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Henry: You are going to love living here, Maddie.

Maddie: As much as anybody would love being pawned off on a bunch of strangers.

Henry: Not strangers. Margo's my ex-sister-in-law.

Maddie: So, what does that make me? Her ex-ex sister-in-law once removed?

Henry: She's gonna treat you like one of her own.

Maddie: Great, smothered by a family I hardly know.

Henry: What do you mean smothered? What's with smothered? You're not gonna be smothered. Casey's here. He's great. I hear people love him, and he will show you the ropes at Oakdale Latin. You're gonna fit right in.

Maddie: Why do I care about fitting in with a bunch of high school kids?

Henry: Hey! Hey, I just remembered there is a down pillow in the limo that Katie said you could have.

Maddie: Oh, goody! With the proper bedding, I could -- I can live anywhere. Okay.

Henry: I will be right back.

Maddie: Oh.

Casey: Your timing reeks. My parents aren't even home yet. And, frankly, you're the last person in the world I want to see right now.

Maddie: Oh, and you think you're on my bottom ten list?

Henry: Ah! Home sweet home!

[Henry chuckles]


Barbara: Oh, Meg?

Meg: Hey.

Barbara: Hi. How are you? I just stopped by to see my daughter, and bring her some fresh flowers and she's not in there. Is she in the solarium? Is she out for a walk?

Meg: I'm sorry. I guess nobody notified you.

Barbara: Notified me of what?

Meg: She was moved to a different facility.

Barbara: I don't understand.

Meg: She was transferred to Deerbrook last night.

Barbara: That's a psychiatric hospital.

Meg: And one of the best.

Barbara: My daughter is here to detox. And, yes, get a little therapy, but she doesn't mean she needs to be locked up.

Meg: Actually, there was a little incident last night. And it was decided that Deerbrook will be a better place for her right now.


Dusty: Jenny.

Jennifer: Dusty. If you're here to gloat, just get it over with. You were right, I'm a horrible mess. What are you waiting for? Now that you've seen it for yourself, why don't you just go?

Dusty: I'm not going anywhere.


Carly: You brought me tea.

Jack: I said I would.

Carly: I'm sorry I fell asleep. I wanted to stay awake so we could talk.

Jack: It doesn't matter.

Carly: But after everything that happened with Jen, you know, I guess I was just fried.

Jack: You don't have to explain yourself.

Carly: You're still mad at me, aren't you?

Jack: I don't know, Carly. You think what you did was justifiable. I'm never going to agree.

Carly: So is this how it's gonna be from now on? You brooding and distant and me trying to make nice?

Jack: Something happened last night. I didn't know what to make of it, so I came out here to think.

Carly: What? What happened? Can you tell me?

Jack: When I was at Java, getting your tea, I saw Gwen there.

Carly: What did you say to her?

Jack: Nothing. She wasn't alone. That's the part that bothers me.

Carly: Who was she with?

Jack: Iris.

Carly: Iris?

Jack: They were pretty intense, Carly. I'm afraid they're up to something.


[Knock at door]

Iris: Okay. Welcome home.

Gwen: Where'd those come from?

Iris: What do you mean? I had those for years. What? You think I wouldn't keep a few reminders of my little girl? Even though she left me.

Gwen: You never had those out the whole time I lived with you.

Iris: I didn't need to have the photos. I had the real thing.

Gwen: Spare me.

Iris: You know, it's true what they say, you don't realize how much you really miss someone until they go away.

Gwen: I gotta go.

Iris: Please don't go. I asked you here for a reason. You wanted me to help you get your baby back, and so I've started it. Don't you want to know what I did? Look, before we get into everything, you want a snack? I've got some cherry pop and lucky cakes in the kitchen. You know, just like when you were a little girl.

Gwen: You gonna hog 'em just like you and your friends used to, just like when I was a little girl?

Iris: The main thing is, we were a family back then.

Gwen: You know what? Can we spare the whole fake nostalgia thing and get to it? Did you find out any information about the paternity test from the hospital?

