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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 7/27/05

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By Boo
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Henry: Nothing but soft Corinthian leather and shampooed carpets.

Moe: Yeah, you keep a real nice house.

Henry: Put a sock in it, Moe. You want to pay me the $500 that you lost last night? Do you? I didn't think so. You know the deal. For today, this is my car, not my residence. And you are my driver. And I insist on a man in uniform.

Moe: Aw, come on.

Henry: Or cash. Whichever you like. That's right, put it on.

Moe: All right, all right. What about the furball?

Henry: Yeah. Here, can you throw this over him? Not a peep out of you until I can explain things to my sister, all right? Hopefully, this will be a quick turnaround. Meet her at the plane, I'll show her a few sights and then she'll get on the next plane out of town. Madeline.

Maddie: Henry!

Henry: Hey, hey, hey, hey, little sister! I can't believe you are here.

Maddie: Me, neither. Finally!

Henry: Let me take a look at you. Let me take a look at you. Oh, my goodness. Oh, no, get out of here with that. You are still the most gorgeous Coleman. You know, of the girls, at least.

Maddie: Oh, and you are still a world champion liar.

Henry: My apologies for the help.

Maddie: Is this your car?

Henry: Well, you know.

Maddie: Your driver?

Henry: Only the best for my little sister.


Waitress: I'll be right back for your order.

Katie: Thank you.

Waitress: What can I get for you?

Mike: Coffee and a bagel.

Waitress: That's it?

Mike: That's it.


[Emily remembering]

Paul: Come back to me. Be with me. Rosanna, come back. And I promise that we will never be apart again.

[Knock on door]

Susan: Latte. Croissant. You look like hell.


Ben: You were here all night?

Paul: Yeah. She moved her hand. Twice.

Ben: You mean like a twitch?

Paul: Yeah.

Ben: Yeah, that's normal.

Paul: That's normal for what?

Ben: There's no change, Paul. She's still comatose. I'm surprised her family hasn't been here.

Paul: I didn't -- I didn't call them. It's just that, you know, they got Craig out of here. They rushed him out and then it was all about Rosanna. I didn't wanna call them, because I thought that she was gonna wake up. And if she did wake up, then it was a completely different phone call.

Carly: My sister's been here all night fighting for her life and nobody bothered to pick up the phone?

Jack: We're here now, Carly, okay?

Carly: Oh, God. Oh, God. This is so wrong. How could this have happened?


Craig: I thought you'd never come.

Margo: I wish.

Craig: Been here all night. No arraignment. You knew that?

Margo: Yeah.

Craig: And you stayed away?

Margo: This is a real tough day to be related to you, Craig. You know what kind of trouble you're in?

Craig: This is a tough day for everybody, Margo. There are no charges and I'm still here.

Margo: You think that's a good thing?

Craig: What's the hold-up?

Margo: Rosanna's statement.

Craig: She's awake? Is she better? I have a right to know what she's accused me of.


Carly: Hey. Ben says you might be able to hear me. So listen up. Paul says that Craig did this to you. And if that's true, I will make him pay. I swear it. But I need your help. So wake up. Wake up, Rosanna, and help me take that man down.

Carly: We've come so far, Rosanna. Both of us. And we're not done yet. You always knew how to get exactly what you want. So all you have to do is want to wake up. And you will. And I'll be right here.

Paul: Did you talk to Tom Hughes?

Jack: Right after you called. I talked to Tom and Hal.

Paul: Did they drop Montgomery down a hole?

Jack: Not yet.

Paul: Why not?

Jack: They're waiting on charges, Paul.

Paul: I saw him try and kill Rosanna. I saw it with my own eyes. There were other witnesses. There's no way that guy should ever set foot outside of a jail. You can't let him get away with this, Jack.

Carly: So now you're worried about Rosanna? Don't you think it's a little late for that, Paul? You should've saved her from Craig when you had the chance.


Craig: I have a right to know what she's accused me of.

Margo: Who said Rosanna accused you of anything, Craig?

Craig: You don't look like she told you I was innocent.

