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As The World Turns Transcript Friday 10/28/05

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Meg: So you want something to eat?

Dusty: No, something stronger to drink.

Meg: That's the last thing you need with a broken heart.

Dusty: Jen's got the broken heart. She lost her kid, I let her down.

Meg: You let her down?

Dusty: I didn't get her kid back.

Meg: What else could you have possibly done?

Dusty: I don't know, bring him back from the dead. I don't know.

Meg: That's right. Nobody could expect that. I mean, what else did Jennifer want you to do?

Dusty: Nothing, that's why she got rid of me.

Meg: Well, she just needs some time.

Dusty: For good. She kicked me out of her life for good.


Emily: We are in way, way too deep. I mean, even before the blood tests, we could have explained something. But -- I mean, even if Jennifer understood, the police will not understand. And Halís been itching for a reason to punish us.

Paul: Punish me.

Emily: No, listen, I feel bad for Jennifer, I really do, but I am a mother first. And I swear to God, if it comes down to me being locked away from my son, forget it. Because I am -- I'm selfish, okay? I look out for me, and I'm looking out for you. Baby, please, you cave, they win. Everybody who says we don't belong together. My mother, your mother, Hal. You make that call, we lose everything. We lose each other. And I'm not willing to pay that price. Not for Jennifer, not for anyone.

[Phone ringing]

Paul: Hello. No, Mother, when I saw Jennifer, she was fine. Well, I -- no, you stay put. I'll go look for her. No, I promise, right now. Just -- just don't do anything. And I'll call you if I find her.

Emily: What's happening? What's going on?

Paul: Jennifer disappeared.

Emily: What do you mean, disappeared? What?

Paul: Well, she was supposed to meet Barbara, but she didn't show up, and now Mom's really worried that Jennifer might've done something.

Emily: Okay, it'll be okay. You'll find her. You'll find her, you'll find her. It'll be okay.

Paul: You'll call me if she comes here.

Emily: Okay, I will. Stop. You're doing the right thing. Jen'll be fine. Oh, God, she has to be.


Jennifer: Hey, little one. It's Mommy. I'm so sorry I didn't get here sooner. I was so sure you weren't mine. I hope you can forgive me.


Will: Trick or treat.

Gwen: One apiece. What are you -- what are you doing back here so soon? I mean, I'm glad to see you.

Will: Moo. You look kinda wiped out, though.

Gwen: Oh, well, thank you. I had a long day with Billy. I just put him to sleep.

Will: Yeah? So, too tired to party?

Gwen: Party?

Will: Yeah, there's a big Halloween party at Fairwinds. This new investor in my Aunt Kimís TV station, big dotcom guy, he's throwing a lot of money around town, wants to impress everybody, so at least the food's gotta be good. So, you want to take a break?

Gwen: Oh, yeah, like you wouldn't believe.

Will: All right. Well then, come on.

Gwen: I'd love to, but I canít. I have to stay.

Will: Right, okay. Well, you know what, we'll rent a movie, and we'll hang out here.

Gwen: You don't want to stay here. I mean, my mom -- [Iris clears throat] Mom, do you need something?

Iris: Yeah, I want you to get out of here and go party.

Gwen: What?

Iris: Come on, you're worn out from taking care of the kid all day. And you got Granny here to baby-sit. We'll be fine.


Mike: Who's this joker? A friend of yours? Maddie?

Maddie: He's a guy.

Mike: I got that. Isn't he a little old for you? Looks like this picture's about ten years old.

Maddie: He's not for me.

Mike: Okay, then whyíd you have his picture? Why does he look so familiar?

Maddie: Okay, Mike, the guy is a total creep. His name is Byron Glass, and he could be really dangerous. So if you Ė

B.J.: Is something wrong, maddie?

Mike: Sounds like it.

Maddie: Not really.

Mike: Are you sure? If some guy's giving you some trouble, you let me know.

Maddie: Not me, no.

B.J.: Come on, who is it?