Iris: Not yet.

Gwen: Then what am I doing here?

Iris: Well, we're just trying to get to know one another again. So the other is just gonna take a little work, that's all.

Gwen: Do you even know anybody who works at the hospital anymore?

Iris: Yes, I know people at the hospital. I just, you know, burned a few bridges, but I can mend them.

Gwen: But you haven't actually spoken to anybody on staff yet?

Iris: I spoke to the man who sold you the bottled water and who brought the baby back.

Gwen: He actually spoke to you?

Iris: Sure. That's because I was real smart about it. You see, I told him I heard about him on the radio and he was such a hero for brining back the baby. You know, you tell a guy a few things about himself and -- bam! You got him hooked. It's amazing.

Gwen: Yeah, but did get him to admit that he was in cahoots with Carly?

Iris: Not yet. But I will. 'Cause I set up a meeting with him for later.

Gwen: And you think the guy's gonna admit to feeding me sleepy water just 'cause you're such a charmer?

Iris: No, I'm not that naive. Charm only gets you through the door. He's gonna talk because I've got something better than charm.

Gwen: What's that?

Iris: Cold, hard cash.

Gwen: Where'd you get that kind of money?


Carly: What do you mean, it was intense? What was Iris saying?

Jack: I couldn't hear anything from where I was standing, but when Iris gave her a hug, that pretty much said it all.

Carly: I can't believe that witch is still after me. I gave her everything she wanted.

Jack: Wait, listen, what witch are we talking about? Iris or Gwen? 'Cause you sure as hell didn't give Gwen what she wanted.

Carly: They're both evil as far as I'm concerned. Cut from the same cloth. It scares the hell out of me that they were together. They're obviously cooking something up, some way to take the baby away.

Jack: Yeah, well, I hope not, but that's my hunch, too. That's why I've been trying to wrap my mind around it all night.

Carly: So you didn't talk to either one of them?

Jack: I wanted to have a chance to figure it out. Last time I talked to Iris she said she was gonna wash her hands of you and forget the past. So why is she suddenly talking to Gwen? What reason, other than to hurt you, could make her suddenly have an interest in this kid?

Carly: I stopped paying her.

Jack: What are you talking about? Paying for what?

Carly: I gotta tell you something, Jack. But you gotta promise not to hate me.


Barbara: I do not understand. I know that my daughter's having trouble coping. She's in withdrawal.

Meg: She became delusional.

Barbara: Yes, which can happen after one has been self-medicating. I know that she's unstable. That doesn't mean she's insane.

Meg: All I can tell you is Jennifer sneaked out of the hospital last night.

Barbara: What? To go where? Is she all right?

Meg: She went to Carly Snyder’s house, took the baby and was claiming that it was her own.

Barbara: Oh, my God. Why didn't anyone call me? I'm her mother.

Meg: Well, from what I understand, the priority was to find Jennifer and make sure she was safe.

Barbara: By committing her? How can that even happen without the consent of a family member?

Meg: A family member was there and he authorized the transfer.

Barbara: Not me. Not her father.

Meg: No. Paul.

Barbara: Was Dr. Michaels even notified? Was she called?

Meg: Yes. Yes, she was, and Dr. Michaels signed the order.

Barbara: Okay, there's a mistake here. Somehow --

Meg: Okay, look, I am so sorry. I understand. You probably feel left out of the loop, but Jennifer needed care and time was of the essence.

Barbara: Thank you. Ah, Jen. How could this be happening to you? Paul, where are you? Where are you? Will, honey, its Mom.

Will: Hi, what's up, Mom?

Barbara: I need you to get your father and meet me over at my suite.

Will: Why? What's going on?

Barbara: Something terrible has happened to your sister and we have to help her.


Dusty: You know me better. Just 'cause you try to kick me out of your life doesn't mean I'm goin' anywhere.

Jennifer: I know I messed up.

Dusty: You kinda did. Do you know how?

