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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 8/17/05

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Maddie: I don't get it. What's the big secret?

Katie: There isn't one.

Maddie: Then where were you all night? Never mind. I know.

Katie: I live here. Do you really think I should have to report my comings and goings to someone who's supposed to be a guest?

Maddie: I was worried.

Katie: I'm a big girl.

Maddie: About Henry.

Katie: He's a big boy.

Maddie: Yeah, that's just it. He is big, so when he fell, and I couldn't move him at first --

Katie: Wait. Hold on. He fell? Why didn't you call me?

Maddie: I did. You weren't there!

Katie: Henry? Henry?

Maddie: He's still traumatized.

Katie: Hey, up here. Hello? Hello? Are you in there?

Henry: I'm not coming out.

Katie: Henry, please, wake up and tell me you're okay.

Henry: Okay.

Katie: Are you?

Henry: Am I what?

Katie: Okay. I'm fine. Fine. Both of my feet are here, I got all the toes. All parts present and accounted for. Why?

Maddie: I had to tell her. About your accident?

Henry: Accident?

Maddie: Yeah. You fell.

Henry: Oh, this should be good.


Lucinda: Now, this goes inside. Put it inside. Inside the line like a coloring book. All right?

Faith: That's hard.

Lucinda: Tell me about it. It's very hard. Now, in my mother's day, 100 years ago, you would then blot like that. We don't do that. No. We gloss. You know, to bad they don't make mascara for monkey, 'cause you're a monkey. That would be nice, right?

Faith: Please, please, please, my face will be naked without it.

Lucinda: You little rotter. You monkey. I'm on to you. You do imitations of me for your mom. You tell me the truth.

Faith: Only sometimes.

Lucinda: Oh, and do you get sweeties for it? Extra? That's nice.

Faith: You're silly.

Lucinda: I'm silly today. I'm happy.

Faith: Because you're all better?

Lucinda: Yeah, I'm better. I'm much better. And I get to get dressed with my favorite granddaughter.

Faith: Can I braid your hair?

Lucinda: You want to braid my hair? Sure.

Faith: I practice on my dolls.

Lucinda: You practice on your doll? Well, you can practice on me. Practice, practice. Come on, darling, here we go. There you go.

Lucinda: I'm going to be like Pocahontas. I can't wait. Do you know who she was, honey? She was an Indian -- what? What's the matter? What?


Jennifer: Emily, it's been a really long night.

Emily: I know. I'm sorry, I can only imagine, but this is important. It's about what happened at the church. What you heard.

Jennifer: Look, you think I'm crazy, too, right?

Emily: No.

Jennifer: That I've lost it, because I heard my dead baby cry, right?

Emily: No, you didn't lost anything. There's a reason why you heard your baby crying. You were right.

Paul: Emily, this is not the time or place.

Jennifer: You believed that I heard my baby cry?

Emily: You did. And I know why.

Paul: It's a little early in the morning for this, don't you think?

Emily: This can't wait. I cannot stand to watch you suffer anymore, Jennifer.

Barbara: What are you doing here?

Emily: I'm trying to help.

Jennifer: Emily was there when I heard my baby. She believes me.

Barbara: This is your idea of help?

Paul: Oh, leave her alone.

Barbara: This is a pathetic attempt to rejoin the family.

Emily: I never left the family.

Barbara: Oh, no, you just changed beds. You traded in for a newer model.

Paul: Okay, back off. Emily's done more to keep this family together than you could manage to do in a lifetime. And I'm sure that that's all she's trying to do right now.

Barbara: Then why did she invite Jennifer to the christening?

Emily: I didnít.

Barbara: Knowing exactly what she's going through, why would you do that? Because you didn't care, that's why. We shouldn't be surprised by that, because you're the one that tortured Rosanna, and now you're taking advantage of a grieving mother.

Paul: Okay, you just crossed the line. There's no reason --

Jennifer: Forget them. Please tell me why you believe that I heard my baby cry?

Emily: Because I know how hard it is to want something so badly. You hear what you want to hear.

Barbara: Thank you, Emily Stewart, for stating the obvious. Now, come on, honey, let's nip this in the bud. Get you back upstairs start this medication.

