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As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 7/28/05

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 Mike: Hi.

 Maddie: Hi?

 Mike: Is Katie here?

 Maddie: Yeah. Who're you?

 Mike: I'm Mike. Mike Kasnoff? [Door slams]

Maddie: Thanks, we're not interested.

 Mike: Open the door. Where's Katie?

 Maddie: Gone.

 Mike: Okay, little girl, open this door because she's expecting me.

 Katie: Who's at the door?

 Mike: Katie.

 Katie: Mike?

 Mike: Where were you?

 Katie: Upstairs. Why didn't you answer the door?

 Maddie: I did.

 Mike: Then she slammed it in my face.

 Maddie: I thought you were a salesman.

 Mike: I barely got my name out.

 Henry: You got off easy, pal.

 Mike: She belongs to you?

 Henry: Yeah, genetically speaking, she does. I'd like you to meet the kid sister, Maddie Coleman.

 Mike: Any reason your kid sister would want to slam a door in my face?

 Henry: Maybe I was a little overprotective of her when she was young, and she's trying to pay me back?

 Mike: Why would she want to protect you from me?

 Henry: That is what I would like to know.


Dusty: Thank you.

 Meg: I bet you don't gain an ounce.

 Dusty: I bet you're right.

 Meg: You know, I hate that about you.

 Dusty: I'm sorry I took off the other day. I guess I was in a bad place.

 Meg: And now?

 Dusty: Now I've got my appetite back.

 Jennifer: Hi.

 Dusty: Hey.

Jennifer: Sorry I'm late.

 Dusty: Not.

 Jennifer: Hi, Meg. How are you?

 Meg: Hi. Good. How are you?

 Jennifer: Yeah. Look what I found on the nightstand this morning.


 Emily: Paul, I know about the accident.

 Paul: How do you know about the accident?

 Emily: My mother.

 Paul: I'm sorry. Do you know how bad it was?

 Emily: Yes.

 Paul: I wanted you to hear it from me. I'm sorry. Just, you know, everything happened so fast, and then I couldn't leave her in that condition. I hope you understand.

[Emily remembering.]

 Paul: Come back to me. Be with me. And I promise that we will never be apart again.


 Emily: I do understand.

 Paul: I just kept hoping, you know, that she was gonna wake up or that Benís diagnosis was wrong or something. So I just sat down by the side of the bed. Time just kind of got away from me. I'm really sorry.

 Emily: You don't have to explain. I know how things are with you and Rosanna.


 Margo: The baby was your son, Craig. But that adoption is off the table now. You can't raise a baby from prison, and Rosannaís unconscious.

 Craig: I am fighting, Margo, here, to keep from losing my wife, my freedom, and my son in one fell swoop. You don't know how much this boy means to me.

 Margo: Yes, I think I do. I think I finally understand why you're so desperate to keep this baby. I know you miss being a father. With Bryant gone, and Lucy off at college --

 Craig: This is not about them, Margo.

 Margo: Craig, this baby will not take their place.

 Craig: Margo, if these charges stick, will you raise him? There is no one I trust more.

 Margo: What about the biological mother?

 Craig: She can't even take care of herself, Margo.

 Margo: No, no, there is no court that would allow that. Tom and I have no right to this child. I mean, maybe -- maybe if he were your biological son.

 Craig: If he were? If I could prove he were my son, then? Then would you raise him?


 Maddie: I made a mistake, that's all. I thought you were trying to sell something. And I thought I would do Katie a favor by getting rid of you.

 Henry: And?

 Maddie: And I'm sorry. Okay?

 Katie: Why don't we all sit down?

 Henry: You know, we've gotta run.

 Maddie: No, we donít. Do you have anything to drink? I'm really thirsty.

 Henry: I will pick you up a bottled water on the way. Let's go.

 Katie: I have lemonade.

 Maddie: I love lemonade.

 Mike: You know, why don't I come by later?

 Katie: No.

 Henry: No, we're not staying, so --

 Maddie: But I didn't even -- I just met your wife -- I mean, Katie.

 Mike: You know what? Have your lemonade, and I'll see you later.

 Katie: But you just got here.

 Henry: Right, which is why if anyone should be leaving --

 Maddie: It should be him. Well, if he was nice enough to offer, shouldn't we take him up on it?

 Henry: Madeline.

 Katie: Lemonade all around?

 Henry: No. You know what? We have overstayed our welcome by about two years now.

 Mike: It's okay, Henry.

 Maddie: See?

