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Iris: Take a hike, Carly.

Carly: I know what you're trying to do, and I'm not gonna let you get away with it.

Iris: You know what? This is still my house, little girl. You don't get to speak to me like that.

Carly: I told Gwen what you did to Will.

Iris: What?

Gwen: Did you see him, Mom?

Iris: I was nothing but civil to that young man, although he didn't deserve it. This isn't your business, anyway.

Carly: Look what she'll do. She'll look you right in the face, and --

Iris: You know what? I don't gotta take this anymore. I can take it in court, but I don't have to take it in my own home.

Carly: I was there, Iris. I saw it.

Iris: What?

Carly: At Java. I saw you tear into Will, and then I saw the look on his face. You broke the poor kid's heart.

Iris: I did no such thing!

Gwen: What did you do then, Mom?

Iris: Look at this. You're the one who's trying to break the poor girl's heart.

Gwen: Look, did you go to Will and tell him I never wanted to see him again?


Jennifer: Okay, Will, which direction do you want to head in first, east or west?

Will: I don't know. I already told you, I haven't really given that much thought to colleges.

Jennifer: Okay, well, we can at least start narrowing it down to types of schools, right? It has to be someplace cool, someplace with smart kids who get you.

Will: People who've never met me.

Jennifer: Preferably people who have never heard of Barbara Ryan.

Will: Amen.

Jennifer: Someplace big or small?

Will: Big.

Jennifer: Complete reinvention.

Will: Yeah, you get it.

Jennifer: Of course, I do.

Will: So why can't Paul?

Jennifer: Will, he does. You just have to give him a chance. He meant well.

Will: So does Mom.

Jennifer: Paul is not our mother.

Will: He's a lot closer than you think. I just didn't see it before. That's why it's freaking me out so much. He totally manipulated the situation with Gwen and the baby to get what he wanted. And he didn't think of what it might do to me. He didn't give me a second thought!


Dusty: It's been a long time.

Meg: It feels like a lifetime ago.

Dusty: Playing hard to get, I see. What?

Meg: I'm not -- I'm not playing. I'm just trying to figure out if this is the right thing, and I don't think it is.

Dusty: You're not serious are you? What do you mean? What's not the right thing? This?

Meg: No, that's good. It's what comes after. The last time I was here, you left me in your bed to go take care of Jennifer.

Dusty: Not this time.

Meg: Because you don't want to or because Jennifer sent you away?


Holden: Luke, you need to stay with me.

Luke: I'm tired.

Holden: I know, but the doctor said you need to try to stay awake as much as you can.

Luke: Just a little sleep.

Holden: No.

Luke: I won't be long.

Holden: Luke, no. You canít. C'mon, you gotta stay awake. You gotta stay with me here. You know what? So many people have been sending you stuff, Luke. Your grandmother -- she has been cooking you food, all that stuff that you love. Luke, are you with me? And that girl from school, Kendra -- the one in your English class, she sent you some flowers. You know what, I think I have the card with me right here. Let me show it to you. Luke. Luke! Luke.


Keith: You said that you would do anything to save Lukeís life.

Lily: And I meant it. I'd give my own life for him.

Keith: Would you give it to me?

Lily: You?

Keith: I love you. I love you. Deep down, I think underneath the anger and the pain that you've got, I think that you love me, too.

Lily: Please don't do this. Please, not now. Come on, please.

Keith: I have to. This is the only chance I have. I've done something for you. I want you to do something for me.

Lily: What?

Keith: Marry me. Be my wife.

Lily: Is this some sort of game?

Keith: This is no game.

Lily: My son's life is on the line, and you have the power to get him a kidney, but you won't do that unless I marry you? What kind of sick blackmail is that?

Keith: It's not blackmail.

Lily: The hell it isn't! You're a monster. There's nothing on this earth could that could make me marry you.

Keith: I love you, Lily.

Lily: Oh, please.

Keith: Do you think I want it this way? I would do anything to save Lukeís life. But right now, I'm trying to save your life, too.

Lily: What?

Keith: Yes!

Lily: I don't need to be saved!

Keith: Yes, you do. You were starting to be the person the wanted to be, but not what the world wanted you to be, but, you know, that's all slipping away, because you're burying yourself in your family troubles.

Lily: I was taking care of my family! My mother is fighting cancer! My son is dying because he got on a plane with you to Mexico!

