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Lily: There is no way that my mother is in a plane right now with Keith, even if she's just taking a little spin around the city. She can barely stand to be in the same room with Keith.

Holden: Lucinda said she was doing it for your sake.

Lily: My sake?

Holden: Yeah, I guess she's finally ready to accept you guys as a couple. So maybe she's making the effort to, I don't know, get along with him.

Lily: Does that sound like my mother?

Holden: Facing death makes you look at things differently.

Lily: Maybe. Yeah, but Keith would have said something to me, and he didnít.

Holden: Maybe he has his reasons.

Lily: I can't think of one reason. Oh. Unless --

Holden: What?

Lily: No. No. No way. Not possible.

Holden: What's not possible?

Lily: No, it's not possible. There is absolutely no way that my mother is in a plane with Keith. So, if somebody is lying, it's my mother. To you.

Holden: Or maybe Keithís lying to you. And if he is, it wouldn't be the first time, would it?


Keith: This is all wrong, wrong, wrong --

Lucinda: Oh, yeah. Stop grumbling, grumbling. Just blame it on me. I'm a bad person. I forced you to fly me to Mexico to get my cancer treatments. It's all my fault. You're the victim, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah --

Keith: Yeah, yeah, all right.

Lucinda: It gets tiresome after a while.

Keith: Just so you know, Lily better not find out about this.

Lucinda: If you don't tell her, she's not going to find out from me. Oh, those girls. It's all I can think about. You know, they don't understand alternative treatments. If something isn't the norm, it doesn't exist for them.

Keith: It's just 'cause they wanted to make sure you were doing the right thing, you know? You're lucky you got kids that care so much about you.

Lucinda: They've got to understand I got to make my own choices.

Keith: Well, look who's talking.

Lucinda: I forced you to fly with me down here -- I mean, I had no choice.

Keith: Yeah, yeah, you did. You had plenty of choices. You could've worked out some kind of compromise, but instead, you blackmailed me to go behind Lily's back.

Lucinda: Oh, suddenly, you are Mr. Smart. You are. But you're not Mr. Honesty, because you haven't told Lily, not what you're doing with this death trap, what you're transporting. Livers, kidneys, hearts fa-la-la hearts fa-la-la well, everybody's got secrets. Sometimes life makes it necessary.

Keith: All right, all right, buckle up. 'Cause we're about to land.

Lucinda: Oh, oh, oh, ooh. Oh, okay.


Sierra: Oh, Dusty, glad I found you.

Dusty: How's Lucinda? Everything okay?

Sierra: Yeah, I think so.

Dusty: How are the treatments going?

Sierra: Well, she's got it into her head that the only cure for her is in Mexico. So, we had to ground the plane and take away her passport just to keep her from going.

Dusty: I bet that made her happy.

Sierra: She was fit to be tied. But, listen, I'm not here to talk about Lucinda. I came here to talk about Jennifer.

Dusty: What happened?

Sierra: She's getting out of control, and somebody needs to bring her down a few notches.


Bellboy: Pete's a good guy. He'll fix you up.

Pete: That's me. Pete the fixer. So, exactly what do you need fixed?

Jennifer: You have meth?

[Pete laughs]

Pete: Yeah, only the crystal kind.

Jennifer: Okay, well, that's perfect.

Bellboy: Well, I gotta get back to work. I'll let you two sort out the details.

Jennifer: Wait -- wait -- wait a second. What's in this for you?

Bellboy: Don't worry. Pete'll fix me up later. You just worry about yourself.

Pete: So, how much are we talking about here?

Jennifer: Not a lot. I'm not an addict or anything. I have a rough night ahead of me, work, you know, so I just need a little help, that's all.

Pete: Sure. Yeah, sure, I understand. Well, this about what you're looking for?

Jennifer: Yeah, that that'll do.

Pete: You're looking a little -- a little light here, bright eyes.

Jennifer: Well, that's how much I paid for the same amount before. This looks like the same amount.

Pete: Not from me, you didnít. Now, if you want this, you're gonna have to do a lot better than this.


Gwen: What's the catch?

Carly: There's no catch. I'm giving you a chance to spend a little extra time with your baby. Isn't that what you've been hollering about for weeks?

