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As The World Turns Transcript Friday 8/12/05

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Katie: Okay, coast is clear.

Mike: No Henry or Maddie.

Katie: Or Jennifer, thank God. I'm glad you called and checked.

Mike: They're used to hearing from me at the front desk.

Katie: You still call every day?

Mike: If she needed anything -- if she'd even speak to me.

Katie: I know. You'd be there.

Mike: She may not want it, but still, she doesn't need to run into me here.

Katie: No. Well, the only reason we're in a hotel is because Henry is flat on his back at my place, and your place is being redone.

Mike: Yeah, why Lucinda picked this week to install a sprinkler system and repaint the place --

Katie: It's okay. We're here.

Mike: Yeah. Here we are.


Dusty: Jen didn't show up at work, so I thought I should check on her.

Meg: Yeah, of course. Is she all right?

Dusty: Yeah: She's not going over a cliff, but I don't know when she's going to feel okay.

Meg: She needs a lot of help right now.

Dusty: Yes, she does.

Meg: And that must be hard on you, too.

Dusty: It's not hard on me. She tries so hard not to be a burden. She barely wants to spend time with me.

Meg: Well, it's a good thing for you that she has family here, too, right?

Dusty: Yeah. She's with her brother, Paul. So what's cooking?

Meg: A red cider sauce, to go with the stuffed quail that is in the oven.

Dusty: Wow. That's impressive. Kinda had you pegged for meatloaf.

Meg: Oh, nothing ordinary for you. Do you like spicy stuff?

Dusty: You know I do.

Meg: Okay, letís see here. Okay, try this, hold on. Okay, try it.

Dusty: That's spicy.


Jennifer: If you want to change my life, now's the time, Paul. Paul? Paul?

Paul: Do you want something to drink?

Jennifer: No, no. I want you to tell me why you asked me over here. It sounded major on the phone.

Paul: It is.

Jennifer: Then what is it? Come on, please, make my day.

Paul: Would you trade a few good days for a lifetime of pain?

Jennifer: What?

Paul: You know what? I think I need a drink.

Jennifer: This is about my baby, isn't it?


Gwen: That was fast.

Will: Well, you said it was important.

Gwen: It's -- it's about the baby. I told the lawyer I'd have an answer for him by tomorrow.

Will: He thinks you can get the baby back?

Gwen: Oh, yeah. The law's totally on my side. I still have a 30-day window to change my mind. Nobody can mess with that.

Will: So I don't see what the problem is.

Gwen: Well, there isn't -- maybe. Jack Snyder came in to see me.

Will: Yeah?

Gwen: And he was the total opposite of his wife. Very calm.

Will: Okay, what did he say?

Gwen: He acted like we could work something out where he and his wife would still raise the baby, but I could see him whenever I wanted.

Will: How'd that sound to you?

Gwen: Well, that sounds great. But can I trust it?

Will: I don't see why not.

Gwen: If they're just stringing me along until my 30 days are up, then I should sic my lawyer on them and get my baby back right now.


Jack: What are you doing here, Iris?

Iris: What, no hello, Detective?

Jack: Not in my house. I don't want you anywhere near Carly.

Iris: Oh, relax, I saw her leave. Besides, I don't want to see her any more than you want me to.

Jack: Then why are you here?

Iris: Make sure that you and your wife don't land me in any hot water. I don't need any more trouble.

Jack: Well, supposedly, you were the one who was wronged. Weren't you? You said that Carly was the one who was responsible for everything that happened way back when. So why would you be in trouble now?


Parker: J.J.'s helping the minister with the candles. He said we can both light one.

Carly: Well, that's right. I want everyone to have a candle. That way your baby cousin will have a light from everyone who loves him.

Parker: The minister wanted to ask you about songs.

Carly: Oh, yeah, right. Oh, but he's asleep. I don't want to stop this.

Parker: I can do it, Mom.

Carly: Yes, sweetheart, I bet you can. All right. Now, you stay there, and don't move until I get back. [Carly remembering]

Iris: You do what I say. I've had enough of your whining. You stay here, and don't move.

