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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 10/19/05

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Mike: Sweetheart, you ready?

Katie: Yeah, almost. Can you help me? Hey, I thought you were in a hurry.

Mike: Changed my mind.

Katie: Not that I'm complaining, but we did just get out of bed.

Mike: Who needs a bed? Besides, you don't need to be at work right this minute.

Katie: I know, although I was a little anxious to get there and find out what happened to B.J. last night.

Mike: Do you really care?

Katie: Well, it was kind of weird. Margo shows up and he just runs the other way.

Mike: Look at the bright side -- he didn't tell me how early I had to be at work this morning.

Katie: That's true. Come to think of it, when was the last time we had breakfast in bed?

Mike: How about lunch? [Doorbell] Oh, do we have to?

Katie: We have to.

Mike: Whoa!

Katie: Thank you.

Mike: Welcome.

Katie: B.J.? Was I expecting you?

B.J.: No. I just figured after last night, I owe both of you an explanation.


Lia: So I told my father, "either you buy me a new car or I'm never speaking to you again."

Maddie: Hey.

Casey: So what'd he say?

Lia: That outfit was in the window at Fashions.

Maddie: Not anymore.

Lia: I mean, not to be rude or anything, but how could you afford that? I mean, that outfit was, like, double my prom dress.

Casey: That's a lotta donuts, mad. How're you and your brother supposed to get an apartment if you keep spending all your money?

Maddie: Oh, we're not moving into an apartment. We're moving into a mansion.


Will: Hey, Mrs. Freeman.

Gwen: Don't, okay? We're in the real world now. What're you doing here?

Will: I was waiting for you. I knew you had more tests to take, so I figured maybe you'd want to get lunch if you're okay?

Gwen: So far I have a minor concussion and a few too many bruises. They want me to wait around until they figure out if I need more tests.

Will: Okay, so I'll hang out and then I'll drive you home.

Gwen: Will, we are back home. You don't have to worry about me anymore. I'm okay.

Will: Liar. Besides, I kinda miss the Freemans.

Gwen: Yeah, it was fun being someone else. You, me and Billy. I really thought we had a chance.

Will: Maybe we still do.

Gwen: If Carly has her way, that dream is dead.


Cass: Thanks. Oh.

Iris: Oh, I'm polite, so shoot me. You know I just wanted to show my appreciation. I mean, you staying up all night, working on my daughter's case.

Cass: I don't know why I let you talk me into coming back.

Iris: Oh, because I'm irresistible. What can I say? Come on, lighten up you pull this off and we're talking major money.

Cass: Gwen still may face kidnapping charges.

Iris: My daughter took her own son because she thought Carly was a baby killer.

Cass: I really don't think we want to go there, Iris. Besides, after my little chat with the judge this morning, we just might have a shot. If, and it's a very big if everything falls into place.

Iris: Mmm, with you in my corner, Carly doesn't have a prayer.


Carly: Hi, sweetheart. Is Tom Hughes around?

Jack: No, why are you looking for the D.A.?

Carly: Well, I've been thinking this morning since you left, and I've decided that I'm not gonna let Iris get away with this.

Jack: Whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa, Carly.

Carly: She set me up, Jack. I was just a kid, and she made me believe that I killed her baby.

Jack: I'm not saying what she did was right.

Carly: No, it was child abuse and fraud and reckless whatever you call it, it had to be. And I'm pressing charges.

Jack: No, Carly, you're not. I understand how you feel, but we need to step back and think about this. You and I have done some things we might not be ready to share with the world just yet.

Carly: Hey, what Iris did was so much worse.

Jack: The point is to keep custody, correct? It's not about Iris or you and me. It's about Rory, and to keep him, honey, we have to look perfect or damn close.

Carly: Jack, Iris told the police that I killed a baby. That I killed a baby! I need to set the record straight.

Jack: We'll take care of that. We'll amend the records to show that Iris's original claim had no basis, and that the child in question was actually a girl, and that she's fine.

Carly: Fine? Yeah, Gwen Norbeck is far from fine. She just kidnapped a baby!

Jack: My point is you go after Iris, she's gonna come after you, honey.

Carly: Iris! Iris only cares about the trust fund. That's the only reason she's still hangin' around, and we both know it.