Margo: She didn't say anything. She's not awake yet.

Craig: Is she better? What do the doctors say?

Margo: They're waiting. Like I am.

Craig: So no change? You're just working me.

Margo: Look, I don't have the time or patience for your little dance here, Craig. You better come clean, or you're gonna see your sister walk out of here. You'll be left with nothing but the cop who wants to put you away for attempted murder.

Craig: That's the charge?

Margo: Unless Rosanna dies. Then it's murder two.

Craig: But it was an accident, Margo! She ran off the road!

Margo: You drove her off the road. There are eyewitnesses.

Craig: Paul Ryan?

Margo: His is a very compelling statement. He has witnesses to back him up. Look, if you've got another version of the story, you better come clean with it right now, Craig, or else you are looking at a long, long time in jail.


Susan: Drink your coffee. It's the best medicine. You sleep here?

Emily: I stayed here last night. Didn't sleep much. Paul didn't come home last night.

Susan: He stay all night at the hospital?

Emily: I guess so.

Susan: I checked in before I came. There's no change in Rosannaís condition.

Emily: Okay.

Susan: What did Paul tell you yesterday?

Emily: Me?

Susan: At the hospital. You saw him, right?

Emily: Yeah. He didn't have much to say to me. But, boy, did he pour his heart out to Rosanna.

Susan: Oh, honey.

Emily: Oh, God, don't "honey" me, okay? Just say it.

Susan: I'm sorry.

Emily: No, you are not. You're thinking that this is exactly what I deserve. I'm an idiot for walking right into it.

Susan: Paul is the idiot, not you.

Emily: Oh, Mom.

Susan: Not you.


Henry: You know what? I would've had more of a day planned for you, but I did not know you were coming until last night. Why didn't you call me sooner?

Maddie: You know, it was one of those last minute airfares online. It was the only thing I could afford. But, I mean, hey, if I would've known you were driving around in limos, I would've hit you up for the fare.

Henry: And you know I would do anything for you, sweetie. I just -- you didn't have to drop everything to come out here and check up on me. Especially with so much luggage.

Maddie: Well, you never brought Katie to meet us, so I, you know, figured this was the only way.

Henry: Yeah, yeah, yeah. She's crazy busy today, though, unfortunately. So I think it's just gonna be you and me. Which I hope is okay? We can catch up.

Maddie: Oh, yeah, yeah. This is off the hook. You and me in a limo.

Henry: Is it everything you pictured?

Maddie: Not exactly. Well, we know you play the stock market. So when we didn't hear from you in a while, you know, I was afraid that you got burned in one of those insider trading things.

Henry: Oh, no, honey. No, no, no, no. I'm diversified. In fact, I've invested right here in Oakdale.

Maddie: Trust you to have the town totally wired.

Henry: Totally. Okay, first things first, though. Let's go have lunch at the local hot spot. What do you say?

Maddie: Great. Let me just change.

Henry: What?

Maddie: Change clothes.

Henry: Well, you look fine.

Maddie: I feel crumpled.

Henry: Yeah, that look is in.

Maddie: Well, let's just go to your place.

Henry: We canít. It's being painted. [Maddie sneezes] And you're obviously very susceptible, so I think paint fumes are not -- bless you.

Maddie: Thank you.

Henry: You know what? I think we should just go eat. Let's go eat.

Maddie: A tissue? Do you have a tissue?

Henry: Tissue? Yeah, right there.

Moe: Hey, the track opens in a half hour, Coleman, so --

Henry: Sir, your extra-curricular activities are not my concern. You're just expected to drive. Maddie, that's not the place -- no, no, the tissues are right underneath --

Maddie: Yours? I did your laundry for three years, Henry, don't try to duck it.

[Henry laughs]

Henry: You got me. This is not what a kid sister should see. You know, I closed on a big deal yesterday. And we were having a big celebration, and I guess the party got a little bit wild in here.

Maddie: You had time to floss?

Henry: Yes. Oral hygiene is an important part of my life.

Maddie: So is shaving --

Henry: Yeah.