 Henry: You know what? We will be back. I promise we will be back after I enroll her in some charm school.

 Maddie: Oh, he's such a joker. You must love that about him.

 Katie: Well, Henryís sense of humor is quite famous in this town.

 Henry: Yeah, and there's some things that are no laughing matter, okay? Mike, I'm sorry I haven't had a chance to say I'm sorry about the baby. Mike and his wife just lost a little boy.

 Maddie: His wife? Then what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be with her?


 Dusty: Did you sleep okay?

 Jennifer: Yeah. Thank you for tucking me in.

 Meg: Jen, I'm so sorry about the baby.

 Jennifer: Thank you.

 Dusty: Have something to eat. I have four different kinds of sweet rolls.

 Jennifer: No, you guys go ahead. I don't think I could eat.

 Dusty: We're not really gonna go in. We're just gonna stare at it.

 Jennifer: Is he always this stubborn?

 Meg: It's actually gotten worse with age. You might as well surrender.

 Jennifer: Okay, okay. I'll sit, I'll stare, but I actually need to make a call at the office first.

 Dusty: No, no, not that. No distractions. Give me the cell phone.

 Jennifer: Bossy, too.

 Dusty: Well, comes with my title.

 Jennifer: And speaking of work, don't they need you at Worldwide?

 Dusty: They'll call me if there's an emergency.

 Jennifer: Well, okay. Is there any law against using the ladies room?

 Dusty: Not that I can think of.

 Jennifer: Okay. Then I'll be right back.

 Meg: So, how often do you polish your armor?

 Dusty: Jen's a friend. We work together.

 Meg: Oh, nice office you have here.

 Dusty: Look, you know that I was there when her baby came into the world. I'm helping her get through, that's all.

 Meg: Well, my offer is still open, if you still want to get together.

 Dusty: Thank you.

 Meg: Just one thing, though. I hate sweet rolls.

 Dusty: I'll keep that in mind. Hey, do you always make a habit of walking away?

 Meg: Not if I have a good reason to stay.

 Jennifer: Oh, why is Meg leaving?

Dusty: She had something to take care of.

 Jennifer: You don't really expect me to eat all of that.

 Dusty: No, just half.

 Jennifer: Listen, I really do appreciate everything that you've done for me, especially last night.

 Dusty: Oh, don't mention it.

 Jennifer: Please, do not put your life on hold for me.

 Dusty: Stop talking and start eating, will ya?

 Jennifer: So you're telling me that you don't have a life?

 Dusty: Basically.

 Jennifer: Well, I'm not so sure Meg would agree.


 Henry: You heard me, young lady, apologize.

 Maddie: I thought I did that already.

 Mike: It's okay, Henry.

 Katie: Let's just start over.

 Maddie: I just asked some innocent questions.

 Henry: Said Marie Antoinette before they lowered the guillotine. We are going, okay? Tell Snickers I'll stop by very soon. And, Mike, what can I say? I'm sorry.

 Maddie: Let go, Henry.

 Henry: Ah! Say goodbye, Maddie.

 Maddie: Wait.

 Henry: Come on, out the door.

 Maddie: Henry! Why did you do that? I just was telling the truth.

 Henry: You don't know my truth, okay? Now what I want you to do is march your little self down to the car, and shut that pretty little mouth of yours, or I'll get some duct tape and shut it for you.

 Maddie: Henry!

 Katie: So much for a little privacy, huh? I hate to say it, but Henryís little sister was kind of a buzz kill.

 Mike: But she makes a point.

 Katie: Mike, she doesn't even know you.

 Mike: She's got her facts right.

 Katie: Not all of them.

 Mike: I just -- I wish we could start all over from day one.

 Katie: Me too. So, let's do it. Hi, nice to meet you. I'm Katie Frasier.

 Mike: Katie --

 Katie: Go to your car, get your tool belt. Fix something around here while I fix us something to eat, and we'll be happy like we were when we first fell in love.Oh, my God, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry. I didn't find a place for everything yet.

 Mike: You think we can get rid of the memories by stuffing them in the attic? They're still gonna be there, Katie. No matter what.


 Meg: What are you doing?

 Lucinda: What does it look like I'm doing?

 Meg: I know what it looks like.

 Lucinda: Now, could you just give me a hand getting on my jacket, please?

 Meg: No.

 Lucinda: I beg your pardon?

 Meg: You heard me.

 Lucinda: I need to go to the office dressed properly.

 Meg: Lucinda, it's too soon.

 Lucinda: You tell that to the stockholders, all right. I've got an annual meeting coming up and I'm not prepared properly.

