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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 10/5/05

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Holden: Luke was out by the time his head hit the pillow.

Lily: He was exhausted.

Holden: Glad to be back in his own bed.

Lily: I should call to get the girls to come back.

Holden: They're okay with my mother.

Lily: I know. I'm sure Luke would like to see them.

Holden: They're probably just gonna wanna wake 'em up, jump on his bed and play with him.

Lily: You're right.

Holden: Plenty of time for all that.

Lily: I know, I just want all my babies safe under one roof.

Holden: I know.

Lily: I think I want to go watch Luke sleep.

Holden: Before you do that, we should probably -- look, we haven't had a chance.


Mike: Pretty cool, huh?

Katie: I still can't believe B.J. told you to keep this thing.

Mike: He said he had a bunch of them. You know, he's supposed to be the techno expert, so I'm pretty sure he was telling the truth.

Katie: Maybe, but how many bosses just throw presents at people they hardly know? What next, a Ferrari?

Mike: I hope so.

Katie: I'm serious.

Mike: So am I.

Katie: Mike, I know you. You don't mooch off other people.

Mike: Oh, hey, I'm not getting torqued up over somebody giving me a gift.

Katie: Yeah, well, how do you know there's no strings attached?

Mike: Okay, okay, okay. If B.J. comes in here with a Ferrari, I will send it back to the dealership.

Katie: Haven't you ever heard that old saying?

Mike: Never look a gift horse in the mouth?

Katie: No. Beware of strangers bearing gifts.


Henry: Yeah, a pink lady.

Bartender: Excuse me?

Henry: I'm sorry, I was thinking of a pink sweater -- not mine, someone elseís. No refill. I'm good, thanks. Thank you. Yeah, that's what she said. She said pink sweater. It's got to be you.

B.J.: Are you talking to me?

Henry: No, uh, I'm talking to myself. I do that all the time. Uh, here, have my seat, Mr. Green. Uh, I've gotta run.

B.J.: Ah, come on, call me B.J. and stick around, I'm buying.

Henry: No, that's very tempting, but --

B.J.: Well, maybe dinner later?

Henry: I'm usually a sitting duck for free food, but there's really something I've got to take care of.

B.J.: Sounds important.

Henry: It could be. Anyway, I'll take a rain check, huh?

B.J.: Any time. I'll see you around.

Henry: Count on it.


Casey: Drop it. I don't want to talk about Gwen.

Maddie: What, was she just another four letter word?

Casey: Don't even say her name around me, Maddie.

Maddie: Whoa. This girl really did a number on you.

Casey: I said to leave it alone. What, is English your second language or what?

Maddie: I don't need a translator to figure out what happened here. She dumped you, didn't she?

Casey: You really are clueless, huh?


Gwen: What are you doing? Are you crazy?

Carly: I was just a kid, Gwen. I don't even remember what happened.

Gwen: What are you talking about?

Carly: Playing dumb, or does it come natural?

Gwen: You are seriously twisted.

Carly: Maybe I was, but I've grown up. I am a good mother. I never meant to hurt that baby, and I know the judge will see that.

Gwen: Whoa, you hurt a baby?

Carly: And Margo and Hal and Emma, they will take the stand. They will testify.

Gwen: Wait. What baby? When?

Carly: If they don't take the stand for me, they will do it for Jack, and they will prove that I deserve to raise Rory!

Gwen: Carly, Carly, stop it! What did you do to a baby? You need to tell me.

Carly: Is that what Cass Winthrop told you to do, plead ignorance?

Gwen: Wait, you talked to my lawyer?

Carly: Drop the act, Gwen. I don't care how dirty he plays, you will not win this.

Gwen: Fine, whatever.

Carly: Do not whatever me! You may know about my brother. You may know what I did, but it will not help you get Rory! Nothing will.

Gwen: You had a brother?

Carly: Do you practice that surprised look?

Gwen: You know what? Could you just leave? I don't care about your stupid brother, whoever he is.

Carly: Like hell you donít.

Gwen: Is this some kind of joke?

Carly: God, you really don't know.

Gwen: Do you practice that surprised look? [Cell phone rings] Hey, we're not finished here.

Carly: Hi, Ellen.