Maddie: And smelling good --

Henry: Maddie -- Maddie, get out of there, will you? Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on.

Maddie: Your checkbook? A racquetball? Socks. You live in this car, don't you?


Mike: I'm just gonna move tables. Thank you.

Katie: Hi. Oh, I'll have what he's having.


Maddie: Henry, we can do this the hard way or the easy way.

Henry: Oh, whoa, listen to you, tough girl. I knew you when you wore ruffled socks. Remember that.

Maddie: Henry, is this your car?

Henry: Absolutely.

Maddie: So, you're a limo driver?

Henry: On occasion.

Maddie: And this guy?

Henry: That's Moe. He's a gaming associate.

Maddie: How much are you into him for?

Moe: $500.

Maddie: You drew to an inside straight, didn't you? Always a bad move.

Henry: All right, Moe, you can go.

Moe: So --

Henry: Yes, yes, we're even. Go, get out.

Moe: Thanks.

Maddie: Henry?

Henry: Yeah?

Maddie: What are you doing here?

Henry: This is just a temporary situation.

Maddie: Did you and your wife get into a fight or --

Henry: No, no, no, not exactly.

Maddie: Not exactly a fight? Or not exactly -- I mean, is this your wife? Oh, no. It's not one of your sad Photoshop fantasies, is it?

Henry: No, of course, not. Maddie, no. That's me, that's my wife, that was our wedding. And it was the greatest day of my life.

Maddie: Only now you're living in a car.

Henry: It's for a couple weeks, tops. It's just a cash flow problem. Bless you. And it has nothing to do with Katie.

Maddie: Well, where does she live?

Henry: Our house. Her house. I sent you the pictures.

Maddie: So you split?

Henry: We're still friends.

Maddie: What happened?

Henry: It's complicated, honey.

Maddie: But you sounded like the perfect couple.

Henry: We were. Except when we were married.

Maddie: But why?

Henry: Before Katie and me, there was this guy. Remember how Princess Di said that there were three people in her marriage?

Maddie: Who was the third wheel?

Henry: It's this guy named Mike Kasnoff.


Katie: Thanks.

Mike: Is this okay?

Katie: Of course.

Mike: I can move.

Katie: No. Mike, it would be weird if we couldn't sit together as friends.

Mike: That's what I thought.

Katie: I'm so sorry about the service.

Mike: You were fine.

Katie: Dusty didn't think so.

Mike: Did he get in your face?

Katie: It was not a problem.

Mike: What'd he say?

Katie: Exactly what you would expect.

Mike: Did he know you were leaving?

Katie: I really don't think it mattered. Mike, people will think what they'll think.

Mike: That's why I figured it wasn't good that you were there that day.

Katie: I know. How was Jennifer?

Mike: It's like she just wanted to turn to stone. She broke down during the service.

Katie: Of course, she did.

Mike: I could see how hard she was trying to protect herself from feeling anything.

Katie: Well, I'm sure you were a big help.

Mike: Not really.

Katie: Don't say that. It may not feel like it --

Mike: She moved out.

Katie: What?

Mike: That day, she moved out. She didn't want to come home with me, not even for a little while. Not ever.

Katie: So, what does that mean?

Mike: That she doesn't want help if it's coming from me. She shut me out.

Katie: Oh, Mike.

Mike: So, I'm officially useless.

Katie: Don't say that. Would you stop it?

Nancy: Katie's right, you know. Mike, the loss that you and Jennifer have had is something that would make anyone feel helpless. But it's not true. You and Jen hold on to each other. Your love will get you through.


Emily: It's not like we were madly in love with each other, you know? We knew better. We as much said it to each other's faces. I knew he still had feelings for Rosanna. Obviously, I still care about Hal. But -- but we were moving on, you know? We were being mature and realistic. So I thought.

Susan: What did he say?

Emily: Everything. Everything I have ever wanted to hear from the man I love. That is what he said. To Rosanna. And then, ol' mature me curled up into a ball and started crying like a baby. He will never love me like that. No man will ever love me like that.

