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As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 8/30/05

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Mike: Wow, that's great. We'll be here. Thanks, Joe. Yes. Henry still in the shower?

Katie: He's halfway through the Sinatra catalog. By the time he hits "Beyond the Sea" he should be ready to get out. Why? Who was that?

Mike: Joe Campbell, the best physical therapist this side of Chicago.

Katie: Oh, I remember his name, from Memorial.

Mike: I retiled his bathroom. He owes me a favor. And he's on his way over. I'm telling you, this guy will have Henry off the sofa in no time.

Katie: Oh, he's gonna be so relieved to finally get out of here. And Maddie will be going home soon to go back to school. So things will get back to normal.

Mike: And not a minute too soon.

Maddie: Hey, I got the mail.

Katie: Thanks, Maddie.

Maddie: I need you to sign this.

Katie: What is it?

Maddie: Oh, it's a registration for school.

Katie: What?

Maddie: Oh, didn't Henry tell you? I'm staying in Oakdale.


Jennifer: Well, you said that Marco was on his way an hour ago. Is there a problem? I mean, it doesn't usually take this long, does it? Jas, no. I'm fine. It's just that Dusty and I have to leave soon. And -- no, I -- I didn't get much sleep last night and I would like to feel vaguely human. And the medicine that the doctors gave me, well, you know, it's just not cutting it. No, no, I will wait. But if I have to make up excuses -- [Knock on the door] Oh, he's here. I'll talk to you later. Finally. It was taking so long.

Dusty: You were expecting me?


Paul: Morning.

Emily: Hi.

Paul: Do we really have to rehash this whole thing with Jennifer and her baby?

Emily: I don't know, do we?

Paul: She's getting better. I thought you could tell that she's improving. There's no way that Craig is going to worm his way into her life.

Emily: I know.

Paul: So what are you doing, holding those?

Emily: That's a good question.

Paul: You don't trust me.

Emily: No. No, the question is, what do we do with the evidence, Paul?


Gwen: Open up, Carly.

Will: What are you doing?

Gwen: I need to see the baby. Open.

Will: Gwen, stop and think.

Gwen: I am. If I see the baby, then I'll know for sure.

Will: You'll know what for sure?

Gwen: If Casey didn't fix that paternity test, then this isn't my baby.

Will: You really think the baby you're fighting for might not be yours?

Gwen: That's the only other possibility. I have to know for sure. And I'm not leaving here until I do.

Will: Gwen, stop it.

Gwen: I didn't ask you here to stop me.

Will: Well then why did you call me? Why the frantic message?

Gwen: I don't know. I wasn't sure you'd come.

Will: Well, I'm here, okay? And I'm your friend, Gwen. And as your friend, I gotta tell you, what you're doing is nuts. What are you gonna do? You gonna kick down Carly’s door and demand what?

Gwen: I want to see my baby one more time. I need to look at him. Then I'll know if he's mine.

Will: Just seeing this baby is not going to give you the answers you need.

Gwen: I'm supposed to be his mother.

Will: That's not a very scientific way to prove that.

Gwen: I'll know. Never mind. I'm sorry I bothered you. Go home.

Will: What is that?

Gwen: You obviously think it's a stupid idea.

Will: It is!

Gwen: Yeah, and I don't need that. Either you're my friend and you're on my side, or you're not.

Will: You're right. This is really stupid.

Gwen: Thanks so much.

Will: You want to know why it's stupid.

Gwen: I already heard the lecture.

Will: Okay, besides that, Carly’s not home. No one is. The driveway's empty. Did you happen to notice that?

Gwen: No. See, this is why I call you.

Will: Otherwise, I would've dragged you out of here the second I got here.

Gwen: So you've been watching me lose my mind this whole time, knowing very well there's no chance I'm seeing Carly or the baby?

Will: Mm-hmm, basically. Gwen, do you really think there's a chance that this baby isn't yours?

Gwen: If the paternity test wasn't fixed, it's the only thing that makes sense.

Will: So then get a maternity test. Okay, if the kid's not yours, it's gonna be easy enough to figure out from your end.

Gwen: You're right. You're right. I'd have to get a sample from the baby.

Will: And I'm sure that Carly would go right along with it if she thought it would get you off her back.

Gwen: No, or use it against me. Will, wait. If it looks like I'm trying to prove that the baby isn't mine, she could turn it on me. "Look, she's trying to get out of it. She doesn't even want to be a mom, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah."