Keith: I know. I'm not saying that you don't have troubles. It's just that you're hiding out.

Lily: I can't listen to you. I'm sorry.

Keith: No, wait, listen. Come on a minute. We got really close, and then you just panicked. That's why you're avoiding me.

Lily: I don't like guys who lie. Or, deal in the black market with human organs.

Keith: Yeah, until you need one. I'm sorry, that was a lousy thing to say. And if I help you, it doesn't excuse what I did for a living. I know that.

Lily: There are many reasons why I backed away from you, Keith. And none of them had to do with hiding from my true self, or whatever you're turning this into, or trying to.

Keith: But you were happy. You were happy with me. You know, you just can't erase all of that.

Lily: It's over. It is long gone. And blackmail is not going to help.

Keith: This is all Holdenís fault.

Lily: You sound more desperate than I do now.

Keith: I am desperate. I'm trying to hang onto the best thing that ever happened to me, and Holden is in my way.


Dr. Swan: He's nonresponsive. Extremities?

Nurse: Acute swelling.

Dr. Swan: Temperature?

Nurse: 103.5.

Dr. Swan: Okay, thanks. That's it for now.

Holden: What was that? What's going on?

Dr. Swan: We're in the next stage, here.

Holden: What's that?

Dr. Swan: Luke is in a uremic coma.

Holden: Which means we do what?

Dr. Swan: We keep him as comfortable as possible.

Holden: Until?

Dr. Swan: You'll want to get Mrs. Snyder here. The two of you have some decisions to make.


Dusty: You really know how to kill a mood.

Meg: I hate this more than you do, believe me.

Dusty: I told you it's over with Jennifer. I don't know how else to say it.

Meg: Is it really?

Dusty: Yeah, it really is. We barely speak.

Meg: Her choice.

Dusty: Yeah, her choice.

Meg: So, where does that leave you?

Dusty: Here with you. I hope. That's what I want.

Meg: Is it?

Dusty: Yeah.

Meg: By default?

Dusty: That's not what I said.

Meg: But is that how it is?

Dusty: How what is?

Meg: C'mon, you know what I'm asking.

Dusty: Why are you asking it?

Meg: Because, if you want Jennifer, you shouldn't be here with me. You should go after her.

Dusty: I canít. That's not what I want.

Meg: It isn't?

Dusty: No.

Meg: I cannot wonder, okay. When you close your eyes and kiss me, who are you touching?

Dusty: Unbelievable.

Meg: Is it? Why? Are you honestly surprised I have to ask?

Dusty: No. Why are you pushing this tonight?

Meg: Because I want to know where I stand with you, Dusty.


Paul: You came back.

Will: And now I'm leaving. You're the best. I'm gonna call you and we'll map out a route.

Paul: A route?

Jennifer: We're going to look at colleges.

Will: Later.

Paul: Don't you even want to hear my side?

Will: I already did.

Paul: Not from me. I couldn't get a word in edgewise before.

Will: Paul, I told you -- we're done.

Jennifer: No, huh-uh. We are never done.

Will: Jen, I don't want you to get in the middle of this.

Jennifer: Well guess what? I am. Okay, and that's the way it is. Because the three of us are the only ones who can understand where we've come from. All right? And I don't care where you go or how much you try to change your life. That's still going to be true.

Will: So what?

Jennifer: Listen -- we know each other in ways that no one else can. You think that's a little thing?

Will: No, it's huge. He knows exactly what it's like to live with mom and how she twists everything to control your life. He knows that. So it's no excuse to do the same thing to me.

Jennifer: You're right, there is no excuse, but maybe there's a reason. And you need to hear it. Okay? That's your big brother over there, the only one you'll ever have. Don't be so quick to throw him away.


Iris: You can leave now, Carly.

Carly: Not until you admit what you did.

Iris: This is between me and my daughter.

Gwen: Look, did you take the present that Will brought for the baby and give it back to him? And before you answer that, I know that the little jacket's gone. I just looked for it.

Iris: We don't need Will's help.

Carly: That's a "yes."

Iris: Oh, stay out of it!

Gwen: What did you say? What exactly did you say?

Iris: You know what? I don't have to stand here and get grilled like I'm some teenager who broke curfew. And, why don't we just find out why this one was spying on me and Will?

Carly: I happened to be at Java.

Iris: Oh, you happened to be at Java. Why do you even care about Will Munson anyway?