Parker: Mom? Are you okay?

Carly: Yes. Yes, I'm okay. I'm fine. Everything is just fine.


Jack: It was your baby that died, Iris.

Iris: You mean it was my baby that little Carly killed.

Jack: So why are you worried?

Iris: That. Right there. Do you hear yourself, Detective? You can't even say it. I'm sure Carly doesn't even believe it.

Jack: Well, I've got to tell you, it's pretty hard to believe.

Iris: She's gonna get you worked up over this whole thing, that's what I'm worried about. What if she asks you to prove that -- that it didn't happen, or that she gets you to open this whole story up again to clear her name or something like that? See, I just -- I don't want to go through that again. You know what I mean?

Jack: The last thing any of us wants to do is go through it again.

Iris: Then you make her let it go.

Jack: She's doing that. You stay away, and it'll all just disappear.

Iris: My baby died, and that never disappears. You need to keep Carly out of my face and leave things be. Then I'll stay away.


Parker: You don't want me to watch the baby?

Carly: Oh, of course I do. Sweetheart, we all have to look out for him until Aunt Rosanna gets back.

Parker: When is Aunt Rosanna gonna be home?

Carly: Well, I don't really know. As soon as she's well. But the good thing is, she knows that this little guy is waiting for her, so that'll make her get better quicker.

Parker: Does she know where he is?

Carly: You bet. Before she went away to that hospital, I took the baby in to see her. I told her that he would be with us. That we would keep him safe for as long as he needs us. I made a promise, Parker, and so that's what we have to do, no matter what.


Will: Sounds like you have it all figured out.

Gwen: No. Maybe. Look, I want your opinion.

Will: Really?

Gwen: Yeah. Your honest opinion.

Will: I'd trust Jack with my life. He's my dad's best friend, he's a great guy and a good father.

Gwen: Yeah?

Will: Yeah.

Gwen: But there's that wife.

Will: Carly's pushy, and if you get in her face, she's gonna push back. Just like someone else I know.

Gwen: Oh, don't even. I'm nothing like that lady.

Will: Okay. The point is, they're a lot better than Craig and Rosanna would've been.

Gwen: That guy, don't remind me.

Will: Well, how could you have known?

Gwen: I didnít. That's the point. I thought the Montgomeryís were okay. You can never know. At least if I have my kid, I'll always be sure.

Will: Yeah. But if the Snyders promise to let you see your kid, you can still be sure.

Gwen: That's why I'm thinking about it. Like one of those open adoptions they told me about at the clinic.

Will: Right. A good family, and he'd have brothers and a sister.

Gwen: Yeah, but I'd have to get it in writing. I mean, they'd have to sign a paper that swore I'd always be able to see that kid.

Will: I'm sure they would.

Gwen: Maybe. What?

Will: Is there anybody in the entire world you trust?

Gwen: No. I mean, besides you. You've been an amazing friend.

Will: Because you let me be one.

Gwen: Well, I didn't have anything to lose. And I didn't have anything you wanted. So -- be honest, though, you think the Snyders are playing me? I mean, how do we know they're not just being nice until my 30 days are up, and then the minute the adoption's final, they slam the door in my face?

Will: Gwen, you have to give them a chance. The last time you trusted someone, it worked out okay, right?

Gwen: So far. Yes. Yes.

Will: So maybe you're on a roll.

Gwen: Let's go see them.

Will: What, right now?

Gwen: Yeah, I get a meal break. Can you come?

Will: Sure.


Paul: I'm sorry, Jen. I didn't mean to leave this out. I don't want to upset you any more than you already are.

Jennifer: No, you -- you seem worse off than I am. What's -- what's going on?

Paul: Rosanna had another seizure. The doctors don't think she's ever going to come out of this thing.

Jennifer: Oh. Oh, Paul, I am so sorry.

Paul: It's Craig fault. The damage that man did, it just needs to end.

Jennifer: But he's in jail now. And I -- I know that won't bring Rosanna back, but at least he's out of our lives.

