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Meg: Dusty? I'm sorry. This was a bad idea.

Dusty: No, it wasn’t. We had a plan. If we can't get into trouble on Halloween, then we better pack it in. I just forgot that Jen's baby was buried here. I don't how I forgot. There it is.

Meg: Okay, let's go.

Dusty: Hold on a second. I'm sorry. I mean, I -- I forgot that he'd be here.

Meg: Yeah, me too.

Dusty: Well, it's not your fault. It's my fault. I'm so dumb.

Meg: Don't say that.

Dusty: I stopped believing that he was dead. What do you call that?

Meg: Hope. You were hoping.

Dusty: Hoping Jen's baby got switched with another? Like that happens every day?

Meg: Well, you know, at least they keep it nice. It's clean. Fresh flowers.

Dusty: Jennifer brought the flowers.

Meg: How do you know that?

Dusty: Because I know it's like she loses him all over again. All the time, she's gotta say good-bye.

Meg: Well, maybe that's what you need to do.

Dusty: Say good-bye? To who?

Meg: To the baby. Since you're here, maybe you should say good-bye to the baby, too.


Paul: He's alive. Jennifer's baby is alive, and watching her in that cemetery, being with her -- I can't do this anymore.

Emily: Yeah, but listen, the hard part's over! Jennifer has accepted that the baby's dead.

Paul: But he's not dead!

Emily: I know that, but this is what we wanted.

Paul: No!

Emily: For the baby to have a safe home away from Jennifer so that Craig wouldn't come after her!

Paul: All I ever wanted was for Jennifer to have a normal life! And you didn't see her, Emily. It's like everything that made Jennifer who she is is gone now. And all she wants to do is sit by that grave day after day!

Emily: Yeah, well, that'll change.

Paul: It's not gonna change! A part of Jennifer is dead now, and if did that to her. I did that to my own sister.

Emily: What are you doing?

Paul: I'm calling everyone I know, I'm gonna find out where Jennifer is, I'm gonna tell her the truth. And then I'm gonna call Hal.

Emily: What?

Paul: Hal's a cop. He can get Jennifer her baby back tonight.

Emily: No, I will not let you do this.


Gwen: Look, I don't care what you say to the rest of the world. Inside, you have always known the truth. Come on. I want to hear you say it, just to me. I dare you to tell me who my baby's father is.

Casey: All right, fine. Pick a guy, any guy.

Will: Gwen, this isn't going to solve anything.

Gwen: No! He started it! About nine months before my kid was born!

Casey: Prove it! Oh, yeah, that's right. You already tried that. Now, everyone knows you're a liar.

Gwen: Too bad that my first time had to be with a total sleaze, huh?

Casey: You came on to me!

Gwen: I did not!

Casey: Now you're trying to trap Will!

Will: Watch it.

Casey: Why are you still defending her after all the lies she's told?

Will: Lies? What about your lies? To your parents? To Celia?

Gwen: Humph. Sorry, nobody doubts him. Nobody questions him, nobody calls him what he really is, which is an evil, lying loser!

Maddie: Leave him alone!


Henry: Oh, hold on just a second now. Listen -- when a gorgeous blonde comes downstairs, she's probably gonna be -- she's a little bit angry, okay? Now, whatever you do, don't tell her where to find me, okay?

Waiter: Yes, Mr. Coleman.

Henry: Great, great, great. And listen, listen, listen, there's probably gonna be a guy comin' out, and he's got a football uniform on, and he's probably gonna be a little agitated, as well. You tell him I left the country, okay? You got that?

Waiter: Yes, sir. Oh, but first, we have to get some more champagne from the wine cellar.

Henry: No, no, no, no, no. No more champagne. The bubbly gives me a little gas. What we need is vodka, vodka martinis, okay? And just keep 'em comin'. Don't -- don't go down to the wine cellar. There's a lot of nasty rodents and things down there. Okay?

Waiter: Yes, sir.

Mike: Come on, Henry! Joke's over, let me out of here! Henry! Did you think up this yourself, Henry, or did B.J. put you up to this? Come on, Henry! Let me out of here! I've gotta find Katie!


B.J.: Katie? Say something.

Katie: Wow!

B.J.: That's not exactly the reaction that I imagined, but --

Katie: B.J. Green, multimillionaire -- you're really Byron Glass from high school?

