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As The World Turns Transcript Friday 8/5/05

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 Henry: I feel like Quasimodo,

 Katie: Funny, you kinda look like him, too

Henry: Oh, really? Lon Chaney or Charles Laughton?

 Katie: Oh, I was thinking the cartoon version.


 Henry: Oh, no, no, no. In this instance laughter is not the best medicine.

 Katie: Okay, sorry. Let me just try something different.

 Henry: Okay.

 Katie: How about I rub your neck?

 Henry: My neck doesn't hurt.

 Katie: Yes, but it will take pressure off of your back.

 Henry: Oh, really? How about another martini? That'll take pressure off of everything.

 Katie: I will be right back. Keep your eye on him.

 Maddie: Wow. She is crazy about you. It is a good thing that you fell down the steps here, where she has no choice but to take care of you.

 Henry: Maddie, I don't know what it is that you're expecting. Whatever it is, it's not healthy. And I want you to stop before -- [Knock at the door] Hey honey, you wanna get that? You know, my foot isn't quite long enough to reach the doorknob.

 Mike: Just in case you were gonna slam the door on me again. Katie called me over, said it was an emergency.

 Henry: Mike, is that you?

 Mike: What happened?

 Henry: What's the matter, you've never seen a guest.

 Mike: Okay, what happened?

 Maddie: He fell down the stairs.

 Mike: Did you call a doctor?

Henry: I don't need a doctor.

 Katie: But we do need help. Thank you so much for coming over.


 Lily: Luke? I'm home. Luke? Luke, I know you're home.


Keith: Pretty amazing, isn't it?

 Luke: I guess.

 Keith: This is about as close to heaven as you're gonna get while youíre still breathing.

Luke: Great. Yeah, it's amazing. I'm thrilled. Can I go back now?

 Keith: What do you want to go back to, huh? Your mother's mad at you. You're grounded. Come on, you're flying, what could be better?

Luke: What are you trying to prove?

Keith: I don't have to prove anything. You're the one that screwed up. I'm about the only friend you got right now. So, if you want to play the tough guy, go ahead.

Luke: What, so you got me up in your plane, and then showing me what a great pilot you are is gonna somehow make me like you?

 Keith: As a matter of fact, yeah.


[Knock at the door]

 Paul: Oh, what's wrong?

 Jennifer: I'm sorry to show up so late like this without calling.

Paul: Jen, donít be silly. Come on in. What's going on?

 Jennifer: I'm just so lost, Paul. I keep trying to get back to some sort of normal life but I canít. And I just don't know what to do.


 Carly: Hey, pal. You know, I owe you an apology. I didn't mean to act so scared around you. I'm sure you were wondering what was going on with me. I was wondering that myself. But now, I know. And don't understand it, but I am not going to let it keep me from taking care of you as best I can. I owe that to you and to somebody else -- - a little boy, even younger and tinier than you. And I think that I may have let something really, really bad happen to him. You are my second chance, maybe I can make up for it somehow with you.

 Nurse: Mrs. Snyder?

 Nurse: Sage and the boys are out like lights.

 Carly: Oh, good. Thanks.

 Nurse: Is everything okay with the baby?

Carly: Yeah everything just fine.

 Nurse: I'm glad. [Phone rings] Do you want me to get that?

 Carly: No, you know what why don't you feed him? And then, give him a bath.

 Nurse: Okay.

 Carly: And I'll get the phone. [Baby crying] Hi. Can I help you?

 Gwen: Hi. Mrs. Snyder.

 Carly: Yes. How are you?

 Gwen: My name's Gwen I was -- I wanted to see my son.

 Carly: I beg your pardon?

 Gwen: You have my son.


 Lily: Holden, its Lily. Call me as soon as you get this message. Luke and I, we had a fight, I grounded him, he disappeared. And I have no idea where he is.  So if you hear him -- oh, you know what, forget it. I -- he's okay, I'm sorry. I'm sorry to have bothered you with this -- have fun camping with the girls. I'll handle this.


 Luke: Hey, is that my grandma's business office?

 Keith: Yeah, yeah, looks a little different from up here, huh?

 Luke: Yeah. Pretty.

