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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 10/26/05

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Mike: Now that was something to cheer about.

[Katie laughs]

Katie: Gimme an "L" -- gimme an "O" -- gimme a "V" -- gimme an "E" -- what do you got?

Mike: Me and you forever.

Katie: Somehow, I think that B.J. didn’t have this in mind when he bought me that cheerleading outfit.

Mike: Really? No.

Katie: No. Oh, I don't know, I'm still wondering if we insulted him when we just took off like that.

Mike: Fairwinds is his project. Let him deal with the inspector. Besides, I got better things to do with my evening.

[Katie laughs]

Katie: Yeah, you were so subtle about it.

Mike: What, you're worried about B.J.'s feelings now?

Katie: Well, he is my boss, technically. And yours, too.

Mike: I'm his contractor, okay? His independent contractor.

Katie: Right.

Mike: I'm sure he's forgotten all about it by now anyway, okay?

B.J.: So I need to know. Can I count on you to get Mike out of the way?

Henry: When you say out of the way, how far out of the way are we talking about?

B.J.: Does it matter? You signed on to be my executive assistant.

Henry: Yeah, that was before I knew what or who I'd be executing. [B.J. laughs] You okay there?

B.J.: You -- you're a funny guy. You know, I am not a mob boss who's asking you to rub someone out. It's nothing like that.

Henry: I know that. I know. I know about that. I'd just -- I'd like to go over the finer points of how we're getting Mike out of the way.

B.J.: I don't know. I just want some alone time with Katie, you know? Since I've been here, I haven't really had any good one-on-one time with her.

Henry: What do you want to talk about?

B.J.: Just old times, high school.

Henry: She doesn't remember you from high school? Not that changing your name or the way you look or not telling her exactly who you are has anything to do with that.

B.J.: I know, I know, I know, I know, I know. Okay? Maybe I can remedy that though. You know, I've been thinking, right? Since she's helping me throw this back in the day party for Halloween that maybe if I had some time to talk to her -- I mean, really, really talk to her, then maybe -- maybe she would remember me from the old days.

Henry: Okay, I would be the one to facilitate this, why?

B.J.: Because you're my right hand man, man. Because I count on you. Because I've already proven that I can really sweeten the deal, friend. So what do you say?

Carly: I hate that you have to answer for something I did.

Jack: You didn't get the vendor to make a false statement -- I did. I made my choices. Now I've got to face Hal.

Carly: He'll understand, won't he? I mean, you can make him understand, right? That it's because of me. Why don't I go with you? I can --

Jack: No. Honey, I lied to a guy who's my superior officer and my best friend. Its best if this stays between him and me.

Carly: But I can --

Jack: Carly, shh, shh, shh. Go home. I'll see you soon, okay?

Nancy: I hate to say it, dear, but you have no one to blame but yourself.

Paul: Well, this is it. The moment of truth.

Meg: Yeah, the question is, whose truth?

Paul: That's up to you.

Meg: You know exactly what's going to happen when I run the test on these blood samples. Jen's is going to be totally compatible with the baby's, since he is hers.

Paul: Hers with Craig Montgomery. And when he finds out that she's claiming this baby, her life will be a living hell.

Meg: Her life's already a living hell. Being unable to prove that somebody else is raising her baby?

Paul: Craig can make things 100 times worse. But you, Meg, you can spare everybody the heartache. All you have to do is make sure that the test shows that Jennifer has no relationship to this baby, and then Jen can get on with her life. I can take her to Europe, just like we planned.

Meg: Oh, yeah, yeah. That's a great arrangement. I commit a felony and risk my reputation, and you get to control your sister's life.

Paul: I'm not trying to control her. I'm -- I'm trying to protect her.

Meg: Okay, so while everybody's lining up protecting Jennifer, where does that leave me?

Paul: Well, you see, that's the good part -- number one in Dusty Donovan’s life. He'll need you now more than ever.