B.J.: One and the same.

Katie: But you look totally different.

B.J.: Thank you. It took a lot of work. I had cosmetic dentistry, laser eye surgery. I dropped about 200 pounds.

Katie: Changed your name.

B.J.: Well, I figured if I was going to reinvent myself, might as well take it all the way.

Katie: Why not? Well -- congratulations. You look amazing and you're so successful. I'm really happy for you.

B.J.: Thank you. I knew you would be. Even back in high school, you were the only person who ever treated me like a human being. I never forgot that -- or you.

Katie: That's really sweet. Man, I can't wait to tell Mike that you and I knew each other way back when. Let's go track him down.

B.J.: No, there's no rush. Mike's otherwise engaged at the moment.

Katie: What do you mean?

B.J.: I just mean with the game. Last time I saw him, he was pretty into it.

Katie: Well, this is way better than some party game. Come on, let's go find him.

B.J.: Not yet. We haven't had our first dance.

Katie: Right. Well, let's go downstairs and show everybody how it's done.

B.J.: Don't forget your dress.

Katie: Wow, look at this. You are always giving me presents. It's beautiful, B. -- Byron. I'll treasure it, thank you.

B.J.: Forget that. I want to see you wear it. Now. Put it on, Katie.


Dusty: Saying a bunch of sappy words to a gravestone isn't gonna make me feel better.

Meg: Okay, fine.

Dusty: And Jennifer shouldn't be coming out here, either. On Halloween night? I mean, it's ridiculous.

Meg: Well, what should she have done? Called you to keep her company? I'm sorry. Look, I just wanted tonight to be fun and silly, and I wanted to forget this. And Jen and the baby and the blood tests --

Dusty: Me, too. That's what I wanted, too. Now you're making this into some heavy thing.

Meg: Me? You know what, Dusty? If you don't want to say goodbye to the baby, that's your call. But at least you could admit to why you're avoiding it.

Dusty: What are you talking about?

Meg: In your mind, letting go of the baby means letting go of Jennifer. And you're not ready to do that.


Emily: Paul, baby, just listen to me, please! You make this call, you tell Jennifer the truth now, it will destroy you. And me!

Paul: I have to do something.

Emily: Yeah, I agree. What you need is, you need to sleep.

Paul: Sleep? How am I gonna sleep? Every time I close my eyes, all I see is Jennifer's face. That little boy looks just like her. What have I done?

Emily: You took care of your sister. The best way you knew how.

Paul: No. I told her she could lean on me if she ever needed anything. And I told her that she could call me if she ever needed help. How am I gonna help her? I'm the one who caused her all this pain. I'm the one who took her baby away from her.

Emily: We didn't do this! Craig did this. And if he weren't part of the factor, then you would've gladly told her the truth about the baby. You did not hurt your sister. You spared her. And I will not let you punish yourself for that.


Maddie: Listen, you guys. Casey may be a colossal jerk, but he's not evil.

Casey: Hey!

Gwen: No, you have no idea.

Casey: You're so full of it!

Gwen: What are you afraid of, Casey? That I'll clue in your girlfriend?

Maddie: I am not his girlfriend.

Gwen: What, Lia’s been gone like, what, two minutes, and you've already replaced her with another one?

Will: Gwen --

Gwen: Look, what, did you get what you wanted from her, too? Or was she lucky enough to find out what a jerk you were before it was too late?

Casey: You know what, at least she's not some desperate wannabe trying to trap me into being the father of her kid.

Will: Shut your mouth.

Casey: Make me.

Maddie: Hey, hey, hey! Guys, "nothing good ever comes from violence." It's a quote. Martin Luther. 1483 to 1546. Doesn't anybody else do homework around here?

Will: I guess I missed that chapter. Uh --

Maddie: Maddie.

Will: Maddie. Thank you.

Maddie: You're welcome.

Will: You ready?

Gwen: Look, you seem like a nice person. Don't hook up with this guy, okay?

Maddie: I won’t. We aren't anything, I just --

Gwen: Okay. But if you do end up falling for his line, here's -- here's a tip. Bring your own condoms.


B.J.: I see it like I'm just trying to right a wrong.

Katie: The wrong being what?

B.J.: I never got to ask you to dance at the prom.