 Keith: What else would you like to see?

 Luke: What do you think?

 Keith: The Great Lakes? We can go anywhere. I got a full tank of gas.

 Luke: Really?

 Keith: Yeah.

 Luke: Why would you do that?

 Keith well, why not?

 Luke: Usually when somebody does something for somebody else they have a reason.

 Keith: You're too young to be that cynical.

 Luke: What do you know?

 Keith: I know a lot about it. I was a kid once myself. So where do you want to go?

Luke: I don't know. Go by my high school.

 Keith: Your high school? I'm offering the whole country and you want to go to your high school? Kids.

 Luke: You really love it up here, don't you?

 Keith: Nothing better. You're starting to like it yourself, aren't you?

 Luke: I gotta say, it's better than being locked up in my bedroom.

 Keith: Hey, you know what? Your mother's upset right now. She's worried about you --

 Luke: I don't want to talk about my mom.

 Keith: Okay, okay, bad idea. Is that your school over there? It's really small.

 Keith: Yeah, that's the thing about flying, it puts everything in perspective. When you're down there, everything can be overwhelming in the middle of that. But you get up here, and all of a sudden, you see that it's ally --

 Luke: No big deal.

 Keith: No big deal is right.

 Luke: Is it how it feels?

 Keith: What?

 Luke: Flying.

 Keith: No, it's easy. It's a piece o cake, once you get the swing of things.

 Luke: Really? Even with the whole landing too?

 Keith: Landing, yeah 's -- like anything else you gotta work at it. Once you work at it, you know, also not very difficult. You want to try? Flying?

 Luke: I've never done it do we'd probably crash.

 Keith: No, no, no. Don't you worry. I'm here. I'll protect you.


  Henry: Not counting my pride? Lower back, slightly off center.

 Mike: You fell down the entire flight of stairs?

 Henry: No, just the last three, Mike. Does that make a difference?

 Mike: Donít go into shock or something.Hi 

Katie: Mike. Itís all my fault I left a slipper on the staircase and he tripped over it.

 Maddie: No one's fault really. It was an accident

 Katie: Right. So, what do we do now? I have cold. I have heat. I can never remember which one

 Mike: Cold. But I think we should call a doctor.

 Henry: No, I don't need a doctor. I just need to get on the couch.

 Katie: Which is why I called you, Mike. Mike should move you.

 Henry: Look, I can't stay down here on the floor, ok. Just help me up on the couch, please. Please, Mike, please

Mike: All right, all right, all right. Then we're calling Bob Hughes. No arguments from anybody.

 Henry: No arguments, okay. Okay, here we go.

 Mike: 1, 2, 3. [Henry Screaming]


Jennifer: I hate this. Iím starting to pull it all together -- you wanna know what's really strange? Sometimes I think I'm still pregnant. And then reality sets in and I realize he's gone and it's all I can do to get up out of bed. 

Paul:  Jen, there's no time limit on grief, Jennifer. It always takes longer than you think.

 Jennifer: Yeah, I wanted -- I wanted to try to get back into working. Dusty thought that it would be a good idea.

 Paul: You know, I know that you're still hurting.

 Jennifer: No, I wanted to try to work. I thought it would be good, you know, to focus on something, but I couldn't get anything done.

 Paul: Well, you weren't ready.

 Jennifer: But what if I'm never ready?

 Paul: Come on, don't do that. Hey, you're gonna be fine. You are. What you need to do is let yourself off the hook.

 Jennifer: I don't know if I can do that, you know? I know I'm not supposed to be blaming myself, but I can't help it.

 Paul: Okay, you listen to me. The only person responsible for that he is poison, Jennifer. Cut him out our lives a long time ago.

 Jennifer: Well, he's gone now. Or at least he will be soon.

 Paul: Yeah, but the damage is done. If not for Craig, then Rosanna wouldn't be in a coma, and you and Mike would be off somewhere doing all you can do to accept the fact that maybe losing his baby is a blessing in disguise.

 Jennifer: What?

Paul: Craig would've hounded you at every turn, had this baby had lived. Maybe for this world. Maybe you're better off he's dead.


 Carly: I'm a little confused. There is a baby in this house, but he's my sister's baby.

