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As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 8/18/05

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By Suzanne
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Mike: We are alone? It's not possible.

 Katie: Totally, completely alone. Come here.

 Mike: I should check the flowerbeds first, make sure Maddie's footprints aren't out there.

 Katie: Oh, stop it. She's not that bad. She's actually kind of sweet.

 Mike: In a door-slammed-in-my-face kind of way, she's a big fan.

 Katie: Well, it's okay. Your fan club's already full. And as president, I officially call this meeting into order.

[Katie giggles]


[Knock on door]

 Gwen: Just a sec. Oh, it's you.

 Will: Yeah, don't act so excited.

 Gwen: I'm sorry, I thought it was --

 Will: Yeah, the lawyer, I figured. Look at this place.

 Gwen: It's okay?

 Will: I smell air freshener.

 Gwen: Yeah. Yeah, I plugged some in. It's safer than candles.

 Will: And you're okay with not smoking?

 Gwen: Yeah. I should've quit when I was pregnant.

 Will: And you've actually read these?

 Gwen: Yeah, I started.

 Will: Nice basket.

 Gwen: Oh, yeah. Hey, touch the pad. Tell me if you think its firm enough.

 Will: For what?

 Gwen: For the baby.

 Will: You're gonna put your baby in a laundry basket?

 Gwen: It's his bassinet.

 Will: I'm sorry.

 Gwen: Hey, look, it's all I could afford. After I get custody, I can use some money to get him a big one.

 Will: Yeah, that was rude. I'm sorry. You should throw me out.

 Gwen: What?

 Will: For being a jerk that was totally rude. Just throw me out. Fine, I'll throw myself out. Uh-oh. Gwen, you might want to come out here and take a look at this.

 Gwen: What is that?

 Will: I don't know. A couple of delivery guys came up here with it.

 Gwen: Oh! Will, it's a crib!

 Will: Ow. Yeah. Not really a laundry basket, some assembly required.

 Gwen: This is the nicest thing anyone's ever done for me.

 Will: All right. Okay. Let's get inside before your lawyer gets here.


 Carly: I guess we're early.

 Jack: First ones.

 Carly: Well, shouldn't our lawyer be here by now?

 Jack: She'll be here, don't worry.

 Carly: I just want to get this over with as quickly as possible. I have a million things to do.

 Jack: Like what?

 Carly: Like a lot of things. Like, first I have to get Rory a new carrier.

 Jack: Sage's is fine.

 Carly: No, it isnít. It's worn. Besides, they make them much better now.

 Jack: Okay, let's just wait and see.

 Carly: You don't think we'll win.

 Jack: That's not what I'm saying.

 Carly: That's exactly what you're saying.

 Jack: Honey, I just don't want you to get your --

 Carly: You don't want me to get my hopes up. I know. Well, it's too late for that. Rosanna wanted us to be the guardian of her child, and I don't believe that any decent judge would let us leave this courtroom without permanent custody. We will raise Rory, Jack, until Rosanna can do it for herself.


 Jennifer: Is that --

 Jasmine: Ice? Yeah, my treat.

 Jennifer: Thanks, but no thanks.

 Jasmine: There's nothing to be afraid of. See? No shakes. But after a long shoot, there is no better friend than crystal meth. And Jen, if you ask me, you look like you could really use a friend about now.


 Barbara: You mean it? You'll help me keep Emily away from Jennifer?

 Paul: Yes.

 Barbara: Why?

 Paul: I'll handle it. That's all you need to know.

 Barbara: You know what? I know you wouldn't actually admit this, but I do think maybe you've come to your senses that this thing with Emily has run its course.

 Paul: Wrong, as usual. Emily is very important to me.

 Barbara: I see. And because she's so important to you, you're going to jump on the bandwagon and keep her away from your sister.

 Paul: Well, you've been spending a lot of time with my sister these days. Maybe I'm just trying to shield Emily from you.

 Barbara: You know what, honey? I can see the signs. There's trouble in paradise. I'd stake my life on it.


 Hal: Did Paul hurt you? Damn it, Emily, if he laid a hand on you, I swear --

 Emily: No, no, no, it's not like that, Hal.

 Hal: What happened?

 Emily: Why do I do it?

 Hal: Do what?

 Emily: I set myself up. God, is there not enough attention in the world?

 Hal: Well, you take your share.