Meg: And what if I decide to come out with the truth?

Paul: Then I'll make sure that the whole truth comes out -- how you performed an illegal DNA test and didn't share the results with Jennifer. Dusty won't want you anymore when he finds out that you knew that Jennifer was the mother to that child and said nothing. Can you live with that?

Meg: What really matters is, can I live with myself?

Paul: Do the right thing, Meg. Please, please let my sister get on with her life.

Barbara: Paul? Honey, I've been calling you all over the place.

Paul: What are you doing here?

Barbara: I've been looking for you and for your sister, and when I couldn't find you, I decided to come over here and talk to Bob, because surely he and Kim have realized how caught up your little brother’s been with Gwen and her baby. And I've been worried sick about him.

Jennifer: You should stop worrying.

Barbara: Honey, what are you doing here?

Jennifer: Oh, getting a blood test, among other things.

Paul: Jennifer, I don't think Mother needs to know every --

Jennifer: Why not? All right, the truth is going to come out sooner or later. We may as well stop being so hush-hush about it.

Barbara: What are you talking about?

Jennifer: Well, for months, I have known that the baby Gwen gave up for adoption was really my son. And soon, everybody else is going to know it, too, because Meg is helping me prove it.

Barbara: You two are helping facilitate this madness? How could you do that to your sister when you know what she's gone through?

Jennifer: Mom, stop it. I know that I led you to believe that I'd given up thinking that he was mine, but I haven’t. My baby is not dead. He is very much alive. And we are all going to prove it.

Barbara: Honey, in therapy you accepted that your baby had died.

Jennifer: But he didn’t. He's alive. That's what I'm trying to tell you.

Barbara: Honey, one of the other things that we learned in therapy is that no matter how badly we want things to be true, that doesn't make them so.

Meg: I'm going to write up the order for the blood analysis.

Barbara: I thought we all agreed that we would do nothing to impede Jennifer's success in this. She's come a long way. She has battled drug addiction. She has come to terms with the fact that her baby is gone. Now, don't you think that supporting this misapprehension would set her back?

Jennifer: Okay, don't blame Paul. I'm the one who lied to you.

Barbara: What?

Jennifer: Yes, I'm sorry. I hated doing it, but I deliberately lied. I told you that I believed my baby was dead so I could get out of Deerbrook to prove that he wasn’t.

Barbara: And you knew this?

Paul: No, not at first. I --

Dusty: I knew. And you can blame me.

Jennifer: No, don't blame anybody. Especially not Dusty, because he is the only one who believed me. He helped me put all of this together. And then, when we explained it to Paul, then Paul started to believe me.

Barbara: Explained what?

Jennifer: The clues. Mother, there are clues. There are clues that lead to the fact that the other preemie that was born the same night as my baby was the one that died. There are clues that show that Craig switched the babies so that he could adopt his biological son.

Barbara: But honey, where's the evidence? Investing so much in clues, that sounds a little bit to me like what landed you in Deerbrook in the first place.

Jennifer: Okay, Paul and Dusty don't think that I'm delusional. They support my search 100%. And after we tell you everything that we found, I hope that you will, too.

Katie: Mm. I knew you were going to do that.

Mike: Mm. [Doorbell rings] Are you expecting anybody?

Katie: No.

Mike: Go away!

[Doorbell rings]

Katie: Ah, the persistent type. All right, I'm going to go get dressed. So you answer the door, and I'm going to sneak upstairs really quietly.

[Doorbell rings]

Mike: I'm coming!

Henry: Mike, you got to help me. You got to help me.

Mike: What's going on?

Henry: I'm in trouble, man! I'm in trouble with a capital "T." If you don't help me, my life's coming to a screeching halt.

Mike: Slow down. What kind of trouble?

Henry: I'm such an idiot! I'm an idiot! I just -- I had to take B.J.'s car for a spin.

Mike: So what's the big deal?

Henry: He doesn't know about it!

