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Lily: You made it through. I'm so proud of you. And I love you.

Holden: She'll probably be asleep for a couple of hours. Are you okay?

Lily: Trying to be okay.

Holden: Dr. Berg seemed very positive about the surgery.

Lily: I know. But there's no guarantee that they got all the cancer.

Holden: That's true. But as long as lucinda's optimistic, that should help a lot.

Lily: I'm holding on to hope with everything that I've got. There's just so much to think about. There's so many things to be afraid of.

Holden: And most of it out of your control.

Lily: I just think the hardest part for my mother is yet to come. I mean, how is she going to react when she looks in the mirror for the first time?

Holden: Lily, I'm sure that she has been preparing for that ever since she decided to have the surgery.

Lily: All the prep in the world doesn't help you face the reality of some situations.

Holden: That's true. But she has you. She has Sierra to help her through the tough times. And I think she's going to be okay, because she is one of the toughest, most stubborn women that I have ever met in my life. And I mean that in a good way.

Lily: Thank you.

Holden: It's going to be a while before she wakes up. Want to get a cup of coffee? Go to Java? Somewhere --

Lily: Are you asking me on a date?

Holden: I believe I am.

Lily: I really shouldn't leave her. But if you don't mind waiting around for a while, a cup of coffee would be really nice.


Gaston: Sorry to break you two up. But I got some new info I thought you'd want to hear right away.

Dusty: Did you find Nurse Thompson?

Gaston: Sorry, the trail's pretty cold.

Jennifer: No, no. No, you can't give up now. The fact that she ran just proves she's guilty. She switched my baby with another child.

Gaston: Or not.

Dusty: Why do you say that?

Gaston: Because I think I know why we can't find her.


[Phone ringing]

Emily: Hello?

Paul: Hi, it's Paul.

Emily: Paul? Where are you? Are you on your way to Java?

Paul: No, we're circling. The runway's backed up. What's going on?

Emily: Well, Megís little friend from the genetics lab just left Java and Meg looks like she's been hit by a bus. I'm telling you, I have no doubt in my mind she knows the truth about Jennifer's baby.

Paul: Well, you've got to make sure she doesn't tell anyone.

Emily: She's on the phone right now, Paul. Do you wanna make a bet who she's trying to reach?

Paul: You gotta stop her.

Emily: How?

Paul: I don't know. Think like me.

Meg: Hey Dusty, it's me. Can you please, please call me when you check these messages. Or at least leave your phone on. Look, I wouldn't be calling you if this wasn't important. I really need to talk to you right away.

Emily: Hi. You look a little flustered.

Meg: You know what? I haven't changed my mind, Emily. If you want to keep Dusty and Jennifer apart, I don't want to be in the middle of it.

Emily: Its okay, it's okay. I understand. Are you sure you're okay?

Meg: I'm just trying to get a hold of Dusty. I'm just having trouble.

Emily: Oh, well, why didn't you tell me when I walked in? I can help you. I know where he is.


Hal: Thank you for coming in, Mr. Winthrop.

Cass: Is this about a pending case, or is it something new?

Hal: I would like to speak to you as a father, not as a cop. But how you answer my first question will determine which way it goes.

Cass: If this is about Gwen Norbeck and your son, I've already answered it.

Hal: Not to my satisfaction.

Cass: Well, that's your problem, isn't it?

Hal: It's yours, too. Because if I find out that you withheld even the slightest bit of information that would've helped us track them down, I will see to it that you are disbarred.

Cass: Are we finished here?

Hal: No, we're not. When's the last time that you had a conversation with Gwen?

Cass: A few days ago. Since I'm not representing her any longer, there's no reason for us to stay in contact.

Hal: May I ask why she is no longer your client?

Cass: She proved to be too much of a risk for the money.

Hal: She doesn't have any. Neither does Will, since Barbara barred him from getting to his trust fund. And you don't look like the probono type. So somebody must've been footing the bill. Who was it?

Cass: I'm under no obligation to tell you that.

Hal: If you don't tell me, I'll find out another way. Why don't you save the city some trouble this time?

Cass: Are you asking as a father, or as a cop?

Hal: My son is on the run, aiding a fugitive. I am scared to death for him. What do you think?