 Meg: Are you making money?

 Lucinda: Hand over fist.

 Meg: Fine, then they'll be happy whether or not you make it today.

 Lucinda: Darling, you don't understand. The place practically runs itself, but I'm the face. I gotta be there. The usual song and dance, you know?

Meg: Yeah, well, your dancing days are a few weeks off.

 Lucinda: That's absolutely absurd.

 Meg: Energy, Lucinda. Conserve it, you'll need it.

 Lucinda: Darling, I have cancer, I haven't lost my groove.

 Meg: You know, if you think you're sore now, you haven't started treatment yet. [Lucinda sighs] Chemo has its side effects. Fatigue, nausea, and I know you can manage all those.

 Lucinda: Yes, and we'll manage it.

 Meg: But radiation will zap any strength you have.

 Lucinda: Okay. Let it try.

 Meg: Lucinda look, I know you can run your company, beat the hell outta cancer, micromanage your whole family here. But why? Shorten your list. Save your fight for what's coming.

 Lucinda: Can we focus just a moment? Are you going to help me on with my jacket, or are you not?

 Meg: Not.

 Lucinda: You refuse to help me on with my jacket?

 Meg: Yes.

 Lucinda: You're fired.

 Meg: I quit.

 Lucinda: Oh, my God. [Lucinda winces]

Meg: Are you okay?

 Lucinda: I don't think so.


 Jennifer: There. I ate.

 Dusty: You ate two bites.

 Jennifer: Are you keeping score?

 Dusty: I'm just not very impressed.

 Jennifer: Wouldn't you rather be hanging out with Meg?

 Dusty: You're changing the subject.

 Jennifer: Dusty, I can't just stop from hurting.

 Dusty: Okay. Let's go to the park.

 Jennifer: No.

 Dusty: Come on. We'll take a walk.

 Jennifer: There's moms with babies at the park, too.

 Dusty: So, we'll go to the lake.

 Jennifer: I can't just run whenever I see someone with a baby. You know, sometimes, it almost doesn't even feel real. I think that I'll wake up and find out that he's still alive. It's crazy, huh?

 Dusty: No. It's normal.

 Jennifer: Sometimes I think God's testing me.

 Dusty: Why?

 Jennifer: I don't know. I don't know. Maybe there's some purpose. Maybe there's something that I'm supposed to learn -- something that I just haven't gotten yet. And he feels like he has to take everything away from me until I figure it out.

 Dusty: No. Bad things happen. And once in a while, life just stinks, and there's nothing to learn -- except how to get through it.


 Margo: I don't know what's going on in that brain of yours, Craig. But if you're in any way considering some sort-of DNA sleight-of-hand to keep this child, you can forget it, no deal.

 Craig: I don't need tricks.

 Margo: The kid needs a good home, good family.

 Craig: We are a family, Margo. I love this boy. Just help me stay in his life.

 Margo: Even if I could talk Tom into it, I wonít. The court would shoot us down.

 Craig: Well, then do it for Rosanna. Rosanna needs this baby. It's family, Margo. All I want is a family for our son to have love with. A real family to love him.

[Phone rings]

 Margo: Hughes. Are you sure? Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'll tell him. Well Craig, it looks like you're gonna get your wish.


 Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

 Mike: I just need some time.

 Katie: Wait, hold on. How much time?

 Jennifer: Craig, what are you doing here?


 Paul: This isn't fair. No, no. I'm no good to anybody right now.

 Emily: Listen, you don't have to explain. We don't have to talk about this now. We could --

[Emily sighs]


 Craig: Is Rosanna awake? Who called?

 Margo: That was Hal. I guess Rosanna was very thorough. She already appointed a guardian. She had her lawyer in Detroit expedite the paperwork.

 Craig: Oh. Yes, yes, I remember that day. We were picking out names.

 Margo: Well, she would like Carly and Jack to raise the child.

 Craig: Well, what do you know? Well, thank you. I appreciate that.

 Margo: I'll see what I can find out about bail.

 Craig: I do appreciate this -- everything you've done.

 Margo: Like I said before, Craig. It's really hard to be your sister.

 Craig: Carly, huh? I guess my boy could do worse.


 Jennifer: Do you believe in fate?

 Dusty: Depends.

 Jennifer: Well, I keep thinking that if I hadn't slept with Craig --

 Dusty: That your baby would still be alive.

 Jennifer: And it would be Mikeís. But I don't deserve to have Mike's baby, especially after I lied to him so many times.