Mike: So put it back where you found it.

Henry: I can't, I can't.

Mike: Why not?

Henry: Because I hadn't even made it to the interstate, and then she started to buck and heave. And then she started coughing up smoke, and then this green liquid bile stuff started coming out of the -- I can't think about it, Mike! It's just too awful!

Mike: Where is it now?

Henry: Somewhere, man. Somewhere. It's out in juniper I think. It's -- I couldn't start it. I hitched a ride up to your road, and then I ran the rest of the way.

Mike: Here's the phone. Call the auto club.

Henry: No, I can't do that. I can't do that.

Mike: Why not?

Henry: Because they will tow it, fix it, and hold it in the shop.

Mike: Isn't that what you need?

Henry: I need a job, dude! Next to chocolate milk and some heartbreaker from his past, that car is the one thing B.J. loves most in the world. If he finds out I drove it, he will can me! Please, you've got to help me, Mike.

Mike: I don't know what you expect me to do.

Henry: Mike, please. This -- this job is my whole future, okay? Not just my future, not just mine, it's Maddie’s as well. I can't go to her and say I had to pack up and move back into the limo. Please, working for B.J. is going to put my life back on track. Help me out?

Katie: I think you should help him.

Mike: Katie?

Katie: Come on, you just have to go take a look at it, see whether or not you can fix it. It won't take very long.

Henry: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Mike: All right.

Henry: Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you. I owe you one.

Mike: One? All right. I'll see you later?

Katie: Yes.

Mike: Why do I always have to be the nice guy?

Katie: Because I wouldn't love you any other way. Thank you. Hurry back.

Mike: Come on, Henry, let's go.

Henry: Okay, thanks. Thank you.

Katie: Good luck. [Knock at door] B.J., hey.

B.J.: Bad time?

Katie: No, but you just missed Mike.

B.J.: Oh, really? That's too bad. I was just over at Fairwinds meeting with the inspectors, and it hits me, Halloween’s right around the corner and I really don't think the house is ready for a party.

Katie: Well, why? What's left to do?

B.J.: Well, got to add a couple items to the punch list, and I want to talk to Mike about adding some more guys to the crew.

Katie: Um, well, sorry. If you were here a little bit earlier.

B.J.: I thought you guys were staying in for the evening.

Katie: We were. Um, something came up.

B.J.: Okay. Well, it's a beautiful evening. I guess I'll take a ride in my car. You know, I think better when I have the pedal to the metal.

Katie: Uh, B.J., wait! You know, maybe I can help you with some of the stuff for the party. I mean, you're already here.

Nancy: I must tell you, I feel used. You made me an accomplice in deceiving that young girl.

Carly: Well, in the end, Gwen did just fine, didn't she? She got the baby. She got everything.

Nancy: And you sacrificed all the progress you've made in these last few years for what?

Carly: You don't have to tell me how many mistakes I've made, Nancy. It's just because I thought things were true that turned out not to be true. I know that I've messed up. I don't know what else to say.

Nancy: "I'm sorry" might be a good beginning.

Hal: I was wondering when you were going to show. Maybe we'd better talk in private.

Jack: I don't know what else to say, except I'm sorry.

Hal: Are you apologizing for what you did?

Jack: For lying to you. And I'm damn sorry it didn't work.

Hal: That's what I thought.

Jack: You know your friendship means the world to me, Hal, but I had to protect Carly. And it was wrong. Yeah, but at the time, it was my only choice.

Hal: Yeah, except now, both you and Carly are up a creek.

Jack: I don't expect you to let this go.

Hal: I couldn't if I wanted.

Jack: But I got to look out for my family. Carly's already facing criminal charges. If she gets found guilty, it's going to wreak havoc on our lives, on my family's lives. So I need to know, are you going to press charges against me, too?

Paul: There you are.

Meg: Will you stop hammering at me?

Paul: Look, my mother interrupted us. Okay? So I don't know what she said that got you so rattled, but there's something that I need to tell you.