Katie: Oh, so I was the crush -- the one you told me about?

B.J.: Yeah, you're the one.

Katie: But --

B.J.: I know, I know. If I asked you then, you wouldn't have said "no." You're too nice to say "no" to anyone. You wouldn't have even said "no" to nerdy Byron Glass. But see, that's the thing, I didn't want a pity dance. I wanted to -- I wanted to feel like I was worthy of you. You know? And now, a few million dollars later, I like to think I probably qualify.

Katie: You didn't need millions of dollars and a big, huge mansion to impress me. You certainly didn't need to recreate my prom night. I mean, you just had to be yourself and I would have gladly been your friend.

B.J.: Really? I am so glad I found you again.

Katie: How did you find me?

B.J.: Just call it fate. Or whatever it was, I just saw an opportunity and seized it. I wasn't about to let a connection like ours pass through my fingers a second time.

Katie: What connection?

B.J.: Come on, Katie. You know, it was like that time that we were going over themes for the prom. Do you remember that? And you just reached out and you touched my hand.

Katie: I don't know what you're talking about.

B.J.: And it's like I felt the same exact thing the other day when we were planning this whole party. You can't fake something like that. We don't need words, you and I. We don't have to talk. It's like we're on the same wavelength without even trying.

Katie: That's a very nice compliment. But look at what all you've accomplished. I mean, you didn't let any of that bad stuff get you down. That's truly amazing. I mean, why look me up after all these years when you could have any woman you wanted?

B.J.: I don't want any woman. I want you.


Maddie: So that was the famous Gwen, huh?

Casey: Yeah. I'm heading out. I can't find B.J., so tell him "thanks" and I had a good time.

Maddie: Oh, well, that's very polite.

Casey: Yeah, so?

Maddie: So, the way Gwen was talking about you --

Casey: She doesn't know me, all right? She acts like she does, but she doesn't, okay?

Maddie: Okay, but that little comment about making sure you have your own condom --

Casey: She's always trying to make trouble for me, all right? She's always trying to get me back from this one lousy night when we -- just forget it.

Maddie: Look, Casey, I know you slept with her, why can't you just admit it to me?


Gwen: Thanks again for taking me to the party.

Will: Yeah. Okay.

Gwen: Will? Are you mad at me?

Will: I just -- there's some stuff I don't understand.

Gwen: Like?

Will: Like, why did you blow up at Casey tonight?

Gwen: Why? He got me pregnant and lied about it.

Will: Yeah, but did you have to do it at the party like that? I mean, if you want to get in his face, you can do it any time in private, go ahead. But to start trouble tonight with his girlfriend there and stuff --

Gwen: Look, I couldn't help myself, I'm sorry. Just seeing him ticks me off.

Will: Why? He's never going to change. And you've moved on. At least, I thought you had.

Gwen: I have.

Will: So then, why did you get so mad at him? I mean, that's the way my mom gets mad at my dad even though they've been divorced forever. And sometimes, I think it's because --

Gwen: What?

Will: Because she's still a little bit in love with him.

Gwen: I never loved Casey. You know, I wanted to be in love with him because I thought that it would have made it more right, I guess, that I slept with him.

Will: Why did you sleep with him?

Gwen: I didn't go after him like he said.

Will: So, how did it happen?

Gwen: Okay, I was at a party. Sitting alone, wondering why I even bothered. It wasn't like I was friends with anyone there. And then, Casey walked over and said, "hi, Gwen." And I was shocked that he knew my name. And then he asked if I minded sharing the sofa with him.

Will: That's so lame.

Gwen: Well, I thought it was pretty cute, which just goes to show how desperate I was for company. And then somebody popped open a keg and we starting drinking. If anyone had told me that night would totally change my life --

Will: Would you have done anything differently?

Gwen: No. Because if it weren't for what happened with Casey, I wouldn't know my son. Or you.


Dusty: Not saying goodbye has nothing to do with Jen. It's about her kid who's laying over here. [Dusty sighs] He never even had a chance at life. Not a day. We're talking hours. So for me to make some dumb speech, I mean, come on. I was just minding my own business the day he was born. I was out on a date.

Meg: With me.

Dusty: Yeah, with you. And I was looking forward to where we were going.

Meg: Yeah, me, too.