Jack: I still think our best bet is to reach out to Gwen. She's the baby's mother.

Carly: She isn't, Jack. Rosanna is the baby's mother, and I promised her that I would take care of him, and that is what I'm gonna do, no matter what.


Katie: So what happened last night? Why'd you run away from my sister?

B.J.: Well, I usually don't like to burden people with my own -- my stuff. But since you two have made such a commitment to me -- I'm phobic.

Mike: Phobic?

B.J.: Yeah, I have an irrational fear. It's actually quite paralyzing at times. No, that would probably be the wrong words, since I tend to run away.

Katie: From women?

B.J.: Oh, no, no, no, no. I love women, absolutely love them, unless of course they're wearing a badge. See, that's it. I'm afraid of police officers. I mean, clinically afraid. Really, it's been documented, I've been tested ad nauseum. Anyway, that's my silly little secret.

Mike: You're scared of cops? A multi- millionaire mogul like you?

B.J.: Yeah, well. [Chuckles] Yeah, that's funny. But I've had an unfortunate event that happened with a uniformed police officer when I was very young. But I won't bore you with the details. Anyway, when your sister and her uniformed cop buddies came walking in with her, I just found myself getting in my car and backing out of the driveway. And I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to cause any problems or embarrass you at all, really.

Mike: I'm sure Margo will understand.

Katie: Yeah, absolutely. Man, I just wish you would've told me. I could've told her. I mean, all she wanted was a donation to the PBA.

B.J.: Well, we can make it up to her. We can have a telethon at WOAK, and tell her that I'll match every penny that we raise. And then, you know what else you can tell her? She can spin one of those wheel things, and whatever number it lands on, I'll donate 100,000 times that amount.

Katie: You're kidding.

B.J.: Just don't make me hand her the check. Not that she's not a lovely person, I'm sure. It's just --

Mike: She's a cop.

B.J.: Yeah.

Katie: Well, I'm sure she'll understand and be very grateful.

B.J.: Good. Okay, got that out of the way. Now, back to business. Mike, I need you to meet with the supplier at WOAK in half an hour.

Mike: Half an hour?

B.J.: Yeah, oh -- I'm sorry, it's just that I just ran into him in town and, you know what? I'll call and cancel.

Mike: No, no, no, no. I can make it. You know, just in the future?

B.J.: I'll be sure to talk to you first. I'm really sorry.

Mike: Well, I guess we'll do lunch another time.

Katie: Dinner.

B.J.: Katie? You know what we should do? We should talk about that fundraiser, and I also want to run another project by you. I want to have a housewarming party. Yeah, you know, invite the whole crew and staff from WOAK, and some friends I've made around town. And do you think the house will be ready by Halloween?

Mike: Yeah, I don't see why not.

B.J.: Okay. So, Katie, if you have any ideas -- I was actually thinking the Halloween thing, costume party. Do you think that's childish?

Katie: No! Dangerous, maybe. Someone could come dressed as the chief of police.

B.J.: Oh. [Laughs nervously] That's funny. Um, let me see. Oh, I'm all booked up this afternoon, but since you're free for lunch -- are you free, yes, I think?

Katie: Yeah. Yeah, sure.

B.J.: Cool, Lakeview?

Katie: Al's diner. I'll meet you there.


Casey: A mansion? You need more than what a limo driver makes to buy a mansion.

Maddie: I didn't say we were buying it, and my brother isn't driving a limo anymore. He's working for a billionaire as his personal assistant. Just so happens that he is so indispensable that they asked us to move in.

Lia: Where? The servants' quarters?

Maddie: No. We're getting our own wing.

Casey: I can see that -- Henry with his own wing. Caw, caw, caw!

Maddie: Fine. See if I ever invite you over.

Casey: Okay, and where is this place?

Maddie: About a mile outside of town.

Lia: Oh, so when do you move in?

Maddie: Soon.

Casey: As in never.

Maddie: As in as soon as they finish renovating it.

Casey: Why, what are they, hosing it down?

Maddie: You know what? Fine. You don't believe me? I'll show it to you.

Casey: All right. You're on, Maddie.

Maddie: Okay.

Casey: Let's go see this girl's mansion, if she has one.


Gwen: Taking care of Billy these last few days, he's just so him. He's a person, you know? A whole person.