Meg: Okay, I don't want to hear it. No more rationalizations, okay? I've made up my mind. I know what I have to do.

Hal: In all my years on the force, if anybody ever asked me who was the most stand-up guy I'd ever worked with, I would've said you. No question. Jack Snyder corrupt a witness? Never.

Jack: The last thing I wanted to do was disappoint you.

Hal: You could of come to me, Jack! I would've found a way to work things out. I remember asking you if you needed help with that guy.

Jack: I wasn't going to let you jeopardize your career by letting you in on something that I had to do, Hal. And I wasn't going to let you talk me out of it.

Hal: You're not sorry for what you did, are you?

Jack: There's not point in lying to you anymore. Yeah, if I had to do it all over again, I'd probably play it the same way.

Hal: It would've been hard turning Carly in, but you're a cop, Jack! And now, you're an accessory.

Jack: I know it's no excuse, but Carly was fighting to keep that baby. And Gwen, she didn't get hurt. The consequence of turning her in? Worse than what she did. She means too much to me, Hal. She's my world.

Hal: Hell, I can't arrest you. I should, but I can't! You're going to have too many problems with Carly’s case as it is, I just can't do that to your family

Jack: Thank you. Thank you. Friends don't come any better than you, Hal. And I want you to understand something, I didn't tell you not because I didn't trust you, but because I had to protect you, too.

Hal: I wish I could protect you the same way, Jack. But the commissioner is all over me. He is calling the mayor three times a day. It's in all the papers, it's in the court system --

Jack: I understand. I understand. I knew the risks. But if you're not arresting me?

Hal: There'll be an internal investigation. Until then, it won't be public knowledge and nothing goes on your record.

Jack: So you're suspending me.

Hal: Without pay. Effective immediately. I'm going to have to ask you for your badge.

Nancy: Thank you. Now, that wasn't so difficult, was it?

Carly: It just wasn't supposed to turn out this way.

Nancy: You know what they say -- when one door closes, another opens.

Carly: I don't know how I'm going to explain to Parker and J.J. and Sage that he's gone.

Nancy: You'll find a way, sweetheart. Between you and Jack, you'll find a way.

Mike: You don't remember seeing any landmarks or road signs anywhere?

Henry: Uh -- there were some signs, yeah.

Mike: What'd they say?

Henry: Juniper? Magnolia? I keep thinking shrubbery.

Mike: Henry, we have been driving around in circles looking for this car for 20 minutes. Do you at least remember where you hitched from?

Henry: It was difficult -- you know that late autumn light, how tricky that can be?

Mike: You know, go get a cup of coffee. Maybe the caffeine will give your mind a little swift kick.

Henry: No, no, no, wait. I'm thinking -- I do remember that there were two tall willow trees at the intersection. Willow lane!

Mike: You're sure?

Henry: I'm absolutely sure.

Katie: The party is going to be a huge success.

B.J.: Yeah. Maybe. But you know what, I was talking to the deejay and he asked me what kind of dance music I wanted to play, and I just went totally blank and the only song I could think of was "Monster Mash."

Katie: Monster Mash? Ok, well, what music do you like to dance to? Latin, house, alternative?

B.J.: Uh, back up. You lost me at dance.

Katie: You're going to dance, right?

B.J.: Oh, me? Personally? No, I don't do that.

Katie: What, you mean, like, as a philosophy?

B.J.: Yeah, sort of. I don't believe that anybody should do anything, unless they have a relative, good chance at being good at it. And I never learned.

Katie: Well, didn't you want to?

B.J.: Yeah, absolutely. Remember that girl I told you about that I had a big crush on in high school?

Katie: Yeah. Did you ask her to dance?

B.J.: Only in my dreams. In real life, I was too big and clumsy and way too shy to even open my mouth.

Katie: Dancing's really easy. I mean, you just -- I don't know, have to feel the music.