 Emily: Oh, thanks.

 Hal: Just being honest.

 Emily: Yeah. I always hated that about you.

 Hal: Talk to me, Emily. What's Paul up to?


 Will: Where do you want this thing once it's set up? If it is ever set up.

 Gwen: Wherever.

 Will: It's kind of big.

 Gwen: I'm not gonna be here forever. Hey, I'm getting another place. Nothing fancy, but maybe with a little back yard and a tree for a swing.

 Will: Sounds nice.

[Knock on door]

 Gwen: That must be the lawyer.

 Will: Isn't he kind of early?

 Gwen: Yeah, but there's nothing we can do about it. How do I look?

 Will: Like a mother. I'll get the door.

 Cass: Hi. I'm Cass Winthrop.

 Will: Will Munson. Gwen's been expecting you. Come on in.

 Gwen: Hi. Sorry about the mess. I'm really glad you're here, Mr. Winthrop.

 Cass: You're Gwen?

 Gwen: Norbeck, your client.

 Will: I understand that you've done some work for my mother, Barbara Ryan?

 Cass: Oh, right.

 Will: Okay, so let's all sit down and --

 Cass: Where?

 Gwen: Sorry, let me get this stuff out of your way.

 Cass: You know, that's okay, I really can't stay. I'm sorry, Miss Norbeck, but there's obviously been a mistake.


 Jack: You know I'm on your side. And the babyís. But there's what we want, and what the law will allow us, honey.

 Carly: The law is wrong.

 Jack: Maybe, but with Rosannaís condition being worse --

 Carly: It's just a setback! It's just a setback, Jack.

 Jack: Honey, Rosannaís not coming home.

 Carly: You know, that's exactly the same thing they told me about you.

 Jack: This is different.

 Carly: Why? Miracles happen every day, Jack. People come out of comas every day. Doctors discover cures every day.

 Jack: I want that every bit as much as you do.

 Carly: Then, please, stop being so negative.

 Jack: I'm being realistic.

 Carly: And I'm not?

 Jack: You're thinking with your heart.

 Carly: Is there something wrong with that?

 Jack: No, honey. But Gwen isn't doing this to hurt you or Rosanna. She's exercising her legal rights.

 Carly: What about the baby's rights?

 Jack: Honey, if you would just put yourself in Gwenís shoes --

 Carly: I would want to offer my child a chance at a better life.

 Jack: I just want you to be prepared for what might happen in there today.

 Carly: I am.

 Jack: Are you?

 Carly: Rosanna wants us to have Rory. And that gives me strength, Jack. I finally feel like I can move on. For months, I've been living in the past, I've been agonizing about things that I can barely remember.

 Jack: The accusations that iris made? Honey, I still don't believe you did what she said you did.

 Carly: Whatever happened, I can't change it. All I can do is show Iris and Gwen and anybody else who gets in my way that today, right now, I am taking my life back.


 Emily: I've gotta go.

 Hal: Where? Back to Paulís? Breathe, Emily.

 Emily: What?

 Hal: Breathe, in, out, slowly.

 Emily: Whoa, whoa, suddenly we're a Zen master? Trust me, there's enough breathing in the world.

 Hal: That's gotten me through a lot. Three marriages to Barbara, being shot at, raising a ton of kids --

 Emily: Me walking out?

 Hal: I'm still working on that.

 Emily: Remember when Jennifer came back to town, you know, in the very beginning? And she needed someone. Not like a mom, but a friend, you know? Someone to go shopping with, talk to?

 Hal: You were great with her.

 Emily: Yeah, we were friends.

 Hal: More.

 Emily: I love Jennifer. You know. I love Will.

 Hal: Who says you don't? Why did you start talking about Jennifer, anyway?

 Emily: No reason.

 Hal: Did something happen?

 Emily: I just -- I hate seeing her go through this, you know? And I want so badly to help her.

 Hal: But?

 Emily: I canít. I can't -- don't ask, okay? I just --

 Hal: I'm sorry, laying off isn't my style.

 Emily: Yeah, I know that. It's Paul, you know? He just doesn't understand. And then there's Barbara.

 Hal: What did she do?

 Emily: She accused me of wanting to hurt Jennifer and the family.

 Hal: When?

 Emily: This morning. Actually yesterday, at the christening for Rosannaís baby.

 Hal: What happened?