Ellen: Hi, Mrs. Snyder.

[Baby cries]

Carly: What is that? Is that -- is that Rory? Is he okay?

Ellen: Well, he's spiked a fever, and he's got a little rash.

Carly: Call Mrs. Jennings and see if she can take the other kids. And bring him to the pediatrician's office. I'll be right there. I'm on my way now.

Gwen: Hey, is he sick?

Carly: That's none of your business.

Gwen: No, what's wrong with him?

Carly: I don't have time for this. Gwen --

Gwen: I need to know.

Carly: Well, it isn't about you. It never will be.

Gwen: Hey, you can't keep me from my own kid.

Carly: Watch me.

Gwen: It's me. I need to talk to you right now.


Maddie: Didn't anybody teach you manners?

Casey: Look who's been to finishing school.

Maddie: So you're telling me that this Gwen girl didn't break your heart?

Casey: Are you kidding me? I can't stand her. She's -- she's a lot like you -- out to ruin my life.

Maddie: Charming, Hughes.

Casey: Just stay out of it.

Maddie: Fine!

Henry: Play nice! Play nice, kids!

Maddie: Henry, what are you doing here? How did you find me?

Henry: I called WOAK. We need to talk.

Maddie: I canít. I have to deliver these coffees back to the station.

Henry: Now, Maddie.

Maddie: Henry, I canít. I will lose my job.

Henry: No, you wonít. No, you wonít. Here. Uh, you know what? Be a gentleman.

Maddie: Impossible.

Henry: Come on. Set my sister free.

Maddie: Henry --

Casey: I'm not the intern.

Henry: Will you just do it, please? It's a family emergency.

Maddie: Is -- is everything okay with Mom?

Henry: Mom's fine. Mom's just fine. Come on, be a sport, will ya? You know what? I will give you my last $20. There you go. Go crazy.

Maddie: Don't take his money.

Casey: Sure, I'd be glad to.

Henry: There you go. You're going places, kid.

Maddie: Oh, and do not mix those up. Your grandmother gets a decaf.

Casey: Don't push it.

Maddie: Oh, what -- so what's going on?

Henry: Get the laptop.

Maddie: My laptop?

Henry: Yeah.

Maddie: For what?

Henry: Just open it up.

Maddie: All right, okay.

Henry: Get online.

Maddie: Relax.

Henry: Log on, will you, please?

Maddie: All right. Give me a second. I told you, if this is about Katie --

Henry: Just --

Maddie: I am trying. Relax, Henry. I told you already. I got rid of Byron, all right? And he will never e-mail Katie again.

Henry: Don't be so sure.


Kim: How did you know that orchids were my new favorite?

B.J.: I do my homework.

Mike: Smart man.

Kim: Katie, you've got to stick your nose in my office. And check these out. They are gorgeous.

Katie: You're spoiling us around here.

B.J.: You won't be saying that when we start putting in 20-hour days.

Mike: You're softening up the help.

B.J.: Well, I like to think its inspiring loyalty.


Kim: You know, B.J.'s arranged a company picnic for the weekend up at Myers Lake. I hope you two will show up.

Mike: Sure. I don't see why not.

B.J.: You know what? You should include the whole crew, right? This is a team effort.

Kim: There's gonna be live music, lots of giveaways.

B.J.: Nobody walks away empty-handed.

Mike: More gifts.

B.J.: Well, it's corporate stuff. See, it just -- it just makes me happy to see people enjoying themselves. You know, Katie, I know you had a problem with that bottle of wine I gave you, but I hope we're past that now, 'cause I don't want to make you uncomfortable.

Katie: Me? No. No, please, I'm not uncomfortable. Not anymore.


Lily: What happened between us in Mexico had so much to do with being terrified for Luke. We needed each other.

Holden: I did need you. I still do.

Lily: I mean, it makes sense that we would turn to each other.

Holden: Proves my point.

Lily: I'm not trying to make a point.

Holden: The point is that when things were at their worst, we did what we always do. We remembered what we meant to each other. Lily, it's been too long without you.

Lily: So much has happened.

Holden: And none of it any good, not since we've been apart. And I blame myself.