Dusty: And then Jen called.

Meg: And you had to go.

Dusty: When I got to the cabin, I realized, that kid was coming.

Meg: Yeah, and you had to help.

Dusty: I wanted to run. And I was killing myself for not bringing you with me.

Meg: You were?

Dusty: Yeah, you're a nurse. Jennifer was in labor. I nearly passed out.

Meg: But you hung in there.

Dusty: I caught him in my hands. And I held him.

Meg: Love at first sight?

Dusty: To feel so much in an instant for someone I didn't even know seconds ago -- he's gone, and I'm still crazy about him.

Meg: Sometimes it happens that way.

Dusty: So maybe you're right. Maybe I do need to say goodbye. He matters to me.

Meg: Dusty, I really am sorry.

Dusty: Don't be sorry. You've got nothing to be sorry for. I blew it. I was calling the shots, you were taking all the risk. You've nothing to be sorry for.

Meg: Yes, I do.


Emily: Sleepy yet? These pills are great. You'll probably sleep through the night.

Paul: Does Daniel have a Halloween costume?

Emily: Yeah. He's out trick-or-treating with Tom. They're probably not even back yet. I'm not going anywhere until you are fast asleep. Paul? Good night, my love.

[Paul dreaming]

Jennifer: I wanted to love you so much. My sweet little boy. Why did you have to die? Oh, why?

Ghost boy: Mommy, don't cry.

Jennifer: Johnny?

Paul: No.

Jennifer: Oh, baby!

Paul: You can't be a ghost.

Jennifer: No, my baby!

Paul: You're not dead.

Jennifer: Where did he go?

Paul: I don't know.

Jennifer: You do know. You sent him away! What did you do with my baby? Why did you take my baby away from me? You sent him away! What did you do with my baby? Why did you take my baby away from me?


B.J.: Just put on the dress, please, so we can have the prom night we were always meant to have.

Katie: Of course. I'll just go to the bathroom down the hall, put it on, and when I get back, then we'll just -- the door is locked.

B.J.: You don't have to go anywhere.

Katie: Yes, I do! If you want me to put on the dress, I'm gonna need a little privacy.

B.J.: Okay, okay, of course. I won't look. I'll be a perfect gentleman. Hurry up, Katie. They're playing our song.


Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Mike: All right, Kasnoff, let's see if you can do this.

Katie: This cannot just be about dancing. What else do you want from me?

Paul: Why are you here?


Paul: Jen. Jen, I'm sorry. [Paul dreaming] I was just trying to protect you.

Jennifer: By making me believe that my baby was dead when he isn't?

Paul: I didn't want Craig to come after you.

Jennifer: What you did is worse than anything Craig could ever do.

Paul: Jennifer, listen to me.

Jennifer: No, you're my brother. I trusted you. How could you keep my baby from me?

Paul: Jen --

Jennifer: How could you? I will never forgive you. Never! Never! [Echoing] I will never forgive you. Never! Never! [Echoing] You. You made me believe my baby was dead. Now, you're dead to me.

Paul: No. No!


Dusty: I'm not gonna let you apologize when you didn't do anything wrong.

Meg: Okay, please stop, okay? I have to say something, 'cause I just can't stand it anymore.

Dusty: What?

Meg: When I did the blood test to compare Jennifer's blood to the baby's, I --

Dusty: Meg. Meg, don't get upset. I know.

Meg: No, stop, okay? You just need to listen to me.

Dusty: I know! You didn't want to do the blood test, 'cause you knew how it would turn out.

Meg: That's right, I did. I did. I knew it would be negative because --

Dusty: Yeah, because you knew the chances of two babies being switched are a trillion to one. We got Jen's hopes up. But that's on me, you understand? Not on you.

Meg: Listen to me. I needed to tell you something --

Dusty: You tried to tell me something, and I wouldn't listen.

Meg: You were being a nice guy, okay? Helping out Jennifer, supporting her --

Dusty: Stop it. Stop it, all right! And stop looking at me like I'm some kind of saint. I'm not even a good guy.

Meg: You did everything you could to prove that Jennifer's baby was alive.

Dusty: I did it for Jen. For the most part.

Meg: What was the other part?

Dusty: Revenge. I wanted to stick it to Montgomery.

Meg: Yeah, right.

Dusty: It's true.

