey: Do you ever take a break?

Maddie: Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot you like your girls dumb and dumber.

Casey: Then I guess it's a good thing you're not my girl, then.

[Cell phone rings]

Maddie: Henry?

Henry: Maddie?

Maddie: Henry, where are you? And what happened to your cell phone? And why was your shoe in the filing cabinet?


B.J.: Convince her you're fine, or I just may have to pay your sister a little visit.

Henry: Hey, I had to go on a little business trip. Very last minute. B.J. insisted. I'm in Palo Alto.

Maddie: But why didn't you call me?

Henry: You know Palo Alto, it's near wine country?

Maddie: Yeah, in California, like B.J. said.

Henry: Oh now Maddie, quit your whining. I called you as soon as I could.

Maddie: I'm not whining.

Henry: Whine, whine, whine, I never do enough for you. I'm always in the cellar as far as you're concerned.

Henry: I've gotta go, my cell phone's breaking up.

Maddie: But you don't even have your cell phone, I have it. I found it under the table.

Henry: Oh, isn't that a miracle, I thought it was gone for good.

B.J.: Say goodbye, Henry.

Henry: Goodbye, Maddie.

Maddie: Wait! Tell me where you are. What's your phone number?

Henry: I love you, Maddie, don't you ever forget that.

B.J.: That was very stupid.


Dusty: You're cold. Are you cold?

Meg: I guess it's the air conditioning.

Dusty: You want my jacket?

Meg: In this crowd? No, I think they might haul me off by your lapels. I'll run upstairs and get my wrap.

Dusty: I'll get it for you.

Meg: Oh, excuse me, thank you.

Paul: So, where's Jennifer?

Meg: I don't know. She wasn't here when we came back from the dance floor?

Paul: Just as well. Now you don't have to worry about Dusty.

Meg: I'm not worried.

Paul: So things are going good?

Meg: Yes.

Paul: So where is he?

Dusty: Hold it!


[Lily remembering]

Keith: For once, dream a little.

Lily: See, he doesn't understand. When I dream, I dream about Holden. What am I going to do? If I refuse to marry him and something happens to Luke -- he's absolutely right. I'll feel guilty. And why shouldnít I? Everybody, everybody, warned me about Keith. Holden, my mother, but no. But I knew better. And now my son almost died, and my marriage is at risk. Oh Holden, I'm so sorry. This is all my fault.


Henry: I always tell Madeline I love her before I hang up. If I hadn't, she would've been suspicious.

B.J.: Do you always tell her to stop whining?

Henry: When she is whining.

B.J.: You know, I could have you disposed of right now. Just one word to Olga.

Henry: Olga wouldn't hurt me. Olga's fond of me.

B.J.: Olga!

Henry: Okay, okay. No, wait, wait, wait. I'm sorry if you misconstrued my attempt to mollify my sister. But as I'm sure as you are aware of, Madeline can be very persistent. I need to make sure that she believed me, which is why I kept her on the phone an extra minute or two so that she could know without shadow of a doubt that I'm alive and well.

B.J.: Well, just one more stunt like that and you'll wish you were dead.


Maddie: Aw, I didn't even ask him about the shoe.

Casey: Yes, you did.

Maddie: No, no I couldn't have. He would've told me what happened.

Casey: Maddie, I was sitting right here. I heard you. It was one of the first things you said to him.

Maddie: He must have been too afraid to tell me.

Casey: A minute ago, you're thinking his shoe was the only thing left of him. And then he calls you and instead of believing that he's alive, he's fine, you've talked to him, you've heard his voice, you --

Maddie: We got cut off. He told me that he loved me, and then the phone went dead.

Casey: You are so out there.

Maddie: Fine. If you don't believe me --

Casey: It's not that I don't believe you, it's just that you're just such a drama queen.

Maddie: Why, because I think something's wrong?

Casey: What's wrong is you might've just cost your brother his job.

Maddie: What are you talking about?

Casey: Did you listen to anything that B.J. said? He said that Henry going to California was his choice. That if he wanted to save his job, he better jump on the jet and go.

Maddie: You believe that?

Casey: Yeah, especially when your brother called and just confirmed everything he said.

Maddie: But that's just it, their stories were identical.

Casey: And that's a bad thing?

Maddie: It's not normal.

Casey: Like you would know.

Maddie: What is that supposed to mean?

Casey: I could be at the mall right now.

Maddie: Oh, forgive me, I didn't realize I was depriving you of such a once- in-a-lifetime event.

Casey: I'm trying to help here, but it's just one thing after another with you.

Maddie: And to think that you and Lia could be picking out nose rings together.

Casey: It's not about Lia.

Maddie: Yeah, it's about you wanting to get me alone so you can kiss me.

Casey: Get a life.

Maddie: You didn't want to kiss me?

Casey: In my grandmother's TV station? I don't think so.

Maddie: Well, it's not going to happen again, anywhere. So you don't have to worry about it.

Casey: Good.

Maddie: Fine.

Casey: I'm going to the mall.

Maddie: Knock yourself out.


Meg: Not that it's any of your business, but I was cold, and Dusty went upstairs to get my wrap.

Paul: He always was such a gentleman.

Meg: He is a gentleman.

Paul: A prince. Maybe you'll live happily ever after.

Meg: What's that supposed to mean.

Paul: Nothing, I'm happy for you.

Meg: Yeah right.

Paul: C'mon Meg, we're on the same side.

Meg: Don't remind me.

Paul: You're awfully confident for a girl who could have her whole life blown out of the water at any moment.

Meg: Don't worry, your secret is safe with me.

Paul: Our secret -- ours. Not yours, not mine, ours. And if you're going to have that happy ending that we both know you want so badly, you're going to have to keep your mouth shut. No pillow talk, no matter how much confidence you have in your prince charming.


Jennifer: What are you doing here?

Dusty: I'm going upstairs. Meg got cold, so I'm getting her wrap. That's all. You okay?

Jennifer: I'm fine.

Dusty: You didn't say a word when you left.

Jennifer: I just got tired. I forgot how demanding these stupid dinners can be.

Dusty: Hey, it's me. You can relax. You don't have to run away.

Jennifer: I'm not running away. I just want to get upstairs.

Dusty: You okay?

Jennifer: Fine. We stopped. What's wrong?

Dusty: Nothing. We're just stuck.


Announcer: On the next, "As the World Turns" --

Paul: Tell Dusty the truth about the baby, you'll lose him. I guarantee it.

Stan: What are you going to do?

Iris: I'm going to use a little poison myself. I'm going to keep that kid away from my girl forever.

Maddie: Please, don't let me lose my brother.

Henry: Please, tell me you're not planning to kill Mike Kasnoff.

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