Mike: She says this guy is bad news.

B.J.: Wow. He does look dangerous.

Mike: You never can tell.

Maddie: No, you canít.

Mike: You're really scared?

Maddie: It's nothing.

B.J.: Really? Are you sure? Do you want me to get someone to watch over you?

Maddie: No.

B.J.: 'Cause, seriously, I'd be glad to.

Maddie: Really, it's not necessary. It's not.

Katie: All right, Kasnoff, I've got our costumes, and there's no complaining out of you, because it's your fault. What's going on?

Mike: Maddie's got a problem.

Maddie: No, I donít.

B.J.: Yeah, she does. It sounds like a big one. Come on, Maddie. Tell us all about it.


Iris: Go on, Gwen. Have some fun.

Gwen: No, I'm fine here.

Iris: No, you're not. You wouldn't even let me help once with the kid today.

Gwen: Well, he doesn't need bourbon rubbed on his gums.

Iris: That's the best thing for teething pain, honey. It didn't hurt you any.

Gwen: Look, it's my job to take care of my son. I'm gonna do it.

Will: Then well, we'll stay here. I'm fine with that.

Iris: No. No, Will, I mean, if you care about this girl, you'll get her on out of the house. I mean, how much damage can one Grammie do, right?

Will: So, is Billy asleep for the night?

Gwen: Yeah, he's pretty tired. He should sleep through.

Iris: You know, you could bring a phone, you could call me every half hour if you'd like.

Will: You could.

Iris: Honey, what are you going to do? Are you gonna stay locked up in this house for three months, night and day? Nobody expects you to do that, not even children's services.

Will: She's right.

Iris: You know, I heard that. You see, even I can be right once. Like a broken clock.

Gwen: Yeah, twice a day.

Iris: Go on, sweetie. Go be a teenager.

Gwen: All right, it sounds good.

Will: Yes!

Gwen: We don't have any costumes.

Will: It's a theme party.

Gwen: I suddenly have diapers.

Will: No, come on, it's "come as you looked in high school."

Gwen: So we're set? I can't believe it. A costume party we don't have to get dressed up for.

Iris: You know what, it doesn't get better than that.

Will: Only if you're sure.

Gwen: No, I am. I miss you. I've already programmed my number into your phone. I'm taking mine. So, if he wakes up, call me.

Iris: Go. Go, go, go, go. Get out of here. Go have some fun, kids.

Gwen: All right, I will. Let's go trick or treating.


Meg: I'm sorry.

Dusty: Jennifer knows what she needs. And that's that.

Meg: You know, you don't have to be so reasonable.

Dusty: I'm angry.

Meg: At Jennifer?

Dusty: At Craig.

Meg: Craig?

Dusty: Yeah.

Meg: How's that?

Dusty: It was reactionary. I just had to go after him again.

Meg: That is bull.

Dusty: What's bull?

Meg: This isn't about Craig Montgomery or settling a score. You cared about Jennifer.

Dusty: I delivered her kid, yeah. I was attached.

Meg: You cared about Jennifer. Why can't you just say that?

Dusty: Say it to you?

Meg: Yes. Yes, say it to me. Whatever is in there, I want to hear it all. That's the only thing that will make it worth it.

Dusty: Make what worth it?

Meg: The friendship. I mean, I can't help you if you can't admit to why you're hurting. Yeah, I'm out of here.

Dusty: Wait a second, wait a second. Don't go.

Meg: Okay. I won't go anywhere.


Paul: Jennifer? I have been looking everywhere for you. Mother is having a fit. She's very worried about you.

Jennifer: I needed some time to myself.

Paul: Well, I understand that. But you can't just take off like that. People think that you might've --

Jennifer: I'm okay. Really. Nobody needs to worry.

Paul: They're beautiful.

Jennifer: Yeah, I wanted something spring-like. You know, for new life. But it's the wrong time of year. It's been five months since you were born. This would've been your first fall. Maybe we would've even gotten you a little baby Halloween costume.