Meg: The guy's in prison.

Dusty: So what? Prison's an address. He can still do plenty of damage from prison.

Meg: And you think he had something to do with the babies being switched?

Dusty: He threatened Jen all the time that he was gonna take her baby away from her. And even now, it still feels to me that he was the one who prevented Jen from being a mother. Thank you for trying to help.

Meg: You need to stop saying that, okay? I'm no saint, either.

Dusty: I know that. That's what I like that about you. What's the matter?

Meg: I can't be here with you, okay? This just feels wrong.


Will: You know, the first night that we went out, you called me a freak.

Gwen: I was mad.

Will: At Casey.

Gwen: And at you. I can't believe that I ever thought that he'd actually want to be part of his kid's life. Maybe I'm better off with him thinking that I lied about him being the father.

Will: I think so.

Gwen: Really? Do you really think so?

Will: Sure.

Gwen: I worry about that. You know, especially now. My mom did that to my dad -- Carly’s dad. She kept him from seeing me. And that wasn't fair to him or me.

Will: Gwen, you gave Casey a ton of chances to step up for this kid. It's his fault that that didn't happen, not yours.

Gwen: So, you believe me now? That Casey’s the father. You weren't so sure before.

Will: I'm sure now. I'm sure about a lot of things.


Maddie: Why are you so afraid to admit that you slept with Gwen? Unless you really are the father of her baby.

Casey: No, I'm not, all right? For the last time, no.

Maddie: Did somebody die?

Henry: What are you talking about?

Maddie: The way you're downing those drinks. You only guzzle vodka like that when there's trouble.

Henry: I'm drinking because it's a party, and I don't have to drive anywhere to go home because I already am home.

Maddie: The last time you were downing drinks like that and drowning your sorrows, you were trying to convince me that you were over Katie. Where is Katie, anyway?

Henry: She's still with B.J.

Maddie: Still?

Henry: Yeah.

Maddie: How long does it take to reveal a secret identity? I mean, I know it took years of comic books for superman to finally come clean to Lois Lane, but --

Henry: Maddie, Maddie, Maddie, Maddie! You're rambling.

Maddie: And yes, yes, you are trying to numb -- you're trying to numb yourself, because you're worried, aren't you? You are afraid that B.J. Has something awful planned for Katie.

Henry: Yeah, I'm trying to numb myself, okay? Because Mike is gonna kill me for locking him up in the wine cellar, and I can't bear to --

Maddie: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait a minute. You locked him up in the wine cellar? Why? Why, Henry?

Henry: Yeah, I did. Because I needed -- I needed to give B.J. some time with Katie so that he could come clean. And Mike is going to be very, very, very angry with me. And that's not anything compared to how angry Katie's going to be when she finds out that I knew who Byron was this entire time and I didn't say anything about it. Where's the waiter?

[Snaps fingers]

Maddie: Okay, how long has B.J. been alone with Katie?

Henry: It feels like days.

Maddie: You have to go rescue her.

Henry: I -- she's not the one that needs rescuing, man. Mike's gonna tear me limb from limb!

Maddie: Oh, my goodness!

Henry: What?

Maddie: The disco ball. I've got to do something.

Henry: No, you do -- listen to me, no. Do not interrupt B.J. and Katie. This is a big moment for him, and if we deprive him of that, it's gonna cost us our jobs.

Maddie: Okay, okay.

Henry: Not "okay." Shh. Not okay. Do not interrupt B.J., got it?

Maddie: Okay, I promise I will not blow your meal ticket.

Henry: All right, that's my girl. Hey, hey, hey. Maddie, Maddie!


Katie: B.J., I'm not comfortable with this. This does not feel right.

B.J.: Can you just stop wasting time and put on the dress? If you don't hurry up, I'm gonna have to start the song again.

Katie: Why are you doing this?

B.J.: You know what I'm really glad about? I'm glad you gave me those dance lessons. 'Cause now, I know I can dance with you and not step all over your feet. And -- and I know just how you like to be held.

Katie: This cannot just be about dancing. What else do you want from me?

B.J.: Hey. Wait, don't, it's okay. And if I wanted you like that, it would have happened by now. Okay? Now, do you need me to help you get out of the uniform?

Katie: No, I'm fine.

B.J.: Okay.

