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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 8/24/05

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Katie: Is he awake? Good.

Mike: Thanks for letting me stay over.

Katie: I couldn't let you stay in your place with all that water damage.

Mike: I know. But maybe I should've gone to a hotel.

Katie: No, it's okay. Nobody heard us come in last night. And it was so wonderful sleeping in your arms.

Mike: You want to get out of here, grab some breakfast?

Katie: Yes, please, now. I feel like a teenager sneaking around in my own house.


Emma: So, how is Dusty? I mean, have you seen him since the dinner at the farm?

Meg: Yeah.

Emma: Good. How's he doing?

Meg: He's fine, the usual, busy at work. I'm going on a business trip with him.

Emma: You see there? Now I told you -- told you to lay back and he'd come along. See that? Now he's invited you to go on a trip. Oh my goodness.

Meg: Yeah.

Emma: What?

Meg: It will be fun. A nice surprise.

Emma: Now wait a minute here. You mean Dusty doesnít know? You've invited yourself on this trip?

Meg: Actually it was Lucindaís idea.

Emma: Meg, listen to me. Don't do this. You know better.


Jennifer: Where is it? Dammit. How am I gonna get it without the two of them seeing?

Paul: Ms. Munson stepped out. But I'd be happy to take a message.

Dusty: Hey. What's wrong?

Jennifer: Nothing.

Dusty: Sorry to scare you. I didn't think you'd be back at work so soon.

Jennifer: I was ready.

Dusty: Are you? Are you okay?

Jennifer: I'm fine. The look of panic you see is because Paulís in there taking a detailed message.

Dusty: Paul's here?

Jennifer: Yeah, he came by. It could be an order or something I should be taking care of. Or, you should be taking care of. Not my well-meaning brother. Hey, look who I found.

Paul: Well, the rest of the office just showed up, so I'm sure someone will get back to you shortly. Yeah, it's great to talk to you too. Bye-bye. That was Tandy from Paris. Evidently, she's got some life-altering brilliant color scheme for late spring.

Jennifer: Oh I have missed her so much. Hey, scoot! I gotta get in there.

Dusty: How's she been?

Paul: She's like a new woman. The psychiatrist prescribed these anti-depressants. They seem to be working really well.

Dusty: Whatever works. Listen, I'm gonna be out of town on business for a few days. Would you make sure her mother doesn't drive her nuts?

Paul: Of course.

Jennifer: Hey, guys, I don't do magic tricks. So if you're waiting for a show --

Emily: No honey, we don't expect that. We're worried about you. Your first day back at work and all.

Jennifer: Really, I'm fine. I wanted to come in. I wanted to come in for everybody else so I could get a few things done and I was on a roll. So --

Paul: Are you trying to get rid of us?

Jennifer: In a totally understanding way. Yes, please.

Paul: You got it. What do you say?

Emily: Okay. I'm glad you're feeling better

Jennifer: It's good to feel better.

Paul: Call me.

Jennifer: I will. Bye. You, too. You are the worst when I'm trying to sketch.

Dusty: How long have you been here?

Jennifer: A few hours. The exact number?

Dusty: No.

Jennifer: Well then, okay. Don't you have something else you could be doing?

Dusty: No. I donít. Your brother and his girlfriend might buy this act, but I donít.


Maddie: Whoa. What are you doing?

Henry: Taking the back out for a test drive.

Maddie: Donít. You're not ready to walk alone yet.

Henry: Oh, but I am. I am so ready.

Maddie: You can't be. It is too soon.

Henry: No, you know what? It's been getting better and I think it's almost healed now. Here -- take a look at this.

Maddie: Henry, stop that. We need more time.

Henry: We?

Maddie: You. Need more time. Okay, I know it took a while to get Katieís focus back on you again and, yes, it bites that Mike is still here, but we can work around that. I mean, he has a job, right? He has to leave sometime, and then you --

Henry: Maddie C.

Maddie: -- Can make your move.

Henry: My move?

Maddie: Your play. For Katie.