Paul: Okay, come on, Jen, let's go.

Jennifer: No, no, not yet. This is -- my son deserves at least this much from me. You know, I haven't even been here once. He's been in the ground for five months, and his Mommy hasn't even been here once.

Paul: He's not here. Jennifer, he -- not really. I mean, his spirit -- his spirit -

Jennifer: I know what you mean. But still, this is it. This is his one spot on earth. This is where I should be.


Maddie: Why don't you guys just go get ready for the party, okay? Really, please.

Katie: Well, if it's a good scary story, then you could use it tonight.

Maddie: Old. It's an old story.

B.J.: You know, she's right, you guys. Why don't you put your costumes on and get ready?

Katie: Okay. Oh, but first, I need to talk to the caterers. Let's go.

B.J.: Big story?

Maddie: Yeah. And we all know the punch line. "The call's coming from inside the house."

B.J.: Yeah. Watch yourself. She's not gonna spoil my night. No one is gonna spoil this night. Let's party.

Kim: Now, who's gonna take a dive?

Casey: Hey, Grandpa.

Bob: Hey, how you doing?

Kim: Hi, kids.

Casey: Is that what you really wore in school?

Bob: Standard issue.

Casey: Did you get beat up a lot?

Kim: Oh, shame on you. I'll have you know, you're grandfather was considered to be the coolest guy in town. He's been telling me that for years. So, where's your mom?

Casey: She had to work. But, would she look as scary as you guys?

Kim: Listen, wise guy, in high school, you're mother would've dressed very much like the kids do now. So we called them bellbottoms and hip-huggers.

Bob: What do they say? What's old is new again.

Lia: I don't know, Dr. Hughes. I'm not sure those outfits are ever coming back.

Bob: I think I heard a discouraging word.

Kim: Come on, we'll dance.

Bob: Shocking!

Casey: We don't really dress like our parents, do we?

Lia: If we do it is time for a major makeover.

B.J.: Kim, enjoying yourself?

Kim: Oh, B.J., yes, of course. My husband, Bob Hughes. B.J. Green.

B.J.: It's a pleasure.

Bob: Likewise. And my grandson just said did I get beat up a lot wearing this in school. What about you?

[B.J. laughs nerdily.]

B.J.: Just kidding. No, you know, the truth is, there was always some superjock who needed help in basic math, so I had protection. Anyway, here you go, here are your envelopes. Please do not open them until after the game starts.

Kim: What game?

B.J.: Assassins.

Gwen: Oh, my good mood just died.

Will: Forget Casey. Just ignore him.

Gwen: Oh, he's so forgettable. But the thing with him is kind of hard to ignore.

Will: Yeah, but it's so what she needs.

Gwen: Did she really get botox? I mean, we're 17, who does that?

Will: Her mom got her a package deal. She said that Lia had frown lines. Like she had been thinking.

B.J.: Boo.

Maddie: Oh, hey there.

B.J.: Did you lose something?

Maddie: Just my brother, Mike and Katie.

B.J.: You know, you should probably go play with the kids. The other kids. That would be a lot safer.

Maddie: Believe me, I will be surrounded by people all night.

[B.J. laughs]

B.J.: You really do have a vivid imagination. You know, all your worries are gonna be over after tonight.

Maddie: What does that mean?

B.J.: Enjoy the party, Maddie.

Mike: But I didn't play football.

Katie: Yeah, well, you said "no" to the speedo, and no one's gonna believe you in a nerd costume.

Maddie: Hey, guys. Nice costumes.

Katie: Hey, thanks.

Maddie: Are you feeling okay?

Katie: Yeah. Why?

Maddie: You look pale. Doesn't she look pale? You've worked so hard on this party. Maybe you should go home and rest.

B.J.: Hey.

Henry: Hey.

B.J.: Your sister's causing trouble.

Henry: What kind of trouble?

B.J.: She had a picture of Byron.