Emily: Medication? You're taking medication? Why? Was there a complication after the baby was born?

Jennifer: You could call it that. No, mother was talking about happy pills. They're supposed to help me cope.

Paul: Where did you get these happy pills?

Barbara: Dr. Michaels prescribed them. To make the situation better. Come on, honey, let's go.

Jennifer: Don't worry about yesterday. It wasn't your fault.

Emily: You want to bet?

Paul: Emily, you did the right thing.

Emily: Donít. I am inches away from jumping on that elevator and telling the truth.


Faith: Grandma, I'm sorry, I pulled too hard.

Lucinda: No, honey, it isn't your fault.

Faith: I didn't mean to.

Lucinda: No, no, honey, you didnít. No. Now, wait a minute, wait a minute. Hey, you listen. You listen to me very carefully. You didn't do it. All right? In fact, you didn't pull hard at all. No, I didn't even feel it.

Faith: You didn't?

Lucinda: I didn't feel it. No. It's just -- it's grandmother's illness. And you know all the medicines.

Faith: It pulls out hair?

Lucinda: Well, sometimes it does.

Faith: I took cough medicine yesterday.

Lucinda: It's not going to pull out your hair, darling. So don't worry about that. You're going to be fine. You didn't do anything. I know, why don't you go down to rose and tell her we got to have French toast for breakfast.

Faith: That's my favorite.

Lucinda: Yeah, I know it is. And it's mine, too. So, I'm glad you're going to be here and you can eat it with me. So, run along and tell her that.

Faith: You want Aunt Sierra to help you put back your hair?

Lucinda: No. No, I donít. In fact, why tell Aunt Sierra? I mean, she doesn't have to know everything, does she? Let's let that be our secret. Zip.

Sierra: Are you all right?


Maddie: You fell, Henry. Remember?

Henry: Not a bit.

Maddie: You were out of it.

Katie: Are you sore anywhere?

Henry: Not really.

Katie: Should we check for bruises?

Henry: Yeah, we can do that later. Madeline? Madeline?

Maddie: You must've been sleepwalking or something. I mean, you were a little groggy, but I didn't think you would forget a fall like that.

Henry: No, no. When did this epic fall happen?

Maddie: Well, I heard a thud and then I looked --

Henry: Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Ah-ha! You heard a thud? You're sure?

Maddie: Positive.

Henry: Well, then, Katie would've heard it, too. But this is all new information to her, isn't it? What's the deal here?

Katie: I'm going to run and get an ice pack.

Henry: Don't indulge her, Katie. If you didn't hear the fall -- Katie's a sound sleeper.

Maddie: Yeah.

Katie: Here you go.

Henry: Thanks. I'm glad I didn't wake you up.

Katie: I'm not. If you had been hurt and you needed my help --

Henry: No. Obviously, it wasn't any big deal. I mean, I didn't -- I slept right through it, you slept right through it.

Katie: Henry --

Henry: It's okay.

Katie: No, it's not. Maddie was really upset.

Henry: I know. I should've warned her she'd to bang very loudly on your door to wake you up.

Maddie: I did. But she was --

Henry: She wasn't budging, I know. I know.  And me here on the couch by yourself. So, you can skip the gym today.

Maddie: This is so messed up. She was on the porch this morning.

Henry: Because she went to get milk, right? We ran out last night.

Katie: Yes, I know how much you love cereal in the morning.

Maddie: Then where is it?

Katie: Huh?

Maddie: The milk that you had to go out at dawn to buy.

Katie: I must've left it in the car. Iíll go get it.

Maddie: That's okay, I'll get it.

Katie: Do you want me to go after her?

Henry: No. No, she's going to be okay. Anyway, you know I like cereal right out of the box.

Katie: Henry, I think I'm misleading you here, and I don't want to do that. Can we --

Henry: Can we have some breakfast? Yeah, I think so. I would love some.

Katie: Okay.

Maddie: Oh, what do you know, it's the milkman!

Mike: What?

Maddie: Oh, you don't have the moo juice?

Mike: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Maddie: You do, you just don't know you do. Don't try to deny it.

Mike: I'm sure whatever you just said makes perfect sense to you, so I'm not going to ask. Is Henry up?