Will: Yeah, he's really great.

Gwen: I even love it when he cries. I mean, not that I want him to be upset or anything, but that he's yelling to get what he needs. That's great.

Will: Look, Gwen, you're his mother, and according to the custody agreement, you had 30 days to change your mind. And you did. Okay, Carly fought back. I guess that's her right, but you know what? You're still going to win in the end because he's your son.

Gwen: I kidnapped him, Will. No judge is going to give me a baby, especially when the other person who wants him happens to be the wife of everybody's favorite cop.

Jack: You need to leave well enough alone.

Carly: I am not afraid of Iris.

Jack: Well, you should be. We cut corners, both of us, honey. We don't need that coming out.

Carly: Tom'll know what to do.

Jack: Carly.

Carly: Can I talk to you, please?

Tom: Sure.

Carly: Thanks. I would like to press charges against Iris Dumbrowski.

Tom: For what?

Carly: Well, for brainwashing me, I guess you'd say, when I was a little kid. She told me that I killed her baby boy, who turned out to not be a boy at all, which is actually fraud because she told the police, you know?

Tom: Wait, wait. Exactly when did this happen?

Carly: I don't know the exact date, but Gwen's 17, so it's gotta be 17 years ago.

Tom: Then we have a problem because the statute of limitations would have run out on something that happened that long ago.

Carly: What do you know about blackmail? Because that happened last week.

Tom: Blackmail is a serious offense. I mean, assuming that you have proof -- letters demanding payment, cancelled checks?

Carly: No, I took money out of our accounts, and we used our credit line.

Tom: You gave her cash?

Carly: Yeah, that's all she would take.

Tom: Well, you're married to a cop. Why didn't you hand it over to the police. They could've wired you and you could've caught Iris red-handed.

Carly: I know that you're right, but I was afraid that she was gonna go to the judge and she was gonna try to get Rory taken away from me.

Tom: Given the fact that you and her daughter are both fighting for custody makes any charge you bring suspect. Especially since you have no proof.

Carly: But actually we're not fighting for custody anymore because Gwen just kidnapped Rory, so if you do your job, she'll be in jail, and people in jail don't get custody.

Jack: What's going on?

Vendor: Can I go now? I've given my statement.

Margo: Yeah, we'll be in touch.

Jack: Was that the guy we questioned about selling water in the park after Gwen Norbeck lost Rory? What was he doing here?

Margo: Mr. Hobbs found himself a new representation. He just cut a deal.

Jack: A deal? For what?

Margo: Come on, Jack, don't make this harder than it already is.

Jack: He wasn't charged with anything. Why should he have to cut a deal?

Margo: Well, he should've been charged and you know it. But as of today, he's been granted immunity from prosecution in exchange for information regarding the drugging of Gwen Norbeck. And you, my friend, are in big trouble.


Gwen: You don't have to stick around, Will.

Will: Gwen, shut up. Everything's going to be all right.

Gwen: Things can't get much worse.

Will: Yeah, they can.

Barbara: Lovely. Bonnie and Clyde.

Will: Mom, what do you want?

Barbara: What I want? I want you to return my phone calls when I leave you messages. I want you to think before you run off with this --

Will: My friend?

Barbara: This kidnapper. She took a baby.

Will: Mom, he's her child.

Barbara: Not in the eyes of the court. She doesn't have custody. Thank god.

Will: Okay, stop this or the conversation is over.

Barbara: You know, this is so like you, to think of everybody else before you give a thought to yourself. Or your mother, for that matter. Do you know that I have not slept a wink since Kim and Bob told me that you were missing? Did it occur to you to call your family just to let us know you were alive?

Will: I would have contacted you.

Barbara: Really? When?

Will: Once we got settled.

Barbara: I see. Where? In some one-room flat? Paid for how? You're still in high school. Though, I'm sure she never let you stop and think about that. Now, I am not gonna stand by and let her destroy your safety. Your entire life is ahead of you.

Will: Goodbye, Mom.

Barbara: Don't you understand, Will? This is not some adventure story with you starring as the tenderhearted boy who saves the day. You could be charged with aiding and abetting. And then you know what will happen? You'll go to jail. You will lose your freedom. For what? This waitress?