Cass: It was Paul Ryan. He paid me.


Jack: No, Will. Donít.

Will: Get off of me!

Jack: Where's Gwen? Where's Gwen? Listen, I know you're scared. She probably is, too. But if you keep running, you're only going to make matters worse, and you know it. Listen, I want to help you. But you gotta help me.

Will: All right. Get off me. I'll tell you where she is.


Gwen: Hey, you stay the hell away from him.

Carly: I just want to be sure he's not hurt.

Gwen: He's fine, Carly. The only one capable of hurting him is you.

Carly: What do you call what you're doing, dragging him from place to place as you run from the police? Of the two of us, I'm the one that wants to protect him. I want to bring him home.

Gwen: No. His home is with me. I'm his mother. He belongs with me.

Carly: You poor, sad girl. Any chance that you had of getting custody, Gwen, it's gone now. You kidnapped him. You took him across state lines. You're going to go to jail for that. Look at you. You've got no plan. You've got no place to go. You've got him living in a park for God's sake!

Gwen: No. No, whatever I do, wherever we go, I know that he's better off with me. I know what you did, Carly. I know all about that baby that you killed. Do you think that I would ever let you get near my son again? I would die before I let you get your hands on him now.


Iris: I lost 'em. Oh, Gwennie. What a mess. But you're still here, and maybe I can find you before the cops do. Hey, hey, you seen a blonde with a baby?

Passerby: Sorry.

Iris: Oh, man.


Jack: Nobody's hurt, are they?

Will: No, Gwen's fine, the baby's fine. I took good care of them.

Jack: Well, I don't doubt it. What I don't understand is why you ran, Will. You're smarter than that. What the hell were you thinking?

Will: I thought she might be safer with me along. I didn't want her to get hurt. I told her to turn herself in. She wouldn't listen to me.

Jack: Where are they now?

Will: There's a school around the corner. The basement. You'll find her there.

Jack: So, that's how we're gonna play it, huh?

Will: What, that's where they are. I just left them a little while ago.

Jack: I was at the school already! I checked the basement! It's the first place we looked!

Will: What are you saying? They're gone?

Jack: Give it up, would ya? Gwen's hiding in the park somewhere. I know it. Don't tell me you don't know where she is.

Will: I don't, I swear.

Jack: I've watched you grow up. I've known you most of your life. Hell, your father's my best friend. Do you have any idea what this is doing to him? What he's going through right now?

Will: Yeah, I have a pretty good idea.

Jack: All right, then let's get everybody home safe and sound, shall we? Where are Gwen and Rory?

Will: I told you, the last time I saw them, they were in the basement of the school, okay. I left to get some supplies. That's when I spotted you. I don't care whether or not you believe me.

Jack: Okay, I believe you. Does she have access to a car?

Will: No, I have the keys right here.

Jack: Okay, since you left her just before I spotted you, she can't have gotten far, right?

Will: I guess not.

Jack: Good, so this is how we're gonna play it. I want you to go back to the school. I want you to stay there till I find Gwen and Rory. I'm gonna come back and get you. Can I trust you enough to do that?

Will: What choice do I have?

Jack: None, really. Give me your car keys and your cell phone. This is the best thing for Rory. You understand that, right? The worst thing for that little boy is if you kept running. We're in sync with that, correct? Good. Get going. Now, go.


Gwen: I told you to stay away. I'm not going to let you do to my baby what you did to the other one.

Carly: How could you think that I could ever hurt Rory?

Gwen: Stop calling him that.

Carly: Listen to me, Gwen. What happened to my little brother was a terrible thing. It was an awful accident. And I was just a child when it happened.

Gwen: Look, I don't want to hear your excuses. You're never going to get him back, not ever.

Carly: Be sensible! We've already alerted the local police. You'll be lucky if you make it out of the park, and even if you do, we will never stop hunting you down. Is that the kind of life that you want, always looking over your shoulder? Is that the kind of life you want Rory to have?

Gwen: Stop calling him Rory!

Carly: What are you gonna do? Where are you gonna go? What are you going to do if he gets sick? Do you have any idea how often babies get ear infections? Or stomach viruses? Or need checkups? Or vaccinations?