 Emily: Jennifer came, and the baby started crying. Jennifer thought it was her baby. She told everyone, "Thatís my baby."

 Hal: Oh. That poor kid.

 Emily: Hal, I just want to make this right.

 Hal: Nobody can make it right.

 Emily: Yeah, but what if I could? What if I could do something?

 Hal: Like what?

 Emily: Paul -- he says I should just stay away from her.

 Hal: He said that?

 Emily: He's not himself, you know.

 Hal: Did he get mad? Emily, he's got to know you were only trying to pitch in.

 Emily: I can't talk about this. I want to so badly, I just can't, I canít.

 Hal: Its okay, it's okay. You just take your time. I'll tell you what, I'll order you something to eat.

 Emily: I'm not hungry.

 Hal: I'll order anyway.

 Emily: I'm sorry, I'm gonna go to the ladies room.

 Hal: Go ahead.

 Emily: Excuse me.

 Hal: I'll be right here.


 Paul: Emily and I are fine. Don't make trouble.

 Barbara: I'm just saying I want Emily as far away from my daughter as possible.

 Paul: Okay. Emily will keep her distance.

 Barbara: Don't humor me.

 Paul: Humor you? Tell me something, what would humor you? I'd really like to know.

 Barbara: You know, all of the sudden, you're acting like a pushover. [Cell phone rings] I have to take this. Excuse me.

 Paul: No.

 Barbara: Excuse me.

 Paul: Answer your phone. I'm not going anywhere.

 Barbara: Hello?

 Hal: What the hell's going on, Barbara?

 Barbara: Charming, Hal.

 Hal: I just ran into Emily at Al's. She's practically in tears. Why did you blow up at her?

 Barbara: Stop growling. I haven't done anything to your precious Emily.

 Hal: You want to do this in person?

 Barbara: How about showing a little concern for your daughter?

 Hal: The last thing Jen needs right now is you carving up somebody who's only trying to help her.

 Barbara: You know what? Jen is finally getting help from Dr. Michaels. And she was making progress until Emily showed up and upset her all over again.

 Hal: Emily cares about --

 Barbara: Nobody. Underneath that hip, desperate housewife facade is the same little old troublemaker who walked out on you. Have a nice day.

 Paul: What was that about?

 Barbara: Hal is apparently licking Emilyís wounds over at Al's.

 Paul: Did Emily say anything to Hal?

 Barbara: How would I know?

 Paul: Tell Jennifer I'll call her. I'm gonna go.

 Barbara: Whoa. That got his attention.


 Jasmine: You sure?

 Jennifer: Thanks. I don't want any.

 Jasmine: Last chance.

 Jennifer: Oh. I'm okay, really.

 Jasmine: Then come to Chicago with me. We'll hang out after my shoot. We have the best crew. And you remember Livio?

 Jennifer: Angeliri? Yeah. Yeah, I worked with him.

 Jasmine: Milan -- that's right. He's our designer, hysterical as ever. The man never met a fine line he couldn't erase. "Cara, the beauty is in the eyes." Jen, let's do it. Like old times. Come on, don't you miss it? The travel, the food, the wine, the freebies, V.I.P. All the way. Europe loved you. You'd jump in without missing a beat. Photographers still ask for you. Especially Jean Luc. And yes, he's as gorgeous as ever. You know, my little helper also sheds a couple pounds here and there.

[Jennifer scoffs]

 Jennifer: I'd much prefer working behind the scenes.

 Jasmine: So work for Street Jeans. Design and model. Have it all.

 Barbara: I had the most irritating run-in with your brother. Jasmine? Jasmine Skyler? Well, it is wonderful to see you. How's Robin?

 Jasmine: Oh, ditzy as ever.

 Barbara: Oh, honey, you must be thrilled to see her. When'd you get in?

 Jennifer: Mom, stop pretending, okay? I know that Jasmine called and talked to you already.

 Barbara: Well, it does my heart good to see the two of you together, I will tell you that. And I'm sure you've caught up in all the latest dirt in the modeling field. Don't even try to keep me in the dark, 'cause I'll find out. I always do.


 Katie: It's never too early for candles.

 Mike: You okay?

 Katie: I love you so much.

 Mike: But you still feel guilty about spending the day together.

 Katie: It's just hard to be happy when I think about what Jennifer's going through.

 Mike: I know. I keep thinking we'll have the chance to talk and forgive each other.