Gwen: Yeah, and all along, you've been, like, "no way." And now, all of a sudden, you give me an unscheduled visit, and you tell me to be alone with my baby? I don't get it.

Carly: You see? This is pointless. I try to do something nice, and she accuses me of something. I never should've let you talk me into this. This girl does not know what she wants.

Gwen: Wait a minute. Wait, wait, wait. This was your idea?

Nancy: I thought it only fair.

Gwen: Why would you want to be fair with me? You're Caseyís great grandmother. I can't even -- I can't even imagine the things he's said about me.

Nancy: I'm not sure why you tried so hard to convince people that Casey was your baby's father, but that's over. And now I can see how much you care for your child.

Carly: Nancy convinced me to be a little more generous with you. Now, are you going to take us up on it or not?

Gwen: No. I'm not. I canít.

Carly: What is with you, Gwen? You claim that you want to be Roryís mom, and yet, you won't even spend a half hour alone with him.

Gwen: It's not that I don't want to. I canít. I've gotta get to the diner. If I'm late, I could get fired. I can't afford to lose my job right now.

Carly: Well, just call them. I'm sure they'll understand, if you explain it.

Gwen: And if they don't? I'm sure you'd love it if I lost my job right now. Maybe that's why you're being so generous.

Carly: Okay, think what you want. Do what you want. I know I made the effort. Here, I'll take him.

Nancy: You know, Charlie over at Al's is an old friend of mine. If I called him up and explained the situation to him, I'm sure he'll give you some leeway.

Gwen: You think?

Nancy: It's worth a try.

Gwen: Yeah, I guess. I'll give it a chance. You said I could have a half hour with him, right?

Carly: Yes! Yes, that's right. And here's his stuff here. There's formula, and wipes and diapers. He's gonna get hungry. And he's fidgeting, so that probably means he's wet, so you're gonna want to change his diaper, all right?

Gwen: I think I can figure it out. I'm not a moron.

Nancy: This is gonna be a good training for you.

Carly: Nancy and I won't be far. We'll just be over at Java, okay? It's across the street there.

Gwen: Yeah, yeah, I know where it is. I can see it.

Carly: Okay. All right. Oh, can I have three waters, please. It's hot today, huh?

Nancy: Yes.

Carly: There you go. For you.

Nancy: Thank you.

Carly: And the third one is for her. All right?

Gwen: Oh, thanks.

Carly: So, you'll know where we'll be if you need anything, all right?

Nancy: She'll be fine. Now, come on.

Gwen: Carly, thank you.


Pete: I don't think you're going to find it in your spare change there, sweetie.

Jennifer: How much are we talking about?

Pete: 500.

Jennifer: $500? That's ridiculous!

Pete: If you say so. Sorry you wasted my time.

Jennifer: Wait. Wait, wait, wait. I don't have that much money on me right now. But, hey, I'm good for it. Okay? So, you know where I live. I'll give you the rest later.

Pete: Sweetie, I don't give credit to the people I know. All right? So, call me when you're serious about doing business.

Jennifer: No, hey, hey! I am serious! I'm serious. Okay? So, there's an ATM in the lobby. We can go down there right now, and I can give you the rest.

Pete: Right. 'Cause I'm gonna do a drug transaction in the middle of the Lakeview Hotel lobby. I'm a thrill-seeker, babe, but I'm not stupid.

Jennifer: Okay. Okay. Okay, I will go down and get the cash and I'll bring it right back.

Pete: You know, this is just turning into one big, whole deal. Let's just call it off. It's not even working out.

Jennifer: No! Please, please, please! Seriously, you stay here. I will go get the cash. You can just relax. Have a drink. Pour yourself a drink.

Pete: Okay. Ten minutes.

Jennifer: Okay. Okay. I will be right back.

Pete: On second thought, bright eyes, take all the time you need. Take all the time in the world.


Dusty: What did Jennifer do?

Sierra: She announced to the press that Street Jeans is launching a line of cosmetics, with a drop date before Christmas.

Dusty: She went to the media?

Sierra: Mm-hmm.

Dusty: When?