Paul: You're right. That's one good thing that came out of this. From now on, Craig is nothing to us.

Jennifer: Fine by me.

Paul: Yeah, but I'm going to make sure it stays that way. Jennifer, I'm going to make you a promise. From now on, as long as I'm around, Craig Montgomery will never hurt you.

Jennifer: Paul, you're a good brother. But that's not what you wanted to tell me, is it?

Paul: Yeah, it is.

Jennifer: You -- you called me here to promise me that Craig would never hurt me again?

Paul: Well, I wanted you to know that you're safe, no matter what.

Jennifer: That's very sweet. Thank you.

Paul: Well, I wish I could do more.

Jennifer: This is not your fault, Paul. And you can't make it all go away.

Emily: Uh, Jennifer -- hi.

Jennifer: Hi.

Emily: Uh, I'm sorry to interrupt, but we -- we need to go. We're going to be --

Paul: We do?

Emily: -- Going to be late. Yeah.

Paul: All right. Where are we going?

Emily: The favor to Carly? You agreed to it. Remember?

Paul: Right, the christening.

Emily: Um, I'm sorry, Jennifer, we need to go, though. We're running late.

Jennifer: You're -- you're going to watch Rosanna's baby get christened?

Paul: We're the Godparents.


Meg: Here, here.

Dusty: You're sure about this?

Meg: Yes, if something is spicy, you're supposed to eat bread. I mean, water just makes it burn more. Are you sure it's that hot?

Dusty: I don't know. Why don't you try it?

[Meg laughs]

Meg: We'll skip the sauce. But the oven is ready to go for the quail, so let's see -- oh, oh. I forgot to take it out when you came. Why can't this work?

Dusty: Your mother doesn't use a timer, huh?

Meg: No, Mama doesn't need a timer.

Dusty: Well, maybe we can call it meatloaf, you know? It is a fusion of stuffing, bird and aluminum I guess. All right, it's no big deal. Hey. What's all this anyway?

Meg: I wanted to do something special for you. Something different. You're in that stupid hotel all the time, I thought you might want a home-cooked meal.

Dusty: Home cooking is so overrated.

Meg: Yeah, especially mine.

Dusty: It's not you anyway, you know?

Meg: No?

Dusty: No. Oven mitts, aprons -- it doesn't even work for you.

Meg: Really?

Dusty: Yeah, I mean, if you were in a nurse outfit, we might be talking business. See? There you go.

Meg: Okay, maybe we could order out.

Dusty: No, it's gonna take a good half-hour. Let me see. Oh, we could definitely make this work. Your mother has so much food.

Meg: What are you doing?

Dusty: Well, I think we have all the goods to make something edible.

Meg: Dusty, you've seen my work.

Dusty: I'm cooking.

Meg: You?

Dusty: Yeah, me. Watch and learn, sweetheart.


Katie: Is this crazy?

Mike: Yeah.

Katie: What changed? You said we shouldn't be together right now, and I got that. I hated it, but I got it. You were so sure.

Mike: I was. I am until I see you. Then I never want to leave. You're like home. How can I ever walk past that again?

Katie: Do we have the worst timing in the world or what?

Mike: The worst. That doesn't make us wrong. Maybe the problem is waiting for perfect timing.

Katie: What are you saying?

Mike: Sometimes you just know, even if you can't explain it in words. Sometimes you just have to let your feelings take you where you need to go.

Katie: This is a public place.

Mike: This is a hotel. Where at one point, I proposed to you.

Maddie: Get a room. I didn't actually mean it. Are you the desk clerk?

Desk clerk: Yes.

Maddie: Down the hall, by the ladies room, somebody barfed.

Desk clerk: I'll call housekeeping.

Maddie: I did that already. They said it'd be like an hour, so --

Desk clerk: Good heavens. I won't be a minute.

Maddie: Front desk, here I come.


Jennifer: You're Godparents to Rosanna's baby?

Emily: Well -- Carly asked us Jennifer, and we were just trying to support her.

Jennifer: Of course.