 Katie: I want that with Henry, too. I really love him. You know that. He's been a big part of my life forever.

 Mike: I understand. He's your best friend. Mine, too, most days.

 Katie: I just mistook friendship for something more and ended up hurting everybody.

 Mike: Those days are over. No more confusion.

 Katie: Nope. 'Cause I'm right where I want to be. In your arms.

 Mike: Mmm. Come here.


 Jack: Honey, I want to move on, too. But I can't promise that Rory is going to be a part of that. We may be able to stall Gwen today, but sooner or later, the court's gonna rule in her favor.

 Carly: Or not.

 Ms. Todd: Sorry I'm late.

 Carly: Hey, hey. Did you get my message?

 Ms. Todd: Well, that's why I'm late. I researched precedents.

 Jack: What precedents?

 Carly: I'll fill Jack in, and then we'll meet you inside.

 Jack: What are you planning?

 Carly: Just a way to get Gwen Norbeck out of our lives -- permanently.


 Gwen: Hey. Why did you even come here if you aren't gonna take my case?

 Cass: You mean the case you misrepresented? You told my assistant quite a story, didn't you, Ms. Norbeck?

 Will: What's he talking about?

 Cass: She said this case was very high-profile, kept talking about Rosanna Cabot of Cabot Motors and how all the networks would be lined up for exclusives.

 Will: The networks?

 Cass: I had to put two of my top clients on hold to race down here from Bay City. Then I find out that Rosanna Cabot is in a hospital in Switzerland, and she's never going to be near a courtroom.

 Gwen: But she's got a sister who lives here. That's the woman who's got my kid.

 Will: And Craig Montgomeryís always good for a story.

 Cass: Montgomery? What's his connection?

 Will: He's the adopted father.

 Gwen: But he's in jail now for attempted murder. Anyway, Rosanna left that baby a whole bunch of money.

 Cass: Is that so?

 Will: Yeah, but you know, if this is gonna be a waste of your time, you should just go back to Bay City right now.

 Cass: That's very thoughtful of you, kid, but it's a long drive back, and it's a shame to waste the trip. So why don't I pull up a milk crate, and you can tell me the rest of your tale of woe.


 Jasmine: It's really good to see you, Jen. Live a little. Call me, okay? I'll see you soon.

 Barbara: See you. Well, she never changes, does she? Did you have a nice chat?

 Jennifer: Did you guilt her into coming, Mom?

 Barbara: Of course not.

 Jennifer: Or bribe her with the Street Jeans show.

 Barbara: She hardly needs the work.

 Jennifer: Oh, stop it, Mom.

 Barbara: Sweetheart --

 Jennifer: Donít.

 Barbara: What is wrong?

 Jennifer: Don't smother me with food or advice or old friends who are barely that, okay? You cannot fix this or snap your fingers or make me whole, so damn it, stop trying!


 Emily: What's this?

 Hal: It's called "food."

 Emily: Hal, you can't bribe with me food to get me to unload to you, as much as I would love to scream.

 Hal: Well, go ahead, let loose. Disturb the peace. Maybe they'll call a cop.

 Emily: Now you decide to take my side?

 Hal: I learned the hard way.

 Emily: Nothing's changed. Paul cares about me very much. He's just so angry at Craig.

 Hal: Well, the last I heard, Craig was in jail.

 Emily: Well, apparently, that's not good enough.

 Hal: Why not? Is Paul going after Craig? What's he planning? Has he talked you into being part of something, dressed it up to be some noble cause?

 Emily: Stop it. Okay? Just stop it right now. You cannot ride to my rescue every time I turn around.

 Hal: Sorry, old habit.

 Emily: Well, I can handle it, okay? I'm fine.

 Hal: Look, Montgomery deserves to rot. I'm not saying he doesnít. But when Paul gets like this, he can go to a dark place. You saw it with Rose.

 Emily: I've got to go.

 Hal: Emily, if Paul ever hurts you again and I find out about it, that's the day I turn in my badge, and I rip him limb from limb.

 Paul: Well, thanks for the warning.


 Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

 Carly: Why did you get mixed up in this case?

 Gwen: It looks like you're not the only one with high-powered friends.

 Paul: Letís not make a federal case out of this.


 Paul: Mind if I join the party?

 Hal: It's not my party.

 Paul: Is it okay?