Jennifer: Yeah. I was taking meth and lying about it. And you know, it really -- it did make me nuts for a while. But that's not why I'm in here.

Dusty: Last I heard, you were in the hospital, kickin' the habit. What happened?

Jennifer: I had to get out to see my baby, so I left.

Dusty: See your baby? Huh?

Jennifer: Believe me, I know it sounds crazy, but it's not the drugs talking. I'm not high anymore. I know what I'm saying. My baby is alive.


Henry: Of course, you two don't know each other that well, but hey, it won't take long. Before you know it, you both will be bosom buddies.

Maddie: Great image, Henry.

Casey: Can't wait.

Henry: You're gonna get along like the dickens.

Lia: Casey? Casey?

Maddie: Oh, hey, if I'm not mistaken, that sounds like your friend. The one that smells like -- wait, what was it? Oh, that's right, a beautiful fall evening. I don't really know the exact words, 'cause I was too busy gagging.

Casey: Real cute.

Maddie: Mm.

[Doorbell rings]

Lia: Hey.

Casey: Hey.

Lia: You said your parents weren't going to be home, so -- what is she doing here?

Maddie: Oh, Lia, this is my brother, Henry. Henry, Lia.

Lia: Hey.

Henry: Hey.

Maddie: She makes Paris Hilton look like a Rhodes scholar, so don't even waste your breath.

Henry: Okay.

Casey: I'm sorry I didn't call. I didn't know she's was moving in today.

Lia: She's moving in?

Casey: It's something my aunt set up with my mom. Don't ask, but she is gonna be living here for a few weeks.

Lia: Oh, well, doesn't that sound just fun. You know, I just remembered I have a nail appointment, so I'm going to go.

Casey: Aw, Lia, don't go.

Lia: Sorry, Casey, it's just a little too crowded in here for me.

Casey: Lia. Lia, come on.

Maddie: Oh, please, don't make me move in here. Just let me live with you.


Carly: Oh, I hate this.

Jack: Hate what, exactly? That I'm ticked at you, or that you've been keeping things from me again?

Carly: I hate that we've been fighting for days.

Jack: So are you going to come clean with this new thing or are we gonna keep on fighting?

Carly: Okay. I'm gonna tell you, but you have to understand that I had to do what I did. And if I've been less than honest with you, it's just because -- well, you always do the right thing. But I don't think about that. I just barrel on ahead without thinking about the consequences. Until I have you standing there, staring at me like that, like you're staring at me now, and I'm terrified of what you're going to say to me --

Jack: Carly, please. Just tell me what you did.

Carly: Now, I didn't do anything, exactly. It wasn't me. Iris did it. She blackmailed me.

Jack: She what?

Carly: Uh-huh. And she said if I didn't pay up, she was gonna go to court or she was gonna go to the press, or wherever she had to to tell them what I did all those years ago.

Jack: So you paid her off? Carly -- Carly, you should have come to me. I'd have thrown her greedy butt in jail.

Carly: I couldn’t. I couldn't go to you, Jack, because she was gonna tell everybody that I was some kind of a baby killer or something. And I couldn't chance that. Not when I was trying to get custody of Rory. I had to do it, so I did it. I paid her.

Jack: How much?

Carly: Just a couple of hundred bucks at first, you know. And then I thought that she'd go away.

[Jack chuckles]

Jack: They never do. How much more, Carly?

Carly: Well, do you remember the money that I told you that we needed for the lawyer? The $10,000? [Jack groans] I know. Ahhh! I'm sorry. I promise, you, I swear to God, I will do anything I have to do to put that money back into our account, Jack, every cent of it.

Jack: Please. You think I'm upset about the money?

Carly: I'm sorry. I know, it's awful. It was wrong, it was terrible, but I really thought once I gave her what she wanted, she would go away!

Jack: No, honey, people who blackmail, they're like alley cats. They keep coming back because they know they're being fed! You should have -- you should have told her no.

Carly: I did. I did, Jack. After we got temporary custody of Rory, I did. She came back for more, and I said no!