Susan: Hal did.

Emily: No, he didnít. He could say the words -- everything in his life came first. Paul means it, mom. He means it. He will stay there by her side until she wakes up. And when she does, he will never leave her again.

Susan: He said that?

Emily: Yes.

Susan: Well, sweetie. Then there's only one thing to do. Pack your bags and come home.


Margo: All right, Craig, you want me to ask you the questions? I'll ask you the questions. Here we go. Why were you chasing Rosannaís car?

Craig: I was following her.

Margo: Why?

Craig: She was upset. She shouldn't have been driving.

Margo: Why?

Craig: We'd fought.

Margo: That's not what you told Hal last night.

Craig: Well, Hal was looking to hang me.

Margo: You told him that you and Rosanna were going to see the baby that you were going to adopt. So I guess that wasn't true either?

Craig: Well, I thought she was going to the hospital. And we could meet, we could work it out. And I was trying to make it up to her.

Margo: What for? Why were you fighting?

[Craig remembering]

Rosanna: The baby. The baby that we just held in the hospital. That's not Gwenís baby. That little boy is Jenniferís child.

Craig: And how is that possible?

Rosanna: Craig, you switched the babies.

Margo: What had you done, Craig? I mean, that must've been a hell of a fight.

Craig: It was.

Margo: About?

Craig: She worries that I can't love this baby as my own, and I wasn't as understanding as I might have been. And she went beside herself. She started to feel faint and dizzy, so I went to get her a glass of water, and when I came back, she had just taken off. She shouldn't have been driving, Margo. She was all over the road.

Margo: Yes, to evade you.

Craig: Well, I called her. I tried to get her to calm down, to stop. But she wouldn't listen to any reason, okay? So I pulled my car up next to hers, all right?

Margo: What, just to give her a little wave?

Craig: In a way, yes.

[Craig remembering] Rosanna! Pull over, will you? You're gonna get us both killed, here. If you don't stop the car, I'm gonna have to make you.

[Rosanna screaming]

Margo: Your car just kind of gave her a little pat? Maybe just a little nudge, something like that, at 60 miles an hour, accidentally on purpose?

Craig: I know! I know, it was crazy, but what could I do, Margo? All right, our cars were swerving. They bounced. It happened so fast! I don't know, it was an accident, Margo! It was a horrible accident.

Margo: Wow, Craig, that story fills in all the gaps, doesn't it? Maybe it took you all night to come up with that, huh?

Craig: Margo, why would I want Rosanna dead? We loved each other. She gave me a second chance.

Margo: Yeah, who hasn't? And who hasn't lived to regret it?

Craig: Margo, we had a new baby together. I had everything I wanted. I'd give anything to go back. Anything.


Carly: You could've stopped her.

Paul: What?

Carly: When Rosanna married Craig. I begged her not to do it, but she wouldn't listen to me. The only person that she would've listened to was you.

Paul: You don't know that.

Carly: No, you're right. I donít. Because you never even bothered to show up when I called. If you still cared so much, where were you? All right, so I was a little harsh. Why can't I just shut up?

Jack: You're scared.

Carly: Rosanna's it, Jack. She's the only family member I have left. I can't lose her.

Nurse Bently: Excuse me? Are you Rosanna Cabotís next of kin?

Carly: I'm her sister.

Nurse Bently: I'm sorry about the accident. This must be a terrible time for you.

Carly: It is.

Nurse Bently: If you can just tell me what to do about the baby, I'll be out of your hair.

Carly: What?

Nurse Bently: He's ready to leave the hospital.

Jack: What baby?

Nurse Bently: The child Mr. And Mrs. Montgomery are adopting.

Carly: He's here?

Nurse Bently: He was born prematurely several days ago.

Carly: Is he all right?

Nurse Bently: Oh, he's doing fine. We were going to send him home today.

Jack: Did you know about this?

Carly: Not that he was born, no.

Jack: You know, given the charges against Mr. Montgomery, I think it's best if you guys keep the baby.

Carly: Unless we take him.


Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Jack: We have three kids. Aren't we stretched out enough as it is?

Craig: Then you take him.

Margo: What?

Craig: You're my sister. You take him. You have to.

Paul: You tell me why you were running from Montgomery and I won't let you down. Not this time.

Katie: Please don't leave.

Mike: I just don't feel right being here.

Katie: Then we'll go to my house. Where we won't have to worry about anyone interrupting.


Jack: You want to take home a premature newborn baby?

Carly: I'm his legal guardian, after Craig. I told Rosanna that I would take care of the child if anything happened to her. It's a boy?

Nurse Bently: Yes. A beautiful baby boy.

Carly: And where is he?

Nurse Bently: He's still in the neonatal unit. We were getting him ready to go home when we heard about the accident. If you'd like to come with me --

Jack: Carly? Can I just have a minute with my wife, please?

Carly: Could you bring him here?

Nurse Bently: Okay.

Jack: You don't want to take a second to maybe think about this?

Carly: What is there to think about?

Jack: Honey, we have three kids. Aren't we stretched out enough as it is?


Paul: Carly was right. I should've saved you. I should've tried, anyway. Give me another chance. Come back to me. Let me try again. You tell me why you were running from Montgomery and I won't let you down. Not this time.


Craig: Can I call the hospital?

Margo: And see about Rosanna?

Craig: Yes, of course.

Margo: Tell you what. I'll call the hospital and I'll let you know.

Craig: I would rather hear it directly myself.

Margo: You know what, Craig? You are all out of calls. I'll find out for you. I promise I'll tell you the truth.

Craig: I know. Will you check on the baby?

Margo: Who?

Craig: Our baby. I need to know he's all right.

Margo: Wait, at a time like this, you're worried about a child that you almost adopted?

Craig: He is our baby, our responsibility.

Margo: No, Craig, he's not. There is no way that you're going to be able to adopt this child.


Nancy: Tell Jen I'll stop by to see her tomorrow.

Mike: She's been spending a lot of time with her mother.

Nancy: Barbara? Really?

Mike: That's where you'll find her most days.

Nancy: Well, I'll call. Meanwhile, give her my love, will you?

Mike: Sure.

Nancy: And you take care of both of these people, katie.

Katie: I'll try my best. I feel about two inches tall.

Mike: You? I should've told her the marriage was over.

Katie: Why?

Mike: So Jen doesn't have to. Of course, I'm sure Barbaraís going to be answering the phone. She'll be more than happy to tell Nancy all about it.

Katie: Oh, Mike, this is so unfair.

Mike: My wife just buried a child that she never got to hold. What's fair? I'm sorry. Can I get the check, please? I should've just stayed home. I better keep a low profile for a while.

Katie: And do what? Sit in your house alone, beating yourself up?

Mike: I don't know where to be. What to say.

Katie: Mike, please don't leave.

Mike: Katie, I don't want to leave. I just don't feel right being here.

Katie: Then we'll go to my house. Where we won't have to worry about anyone interrupting. If you want company.

Mike: I do.

Katie: Good. So, I'll go home now and you come whenever you're ready.

Mike: I'll be there.

Katie: Good.


Maddie: So you just walked away from Katie?

Henry: Yeah, honey, I had to. It was ruining the friendship.

Maddie: But you loved her.

Henry: I know. I always will.

Maddie: This is so sad.

Henry: No, it's awkward. That's all it is, it's -- it's going to get better. I can feel it coming around. Really. I think, actually, this might have been the best for everybody. You know, I -- hey, don't cry.

Maddie: I can't help it.

Henry: No, no, I'm okay.

Maddie: I'm not.

Henry: What's wrong?

Maddie: Oh, I don't know. Maybe it's, you know, an airplane cold. Maybe my allergies.

Henry: Oh, yeah, your allergies.

Maddie: Yeah, you know.

Henry: Snickers.

Maddie: Not really candy, more like, you know, animal dander and pollen.

Henry: I'm sorry, honey. Meet Snickers the rabbit.