 Emily: Sure.

 Paul: Are you okay?

 Emily yeah.

 Hal: Why wouldn't she be?

 Paul: I'm not talking to you, Hal.

 Emily: How'd you know I was here?

 Paul: Barbara. Hal didn't tell you?

 Hal: I called her.

 Emily: Why?

 Hal: To find out why you going to see Jen caused a holy war. You've got a problem with that, Paul?

 Paul: I don't have a problem.

 Hal: Well, somebody better connect the dots.

 Paul: Jennifer was upset. And sometimes, seeing people, even people who are trying to help, just makes things worse. It was just a bad situation.

 Hal: Oh, so that's it? Well, it's a very weak case.

 Paul: Am I on trial for something, Hal?

 Hal: The day is young.

 Emily: You know, it's my fault. I shouldn't have gone to see Jennifer. I didn't realize how delicate she still is.

 Paul: You want to get out of here?

 Hal: We're not done talking.

 Emily: Oh, you got to go back to work.

 Hal: I've got time.

 Paul: Just a rough morning, Hal. Let's not make a federal case out of this.

 Emily: Paul's right. You know, I just let Barbara get to me. Thank you for listening.

 Hal: Anytime.

 Emily: Bye.

 Hal: Bye.

 Paul: What did you tell him?

 Emily: Nothing.

 Paul: The guy's ready to pound me.

 Emily: Well, he's wanted to pound you for weeks.

 Paul: All right, swear to me that you didn't tell him anything about Jennifer's baby.

 Emily: I kept your little secret.

 Paul: You know, you can't keep running to Hal every time we have a little problem.

 Emily: I didn't run to Hal.

 Paul: Well then, what was all that in there?

 Emily: Love. It was all about love. Do you have any idea what that means?


 Barbara: Honey, what was so wrong about encouraging Jasmine to pay you a visit?

 Jennifer: Did it ever occur to you to tell me first?

 Barbara: You need your friends.

 Jennifer: So why did you chase Emily away?

 Barbara: Emily is no friend to this family.

 Jennifer: Oh, and Jasmine "the party girl" is on your "A" list.

 Barbara: You always had fun with her.

 Jennifer: So what's next, Mom?

 Barbara: Next is lunch. We're having lunch at Stella Blue. I had to call in a few favors, but I got us a reservation.

 Jennifer: And then what? An afternoon at a spa? An entire new wardrobe? What's it gonna take to put Jennifer back together again?!

 Barbara: Honey, whatever it takes, I'll do it. Just tell me.

 Jennifer: Fine. There is something.

 Barbara: Just name it, anything.

 Jennifer: I want you to go back in time, to that exact moment when my baby's lungs stopped working, when he was gasping for air. I want you to go back to that moment and tell God I want a miracle!

 Barbara: I already have. Honey, please, don't give up on life.

 Jennifer: I havenít. Life gave up on me.


 Cass: That's good. That's good. And that's better, much better.

 Gwen: Wait, you think I have a shot?

 Cass: Did you consent to the people who have the child now?

 Gwen: No.

 Cass: Not even verbally?

 Gwen: No.

 Cass: What about the biological father?

 Will: He's not an issue.

 Cass: Not an issue in this town, not an issue in this state, the country?

 Gwen: No, he doesn't want to be involved.

 Cass: And that's never going to change? I don't like surprises.

 Gwen: Will isn't the father, and the father doesn't want anything to do with me or the baby, I swear.

 Cass: Good, that makes it cleaner. I'll keep the original and send you a copy.

 Gwen: That's it?

 Cass: Yeah, that's it. You can get busy with that crib. You're gonna need it.

 Gwen: You mean it?

 Cass: "Struggling teen mom and tragic heiress, film at 11." Go change. We don't want to keep the press -- I mean the judge -- waiting.

 Gwen: I'm already dressed.

 Cass: Oh. Well, no matter. This one's open and shut. Let's go.

 Gwen: Wait. Do I look okay?

 Will: You look like a winner.


 Maddie: Come on, come on, come on, come on.

 Mike: Oh, man!

 Mike: Oh, man! The sprinkler.

 Katie: Oh, no, the candles! Are you okay?

 Mike: Yeah, are you okay?

 Katie: Yeah.

[Katie screaming]

 Mike: Let's go turn the water off. Come on.