Henry: In all your high school glory?

B.J.: She showed it to Mike, okay. Almost told him the whole story, even Katie.

Henry: All right, okay, I'm sorry if she nearly stole your thunder there, but you are planning to tell Katie tonight anyway, right?

B.J.: Well, I have very special plans.

Henry: I know.

B.J.: Well then, put your sister on leash, okay? This is my night. I don't want anyone to ruin it.


Paul: What do you mean, this is where you should be?

Jennifer: I have a lot of time to make up for. All those months I spent trying to prove that Gwenís baby was mine, I ignored my own flesh and blood. I owe him this time.

Paul: Owe him how?

Jennifer: Johnny deserves to know that he was loved. That he is loved.

Paul: I think he knows that.

Jennifer: But I never gave him my full attention. Not the way he deserved, not really.

Paul: And that's why you're here?

Jennifer: I have so much to make up for, Paul. A lifetime.


Dusty: You're me best friend.

Meg: I don't want to leave.

Dusty: And I don't want to put my guts out on the table. Not tonight. All right?

Meg: Okay.

Dusty: So, what do you want?

Meg: You're asking me what I want?

Dusty: You look shocked.

Meg: Well, it's been a while.

Dusty: Well, too long a while. What do you need?

Meg: Somebody who remembers the real me. Somebody who can help me remember how to have fun.

Dusty: You never forgot that.

Meg: Oh, that's not true. That's not true. My life was becoming my nightmare. Nothing I did made me happy. I mean, I settled with my job. My marriage. I even bought disability insurance.

Dusty: That's not you.

Meg: Yes, thank you. That's right, that's not me. Can you just keep reminding me that four or five times a day, please?

Dusty: No problem. So that's it?

Meg: Maybe you could buy the next round of coffee?

Dusty: I'm serious. There's gotta be some way I can pay you back.


[Gorilla sounds]

[Iris giggles]

Iris: When you said that they called you king kong, I thought you meant something else.

Stan: I can climb tall buildings in a single bound.

Iris: That's superman. Leaping. Come on in, Steve. Come on.

Stan: It's Stan.

Iris: Oh, Stan. The music was so loud last night, you know?

Trick-or-treater #1: Trick or treat!

Trick-or-treater #2: Trick or treat!

Iris: Does this look like a candy store to you? That stuff is gonna rot your teeth, anyway. Go home. Halloween's over.

Trick-or-treater #1: Let's T.P. the yard.

Trick-or-treater #2: Yeah!

Stan: Nice digs, Iris.

Iris: Yeah?

Stan: Very tasteful.

Iris: Is that why you came over?

Stan: No, I thought we had a real powerful connection, you and me.

Iris: And you could feel that from way over there?

[Baby fussing]

Stan: What the hell is that?

Iris: Don't worry, he'll cry himself to sleep.

Stan: It's very distracting.

Iris: You want a distraction? Is the baby still bugging you?

Stan: What baby?


Maddie: You feel warm and you're flushed.

Mike: You just said she looked pale.

Maddie: Pale, then flushed. This is bad. This is --

Katie: Maddie, I'm fine. Why do you want me to leave this party?

Henry: Let's go.

Katie: Hey, Henry?

Henry: Hey! You kids mingle, I need a word with this one.

Gwen: Oh, look, he's ready for roasting. Now all we need is the spit.

Lia: Let me guess, psycho killer and slut? Those are great costumes, guys.

Casey: You know what, forget them.

Gwen: You know, I could care less what she says to me, but you did nothing, and that is so unfair.

Will: Do you want to think or you want to dance? And keep in mind, one of those two choices will give you ugly wrinkles.

Gwen: Dance with me, quick.

Mike: It's okay, I just don't like this whole costume thing. You, on the other hand --

Katie: Oh, the cheerleader thing still working for you?

Mike: So, when can we go home?

Katie: It's still early, and this is kind of a work thing for me.

Mike: But you look pale & flushed.