Iris: Ooh, counselor. I didn't know you cared.

Cass: You have to stay sober, Iris. I may need you later.

Iris: Mmm, I like the sound of that. So, how long do we have to wait for the judge to call?

Cass: As long as it takes. [Phone ringing] Hello. This is Cass Winthrop. Hey, thanks for getting back to me. That's great. Too soon? No such animal. The sooner the better. I actually know where she is, so why don't you let me take care of that. And tell the judge "thank you" for me. See you then.

Iris: We celebratin'?

Cass: So far, so good.

Iris: Ooh, not only are you good-lookin', but you got a smart mind, too. You see? You like me.

Cass: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Iris: So what do we do next?

Cass: I am heading over to the police station to deliver the coup de grace. You need to track down your daughter and make sure she's onboard with all of this.

Iris: Roger, wilco. You owe me one.

Cass: Iris, once you find Gwen, stay put till I call.

Iris: You're the boss.


Jack: Margo, there's got to be another way.

Margo: Can you refute the vendor's statement? I don't know what to tell ya, Jack.

Jack: Well, it's all my fault, Margo.

Margo: Jack --

Jack: I'm not arguing with you, it's just --

Margo: Jack, it's gotta be done.

Jack: Okay, just let me do it. Please? Margo --

Carly: Hey.

Jack: Hey.

Carly: So there's a statute of limitations on the stuff that happened when I was a kid, but Tom's gonna work on the blackmail --

Margo: You can take it from here?

Jack: Thank you, yeah.

Carly: And Tom, you'll call me?

Tom: As soon as I know anything.

Carly: All right. You know, I think that Tom's wrong about this. I think that when the judge hears what Iris did --

Jack: Honey.

Carly: -- I think it's gonna matter, you know? So I'm gonna call Jessica right now.

Jack: No, honey, we need to talk.

Carly: Well, this is very important, Jack.

Jack: Yeah, so is this.

Carly: What is it?

Jack: I'm sorry. I should've come forward when I suspected it. Should've never gone to trial, to the hearing.

Carly: What are you talking about?

Jack: I have to arrest you.


Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Maddie: What does B.J. Green want with a cheerleading outfit?

B.J.: I want a Halloween party where everyone comes as they were in high school.

Carly: Don't do it! Please, don't take him out of the only home he's ever known!


Carly: Come on, Jack. You were there, you saw it. It was an accident. I didn't mean to push Gwen down those stairs.

Jack: It's not about the stairs, Carly.

Carly: Well, then what is it?

Jack: The vendor from the park, Frank Hobbs? Got himself new representation, and he cut a deal. Immunity in exchange for the truth.

Carly: He told the police?

Jack: Everything.

Carly: So I'm being arrested?

Jack: For drugging Gwen.

Carly: What about you? Are you in trouble?

Jack: Yeah, they tend not to like it when you suppress evidence in a criminal case.

Carly: I was just trying to protect a little baby, and you were just trying to protect your wife.

Jack: Just so you know, they've got you on conspiracy for getting the vendor involved, reckless endangerment, assault --

Carly: Assault?

Jack: And child endangerment, honey, for conspiring to drug the child's caretaker.

Carly: Wow, okay. I'm gonna call Jessica as soon as I get home.

Jack: Honey, you're not going home.

Carly: What are you talking about?

Jack: I gotta lock you up. You gotta wait to be arraigned. Then they set bail.


Barbara: Jail is much worse than the state hospital, I can assure you. And jail is where you're going to end up if you don't break up with her.

Will: I'm not leaving her.

Barbara: This is not your problem, it's hers, and I'm not gonna let you suffer for her bad judgment.

Gwen: Look, she's right. I took the baby. It was my idea. I never should've called you. And if they charge me, I'll tell them that. That you didn't know I'd taken him until later.

Barbara: And so you'll be charged as an accessory after the fact. You're gonna go to jail, Will!

Will: No, I wonít.

Barbara: You have a record!

Will: I was a minor.

Barbara: And you're an adult in the eyes of the law. 17-year-olds get charged every day.

Gwen: He didn't do anything wrong.

Barbara: Except break the law. This kidnapping? Why did you even think you could get away with it?

Gwen: He's my son.