Gwen: Look, I'll find a doctor. We'll figure it out.

Carly: Do you know when to stop feeding him formula and start giving him baby food?

Gwen: Look, leave me alone.

Carly: And what are you going to do if he gets sick, if he's allergic to something that you fed him?

Gwen: Well, I won't come running to you. You killed another child.

Carly: And you are going to kill your own son if you keep running with him.

Gwen: Don't you say that. Don't you ever say that.

Carly: Gwen, if you love him like you say you love him, the two of us, we need to leave here together. We need to go back to Oakdale together, and we need to sit down and we need to work this out. Please. Please, you know I'm right. It's the best thing for your child. And isn't he all that matters now?


Lily: Hi.

Emma: How's Lucinda?

Lily: Good to see you.

Holden: Hey.

Emma: I was just going to -- gonna see Meg, so I thought I'd stop by and see if Lucinda was out of surgery yet.

Lily: She just got out of surgery. She's sleeping. She's okay.

Holden: Dr. Berg said the surgery went very smoothly.

Emma: Oh, that's wonderful, that's wonderful. She's been in my prayers, sweetheart, she has.

Lily: Thank you.

Emma: And Luke? Oh, how's he holding up after that nightmare in Mexico?

Lily: Physically, he's getting better, but emotionally, I think it's going to be a while.

Emma: Oh, it had to be a horrible time for him. For all of you.

Holden: Yeah, it was. It sure was.

Emma: I'm just so grateful that he's all right.

Lily: He even wants to go back to school. He does.

Emma: Well, that's definitely a sign probably that he's feeling better.

Holden: You want me to go track down meg for you?

Emma: No, no. I'm a little early for her. These are for your mama.

Lily: Oh, thank you.

Emma: Maybe we could find a nurse to put them in some water.

Lily: Oh, I'll do that right now. Thank you so much. They're beautiful.

Emma: Oh, okay.

Lily: I'll call and check on the girls, okay?

Holden: Okay. I'm gonna head over to Java and why don't you join me when you're done?

Lily: Okay, I'll be there soon. Bye.

Emma: Bye-bye, sweetheart. So, what, do I have to drag it out of you?

Holden: What's that?

Emma: Well, you told me that you worked on some things while you were down in Mexico, but it seems a lot more serious than that now.

Holden: Well, I'm hoping. But I don't want to talk about it because I don't want to jinx it right now. Lily is just focusing on Lucinda and Luke. And I'm doing the same.

Emma: I'm all for taking things slow. You know, I just long to see the two of you back together again. But it's good, it's good that you're careful, because I don't want to see my baby hurt again.

Holden: No, me, either. But things are good between us. We're talking, we're listening to each other, really listening.

Emma: That's encouraging, Holden.

Holden: And Luke, he's getting stronger. Lucinda's surgery seems to have been a success, so it looks like we're on the road to recovery.


Dusty: What do you think happened to Nurse Thompson?

Gaston: You remember the brother we used to bring her out of hiding? Well, it turns out he's in more trouble than we thought.

Jennifer: What kind of trouble?

Gaston: He was arrested in Alabama on a B&E. He had taken a construction job under a different name. But he up and walked away from the job on the same day Nurse Thompson quit her job at the hospital and disappeared.

Dusty: The reason she disappeared has to do with her brother's problems?

Gaston: Right. Nothing at all to do with your baby.


Emily: It's funny, when I was taking Paul to the airport, I ran into Dusty and Jennifer. They were catching a flight to Philly.

Meg: Philadelphia? Why?

Emily: I guess they were checking out a new designer, they said.

Meg: Oh. Well, did they say when they'd be back?

Emily: No, why? Is there a problem?

Meg: I just -- I really need to get a hold of him.

Emily: Oh, and you can't seem to reach him on his cell phone, huh?

Meg: No, I've left messages and I guess he's just too busy to pick up. You know what? I really need to get going.

Emily: Oh, really? I was hoping we could, you know, grab a cup of coffee.

Hal: Oh, good, there you are. I've been looking for you.

Emily: Why? What's wrong?

Hal: Meg, would you excuse us? I need to speak to Emily alone, please.

Meg: Yeah, of course. I was just going, anyway. Bye, Emily.