Katie: Just turn around. Please.

Maddie: Hello! Is anybody in there?

B.J.: Shh. Wow. Look at you. You look even more beautiful than you did in high school.

Katie: Maddie sounded worried. We should probably go downstairs. Maybe there's an emergency or something.

B.J.: Something missing. Right? Don't you feel like something's missing? I know. You're going to love this. Right? That's it. It's much better on the wrist, right?

Katie: Are we going to dance or not?

[Glass shatters]

Mike: All right, Kasnoff, let's see if you can do this.

Maddie: Henry, you have to come with me.

Henry: Why, what is it?

Maddie: 'Cause there is this weird retro music coming from B.J.'s room, and I --

Henry: I told you not to bother him.

Maddie: I didn’t. But I think he's bothering Katie.

Henry: Why?

Maddie: Because when I called out, no one answered.

Henry: You called out? Why? I told you not to do that. What's the matter with you?

Maddie: Look, something is -- listen, listen. Something is wrong, okay? And you know it, too, or else you wouldn't be trying to shut down your conscience with all those martinis.

Henry: Whatever is happening between Katie and B.J., I am sure it is completely innocent.

Maddie: Oh, how do you know?

Henry: Because Byron -- because B.J. told me what he planned to do. And he said that he was gonna come clean with Katie and that he hopes she remembered him fondly.

Maddie: And what do you think she's gonna do when she hears the truth?

Henry: She's gonna be furious, man, that he waited so long to tell her, and then she'll probably slap him. And that'll break the tension, and that'll be the end of it.

Maddie: Yeah, but what if -- what if she can't get out? What if he locks her up or something?

Henry: Why would anyone trap someone in a room full of people who could hear everything?

Mike: That's a good question, Henry. And you'd better give me a good explanation, otherwise, I am gonna put a severe beating on you, and it ain't gonna be pretty.

Henry: Okay.


Paul: Well, I'm never taking one of these again.

[Evil laughter]

Paul: Why are you here? You got what you wanted. Your plan was to keep Jennifer away from the baby. Well, I made that happen. You got everything you wanted because of me!

[Door slams]


Meg: Where are those stupid keys?

Dusty: I got them. You want to go back to my place?

Meg: No.

Dusty: Why'd you pull away from me?

Meg: Because it wouldn't be right, Dusty. You're grieving. And I know, I heard everything you said about not being a good guy, but you loved him, and now he's gone, and --

Dusty: You're backing away? Bailing on me, when I need you?

Meg: A warm body?

Dusty: Are you offering?

Meg: I'm offering to listen to you. To care for you. To empathize, to sympathize --

Dusty: Okay. Friend to friend.

Meg: Okay.


Gwen: Goodnight, B. Mommy loves you.

Will: Was he awake?

Gwen: No, still asleep. Yeah, so I talk to him when he's asleep. I am a goofball.

Will: I think that it's sweet. So, I should probably head out of here before Iris wakes up and yells at me.

Gwen: You know, I live here now. I am allowed to have guests.

Will: Well, it turned out to be a nice night.

Gwen: Yeah. Yeah. What?

Will: It's just something my sister used to say. "Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight --"

Gwen: "I wish I may, I wish I might, have this wish I wish tonight."


Henry: Mike, Mike, Mike! It's just a game. It was that assassins game. Everybody's playing it. And I had to lock you up so you couldn't tag me and win.

Mike: No, is this like the same kind of thing when you took me on that wild goose chase looking for B.J.'s car, huh? Where's Katie?

Henry: I saw her by the fireplace before.

Maddie: Wait, stop. I know where she is.


B.J.: Holding you in my arms is better than I could ever imagine.

Katie: Well, the song is almost over. Thank you, B.J., for everything. Can you unlock the door now?

B.J.: Wait, wait, wait, wait. You're gonna miss the best part. This is where we kiss.


Announcer: On the next "As the World Turns" --

Henry: It's around here someplace.

Mike: Henry, give me the key!

Henry: Yeah, here we go. Here it is.

B.J.: Just give me a chance, okay?

[Katie screams]

Gwen: Mom, go back inside.

Iris: And leave you out here with a murderer?

Paul: I'm the reason that you lost your son.

Emily: Paul?

Paul: It's really -- its okay. I have to tell her.

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