Paul: Jen, I'm sorry, I didn't --

Jennifer: If one more person apologizes to me one more time --

Paul: I don't know what else to say to you.

Jennifer: Nobody does.

Paul: It'll get better.

Jennifer: That's the other thing that everybody keeps telling me. Time heals. Well, I don't know if I want the pain to go away. Because if the pain goes away, then what do I have left?

Paul: You have everything. You have us, you have a family, you have a job that you still love. You've got room for someone else.

Jennifer: I can't --

Paul: I know you can't see it right now. But it's true, Jennifer. You will have love and a life and children and everything else that you deserve, and you won't have to go through a piece of filth like Craig Montgomery to get it. I promise you.


Jack: Hey.

Carly: Hey.

Jack: How's he doing? Want me to take him?

Carly: I saw it again, Jack. I was leaving the baby with Parker, and I heard myself say the same thing that Iris said to me. It seemed like I could've remembered more, but I was with Parker, and I knew that I had to focus on him.

Jack: That's right. Honey, we have to stay in the moment. That's where our minds need to be.

Carly: I know.

Jack: Are you ready to get started?

Carly: Well, no, not until Paul and Emily get here. Can't have a christening without the Godparents.

Jack: Yeah, I guess you were lucky to get them on such short notice.

Carly: You still think that this is being rushed, don't you?

Jack: I don't understand the hurry, no.

Carly: The baby doesn't have a name, Jack. That's wrong. He needs a name.

Jack: We can call him anything you want.

Carly: That's not the point.

Jack: I know the point.

Carly: But you just think it's wrong.

Jack: Honey, it's not gonna settle anything.

Carly: It will for me. The sooner he is officially part of our family, the better I will feel.


Baby nurse: Miss, I don't think you should be here.

Gwen: You don't? That's it.

Will: Wait, hold on. This is Gwen Norbeck, okay? She's the baby's mother, and she was invited.

Baby nurse: I'm sorry, but I find that hard to believe. Mrs. Snyder was very upset after your last visit.

Gwen: Well, I talked to her husband, and he was fine with it. In fact, Jack said that I could come see the baby whenever I wanted. Is he here?

Baby nurse: No, I'm sorry, he's not. He's at the christening.

Gwen: Whoís christening?

Baby nurse: The baby's being named today.

Gwen: My baby? They're naming my baby?

Will: Thank you, we'll catch up with them later.

Gwen: No, we'll catch up with them now, thanks.

Will: There could be a good reason.

Gwen: Yeah, a great one, they're cutting me out of my kidís life. There's no way in hell I'm gonna let that happen.


Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Jennifer: Who did you lose?

Iris: My boy. My beautiful, baby boy.

Paul: This is the only shot you have at being happy. I'm really, really sorry about that.

Emily: Sorry about what?

Gwen: Stop! You have no right naming that baby. He's mine.


Meg: Wow, you're a pro. You didn't tell me. Where'd you learn this?

Dusty: Check the chicken, would you?

Meg: Sure. It's still browning. So we're making paella?

Dusty: Yeah, usually you add clams, mussels, lobster, you know?

Meg: Yeah, but since you're allergic to shellfish.

Dusty: How do you remember a thing like that?

Meg: Don't you?

Dusty: Yeah, I guess.

Meg: So what can I do?

Dusty: Nothing. You're watching, remember? Rice is almost ready. Good thing your mama keeps saffron.

[Meg laughs]

Meg: And I'm surprised you can pick saffron from the lineup. Seriously, where'd you learn all this?

Dusty: I used to own a restaurant, remember? I know how to do a couple things. This is dirty on the backside.

Meg: Well, I'm very impressed.

Dusty: Yeah, well, a man should know how to hold down a kitchen. If a woman can help, that's a bonus.

Meg: Really?

Dusty: Really, a woman does not belong babysitting. She should be celebrated. [Meg laughs] What? What is it?

Meg: That's some line.

Dusty: You like that?

Meg: You know, I haven't been dating lately, but I still know a good line when I hear one.

Dusty: Well, then nothing's changed.