B.J.: Well, when you say that, it almost makes sense. Except I have no idea what to do in front of strangers? I would just make a complete fool out of myself.

Katie: No, you wouldn’t. I'm going to help you.

B.J.: Dance?

Katie: Uh-hmm.

B.J.: No, I couldn't possibly ask you to.

Katie: Oh, come on. If I can teach an aerobics class, I think I can teach you a few moves. So get up. We're going to boogie.

Barbara: This is rather unbelievable, Jen.

Dusty: Would you put past Craig to steal Jen's baby and pretend it was the one he adopted?

Barbara: No, I wouldn't, but it's just so --

Jennifer: Cynical? Depraved? You're the one who's told me all along that Craig is that and more.

Dusty: The fact that he refused to see us proves that he's got something to hide.

Barbara: You know what? I'm glad he didn't see you.

Jennifer: Oh, how could you say something like that?

Barbara: Jennifer, you have suffered enough at that man's hands. But if you had gone to see him, and if there is some truth to any of this, he would've seen right through your plans. He would've telegraphed all of it, and he would've found some way to undo you.

Jennifer: That's why we are using Meg to do the tests. She is beyond Craig’s radar, and she has proven that she is someone we can trust.

Paul: I know you don't like me. And I know that you don't trust me. But if you've made some kind of a decision, don't you think I deserve to know?

Meg: You deserve nothing from me, Paul.

Paul: Meg, think about it, okay? You and I are inches away from getting what we both want.

Meg: I never wanted to hurt Jennifer.

Paul: But if you tell her what it is that you think she wants to hear --

Meg: Oh, you mean the truth?

Paul: -- She'll wind up getting hurt in the long run. And if the test comes back negative, Dusty's yours.

Meg: Mine? I don't own anybody, Paul. I'm not having this conversation with you again.

Nurse #2: Oh. I didn't realize anyone was in here.

Meg: No, it's okay. Not a problem. Mr. Ryan was just leaving.

Nurse #2: Ah, here it is. You wouldn't think things could get so mixed up in a hospital.

Meg: No, you wouldn’t.

Henry: There she is!

[Henry hums]

Mike: Henry, this is all the way on the other side of town.

Henry: Yeah, I know. I have a horrible sense of direction.

Mike: How'd you ever drive a limo?

Henry: Oh, those global positioning systems, they are a marvel, aren't they?

Mike: Give me the keys.

Henry: Don't you want to check under the hood?

Mike: Give me the keys.

Henry: Okay! Wow, all right.

[Engine starting] [Henry gasps] You fixed it, Mike! You are the man! You are a miracle worker! Wow!

[Music playing]

Katie: Okay. First of all, don't think of it as dancing. All right? Just kind of move your body, shift your weight from side to side. Relax. Just feel the music. Maybe it would help if you just mirror me. You can do it. Here, I'll close my eyes.

Mister deejay won't you turn the music up all the girls on the dance floor wantin some more come mister deejay won't you turn the music up it goes one by one

Katie: Don't be shy. Just -- okay, you close your eyes. Close. I'll move you.

Then you bring it up slow wind it up one time wind it back once more run, run, run, run everybody move run lemme see you move and rock it till the grooves done shake it till the moon becomes the sun sun this is it now everybody get down this is all I can take

Katie: Look at you, you're doing it. You're dancing.

B.J. And then the whole I.T. team hits the floor, just waiting for the ceiling to fall in. Y2k -- what a joke.

[Katie giggles]

Katie: Okay, I don't want to jinx in or anything, but look at you. You're talking, laughing, dancing -- no, no, no! Don't stop. You look very natural doing it, and very good.

B.J.: It's only because I have such a talented teacher.

Katie: Okay, what's next? Okay, there's going to be a lot of beautiful women at this party. Just ask them to dance. They're going to want to.

B.J. Would -- would you like to dance?

Katie: I would be delighted.