Lily: No. We both made horrible, terrible, terrible mistakes.

Holden: I'm the one who left the marriage.

Lily: No, we both left the marriage.

Holden: Lily, turning to Julia was wrong. Don't shut me out. We need to discuss this. We need to talk about it. We need to deal with it, all of it. We need to talk about --

Lily: I don't want to talk about Julia, please.

Holden: I meant Rose. All this started after she died. That's when everything changed.

Lily: I didn't realize how hard it would be to say good-bye to my sister. I'm sorry.

Holden: Can you forgive me for what's happened? I see everything so clearly now. Our life, what's important, our family, and you are the center of all of it. I love you. I don't want to have to run away from that truth. I can't do it anymore. I love you.

Holden: This is the part where you're supposed to say something.

Lily: I don't know what to say.

Holden: Not a good sign.

Lily: I just have so many feelings.

Holden: Tell me.

Lily: Okay, I don't want to run from what happened between us in Mexico, but --

Holden: But what?

Lily: It doesn't erase the past.

Holden: Is it Keith? Do you love him?

Lily: It's not about Keith.

Holden: Lily, you can tell me. I can handle it.

Lily: Holden, our marriage has fallen apart over months, years. We can't just suddenly go back and pretend we have no problems. It's not fair to us. It's not fair to our kids.

Holden: Do you want me to back off?

Lily: No. I want to try. But I want to take things slowly -- not labeling it, not putting any expectations on anything.

Holden: And what about Keith?

Lily: I had strong feelings for him.

Holden: Past tense?

Lily: I couldn't commit.

Holden: Why not?

Lily: Because my heart belonged to somebody else. I never stopped loving you. I tried. God knows I tried. But I love you. I always have.


Maddie: No way, Henry. The guy looks nothing like Byron.

Henry: I'm telling you, Byron Glass is B.J. Green.

Maddie: All right, I'll scan again, get another picture.

Henry: It's the year after.

Maddie: Oh, yeah, you're right. All right, here it is. "Byron Glass -- Chess club, AP calc award, Science club. Look at him. He has a serious weight problem. B.J.'s kind of hot.

Henry: Shh, don't talk like that. So, he had some surgery. He shed some pounds. He definitely had some highlights. Why don't you make it bigger?

Maddie: I'll try. There we go.

Henry: Eesh.

Maddie: Well, I admit it. There is a vague resemblance.

Henry: "Vague resemblance." Pink sweater. Pink sweaters, Maddie. That's what his assistant said he was sending to k-k-k-Katie.

Maddie: All right, well, I will pull up his picture from his bio on the dotcom firm, and we'll put them side by side and just compare. Whoa, instant makeover.

Henry: All right, all right. I know they don't look exactly alike, but just look at the eyes.

Maddie: Could be.

Henry: Is. B.J. Green and the geek that was obsessed with Katie in high school are one and the same.


B.J.: That's great work, Mike.

Casey: Break time.

Kim: For heaven's sakes, what are you doing here?

Casey: Delivering coffee.

Kim: Well, where's Maddie?

Casey: I don't know. She got held up. She'll be here soon.

Kim: Is everything okay?

Casey: I'm just the delivery boy, Grandma.

B.J.: Grandma?

Kim: Oh, B.J., I'm sorry. This is my grandson, Casey Hughes.

B.J.: B.J. Green.

Casey: Like the B.J. Green?

Kim: Oh, one and the same.

Casey: I've read a lot about you, man.

Kim: Casey knows a few things about computers.

Casey: Is it true that you redesigned the delivery system for nonbinding codes?

Katie: Oh, man, here we go.

Casey: Aunt Katie.

B.J.: Aunt?

Katie: Yes, my sister is married to Kimís stepson.

Mike: Just figure they're all kind of related.

B.J.: Yeah, I'm starting to get that idea.

Casey: It takes most people years to figure our family out.

B.J.: Well, it's a good thing I'm a quick study. Casey, if you want, I can go over those codes with you, show you how I came up with the idea. I'll even get you the initial design sequence.

Casey: Really?

B.J.: Absolutely, be glad to.

Casey: What are you doing in Oakdale?

Kim: Well, B.J.'s my new partner of the studio. He's gonna be producing Katieís show.