Meg: You know, when you say these lines to women, do they really work?

Dusty: I don't know. Do they?

Meg: Yeah, I think you're right. Yeah, they do. They do. But you never needed a line.

Dusty: No, never?

Meg: No, not now, not then.

Dusty: Not then?

Meg: No, nothing has changed.

Dusty: A lot's changed for me, you know? Took a while.

Meg: So I hear.

Dusty: Oh, yeah?

Meg: Yeah. But you know what? It's still you in there.


Desk clerk: Hello.

Mike: Hi. We'd like to get a room.

Desk clerk: Standard or suite?

Mike: Suite.

Desk clerk: How many nights?

Mike: One.

Desk clerk: This is strange.

Mike: What's that?

Desk clerk: I know we have rooms available, but the computer is telling me we're completely booked. I can't get it to unlock and give me a room. I should call Mrs. Grimaldi.

Mike: Oh, no, no, no. That's okay. Thank you.

Desk clerk: If you just wait, we can clear this up.

Katie: No, really. You know what, we're fine.

Desk clerk: I could recommend other hotels in the area.

Mike: No, that's okay, thank you.

Maddie: Hey, guys. What's up?

Katie: Maddie. How did you get here?

Maddie: Oh, I had to take the limo. The first turns were a little rough, but I got the hang of it.

Katie: I mean, what are you doing out at all?

Maddie: Well, we were still waiting for dinner, and Henry got restless. So he wanted a martini, but you know, with his medication, he can't have them, so I said I'd go out and get him some olives. And this is his favorite place. He loves the olives here.

Mike: Really? What's so special about them?

Maddie: They're um -- from Morocco.

Katie: Morocco? Really?

Maddie: But hey, this works out great. I can take you home, and we'll have dinner.

Mike: Not just yet. Will you excuse us for a minute?

Maddie: Yeah, sure. I can wait.


Waitress: Welcome to Al's, what can I get for you?

Iris: Vodka and soda.

Waitress: We don't serve alcohol.

Iris: Oh. Ginger ale, please. A lot of diners got liquor licenses now.

Waitress: Would you like something to eat?

Iris: No, this is fine, thank you. I know what you're thinking. Hey, don't pretend. I saw you. Honey, look at me.

Jennifer: Excuse me?

Iris: Yeah, you. I heard you.

Jennifer: I didn't say anything.

Iris: No, but you were thinkin' real loud. "What a pathetic old drunk." And then you thought, "hmm, looks good. Wouldn't mind a shot myself."

Jennifer: Ma'am, I didnít. I'm sorry if you felt judged.

Iris: I can handle that. What I can't take are the memories.

Jennifer: Of what?

Iris: The day I lost him.

Jennifer: Who did you lose?

Iris: My boy. My beautiful, baby boy.


Emily: We're here. Sorry we're a little late.

Paul: Yeah, it's my fault, sorry. Sorry, sorry, hi. Parker, what happened to your hand?

Parker: I broke my finger playing basketball.

Emily: Aw.

Paul: Sorry to hear that.

Carly: Okay, well, we're ready. Here you go, Paul.

Paul: You want me to hold him?

Carly: Yes, I do. That's -- that's how it works. Okay, just watch his head there.

Paul: Okay, how about you, are you okay?

Minister: We're here today to celebrate new life -- new life at a time of great trial. As the mother chosen for this child struggles for her own life, we trust her spirit to you, heavenly father, and honor her love embodied in this child. Who brings this child to be christened?

Jack/Carly: We do.

Minister: And what will his name be?

Carly: Rory -- Rory Cabot. After his mom.

Minister: Will you by your prayers and witness help this child to grow in goodness and faith?

All: I will.

Minister: Do you renounce all evil powers of this world, which corrupt and destroy the creatures of God?

All: I renounce them.

Minister: Do you put your whole trust in the grace and love of God?

All: I do.

Gwen: Stop! These people have no right to name that baby. He's mine!


Katie: Maddie, you really don't have to wait for me.

Maddie: Oh, you didn't bring your car, did you?