Barbara: And where is he now? Back with Carly Tenney. And you've done nothing but put yourself in the worst possible light. You are nothing but a reckless, thoughtless child, and you will never get custody.

Iris: I wouldn't be too sure of that. And if you talk to my daughter like that one more time, I'm gonna knock your block off.


Maddie: Of course when we move in, there'll be a full staff, so you can't just walk right in.

Casey: Why didn't you just say it was Fairwinds and save us a trip?

Lia: Will had his party here, right?

Maddie: Will had a party here?

Casey: Yeah, his brother used to live here. This place always gives me the creeps.

Lia: Well, you can come back to my place? My mom's at the dermatologist, and the maid has the day off.

Casey: Sure. Why not?

Maddie: The maid has the day off. I think it's fabulous. "Lucky lady?" What is B.J. Green doing buying women's clothing? He's a cross dresser and a stalker? No sequins, must be for Katie. No, be good. He'll never know.


B.J.: So how's the chef salad?

Katie: Crisp.

B.J.: What are you having? Wait, let me guess -- California burger and fries?

Katie: How did you know that?

B.J.: Well, you've always liked guacamole. Haven't you?

Katie: Yeah, since high school.

B.J.: And you were the most popular girl in your school.

Katie: No, wrong.

B.J.: Tell the truth.

Katie: I mean, I had a lot of friends.

B.J.: And you were on every dance committee. Which is why I hope you'll help me out with this Halloween party because I'm not really good at making people happy, you know, figuring out what kind of music they want to hear, or the type of beverage they want, or the fact that I don't think anyone says beverage anymore. That kind of sounds lame, doesn't it? Beverage. Beverage.

Katie: It's gonna be a great party, okay? Don't worry.

B.J.: Right. So, what about the theme? Other than the fact that it's a Halloween party.

Katie: Well, let me think. We did put this dance together at Jefferson High. Of course we had to try our hand at the under the sea theme, but ours was really good. We had coral all over every wall, and little starfish, and sea urchins --

B.J.: A giant octopus?

Katie: Yes, that we painted with dayglo paint, so it was beautiful when the lights were off.

B.J.: So did you have to make all this stuff by yourself? You didn't, did you?

Katie: No, not all by myself. Actually, there was this guy from, like, the science club or something. He actually helped me out.

B.J.: Really?

Katie: Yeah, I don't even know why. He didn't seem like the dance type. I don't even think he went to the dance. You know, kind of quiet, geeky, glasses, fat. But really sweet. He held the ladder while I put up the fishing nets.

B.J.: He was in love with you.

Katie: No.

B.J.: Oh, yeah.

Katie: No, we didn't even know each other. I mean, he was a math geek, and I can't even balance a checkbook. We didn't really run in the same circles.

B.J.: Yeah, well, doesn't mean he couldn't worship you from afar.

Katie: No, I don't think so.

B.J.: I do.

Katie: And how would you know?

B.J.: 'Cause I was that guy.

Katie: You, a math nerd? Never.

B.J.: Come on, I made a lot of money in computers. I had to start somewhere, right?

Katie: Okay, so you were a geek in high school.

B.J.: In love with the most popular girl in town.

Katie: And I'm sure she was in love with you, too.

B.J.: Didn't know I existed.

Katie: Oh, come on. I don't believe any of this. Look at you, you're gorgeous. And smart and generous and way too modest.

B.J.: Thank you.

Katie: So what were you really like?

B.J.: No one knew, not even me. It was my fault. I was in love with physics, I always had my nose jammed in some book.

Katie: Well, I feel sorry for her.

B.J.: Who?

Katie: The popular girl. She should have gotten to know you.

B.J.: Yeah, well, wouldn't have worked out. I was way too shy back then.

Katie: So, what? Still, you guys should've just -- you know, if you'd have given it a chance, gotten to know each other.

B.J.: Right. I'm going to repeat this again. It definitely wouldn't have worked out. We just didn't travel in the same circles. But now, you know, anything goes, which is why I'm throwing this party.

Katie: To meet someone. Brilliant, I like it.

B.J.: Yeah, meet someone. So, the theme?

Katie: Oh, yes, theme -- all right, hold on, let me brainstorm, think of some of the parties that we threw in high school.

B.J.: High school. That's it.

Katie: What?