Gwen: That's a good question.

Carly: He's a good kid. He's the kind of guy you want around.

Iris: That's what you know.

Gwen: Can it, Mom! I don't get why it's any of your business.

Carly: Whoever is around you is around that baby upstairs. And that still matters to me. I love that little boy. I want him to have a happy life, which means, I want you to be surrounded by all the love and all the help that you need.

Iris: Oh! Where's my hanky? That was so touching.

Carly: Real love, Gwen. Real help that you can count on. Not somebody who's just in it for the money.

Iris: Oh, so suddenly, she's your best friend, Gwennie? Huh-uh.

Carly: Your mom's in it for the trust fund, Gwen. You do know that, don't you?

Iris: Oh yeah. And this coming from the woman who drugged you and lied to everybody who would listen, because she wanted to keep your baby away from you.

Carly: That was stupid and wrong. And I've told Gwen --

Iris: Oh, save it for the sentencing! Now do you get it? Can you see what she's doing? Carly is working you because she thinks it might save her sorry derriere from being thrown in prison.

Gwen: Okay, one more time. Did you do that to Will? Just tell me the truth. Yes or no?

Iris: Yes. And you know why.

Gwen: You had no right! Will was the best friend I've ever had! He was better to me than anyone.

Iris: Well, it sure didn't look like that when he walked out on you.

Gwen: That was one fight.

Iris: But you said you two were over.

Gwen: It was what I was afraid of. It's not what I wanted.

Iris: But he hurt you, honey. And I just didn't want him to hurt you again, that's all. I was trying to help.

Gwen: Help me?

Iris: Well, I didn't want the guy to come back over here and apologize to you, because then it would make it that much harder to end it.

Gwen: I didn't want to end anything!

Iris: I guess I misunderstood. I just told him nicely that he should respect whatever it is you wanted.

Carly: She threw the baby's Jacket in his face, Gwen. She told him, you said that you'd had enough of his abuse.

Gwen: Please, tell me you didn't say that.

Iris: Oh, of course, I didn't!

Carly: Iris, I was there! I heard it! You can't lie your way out of this!

Iris: I'm protecting my little girl.

Carly: You have never protected a child in your entire life. And now you try to use your grandson so you can make a buck? You see, but her plan won't work if you have other options.

Iris: Oh, you are so paranoid, it's sick.

Carly: She's gotta keep you away from anybody else who cares about you. She's gotta make it so that you're completely dependent on her.

Iris: Oh, and now you're her new best friend, is that it?

Carly: Just her sister.

Iris: Oh, that just makes me feel all warm and runny inside. Suddenly, you want us as your family?

Carly: Not you. Never you.

Iris: Maybe you're the one who's after the money.

Carly: What?

Iris: Yeah, you're the one who keeps bringing up about the baby's money.

Carly: That's because I know you, Iris.

Iris: Your husband's out of a job. You might be looking at hard times. Maybe you think that my grandson's trust fund could bankroll your family --

Carly: That's ridiculous! It's absurd!

Iris: Uh-huh. Well, you're the one who showed up here and started --

Gwen: Look, stop it! Both of you, shut up, now!


Jennifer: Listen to him, Will. Okay? I'm going to go online and start planning our trip.

Paul: You want to go away to college?

Will: Why not? There's nothing left for me here. You made sure of that.

Paul: Gwen didn't leave, you know.

Will: You didn't know that when you bribed her. You thought your plan would work.

Paul: Do you want to know what that plan was?

Will: Pay Gwen's legal bills, get her to take the baby and leave without telling anyone where she was going.

Paul: And do you want to know why?

Will: Because I'm too messed up to handle real life.

Paul: Because you're not the only person in this world with problems, Will. Jennifer was convinced that Gwen's baby was hers. And every time Jennifer saw that kid, it was like Jennifer was getting sliced open all over again. And every time I saw the kid, all I could see was Rosannaís face looking back at me, telling me how happy she was that she was going to be a mother again. And then after that, all I could see was Rosanna on the side of the road, after the accident, struggling to stay alive. And, yeah, okay. I -- I wanted Gwen and the baby out of town for selfish reasons.

Will: And you could've lived with that? Getting my best friend to leave town with no explanation. That was okay?

Paul: Well it's not the way i wanted it, but --

Will: But it was a necessary. It was a necessary evil for the greater good. And what I didn't know couldn't hurt me. Right? Very convenient.