Jack: Now that she knows that the well ran dry with you, she's probably thinking she's gonna squeeze Gwen.

Carly: Gwen doesn't have a penny to her name.

Jack: No, honey, but the baby does. Rosanna set up the trust such as the money follows the baby where ever he goes, right?

Carly: Yeah. So now that the two of them might be working together, you think that --

Jack: I think that if Iris and Gwen go to the judge and tell him your little secret, he might reverse his decision and the baby might go back to Gwen.

Carly: Iris would extort money from a kid?

Jack: She wouldn't call it that. She'd call it a commission for getting Gwen’s baby back.

Carly: Oh! Disgusting pig!

Jack: Yeah. Who now has thousands of our dollars and is gonna tell your secret anyway. So what did it all get you in the end, Carly?

Carly: Oh! Jack -- I ruined everything, didn't I? I ruined everything.

[Carly sobbing]

Jack: Come here.


Iris: Why does it matter where the money came from?

Gwen: 'Cause you never had two nickels to rub together the whole time I lived here.

Iris: Well, that's because money wasn't important to me back then.

Gwen: Unless you needed to buy yourself a six-pack, right?

Iris: The important thing is how I plan to use it.

Gwen: No, you see, that's where you're wrong. Because I'm not listening to another word you say until you tell me where you got the money.

[Iris chuckles]

Iris: You were always a very bossy kid, yeah. All right. Okay. I'll tell you the truth. I have been stashing the money, little by little, and putting it into an account for when I retire.

Gwen: You need to work before you can retire.

Iris: I was always a very independent woman, and I'm teaching you that.

Gwen: Ah, God, great job, Ma. You should write a book.

Iris: You know, I have had about enough of --

Gwen: Go ahead. Come on.

[Iris sighs]

Iris: No, no, no, no, no, never mind. You know, I don't wanna go back to the way we used to be. I want to start something new. The important thing is I cashed in my account.

Gwen: Why?

Iris: For you. 'Cause I wanted to help you. But, you know, hey, if you got a bunch of people lined up here, waiting to rescue you, then please, go on out the door. Because, I mean, after all what is a mother, right? They're a dime a dozen. Right? So -- don't let me keep you.

[Iris sniffling]


Barbara: Will, honey, thanks for coming. Thanks for bringing your dad.

Hal: What's going on with Jennifer?

Barbara: She left the hospital last night without being discharged.

Hal: That's your emergency?

Barbara: Then she went to Carly’s, she took the baby, claiming it was hers.

Hal: Why didn't anybody inform me?

Barbara: Or me. No one saw fit to call us at all. But it gets worse. She's been transferred to Deerbrook.

Will: The mental hospital?

Barbara: Yes.

Hal: On whose authority?

Barbara: Apparently Paul and Lynn Michaels had her committed.

Will: No way. Jennifer does not belong in a place like that.

Barbara: I agree with you. She may be confused because of the drugs, but she shouldn't be confined against her will.

Will: I don't get it. How could Paul could do something like that? And what did he say?

Barbara: I don't know. I don't know. I can't reach him. He won't call me back. He's disappeared.

Hal: Look, let's get all the facts here before we jump to any conclusions.

Barbara: Are you defending him, Hal?

Hal: I'm the last person to take Paul’s side in anything, but I do know that he loves his sister, so if he did this, he must have had some good reasons. Let's find out what those reasons are.

Will: No, Dad. I know what it's like to be in one of those hospitals and no matter what anybody says, you've got to get her out of there right away.


Jennifer: That baby that Carly has is mine. Please, Dusty. Please, be the one person who believes me. Please?

Dusty: I believe that you're convinced he is, but drugs can do weird things to your head.

Jennifer: No, I told you, it's not the drugs.

Dusty: How do you know? You gotta give yourself time to get 'em out of your system, don't ya?

Jennifer: It wouldn't make any difference. That baby is mine!