Will: Maybe. Gwen, this whole wrong baby thing -- it's such a long shot.

Gwen: It happens.

Will: I think it used to. Not so much anymore. All right, fine. Let's go talk to Uncle Bob. Come on.

Gwen: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Uncle -- Uncle Bob Hughes, Casey’s Grandpa Bob? No thanks.

Will: Gwen, he was really good to you.

Gwen: He was. But if it means going against his grandson, he won't be.

Will: Okay, fine. Don't trust Uncle Bob. Talk to Cass Winthrop. Maybe he can investigate with the coroner somehow.

Gwen: I don't know, maybe. But he wants his payment up front now. It's a lot of money.

Will: Okay. Then we'll handle that. I'll get the money. What?

Gwen: You'd do that for me?

Will: Just remember that the next time you think I might not be on your side.

Gwen: Will, that's a -- I don't know when I could pay that back. It could take --

Will: Gwen, please stop. It's okay.

Gwen: You want me to sign a paper or something?

Will: No, Gwen. You're my friend okay? Pay me back when you can. I trust you. Say something.

Gwen: You're the first person who's ever said that to me.

Will: Let's go talk to Cass.

Gwen: I can’t. If I don't leave now, I'm going to be late for work. I can't afford to lose my job.

Will: Okay, fine. You go to work, I'll take care of the money, and we'll take it from there.

Gwen: Thanks, Will. You're the best.


Katie: So, why didn't you tell me Maddie was going to school here and using my address?

Henry: I'm sorry. We just decided she could stay last night.

Katie: Then how did she get into Oakdale Latin already?

Maddie: Well, I applied as soon as Henry got hurt. I wasn't sure how long he'd be off his feet. And I wasn't sure how long you'd take care of him, given the situation.

Henry: Madeline.

Maddie: But, turns out that you were great.

Henry: Yeah, I'm really sorry about the address, we had to put something on the form. We'll change it as soon as we move.

Katie: It's not a problem. But tuition might be. It's a really expensive school.

Maddie: Oh, I applied for every scholarship and I'll qualify next semester. I used my savings for the fall.

Katie: You must really want to stay here.

Maddie: Well, I've missed henry. I mean, who wouldn't, you know?

Henry: She'll have time to miss me soon enough.

Mike: Hopefully sooner than you think. I got a surprise for you.

Henry: Really?

Mike: The best physical therapist in the state is on his way over to work on you.

Henry: No kidding? Well, that is just -- that's too much.

Mike: No, come on.

Henry: No, I couldn't afford that.

Mike: It's already taken care of.

Henry: No, Mike, I can't ask you to --

Mike: We already traded for it. Henry, relax. I'm telling you, this guy is the best. He will have you up and on your feet in no time.

Henry: That is so generous.

Maddie: You really shouldn't have.

Mike: Well, it's my pleasure, Maddie.

Katie: Mike, I have some boxes in the car from the store from last night. You want to help me?

Mike: Sure. I have to admit, I kinda enjoyed that.

Katie: Yeah? Don't let Maddie serve you anything to eat any time soon.

Mike: I'll make Snickers be my food taster.

Katie: How much longer are we going to have to sneak out here to get five minutes alone?

Mike: Not much longer. We're gonna be alone together very soon.

Maddie: I should go help them bring some stuff in.

Henry: Stop right there.

Maddie: I'm trying to be a good guest.

Henry: No, you're trying to butt in between Mike and Katie. Now, they're in love. So, leave them alone.

Maddie: Okay. Well then, I will go out there and walk right by and not say a word.

Henry: Where are you going?

Maddie: The bookstore.

Henry: Okay, well, be nice to them on the way out. If they figure out that I'm faking this back injury, we're going to have to throw ourselves on their mercy.

Maddie: Henry, you can fool anybody. You had me going, and I know all your tricks.

Henry: You better hope so. Otherwise, we're going to be sleeping in the limo.


Paul: This is what we're going to do -- we're going to take these, we're going to put them some place safe. We're going to never think of them ever again.

Emily: You think that's possible?

Paul: Sure. Dark, painful secrets. It's sort of a family specialty.

Emily: But you never really forget.

Paul: Yeah, well, I'm getting better at it. And this is for a good cause.

Emily: Right, protecting Jennifer.