Dusty: I don't know what you want me to say. You want me to talk about Jennifer with you? Is that what you really want?

Meg: Yeah, if that's where you are, yeah.

Dusty: I'm right here with you.

Meg: And I have no idea what that means.

Dusty: Neither do I. You think I sit around and analyze this stuff?

Meg: You know how you feel, Dusty. That's all I'm asking, is how do you feel?

Dusty: I want you. That's how I feel. I think you're great. You make me feel great. Most of the time.

Meg: But not tonight?

Dusty: Not since we got here.

Meg: All you want is comfort, isn't it? This isn't doing the trick.

Dusty: I don't know what you're talking about.

Meg: I changed the rules. And I know before you say anything, I know it's not fair. And I'm sorry.

Dusty: Hey. What do you want? And when did you stop needing comfort?

Meg: Okay. I can't be the warm body, Dusty, okay? I've compromised too much. I made too many bargains to be with you. Okay? I'm not that disposable.

Dusty: Bargains? What kind of bargains?

Dusty: Meg.

Meg: Yeah?

Dusty: Where are you right now?

Meg: I'm here.

Dusty: What did you give up to be with me?

Meg: Nothing.

Dusty: You said you made a bargain, a compromise. What have you compromised to be with me?


Lily: Are you blaming my husband, who's been taking care of me and my family while my son is dying in a hospital bed?

Keith: I'm talking about the bigger picture here.

Lily: You're bargaining with my son's life!

Keith: Your son's life can be saved with an operation. I can do that! But saving your life is just as important.

Lily: I can't listen to this.

Keith: Of course, no, because you don't want to make time. You just want to go running right back to that rut you have with Holden.

Lily: Rut? I'm not in a rut.

Keith: Yes, you are. You're not in love with him anymore. And you finally had the courage to get away from him, but that's not gonna happen again, unless i help you. I can save you, and I can save your son's life. Just say yes, Lily, and I'll make that call.

[Phone ringing]

Lily: Holden?

Holden: Where are you?

Lily: I'm at the station. I'm listening to potential donors.

Holden: You need to come back here. Now.

Lily: What's happened?

Holden: Luke is in a coma. Itís not good.

Lily: I'm on my way.

Keith: What's going on?

Lily: I gotta go.

Keith: Is it Luke?

Lily: Luke is in a coma. He's dying, and if you had a shred of decency left, that would be enough to make you help. Please.


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Meg: I'd do anything for you.

Dusty: That's why you feel have compromised.

Meg: Why?

Dusty: Because you went against everything you believe in to get that blood test for me.

Iris: And Will Munson is a loser. You can do better than that.

Carly: Go to her, Will. She wants you back.

Keith: How is Luke doing?

Lily: They're only giving him a few hours. Does your offer still stand?


Dusty: I don't want you giving up anything to be with me.

Meg: No?

Dusty: No, I wouldn't ask you to. So, what's going on with you? You making some deals with the devil or what? I know about those. I've made a few myself. Maybe even more than a few. What did you put on the table?

Meg: My self respect.

Dusty: How's that?

Meg: Dusty, when I came to town, and the minute I saw you, I looked into your eyes and I -- I fell in.

Dusty: We both did.

Meg: Not the same way. I obsessed about you. Like I haven't about any other. Look, we weren't in the same place except in bed. And maybe I pretended it meant a lot more because I couldn't face the fact that it was meaningless.

Dusty: It wasnít.

Meg: You don't have to say that.

Dusty: It wasnít. It's never meaningless. It's your word, not mine.

Meg: So what is it, Dusty? What is it? I mean, I can't be the person you reach for every time you feel desperate or lonely.

Dusty: But that's who you are.


Emma: Hi, sweetheart.

Holden: Hey, Mama.

Emma: I know you said you'd call me if there was any news, but I just couldn't hang around the farm. The walls were closing in. I mean, I felt that I -- Holden? Holden, what is it?

Holden: Luke is in a coma.

Emma: Oh, good lord. Since when?

Holden: A little while ago. I couldn't do it, Mama. I just couldn't do it.

Emma: What? What couldn't you do?

Holden: The doctor said that we needed to try and keep him awake. And I tried everything that I could, but then he slipped away.

Emma: Oh, sweetheart, now come on, it's not your fault. It's not your fault. And this is only temporary, I know.