Dusty: I was there when you baby was born, wasn't I? I was there when he died. Wasn't I? Nobody knows more than me what kind of pain you're in. I'm sorry I walked away from you. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done it, not even for a second.

Jennifer: Wait -- wait, that's it. You were there.

Dusty: Where?

Jennifer: When he was born, you were there. You held him first. You would know him, too, wouldn't you?

Dusty: The baby's gone. Jen --

Jennifer: No, you were the only person who could recognize him. You're the only person who got close enough to see. Dusty, you're on my side, aren't you?

Dusty: Of course I am.

Jennifer: Then go. Go see my baby. Hold him. Just pick him up, hold him, and really, really look at him. And see. And then you come back here and you tell the doctors that I'm right. Will you do that for me?


Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Iris: Oh, Jack and Carly, the golden couple. What a surprise.

Meg: So what do you need?

Dusty: I need to know how to get Jennifer out of Deerbrook.

Jennifer: I'll be much better at home.

Barbara: Yes, you will. You just have to do what I tell you to do.


Jennifer: Will you do it, Dusty? Will you go to Carly’s for me?

Dusty: I don't know, Jen. It might make things worse, you know.

Jennifer: You don't believe me.

Dusty: I think you're in pain. And you gotta accept that.

Jennifer: No, no. I am not accepting some lie that my baby is dead when he isn’t.

Dusty: We were both there when it happened, remember?

Jennifer: I don't care what they told us at the hospital. Somehow, some way, my baby didn't die. Now I know, I know what I'm asking you to do. And I know how crazy it sounds.

Dusty: The longer you keep saying it, the longer you stay here. Why do you want to make things worse for yourself, Jen?

Jennifer: You can help me. You're the only person who has always been in my corner. You're the only one who has given me what I needed, even when I didn't know what that was.

Dusty: You were throwing me out of your suite.

Jennifer: No, I was crazy then.

Dusty: Do you remember that?

Jennifer: I was crazy. I was taking meth and anti-depressants at the same time. And when you told me that it was the drugs talking, I lost it. And I threw you out, and I shouldn't have. I need you. Please, Dusty. You are the only one who can help me prove that my baby is alive. If you don't, then they really will keep me here forever.

Dusty: You really believe this, don't you?

Jennifer: I don't know how. And I don't know why. But I know in my heart of hearts that it's true. My baby is alive. Will you help me?

Dusty: Well, I won't let you stay here forever, that's for sure. I'll figure out what's going on. I'm gonna make sure that you stay well. I'll get you out of here. And then together we'll figure out the next step. I'll be back soon. That's a promise.


Will: I just don't get it. How could Paul sign commitment papers? He's always made such a big point of looking out for Jen.

Barbara: Well, that was before he fell under Emily Stewart’s spell, and you of all people should know it won't be the first time that some woman has turned him against his own family.

Will: Mom, please, can we just stick to the point?

Hal: Do I have to remind you both how serious this is? If Jennifer actually tried to kidnap a baby, she's lucky she didn't get slapped with criminal charges. So let's talk to her, talk to her doctors, before we make any accusations. I'm going to take a little trip out to Deerbrook and see what I can learn.

Barbara: I'm going with you.

Will: I'm driving.


Iris: Good girl. Glad to see you kept the brains you were born with.

Gwen: If you can help me get my baby back from Carly, do it.

Iris: Oh, I absolutely will. It's, you know, like I said, it's just gonna take a little bit of work. But once we pull this off, boy, we are gonna start a whole new chapter for this family. You, me and the kid.

Gwen: Look, just get the guy to admit that he put something in my water and that Carly put him up to it, then we can take her back to court and throw the book at her.

Iris: Exactly what I intended to do.

Gwen: Call me when you have the proof. Otherwise, don't call me.

Iris: Love ya, honey!


Carly: I wouldn't blame you if you walked out that door and never came back.

Jack: Mm-hmm. Then I wouldn't get to tell you how incredibly stupid it was to do what you did.

Carly: Does this mean you're not mad at me anymore?