Henry: Honey, the only move is out. Katie and Mike are back together. We just -- we need to leave here and get out of their way.


Katie: Two chocolate croissants. One of those sticky buns. Some cheese breadsticks for cocktail time. And a double mocha cappuccino for now. Make that two.

Waitress: Two doubles?

Katie: Yes.

Waitress: You want a shopping bag to carry all this?

Katie: Uh, yeah, sure. That'd be great.

Mike: What? What are we going to do now? We going to buy Henry a flat screen TV so he can watch the poker tournaments? Huh? Maybe buy him a pony?

Katie: Right now I'd settle for some rent money and a live-in nurse.

Mike: Now, there's a plan. We all get a gift.

Waitress: That's $48.

Mike: No kidding?

Katie: Here, I've got it.

Mike: Glad I brought my truck.

Katie: I know. I know, I'm over-compensating. And it's got to stop. Look, we both know that Henry knows. We just need to get it out in the open, right?

Mike: Right. Then what?

Meg: So this is when you tell me you're not mad, you're disappointed in me?


Emma: What, do you want me to pretend that I think it's a good idea that you're throwing yourself at Dusty?

Meg: Why do I bother telling you anything?

Emma: Because I'm the only person you can get the truth from.

Meg: As you see it.

Emma: As I love you. All right, look, if you don't want to discuss this, we don't have to.

Meg: Good. I donít.

Emma: Do you need money for the trip?

Meg: Is this not talking about it?

Emma: Well, I'm just trying to figure out why you invited me here, that's all.

Meg: I want to spend some time with you, is that so hard to believe? Why do you think I came back into town?

Emma: Well, I know why you came back. It's why you're staying that's worrying me.

Meg: It's not all about Dusty.

Emma: No?

Meg: No.

Emma: Then why are you staying?

Meg: When I woke up the first morning at the farm, I went down to the kitchen and I spilled coffee all over the counter, so I went to wipe it up and I went into this drawer and I picked out those rooster tea towels. Remember those?

Emma: That's how they got all those stains! You know I don't use those. I'm saving them.

Meg: I know. I know.

Emma: I mean, that was the last time -- it took you one month to make each of those -- that was the last time you were interested in sewing before you went out sneaking around with boys.

Meg: Yeah. Well, I was better at that than the cross stitch.

Emma: Just a minute now. I mean, those roosters, they really have some character. I mean, they are --

Meg: They were butt-ugly.

Emma: They are treasures. They are butt-ugly treasures, but they're treasures. And I, I wanted to save them for you, for later. You made these things.

Meg: See, everything in your life -- in that kitchen -- it's like that. There's a story behind it. Everything I own is in a storage locker in Waco. And it could stay there forever and nobody would miss it. Not even me. I want things in my life to mean something. People who mean something.

Emma: You know what, baby? That's exactly what I want for you, too. And that's why this -- that is why all this business with Dusty worries me. I mean, you throwing yourself at him like that, I mean, you so desperate. I -- you're better than that. Come on now. You know you deserve more.

Meg: I have exactly what I want with Dusty.

Emma: Really?

Meg: Really. For now. We both want the same things.

Emma: Are you sure of that?

Meg: I understand Dusty completely. I know what he wants.


Jennifer: I honestly feel better, Dusty. Is that acceptable?

Dusty: Of course.

Jennifer: Okay, so look. I did these last night.

Dusty: You did all these last night?

Jennifer: Well, like I said, I was on a roll.

Dusty: This is two weeks' of work right here. Take the rest of the day off.

Jennifer: Oh, bite your tongue.

Dusty: Well, take a nap at least.

Jennifer: Oh, sorry.

Dusty: It's okay.

Jennifer: It's just I've pulled an all-nighter. I need --

Dusty: You need a nap.

Jennifer: -- Coffee!

Dusty: Me, too.

Jennifer: And a donut. Seriously, no designer latte, but just regular coffee and a regular donut.

Dusty: Let's make a deal. I'll go for the run if you stay here and take a nap while I'm gone.