Dreams for sale and fairytales it'll make you hear a symphony and you just want the world to see but like a drug that makes you blind it'll fool you every time the trouble with love is it can tear you up inside make your heart believe a lie

Hal: I can't tell you how much I hate doing this.

Carly: Hal? Jack, no.

Jack: Carly.

Carly: Hal, you're not making him turn in his badge, are you?

Jack: He's just doing his job.

Carly: Hal, please, it was me. I'm the one who broke the law. If you need to punish somebody, punish me! Please don't take it out on him!

Hal: I'm sorry, Carly, it is out of my hands.

Carly: Hal, this is his whole world. This station, this precinct, being a cop. Please, you can't take it away.

Emily: Hey.

Paul: Hey.

Emily: Hi.

Paul: What are you doing here?

Emily: I am standing beside the man I love. What's the matter with you, huh? You didn't believe me when I said I was in this for the long haul? I'm not letting you do this alone. We're in this together. Okay? What happened with Meg?

Paul: Could go either way.

Emily: I don't think so. Really, I think she's got too much invested to spill. I mean, have you seen the way she looks at Dusty?

Paul: I know, she's crazy about him. But she was also raised by Emma Snyder. So she could have some kind of misguided attack of conscience.

Emily: She won’t. Would you look at me? No matter what happens, we have each other.

Dusty: What's going on?

Meg: I called a lab tech to come get the blood samples. And I also told the lab to put a rush on it.

Barbara: Exactly what is this test going to tell us?

Meg: They'll do a preliminary typing to see if the blood samples are compatible.

Jennifer: They will be.

Meg: And if they are, we'll do a DNA test.

Lab tech: Have you got the samples for the lab?

Meg: Yes, yes I do. They are right here.

Lab tech: You put the samples in here.

Meg: Can I just have a minute? Thanks.

Dusty: It's almost over, sweetheart.

Jennifer: You have been with me since the beginning, when nobody else was. I couldn't have done this without you.

Meg: Okay, here you go. Is it okay if I come along, wait till you finish?

Lab tech: No problem.

Meg: Great, thanks.

Dusty: I'd like to go, too, if that's okay. I gotta be able to tell Jen that everything's kosher.

Meg: Sure.

Jennifer: Thank you. Thank you, Meg. Well, it won't be long now. Soon, everyone will know the truth.

Katie: I am really impressed. You're doing really well. I'm telling you, every girl at the party is going to want a dance with you. You watch.

B.J.: I owe it all to my awesome teacher.

Katie: Oh.

B.J.: Do you think she'll give me a dance?

Katie: Undoubtedly. Mike, hey, you're back. How did everything go? Went all right?

Mike: Yeah. Everything's fine.

Katie: B.J. just stopped by to go over some last minute party details.

B.J.: And Katie noticed that I actually have two left feet, and she offered to show me some dance moves. I've taken up enough of your time already, though, so -- but thank you. And I'll see you both at the party tomorrow.

Katie: Yeah, we wouldn't miss it for the world. So, you got it now, right? Just remember to relax. That's the key.

B.J.: Okay.

Katie: I couldn't believe that he showed up right after you guys left. You and Henry are lucky you didn't run into him.

Mike: Lucky, right.

Katie: Well, at least you got the car fixed. Henry won't lose his job, and B.J. got a free dance lesson. It all worked out.

Mike: Yeah, looks like it did.

Jack: Honey, Hal’s being pretty generous here. He could arrest me, yeah, but he's -- he's handing it over to IAD instead.

Carly: What does that mean?

Jack: Well, it means I'm not off the force, I'm just suspended. We're going to have to dip into our savings for the next couple of weeks, but you know, we've had worse.

Hal: I wish there could be some other way. I'm sorry.

Jack: Would you stop apologizing? It's not your fault. I knew what I was doing. Now I've got to take my lumps.

Hal: Right. Call me if you need anything.

Jack: I sure will. Hal -- thanks again.

Hal: Yeah.