B.J.: We'll have a Halloween party where everyone comes as they were in high school.

Katie: That's a great idea.

B.J.: And so you'll be a cheerleader?

Katie: Yes, I was a cheerleader, and you were a slide-rule jockey.

B.J.: A slide-rule what? That almost sounds interesting.

Katie: Yeah, I'm sure you were very interesting. Well, like, what kind of music did you like?

B.J.: You know what? Another time, with Mike at WOAK. Right now, I have to get going over to Fairwinds to meet the inspector.

Katie: Okay, well, this was fun.

B.J.: So you don't think I'm a jerk or anything like that anymore? You don't hate me?

Katie: No, I never hated you. I just didn't know you. But Mike was right, you're a really nice guy.

B.J.: Hmm. And you're the most popular girl in town.

Maddie: What B.J. Green want with a cheerleading outfit?

Katie: Please, just let him go. I'll do anything.

B.J.: Anything?

Katie: Anything.

B.J.: Cheer. Iíll do anything.

B.J.: Anything?

Katie: Anything.

B.J.: Cheer.

B.J.: Cheer.

Mike: No, don't do it!

B.J.: Hey!

Katie: Gimme a "b".0

B.J.: Louder!

Katie: Gimme a "j!"

B.J.: Mean it!

Katie: Whatta you got?

B.J.: Are you listening, Mike?

Katie: B.J., B.J., he's our man! If he can't do it, no one can!

B.J.: It's me that she wants. [ Laughs maniacally ]

Maddie: That man is sick.


Jack: The arraignment shouldn't take too long. We'll get you bailed out and home before you know it.

Carly: And then what? Jack, I talked to Ellen. She said that Rory was really fussy, that he wouldn't go down for his nap. Can't I just go home? I'll tuck him in. I'll come back!

Jack: I'm sorry. I'm sorry, babe.

Carly: Jack, he's been through so much. He needs to know that he can count on me. We'll get these charges thrown out, right? Right? And this will all be over really soon.


Iris: No one forced your son to be involved. He volunteered.

Barbara: He was coerced! He was manipulated by a desperate young woman who would do anything to get what she wanted. A tactic, no doubt, she learned from her mother.

Iris: Oh, honey, you don't scare me. In fact, I hear that you've spent more time in the nuthouse than your son.

Barbara: He needed medical care.

Will: Mom, its okay.

Gwen: Mom, what are you doing here?

Iris: I'm here to help.

Barbara: Help herself, most likely.

Will: Mom!

Gwen: No, she's right. My mom does have one agenda, her wallet.

Iris: What, you're gonna listen to this underfed clothes horse? Tell me something, honey, when was the last time a real man took a long, hard look at you?

Barbara: What's your going rate? I'll let him know.

Gwen: Mom, the last time you helped me, you led Carly to my door. I'd still be in New York. We'd still have my son if it wasn't for you.

Iris: Look, I'm trying to make up for that.

Gwen: I don't care.

Iris: I spoke to Cass Winthrop. He says he can get your baby back.

Barbara: Oh, won't that be wonderful.

Iris: You know what, my daughter is twice the mother that you are.

Barbara: Your daughter has no parenting skills, not doubt from watching the role model of her life.

Iris: Yeah, well, at least her kid loves her.

Gwen: Mom, don't make things worse.

Iris: Honey, I'm not gonna let her talk to you like that.

Gwen: You've talked to me like that my whole life. Why do you think I moved out? All you ever did is put me down or lie to me.

Iris: Have I lied to you? Yes, when I couldn't tell you the truth. But, honey, I'm not lying to you now. Okay, look, you don't believe me? I can prove it. We can go see Cass.

Will: No, she canít. She's supposed to take an MRI.

Iris: Well, you can do that later, okay? What's more important? Some stupid test or getting your kid back?

Gwen: If you're lying to me again --

Iris: I'm not. I'm trying to make up for that, okay? Come on. What've we got to lose?


B.J.: Mike? He shouldn't be leaving the door open like that.

Maddie: No.

B.J.: What the hell are you doing here?

Maddie: I -- I needed a phone.

B.J.: So you break into my house?

Maddie: No, the door was open, I swear.

B.J.: The door was open, so you just walk in? You know what -- you know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna call the cops. Better yet, I'll take care of you myself.