Katie: No, but Mike --

Maddie: Oh, you will love the limo. It is a blast. Oh, but you've already been in it, so --

Katie: I have ridden in it before. But you go ahead. Actually, Mike and I have some errands to run.

Maddie: Oh, that's where you guys went. I couldn't figure it out. But let me.

Katie: What?

Maddie: Um, I'll run the errands for you.

Katie: Oh, no, you don't have to.

Maddie: Please, I want to. You're being so good to Henry. And that way you can get home before supper gets ruined.

Mike: Why don't you just go with her?

Katie: Yeah, I -- I guess we're done here.


Iris: You're seeing a ghost? That's what you look like right now.

Jennifer: I -- I lost my baby, too.

Iris: I'm not surprised. You know, when I saw you, I thought we had a connection. You sure you don't want any?

Jennifer: No, I'm sure.

Iris: So what happened to your kid?

Jennifer: He was -- he was too little. And he came early. I wasn't at the hospital.

Iris: Mine, too.

Jennifer: You're kidding?

Iris: About this?

Jennifer: I don't know, I'm sorry.

Iris: It was a long time ago. Now, they got machines.

Jennifer: No, no, see, the machines, they didn't work. Not for my baby. They have all this technology -- and look. See, this is all I have left.

Iris: What is it?

Jennifer: It's his wristband. It was probably the size of his little leg.

Iris: You don't know?

Jennifer: When we got to the hospital, they took him. And he was with the machines, and I was -- so this is it. Just this.

Iris: I don't care what you say. You need this.

Jennifer: You know, I -- I can't believe that this is all there is.

Iris: Yeah. I know.

Jennifer: No. I mean, I honestly don't believe -- my family thinks I'm crazy if I say it, so maybe I just shouldnít.

Iris: No, no, I'm not gonna think you're crazy. Go ahead.

Jennifer: In my heart, I think he's still alive. I mean, I feel it. You know, like I could round a corner, and I would find him. We had the funeral. I know in my head that he's gone. But there's still this -- this thread, you know, running from me to somewhere. And that has to be my baby, right? 'Cause he's a part of me. He's the only thing that I'm really tied to in the whole world. And that tie, that doesn't go to the grave. It's someplace living, someplace near.


Minister: Will someone please explain what's going on here?

Gwen: That's my baby --

Carly: She gave the baby up. My sister adopted him.

Gwen: She's not around.

Carly: That doesn't make you any more fit to take care of him!

Jack: Hold on.

Gwen: Who are you to talk about me?

Carly: What happened, Gwen? You got drunk at some party?

Will: Oh, come on, wait a minute --

Carly: You didn't intend to have that baby. You didn't want that baby!

Gwen: I want my baby.

Carly: You lay one hand on that child!

Jack: We're in a church, okay? Paul, would you take the baby out to the foyer?

Emily: Boys, there's a playground outside. Let's go out. Come on. Let's take --

Parker: But I wanna hear.

Emily: Let's go. Excuse me, this is adult time. Let's go. Would you stop and just keep walking?!

Jack: We are going to need a minute.

Minister: So it would seem.

Gwen: You worked me, didn't you, Detective? You had this move planned all along.

Jack: No. Gwen, I didn't know about the christening when we spoke, really.

Gwen: So you let this one talk you into it?

Jack: No.

Gwen: Then what good is anything that you told me?

Jack: Nothing changed. Everything we talked about still stands.

Gwen: Yeah? I'll be part of my baby's life, as much as I want.

Carly: I think it's time you stopped calling him that.

Will: Why, it's the truth. She gave birth to him, and nothing you do can ever change that.

Paul: You okay? Believe me, if you were with your real mother, or if you even knew who your father was, things would be much worse. This is the only shot you have at being happy. I'm really, really sorry about that.

Emily: Sorry about what?

Paul: Everything that happening in there. This place is a circus.

Emily: No, it's something else. I know you, Paul. Something else is going on. Tell me.


Katie: You're sure you don't want to come back for dinner?