Jennifer: Deal. Actually, I like it with sprinkles.

Dusty: I'll see what I can do.


Paul: So, what do you think?

Emily: I -- it's incredible. I can't believe that's the same woman, you know, who said she was listening to her dead baby crying just a couple of days ago.

Paul: Yeah, I know.

Emily: It's like she did a complete 180, you know? Do anti-depressants really work that fast?

Paul: Well, I guess they got the right one. And Jennifer does want to get better, that's got to count for something, right?

Emily: Yeah, sure.

Paul: So? You're convinced?

Emily: Convinced? I -- thank you. She seemed driven, you know? Like she was afraid to stop talking, stop moving.

Paul: Maybe she is. Obviously she's still hurting. It's just that there's improvement. If there's this much improvement after a little bit of time, imagine what she's going to be like in a week, two weeks. You know I'm right. That's why you didn't say anything about the baby. You could see the changes.

Emily: Don't tell me what you think I saw. Much less what I'm going to do.

Paul: I didn't think I was. Look, Emily, I -- I don't want to fight.

Emily: Me neither.

Paul: Emily?

Emily: I'm going to call Daniel. I'm taking him to the movies tonight, and I've got to let Tom know what time I'm picking him up.

Paul: Okay. Daniel's been with Tom and Margo since he got back from camp. Is he ever going to move in here with us?

Emily: It's a big adjustment! I just need to give him time to get used to his routine, you know, and then we'll talk about it.

Paul: Well, if you talk to him -- give him my love.


Dusty: Hi, ladies.

Emma: Oh, hi.

Dusty: What a nice surprise.

Emma: My goodness, you're about -- up and about early.

Dusty: Well, early job, new schedule, you know.

Meg: You're at work already?

Dusty: Ah, just making a coffee run. Jen's been designing all night.

Meg: Really?

Emma: How is she?

Dusty: Well, all cylinders this morning, doing pretty well.

Emma: Give her my best.

Meg: Yeah, me, too.

Dusty: I will. Nice dress.

Meg: Thank you.

Emma: That is a nice dress.

Meg: Dusty gave it to me. It's one of their samples. First of its kind to hit the streets.

Dusty: See ya.

Meg: Bye. You see?

Emma: Well, I'm seeing something. But I'm not sure it's the same thing you're seeing.


Henry: Look, I know you don't want to hear this, but it is over.

Maddie: Katie loves you, Henry. I can tell.

Henry: Not as much as she loves Mike.

Maddie: You can't give up! What do you have to lose?

Henry: Ah, a chance to win my best friend back. That could happen. Not if I'm sitting around here hoping for the impossible. And not if you arrange some kind of bizarre gardening accident for Mike.

Maddie: I wouldnít. He's in construction, there are much better ways. [Henry laughs] You laugh.

Henry: Yes. I know, because you are teasing. Because anything else might require bail money, which we don't have.

Maddie: Yeah. You're right. We'll need my money now to rent a place.

Henry: No, no, no. You're not spending your hard-earned donut money. I'll be fine in the limo.

Maddie: What about me?

Henry: School's about to start up again anyway, kid.

Maddie: You want me to leave?

Henry: It's not what I want, it's what has to be.

Maddie: Well, maybe not.

Henry: Maddie, honey --

Maddie: Here, how's this?

Henry: Honey --

Maddie: We hit the road. The ponies are still running in Saratoga. We take my tips, spend a week betting right, and we're set for a year. I already have a line on a pony for Friday.

Henry: What?

Maddie: Well, he's still 30 to 1, and his Beyer speed is less than 100, but what no one knows is he's a real mudder, so even with the weather that they've --

Henry: Stop! Stop! Stop! I'm appalled!

Maddie: And impressed.

Henry: Well, definitely.

Maddie: So let's do it. Please? Come on, you -- you need some fun.

Henry: Maddie C., little sister of mine, you are still the light of my life. First break you get from school, you come back here and I promise you we will have some fun.

Maddie: That means go home now, right? I'd better go pack.