Paul: No, you and me. Giving us some breathing room. Life shouldn't be about everybody else. Should be about you and me. Hold on a second. There's something that I want to show you.

Emily: What's this? These are Daniel’s toys. What are you doing? What, wait. These are his favorite toys. He's gonna miss this stuff.

Paul: Well no, not quite.

Emily: Wait a minute, this guy was missing an arm.

Paul: Oh. Here you go.

Emily: Paul?

Paul: Okay, look. I talked to Tom and Margo and I found out what Daniel was playing with because I wanted to have exact replicas for him here. Because that way, this would seem more like home. I want your son here, Emily. If that's what you want. Say something, please.

Emily: That was really, really thoughtful. But a bag of toys won't solve our problems. I'm beginning to wonder if anything will.


Jennifer: I thought you were room service.

Dusty: You order already?

Jennifer: Yeah.

Dusty: You want to cancel and have breakfast with me?

Jennifer: Thanks, I've got to pack.

Dusty: Well, do it after coffee.

Jennifer: No, I need to do it now.

Dusty: Okay. Well, I'll wait for you.

Jennifer: Well, as slow as I'm moving today, it might take me a long time.

Dusty: You don't seem slow.

Jennifer: I am.

Dusty: Okay, I'll leave you to it. How's your hand?

Jennifer: Huh?

Dusty: The cut on your hand? Did you forget about it already?

Jennifer: Kind of, I --

Dusty: Must not hurt you very much.

Jennifer: No, no.

Dusty: You should put a fresh bandage on that.

Jennifer: I will, after I pack.

Dusty: Let me look at your hand.

Jennifer: Dusty, it's fine.

Dusty: It will take two seconds.

Jennifer: No, see? It's fine.

Dusty: It should look better than this.

Jennifer: How do you know that?

Dusty: Because I know about cuts. It should be closed by now. You gotta see a doctor.

Jennifer: Dusty, I don't have time.

Dusty: Not now, when we get home. I'll take you to see Bob Hughes.

Jennifer: Okay, whatever. Now can you just please let me pack?

Dusty: Are we okay, you and I?

Jennifer: What?

Dusty: Last night, I thought we were okay.

Jennifer: We are.

Dusty: Well, I just stopped by to tell you I didn't want to mess up our friendship. But now it seems I have, somehow.

Jennifer: We're fine.

Dusty: You've been trying to kick me out of here since I got here. What is up with you?

Jennifer: I just -- I didn't get much sleep last night.

Dusty: You seem bothered.

Jennifer: Not about us.

Dusty: Okay. I'm gonna get us checked out while you finish packing. Is that bag done over there?

Jennifer: Yeah, yeah, thanks.

Marco: Hey, Jas called. She said you're freakin'. It's harder finding that stuff than I thought.

Jennifer: Marco, how great to see you. Shut up. Really, really great to see you.

Marco: Hey.

Jennifer: This is Marco. He and I did Paris and Milan shows together. He called and happens to be that we're in Chicago at the same time.

Dusty: Nice to meet you.

Marco: Yeah.

Jennifer: And you brought those clippings of the shows we did together.

Marco: What?

Jennifer: The stuff that you were looking for, right? You found it?

Marco: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I brought it with me.

Dusty: Jen, I'll see you later.

Jennifer: Sure, yeah. This won't take long.

Dusty: The plane leaves in two hours.

Jennifer: I'll be ready.

Marco: He doesn't look like your type, Jen.

Jennifer: We work together. And we have to go soon, so just give me the stuff. Now.


Katie: We have to be realistic, Mike. Even if the physical therapist can work miracles, it's going to be a long time before Henry can work.

Mike: That's his problem. Come on, Henry has supported himself for years without a job.

Katie: Not legally. And now he has Maddie here. They can't be sleeping in the limo. He's gonna have to get a real job to make enough to have a decent place to live. I'm not going to put them out on the street.

Mike: I know, you're right. But that doesn't mean we have to sit here and nurse him the whole time.

Katie: Are we gonna get bored when there's no drama anymore? Maybe that's why things keep happening. Maybe we make them happen because we're afraid.

Mike: Stop that.

Katie: The talking, you mean?

Mike: Yeah.

Katie: Good, because I'm never gonnna stop wanting.

Maddie: I need to go to the bookstore so I can get my reading list. I'll bring you back a racing form, okay?