Sierra: Yesterday afternoon. I take it by your surprise that she didn't run it by you first.

Dusty: No, she didn't run it by me first. Maybe it's not a bad idea.

Sierra: You don't spring something on the press like that that you don't clear between us. Besides, she can't be expected to make that deadline.

Dusty: I'll talk to her.

Sierra: Well, while you're at it, why don't you tell her to stop submitting the same sketches to the production office. They're supposed to have five new designs by now, and she keeps sending the same ones, over and over again. I don't know if it's some kind of a joke, or what. Nevertheless --

Dusty: I'll take care of it. Don't worry.

Sierra: I'm not trying to be insensitive. I'm sure that she's still dealing with the loss of her baby. And I know better than anyone that work can be great therapy if it's the right time. But maybe it can backfire, too. If she came back to work too soon, I --

Dusty: Maybe that's my fault. I'll figure it out. I'll try to figure out what's going on with her.

Sierra: I knew I could count on you.


Holden: I know you don't want to believe that Keith would ever lie to you again. But I know what I heard.

Lily: Did you ever think for one second that maybe my mother is the one that's lying?

Holden: I heard your mother on the phone with him, talking about taking a trip with him. When she hung up, I was standing there. She tried to tell me it was some other Keith that she was talking to. When I didn't buy it, she finally admitted to me that she was going up in his plane.

Lily: She mentioned a trip? A trip, that's the words that she used?

Holden: Yes.

Lily: Okay. Hmm.

Holden: You suspect something. What is it?

Lily: No! I donít. I suspect nothing. Keith would never do this, especially if it meant canceling a flying lesson with Luke. He would never disappoint Luke that way. No way.

Holden: What is it going to take for you to open your eyes to this guy?

Lily: Is that why you brought me over here? Did you and my mother cook up some scheme to make Keith look like a liar?

Holden: No, you know I wouldn't do that.

Lily: No, I don't know that. Ever since the beginning, you and my mother have been bending over backwards to point out all of Keith's faults to me.

Holden: I don't like the guy. I never have.

Lily: Why? What has he done to you? Is it just because he's with me?

Holden: Yes. As a matter of fact, it is. Pretty lady alert!

Holden: I just think that this attachment to Keith is keeping you from seeing things that you don't want to see.

Lily: My eyes are wide open. Yes, Keith got into debt with some questionable people, and he lied to me about that because he was embarrassed. But that's in the past. It doesn't make him a chronic liar or a bad person.

Holden: Even if he tells you what he knows you want to hear and you believe it?

Lily: If you mistrust him so much, why would you let Luke take flying lessons with him?

Holden: Because it was the first thing that he got excited about in ages. And it was better than the alternative, which was him getting loaded with friends.

Lily: I know. Our breakup has been very difficult on our children, especially Luke. I know that.

Holden: I'm not trying to make this about what's happened to us. I just don't understand why you trust this guy so much.

Lily: Do you really think that Keith would knowingly hurt Luke?

Holden: No, I donít.

Lily: Well, then he wouldn't do that to me, either. If anyone is lying in all of this, it is my mother, trust me.

Sierra: What's going on?

Lily: Mother. She lied to Holden.

Sierra: About what?

Lily: She told him that Keith is taking her up in his plane, which I know is not true because he went to work. He had a last-minute assignment.

Sierra: Did Mother volunteer that information, or you wormed it out of her?

Holden: I caught her making the arrangements.

Lily: If Keith was going to take her, he would've told me.

Sierra: Not if it's not something he wants you to know.

Lily: What are you talking about?

Sierra: Oh, come on, Lily. You can't tell me it's not the first thing that you considered. Mother talked Keith into taking her where she wanted to go. They've gone to Mexico.


Lucinda: Now, look, I have three treatments. Altogether, it shouldn't be more than a couple of hours. I expect to see you here, waiting for me, when I'm finished.

Keith: Well, you know, it'd serve you right if I wasn't here.

Lucinda: Oh, sure. Sure, go right ahead. That would be smart. Abandon me, because I'll get my speed dial. I'll get Lily on my speed dial.

Keith: Yeah, well, what if I beat you to it? What if I come clean? What if I tell her myself? Huh?