Henry: Look, the holidays are going to be here before you know it. Maddie. Maddie! Hey. Hey, stop. Wait, stop, just wait a second. Hey, come -- come here. You're -- come here. You're not playing around, are you? You really don't want to go home, do you?


Mike: I understand why you're dreading this.

Katie: Maybe it's better for everyone, not just Henry. I mean, if word -- when word gets out to Jennifer --

Mike: She won't be surprised.

Katie: Neither was Henry. And that didn't make it any easier. And what about everyone else? I mean, think about the last time we were here and Nancy dropped by?

Mike: See, that's what makes me want to tell people. That wouldn't have happened if we would have been upfront with Nancy. Katie, it is time we finally get things out in the open.

Katie: You're right. You're right.

Mike: You know, this might be good for Henry. I mean, if he's holding out any hope that you two are going to get back together, he needs to know so he can move on.

Katie: Do you think Jennifer's going to be able to do that?

Mike: Move on? From me, yeah. From the baby and everything else? I hope so.


Dusty: Jennifer?

Jennifer: Hey! Oh, you're back! This is a winner, isn't it? Huh? What do you think?

Dusty: Yeah. It's great. I thought you were going to take a nap.

Jennifer: I was. I got my second wind. Is that my coffee? Mmm. And donut?

Dusty: With sprinkles.

Jennifer: Oh, mmm. Oh, yes! Bless you.

Dusty: I'm not sure I did you any favors.

Jennifer: Oh, you did. You have no idea what it was like when I was modeling. It was just lettuce and fish and, you know, everything but sprinkles.

Dusty: Sprinkles on your fish?

Jennifer: No, on you. Oh, this is the idea! This is where we start.

Dusty: At what?

Jennifer: This -- this -- this dress! This is going to be the concept for the whole entire line. And I thought of new accessories. Hold this. I'm going to show it to you. You're going to love it.


Paul: Emily, breakfast is ready! Well, technically, breakfast is ordered, but I didn't think that that should stop us from -- oh, no.

Emily: I don't think I'm staying for breakfast.

Paul: Where are you going?

Emily: I don't know. But I gotta get out of here.


Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Emily: No, I -- I -- you're not going to change my mind.

Paul: Get out.

Mike: You ready?

Katie: Yup. Let's just hope Henry is.


Paul: I thought we would toast to new beginnings. This is not exactly what I had in mind.

Emily: I'm not walking out on us.

Paul: No, just on me.

Emily: The situation.

Paul: What situation?

Emily: Me being here.

Paul: Okay, look, I know that it's difficult for you, what we're doing with Jennifer right now.

Emily: You know, I don't want to -- I -- I can't go there. This is about me. My life. My little boy is back from camp and school's about to start, and I don't know where I fit here, let alone my son.

Paul: You're with me.

Emily: As what?

Paul: As Emily.

Emily: I don't think that's good enough for a 7-year-old boy. So, I -- to clarity.

Paul: Is that what you want?

Emily: For starters.

Paul: I'm clear. I want you. I want you here.

Emily: Do you? Really? Or are you just afraid that I'm going to walk out that door and tell your sister about the baby?

Paul: You can always do that. And I will always try to convince you, I'll always fight with you, I will always argue with you and I will put up with whatever it is that you have to dish out.

Emily: Why?

Paul: Because you give so much. And because you make me want to learn to give back. And I don't want this to be about anybody else. I want this to be about us.

Emily: But it is. It's always about someone else.

Paul: So we'll change that. Look, I don't know what this is supposed to be. But we'll figure it out if you're here. Please stay.


Susan: Hal? I'm glad I ran into you.

Hal: Oh, Susan. I was going to call you this morning. Really.

Susan: You weren't ducking me?

Hal: No. No. It's been busy, I swear.

Susan: Look, I know you've washed your hands of Emily. And I would never call you and try to get you to come back to her. I wouldn't bother you at all if I weren't terribly afraid for her.

Hal: What do you mean, afraid?

Susan: This thing with Paul, it's dangerous.