B.J.: Yeah, if you're smart, you'll be real nice to your aunt, because if I have my way, she's gonna be a big star real soon.


Ellen: Okay, little guy, almost done.

Carly: Dr. Gray, how is he?

Dr. Gray: It's a good thing he was brought right in.

Carly: Why? What's wrong with him?


Gwen: Took you long enough.

Iris: Where's the fire?

Gwen: Carly was just here, going on about some secret. What was she talking about?

Iris: Hey, I told you. I didn't want you in the middle of this.

Gwen: I am in the middle. Who is he, Mom?

Iris: Who?

Gwen: The baby, Carly's brother. She said she hurt him. What did she mean by that?

Iris: She said she hurt him?

Gwen: Yeah, what did she do?

Iris: Oh, honey, look, she got you all upset. You need to calm down. Why don't you sit down? Look, that's the look on your face you always got when you were scared.

Gwen: No, I'm not scared. I want the truth!

Iris: All right, would you just cut me some slack?

Gwen: No, I won't cut you some slack! I cut you slack my whole life. I swore I would never trust you again. I must be the most stupid --

Iris: Hey, hey, hey! I'm on your side.

Gwen: Yeah, right! Get out! I don't need you. I'll find out about Carly on my own. Hey, I said leave now!

Iris: All right, Gwen, okay. You know what? Maybe I didn't give you credit. All right? Maybe -- maybe you can handle hearing what happened. So I'm gonna tell you. I'm gonna tell you everything.


Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

B.J.: What are you doing here?

Henry: The question is, Byron, what are you doing in Katieís life?

Carly: No one's ever gonna take you away.

Gwen: I'm getting him back.

Iris: No, you cannot go against the law.

Gwen: The law is wrong, Mom.


Carly: So, you'll have the results soon?

Dr. Gray: Yeah, the rapid Strep test was negative and his gums are hard. My guess is teething. I'll do an overnight culture just to be sure, and I'll get some gel for his gums.

Carly: Great. Thank you so much.

Ellen: I'm sorry for worrying you, Mrs. Snyder.

Carly: Oh, no, no. Please, donít. You did -- you did the right thing. We don't want anything to happen to this little angel. You can never be too careful. I learned that the hard way.


Iris: It's true, all of it. She killed the kid.

Gwen: Wait, her own brother?

Iris: Yeah, well, they tried to keep it quiet because he was a minor, but I was living here then and I remember there was all this talk. You know, it even made the news.

Gwen: And you didn't tell me?

Iris: Well, I didn't think it would help if -- you know, if it was just gossip. But I checked it out, Gwen, and the courts have sealed all those records.

Gwen: Oh, but I could've told my lawyer about it. Maybe he could've found a way around it. At least we would've had a shot.

Iris: Yeah, but you don't know that.

Gwen: My kid's living with a woman who killed another child and that's okay?

Iris: No. No, honey, that's not okay with me. Which is why I'm doing exactly what we were talking about. I spoke to your lawyer. I told him the whole story. He's working on a way of using it.

Gwen: How?

Iris: You need to have a little patience, just a little while longer.

Gwen: And let my kid live with that woman? Are you insane?

Iris: Hey, listen! Don't you lay this on me! All right? You cut me out of your life! You didn't want to see me again! So when I finally heard that you had a kid, it was already at Carly's, all right? I came here as soon as I heard because I wanted to help you.

Gwen: Fine. It's done. I'm calling Winthrop.

Iris: You don't need to because we're already doing that.

Gwen: Fine, then I'll call the judge. He needs to know about Carly today.

Iris: No, you listen to me. You -- use your head. You are not a lawyer. You could call that judge and say something and make it worse. I'm not gonna let you do that. You are not gonna do that, Gwen.


Lucinda: How's Luke?

Holden: He's sleeping.

Lily: A doctor checked him out in Mexico.

Holden: He was suffering from dehydration, exhaustion --

Lily: But he's gonna be fine. He's got a stomach ache. We just got to keep giving him fluids and keep checking on him.

Lucinda: He's okay?

Lily: He's okay. It's over.

Lucinda: Okay.

Lily: Thank goodness.