 Gwen: And I'm the birth mother. I gave him up for adoption right after he was born. And I was hoping that, maybe, you'd let me spend a little time with him.

 Carly: Why?

 Gwen: Because he's my son.

 Carly I Know, my sister told me that the woman who gave the baby up made it pretty clear that she wanted a clause so she'd never have to see the child again.

 Gwen: Well, I changed my mind, I'm not going to upset him or anything. I just want a few minutes with him. He was premature, so I hardly saw him at all at the hospital. Never really got the chance to say goodbye.

 Carly: Oh, I -- I don't know. I'm sorry, what did you say your name was?

Gwen: Gwen. Gwen Norbeck.

Carly: Gwen Norbeck. Well, you know, this is pretty sudden, Gwen. I think I need some time to talk to a lawyer.

Gwen: I haven't done anything wrong. Look, I met with your sister and to make sure was okay with adopting the kid. And then the next thing I know, she's in a coma, he's in jail and my kid's been handed over to total strangers.

 Carly: No, no, no. We're no strangers. I'm Rosannaís sister. And it was her wish that if anything ever happened to her, I would become guardian of any children that she might have had.

 Gwen: Yeah, but nobody said anything like that to me.

 Carly: Well, I don't think that was necessary. But you know what, it doesn't even matter. Because this is just a temporary situation. My sister's going to get better.

 Gwen: You know what, I hope so. I really do. But that doesn't change what's happening right now. My kid's being taken care of by people Iíve never met. I don't know anything about you.

 Carly: You're really here to check up on us. Is that it? 

Gwen: No Ė can you please see my son? 

Carly: Not until I talk to my husband.

 Gwen: He's my son for God's sake!

 Carly Why don't you take it easy.

 Gwen: I don't understand why you're treating me this way.

 Carly: Gwen, why don't you give me your number I'll jot it down here and after I talk to Jack, I'll give you a call and maybe we can set something up.

 Gwen: No. Weíre not going to set something up. I don't like how you're talking to me. And I don't like the way you've been checking me out ever since I came through the door. No, you know what? I don't have a lot of money. I work in a diner. I don't have great clothes or a nice car, but he's still my son, don't think I'm being out of line asking that you let me see him.

 Carly: Well, you can't. Now get out of here. Now.


Henry: All right, Doc, you want to tell these worrywarts that there's nothing wrong with me?

 Bob: Well, if you mean anything major broken, I think that's true, but you really bruised your back muscles and you've managed to also bruise your tailbone.

 Henry: Is that anywhere near my ego?

 Bob: We've got to get that x-rayed and I want you to have an MRI. But until then, I really want you to take it easy. Keep ice on your back take these anti-inflammatory pills four times a day.

 Mike: Thanks, Doc.

 Bob: Glad to oblige.  You can't be too careful with back injuries.

 Katie: See?

 Henry: Alright, I stand corrected.

 Bob: No, youíre not going to be standing for the next few days. I want you to stay off your feet, we'll give it 48 hours, you give me a call, and we'll re-evaluate.

Maddie: I will make sure he follows orders. Thank you so much. 

Bob: Glad I could help. Good night, all.

All: Good night. 

Henry: Maddie, help me?

Katie why? What do you need?

 Henry: If I'm going to stay bed-ridden, I need a bed! Don't I? And a room to go along with it.

 Katie: Don't be silly, Henry, I told you you're staying here.

 Henry: Right in your living room?

 Katie: Why not?

 Maddie: Why not?

 Henry: I'm going to find a cheap motel. Okay? What's that one with pets?

Katie: The Wagon Wheel? That place should be condemned. Henry, you're not staying there. And you heard what Dr. Hughes said. You need to be off your feet at least 48 hours.

 Mike: She makes a good argument, Henry. You don't need to be shuffling from place to place in your condition.

 Maddie: Of course, you can't. You could end up in like, traction or something. I setup a little table for you. For food, drinks, what ever else you need

 Henry: Oh, yeah.

 Katie: I'll give you a little bell so you ca ring it when you want something?

Henry: Yeah. . Can I have like, a little cocktail shaker and a little bowl of ice on the table?