Hal: What do you know?

Susan: I don't, for sure. I can just feel it. I don't -- I'm not always great at protecting my daughters, but I can smell trouble. And if Emily stays with Paul, I'm afraid she could be in a lot of trouble.

Hal: Me, too.


Maddie: You shouldn't have climbed those stairs.

Henry: You shouldn't have run off like that.

Maddie: I don't want to be a drama queen.

Henry: Okay, then don't chew the furniture. You want to tell me -- you want to tell me why you can't go home, really?

Maddie: It's all the same. You remember.

Henry: Yeah, I remember. I thought once Deidre got settled, then Mom would --

Maddie: Pay attention?

Henry: Yeah.

Maddie: I'll get back there and she probably won't even realize that I was gone. You noticed that she hasn't even called once to check up on me. So, you know, it's pretty safe to say that I am not the light of her life. So when you said that I was, I just --

Henry: Come here.

Maddie: God, I miss you Henry. When you look at me, you see who I really am.

Henry: Maddie, you are the star of any room. If I -- if I had a roof I could put over our heads, you could stay here forever, I swear.

Maddie: Henry, this house -- this house has a roof. And --

Henry: Yeah.

Maddie: And if you just -- Henry, if you just stay injured a little while longer, you -- Katie will find her way back and you guys can be together. And then you and I can stay here as long as we want.


Katie: Okay, drink up. Let's go have the talk with Henry. I canít. I canít.

Mike: Oh, hey, hey. Don't back out now.

Katie: Please, Mike. It'll just be a few more days.

Mike: Please. Can we just be honest with Henry? Hey, if things get weird, you can come stay at my place.

Katie: Once it dries out.

Mike: Right. Okay. Okay, how's this? We go over there, you feel it out, if you think it's the right time to talk to him, you give me a signal and I'll get out of there. Okay? Otherwise --

Katie: Otherwise we keep quiet. I like that one. Oh, I will be so glad when this part's over.

Mike: Me, too.


Dusty: I got it!

Jennifer: Okay, come over here. Come over here by the window.

Dusty: What are we doing?

Jennifer: Why are you fighting this? You're going to be part of fashion history. We're -- we're developing an entirely new fabric! It's an entirely new --

Dusty: New weave.

Jennifer: That's it! That's it! Instead of a new wave, it's a new weave! You're a genius!

Dusty: Yeah. Whatever. What am I shooting?

Jennifer: Okay, okay. We need -- here. Roll this out. Over there. We need a backdrop. Okay, come on. Come on, I'm going to lose this!

Dusty: All right.

Jennifer: Okay. Okay. All right. Now, come here. Get in closer. Get in closer! Closer! Are you getting it? Right there. Dusty !

Dusty: What?

Jennifer: You don't know what you're shooting?

Dusty: I don't know.

Jennifer: Uh, here, give it to me.

Dusty: The weave. I don't even get the weave!

Jennifer: You don't? Well then, hold this. Hold this right here. Yes. Right in there. Now give me this. Okay. Okay. Okay. All right. All right. Get in closer. Oh --

Dusty: What are you doing?

Jennifer: Do you know what this reminds me of?

Dusty: What?

Jennifer: In junior high, we used to play that game. You know -- red foot blue.

[Jennifer laughs]

Dusty: Left foot red.


[Knock on door]

Dusty: Jen --

Jennifer: Huh?

Dusty: Come on.

Jennifer: Hold on.

Meg: Uh, sorry. I didn't know I'd be interrupting.

Dusty: Hey. Twice in one day.

Jennifer: No, no, no, no. Don't move. Don't move. Got it! Gosh, it's great! It's this fabric for my new -- you're wearing my dress!

Meg: Uh, yeah.

Jennifer: Wow! Wow. Oh, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow. It looks gorgeous. She looks so hot!

Dusty: Yes, she does. I hope its okay. We had an extra sample, so --

Jennifer: Oh, no. Oh, you look so beautiful. And you knew she would look hot! That is great advertising! Please wear it all the time. Please?