Lucinda: You don't have the nerve.

Keith: Yeah, well, I'm sick to my stomach right now that I'm lying to her.

Lucinda: Take a deep breath. And spare me the angst. You're not going to tell her what you do anymore than you're going to leave me here stranded. So, why don't you just get a seat, find a magazine, chat with a pretty girl and it'll all be over before you know it.

Luke: Oh, man. What an idiot. I gotta get home. Welcome to Mexico?


Jennifer: What? Access denied? This is the third time! I hate these stupid machines!

Hal: Hey, hey! Beating it up's not gonna help.

Jennifer: Dad, you scared me.

Hal: I'm sorry, but you look like you're having a hell of a time here. What's up, honey?


Pete: Ha! Nice. Yeah. Okay, now I'm bored. What is taking her so long?

[Knock on door]

Dusty: Jennifer, you in there? Jennifer! Who are you?

Pete: Uh --

Dusty: What are you doing here?

Pete: Look, man, I'm sorry. I got the wrong room. You know? I'll see you later. Ow!

Dusty: What's your hurry?

Pete: Hey, I told you, I just got the wrong room!

Dusty: Looks like you got caught by the wrong guy.


Nancy: Carly, it's been all of ten minutes.

Carly: I know. I know, you're right. And from what I can see, everything's going okay.

Nancy: It's all going to be fine. You did a good thing today.

Carly: Well, let's just hope it doesn't turn out to be a stupid thing.

Nancy: I'm sure Gwen is grateful to you for giving her this chance, though she may never admit it.

Carly: I guess. And I know she doesn't want to mess it up. But you know, all it takes is just a moment's distraction.

Nancy: Now, stop thinking that way. I ordered some blueberry muffins.

Carly: Oh, thanks. Can I ask you something? Does Gwen seem unstable to you? Like, when you're looking at her, when you're talking to her, does it seem like maybe she's not all there?

Nancy: She seems quite bright, really.

Carly: I don't know, I just -- I wonder. Sometimes I wonder if maybe she's on drugs.

Nancy: Oh, why would you say that?

Carly: Well, I'm talking to her, she doesn't focus on me. She doesn't look me in the eye.

Nancy: Maybe with all the conflict, she's a little intimidated.

Carly: Well, she ought to be. And I hope she doesn't see today as any kind of weakness because I am still determined as ever to win this custody case.

Nancy: I think what you have shown her is there's room for compromise. And for that, you will be repaid ten times.

Carly: That's the plan.


Gwen: It seems like every time I see you, you're bigger. And more beautiful. Hi. Oh, come here. I don't know what I was thinking, letting them take you away. The thing of it is, I guess I was scared. I was -- I still am. I guess I just -- I wanted you to have like a good home and -- I didn't think I could do that. My mom didn't really give a damn about me, so I'm kind of lost in the role model department. But I'm gonna do better. You're going to be so loved. I'm gonna take care of you. I'm gonna be a good mom. Yeah. You hear me. You hear me, don't you? Oh, yeah. Hi. Hi.

Jack: Gwen? Where's Carly? And what are you doing with the baby? Ė


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Jack: Okay, Carly, now it's just me and you, so why don't you tell me what the hell's going on here.

Lily: Did you take my mother to Mexico?

Hal: 500? What do you need that kind of cash for that can't wait?

Pete: What are you talking about?

Dusty: Turn around.

Pete: What are you doing?

Dusty: What's this?


Gwen: I knew it. I knew it was too good to be true.

Jack: I want you to tell me what's going on here, Gwen. Where's Carly?

Gwen: Oh, forget the act. She called you, didn't she, right? She told you I'd taken the baby. And now you're here to arrest me? You guys are unbelievable.

Jack: I have no idea what you're talking about, but I want some answers.

Gwen: I didn't take the baby. If she told you that, she's lying.

Jack: I haven't talked to Carly since this morning, Gwen.

Gwen: She said I could spend some time with him. I promise.

Jack: Well, you'll understand if I have to check that out. So, stop beating around the bush and tell me where she is.

Gwen: She went over to Java, with Mrs. Hughes.