 Dusty: Don't go there.

 Jennifer: No.

 Dusty: You're not being punished.

 Jennifer: But what if this was my one chance, my one shot at motherhood?

 Dusty: Jen, you're writing off the future now.

 Jennifer: No. Just looking at that baby, I just -- I want to know his name. I want to know how much he weights. Was her pregnancy difficult, or was it easy? You know, was it her first?

 Dusty: Jen, her road was perhaps as tough as yours, maybe tougher. You can't judge. You hear me? Now, are you gonna eat, or we gonna walk?

 Jennifer: You sound just like Mike. He's always -- I'm sorry. Having fun yet?

 Dusty: I'm not here for fun.

 Jennifer: So why are you here?

 Dusty: I'm right here for you.


 Meg: Okay, let's try this.

 Lucinda: Are you still quitting?

 Meg: Are you still firing me?

 Lucinda: I got cancer. I've lost my timing.

 Meg: Are you trying to apologize?

 Lucinda: Quite possibly.

 Meg: Look, you're lucky you didn't pull any stitches, okay? But no arm wrestling until I give the go-ahead. Come here, let's try this. Okay. See you turn around. Here we go. Let's try this. I think -- let me see -- oh, oh, much better than the jacket. More commanding.

 Lucinda: I don't like it, but thank you.

 Meg: Another day at the office. You know what?

 Lucinda: Oh?

 Meg: Go touch up your makeup.

 Lucinda: Okay. Oh, if you're still working for me, would you put the briefcase in the car and the files. And if Dusty -- um, no. I'll take -- I'll take care of it.

 Meg: Got it.

[Meg remembering]

 Jennifer: And speaking of work, don't they need you at Worldwide?

 Dusty: They'll call me if there's an emergency.


[Phone rings]

 Jennifer: Your phone rang.

 Dusty: They'll call back.

 Jennifer: Well, it could be important. Could be Meg.

 Dusty: Could be.

 Jennifer: So you two, you've known each other since you were kids?

 Dusty: What are you, a history buff now?

 Jennifer: What, are you evading?

 Dusty: Come on, history is so boring.

 Jennifer: Oh, not your history. [Phone rings] Well, they're not giving up.

 Dusty: Hi.

 Meg: Hey. Dusty, sorry to bother you.

 Dusty: It's okay. What's up?

 Meg: Uh, it's Lucinda. Can you come over her place?

 Dusty: Whoa, whoa, whoa. What's going on? What's this about?

 Meg: You know, I can't explain right now.

 Dusty: Well, if it's not that urgent, I can't make it. I'm busy now.

 Meg: It is urgent. Only you could get through to her.

 Dusty: About what?

 Meg: You know, stop wasting time asking questions. If you care about Lucinda or your job, just get over here right now.

 Dusty: I got to go do something. You okay?

 Jennifer: Yeah, yeah. I can survive on my own.

 Dusty: My phone's on, so call me.

 Jennifer: I will. Thank you, Dusty. Thank you for everything.


 Katie: I'm really sorry. I shouldn't have kissed you.

 Mike: No, you shouldn't have. 'Cause now, all I want to do is take you upstairs and make love all night.

 Katie: So let's go upstairs. Come on, let me --

 Mike: No.

 Katie: What?

 Mike: Come here. When things ended with Jen, I did a lot of thinking about why I married her in the first place. And so much of it had to do with wanting not just a wife but a family.

 Katie: I know. You've always talked about how much you want kids.

 Mike: I know, but you can't just plug in the players and expect it to work. Wanting to be a father won't make me a good husband.

 Katie: Just answer a question -- do you love me?

 Mike: More than ever.

 Katie: You and Jennifer would have grown apart anyway. I know you, Mike. You couldn't have kept on living a lie, not for the rest of your life. Not even for the sake of that little boy.

 Mike: But he'd be alive. In my heart, I know that. I broke my promise, and the baby died. How do we ever build a future on that?


 Emily: Hey.

 Paul: Hi.

 Emily: Feel better after your shower?

 Paul: Not at all. What is that?

 Emily: Uh, a couple martinis. A little decompressing.

 Paul: Well, all right. I hope that you can forgive me for not telling you what was happening earlier. Thanks. It was very inconsiderate of me.

 Emily: We are not married. You don't owe me anything.

 Paul: Well, I feel like I owe you an explanation.

 Emily: It's okay, really. Don't worry about us. Let me just take care of you, okay?

 Paul: That sounds great.

[Phone rings]

 Emily: Here, I'll get it. Let me get it.