Jack: Oh, I think you're mad enough at yourself, without me rubbing it in. The important thing now is trying to figure out a way to keep Iris contained.

Carly: You're gonna help me? After everything I've done?

Jack: Honey, we're not kids anymore. We don't take our ball and go home, because one of us breaks the rules.

Carly: Except it's always me that's breaking the rules, isn't it?

Jack: No, no, I've broken the rules a couple times in my day.

Carly: I don't believe you. When?

Jack: I ain't tellin'.

Carly: So you think that Iris would really help Gwen get the baby back?

Jack: I don't think she's above going to the courthouse and telling the judge everything she knows, and maybe a few things she doesn’t.

Carly: I can take it, Jack.

Jack: Maybe, honey. But can the kids? Do we really want to drag them through all of this? Phone calls night and day, reporters camped out on the front porch? It's gonna be a nightmare.

Carly: And we still might end up losing Rosanna’s baby.

Jack: Honey, you just should have told me what Iris was up to. I could have helped you.

Carly: But I was afraid to tell you --

Jack: Hey, you know what? I'm not always gonna agree with you, okay? But I will always tell you and I will always call you out when you do stuff that I don't think is right.

Carly: That's just one of the many reasons that I love you, g-man.

Jack: So get it through your head, honey, I'm always gonna have your back. When are you gonna start believing that? Come here.

Carly: So, what next?

Jack: Well, I think it's time that you and I paid Iris a little visit, and told her if she keeps playing these games, your husband, the cop, is gonna see to it that she goes to jail for a long, long time.

Carly: Thank you. Thank you.


Henry: You just gotta give it a little bit of time.

Maddie: Before what? I totally fry my brain trying to get along with God's gift to the world?

Henry: Come on, it won't be that bad.

[Maddie sighs]

Maddie: I just wish I could live with you.

Henry: I live in a limo.

Maddie: I don't need a house.

Henry: Yeah, you do. You do need a house, and you need your own bed, you need a desk where you can do your homework. Besides, have you ever tried to do your hair in a rearview mirror?

Maddie: You know what? I just don't understand why we couldn't stay at Katie’s house.

Henry: I don't know, either. Let's just see -- I think faking a debilitating back injury is a houseguest no-no.

Maddie: She's supposed to be your friend.

Henry: Uh-huh. I know, and friends don't play each other like grifters. Besides, sweetie, it's just a matter of time before we have to explain why those nifty little presents keep showing up from the mysterious admirer?

Maddie: Yeah, I was dying to know how that turned out.

Henry: Yeah, I bet Mike was, too.

Maddie: I think Katie still loves you.

Henry: We've been over this, and I don't want to hear it anymore. Stop it.

Maddie: I know, even though you and Katie aren't married or you never will be again, I think that she still loves you. That is the reason why Mike wanted us out of the house. I bet you. I bet you that he made Katie kick us out.

Henry: Well, can you blame him, Maddie?

Maddie: Yes, I can. And you should blame him, too.

Henry: This is getting us nowhere. [Pager beeps] Let's just stop, okay?

Maddie: I bet that's Katie. That's Katie, isn't it? She changed her mind?

Henry: No, it's Mrs. Bloodworthy. She wants me to take her poodle to the groomer's. Promise me you're going to be okay.

Maddie: What can I say? If wits can't save me, I still got this left hook.

Henry: Use it with discretion, okay?

Maddie: Yeah.

Henry: All right, I'm gonna call you later and see how things worked out.

Maddie: Okay.

[Maddie groans]

Casey: Well, I couldn't catch up with her, so I hope you're satisfied.

Maddie: Well, since you're done being a hungry flea at Lia's dog show, how about you take my bags and show me to my room? Okay, no problem. I'm sure it'll be easy finding which pigsty is yours. I'll just park myself there until your parents come home.

Casey: No, you won’t. Because that'd be breaking rule number one, which is you never set foot in my room, ever. Fine. I'll show you where to go.