Maddie: Yeah. Don't you want to know if Katie's up, too? Or do you know?

Mike: Henry's the only one who needs help in the shower. You coming in?

Maddie: No, tell Katie I went to go get milk. We still need some.

Mike: Okay. Anybody home?

Henry: Right where you left me, man, like a potted plant.

Mike: How you doing this morning?

Henry: Better. Better. Every day's better.

Katie: Here you go, right out of the box without -- hey.

Mike: Hi. If you're eating that dry, you might want to hold off, Maddie said to tell she just went to the store to get some milk.

Henry: Yeah, she loves to drive that limo up to the mini-mart. It's going to be a tragic day when I take the keys away from her.

Mike: Yeah, whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold on, you trying to get up? You want to get in the shower?

Henry: Yeah.

Mike: I can't believe you let that girl drive the limo.

Henry: Oh, man, she takes the corners like a pro. I'll tell you what, if I could get a livery license for her, I'd put her to work.

Mike: That's got to be illegal, man.

Henry: It's not all of that. A class two violation doesn't mean jail. You know, that's the best thing about a chauffeurs' licenses, there's a lot of wiggle room.

Mike: Just the way you like it.

Henry: Exactly.


Sierra: We need to leave in 20 minutes if we're going to make it to that board meeting.

Lucinda: Oh, that'll wait, it's my company.

Sierra: You know, Mother, you don't really need to go. I mean, I wasn't sure why you insisted so soon after the chemotherapy.

Lucinda: Dear, there are rumblings, you know? That insider article in the journal?

Sierra: I know, but listen, I talked to Morey, it's all taken care of. You were off on a special project to change the face of Worldwide in the Latin markets and we're all very excited about it. And when the time is right, we'll -- stay home.

Lucinda: There's no need to.

Sierra: You know you can't fool me.

Lucinda: What? About what?

Sierra: I saw Faith in the hall.

Lucinda: Well, did she say something? What?

Sierra: No, she didn't say anything. I know that buttoned-up lip.

Lucinda: What?

Sierra: Donít. I have children. I know that look. She is deliberately not saying anything.

Lucinda: Ah. I remarked to her that children should be seen and not heard and guess she just took it to heart.

Sierra: That's very Victorian of you.

Lucinda: Well, she was chattering, I couldn't wash all my thoughts. And you know, you're no better than she is. So why don't you go on down stairs and leave me alone. I'll get dressed, I'll be down in a minute.

Sierra: This is your last chance. Let me just go do it by myself. If you feel better, we'll call dusty.

Lucinda: No, there's no need to.

Sierra: Really?

Lucinda: Really.


Barbara: Anti-depressants don't change who you are. They just lift the black veil that's in front of your eyes. It helps you get a handle on things. A better chance.

Jennifer: I am getting better.

Barbara: You will. You certainly could use a little extra support, which you will not get from your brother and his -- oh, I don't want to say it.

Jennifer: Mom, don't blame them.

Barbara: Oh, I do. I do. I could ring Emilyís neck for what she said to you.

Jennifer: She was just trying to help me feel better. Okay? And she did. For a minute there I thought that maybe, maybe I did hear my baby and that maybe he was alive.

Barbara: Honey, we wish that was true. We all do. You know, I remember this part. That after Johnny died, for weeks, for weeks I thought that I heard him crying in the next room. I'd wake up in the morning and I'd expect to see him there.

Jennifer: So this is normal?

Barbara: Isn't that the way that Dr. Michaels made you feel about this situation?

Jennifer: But when you went through this, you did it on your own.

Barbara: With a lot of help. Now, Jen, please. If the medication can help you heal one day sooner, wouldn't that be good?

Jennifer: Why not?


Emily: Your sister is grieving for a baby who is very much alive. He is a 20 minutes ride away. She doesn't need pills, she needs to be holding her little boy. And she would be doing that right now if it wasn't for you.

Paul: This is not helping.

Emily: No, it's not. There's only one thing that would help.

Paul: You have been up all night. You're on no sleep here.

Emily: I am making perfect sense.

Paul: Then explain something to me, will you? You explain to me why you didn't tell Jennifer when you just had the chance? And I'll answer you. Because deep, deep down, you know I'm right. You know that Jennifer will recover and have other children. But not if Craig Montgomery gets a chance to destroys her life.