[Katie laughs]

B.J.: Hi. The west coast promoters are here.

Katie: Oh, great. I need to meet them.

Mike: Go on.

Katie: Okay.

B.J.: For the assassins game. Please, do not open until the game begins. Thank you.

Maddie: B.J. is cooking something up for Katie, I can feel it.

Henry: Yes, he is.

Maddie: You -- well, you know?

Henry: Yeah, and it's not some sinister plot, Maddie. Tonight, B.J. is going to tell Katie who he really is.

Maddie: Really?

Henry: Really, really, really. It's all been planned. Hey, come on, you've been bugged for weeks that he wouldn't come clean. Tonight, he's finally going to do it.

Maddie: That's not all.

Henry: I know, I know it's not. What can we do? This is his big moment. He thinks she's not going to shoot him down, but she is going to shoot him down. Then he'll be crushed and then, it'll all be over with. Okay?

Maddie: Okay.

Henry: Okay.

Maddie: Okay.

Henry: All right, let's just hope that he doesn't respond by leaving town with my fabulous salary. You stay out of his way.

Maddie: I will leave them all alone, all right?

Henry: All of them? What, and pout in the corner? Come on, kitten, have some fun. Are there some friends from school here? Go out there, get in some trouble.

Maddie: I'm going.

Henry: Go, go, go.

Maddie: I'm going.

Henry: Hey, hey.

B.J.: Is she taken care of?

Henry: Yeah, she won't be in your way. Don't worry about it.

B.J.: Okay. You know what to do.

Henry: Yeah, I know what to do. But listen, Beej, Katieís in love with Mike.

B.J.: You just do your part, Henry. I'll take my chances.

Henry: I feel for you, pal.

Katie: Can you believe it? Some of them have actually used my workout tape. And they said they always thought I should have my own show.

Mike: That's great.

B.J.: Hi.

Katie: Hi.

B.J.: I almost forgot your envelope for the game. Hey, everybody, can I have your attention? I just want to thank you all for coming. And now, it is time for the game to begin. Tonight, there will be a murder in this house.


Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Katie: I've got you now.

Mike: Let me just tag you so Katie and I can get out of here.

Meg: You'll have to catch me first.


B.J.: The name of the game is assassins. Each of you have received an envelope, and inside that envelope is the name of the person you are assigned to murder, and a tag with which you kill them. The last person standing without a tag wins. So good luck to all of you, and you can open your envelopes -- now.

[B.J. laughs]

Katie: Who'd you get? Who'd you get?

Mike: What if it's you?

Katie: You would have already tagged me so we could go home.

Mike: True. It's Henry.

Katie: How prophetic.

Mike: Who'd you get?

Katie: B.J.

Mike: Wonder how that happened.

Katie: Oh, it's okay, Mike. We couldn't leave this early anyway. Let's just humor him, okay? Go kill Henry, so we can get out of here.

Lia: I can't kill anybody, I lost my earring.

Maddie: Nobody move. Nothing can happen until you have the proper accessories.

Lia: I had it when you were bobbing.

Casey: Why can't you give Lia a break?

Maddie: I don't know, she makes it too easy.

Casey: Everyone's an easy shot to you, huh? Must be fun being you.

Will: I got Uncle Bob. How about you?

Gwen: I pick my own targets. I'll be right back. Oh Lia, are you okay?

Lia: You so did that on purpose.

Gwen: We sluts are clumsy sometimes. Next time you want to make a crack at Will, think twice.

Maddie: Whoever you are, you are my new hero.

B.J.: It's time.

Henry: I'm on it.

Mike: Sorry, I just don't like it.

Katie: Its okay, Mike. B.J. is my boss. Yours, too. He's doing a lot of great things for us, so let's humor him, okay? He's really not that bad.

Mike: That's not what you said before.

Katie: Well, that was before I got to know him. Let me just go kill him so we can leave.


Meg: Dusty, you don't owe me anything.