Jack: Okay, the lies have to stop, Gwen. I just talked to Margo, what, not 15 minutes ago.

Gwen: No, not that Mrs. Hughes. Nancy.

Jack: And they just left you alone with Rory?

Gwen: Yeah, she said I could have a half hour with him. She okayed it, I promise.

Jack: That doesn't sound like Carly.

Gwen: Look, I was surprised, too. But I think Mrs. Hughes talked her into it.

Jack: So, they're across the street then?

Gwen: Yeah, she's probably got her nose pressed against the glass. You can go ask her if you don't believe me.

Jack: Oh, I will.

Gwen: So, I guess this means you have to take him now.

Jack: If Carly says it's okay that you spend some time with him, I don't have a problem with that.

Gwen: Really? You mean it?

Jack: Just stay here, okay? I'll be right back.

Gwen: Thanks. You look a little tired, little man. Why don't you fall asleep now?

Carly: I feel like it's been hours already. I didn't realize this would be so difficult.

Nancy: Relax. Rory's fine.

Jack: Yes, he is. Hi, Nancy. You look beautiful today.

Carly: Hi. Hi there, sweetheart.

Jack: Hi there.

Carla: What are you doing here?

Jack: I'm looking for you.

Carly: I thought you were at work.

Jack: I'm on a break. And when you weren't home, I figured you had taken Rory to the park. So, imagine my surprise, when I found him there with Gwen.

Carly: And how's he doing? Is he okay?

Jack: Yeah, he's fine. Gwen was putting him in the pram when I got there, and when I was leaving, he was just dosing off, so, she's doing just a fine job.

Nancy: See, I told you so.

Jack: Yeah, what I'm having trouble believing is that you okayed it.

Carly: It was a gesture of good will.

Jack: Really? That's quite a turnaround for you.

Carly: Oh, I wouldn't have done it, but Nancy can be very persuasive.

Jack: Really? You know what Gwen thinks? She thinks it's all a setup that you'd called me to arrest her for taking off with the baby without permission.

Carly: That's ridiculous. That is so typical. Why do I even bother trying to be nice to that girl?

Jack: See, there's a question. Especially considering just a few days ago, you wouldn't let her anywhere near the baby.

Carly: Well, I told you. It wasn't my idea. It was Nancyís.

Nancy: I thought it would be a good idea if Gwen knew that Carly would meet her halfway, and there could be a compromise, which would please everyone.

Jack: Yes, yes, that is a very good idea.

Nancy: I'd better go and call Charlie at Al's, so that Gwen doesn't get into trouble for being late. Excuse me, please.

Jack: Okay, Carly. Now, it's just me and you. So, why don't you tell me what the hell's going on here? What are you up to?


Jennifer: I don't know what's going on. I've tried three different machines today, and they've all denied me access.

Hal: Yeah, these machines drive me crazy, too. You know what happened? Your card probably got demagnetized. That's what probably happened.

Jennifer: Well, I know, it's it's just really frustrating.

Hal: You sure that's all that's wrong?

Jennifer: Yeah. Why?

Hal: Well, hon, you're a little bit shaky. And I know it's warm out and everything, but, honey, you're sweating.

Jennifer: No, Dad, I'm fine. I've just been running around all day, and I've got a lot of work to do. And this whole card thing has got me really, really frustrated. I mean, what -- what can I do?

Hal: Well, I think you're going to have to go to the bank and order a new one.

Jennifer: Well, how long will that take?

Hal: I don't know, two, three days, maybe.

Jennifer: What? I -- no, I can't wait that long.

Hal: Hey, honey -- honey, it's no big deal. I'll just get you some cash from my account. How much do you need?

Jennifer: No, Dad, donít. Don't, there's -- I'll figure something else out.

Hal: Don't be ridiculous. Just tell me how much you need.

Jennifer: 500.

Hal: 500? What do you need that kind of cash for that can't wait?

Jennifer: Uh, it's for Street Jeans. A check to a vendor didn't go through and we have to have it processed by tomorrow, and it's just really a mess. Oh, you don't want to know what I've gone through with these people.

Hal: You're right. I don't want to know. I had enough of it when I lived with your mother. They say being a cop is intense. Compared to the fashion world, it's a walk in the park.