Holden: No, it's not. If we don't find a kidney within a couple of hours, then it's over.

Emma: Don't you say that, Holden. Don't you ever say that. Now, where's Lily?

Holden: She's at WOAK. She's taking calls. But she's on her way back here, and I need to try to pull it together before she gets here.

Emma: Oh, Holden, child, now. You know, it's going to be all right. You're going to get through this, you are.

Holden: You know what helped? When I was trying to keep him awake, I told him that story that he used to love when he was 10 years old.

Emma: You mean the one about the dog?

Holden: You remember that?

Emma: I do. I do every time I -- every time I'd come over to baby sit, he'd ask me to read it over and over again. And I might have read it 100 times, but every time we got to that little moment when the doggie was lost, he looked so sad.

Holden: It's based on a true story, you know. About a real dog that walked all the way from Ohio to Seattle and showed up on this family's doorstep. They didn't know how he did it.

Emma: There's so many -- many, many things in this life, Holden, that can't be explained. Maybe that's why we have faith. And that is why we -- we can't lose it now.


Gwen: Look, you two want to fight, do it someplace else. I've got a baby that's gonna be up from a nap any minute. He's gonna need a change and a bottle, all right? But the bottle's hard for him right now because his nose is stopped up. And I tried using one of those squeezy bulb things to clear it out, but he hates it. And I hate it when he cries, and I don't know what's wrong, and I can't even do anything about it. And I'm trying to do my best here, but I'm new at this and I don't want to mess up, okay?

[Both speaking at once]

Iris: Oh, Gwennie, I'll --

Carly: Gwen, I'll help you --

Gwen: No, shut up! Both of you shut up. I don't want your fake sympathy, all right? You want me to drop charges. You are after money. You want to be my friend, my sister, my guardian angel, my coach, what? I don't even care what or why. I don't trust either one of you!

Carly: But you could trust Will.

Gwen: Yeah, I could, but he's gone now, so I'll deal.

Iris: You're better off there, honey.

Carly: God, how can you say that? Will you look at her?

Iris: Don't talk to me about my own daughter!

Gwen: Both of you, leave me alone, now!

Iris: This is still my house, so get out. And don't come back, because you're not welcome.

Carly: You know, Gwen is not a pushover. She knows what you are. And she got away from you once, and she'll do it again.

Iris: You better not come here, because if you do, I'm gonna call the judge and I am gonna tell him that you're harassing us.


Paul: You're right. I honestly did think that it would be better for you in the long run if Gwen and the baby left town.

Will: But that wasn't for you to decide! If you had a problem with Gwen and the baby, you're worried about Jen, come see me. We could've figured it out.

Paul: Okay.

Will: Don't just say that. Don't say it to shut me up. You don't believe that.

Paul: All right, fine. If I had come to you, it wouldn't have changed anything. Either Gwen was here or she wasnít. Will, there was nothing to figure out.

Will: So you're saying you'd do it again? Is that what you're saying?

Paul: No, I wouldn't, because I know something now that I didn't know then. I know how important Gwen is to you, and I wouldn't have traded in your happiness for mine. Or for Jenniferís.

Will: Well, you know what, you won't have to make that choice, because you've already torpedoed me and Gwen.

Paul: Gwen's still -- she's still here.

Will: But it's over.

Paul: Will. Will -- look, I -- I underestimated you and I treated you like a kid, and I'm sorry for that.

[Phone rings]

Will: Hello?

Carly: Will, its Carly Snyder. You gotta meet me over at Java right away.

Will: Yeah, and why is that?

Carly: It's about Gwen.

Will: I know what you want.

Carly: No. No, you donít. I just saw Gwen over at her mother's house.

Will: I'm hanging up the phone.

Carly: Wait, Will. If you care about Gwen at all, meet me at Java right away.


Lily: What is this? What's happened?

Holden: I tried to keep him talking. I tried everything that I could think of. But he --

Lily: What?

Holden: He slipped away.

Lily: What are you talking about? He's still alive, isn't he?

Holden: Yes, he's still alive. But, Lily, we have some decisions that we need to make.

Lily: What kind of decisions? What is going on here? How do we get Luke out of this coma?

Dr. Swan: We canít. Dialysis won't work anymore.

Lily: Well, there's got to be something else we can do!

Dr. Swan: I wish there were.

Lily: Oh, no.