Emily: Bye. What's going on?

Hal: Have you or Paul heard from will?

Emily: No. I mean, I havenít. I can't speak for Paul, but why?

Hal: Gwen has kidnapped the baby from Carly and Jack.

Emily: What?

Hal: It looks like Will's hooked up with them, and helping them get away. So if you have heard from Will, or if Paul has, Emily, I need to know. Even if Will told you not to tell me anything.

Emily: No, I just spoke to Paul. He didn't mention anything. I'm so sorry. You must be worried sick.

Hal: I just can't believe that Will would do something so stupid. He's on the run, he's out of money, which makes me think the only person he might turn to is his brother.

Emily: No, he would've said something to me, I know it.

Hal: Not if he didn't want you to know.

Emily: Hal, don't start with that.

Hal: Paul's got something going on, Emily. He has for weeks. I felt it. I just don't know how caught up in it you are. Just how deep in are you, Em?


Emma: Oh, my sweetheart, I really, really do hope that you and Lily get back together again. I do. I just have to tell you, it just -- it just broke my heart to see the pain that you were in since the two of you have been separated.

Holden: Mom, I definitely have to take my part of the blame in this.

Emma: Yes, you do. You both made mistakes. But isn't it wonderful that the two of you are wanting to mend the mistakes? I really -- I really, really hope it happens, Holden. But what about that man that Lily was seeing? What's his name, Keith? Is that all over and done with?

Holden: Keith is out of the picture. He's definitely out for good.


Keith: Well, how about Oakdale Commons? No, no, I'm going to need a two bedroom. I've got a nephew that stays with me from time to time, and I want him to have his own bedroom. Well, how soon could I move into that? Really? Okay, I'll be there first thing in the morning. Good-bye.

Lily: What do you think you're doing?

Keith: Find a place to live. You kicked me out, remember?

Lily: I thought you were leaving town.

Keith: You thought wrong.


Dusty: Well, we don't know anything for sure. I think it's awfully convenient that Nurse Thompson quit her job and got out of town the same night your baby was born. Keep tracking her down, and find her deadbeat brother.

Gaston: Well, at least now I've got two people to look for. Makes it easier to find one of them. I'll be in touch.

Jennifer: Maybe we should just go home.

Dusty: Is that what you want to do?

Jennifer: What I want is to find proof that my baby is alive.

Waitress: Can I get you folks anything else?

Dusty: You're a new face. Did you just start work?

Waitress: Actually, I just came back on duty. I took an early break.

Dusty: Have you seen this woman?

Waitress: She looks kind of familiar, yeah.

Dusty: This is very important. Did you see her with anybody? Did anybody approach her, or say anything to her?

Waitress: Yeah, I think she was with this blonde woman.

Dusty: A blonde woman?

Jennifer: Who could that be?


Paul: Excuse me, is this plane going to land sometime this century?

Flight attendant: We're very sorry for the delay, sir.

Paul: I've got some business to take care of, and it's on the ground, so how much longer is it going to be?

Flight attendant: We can't land safely without clearance from the tower. May I suggest a nap?

[Paul dreaming]

Paul: Em, I'm home. Hello? Well, whatever you're cooking, it smells great. You wanna come on out of that kitchen? I'm lonely for you.

Jennifer: Hello, brother dear.

Paul: Hey, Jennifer.

Jennifer: Scotch with a splash of soda, yes?

Paul: Yeah, sure. Thank you. That's nice, thanks. Where's Emily?

Jennifer: Well, she was here earlier, but she left.

Paul: Where'd she go?

Jennifer: I'm not sure, but she was in a terrible hurry. I bet she was heading to the airport to meet your plane.

Paul: I didn't see her at the terminal.

Jennifer: Aw, too bad. So, how was your trip? Did you find us a nice little villa in Italy? Some place where you can shower your baby sister with love and attention so she'll forget that her baby is dead, even if he isn't?

Paul: What are you talking about?

Jennifer: Nothing. Sit, drink up. Dinner will be ready soon. You know, I never realized that Meg Snyder was such a thoughtful person.

Paul: When did you speak with Meg?

Jennifer: I didnít. She called Dusty. He told me.