Jennifer: Thanks, Dad. I owe you.

Hal: 500.


Pete: Man, come on.

Dusty: Empty your pockets.

Pete: Show me a badge.

Dusty: A badge? I can have a badge here in two minutes, if you want. And they'll send you to jail.

Pete: Yeah, well, what charge?

Dusty: Breaking and entering. What are you, an amateur?

Pete: I was invited here.

Dusty: Really?

Pete: I was asked in. Yeah.

Dusty: Who invited you?

Pete: The redhead who lives here. Uh, Jennifer. She invited me in.

Dusty: How do you know Jennifer?

Pete: Oh, me and Jen, we go way back. We're old pals.

Dusty: Really?

Pete: Yeah.

Dusty: Where is she now?

Pete: Oh, she's getting some cash.

Dusty: For what?

Pete: How the hell's that your business?

Dusty: I asked you a question. What's the cash for?

Pete: Look, man, she wanted to party, all right? And parties ain't cheap.

Dusty: Is that right?

Pete: Yeah.

Dusty: Turn around.

Pete: What are talking --?

Dusty: Turn around.

Pete: What are you doing?

Dusty: You move -- shut up! You move, I'll break your arm. You hear me?

Pete: I ain't doing nothing.

Dusty: Oh, really?

Pete: No.

Dusty: Really? Turn around. What's this?

Pete: What? That's baby powder. I've got athlete's foot.

Dusty: Really?

Pete: Yeah.

Dusty: Maybe you should see a doctor for that.

Pete: Maybe I will. Look, if --

Dusty: What?

Pete: If you're gonna keep that, that's 1,000 bucks.

Dusty: Really?

Pete: Yeah.

Dusty: Expensive stuff. Get out of here.

Pete: No.

Dusty: Get out of here!

Pete: Look. Tell bright eyes she's gonna pay.

Dusty: Yeah.

Pete: All right?

Dusty: You makin' threats? Get out of here!

Pete: She's gonna pay, one way or the --

Dusty: Oh, Jenny. What are you doing?


Sierra: Come on, Lily, this is classic. Mother has found a way to coerce Keith into taking her where she wants.

Lily: It's classic Mother, it's not classic Keith.

Holden: That's a matter of opinion.

Lily: Well, what would Mother use against Keith to get him to do something like this?

Holden: I'm sure there are a lot of things that you don't know about this guy.

Sierra: I'm going to try to reach mother on her cell phone.

Holden: Maybe she offered him money.

Lily: He would've come to me for that.

Holden: Oh, really?

Lily: Okay, I don't to talk about this right now. Right now, I want to find out where my mother is before she throws away any chance she has of fighting a disease that's trying to kill her!

Sierra: Well, good luck, because she's not answering her cell phone.

Holden: I don't think Keith will answer his either.

Lily: Well, I will call him. He will. I'll just straighten this out. Right now.

Holden: See?

Lily: Keith? Thank God you picked up.

Keith: Lily, what is it? The kids?

Lily: No, the kids are fine. I have to ask you a question and I want you to tell me the truth. The truth. Okay?

Keith: Yeah, what is it?

Lily: Did you take my mother to Mexico? Please don't lie to me. If you took her, I want to know.

Keith: Yeah, I did. I'm with her right now.


Jennifer: Hey, sorry it took me so long. I had to go to three different -- Dusty, what are you doing here?

Dusty: I'm cleaning up a mess.


Carly: I am not up to anything, Jack. I am just doing what you have been telling me to do for weeks. I'm cutting Gwen some slack. I'm letting her spend time with her baby. What, all of a sudden, that's a bad thing?

Jack: I just think the turnaround's a bit sudden, honey.

Carly: You are the person who told me to prepare myself for the possibility that Gwen might get custody.

Jack: I guess I expected a little more kicking and screaming from you.

Carly: Jack, if you look really closely, you'll see that I am kicking and screaming on the inside. But for the sake of the baby, I'm making an effort. And Nancy seems to think that my efforts will pay off in the long run.

Jack: She may just be right. I'm proud of you.

Carly: You are?