 Mike: Vodka and pain pills, that's a really a bad idea. 

Henry: I'm going try this without martinis, okay? I'm not going to do it. I will tough out the pain.

 Mike: You want me to pick up that prescription for you?

 Katie: Oh, no. I've got it. You've done enough already.

Maddie: Yes, and thank you, so much. I'll walk you to your car. Okay?


 Keith: Leave me a message and I'll get back to you.

Lily: Keith, it's Lily again. I know you left a note, but you didn't tell me where you were going and I really need to know. So, whatever you and Luke are up to, I really need you to bring him home right now okay?


 Keith: Put your headphones on.

 Luke: What for?

Keith: Traffic control. You know, so if there's any planes here, we'll know about it. We don't want to crash into anybody.

 Luke: No!

 Keith: I'm not going to let anything happen.

 Luke: You sure?

 Keith: Yeah. You trust me? Okay. Now, see. Feel what it's like to glide a plan huh?

 Luke: Man, they talk really fast.

 Keith: Oh, yeah. We'll they've got their own language now, they -- unerstand what they're saying, you know, you figure it all out.

 Luke: Oh, great.

 Keith: Okay, now here -- ease it over this way. Okay. All right. Wow, there you go. Let it off a little bit. There you go. We're flying. All right? Second to the right and straight on till morning.

 Luke: What?

 Keith: Didn't your mother ever read you Peter Pan? 

Luke: Give me a break.

 Keith: Cool Luke. I've got to tell you something. When you're up here flying, we're all just kids.

 Luke: Okay, I can see that.


 Jennifer: I'm better now that my baby is dead? What a horrible thing to say!

 Paul: Sometimes things happen for a reason, Jen think about it. You would have been tied to Craig for the rest of your life if this baby had survived.

 Jennifer: I can't think about it like that, okay? Because I'm the one who should've paid the price!

 Paul: You are paying!  And I'm paying for what I did to Rosanna. She came back to me, I pushed her away. I drove her away.

Jennifer: No, no. Paul don't do that to yourself.

Paul: I've got nothing else to do.

 Jennifer: Okay, you think that there's a reason for everything. What reason could there be for Rosanna to be in a coma?

 Paul: Maybe this is the only was we could actually get Craig Montgomery put away. 

Jennifer: Frankly, Paul. You can't blame all the evils of the world on one man, on Craig Montgomery.

 Paul: I donít. Only the ones heís responsible for.

Jennifer: I can't do this. I -- came here for comfort. For help.

 Paul: This is all I have to offer.

 Jennifer: Oh, Paul. You're just protecting yourself. I'm sorry.

 Paul: No, I'm not. I don't want to be protected. I want to be sensitive of every minute of every day. That's what keeps me motivated.

 Jennifer: To do what?

 Paul: Nothing. Never mind. 

Jennifer: Paul, Craig as been caught. He's in prison. He's going to pay for what he did to all of us.

 Paul: Well, I just don't think that's enough.

 Jennifer: I thought that by coming here we could help each other, but I guess we're just not ready for all that. What is all that? 

 Paul: Stuff that -- that Rosanna was keeping. The housekeeper from Fairwinds brought it over. And I was looking at it when you showed up. And I think that's why I was so upset. And I'm sorry. I don't want to take it all out on you.

 Jennifer: You're still in love with her, aren't you?

 Paul: That is not what this is about.

 Jennifer: Yes, it is. Do you want to talk about it?

 Paul: No.

 Jennifer: What is this?


 Gwen: Why are you treating me like I've committed a crime? Do you think I would hurt my own son? I'm his mother.

 Carly: And you gave him up! 

 Gwen: Not to you!

 Carly: I'm just doing what my sister wanted. And until she is better, I'm gonna look after her little boy.

 Gwen: My little boy.

 Carly: Not anymore! Look, I realize that you are upset. But you have to realize that if I let you see that little baby right now, he is gonna pick up on that. Not to mention the fact that he is asleep, and my husband is not home. But I will talk to him about this in the morning, I promise.

 Gwen: Why wait? Why not just call him up now and see what he says?

 Carly: Gwen I'm not going to call him up now because he is at work, he's busy. I will talk to him about it tomorrow.