Emily: He doesn't have to. You're doing it for him.

Paul: That is so not fair.

Emily: Will you just stop for a second and look. Stop projecting to the future and look at now. Look at your sister, look in her eyes. Can't you see that pain?

Paul: It's a transitional period. It will pass.

Emily: Losing a child doesn't pass. What you are doing is just wrong.

Paul: Why are you doing this?

Emily: What?

Paul: You understand me. You. Since I was 16 years old, maybe the one person in this world who actually gets me. And now, when I need you more than ever before, why are you bailing on me?

Emily: I'm not bailing, I'm sticking around. I am trying to get through to you. I am trying to find you.

Paul: I'm right here. Protecting the people I care about.

Emily: That's what you believe. I get that. I get that. But when you say that I've known you forever, shouldn't that mean that I'm someone whose opinion actually matters? Trust me when I tell you this decision is not you. It's Craig. It's the way Craig loves people. Look at all the damage he's done.

Paul: That's all I am looking at.

Emily: Then undo it. You can. You can't change everything Craig did, but you can stop this pain your sister is in, in a heartbeat. God, just do it. Tell your sister her baby's alive.


Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Paul: If what we have is so important, don't push this.

Emily: Or what?

Mike: My place. Empty. All day.

Katie: I'll be there.


Emily: What happens when Craig gets out of prison?

Paul: He won't get out, I presume.

Emily: One day, Craig will get out. And what does he do? He goes to Jack and Carly and makes a bid to claim his son.

Paul: No. He won't say or do anything to upset Jennifer. He'll try and seek a claim as the adoptive father.

Emily: Well, that's a pretty weak claim. Given his record. So he'll demand a paternity test, Paul. And the truth will come out that he's the biological father of that baby, and Jennifer will find out anyway, so what is the difference? And if she finds out that you knew this whole time and you hid it from her, forget right or wrong. This won't work. The truth will come out.

Paul: Only if Craig is free. And I will make it my life's work to make sure that he stays in jail. What?

Emily: That's your answer?

Paul: Yes. I keep a lid on it. Emily, if there were another way to do it, if there were a way to keep Jennifer safe, I would take it. You really think I'm some kind of a monster?

Emily: No. I think you're a good man who's letting grief cloud his judgment. Craig is a fact in Jennifer's life. They have a baby together, and there is nothing you can do to change that. The only thing you've done is taken away the happiness she could be having with her son. Happiness that could go on, uninterrupted by craig, for a very long time. You want to do that, you want to keep Craig in jail for the rest of his life, you go ahead. But give Jennifer back her baby.

Paul: I can't take that chance. Go ahead, say it.

Emily: I am just so scared for you.

Paul: You don't need to worry about me.

Emily: I can't help it. I care about you so much, and I just know you can only lose something so many times and still come back.

Paul: Exactly. I can't lose my family. Em, if I'm important to you, if what we have is so important, don't push this.

Emily: Or what?

Paul: I need you with me.

Emily: I got to go. I got to get out of here.

Paul: Promise me that you will talk to me before you do anything.

Emily: Why? I know what you want me to do. I just don't know if I can give it to you.


Jennifer: Mom, you remember a lot about what it was like, don't you?

Barbara: Nobody ever forgets what it's like to lose a child. Of course, I had you and will to focus on. How do you feel?

Jennifer: About the same as last time you asked me. Except now I'm full. So you don't get to shovel food down my throat at least for the rest of the day.

Barbara: Deal.

Jennifer: And you'll stop hovering.

Barbara: I'm not.

Jennifer: Mom, please.

Barbara: I'm going to run a hot bath for you.

Jennifer: No, donít.

Barbara: Honey, listen, you need structure. You need to keep busy and focused and even entertained.

Jennifer: Entertained?

Barbara: You know what? I'm expecting a delivery. Yes, hello. Oh, good, yes. I'll be right there. I'll be right there. Thank you. I have to go sign for this. All right?

Jennifer: Okay.

Barbara: I won't be gone long.

Jennifer: Oh, no, Mom, please, stop and have breakfast, you know? Take your time.