Henry: Okay, that's a start. An even better way to my heart is to quit pushing Katie at me.

Maddie: Yeah, well, I'd have to pry her off of Mike first.

Henry: I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I didn't catch that, huh?

Maddie: Oh, I said I'll be polite and grateful and very quiet.

Henry: Good, that's better. Why are you bringing your computer?

Maddie: There's wireless connection at the bookstore cafe. It is way slow here, the connection.

Henry: All right. Don't take too long. And don't worry, don't worry there, sweetheart. You know, if this back scam goes awry, I will find a place for us.

Maddie: Hopefully you won't have to. Be home soon. Don't mind me. See you later.


Gwen: Get out of my way.

Casey: Where do you get off?

Gwen: I'm trying to keep my job. Get out of my way.

Casey: You owe me.

Gwen: What?

Casey: You tried to hang me.

Gwen: Casey, you are my baby's father.

Casey: That's not what the tests say. You've done nothing but lie. No kid deserves you as a mother.

Gwen: Hey, where do you get off?

Casey: I'm gonna help them make sure that you never get your baby back.


Paul: Look, I'm not trying to buy you off with a cheap gesture here. Where Daniel lives is very important. And I just -- hey, I would really like for you to know that Daniel is welcome here.

Emily: And I appreciate that.

Paul: But?

Emily: I just want to feel better about where we are with things, okay? It's not just up to me whether Daniel comes to live here or not. Tom is his father.

Paul: Right.

Emily: And it could get messy. He hasn't said much lately. But I know he's not thrilled with this living arrangement.

Paul: Yeah, but what's he going to do, keep you from your child? Who does something like that?

Emily: Yeah, who does?

[Doorbell rings]

Will: Hey, I'm glad you're here. I need to talk.

Emily: Hi, Will.

Will: Nevermind.

Paul: Hold on a second here. Emily's not the enemy.

Will: Listen, I'll just come back.

Emily: No, that's okay. I've got things to do in the other room.

Paul: Please don't leave. Please.

Emily: I don't mind. Your brother obviously needs personal time. I'm not offended.

Paul: Nice. Really nice. Nice move, Will.

Will: I wasn't trying to make her upset.

Paul: Yes, you were.

Will: Whatever, I'll be out of your hair. I just need help.

Paul: What do you need?

Will: It's Gwen.

Paul: Didn't you find a lawyer?

Will: Yes, and Cass Winthrop’s great. So thank you. But he needs his money up front.

Paul: I thought you made it clear to him that it was a contingency case.

Will: Which he was fine with at first. And then it got complicated when it wasn't a sure win. Now there's a paternity test involved, so we need him to go back to court.

Paul: Gwen did a paternity test on her baby?

Will: Yeah, it got weird. The judge asked Gwen who the father was. And she said it was Casey. And Casey obviously denied it. And then they did the test and it came back and it said it wasn't Casey’s.

Paul: Wait, all of this was in open court?

Will: Yeah. Now the judge thinks Gwen’s a liar. And Gwen’s got this crazy theory that -- well, she's got this theory about why the test didn't go right.

Paul: What's her theory?

Will: That maybe everybody's talking about the wrong baby.

Paul: What?

Will: Yeah, I know, it sounds intense. But it's possible, right? I mean, if the baby's not Casey’s then maybe it's not Gwen’s, either.


Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns."

Emily: Is Will okay? What happened?

Paul: Everything I've done to protect Jennifer is about to get blown out of the water.

Dusty: If something's going on with you, let me help you out. Just tell me what's going on.


Gwen: You have no say over what happens to my baby.

Casey: The hell I don’t. My whole family's gonna help Jack and Carly. Me included. This kid deserves a real mom, Gwen.

Gwen: Why are you doing this? You got a test to say that you're not the father. So you're off the hook again. Why?

Casey: I never should've been on the hook! You've done nothing but play me. First I'm the only guy you've ever slept with. Then it's Will's baby, now it's mine. I mean, and you turned my girlfriend against me.

Gwen: No, you did that.

Casey: And you cost me my best friend.

Gwen: Will and Celia walked away because of how you acted.

Casey: When you tried to trap me. I mean, how many guys was it, Gwen?

Gwen: What?

Casey: Obviously you got around, if you couldn't decide which one is the father. I mean, did I look that stupid? Is that why you tried to pin it on me?