[Knock on door]

Iris: All right, all right. Cool your jets. I'm on my way. Jack and Carly, the golden couple. What a surprise. What, did you just happen to be in the neighborhood? Oh, too bad you didn't bring the little one. I would have loved to see him.

Jack: You can drop the act, Iris. Carly told me all about how you've been blackmailing her.

Iris: Blackmail? I don't know what you're talking about.

Jack: Sure you do. It's a little crime that carries a sentence of up to 20 years in a federal prison.

Iris: I was only asking Carly for a favor, and she gave it to me.

Carly: Oh, please.

Iris: Well, you know, it's the least she could do, considering what she took from me. Isn't that right, Carly? It was a gift?

Carly: It was blackmail. And I shouldn't have given you any thing.

Jack: Do you have any idea what kind of trouble you're in? Let me tell you something, I'm willing to go all the way if you come anywhere near my wife again.

Iris: You can threaten me all you like. But it's not going to help your wife. The truth is gonna come out one way or another.

Carly: Wait a second. What is that supposed to mean? 'Cause you said that if I paid you, this would all be over.

Iris: Well, it's over for me, darlin', but, you know, I'm not the only one who's looking into your history with children now, am I?

Carly: Damn you. Why couldn't you just leave me alone?


Will: Jen? You okay? I don't get it, Jen. How did you end up in here?

Jennifer: I don't know. I was upset and then they gave me something that knocked me out --

Will: Okay, Mom and Dad are here with me and they're gonna help get you out. You understand? Jen, listen to me, I've been in this situation before, and I know from experience, they can't force you to take any drugs, okay? So, don't let them do anything to you that you don't want to do. All right? I'm gonna help you get through this. You gotta believe that. I love you.


Dr. Michaels: Jennifer is delusional, and that's a relatively common side-effect of amphetamine abuse. But what concerns me is that even after monitored withdrawal, she's still showing signs of paranoia and psychosis.

Hal: What does that mean?

Dr. Michaels: She still thinks her baby is alive. And as long as she is in that state, she's a danger to herself and to others.

Barbara: In other words, you're not going to let her out?

Dr. Michaels: Not at this time, no.

Barbara: Well, then, it's a good thing that I'm here. I happen to have some experience in this area. I know exactly what to do.


Dusty: Hey.

Meg: Hey.

Dusty: You busy?

Meg: I have a few post-surgical patients with dressings that might need changing. Why?

Dusty: I'll wait for you.

Meg: No, go ahead. Make it quick. What?

Dusty: I went to see Jennifer.

Meg: I hope she's feeling better.

Dusty: Not really. I just wanted to thank you.

Meg: For what?

Dusty: For going out of your way to let me know what was going on, even though I basically told you to mind your own business.

Meg: Well, I am still human. I don't like seeing anyone suffer.

Dusty: That's why I'm gonna ask you for a favor, although I know I don't deserve one.

Meg: Well, we're still friends, even though we're not lovers anymore. Although, it was more fun when we were both.

Dusty: Yeah. Things are a little different now.

Meg: Yeah, look, look, I'm not pushing for anything, okay? So, what do you need?

Dusty: I need to know how to get Jennifer out of Deerbrook.


Maddie: Your folks aren't home yet?

Casey: Do you see anybody besides me?

Maddie: Okay then. Can I try?

Casey: Knock yourself out.

[Maddie sighs]

Maddie: Well, it's no secret that I never wanted to move in here, but since I have no choice, I might as well tell you that my room is pretty cool.

Casey: Well, look at that. You said something nice and it didn't kill you.

Maddie: Well, I guess nice to you is if you're a girl, you pretend to be a doormat.

Casey: Where did you get the idea that I'm mackin' all the girls?

Maddie: From you.

Casey: What does that mean?

Maddie: I was at your so-called party, remember? I saw you. You want a list?

Casey: Nah. Nah, forget it. Forget you.

Maddie: Well, that went well.


Barbara: Will, I'd like to speak to Jen alone, okay?