 Paul: Well, don't let me stand in the way of true love. Hal's still in there. Why don't you go on in. You can explain everything to him. You can tell him everything.

 Emily: Will you stop it? That's not what I meant.

 Paul: Well, what did you mean?

 Emily: He listened to me.

 Paul: Congratulations.

 Emily: Cut it out.

 Paul: We've been through this, Emily.

 Emily: Right, I know. You want me to lie for you.

 Paul: I want you to help me protect my sister.

 Emily: Well, I don't know if I can. Not this way.

 Paul: There's no other way.

 Emily: It's wrong.

 Paul: Not if it keeps Craig away from Jennifer. Not if it keeps Craig away from their baby. And you know, it does make us stronger.

 Emily: How does this make us stronger?

 Paul: You took my side in there. It cost you. I mean, I could see that, but you proved how much I mean to you. And I like that. I need, Emily, to always have you on my side.


 Barbara: Hey. How's your bath? You feel better?

 Jennifer: A little.

 Barbara: What do you think?

 Jennifer: It's nice.

 Barbara: I'm just working on some concepts.

 Jennifer: Mom, I'm sorry I snapped earlier.

 Barbara: It's okay. After I lost Johnny, I spent half my days screaming and the other half crying.

 Jennifer: Thanks for understanding.

 Barbara: Honey, I don't mean to smother you. I really donít. It's just that, for years, I knew exactly what to do for you. I'd get you up in the morning, I'd make you breakfast, and I'd get you school, and then after school, I chauffeured you to all your lessons, and come home and make dinner and put you to bed. Now, I wait around for you to tell me what you need.

 Jennifer: I need to be alone. And not talk, not hear anything or see anything, just -- I just need to be in a dark room.

 Barbara: You're already in a dark room, Jen. We're all just afraid you'll never come out.

 Jennifer: I want to.

 Barbara: Honey, the antidepressant will help you.

 Jennifer: Stop acting as if all I need is a pill. I'm trying here, mother. But it's like trying to breathe underwater. I don't know how to feel better. God help me, I don't know how.


 Carly: So, you're not mad?

 Jack: No. No, I think it's a brilliant plan.

 Carly: I wanted to talk to you about it first, but there was no time.

 Ms. Todd: I think it's an interesting strategy and it might serve us very well.

 Gwen: I should've bought a new dress.

 Will: It's not a fashion show. You look fine.

 Gwen: Where's that Winthrop guy?

 Will: He's on his cell phone.

 Gwen: He's slick.

 Will: Yeah, slick is good if it gets you the baby.

 Gwen: You think we should go in?

 Will: Are you ready?

 Gwen: Where's the baby?

 Jack: Carly, I think we should take our seats.

 Cass: Yeah, that sounds good to me.

 Jack: Cass, what are you doing here?

 Cass: Hey, Jack, how are you?

 Jack: Good, you?

 Cass: Sorry we have to meet under these circumstances.

 Gwen: You know my lawyer?

 Jack: A lot of people know your lawyer.

 Cass: I didn't know you two were involved until I read the complete brief. Carly, I heard about Rosanna. I'm very sorry.

 Carly: Thank you. Why did you get mixed up in this case?

 Gwen: It looks like you're not the only one with high-powered friends.


 Mike: Looks like a short in the system. I'll have to wait until the place dries out before I can assess the damage, much less fix it.

 Katie: You got everything?

 Mike: Yeah. You sure you don't mind me staying at your place?

 Katie: No. It's Katieís bed and breakfast?

 Mike: Who's interested in breakfast?

 Katie: We're gonna have to be careful.

 Mike: Why?

 Katie: Because Maddie is young and impressionable.

 Mike: Yeah, we'll be careful. We'll be quiet. And very, very happy.

 Katie: A broken sprinkler. Sometimes you just get lucky.


 Emily: Just because I didn't want Hal to throw you in jail, doesn't mean I'm okay with lying to your sister.

 Paul: Lying is not illegal.

 Emily: No, it's immoral.

 Paul: Craig is immoral.

 Emily: Please don't use this baby to get back at Craig.

 Paul: I'm not.

 Emily: Yes, you are. You are. When Craig gets out of prison, and he will, no matter how hard you lean on a parole board, he knows where that baby lives. What then?