Gwen: Casey, you are the only guy I've ever slept with. And you're the father of my baby.

Casey: That's it? You're just gonna keep repeating the same lie?

Gwen: Oh, it isn’t.

Casey: The test proved you're lying.

Gwen: Oh, you made sure of that, didn't you? Those tests were rigged.

Casey: Man. You are deranged.

Gwen: Oh, come on, Casey. Your dad's the D.A. Your granddad’s head of the hospital.

Casey: All right, this is going nowhere. Here's the deal, Gwen. Either you stop accusing me, or I'm going to tell everyone in school what a psycho you are. You're gonna be all alone.

Gwen: No. No matter what, I'll always have Will.

Casey: Not for long.


Will: I need money so we can get Cass Winthrop back into court and maybe get a different test that will prove whether or not it's Gwen’s baby.

Paul: Is that really necessary?

Will: It is to Gwen. Only she's worried that if Carly finds out, she's gonna freak. Anyway, the point is, I can't get to my trust. Mom's blocked it again. So are you guys on speaking terms?

Paul: Sort of.

Will: Well, can you get her to ease up? Paul?

Paul: I've got money. I'll give you money.

Will: No, I don't need your money. I have my own money. I just need access to it.

Paul: Right, right, right. I'm on that.

Will: Okay, well why are you rushing me out the door?

Paul: Well, I thought you wanted me to move fast on this?

Will: I do.

Paul: Well then, go home and turn your cell on, and I'll call you as soon as I have something to tell you.

Will: What, you're going to do it, like, right now?

Paul: This is important to you, right? I believe that, I can see that. And if you want me to do this, then I need to get started. You can't go anywhere near Mother. And you or Gwen can't go anywhere near Cass Winthrop.

Will: I figured he'd want to get started --

Paul: Don't even approach him until I give you the go-ahead. You don't want him getting ticked off and dropping the case, do you?

Will: All right.

Paul: Leave it to me.

Will: Okay. I'll have my cell.

Paul: I'll call you.

Emily: Something's wrong. Is Will okay? What happened?

Paul: Everything I've done to protect Jennifer is about to get blown out of the water.


Marco: All right, pay me and I'm out of here. What? The price is not negotiable.

Jennifer: I know. Nothing, it's here.

Marco: That's enough to keep you partying for a week.

Jennifer: Oh, well make it -- make it two.

Marco: That's -- no, no, no. That's more than double.

Jennifer: What?

Marco: Yeah, I didn't count on that. I have other customers I'm gonna have to hold off now.

Jennifer: For your trouble.

Marco: Yeah.

Jennifer: What?

Marco: Nothin'. I just remember you in Paris, looking down your nose at everyone having a life, partying. Now look at you.

Jennifer: Marco, I had a life.

Marco: Yeah.

Jennifer: It wasn't a party.

Marco: Yeah, I heard about the baby from Jas.

Jennifer: No, no, we're not gonna do that. Not when I'm starting to feel good. Now what we're gonna do -- I'm gonna turn on the music and pack, you gonna say bye-bye.

Marco: Bye-bye, Jen. You know where to find me if you need me.

Jennifer: Yeah, I do. [Knock at the door] Hi.

Dusty: I passed your friend in the hall. That was a short visit.

Jennifer: Yeah, well, that's the best kind with Marco.

Dusty: So, do I get to see?

Jennifer: Huh?

Dusty: The clippings. You in all your glory.

Jennifer: No, no, no way.

Dusty: Why not?

Jennifer: Well, I -- no, it was a bad idea. To think of myself that young, I just don't even want to think about it. It was a bad, bad idea. No, I want to think about -- I want to think about the fall line. I want to think about all the shows we're going to have in the fall. I want to think about mascara.

Dusty: Mascara?

Jennifer: That's right, I'm out. I need some more mascara. I'll have to get it in the hotel lobby shop. Whoa. Whoa. Wow, that's not even the wind-blown look. That's like, bed head. You don't ever get that, do you?

Dusty: What?

Jennifer: The hair. You probably just wake up looking like that, don't you?

Dusty: Yeah, I'm a guy.

Jennifer: Some of the vainest people I know are guys.

Dusty: Some dudes, maybe. Not guys.

Jennifer: Oh, guys, yes. They have such distinct qualities. Masculine qualities. Yes. Why is this not -- I know it fit before. Let's think about other rules for guys. Let's make a list. Yes, we'll need some paper. We'll need a whole --

Dusty: Jennifer, you gotta stop. What the hell is going on with you?