Maddie: Oh, how cute. Just keep it far, far away from me, please?

Henry: Yeah, that's not a bad idea. Actually, I think we're gonna take old Snickers home to Mama. We have sort of a shared custody agreement.

Maddie: You and Katie? So I'm finally going to get to meet her? Well, it is about time.


Emily: Moving in with my mother is possibly the one thing that could make me feel worse. I'm sorry, it's a very generous offer --

Susan: No, I get it.

Emily: I'm sorry. It would just make me feel like such a failure.

Susan: Okay. So you'll stay here and you'll be Paulís doormat. That'll be better.

Emily: I am not that.

Susan: Then what are you?

Emily: I don't know. But we're happy here. I mean, things are really good. It's like us against the world here, you know?

Susan: Maybe he was just using you.

Emily: Yeah, sure. Why else would a man want to be with me?

Susan: I didn't say that.

Emily: You didn't have to. You think it. Loudly.

Susan: Honey, Paul is the one who is in the wrong here. And that is no reflection on you, unless you stick around for it.

Emily: Don't make it sound like he's some kind of abuser, okay? He's been really good to me.

Susan: Well, he's not here. And he made you feel like dirt. That doesn't make him such a good guy in my book. And your sister would tell you the same thing. I think you should come home. It doesn't have to be forever. I won't bug you. I could be like a roommate.

Emily: Oh, yeah, sure. My really bossy, overbearing roommate.

Susan: Who loves your son, who is coming home soon. And who has a big yard that he loves to play in. I can get him that tree house --

Emily: Oh, Mom, he loves your tire swing.

Susan: Sweetie, I'm going to give you all the room you need. Really, I've learned that. Really. Or I can pamper you.

Emily: You haven't changed the locks on the front door?

Susan: No.

Emily: Okay.

Susan: Listen -- for the record, I really, really wanted to be wrong about Paul.

Emily: Yeah, well, you hid it well.

Susan: Mmm. See you at home?

Emily: Yeah.


[Doorbell rings]

Katie: Henry, hi.

Henry: Hi.

Katie: What's up?

Henry: Uh, Snickers is homesick.

Katie: Oh, no. Is he chewing through your car seat again?

Henry: No, actually, Maddie is allergic. I'd like you to meet someone --

Katie: Madeline? Baby sister Madeline? This is such a nice surprise.

Maddie: You know me?

Katie: Yeah! You're so much prettier than your pictures. My God, I would know you anywhere. It's so nice to meet you.

Maddie: Same here.

Henry: Yeah, Maddie decided for a surprise visit.

Katie: Well, you two, three, come on in.

Henry: You're sure this is an okay time?

Katie: Of course.

Henry: Okay, great.

Katie: So how is my baby boy? Oh, I've missed you so much.

Henry: Yeah, he missed you, too.


Paul: Is there any change?

Ben: No. Why don't you go home and get some rest, Paul?

Paul: Later.

Ben: Carly and Jack are here. They're going to be here for a while. I need to go over Rosannaís options with them, so you might as well --

Paul: What options?

Ben: There are some potential treatments. No guarantees.

Paul: Tell me what they are.

Ben: This is something the family decides, okay?

Paul: Ben, I'm not going anywhere until you tell me what you're gonna do for Rosanna.


[Emily sighs]


Craig: The adoption went through, Margo. The little boy belongs to us. They said he'd be ready to come home today, so once I'm arraigned, I can pick him up and bring him home.

Margo: What, you really think that you're going to be arraigned and walk out of here?

Craig: Margo, I am not guilty. I told you everything that happened.

Margo: There are four eyewitnesses who say there's a different story. Unless Rosanna wakes up and confirms you, you are going to prison for a long, long time. You are not going to be raising any child.

Craig: The birth mother is out of the picture.

Margo: No, Craig. The child will be placed with children and family services.

Craig: Well then, you take him.

Margo: What?

Craig: You're my sister. You take him. You have to.


Carly: Are you sure he's ready to leave the hospital? He's so tiny.