Dusty: Well, you went out on a limb for me with that blood test.

Meg: I thought we weren't going to talk about that tonight.

Dusty: I can still thank you.

Meg: No. No, okay? I don't want you hanging around out of gratitude.

Dusty: What if I'm hanging around because there's no place I'd rather be? And because you need to drop some of your insurance policies and start having some fun.

Meg: I'm not sure if you're quite up for fun tonight.

Dusty: Why not?

Meg: Because you probably feel like you've been hit by a truck.

Dusty: I got a second wind.

Meg: You don't have to pretend.

Dusty: It's Halloween, did you remember that? If we can't have some fun, and if we can't get into trouble on Halloween, then --

Meg: Then what?

Dusty: Then we're getting old.

Meg: Okay, so what's the plan?

Dusty: What plans? Why make plans? Let's go.


Paul: Jennifer, you have to promise me that you're not going to sit here like this and torture yourself with that thought.

Jennifer: I don't want to. Because what's done is done, and that won't -- torturing myself won't help Johnny now. I just want our time together to be happy.

Paul: Your time together?

Jennifer: I don't want to bring him any of my grief or my guilt. Because that's the one good thing about the way he passed. He was still pure. You know, like the minister said, he never knew grief or guilt or betrayal. He only knew love. And that's what I want to bring to him.

Paul: So you're talking like you're planning to come back here?

Jennifer: Tomorrow. Maybe they would build a bench here, in the wintertime, that would be nice. It's just -- it's cold on the ground. Hey, I'm okay, Paul. Really, I don't want you to worry.

Paul: Okay. Well, if you need anything at all, give me a call.

Jennifer: I wanted to call Dusty, when I came here today.

Paul: Well, why didn't you?

Jennifer: I sent him away.

Paul: Away, as in?

Jennifer: We can't see each other anymore. It's best for both of us. I thought you would be happy about that.

Paul: Only if it makes you happy.

Jennifer: That's a high bar. I'll settle for what hurts least.

Paul: Then stop coming here. Jennifer, you need to find a way to say good-bye to your son. Please, stop torturing yourself.

Jennifer: It's not torture. Paul, for the first time in months, I'm where I'm supposed to be. I'll see you soon.

Paul: What have I done?

Ghost boy: Boo! What did you do?

Paul: Get out of here! This has to end now. I need to tell her. Jennifer!


Will: You're really enjoying this.

Gwen: I am. Yeah, this is the first big party I've been to since --

Will: You and Casey --

Gwen: The one my son came out of. That's the only way I can stand to think about it.

Will: Me too.

Gwen: Well anyway, it's good to be out at a party and having fun. Thanks for getting me here.

Maddie: Wow.

Lia: I'm going to kill that little tramp.

Maddie: Well, you could scare her to death. Here.

Lia: I can't look that bad.

Maddie: Get a second opinion. I'm sorry. Well, it's Halloween, you could be a jack-o-lantern.

Lia: Tell Casey I got sick and to call me.

Maddie: Okay, bye Lia.

Casey: Sorry, Grandma.

Kim: Oh, I don't believe that. Oh well, all's fair in love and murder, right?

Casey: Yeah, but I really did see my date. So I've got to go guys.

Bob: Okay.

Kim: Well, you can't get too upset about that, all things considered.

Bob: Do you really want to stick around here and kill people? I think it might violate my Hippocratic oath.

Kim: Are you telling me you've had enough Halloween?

Bob: Does that put a cramp in your lustful blood?

Kim: I'll race you to the car.

Bob: Sounds good.

Casey: Hey, have you seen Lia?

Maddie: Yeah, she left. Oh, don't worry, he's a really nice guy. He's tall, blonde -- as some trainers go.

Will: Whoa, wait a second. You're not really going after Casey, are you?

Gwen: Well, why not? He deserves it, doesn't he?

Will: Sure, but is that really fun?

Gwen: Yeah. It is.


Dusty: The kids don't come up here to make out anymore?