Jack: Yeah. This was big. And I know it wasn't easy. But I think Nancyís right. I think this might pay off for you. And maybe, just maybe, everybody can end up getting what they want.

Carly: Or at least what they deserve.


[Baby crying]

Gwen: Time's almost up, little man. Yeah. At least we had this time together. And we get to see each other tomorrow for our regular visit. Yeah. Boy, I guess it is -- hotter than I thought.


Lily: You lied to me.

Keith: Yeah, I know, but -- listen, I had no choice, okay? I feel sick about it.

Lily: What do you mean you didn't have a choice?

Keith: Look, Lily, let's not do this over the phone. Let me explain to you when I see you.

Lily: I don't want to hear your explanations. How could you do this? How could you take my mother to that place?

Keith: Let me just tell you my side of the story in person, okay?

Lily: No, I don't want to hear any more lies from you. I've had enough. You knew how worried I was about my mother, and you took her to the one place I didn't want her to go, and then you lied about it! How can I ever trust you again?

Keith: Lily, now listen, don't say that.

Lily: You've put my mother's life at risk. I can never forgive you for that. Ever!

Keith: Lily? Lily!

Sierra: I'm sorry.

Lily: I just need to be alone. Please.

[Lily sighs]

Sierra: I wonder if my mother has any idea what she's done.

Holden: She's not the one to blame.

Sierra: Well, I guess you don't need to worry about Keith anymore. I imagine after this, Lily won't have anything ever to do with him again.


Lucinda: One down, two to go.

Keith: No, no, no, no. Change of plans. We're leaving right now.

Luke: Hello? Hello is -- hello is anybody there? Can anybody hear me? Oh. Aw, come on! Don't do this to me! Don't do this to me. La clinica de la vida. 145 rio grijalba. Rosarita beach, Mexico.


Sierra: My mother is still not picking up. Maybe I should bring the worldwide jet back from Montega, and we'll fly down to Mexico and we'll bring her back ourselves.

Holden: Okay. In the meantime, I need to go check on Luke. Lily said that he was pretty upset about something, so I need to find out whatís going on.

Sierra: All right. Stay in touch.


Jennifer: So now you're just breaking in here to check up on me? You've sure have a lot of nerve.

Dusty: Your friend forgot to lock the door while he was waiting for you.

Jennifer: Friend? Pete?

Dusty: I don't know his name, but yeah, I'm sure we're talking about the same guy. He said to tell you that he'll be in touch.

Jennifer: Oh.

Dusty: He couldn't wait to get away from me.

Jennifer: Well he's shy around people he doesn't know very well. Is that all he said? Just that he was gonna keep in touch?

Dusty: Ah, no. He left you something.

Jennifer: He did?

Dusty: Yeah. He left you this.


Jack: You know, I've gotta get back.

Carly: Oh. Oh, that's too bad, you just got here.

Jack: I know. I'm sorry. Hopefully it won't be that late a night for me. I still can't get over what you did today. You've come a long way.

Carly: It's not that big a deal.

Jack: Yes, it is. And I know that Gwen appreciates it, too.

Carly: That remains to be seen.

Jack: Don't start backtracking now, after you've taken this first step. You gotta think about this like Nancy does. Maybe there a compromise out there that no one's thought of yet.

Carly: Well, I don't know what that would be, but whatever. I'm just trying to have faith.

Nancy: Everything's fine at al's diner. Gwen is not going to be penalize for being late for work.

Jack: Oh, good, but I will. So I gotta get going. Bye, Nancy. I'll see you back at home.

Carly: Okay.

Nancy: What's the matter?

Carly: Nothing. Nothing. I just think it's time to go and check on Gwen and Rory.

Nancy: Maybe you should give them a little more time, do you think?

Carly: No. No, her time's up. Come on.

Gwen: Where's my baby? What happened to my baby?


Announcer: Next week on "As the World Turns" --

Carly: What's going on? Where's Rory?

Gwen: I don't know. He's gone.

[Lucinda moaning]

Lily: Mother? Mother!

Katie: Were you ever really hurt or was it just a con to keep me away from Mike?

[Jennifer screaming]

Paul: Jen?

Barbara: Jen? Jen!

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