 Paul: I got it. Hello? Hey, Tom. Tom, there's no way. He ran her off the road. There were witnesses. You let him out on bail, I see him on the street, I'll kill him. I will, I'll kill him. Where are you, at the station? I'm on my way. Craig may have made bail.

 Emily: Are you kidding me?

 Paul: No. I wish I were.

 Emily: Well --

 Paul: I'm not -- I'm not sure how long this will take.

[ Door slams ]

[Emily goes out the door after Paul leaves.]


 Dusty: What are you, opening up a pharmacy? That's pretty powerful stuff.

 Meg: That's for pain.

 Dusty: So, what about it?

 Meg: Dusty, I'm Lucindaís private duty nurse.

 Dusty: Mm-hmm. And you're giving her all these meds?

 Meg: Yeah, she's sick.

 Dusty: Yeah, she's been out of town for a few days. She's in New York -- I thought.

 Meg: No. Lucinda has breast cancer. She just had a lumpectomy.

 Dusty: Why didn't you tell me?

 Meg: She didn't want you to know. She doesn't want anybody to know.

 Dusty: Well, what's the deal? I mean, is she all right?

 Meg: Well, uh, she's hurting. But she wants to go to the stockholders meeting.

 Dusty: Ah, they're gonna smell blood in the water.

 Meg: Exactly. But she's determined to go.

 Dusty: Okay. I'll talk to her.

 Meg: Whoa, whoa, whoa. You can't tell her I told you.

 Dusty: Why not?

 Meg: Because of her pride. She won't -- she won't give in, not even to cancer.

 Dusty: Its okay, I'll handle it.

 Meg: How?

 Dusty: Don't you trust me?

 Lucinda: Dusty, why are you here? Dusty, is there a problem at the office?

 Dusty: I don't know. Is there a problem?

 Lucinda: Meg, what have you told him?

 Dusty: Meg told me enough. Why didn't you tell me? If this is gonna be how we're gonna operate, with all these upcoming meetings, don't bother to fire me, 'cause I quit.


 Henry: Hey, little sister. How are you? Guess what I found? I found a one-way bus ticket to home, of all places.

 Maddie: But you need me.

 Henry: To do what, Maddie? Get rid of what few fries I have left?

 Maddie: Mike took your wife. Some friend.

 Henry: No, no, I -- I left Katie, remember?

 Maddie: Because of him. Let me just treat you to a latte.

 Henry: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Whoa, what is that? What -- are you dealing drugs? How did you -- this is -- I haven't seen this kind of cash since Vinnie "the Gagootz" Diverna hit 50-1.

 Maddie: I worked for every last cent.

 Henry: Doing what? Do I need to ask?

 Maddie: Selling doughnuts. I saved and saved until I can come and see my big brother. I've missed you, Henry.

 Henry: I missed you, too, cupcake.

 Maddie: So why won't you let me do something nice for you?

 Henry: Yo-- you can do something nice for me. You can nicely get on this bus, and you can nicely go home.

 Maddie: And what, just leave you here all alone?

 Henry: I'm not -- I'm not alone. I -- you met Snickers. Yeah, and you know, at the end of a long day behind the wheel, I curl up with a nice, dry martini and a 50-inch widescreen at the watering hole of my choice. I'm good, you know? Life is good, Maddie.

 Maddie: If a scruffy rabbit and alcohol is what you consider a good life, you need me worse than I thought. Yeah, I'm not gonna leave until you and Katie are back together, where you belong.


 Mike: I love you very much. You have no reason to trust this, but I swear its forever.

 Katie: I believe you.

 Mike: Right now, I don't feel very good about myself. I broke my word. You know, I hurt people that I promised to take care of. And I buried a baby that had nothing to do with any of it. Then I pushed you away.

 Katie: Mike, stop it. Stop doing this to yourself. You are such a good person, you have no idea. I love you so much. I just -- I just want to spend my life showing you how much.

 Mike: I can't tell you what you want to hear right now. I can't make plans and move on as if nothing ever happened, because it did. And it changed me. It changed us.

 Katie: You're scaring me.

 Mike: I just need some time. That's all I can tell you.

 Katie: Wait, hold -- hold on. How much time?

Mike: I don't -- I don't know.

 Katie: Um, will I see you?

 Mike: Katie, donít.

 Katie: You're the one who told me not to stay with Simon out of an obligation. You're the one that said that love was the most important thing. You don't believe that anymore?

 Mike: Yes, I do believe that. And I know that I have no right, but I'm asking you to wait for me. Know how much I love you, and know that nothing will ever make me forget that again.