Meg: No, they park by Mama's pond.

Dusty: Oh, somebody might be here, you know. Boo!

Meg: Oh!

Dusty: Scared you that time, didn't I?

Meg: I saw you coming a mile away.

Dusty: No, you didnít. Now, don't lie.

Meg: So is this your idea of having fun? Scaring kids to death?

Dusty: Well, the old Meg would've totally dug it. We are in a graveyard, it is Halloween. Any kids come around, I'll protect you.

Meg: Ooh, you're a mean doggie.

Dusty: When you'd figure that out?

Meg: That just happened?

Dusty: Yeah. Well, it happened while you were getting your life insurance policy. Did you get a secure policy?

Meg: Why? You want to collect on me?

Dusty: Am I the beneficiary?

Meg: You expect me to answer that? Now, here, in a cemetery?

Dusty: Come here, I just want to talk to you.

Meg: Yeah right.

Dusty: I do.

Meg: You're going to have to catch me first.


Mike: Henry? C'mon, man. I'm in no mood to play this game. Let me just tag you so Katie and I can get out of here.

[Door shuts]

Henry: Sorry, Mike.

Katie: B.J.? B.J., they need you downstairs. Hey, are you in there? I've got you now.


Meg: Dusty? What's wrong?

Dusty: He's here.

Meg: Who?

Dusty: Jennifer's baby.

[Jennifer remembering]

Jennifer: Having fun yet?

Dusty: I'm not here for the fun.

Jennifer: Why are you here?

Dusty: I'm here for you. I'm not here for the fun.

Jennifer: Why are you here?

Dusty: I'm here for you.


Paul: Hey.

Emily: Hi.

Paul: Jennifer call?

Emily: No. You didn't find her?

Paul: No, I mean, I found her, you know, I found her and then I lost her. 'Cause she's gone. She's gone. She's as gone as that dead baby in the ground, it's not even hers.

Emily: Paul! Stop, please. Stop. Tell me what happened.

Paul: She was at the cemetery. She wants to put in a bench there.

Emily: What?

Paul: A bench, she wants a bench, because that's where she belongs. She's going to go there, she wants to go there tomorrow, and she wants to go every holiday after that. And she's just so calm. She's so calm, it's spooky. And it's harder to watch than all of the pain and all of the tears.

Emily: She can't cry forever.

Paul: No. She's not. She's not -- she's not going to cry anymore at all. She's just going to go and she's going to sit there, like a corpse, for the rest of her life. What was it for? What was it all for? What have I done?

Emily: That's not true.

Paul: No, listen to me.

Emily: It's not true.

Paul: This is wrong. This is wrong. And it stops, right now.


Casey: Lia, its Casey. I can't believe you totally bagged out on me. Call me.

Gwen: Let me guess. You slept with her, and now she wants nothing to do with you? That stinks, huh?

Casey: Not as much as having a kid and not even knowing who the father is.

Gwen: You know damn well who it is, Casey.


Mike: Not funny.

Henry: Well, good thing it's not a joke then, is it?

Mike: Let me out of here.

Henry: I can't, Mike.

Mike: Henry, what is this? Henry, where's Katie? Henry! Where is Katie?

Katie: B.J.?

Katie: Oh, my God. This is the exact dress I wore to my prom.

B.J.: Sure is.

Katie: Same dress, same decorations. It's like you were there.

B.J.: I was. Did I get the decorations right this time, K-k-katie? C'mon, you got to remember.

Katie: Oh, my God -- you're Byron Glass!

Announcer: Next week on "As the World Turns," sponsored by Kelloggís.

Gwen: How could you even think that I would do something like that now?

Will: Why not?

Lily: Holden, I don't know what's wrong!

Holden: Some one call the doctor!

Jennifer: There has to be some reason.

Paul: I'm the reason. I'm the reason that you lost your son.

Katie: I can't breathe.

B.J.: Sorry.

Katie: Aah!

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