Paul: Look, whatever Meg said to him --

Jennifer: You know exactly what she said to him. That's why your hand is shaking.

Paul: Okay, look, I can explain.

Jennifer: I can hear the ice knocking around in the glass. But I can fix that.


Paul: I can explain.

Jennifer: All this time -- all this time you've watched me dying by inches. You watched me pump myself full of pills and poison until my heart was this close to stopping cold. All you had to do was tell me what you knew, what you've known for months, that my baby didn't die that night. That I didn't have to mourn, that I didn't have to suffer.

Paul: Jennifer, I didn't want you to suffer. You would've suffered more with Craig Montgomery. I swear, I was only trying to protect you.

Jennifer: How dare you play God! How dare you! Oh, forget it. You're not going anywhere. Not after that drink.

Paul: What did you put in it? Jennifer, what are you -- what are you doing? No, thanks. I don't need that.

Flight attendant: Can I get you something else?

Paul: Yeah, maybe a drink. Definitely not scotch.


Emily: Why do you keep insisting that Paul has dragged me into some nefarious plot? And when are you going to start giving me a little bit of credit?

Hal: When you start proving to me that I should.

Emily: Well, see, that's the thing. I don't have to prove anything to you, Hal. Not anymore. You seem to be forgetting that.

Hal: I'm saying this for your own good. I know you, Em. You'll go with your heart instead of your head. You'll protect Paul at any cost. But you won't think about the consequences.

Emily: Why do you think I would want to protect Paul?

Hal: Maybe I better talk to Paul directly. When does he get back?

Emily: He's not here. He's landing in a few minutes. But don't think you can accuse me of being part of something without telling me what that something is.

Hal: I don't know if you're a part of it or not. I sure hope you arenít.

Emily: Paul has not done anything wrong.

Hal: Yes, he has. He's been helping Gwen for a long time. I think he knew that she intended to kidnap that baby, and he let Will go along with it. I even think he knows where they are.


Iris: Oh, hey, excuse me. Have you seen this girl? It's really important. I've gotta find her.

Passerby: Wait, did she have a baby carriage?

Iris: Yes! Yes, that's my Gwen! Where was she?

Passerby: Over that way.

Iris: Oh, thank you.


Carly: Gwen, I know you think you can make this work, but I'm telling you, as bad as you think it's gonna be, it's gonna be ten times worse. And this baby deserves better than that. You know he does.

Gwen: I want him to be safe. And happy.

Carly: We both do. Now, I know that we've both made mistakes, and there are certainly reasons why we shouldn't trust each other, but the one thing that we have in common is that we love this boy. We want what's best for him. Please, there's got to be some way we can work this out.

Gwen: No, you don't want to work things out. You want to take him away and then throw me in jail.

Carly: No, I'm telling you, if you give this baby back to me right now, I promise you no one will press charges.

Gwen: Why should I believe you?

Carly: Look at me. You know I'm telling the truth. Please. Please, just let me look at him, okay?

Will: Gwen! Gwen, let's go, now!

Carly: No, you're not taking him!

Gwen: Let go!

Carly: You're not taking him!



Announcer: Coming up, on "As the World Turns" --

Jennifer: Go home, Dusty. Go back to your life. I wouldn't blame you. I'll understand.

Announcer: Flight 275 with nonstop service to Tampa, Florida, is now ready for takeoff. Please fasten your seatbelts and return your seats to the upright position.


Carly: Oh, my God! Jack!

Gwen: No, stay away from him!

Carly: No, let go of me! You almost killed him!

Gwen: No, it was your fault, not mine. I won't let them take my baby away. I wonít.

[Carly pushes Gwen.]{Gwen falls down the steps.]



Lily: You can't be serious about staying.

Keith: Why? You're the one who keeps telling me that my life has nothing to do with you anymore.

Lily: You know, I don't think you believe that. I mean, if you really thought we were over, you wouldn't be planning on staying.

Keith: Well, I'm doing it for J.J. You know, he needs his family around, and I'm all he's got.

Lily: This is a bad idea on so many levels, really.

Keith: You don't own this town. I can do whatever I want.

Lily: Why stay? It's not because of J.J. I don't believe that.

Keith: Well, I'm doing it for you as well, because I think what we had was too good to be so easily destroyed. And I think that deep down, you know that, too.