Meg: Sure.

Jennifer: This is what we need, Dusty. This is what we need for the new campaign. We need a woman. Not those 14-year-old zippers, but a woman with curves, just beautiful, gorgeous -- [Phone rings] That's probably for me. You guys talk amongst yourselves. Jennifer Munson. Yes, it is me.

Dusty: Well, you've got a fan.

Meg: Do I?

Dusty: Yeah. If it's okay with Jen, we'll make all our samples for you.

Meg: Oh, no, no. This is more than generous. As a matter of fact, that's why I came by, to give you a little something as a thank you.

Dusty: It's for me?

Meg: Yeah.

Dusty: That's silver, isn't it?

Meg: Yeah, I thought you'd be doing a lot of traveling with your job.

Dusty: I'm going on a trip tonight.

Meg: Really?

Dusty: Yeah, Chicago. I mean, just a few days.

Meg: Oh, well, sounds like fun.

Dusty: Not really, no. Just meetings, really.

Meg: Yeah, with supermodels.

Dusty: No, marketing -- marketing guys, factory guys.

Meg: Ah, well it sounds like a blast.

Dusty: Well, when I'm not with the client, maybe if I have company around like you --

Meg: That would be nice.

Jennifer: Okay, Dillon does not get the idea. So we're going to have to send him the digital pictures.

Dusty: Yeah, of course.

Jennifer: And I don't care what Tandy says, the color trends, whatever. No Fuchsia. It has to be Coral.

Dusty: Whatever you say. Pink is pink.

[Meg laughs]

Meg: Okay, I'm going to let you guys deal with that. Have a good trip. Bye, Jen.

Jennifer: Bye.

Dusty: See you.

Meg: Yeah. You will.


Henry: Look, even if we could stay here, you have school. Remember?

Maddie: Well, I sent out for my transcripts and applied to Oakdale Latin. I had some extra time on my hands when you were resting. I didn't know how long you would be out of it or need me, so --

Henry: Oakdale Latin, it's hard to get into. And it's very expensive, too.

Maddie: Well, I have the money that I saved and I applied for every scholarship that they have. I've had straight As since fifth grade, so I don't think that should be a problem. What?

Henry: I don't know. I just -- I thought -- you know, I was hoping that you were happy where you were.

Maddie: Well, I was. Sometimes.

Henry: Won't you miss anybody?

Maddie: Who? The popular girls hate me because I'm smart and don't care about designers and clothes. The geeks hate me because I actually have some normal friends, and I don't do that whole quasi-goth thing, and, well, the jocks, they just want to get in my pants --

Henry: Whoa, whoa, whoa! La, la, la, la, la, la!

Maddie: Hey, hey, you asked!

Henry: Yeah, I asked, don't tell. That's hard on my blood pressure and, as I said before, we don't have bail money, so if I have to strangle some lust-crazed teenage boy, we're in big trouble.

Maddie: Don't worry. I just say no.

Henry: Good girl. Good girl. You keep saying that. Just say no.

Maddie: Well, I am sure there are plenty of guys at Oakdale Latin that are mature young men, and who would never do anything crude to make us feel uncomfortable in any way.

Henry: Who are you? Where did you come from? Seriously. No, no, no, no! How did the Coleman family produce somebody as marvelous as you?

Maddie: Well, Deidre said that I was on your doorstep. Too bad. Now you're stuck with me.

Henry: Yeah, you wish.

Maddie: Yeah, I do.

Henry: Look, I'm gonna do what I can here, okay? Let me get some money, I'll get things set up and you can come back as soon as I am.

Maddie: Okay. Sounds great. I better go pack.

Henry: Maddie, Maddie, you know I'd love to have you with me right now. I would.

Maddie: Yeah, you would. That's the point.


Susan: When Emily said she was moving back with me, I was so relieved. But then I waited, she never showed, and when I called, all she would say was that she changed her mind. Then she started taking days to return my calls. Alison hasn't heard from her. Not even an e-mail, for a long, long time. It's like Emily is cutting herself off from all the people who love her.