 Gwen: Iím not going to give this up.

 Carly: Did I happen to mention that my husband is a police officer?

 Gwen: Is that supposed to scare me?

 Carly: You tell me. 

Gwen: I want to see my son.

 Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

 Gwen: Hey, I'm your mama.

 Carly: Hey! What the hell do you think you're doing?

 Jennifer: This can't be Cabot's. It must be the baby that Rosanna adopted.

 Paul: That's odd.


[Ringing of school bell]

Henry: Maddie, why don't you slow down now? I'm not sure Mike is ready to go yet.

 Maddie: Oh, I'm sorry. I thought since he took care of what he came to do --

 Mike: Actually, your sister's got a good point. You're all squared away. It's getting kinda late, so -- not unless there's something else you need?

 Henry: Yeah. Yeah, there is, actually. Katie, could you get me some more ice?

 Katie: Sure.

 Henry: Thanks. Maddie, could you get the stuff from the pharmacy for me?

 Maddie: But, I -- I've only been here for two days. Suppose I get lost?

 Henry: You're not gonna get lost, you just take a left out of the driveway and then a left at the first intersection and then it's just like a mile down the road. You should hurry up, honey, before the store closes, okay?

 Maddie: Fine.

 Henry: I want to apologize for my sister. She can be a bit pushy.

 Mike: Her intentions are pretty obvious. But it's kinda cool that she's trying to protect you.

 Henry: Yeah. Yeah, I just want to let you know that I'm not coaching her or anything like that, okay? In fact, I've been trying to straighten her out, but she's too stubborn to listen.

[Henry daydreaming.]

 Henry: I only asked you to stay, Kasnoff, so I could have the pleasure of throwing you out. Katie and I are together, now, you understand we're married, and nothing, I mean nothing is going to take that away from us. I want you to get out and stay out!

 Mike: Ow! Katie, please don't let him do this. Please please. You know we belong together.

 Katie: No, Mike, we donít. I was a fool to walk away from Henry. He's the only man I want. The only man I love. Now and forever.

 Mike: Oh, Katie, please. Please don't do this, please?

 Katie: Wow. You are amazing.

 Henry: Aren't I? Please donít do this, please?

Katie you are amazing. 

Henry: Aren't I?


 Mike: You sure I can't get you anything else?

 Henry: No, thanks. I'm in good. I just want to thank you for coming over and helping out. And to say how sorry I am about the baby.

 Mike: I'll be sure to tell Jen. You sure I can't get you anything else?

 Henry: No, no. No. Thanks to Katie. It's so good of her to let me and Maddie stay.

 Katie: How could I not let you stay?

 Henry: I just -- I don't want to be a burden, you know? I don't want to get in the middle of -- of your life.

 Katie: What life?


 Luke: So, you think we can do that again some time?

 Keith: Well, now, that depends.

 Luke: On what? Oh, come on. I was drinking with some friends. Why is everybody making it such a big deal?

 Keith: 'Cause it is a big deal.. It wasn't just the first time. You know, when I caught you were pretty liquored up, too.

 Luke: I'm 16 years old, all my friends are doing it, and they don't even get in trouble.

 Keith: No, they're not your friends, okay. They're a bad influence.

 Luke: Oh, and you're good.

 Keith: Well, I'm trying to be. So, I'll tell you what. I'll make you a little deal. You stay off the sauce, stay away from those knuckleheads, carry your workload this summer, and not only will I take you up flying, I'll teach you how to fly.

 Luke: Really?

 Keith: Yeah. So, what do you say? We got a deal?

 Luke: That would be awesome.

 Keith: Okay.

 Lily: What do you two think you're doing?


 Paul: Jen, I'm sorry. Didn't know that as in there.

 Jennifer: No, it's okay. 

Paul: I'm guessing its Cabotís.

 Jennifer: Probably. It's amazing, we hold on to whatever we can. So tiny, so perfect.

 Paul: Okay, you don't need to do this. Not now.

 Jennifer: No, Paul I'm okay. I'm not going to faint any more than I'm going to turn angry and bitter the way you have.

 Paul: Hey, angry and bitter is all I have to hold on to.