Dr. Swan: In the meantime, we'll monitor his brainwave activity. If there's any signs of distress -- you and your husband have to decide how far you want to go with this in terms of heroic measures.

Lily: I want heroics now!

Dr. Swan: Mrs. Snyder, if I could magically produce a kidney, believe me, I would.

Lily: Well there's -- there's gotta be a match out there somewhere. People are calling, and they're being tested.

Dr. Swan: No, unfortunately, we don't have as much time to play with with that as we did before.

Lily: How long do we have?

Dr. Swan: It's hard to say. Probably hours.

Lily: No.

Dr. Swan: If that. The deeper he goes into a coma, the worse his prognosis, even if we do find a donor. You have to prepare for the worst.


Gwen: Look, if the judge could see what was going on here, he'd let me and the baby out of this deal. Yeah, I have records. I can bring copies. Thank you. Hey, Mom, I'm gonna be back in a little bit. Hey.

Iris: Hey. Where you headed?

Gwen: To the store. You never got there, remember?

Iris: Uh-huh. I can go now.

Gwen: No, that's okay. I could use the air.

Iris: Yeah? Well, when you move someplace else, who's gonna watch the kid when you need some air?

Gwen: I'll figure something out.

Iris: Yeah, maybe you'll let the judge figure it out, huh? You're already on thin ice with him as it is. You want to put that baby in foster care? Because that's your only other option if you can't hack it with me.

Gwen: No, there's gotta be another way.

Iris: There is. Just don't run when it gets tough.

Gwen: Look, you're making it impossible.

Iris: Why? Because I told Will to buzz off? All right, yes, okay, I said that. But I thought that's what you wanted.

Gwen: You had no right.

Iris: Maybe not.

Gwen: Whoa, did you just admit you were wrong?

Iris: Yeah. You know what you said before, Gwennie, about you being a new mom and how you don't always know what to do? Well, that's me right now, honey. I mean, I'm a new mom and I make mistakes.

Carly: Hi. I'm glad you came, Will.

Will: What do you want?

Carly: I want to help you.

Will: Well, I've had about as much of that today as I can take, thank you.

Carly: I saw Gwen.

Will: Why?

Carly: I wanted to make sure she knew what was going on with Iris, that scene that she pulled in here with you. Gwen had no idea.

Will: No idea about what?

Carly: She didn't tell Iris to return that gift to you. And she never said that she didn't want to see you again. None of it.

Will: How do you know?

Carly: She told me. And you should've seen how upset she was when she heard what Iris did. What? Will, this is a good thing.

Will: Yeah, if it's true.

Carly: You don't believe me?

Will: Why should I? Every hour, I get a different story from somebody else.

Carly: Not from me.

Will: Oh, like you'd never tell a lie if it you had something to gain. Carly, today is the wrong day to mess with me.


Jennifer: Will left?

Paul: Yeah.

Jennifer: Well, how'd it go?

Paul: I don't know. You never can tell with that kid. He's got a better poker face than either of us.

Jennifer: Good for him. No, really, he's a smart kid. He watched you and me wear our hearts on our sleeves and get beat up because of it.

Paul: I guess he had to learn the hard way.

Jennifer: That's not your fault, you know that. You can't completely protect us all the time. That's not your job anyway.

Paul: I tried.

Jennifer: I know. What?

Paul: Well, Will -- I mean, he had no childhood to speak of, you know? And I just -- I really wanted him to have his teenage years. Parties. Dating. I didn't want him to have to deal with a girl with a baby and all those grown-up problems.

Jennifer: Well, that's not your choice to make.

Paul: That's what I hear.

Jennifer: Besides, you know, I think that being with a girl with, you know, grown-up problems might be easier for Will than dating. Worrying about what clothes to wear.

Paul: Right. Small problems after where he's been. Oh, where he's been.

Jennifer: I wonder what it must be like to walk around with his past. Everyone he sees knows who he is, what he did.

Paul: It's worse than that, you know. He knows what he did. Try living with that.


Dusty: Wait a second.

Meg: No, I got it. I got it.

Dusty: No, you donít.

Meg: No, I'm out of your way, okay.

Dusty: Hold on.

Meg: Don't worry about it.

Dusty: I said stop! You didn't hear me?

Meg: I heard you, loud and clear.

Dusty: I want you when I feel lousy or desperate or I feel like a loser. I breathe things to you that I don't even approach anyone else with. You make everything better. It that meaningless?