Jennifer: I'm fine.

Dusty: You're wired.

Jennifer: Well, it must be all the coffee.

Dusty: You didn't have any.

Jennifer: How do you know what I had or not?

Dusty: Because room service never came.

Jennifer: What?

Dusty: It wasn't the caffeine is what I'm saying.

Jennifer: Are you watching me?

Dusty: I'm paying attention to you.

Jennifer: You have me under surveillance?

Dusty: What?

Jennifer: Are you spying on me?

Dusty: I'm here. I see you.

Jennifer: Well, just stop.

Dusty: Stop what? Noticing?

Jennifer: Yes!

Dusty: Jennifer, listen to me. Something's going on with you. You're bouncing off the walls. One minute, it's like you're dying. The next you're all over the place. And you're acting paranoid.

Jennifer: I don't need this.

Dusty: Hey, well you certainly need something.

Jennifer: Nothing that you wanted to give me.

Dusty: Jennifer, hey. Look at me. If something's going on with you, let me help you out. Nobody's judging you, least of all, me. Just tell me what's going on.

Jennifer: You're right. Something is going on.


Casey: You think Will won't start to wonder, Gwen? It was right there, in black and white. I'm not the father. You lied.

Gwen: Will knows better.

Casey: He wanted Celia, so he wanted to believe I was a dog.

Gwen: You still are! You tried to get Will to lie and take responsibility for you.

Casey: Because I knew in my heart that it couldn't be me.

Gwen: Oh, please.

Casey: And Will wouldn't cover for you this time.

Gwen: Me?

Casey: So maybe you and best buddy Munson aren't as solid as you think.

Gwen: You don't know a thing about me or him.

Casey: Yeah, well I know this much, Gwen. You used everybody. And now it's gonna come back on you. You're gonna lose your baby and the only friend you've ever had. And that's exactly what you deserve.


Bob: So you're asking, is it possible that the baby is not Gwen’s?

Will: Yeah.

Bob: Well nowadays, hospital security is so tight. I mean, the baby gets a tracking band as soon as it's born. And nobody but authorized parents are allowed to even handle the baby in the nursery. And if somebody tried to take a baby out of the nursery before they got to the elevator, why, security would be all over them.

Will: That's what I figured.


Maddie: Okay, Byron. Katie's online. Damn, no new mail. Byron's still AWOL. Dear Byron, have you forgotten me? Because I can't get you out of my mind.


[Henry moaning]

Joe: Sorry. Hold on, take a deep breath. I'm going to try and touch that again, real gently.

Katie: That's where he was hurt first.

Joe: Yeah. The swelling's all gone.

Henry: That must be why it feels like you're touching the bone.

Joe: Let's get you back on the couch.

Henry: Okay. Ohh.

Joe: Okay, Henry, I'm going to show you a few stretches you can do between now and when I come back.

Henry: Great. Whoa, looks like that hurts.

Joe: I haven't started yet.

Henry: Oh.

Joe: Even if you're back's a little tender, you should be able to do this. Just like this.

Henry: Okay.

Joe: But no farther than you can go without pain. It's important that you start loosening up that lower back.

Henry: All right. You got it, doc.

Joe: And we'll have you up and jogging in no time.

Henry: Oh, that sounds like a miracle. How soon can you come back?

Joe: Well, I'll check my schedule and give you a call.

Mike: I'll walk you out.

Joe: All right.

Katie: Thank you.

Joe: Sure.

Mike: So, what's the verdict? How long is it gonna take Henry to recover?

Joe: I honestly can't say.

Mike: Best estimate.

Joe: I can't tell, Mike. I can't say that there's anything to recover from.


Emily: If Gwen gets the maternity test, then everyone's gonna know the baby wasn't hers. It's not a big stretch, Paul. The babies were at the hospital at the same time. Everyone's gonna know that Jennifer’s baby is the baby that lived.

Paul: I know. I need to stop Gwen.

Emily: How?

Paul: Well, the first I can do is slow her down from taking that test. I mean, she's already scared that it would send the wrong signal.

Emily: Yeah, but that still leaves the paternity test. And who, other than Casey, had any reason to change the test?

Paul: I don't know.

Emily: Are you gonna be okay?

Paul: Yeah, I'm gonna be fine.