Lucinda: And what about Keith?

Lily: We haven't heard from Keith.

Lucinda: Oh, he probably ran away.

Lily: Mother.

Lucinda: Could he still be down there?

Lily: I don't know.

Holden: All we know is that we never saw him.

Lucinda: Huh -- probably ran off.

Lily: Mother.

Lucinda: Okay, darling. Anyway, I'm glad the damn clinic is shut down. I'm glad that Keith has gone missing from your life.

Lily: Luke is back. He's home. That's all that matters right now.

Lucinda: You look a little tired, darling.

Lily: I don't want to talk about me. I'd like to talk about you. How are you feeling?

Lucinda: I'm managing.

Holden: I'm gonna go check on Luke.

Lucinda: And if he's awake, would you tell him that his stern-faced grandmother is down here.

Holden: Will do.

Lucinda: I'm so glad to hear that the weather wasn't the only thing that was hot in Mexico.

Lily: Oh, Mother. I thought we were talking about you.

Lucinda: Oh, no, what do I want to talk about that for? I want to talk about hair loss and biting fingernails and hospitals and tests. And I just want to know -- is the magic still there? I mean, you wouldn't hurt my feelings if you told me.

Lily: I'm not gonna talk to you about that.

Lucinda: No, I don't mean that. I just want to know if you're happy. 'Cause if you're happy, could you look it? Could you look happy?

Lily: Yeah.

Lucinda: That's what I want to see, honey. That's the medicine that I need. That's all one truly needs. Oh, honey.


Katie: Don't exaggerate.

Casey: Did you or did you not set the kitchen on fire?

Katie: Did.

Mike: You might want to rethink that kitchen on the set idea, B.J.

Katie: You can just stop ganging up on me now, thank you very much.

Casey: When Aunt Katie'd baby-sit, it'd be like riding a roller coaster.

B.J.: Yeah, it was a lot of fun, I bet.

Casey: Yeah, when we weren't calling 911.

B.J.: Any other stories?

Katie: No, no, no. That's enough, wise guy.

Casey: Yeah, well, I've got to go to the library anyway.

Kim: Okay, come on, kiddo. I'll walk you out.

Katie: Oh, and make sure you send Maddie back with the coffee next time.

Casey: All right. See you later, Aunt Katie.

Mike: I'm ready to call it a day.

Katie: Me, too.

B.J.: I hope we didn't embarrass you.

Katie: Oh, well, you just wait. I'll get you back. I'm sure you have a nephew out there somewhere who would be willing to tell stories about you.

B.J.: And let him bore you to tears? No, it's -- you know, you should just download my bio.

Mike: Come on, man, we want the untold story.

B.J.: I wish there was one.

Katie: No secrets?

B.J.: I'm an open book.

Mike: Guess we'll have to take your word for it. Well, see you tomorrow.

B.J.: Good night.

Henry: That open book is a big mystery. A big fat mystery, one might say.

B.J.: Henry, what are you doing here?

Henry: The question is, Byron, what are you doing in Katieís life?

B.J.: That didn't take long.

Henry: Well, at least you're not denying it. B.J. Green, dotcom wizard, is really Byron Glass, overweight math prodigy. It really is a small world after all.

B.J.: And getting smaller all the time.

Henry: I can understand why Katie didn't recognize you. You are just a shadow of your former self.

B.J.: Well, it's the power of exercise, Henry.

Henry: What are you doing, sneaking back into Katieís life?

B.J.: First of all, I was never really in Katieís life to begin with. And if by sneaking, you mean me buying into the station and producing the show, is there really a crime in that?

Henry: No, there's not a crime, not if you come up and say, "Hey, Katie, it's me, Byron Glass. I'm the dorky, fat kid from high school." See, that way, all the players know one another.

B.J.: But what if I'm not a player?

Henry: What are you after?

B.J.: Some fun, Henry. After all these years, just a little fun.

Henry: Some fun. Some fun with Katie.

B.J.: With life.

Henry: Uh-huh. So, the flowers, the sweater --

B.J.: Does not a felony make.

Henry: Yeah, now, why did you change your name?

B.J.: Why keep it?

Henry: So people know who you are when you pop back up on the radar.