 Paul: That day will never come. I am not going to lose you because of Craig. And I'm not going to lose Jennifer because of Craig. Now, come on. You have to admit that, right I am not going to lose you because of Craig. And I'm not going to lose Jennifer because of Craig. Now, come on. You have to admit that, right now, this baby is in great hands, right?

 Emily: Carly's a wonderful mother --

 Paul: So what's right for the baby is right for all of us. Come on. You've never told a lie? You've never bent the truth a little bit to help the people that you love?

 Emily: You know I have.

 Paul: That's why I'm crazy about you. And you're crazy about me. I can tell you're a little angry with me right now, but you are. Besides, the worst part's already over. We've already dealt with Jennifer, Barbara, Hal --

 Emily: The worst part has just begun. We are that baby's Godparents. And we have to live with this lie, and not just your sister -- Jack and Carly. Every time we go to their home, every holiday, every birthday. And what about their own children? They're gonna fall in love with that little boy, their brother, on every level and every way, and when somebody comes in and takes them away from him --

 Paul: No one will take this baby away from them as long as you believe in me, Emily. I need for you and me to be together on this.


 Jennifer: Mom, I'm a little tired. Maybe you could just call Lisa or Aunt Kim.

 Barbara: Oh, don't be ridiculous. I'm taking you.

 Jennifer: Mom, I just don't want --

 Barbara: To go out? I know you donít. But it's gonna be good for you. Besides, you look beautiful. Now, I'm going to run downstairs, tell the driver to bring the car around, and I'll meet you there, okay? You'll be glad that we did this. It's a start, Jen. It's a good start. Don't be long.

[Jennifer sobbing]

 Jennifer: You're right, Mom. It's a start. It's a good start.


 Ms. Todd: Your honor, we have a notarized document naming Mrs. Snyder as said minor's legal guardian in the event of Rosanna Cabot Montgomeryís death or any impairment preventing her or mr. Montgomery from raising the child. As you know, Detective Snyder is a decorated member of the Oakdale Police Department. He and Mrs. Snyder are parents to three other children. They'll provide an excellent home to the child in keeping with Mrs. Montgomery's request. Now we ask the court to also keep in mind that Miss Norbeck entrusted her child to the care and better judgment of Rosanna Cabot Montgomery. That same better judgment chose Carly Snyder to be his legal guardian, so in effect, ms. Norbeck herself has chosen the Snyders to care for the child.

 Gwen: I never picked her.

 Cass: Sit down, Gwen.

 Gwen: But that's a lie.

 Cass: Sit down. Your honor, we're all saddened by Rosanna Cabot Montgomeryís tragedy, but the law isn't guided by emotion. It's guided by fact and precedent. And the facts are Gwen Norbeck is given 30 days by law to determine her child's placement. She has reconsidered her decision, particularly in light of Mrs. Montgomery's condition and her husband's subsequent incarceration. The law is very clear. Gwen Norbeck has the right to keep her baby. We respectfully ask the court to uphold that right and to order the Snyders to hand over the child without any delay.

 Ms. Todd: We take exception to the request, your honor.

 Judge: On what grounds?

 Ms. Todd: On the grounds the birth father is not represented in this court. We challenge his consent to this decision.

 Cass: The birth father has relinquished all rights to this child.

 Judge: I see no affidavit to that effect, Mr. Winthrop.

 Gwen: What's going on?

 Cass: Not now. Your honor, there's a verbal understanding between the two parties.

 Ms. Todd: Yet you ask us to a ignore a legal and binding document between Mrs. Snyder and Rosanna Cabot Montgomery?

 Gwen: He doesn't care about the child.

 Ms. Todd: Wait, so he doesn't know? Your honor, this is in direct violation of father's rights, and Ms. Norbeck has lost all credibility in this court.

 Cass: Oh, come off it. It's a stall, your honor.

 Judge: If your client wants to claim custody of her child, she will name his birth father immediately, Mr. Winthrop, or this hearing is over.


 Announcer: On the next, "As the World Turns."

 Holden: Do tell me why you felt the need to jump down my kid's throat when he got a little too curious about your job?

 Casey: You want to know the truth?

 Tom: That would be a good place to start, yeah.

 Gwen: All right, I'll tell you! Casey Hughes. That's the father of my child. It's Casey Hughes.

 Carly: Tell me this didn't just blow up in my face.

 Jack: I don't know, honey. But it sure got a hell of a lot more complicated.

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