 Jennifer: Craig, what are you doing here?

 Craig: You don't know?

 Jennifer: Know what? I just came to see my father.

 Craig: Rosanna was in a horrible car accident yesterday.

 Jennifer: Oh, no. Was she hurt?

 Craig: She's in a coma.

 Jennifer: Oh. Craig, I'm sorry. Well, did you -- did you come here to give a statement about the accident?

 Craig: No, your brother and father say I caused it.

 Jennifer: Did you?

 Craig: Rosanna and I had a fight about our son, and she sped off in her car, and I took off after her. And I -- I tried to get her to pull over, but she was going -- she was going much, much too fast, and then -- then there was this horrible sound of metal, glass.

 Jennifer: You monster!


Katie: We can't keep walking away from each other like this. It's how this whole mess got started in the first place.

 Mike: I'm not walking away. I'm just asking for some time.

 Katie: Will you call me? Hey, I don't know. What are the rules?

 Mike: Katie --

 Katie: I know you feel guilty about Jen and the baby, and I understand. Just please, don't lose your way back to me again. Please?

 Mike: I love you.

 Katie: I love you, too.


 Henry: Of course I love Katie. Everybody loves Katie, but Katie loves Mike. And that's -- it's just simple math.

 Maddie: But Mike is married to somebody else.

 Henry: Right. Not for long.

 Maddie: Okay, so what's the plan?

 Henry: The plan. The plan is for you to get on bus 827 about two blocks east of here.

 Maddie: No. I mean the plan to get Katie back.

 Henry: Honey, just take your donut money and go home, okay. [Pager beeping] Oh, great. Duty calls. Listen, I gotta run. I want you to stay here, and then I'm gonna come back, pick you up and we're gonna go to the bus station, all right?

 Maddie: Air out the limo. It smells like moo shu pork.

 Henry: Ooh. Left it in there for a long time, didn't I? Yeah, I should -- oh, and one more thing. Can you spot me a $20? Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah! I'm totally kidding. I can't believe I got you on that one. I love you.

 Maddie: Love you, too. Forget it, big brother. I'm not leaving till that wife of yours comes to her senses.


 Dusty: You hired me to do a job for you, and I thought we were family. What would you have me do at the upcoming stockholder's meeting? Hold your purse?

 Lucinda: Yeah. You'll carry my gym bag if I ask you to.

 Dusty: And I will, 'cause at least you're talking to me. Either you trust me as your partner or you donít. I thought you had respect for me.

 Lucinda: I do.

 Dusty: Then start acting like it. And start keeping me in the loop around here.

 Lucinda: Okay. I'll call, and I'll raise the stakes. You're going to the meeting -- you. And you're going to run it. Take care of the stockholders, make sure that we're the brightest, shiniest star in the firm. Just make sure that you don't blow it.

 Dusty: Of course I wonít.

 Meg: Wow. Do you play all the women in your life like that?

 Dusty: Me? Look who's talking.

 Meg: What, me?

 Dusty: Yeah, you. Who's playing who around here?


 Jennifer: How dare you use our son's death as an excuse for what you've done to Rosanna.

 Craig: It was an accident.

 Jennifer: I hope they put you away for the rest of your miserable life.

 Craig: Okay, yes. Well then, you'll probably be happy to know that they're taking the baby away from me.

 Jennifer: Well, you deserve to lose that baby. You deserve to lose everything!

 Craig: Yeah, well, at least the baby was spared you, wasn't it?

 Jennifer: How dare you.

 Craig: Yeah, that baby is better off dead than having you as a mother.

[Paul hits Craig.]


 Emily: Excuse me, I'm sorry to bother you. Has there been a change in Mrs. Montgomery's condition?

 Nurse: I'm sorry, I'm not allowed to discuss patients.

 Emily: No, I know. I'm family. Dr. Susan Stewart is my mother.

 Nurse: Really?

 Emily: Mm-hmm. And she told me that Rosanna may not come out of the coma. Is that true?

 Nurse: It's very sad for someone so young to have to remain this way for the rest of her life.

 Emily: Yes, it's very, very sad.

[Emily smirks.]


 Announcer: On the next "As the World Turns" --

 Dusty: Are we done here?

 Meg: I don't think so.

 Carly: I want him to pay, Jack. God help me, but I want him to pay with his life.

 Paul: I promise you something, Craig. I'm gonna find out what it was that she was trying to tell me. And I promise you will pay for the way that you hurt her.

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