B.J.: Okay, I got sick of the jokes. All right? I've heard them all. Byron the blimp. Byron the four-eyed fatso. All of them. See, green was my mother's maiden name, so that seemed like a logical choice. And I will ask you one more time, if there are any laws I've broken, I would sure like to know.

Henry: How about the laws of decency?

B.J.: Have I been indecent?

Henry: You need to tell her.

B.J.: Okay -- I -- I don't see what the big deal is. I just made a little money.

Henry: Yeah. Yeah, and "the Donald" just owns a little bit of real estate. Come on!

B.J.: You know what? My accountant turned me onto this deal. All right? I was looking for an investment, and I didn't even put it together that Katie lived here until after I had already made the offer.

Henry: Really?

B.J.: Wow. You really are overprotective for an ex.

Henry: I'm not your typical ex.

B.J.: Yeah, I'm getting that feeling. Look -- Henry, I know Katie is a great person, she always was. I mean, she never had any cracks about my weight. She was one of the nice girls. She always had a smile and a kind thing to say.

Henry: Mm-hmm, and you fell madly in love with her, didn't you?

B.J.: I had a crush on her, sure. So did every other guy I knew. Look, when I got here, it was my intention to tell her. I was just gonna tell her, who I am, and then she didn't recognize me and I figured, why should I bring up all that old baggage? Right? Why not let her get to know the man that I am and not remember the boy that I was.

Henry: Don't -- don't you think it's just a little bit underhanded?

B.J.: Okay. If you really have a problem with this, I'll come clean.

Henry: Good.

B.J.: And then she can back off of this whole deal, not do the show and then go back to work at the gym. You were part of that deal, right?

Henry: Yeah, I brokered it.

B.J.: Yeah, you think she's anxious to get back to the struggle, back to the month-to-month suspense of whether or not she's actually going to pull a salary?

Henry: Well, golly, since you put it that way --

B.J.: I'm sorry. Look, I've got big plans for Katie, okay? And the station -- and even you, if you're interested.

Henry: You have big plans for me?

B.J.: Yes. Yeah, sure. Absolutely. See, the truth is, I need an assistant. Someone quick -- someone fast on his feet, someone who understands the value of trust.

Henry: Thanks, man, I got a job.

B.J.: This one has a competitive salary and a suite adjoining mine at the Lakeview.

Henry: Digs and dough?

B.J.: Room service at your fingertips, expense account, access to the private jet --

Henry: And all I have to do is keep your chubby little past a secret. My, my, my, Mr. Green, you sure know your way around a bribe.


Mike: Well, what's not fun about this? I mean, the money, the publicity?

Katie: No, you know that I love all that stuff. It's just that I feel weird. He keeps flirting.

Mike: Not with me.

Katie: Mike, I'm serious.

Mike: All right, all right. I understand what's going on. Look, I had my head buried in design plans and I haven't been very attentive. I'm sorry. Tell this woman I adore her.

Katie: Mike.

Bartender: He adores you.

Mike: And I would walk through fire for her.

Bartender: Don't push it, pal.

Mike: All right, just get her something to drink, whatever she wants, all right?

Bartender: All right.

Mike: Thanks. I'll be right back.

Katie: Where are you going?

Mike: To show you that B.J. Green is not the only one who knows how to treat a lady.


Carly: Ellen, would you go pick up Sage and the boys? I'm gonna wait for the doctor and then I'll meet you at home, okay?

Ellen: Oh, of course.

Carly: Thanks. Jack was right, sweetheart. I should have kept my big mouth shut. I should have stayed away from Gwen.


Cass: Hey, I'm a lawyer, not a referee.

Gwen: Do your job!

Iris: She wants to call the judge.

Gwen: You should have called the judge! How can you let Carly take care of my kid after you know what she did?

Cass: Gwen, your baby is fine.

Gwen: For now. I want him back today.

Cass: We don't have a case.

Gwen: Put her on the stand. She knows the story.

Cass: It's all hearsay.

Gwen: Then we get proof.

Cass: Gwen, your mother and i have talked about this situation. I've even made my own investigation, but those records are sealed. The legal system is very protective of juvenile offenders.

Gwen: Even if they kill another kid?