Meg: No.

Dusty: Nothing means more to me. When you came back to town, it wasn't all that. It was fun, but -- it's changed.

Meg: What changed?

Dusty: Everything. You stood up for me. Risked everything to help me find Jen's baby. Although, you knew how it would go, you put yourself on the line for me.

Meg: I would do anything for you.

Dusty: That's why you feel compromised, huh?

Meg: What?

Dusty: 'Cause you went against everything you believe in to get that blood test for me.

Meg: Yeah, I don't want to talk about it.

Dusty: I admire you. What's wrong with that? You don't want an admirer?

Meg: Maybe, if it's you.

Dusty: Yeah, it's me.

Meg: Then I'll take it.


Lily: No, I will not prepare for the worst.

Dr. Swan: I'm sorry, Mrs. --

Lily: We will find a new kidney.

Dr. Swan: Well, I have my surgical team on standby. We'll be ready to go in ten minutes' notice, literally.

Lily: I want you to get an O.R. ready now.

Holden: Where are you going?

Lily: I'm going to find him a donor.

Holden: How could you want to be away from him for even a minute? Lily, we have to be realistic about what we're dealing with here.

Lily: The only thing that's going to save Luke is a new kidney.

Holden: You heard the doctor. We gotta stop hanging on to false hope here. And I think that we should think about bringing the girls down.

Lily: Oh, my God. My God.

Holden: Natalie, she's too young to understand. But Faith, she knows that Luke is sick.

Lily: I canít. I just canít.

Holden: Lily --

Lily: I gotta give it one more try.

Holden: Lily, where are you going?

Lily: I'm going to go talk to Kim. I can go and I'm going to try -- you have to stay here. You have to stay here with Luke. Please.

Holden: All right.

Keith: Lily, how is Luke doing?

Lily: They're only giving him a few hours. Does your offer still stand?

Keith: Yes.

Lily: Well, I guess I have no choice, because I will not let my son die.


Iris: When I stood up in court and told that judge that i wanted to help, it was real, right? I mean, that was the deal. It wasn't just about having a roof over your head, it was about being a real mom.

Gwen: For a change.

Iris: Yeah. So, you know, maybe I'm gonna mess up, like anybody else who's learning something new.

Gwen: But this wasn't me or even the baby. You hurt somebody who is really important to me.

Iris: I honestly thought I was helping.

Gwen: How? How could you?

Iris: Honey, he made you cry!

Gwen: It was a fight!

Iris: Then why did he leave, Gwennie, huh? I want you to listen to me, all right? Look, I may not know about good guys, but honey, I could write the encyclopedia on losers. And Will Munson is a loser. You can do better than him.


Carly: Go. Go and see Gwen.

Will: Right.

Carly: Let her tell you herself. You don't trust me?

Will: Like I should?

Carly: All right. All right, you're right. When I see something I want, I do go after it. So, what's in this for me?

Will: Huh?

Carly: What do I get out of it, Will? If you go to Gwen and she shoots you down, what do I get? Nothing. She told her mother that you were the best friend she's ever had. She said she didn't want to give you up. Go to her, Will. She wants you back.


Paul: I made a mess of Will's life.

Jennifer: Is that what he said?

Paul: Gwen broke up with him.

Jennifer: Yeah, I know, he told me, but don't -- you can't worry about Will, 'cause he'll come around.

Paul: Yeah, I hope so.

Jennifer: Hey, he knows you love him. And soon, he'll realize that you did what you did to protect your family.

Paul: I don't know.

Jennifer: Look, you acted out of love. And when Will realizes that, you will be totally forgiven.


Dusty: You okay?

Meg: At least.

Dusty: Better than okay?

Meg: Yeah. The best.


Holden: Luke. I don't know if you can hear me. But if you can, you need to help me out here. We're still trying. We're doing everything that we can to try and find you a match. Your mom, she is out there, she's on the phone, she is doing everything that she can. So, you need to hang on. So that we can take you home. Your mom and me. Together. That's worth hanging around for, isn't it?


Lily: Do it.

Keith: You mean it? You'll marry me?

Lily: I would do anything to save my son, even marry you.

Keith: Lily, you won't be sorry.

Lily: I won't be sorry? I won't be sorry when my son wakes up. Just make the call. There's not a minute to waste. Please, just make the call.


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