Holden: Mama, you and I both know that Keith wasn't the only person to come between Lily and me. I made a bad call with Julia.

Emma: Yes, yes, you did.

Holden: And it's going to take some time, but I'm willing to do the work. It's going to be a lot of work.

Emma: Well, you know something? Ever since you were a little boy, you never, ever shied away from working for things that you believe in, that you wanted. And you really want this, don't you?

Holden: More than you'd ever know.

Emma: Well, then there's nothing -- nothing that can stop you from making it happen. Nothing.

Meg: Wow, listen to that vote of confidence. I should've brought my pom-poms.

Holden: I've got to get going, Lily's waiting for me. Mama, thank you. See ya, Meggy.

Emma: I know what you're going to say, so donít.

Meg: I was gonna say that I'm happy for Holden and Lily, and that I hope it all works out.

Emma: And that was all you were going to say?

Meg: Yeah.

Emma: You weren't going to ask me why I have shown so much support for Holden and Lily, and not for you and Dusty?

Meg: Well, since you brought it up, the question did cross my mind. You always seem to be opposed to Dusty, or you call it protective.

Emma: Oh, I love you. Of course I'm protective.

Meg: Did you ever think that maybe I need a little less protection and a little bit more support?

Emma: Oh, my baby girl, come on, let's talk about this over dinner.

Meg: I can't make it to dinner. I have to cancel, sorry.

Emma: What? Now, are you mad at me because --

Meg: No, no, no, no. It has nothing to do with you. I have to find Dusty. And don't look at me like that. It's not for the reasons you think.


Dusty: Brinks says that Nurse Thompsonís brother has a common law wife who's blonde. Maybe that's who the waitress saw.

Jennifer: Yeah, maybe.

Dusty: What?

Jennifer: That still doesn't explain why she called us to cancel. She didn't even know she was meeting with us.

Dusty: Well, the truth is none of this makes a whole lot of sense.

Jennifer: Yeah, maybe we've just been wasting our time.

Dusty: No, come on, don't say that.

Jennifer: Come on, Dusty. I mean, face it, we have just hit one dead end after the other. For all we know, Nurse Thompson could've run because of her brother and his problems, nothing to do with her, nothing to do with my baby. I mean, yeah, for a minute there, we got close. We thought we got close to something. But right now, he have to -- we just have to admit that we're back where we started.

Dusty: Are you saying you no longer believe your baby is alive?

Jennifer: I'm saying that I'm sorry for you wasting your time because it's not fair.

Dusty: Don't give me that. I wouldn't be here, I wouldn't do anything I don't want to do.

Jennifer: Go home, Dusty. Go back to your life. I wouldn't blame you. I'll understand.

Dusty: Hey. Where do you think I'm going? Unless I'm going with you. And I'm not giving up, unless you give up. Maybe not even then.

Jennifer: Why keep putting yourself through this?

Dusty: This started as a search and turned into something more -- at least for me.

Jennifer: You're talking about what happened earlier?

Dusty: We kissed, yeah.

Jennifer: Yeah, I think it was just the moment, you know?

Dusty: I think it was more. It meant more.

Jennifer: Maybe. But I don't know if I'm ready to go there yet.

Dusty: Okay. Just remember one thing -- I am here 'cause I want to be for you, till you don't want me around anymore. So it's your call. We stay, we go, I go, whatever, it's your call. You tell me.


Meg: If you think I've concocted some kind of phony emergency to get closer to Dusty, you're wrong. I've stumbled across something very important, something that involves Jennifer.

Emma: Mm-hmm? What is it?

Meg: Well, I can't tell you right now, but it's gonna change her life.

Emma: For the better, I hope.

Meg: Absolutely.

Emma: So I guess then she won't have to rely on Dusty as much, and that'll sort of free him up for you.

Meg: Look, there's no grand plan, okay? I'm just doing a good deed here, that's all.

Emma: Well, I just hope you know what you're doing, sweetheart.

Meg: I do know what I'm doing, and everyone's gonna benefit from it.

Emma: I hope so. Well, I want you to know that I love you, even though I have to have dinner alone.

[Meg laughs]

Meg: I love you, too. Come here. Thank you.