Cass: You want my opinion, we stay out of court and we lean on Carly privately.

Gwen: Why?

Cass: Because on paper, Carly Snyder appears to be a responsible, upstanding citizen with three other healthy, happy children and a whole load of character witnesses.

Gwen: You know what? I've listened and all I get is the runaround. I'm going to the judge and I'm telling him what Carly did.

Iris: Hey, wait a second here. You want to tick him off? You're gonna call him up and you're gonna yell and scream at him, and you're gonna end up with nothing again.

Cass: She's right.

Gwen: And if we don't go through the law, it's not legit. Carly can back out.

Cass: Okay, fine. I'll prepare a brief and submit it to family court along with a petition to unseal those records.

Gwen: How long will it take?

Cass: I'm not sure.

Gwen: Get sure! Every second that we wait puts my kid in danger.

Iris: Honey, you know what? I hate that woman just as much as you do. Okay? But that baby is tied up with her sister. She's not gonna hurt him.

Gwen: No! You don't know that.

Cass: Gwen, just cool off. If we get lucky, there's a good chance we'll get a new hearing. Just don't do anything without talking to me first.

Gwen: Fine.

Iris: I'll show you out.

Cass: We have to be smart about this, kid. How the hell did she find out?

Iris: Carly stormed over here and flipped out. She didn't tell her everything, but just enough for Gwen to have tons of questions. Who do you think she leaned on?

Cass: What did you tell her?

Iris: I told her that Carly killed her own baby brother.

Cass: Yeah, and what else?

Iris: Nothing.

Cass: You didn't tell her about your connection?

Iris: No. Well, I didn't tell her that I had a baby with Carly's father. I mean, you saw her. She was angry just because I didn't tell her anything before now. I mean, she's on fire. We don't know what she's gonna do to try and get that baby away from Carly.

Cass: Just keep her in line. I'm a lawyer, not a magician.

Iris: Yeah, well, what do you suggest I do?

Cass: That's your problem. I've got my own. I just found out that Carly has retained Jessica griffin.

Iris: Who?

Cass: She's a top-notch attorney. She could slow up the process, maybe even shut it down.

Iris: How?

Cass: If Jessica Griffin can convince the judge to keep those records sealed, it's all over, Iris. The baby will stay with Carly and Gwen won't have a prayer of ever getting custody.


Casey: I'm delivering coffee so you can play on your computer?

Maddie: Casey, I really appreciate --

Casey: You know what? Just cut the phony gratitude. What was the emergency?

Maddie: It's fine now.

Casey: Yeah, well, you're making me look bad.

Maddie: Relax! I'm heading back to the station now.

Casey: Well, what was so important? Whoa, is that your boyfriend?

Maddie: Get lost.

Casey: Just chill.

Maddie: Mind your own business.

Casey: Well, if you ask me, your boyfriend needs to join a gym.

Maddie: Well, we can't all be superficial like you, now can we?

Casey: I know, it's a shame.

[Maddie sighs in disgust]


Henry: Well, silence really is golden.

B.J.: That's an offer, not a bribe. You'll have to work for every last cent.

Henry: Doing what exactly?

B.J.: Administration, scheduling, press briefings, analyzing acquisitions, risk analysis reports. You think you can handle that?

Henry: Please, my middle name is versatile.

B.J.: Yeah, so I gather. Let's see here. Henry Coleman -- former TV exec, private eye, limo driver, poker player --

Henry: Strictly amateur.

B.J.: High school track star. Went to the Ivy League on scholarship, but was booted out for --

Henry: You are one thorough fellow, aren't you?

B.J.: You have no idea. You interested?

Henry: Listen, pal, I could make your life easier in a dozen different ways.

B.J.: Agreed.

Henry: Mm-hmm, and I know my way around a secret, but this is Katie.

B.J.: All right. Look, if you really have a problem with this, just go ahead and tell her. I really don't care.

Henry: That's a nice bluff.

B.J.: I'm not bluffing. Worst case, she backs out of the project. I sell my stake in the station, try my luck in L.A.

Henry: It's a long way to L.A.