 Jennifer: No, it's not. You have me. You have Will. You even have Em. 

 Paul: Still kind of feel like a lost cause.

 Jennifer: Well, I won believe that. Ever. How did we all end up like this.

 Paul: We've covered that. It's Craig Montgomeryís fault.

 Jennifer: Paul, please, okay, let it go. You have to find the good in something. You have to find it wherever you can, and hold onto it with everything you've got. By the way, this can't be Cabotís. 

Paul: What do you mean?

 Jennifer: Because it's from Memorial Hospital. It must be the baby that Rosanna adopted.

 Paul: Hmm. That's odd.


 Nurse: Hello. You're the young lady who stopped by this morning, right? That's right.

 Nurse: I take it you were able to speak to the Snyders?

 Gwen: Yeah, Carly and I, we were just talking about the baby. She went to go get some tea. She said it would be okay for me to say hi, if you came down with him.

 Nurse: He's beautiful, isn't he?

 Gwen: Yeah. He sure is.

 Nurse: Would you like to hold him?

 Gwen: Um --Would it? That would be great.

 Nurse: Mrs. Snyder said its okay, right?

 Gwen: Oh, yeah. Absolutely.

 Nurse: Oh, there's some antiseptic right over there. Here you go. That way. Move your hand to here. There you go. Here you go. Yeah.

Gwen: Hey. You're gettin' big. How you doing?

 Nurse: You know, I seemed to have misplaced his pacifier. I think it might be upstairs in his crib do you mind? I'll be right back.

 Gwen: Oh, no, take your time. We'll be just fine. Hey. Hey, little dude. How'd somebody as messed up as me create somebody so perfect? Hey, I'm your momma. Do you remember me? I gave you life, but I never really got a chance to say good-bye.

 Carly: Hey! What the hell do you think you're doing?

Carly: Hand me that baby, right now.

 Gwen: Just give me another minute with him, okay? Please. I've never gotten to hold him before.

 Carly: You have no rights here. How dare you? How dare you go upstairs and take that child out of his crib.

 Gwen: I didn't. The nurse came down Ė 

Carly: I just spoke with my husband. And he's on his way here. And how do you think he's going to react when I tell him that I saw you trying to steal that baby?

 Gwen: It didn't happen like that. The nurse said it was okay if I held him for a little while.

 Carly: The nurse is not his mother.

 Gwen: Neither are you.

 Carly: That's nice. That's very well done. Why don't you give me the baby and get out of the house.

 Gwen: Shh. It's okay.

 Nurse: What's going on?

 Carly: This woman is not welcome in the house. You had no right letting her hold that baby.

 Nurse: I'm sorry, she said you okayed it.

 Gwen: Why are you doing this to me? He's my son. I just want to say good-bye.

 Carly: Give me the baby right now.

 Gwen: No. You are a mean, hateful woman. You don't deserve to raise my kid.

 Carly: There's nothing you can do about that.

 Gwen: You wanna bet?


 Paul: Jen, I think you're right. Clinging to anger and grief isn't doing either one of us any good.

 Jennifer: Well, that's what I've been saying.

 Paul: Time for us to try and find a way to let it all go.

 Jennifer: I certainly wish we could. But this is a -- this is quite a turnaround for you, Paul. Are you doing this just for my benefit?

 Paul: No, looking at that little footprint -- it made me realize that life is just too short to spend it hating something.


 Keith: Hey, I'm sorry, Lily. I should've called you.

 Lily: You knew he was grounded. What were you doing? Where did you go?

 Keith: He was with me. He was safe. It's okay.

 Lily: That's not the point.

 Luke: Mom, just let him talk.

 Lily: You have absolutely no right to say anything to me right now. I am furious with you! And you, too.

 Luke: Look, it's not his fault, okay? Look, I ran out and he caught me, and he kept me from running away. So don't be mad at him. Be mad at me.


 Mike: It's late, I really need to get going.

 Katie: I'm just going to walk him out.

 Henry: Sure.

 Katie: Is there anything else you need?

 Henry: Besides the martinis that I can't have, or the painkillers that are not here because of my slow-as-molasses sister? No, I'm fine.