Barbara: I'll be right back.

Jennifer: Pills work now, please. [Knock on door] Go away.

Jasmine: After I flew four hours out of my way to get here? You owe me at least a latte.

Jennifer: Jasmine?

Jasmine: Girl, you better open this door.

Jennifer: Jasmine Skyler, what in the world are you doing here?

Jasmine: Look at you.

Jennifer: Look at you. How can you be skinnier than you were before?

Jasmine: Because I need to work, that's how. I have 14-year-olds as thin as zippers chasing my tail on bookings.

Jennifer: I missed you.

Jasmine: Me, too, you. I had a job in the lake area, so I figured, "why not just stop by?"

Jennifer: Yeah. You took a four-hour plane ride. Did my mother call you?

Jasmine: Hmm-mm. I called her. I tried to call your house. Your husband said you were here and when I called, I got your mom.

Jennifer: Yeah. And she told you to come over here?

Jasmine: She said you could use an old friend and some new laughs?

Jennifer: Well, that's half true.

Jasmine: Well, I could use some new laughs.

Jennifer: What's wrong?

Jasmine: Nothing. Lars ran away with one of the teenaged zippers.

Jennifer: Such a dog.

Jasmine: Yeah, he always was. So, come on, let's sit. Tell me, besides your mom, wanting to strangle her, how are you doing?

Jennifer: Not so good.

Jasmine: Mr. Street Jeans sounded pretty broken up, too.

Jennifer: Yeah, he is. We're not together. Not because of the baby. I had already blown it. And he's in love with somebody else.


Mike: Almost as good as waking up next to you.

Katie: I know.

Mike: Henry's still in the shower.

Katie: But Maddie could be home any minute.

Mike: You want to tell me what's going on around here this morning?

Katie: Henry fell last night. Or he didn't, I don't know, I can't tell.

Mike: Yeah, he mentioned something about that, but he didn't say how it happened?

Katie: Well, he swears he's okay.

Mike: Okay. So what's the matter?

Katie: Maddie made a big point about telling me how much they could've used my help last night.

Mike: Oh.

Katie: Yeah, they know I wasn't here. And I think they can both figure out where I was.

Mike: What did Henry do?

Katie: Nothing. I mean, whatever he's feeling, he's not ready to talk about it.

Mike: I thought he was okay about things.

Katie: He is. I just don't want to rub his face in anything.

Mike: It's kind of hard when his face is parked on your couch.

Katie: I know. I could tell you to stay away from me, but we know that doesn't really work.

Mike: Not a chance.

Katie: I just wish it was only the adults involved.

Mike: You're worried about his little sister?

Katie: I think Maddie's confused. Didn't she seem weird to you?

Mike: How do I know? That girl's always weird to me. She hates my guts. You think the gym can run itself today?

Katie: Why?

Mike: I have the day off.

Katie: We really shouldnít.

Mike: My place. Empty. All day.

Katie: I'll be there.

Maddie: Okay, well, that doesn't necessarily mean anything. Too neat for a guy. A woman must have been here. Oh, Katie, you're going to ruin everything. I don't understand why I even have to be nice to Katie. She gave you up for a guy with a tool belt.

Henry: You insulted my friends, little sister, because you butted into a situation that you don't even understand. He's right. I do that. But, really, this could mean anything. What do I know? Somebody slept in this bed. It could be the guy who lives here. And he's a messy sleeper. He rolls around a lot, because he's wracked with guilt. Because he stole Katie's watch! Yeah, I know, it's a stretch. But that means that Katie was here. It doesn't mean that they went to bed. It was good-bye.

Katie: Mike, wake up, we need to face the truth.

Mike: That you love me passionately, forsaking all others?

Katie: No. That was my vow to my husband and I intend to keep that vow.

Mike: Katie, donít. We did this before. Didn't we?

Maddie: Pay attention.

Katie: This is an obvious mess. You can't sleep and we both know why.

Mike: I'm wracked with guilt. I know you're better off with Henry, but I can't let go.

Katie: Well, you're going to have to. That's why I'm here. Now that Henry's with me again, I feel like I'm home. And having Maddie there, too, it just completes the picture. Let us go.