Will: I'll be back really soon, okay?

Barbara: Hi, honey. Mom's here. Everything's going to be okay.

Jennifer: Am I gonna get out of here?

Barbara: Yes, you're gonna get out of here. I was just explaining to Dr. Michaels that your family is gonna get you all the care that you need.

Jennifer: Everything's such a mess.

Barbara: It's okay. We're gonna get it all untangled, and we're going to look after you.

Jennifer: Here? Here in Deerbrook?

Barbara: No. No, not here. Not here. We're gonna get you out of here. I don't know what your brother was thinking.

Jennifer: Did you talk to him?

Barbara: No, I haven't spoken to him yet. But you listen to me, neither your dad, or I, or will, want you here anymore than you want to be here yourself. All right?

Jennifer: Thank you so much, mom. How can they expect anybody to get better if they're treated like a crazy person?

Barbara: I know.

Jennifer: I'll be much better at home.

Barbara: Yes, you will. You just have to do what I tell you to do.

Jennifer: So what do I have to do?

Barbara: It's very simple. Just tell the doctors that, in spite of everything that you said last night, you know that your baby is really gone.


Nurse: Thank you.

Meg: So you're serious?

Dusty: Yeah. I want to get Jennifer out.

Meg: Okay, before you go doing anything, maybe you should consider whether or not Jennifer needs to be there. She did something seriously delusional last night, Dusty. She could be dangerous. Not only to herself, but the people around her. I mean, she tried to take someone else's baby.

Dusty: She didn't hurt it, did she? Come on. She wouldn't hurt anybody.

Meg: Maybe not the Jennifer you know, but delusional people go through radical changes.

Dusty: She didn't seem delusional when I spoke to her. I mean, she seemed as sane as you or me.

Meg: Picking up a child and insisting it's your dead baby come back to life? I don't know, that's pretty out there.

Dusty: What if it's true?

Meg: What do you mean?

Dusty: Well, she seemed very convinced when she told me. She didn't seem so "out there" to me.

Meg: Okay. Delusional people go through periods of clarity. But it doesn't mean the delusions go away. They just lie underneath the surface, so they pop up again any time.

Dusty: Would you listen to me?

Meg: Okay, fine, fine. What are you suggesting?

Dusty: I'm saying maybe there's kind of an instinctive bond that would make her recognize her child. Don't women have that?

Meg: You mean like how animals can tell their offspring by their scent?

Dusty: Right, a human version to that.

Meg: Okay, so you don't believe Jennifer's baby is dead? That Carly’s baby is Jennifer's after all?

[Dusty sighs]


Carly: You think you're so slick, don't you? We know what you're up to, Iris. You're trying to get cozy with Gwen for one reason. You think there's a chance she'll get that baby back and he happens to have a lot of money.

Iris: Never crossed my mind.

Jack: Oh, that's baloney, Iris. You figure if you can't get any more money out of Carly, then you'll work on Gwen.

Iris: That's ridiculous. This has never been about money for me and I told you that before. It's about how this one, what she did to my little boy years ago. You killed an innocent little boy and you got away with it. You don't deserve to have another one.

Jack: Okay, that's enough, Iris.

Iris: You know that's true. [Knock on door] I'm not really expecting anybody, but I'll try and get rid of 'em quickly and then we can get back to discussing this.

Gwen: Hey, I forgot to -- what the hell are you doing here?


Announcer: On the next "As the World Turns" --

Carly: And now you're claiming you don't know her?

Gwen: Of course I know her. Are you -- have you completely --?

Iris: Gwen, just get the hell out of here, now!

Jennifer: The situation is that I am in a hospital with people who are insane and I want to get out!

Barbara: And I'm trying to get you out of here.

Jennifer: With lies, Mother. You're lying to me and you want me to lie to, and I'm not gonna do it.

Dusty: What do you call that birthmark?

Meg: It's very common. A lot of kids get it. Maybe you should go take a look at the baby for yourself.

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