Hal: Any idea what her plans are for Danny, now that he's back from summer camp?

Susan: So far he's at Tom and Margoís.

Hal: Maybe that's because she doesn't want to put him in the middle of something that's not safe.

Susan: You think Emilyís not safe?

Hal: I don't know, Susan, I'm the jilted husband.

Susan: Oh, please. Just tell me.

Hal: I don't know. At first I thought Emily was with Paul because she really had a thing for him. But the last time I saw her I thought there was something else keeping her there. I felt the threat between them.


Emily: No. You're not gonna change my mind. Not this time.

Paul: You want out? Get out.

Emily: Don't be that way.

Paul: How do you want me to be? I told you what I wanted. I want you here. I want us. [Paul sighs] I trusted you. I trusted you when I didn't think there was any trust left in this world. And you made me believe that it was possible.

Emily: It is.

Paul: Not if you walk away. What can I do? Huh? What am I gonna say to you to try and convince you? Emily, we -- what we have is real, and we can be whatever it is that you want us to be.

Emily: I want us to be everything.

Paul: So do I. Believe in us.

Emily: I don't want to walk away from this.

Paul: Then donít.


Mike: Yeah, we brought some

Mike: You ready?

Katie: Yep. Let's just hope Henry is. Hey, you're up.

Henry: Yeah, for a while now. Is that breakfast?

Mike: Yeah, we brought some stuff.

Katie: I hope you weren't worried when we were gone.

Henry: No, I figured you went out together. Katie --

Katie: Henry --

Henry: There's something I need to tell you, okay?

[Henry groaning]


Meg: The reservation is under Worldwide Industries, Dusty  Donovan. Yes, I was added later on. Meg Snyder. Yes, I'll probably be checking in first, so if Mr. Donovan calls to confirm, um, don't mention any of this. It's kind of a surprise. Okay, thank you.


Dusty: I can't believe how much you got done in one day.

Jennifer: Me either. I just love to work. Maybe we can go over those color swatches tomorrow.

Dusty: I'm going to Chicago.

Jennifer: My friend Jasmine was just in Chicago. She says it's gotten to be a real big party town.

[Dusty chuckles ]

Dusty: Well, not for me. I'm hanging out with marketing guys all day.

Jennifer: Oh, Worldwide stuff?

Dusty: Yeah, just a few days.

Jennifer: Well, maybe I could come along 'cause I need to go to Chicago.

Dusty: You do? For what?

Jennifer: You know, just a change of scenery. Jas was talking about some old modeling friends that were there, and I thought I would catch up with them. So, what do you say?


Susan: A threat? Now you tell me. What makes you think there's a threat between Paul and Emily?

Hal: She tried to tell me something. He showed up. She clammed up. But it was the way that she got quiet. Like she was afraid.

Susan: Could she ever come back? I'm not pushing, I'm just asking. Would you --

Hal: The divorce is on hold, Susan. My choice. Not Emilyís.

Susan: For a bright girl, she's not very smart.

Hal: She finds her way. It's just a problem when she feels like people are judging her.

Susan: I know, I know. But what if she's someplace that she can't find her way out of? How am I supposed to know?

Hal: Well, you can't go at her head-on.

Susan: That much I've learned.

Hal: So just keep tabs on her, find out what you can.

Susan: And what're you gonna do?

Hal: I'm gonna poke around about Paul. See if anything shakes loose. And if it does, I'm gonna take Paul Ryan down myself.


Paul: I'm glad you stayed. We'll make this work, huh? Make you happy.

Emily: I just want --

Paul: What? Please, tell me.

Emily: I just want you to --

Paul: What?

Emily: Just put your arms around me, please.

Paul: See, we'll just stay like this, okay? We'll just stay just like this. Nothing ever has to change. We just won't let it.


Announcer: On the next "As the World Turns" --

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Gwen: Hey, you know what I saw outside? I saw a blue jay. You wanna see it? Come on.

Carly: Oh, my God. She took him.

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