Maddie: Don't you dare come near me. I know who you are.

Katie: B.J.?


Nurse: Call me when she gets back. I'll make sure she gets seen right away.

Will: Thank you.

Barbara: Please tell me why this is your responsibility.

Will: Because it just is, all right?

Barbara: No, it's not all right. Thanks to this girl, you could be charged with a felony.

Will: And if that happens, I'll let you hire me the most expensive attorney in town, okay? Now will you please go home?

Barbara: No, I am not going to go home until you tell me why you have this attitude with me?

Will: You know what? You're gonna do what you're gonna do, Mom. So fine, knock yourself out. Stay up all night worrying. Call Dad, call an attorney, call a private investigator, whatever. Just stay out of my way, and we'll both be happy.

Barbara: Why are you being so cruel to me, Will?

Will: I can't change you, Mom. I've accepted that. And nor can I make you go away. But somehow, you and I, we have to coexist.

Barbara: I love you, Will.

Will: You know what? You say that every time you have to apologize or explain for why you just ruined my life again.

Barbara: You know, I haven't done this! This is your doing.

Will: Yes, it is.

Barbara: And you've made a mess of it.

Will: Maybe, but you know what? I'm happy.

Barbara: Happy? You're happy? You're gonna be charged, you understand?

Will: Yeah? I don't care, Mom. This is something I wanted to do, okay? I'm helping her and helping the child at the same time so she just needed to figure things out. She needs me.

Barbara: She needs you? Okay, Will. Just 'cause somebody needs you doesn't mean you're obligated to sacrifice your future for them.

Will: Yeah, I've already figured that out.

Barbara: Okay, fine. If this is what you want, if you want this, if you are declaring your independence, then bravo. We all have to do it at some point. But please, don't hitch a wreck into Gwen Norbeck. She needs you? Okay. And you say you want to make a go of this? I can see that. I can see you think that you have a relationship here. Then you have to understand something. You have to need her as much as she needs you. Do you understand that? And you know what? What does she have to offer you? Just her problems. She's gonna drag you down to her level. So I am begging you, you think about this before you embark on a path that's gonna take you to a place you truly do not want to go.


Carly: And you were right. I couldn't hurt a child.

Jack: No, you couldnít.

Carly: So it was worth it. All of it. To get myself back.

Cass: Aw, is it family day here at the precinct?

Jack: Oh, I knew you were behind this.

Cass: Mr. Hobbs needed representation. I was only too glad to oblige.

Jack: Oh, I bet you were.

Carly: I know that Iris is behind it. And you know what, it's not gonna work. Because whatever she's got on me, I got double on her.

Cass: Hey, you're the only one with ink on her fingers.

Jack: Did you come here to gloat? Get the hell out of here.

Cass: Sorry, but I have official business with your wife.

Iris: See, what did I tell you?

Cass: Would you excuse me for just a sec? I thought I told you to stay put and wait for my call.

Iris: Yeah, you also told me to get our girl onboard.

Gwen: Hey, my mom says you've decided to represent me again -- that you know a way to get my kid back.

Jack: What's going on?

Cass: I'll be right with you two, okay? I apologize, I needed to confer with my clients. Where were we? Oh, here you go.

Carly: What is -- what is that?

Jack: It's a subpoena.

Cass: Given the circumstances, or should I say given your current legal status, I made a request on behalf of my client. And I just received notice that it was granted. There'll be a hearing on the status of the baby boy currently in your custody.

Carly: You set me up. You brought the vendor in here and you had him give his statement, and now you're dragging me before the judge before I have a chance to fix all this.

Cass: The timing is unfortunate. And not that I make a habit of anticipating how a judge is going to rule, but I would suggest you call your sitter. Tell her to pack the child's things.

Carly: Hey! How could you do this? He needs to feel safe. He needs to be with the people that he knows and that he loves!

Iris: Yeah, he needs his mama. His real mama.

Jack: Get the hell out of here. All of you, out!

Carly: Gwen!

Iris: Oh, she's gonna look so nice for the judge in that orange jumpsuit, isn't she?

Carly: Don't do it? Please, don't take him out of the only home he's ever known.

Iris: C'mon, angel girl. Let's buy us a brand new crib.


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