Emily: I'll see you around.

Paul: So, who would have motive to change the paternity test?


Mike: Well, Henry did take a pretty bad fall. Katie saw it.

Joe: Yeah, that explains the initial injury. But the swelling's gone down from that, so I can't say that the pain is related.

Mike: You think it's something else entirely?

Joe: Well, it's hard to say. I mean, backs are tricky. They hold everything, not just physical pain.

Mike: You think it's in his head?

Joe: No, no, Henry’s definitely in pain. I'm just not sure the cause is physical. Has he been under any stress, suffered any setbacks lately?

[Mike remembering]

Mike: We didn't want to hide it from you, Henry. But we also didn't want to hurt your feelings.

Katie: And now, we've done that.

Henry: No, don't -- hey, don't cry. I'll be all right. I mean, not physically, obviously. But emotionally -- I mean, it's actually kind of a relief.

Joe: Mike?

Mike: Nothing he didn't already know. But he has taken a couple hits to the heart lately, yeah.

Joe: Well, then it might take some time. But we'll do our best.

Mike: Thanks, Joe.

Joe: See you soon.

Mike: See ya.

Joe: All right.

Katie: Don't make it worse.

Henry: Oh, I hate being helpless.

Mike: You're not.

Katie: You just did a lot of exercises. Just give yourself a break, okay? What did Joe say?

Mike: Not much.

[Knock at the door]

Delivery man: Hi, these are for Katie Peretti?

Katie: Oh, yeah. Wow. Mike, these are absolutely gorgeous.

Mike: They're not from me. I didn't send them to you.

Henry: I am couch-bound and broke. As much as I appreciate the hospitality, it wasn't me.

Katie: I don't get it. Then who would do this?


Maddie: Yes. Byron.


Jennifer: This is wrong. This is all wrong.

Dusty: Maybe your medication isn't right.

Jennifer: What? How did you know?

Dusty: Your brother told me. I didn't think it was a secret.

Jennifer: Don't I get any peace anywhere in the world?

Dusty: I'm just saying what I know. It might mean something.

Jennifer: It might mean that you need to get a life.

Dusty: Excuse me?

Jennifer: You and my mother both. You both need me to be sick. To need medicine. Because that way, I am much more able to be controlled.

Dusty: What? What are you talking about right now?

Jennifer: You want to be my friend? Then be my boss, all right? Not my babysitter. Don't try to worry about every little thing about me. About my bandages and my little moods. I am doing the best I can, Dusty. And if it's a little too weird for you for when I am in a good mood, then just get out of my way, all right? Because I am bound to feel lousy again. And then you can come around when I am much more manageable.

Dusty: If you want me to go away, I will.

Jennifer: Good.


Will: So basically, there's zero chance Gwen’s baby went someplace without the hospital knowing it.

Bob: Those are about the odds.

Will: Okay, what if a staff member at the hospital tampered with the test?

Bob: You're not thinking that I would rig the test to get him off --

Will: No, no. Uncle Bob, I know you wouldn't do that. I'm sorry. Gwen's just trying to figure this all out, Uncle Bob. She's desperate.

Bob: Yeah, I can see that. Listen, maybe you should kinda pull back a little bit.

Will: I'm not going to bail out on a friend.

Bob: That's not what I mean. You can be a friend, but take a step back. You gotta take care of yourself too, you know.


[Gwen remembering]

Casey: So maybe you and best buddy Munson aren't as solid as you think. You'll lose your baby and the only friend you've ever had. And that's exactly what you deserve.

Paul: Let me help you.


Announcer: On the next "As the World Turns."

Gwen: So what are you saying? That Carly’s the one that messed up the test?

Paul: If anybody's capable of it, it's Carly. Believe me, I've seen her in action. That woman will do anything she has to, to get what she wants. Anything.

Carly: Oh, Jack. What are you doing home?

Jack: Nevermind that. Why don't you tell me why you're raiding our accounts?

Emily: Carly, is everything okay?

Carly: I am, yeah. Yeah, everything's fine.

Iris: How's it going?

Emily: Wait a minute. I know you. I've seen you before somewhere.

Maddie: This isn't scary. It's mysterious. It's romantic.

Katie: Hey you, over there. You seem kinda quiet. You have any ideas?

Mike: Yeah, I think I know exactly who sent you those flowers.

Katie: Who?

Mike: Simon.

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