Mike: I've tried, but I come back to this empty house every time. If I just had something.

Katie: Of course. My watch. It has a loud tick. We used to put it in Snickers' cage so he didn't feel so alone. Mike, good-bye. And sweet dreams.

Mike: Good-bye, Katie. I'll never forget you.

Maddie: That is so not credible. Just give it up, Maddie, it is what it is. And it bites.


Lucinda: There.

[Lucinda sighs]

[Lucinda laughs]

Paul: If what we had was so good, don't push this.

Emily: Or what?

Paul: I need you with me.

Paul: If what we had was so good, don't push this.

Emily: Or what?

Paul: I need you with me.

Barbara: She's still an opportunistic little tramp.

Paul: Excuse me?

Barbara: Your recycled girlfriend. You never learn your lesson, do you?

Paul: I'm slow that way. I still talk to you, don't I?

Barbara: If you want to mess up your own life, that's fine. But you keep her away from Jennifer.

Paul: What happened with Jennifer?

Barbara: I found her tonight. Sitting in that church, waiting to hear her baby cry again. And I tried very gently to pry her out of there. But she was paralyzed. So I called Dr. Michaels.

Paul: That was probably a smart thing to do.

Barbara: What?

Paul: It's a good move. Jennifer needs professional help with this.

Barbara: If you want your sister to get better, then you keep Emily away from her. Now I don't want to fight with you, Paul.

Paul: You're right.

Barbara: I'm right? Again?

Paul: I agree completely. I don't think Emily should go anywhere near Jennifer.


Mike: You left a note, don't worry.

Katie: Yes, and Henry does have my cell number.

Mike: As long as he doesn't think you're in the gym and try to call you there.

Katie: No, he wonít. He's fine, why do I feel so sneaky?

Mike: Do you want to go back right now and have the conversation?

Katie: No. And neither does he. But we'll just have to have it soon, I guess.

Mike: I agree. But here's the deal. That's another day. Once I open this door, we leave Maddie, Henry, everybody and everything else outside. Can you do that?

Katie: Yeah.

Mike: On three. One.

Katie: Two.

Katie: Yeah.

Mike: On three. One.

Katie: Two.


Sierra: Are you decent?

Lucinda: Oh, go away. Go away. Hold me, honey. Hold me tight.


Jennifer: Well, my mom's shrink has prescribed anti-depressants. They should start working in a couple of weeks.

Jasmine: Weeks? Then what?

Jennifer: I'll feel better, I guess, if they work. If they don't, they'll prescribe something else.

Jasmine: So you spend the next six months, hoping you'll feel less rotten? Huh-uh, life's too short.

Jennifer: Not mine.

Jasmine: Okay, that's it. Here. I guarantee you'll feel better in the next five minutes.


Barbara: What is wrong with you?

Paul: I just agreed with you.

Barbara: Twice.

Paul: Yeah, you're right. You know, it must be some kind of a freaky holiday. Don't worry, it won't happen again.

Barbara: Why now, Paul?

Paul: All this conflict, I think, is bad for Jennifer.

Barbara: Oh, yeah, it sure is. And the fact that your girlfriend is using our family tragedy as some way to score points.

Paul: Here we go. It's over now. The shortest holiday in the history of holidays. You don't have any idea what Emily wants.

Barbara: It's very hard to understand the mentally unstable.

Paul: Unbelievable.

Barbara: Yes, she is.

Paul: I'll handle Emily.

Barbara: She better not come around here.

Paul: She wonít. You leave her to me. I'll take care of Emily.


Hal: You look like you just lost your best friend.

Emily: I make that a habit of that, don't I?

Hal: You tell me. Is your best friend gone?

Emily: Yeah. And I don't know who's here instead of -- I'm sorry.

Hal: For what?

Emily: For this. You don't need to listen to this.

Hal: Do you have anyone who can?

Emily: Yeah, sure.

Hal: It's Paul, isn't it? He did something.

Emily: Yes, he did.


Announcer: On the next "As the World Turns" --

Emily: I want so badly to help her.

Gwen: This is the nicest thing anyone's ever done for me.

Jack: What are you planning?

Carly: Just a way to get Gwen Norbeck out of our lives permanently.

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