Nurse Bently: Don't let the size fool you. This little guy is a fighter. You want to hold him?

Jack: I know what's going to happen once you have that baby in your arms.

Carly: That's right.

Jack: It's too much, honey.

Carly: It's just until Rosanna gets better.

Jack: What if she -- what if she doesn't?

Carly: Don't --

Jack: Honey, you have to think about that. If this is permanent, we're going to have four kids?

Carly: Well then, he'll always have hand-me-downs, won't he? And Rosanna made sure there's plenty of money, Jack. Please. I need to do this. Is that a "yes?"

Jack: Of course it's a "yes."

Carly: Yes, I would love to hold him.

Nurse Bently: You do that.

Carly: Oh, hello.

Nurse Bently: I'll get his paperwork. Hi, honey. Auntie Carly.

Ben: Who's that?

Carly: It's Rosannaís son. She just adopted him.

Ben: I didn't realize.

Paul: She has a lot to live for. Go ahead, tell them, Doc.

Carly: What?

Ben: Well, there are some potential treatments for Rosanna. I've been on the phone this morning to a clinic that's had some very successful trials with neurological drugs.

Carly: Well, then, let's go. Where's the clinic?

Ben: Well, it's in Switzerland.

Paul: Why is it so far away?

Ben: Well, they have different laws about drug trials over there. Nobody in the states is doing the same research.

Carly: Well, I don't care where we have to go or what we have to do. Whatever it takes to get Rosanna better. Let's do it.


Katie: So, did you take Snickers to the park?

Henry: No. No, I hate to do that. The dog run is a completely different thing for him. It's bunny hell.

Katie: Well, he needs so much exercise. Can't you take him with you to your poker games?

Henry: No, he's been banned.

Katie: Why?

Henry: Because every time Snickers shows up, I win.

Katie: Ah, well, he is a lucky charm.

Henry: That's what I say. They say he signals me.

Katie: Oh, please. So how long has it been since he had exercise?

Henry: Let's see. I took him to the gym with me. When I went to get showered, he was a complete punk. I put him on the treadmill -- lowest setting, mind you -- he lasted five minutes. Do you still have that obstacle course in the spare room?

Katie: I do. Keeps him busy for hours.

Henry: Thank you.

Katie: Let's go. Oh -- Maddie, I'm sorry. Make yourself at home. If you're thirsty, there's lemonade in the fridge. We'll be right back.

Maddie: Thanks. Yeah, right, Henry. You're so over her. This is perfect. Oh, Henry, Henry, Henry -- you cannot give up on this.

[Doorbell rings]

Mike: Hi.

Maddie: Hi.

Mike: Is Katie here?

Maddie: Yeah. Who are you?

Mike: I'm Mike. Mike Kasnoff. [Maggie closes the door in his face.]


Emily: Hi. I'm just glad you came, 'cause I wanted to tell you --

Margo: Listen to me. This is how it goes -- children's services will take the baby and then will find a good home for him.

Craig: No.

Margo: Yes. The baby will have a good home.

Craig: No.

Margo: There's plenty of people who want to adopt. He'll have a nice family --

Craig: I'm his family!

Margo: Well, you know what? Stop worrying about that. Worry about yourself, worry about your wife. Stop worrying about this --

Craig: I have to worry about this baby.

Margo: Craig, let the baby go.

Craig: He's my son!


Carly: Your son came by to say hello. He's healthy, Rosanna. And he's beautiful and he's ready to leave the hospital. So I'm going to take him home with me. When you're feeling better, when you're up to it, you come and you take him, okay? But in the meantime, don't you worry. 'Cause I'm going to keep my promise to you. And I'm going to make sure that he is healthy and happy and safe, until you can do that yourself.


Announcer: On the next "As the World Turns" --

Henry: Mike and his wife just lost a little boy.

Maddie: Then what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be with her?

Meg: Look what I found on the nightstand this morning.

Paul: I'm really sorry.

Emily: You don't have to explain. I know how things are with you and Rosanna.

Margo: I think I finally understand why you're so desperate to keep this baby.

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