Emma: Cafeteria dinner alone all by myself. Bye-bye.

Meg: Bye. Hi, is this Street Jeans? Yeah, this is Meg Snyder. Um, I'm trying to get in touch with Dusty Donovan immediately. Yes, I've left messages on his cell phone, but if you could just tell me the hotel where he's staying in Philly, it would be -- Tampa? What do you mean? He's not in Philly, he's in Florida?


Will: Gwen! Gwen! Gwen, Gwen, can you hear me? Gwen, are you okay? Gwen? Gwen, wake up. Gwen. Gwen, can you hear me? Gwen, are you okay?

Iris: What happened? Gwen? What have you done to her?!

Will: Come on, wake up. Gwen?

Jack: Will, step aside.

Iris: Oh, is she alive?

Jack: Yeah, her pulse is strong.

Iris: Oh, thank God. Gwennie, angel girl, can you hear me? Sweetie? [Carly remembering] Its okay, angel girl. I got a plan -- the perfect plan to get you away from here, away from all of this. Its okay, my angel girl. You're gonna be all right. Isn't she, Jack? Tell me she's gonna be all right.


Lily: You're wasting your time. If you're staying in Oakdale because of me, you're just punishing yourself.

Keith: Listen, Lily, I'll take that punishment every day until you realize that everything I did, I did for you. I didn't leave Luke in Mexico. I wouldn't abandon him. And I'm not gonna abandon you.

Lily: Everything we had was based on lies. I told you, I can't live my life wondering if I can trust you.

Keith: Well, stop listening to all these people. I mean, they've been gunning for me ever since I came to this town. You're the only one who saw me for who I am. I can't let go of that. Lily, come on. We're -- we're too close.

Lily: My mother just got out of surgery. I've got to go.

Keith: No, don't go. Not yet. Please?


Jennifer: I don't know if we should keep looking or not.

Dusty: You still believe the baby is yours?

Jennifer: Yes.

Dusty: Then we don't give up until we prove it. I think we've got a card to play.

Jennifer: What's that?

Dusty: Not what, who.


Flight attendant: Ladies and gentlemen, flight 275 with nonstop service to Tampa, Florida, is now ready for takeoff. Please fasten your seat belts and return your seats to the upright position.

[Paul sits next to Meg on the plane.]


Hal: If Paul knows anything about where Will and Gwen might be, or if he said anything to you that might be helpful, I need to know.

Emily: If I knew anything, do you really think I would keep it from you?

Hal: I sure hope not.

Emily: Where did you get this crazy idea anyway that Paul is helping out Will and Gwen? I mean, it's ridiculous. His main focus has been Jennifer, getting her well, finding us a fabulous place to hang out in Italy.

Hal: "Us"?

Emily: Yes, us. I'm going to Italy with him. Are you surprised by that?

Hal: If that's all Paul's interested in, may I ask why he footed the bill for Gwen's custody claim?

Emily: How did you know that?

Hal: I'm pretty good at my job, and that's why I've lasted so long. So just answer the question. What the hell is Paul up to, and why is he suddenly so interested in Gwen and her baby?


Jack: Yeah, Riverside and 122nd. We'll be waiting for you. An ambulance is on the way.

[Carly remembering]

Iris: Angel girl. Oh, my angel girl. You were supposed to stay with him! Where is he? Where's my boy? What happened? Where's -- where's the baby? You were supposed to stay with him.

Young Carly: I --

Iris: Where is he? Where's my boy?

Young Carly: I --

Iris: What did you do? My God, Carly, what did you do?

Young Carly: I didn't do anything!

Iris: Oh, you are a liar! We both know you're lying. You've hated him since before he was born. Oh! Oh, my poor little boy! Where is he, my beautiful boy? Where is he? What have you done to my boy?!

Carly: Oh, my God. It wasn't a boy. Where is he? What have you done to my boy?!

Carly: Oh, my God. It wasn't a boy.


Announcer: Next week on "As the World Turns," sponsored by Kelloggís, who remind you to get a mammogram. 

Lily: Luke! Luke! Luke, Luke!

Jack: I can't believe I didn't see it before.

Carly: Gwen Norbeck is my sister?

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