Carly: Oh, God, Jack. This is all falling apart. I've ruined everything.

Jack: Honey, hey, we are going to take this one step at a time, just like we got through everything else, all right?

Carly: I'm so sorry. How can you ever forgive me?

Jack: Oh, come on, we have been through hell together and I still love you so much I can't see straight. You shouldn't even ask if we're okay.

Carly: Wait. What is it? What is it that you're not saying here?

Jack: Well, between you and me, we're cool. There's nothing to forgive. But you and I both know that there's someone else out there that deserves an apology.

Jennifer: Are we all set? Did you send the results to the DNA lab?

Dusty: Why don't we go someplace where we can sit down?

Jennifer: Why? What happened?

Meg: The preliminary profile shows the blood types aren't compatible. I'm sorry, Jennifer, but you couldn't possibly be the mother.

Jennifer: No, you're wrong. The lab must have messed something up. The test results must have gotten mixed up.

Dusty: Jen -- I saw Meg take the blood from the baby and from you. I watched her take it to the lab. It was never out of my sight.

Jennifer: But I don't believe it.

Dusty: I promised you that everything would go down without a hitch, and it did. The results were not what we wanted.

Jennifer: No, it can't --

Dusty: I'm sorry.

Jennifer: No, it's wrong. No, this is -- no, this is wrong! This is wrong.

Katie: I am exhausted. I'm going to go upstairs and read a little bit. You coming?

Mike: In a minute.

Katie: Hey, don't be long, okay?

[Phone ringing]

Henry: Hello?

Mike: Henry?

Henry: Mike, my man! Thank you so much for the rescue. I got the car back and no one was the wiser, if you know what I mean.

Mike: Was this like when your back went out?

Henry: Sorry, Mike, I'm not following you.

Mike: Don't play me, Henry. Did you set up some fake breakdown so your boss could be alone with Katie?

Henry: What -- what are you talking about?

Mike: Dance lessons, Henry. I walked in, B.J.'s doing a little two-step with my girlfriend. Did he get you to lure me out of the house so he could have her all to himself, or what?

Henry: I -- I don't have a clue what you're talking about, Mike.

B.J.: Good job.

Carly: How can you expect me to apologize to Gwen?

Jack: She is your sister.

Carly: Rosanna is my sister. Gwen is nothing to me.

Jack: Look at all the trouble this anger and fear has cost us. We are both in hot water because we did things because we were scared, honey. We didn't know the whole story. Now, we know the whole story. Now it's different.

Carly: Well, I can't do it.

Jack: It's time to start making it right.

Carly: I won't do it. I won't apologize to Gwen. Not after what she put me through. Especially not after what her mother did to me. I can't do it.

Jack: Even though he's your nephew? For your nephew's sake? That's right, Carly. Gwen's son is your biological nephew. Have you even thought about that?

Carly: Well, I guess not.

Jack: No. He may not be Rosanna’s son anymore, but that little boy still has an Aunt Carly and an Uncle Jack. We're all family now. Just say you're gonna think about it, okay? Come on, let's go home.

Dusty: Jenny, I'm really sorry.

Jennifer: No, no, don’t.

Paul: I'm sorry too, Jen. I know how much you wanted this.

Emily: I'm sorry, Jen.

Barbara: Honey, I know this is a terrible disappointment. Let me take you home, all right?

Dusty: I'll take her home.

Barbara: You stay away from her, all right? She's devastated because of you. And for what? Look at the damage you've done. All of you.

Jennifer: I was so sure --

Barbara: Come on, honey. Come on, I'll take you home.

Paul: You did the right

Paul: You did the right thing.

Meg: Go to hell.

Paul: Wow. It's finally over.

On the next "As the World Turns" --

Katie: I knew you were jealous of B.J. Green.

Will: If we have to go to jail, will you take care of the baby?

Gwen: There's gotta be something more in it for you, so stop wasting my time and tell me what it is.

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