 Mike: Follow doctor's orders, all right? Ice it every 30 minutes and take those pain pills.

 Katie: Ice, ice. Gotta remember ice.

 Henry: Thanks, Mike. You saved my butt. Literally.

 Mike: I'll see you later, man.

 Henry: Yeah.

 Katie: I hope you don't mind that I called you. I know you said me we should keep our distance --

 Mike: I don't mind. You know I'd do anything for Henry.

 Katie: He's lucky to have you.  Mike: He's lucky to have you. See you later.

 Katie: Wait, Mike. Don't go. Did you really stop him from running away?


 Keith: I don't think he was actually gonna run away. I just thought something smelled a little fishy, so I sort of hung around outside. And then when he snuck out, I grabbed him.

[Lily scoffs]

 Lily: Luke? That still doesn't explain where you were. And why you weren't answering your phone.

 Keith: I took him on a little flight.

 Lily: What do you mean? Are you telling me you took him up in a plane?

 Keith: Yeah, yeah. But around the city. It was perfectly safe. And, in fact, he guided us back to the runway.

 Luke: It was awesome.

 Keith: He is a natural born pilot, I gotta tell ya.

 Lily: I can't believe this. I really canít.

 Keith: Okay, you're mad.

 Lily: Yes.

 Keith: Okay, well, be mad at me, not at Luke here. 'Cause, you know what? I made a little deal with him. And if he straightens up and does the right thing --

 Luke: He's gonna teach me how to fly.

 Lily: Oh, over my dead body.  Mike: What is it?


 Maddie: Oh, you're still here? Who's taking care of my brother?

 Katie: You are.

 Mike: She is a piece of work.

 Katie: Yeah, well, she has met her match in me. She just doesn't know it yet.

 Mike: Somebody should warn her.

 Maddie: What is this guy's problem? Can't he take a hint?

 Henry: I don't know. I wish you could. Would you just leave 'em alone and stop playing matchmaker.

 Maddie: Well, somebody's got to. Well, at least he's leaving and you're spending the night. That's a start.

 Mike: So, what did you want to say to me?

 Katie: I was just wondering -- when do you think you're coming back? For Henry, I mean.

 Mike: First thing tomorrow morning.

 Katie: Really?

 Mike: Not unless you and Maddie plan on getting Henry into the shower by yourselves.

 Katie: Good point. All right, so I'll have coffee ready.

 Mike: Good night.

 Katie: Night. Okay. That's a start.


 Jennifer: I should get going.

 Paul: You gonna be okay?

 Jennifer: Are you?

 Paul: Yeah. You've given me a lot of hope tonight, jen.

 Jennifer: And to think I came here for your help.

 Paul: Yeah, sorry about that.

 Jennifer: Don't be. You've given me hope, too.

 Paul: Yeah. We're gonna get through this.

 Jennifer: Yeah, I know we will.

 Paul: I'll call you tomorrow.

 Jennifer: Okay.

[Baby crying]

 Paul: Wrong foot. That's what you said, Rosanna. You said wrong foot.


 Carly: If you don't hand me that baby right now, I'm going to call the cops.

 Gwen: I thought your husband was on his way.

 Carly: He is. And when he gets here you will be in so much trouble, you won't know what hit you.

 Gwen: I just wanted to say good-bye.

 Carly: Take him upstairs, please. Get out of my house.

 Gwen: I didn't do anything wrong. He's my son.

 Carly: Really? He didn't seem to want to have anything to do with you.

 Gwen: We never had a chance.

 Carly: well, what did you expect? You gave him up. And it's a good thing you did, too. Look at you. You can't even take care of yourself, let alone a little baby.

 Gwen: Oh, no, I can. I can take care of him just fine. And I'm going to. I'm going to be the best mother that kid could ever have.

 Carly: What the hell are you talking about? You signed him away.

 Gwen: And I made a mistake. And now, I want him back. Do you hear me? I want my son back.


 Announcer: Next week on "As the World Turns" --

 Gwen: Stop! These people have no right to name that baby, he's mine!

 Emily: I know you, Paul. Something else is going on. Tell me.

 Jennifer: It's him. That's my baby.

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