Mike: Thanks anyway. Tell Henry I hope he feels better.

Maddie: We will.

Katie: Oh, that reminds me, Maddie. Don't you have to go get Henry those olives you promised him?

Maddie: Oh, right. I'll be real fast.

Katie: I bet you will be. Piece of work, that one -- piece of work.

Mike: She just loves her brother.

Katie: Yeah, I know.

Desk clerk: Oh, good, you're still here. Listen, the computer's been fixed, and there is a room available.

Mike: Thank you, but we've already made plans.

Desk clerk: Okay.

Katie: Oh --

Mike: I know, I know. Look, the work on my place won't take forever. I'm alone there when I'm not at work.

Katie: And Henry should be up and around soon.

Maddie: All right, I got 'em. We're all set.

Katie: Okay. Bye.

Mike: Bye.

Maddie: Bye, Mike.

Mike: Bye, Maddie.

Maddie: So I parked on the circle drive. Wait till you see me take those turns. I am so awesome.


Meg: Well, that was amazing.

Dusty: I'm glad you liked it.

Meg: You're a genius.

Dusty: Somebody's gotta say it.

[Meg laughs]

Meg: So why not let it be you?

Dusty: It was actually you.

Meg: Yeah, it was, wasn't it? Okay, let's just settle with "it was a great meal."

Dusty: Thanks to your mother's kitchen. Cheers.

Meg: And to your cooking with no recipe.

Dusty: Oh, I guess I'm just a natural in the kitchen.

Meg: Seriously, it's a great talent to have. I wish I had it.

Dusty: You do other things.

Meg: Like what?

Dusty: You make people feel good.

Meg: That's usually the medication.

Dusty: No, no, no. I was in a pretty dark place when I walked through the door. Now, I feel good.

Meg: Really?

Dusty: Yep. I thank you for that.

Meg: I made you feel like a million bucks?

Dusty: You do.

Meg: Well, I'm the greatest.

Dusty: You are. Come here. You're an angel.


Carly: You gave the baby up, Gwen.

Gwen: That was before.

Carly: Before what? Before you knew about the money?

Jack: Carly --

Gwen: Maybe you're that kind of hustler, lady, but I don't give a damn about the money, except that it'll help my kid.

Carly: And then you'll help yourself.

Gwen: I can't believe I thought for even a minute that you could raise my kid. Forget it.

Carly: You signed an agreement.

Gwen: Yeah, well, remember the 30 days I have? I still have them. So you have any kind of ceremony you want. It won't mean a thing once he's home with me.

Carly: You will take that baby over my dead body.

Gwen: Any way I have to.

Jack: Okay, that's enough.


Paul: You're right. There is something else. I just feel really, really weird being this baby's Godfather.

Emily: You could've said no.

Paul: No I couldn't of.

Emily: Yes, you could've. I would've understood. It wasn't me. You didn't want to disappoint Rosanna.

Paul: I look at this kid, and all I can think about is all the different lives he could've had. Here.

Emily: Huh?

Paul: Take him. I'm gonna get some air.

Jennifer: Hey, is the christening over?

Paul: Jennifer, why are you here?

Jennifer: I don't know. I felt compelled.

Paul: Oh, Jen --

Jennifer: He was born on the same day as my baby.

Paul: Yeah, I know that.

Jennifer: Maybe that's the -- the thread.

Paul: The what?

Jennifer: Nothing, nothing. I just -- I feel really, really connected. I don't know why. I just knew I had to be here.

Paul: Yeah, Jennifer, I don't think this is good for you.

Jennifer: How do you know? How does anybody have the right to tell me what's good for me when -- [Baby cries] That's him. That's my baby.


Announcer: Next week on "As the World Turns" --

Jack: What are you planning?

Carly: Just a way to get Gwen Norbeck out of our lives permanently.

Gwen: I don't want to calm down! I want my kid back! She's not getting away with this!

Emily: Well, now you know, don't you? The baby, it's Jenniferís.

Katie: Wearing anything under that sheet?

Mike: Come find out.

Katie: Oh!

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