B.J.: Everywhere is a long way from here. Look, Henry, you got to think about this, okay? If you really don't trust me as much as I think you don't, this would be a great way to keep an eye on things, wouldn't it?

Henry: This suite at the Lakeview, it's totally comped?

B.J.: Totally.

Henry: Okay, well, eventually I'm gonna need a place of my own.

B.J.: Is there someone special?

Henry: Very.

B.J.: Okay, well, with what I'm prepared to pay, you'll be able to afford your own place very soon. Very soon, but that's, you know, no pressure.

Henry: None felt. Although, I do feel your pain, beej. Bubbles is very difficult to forget.

B.J.: Bubbles?

Henry: Oh, not everything pops up in the research, huh? Anyway, you have made one good point. Someone around here needs to keep you honest.

B.J.: And can you think of a better man for the job?

Henry: Frankly, no. You've got yourself a deal, Mr. Green.


Mike: Miss me?

Katie: Where were you?

Mike: Not far. I ordered something special.

Bartender: A beer for the gentleman. And for the lady --

Katie: Thank you. Mike, what is this?

Mike: Open it.

Katie: They're making snow angels.

Mike: You remember?

Katie: Of course, how could I forget? Thank you. I love it.

Mike: Turn it over. Do you remember what we did after we made snow angels?

Katie: Of course, I do.

Mike: I rented a suite.

Katie: Yes, you did. But it's not snowing.

Mike: Sure it is.


Holden: I'm gonna head over to the farm to see the girls. Luke, he's still out.

Lily: Okay. Kiss the girls for me. Tell them I'll see them soon.

Lucinda: Hey, darling. Thank you for bringing my buddy safely home. Thank you.

Holden: I didn't do it alone.

Lucinda: Well --

Holden: I won't be long.

Lucinda: And that's what a good man looks like.

Lily: Okay, I'm not ready to talk about the future just yet.

Lucinda: It's a funny thing, darling, that's all I can think about.

Lily: I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to bring that up.

Lucinda: Oh, please, don't talk apologies and stuff like that. I don't care about that. I just need to know -- I really need to know that everything's all right --

Lily: What things?

Lucinda: Obvious things, dear. Obvious things -- my kids, my grandchildren -- I just need to know that everybody's healthy, wealthy and wise, especially now.

Lily: Mother, what are you talking about?

Lucinda: I'll tell you what I'm talking about. I went to the hospital and I got a second opinion, by the way. And I'm -- I'm there, honey. I'm there. I'm gonna go the mastectomy route.


Carly: You know, Parker just lost a tooth. He did. And he put it under his pillow and the tooth fairy came. And she gave him $5. Don't be too impressed. It's just because I didn't have any change. And Santaís gonna be here soon. And I want to make sure I get a picture of you and Parker and J.J. and Sage all on Santaís lap. So, it's a good thing he's got such a big lap. You're gonna be with us forever, Rory. I promise you that. No one is ever gonna take you away.


Gwen: Before you try to lie to me, I heard him. If we don't get those records, it's over.

Iris: What else did you hear?

Gwen: That Carly got a new lawyer.

Iris: Oh, honey, she won't win. We will.

Gwen: What if she makes sure the murder stays a secret?

Iris: Cass is smart. He'll figure something out. Look, honey, I know that you're worried about the baby, but I have faith he'll be fine.

Gwen: What if Carly snaps?

Iris: She won't snap.

Gwen: She did before. No, I'm getting him back.

Iris: No, you cannot go against the law.

Gwen: Hey, the law says that it's okay for Carly to drug me and get away with it, that it's okay for her to kill a kid and get away with it. The law is wrong, Mom!

Iris: Now, you watch that temper of yours. You do something stupid and it's over.

Gwen: No, it's already over. I want my kid out of that house. I don't need you. I don't need Cass Winthrop. I'm getting him back myself.


Announcer: On the next "As the World Turns" -- sponsored by Kelloggís.

Barbara: What's going on here? Where are you two going?

Emily: If Gwen loses and Carly gets permanent custody of the baby, that you're gonna keep your sister in Italy for good?

Carly: I'm winning this thing, Jack, no matter what they try to do.

Iris: You take that kid now and you can kiss him, and you can kiss that money good-bye! You understand?!

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