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[Lucinda sighs]

Lucinda: "For dust art thou, and unto dust shalt thou return."

Lily: That certainly is bleak. Mother?

Lucinda: My God, oh! It's the voice of God! Now, I agree with you. I think this quote is, you know, sorta bleak and kind of grim. But pardon me, ma'am , you wrote it!

Lily: What are you doing here?

Lucinda: Oh, what a lovely voice you have. I was always sure that God was feminine. It's nice to know I'm right.

Lily: Mother?

Lucinda: What? [Lucinda sighs] Dear, I'm avoiding you and ignoring you for a reason.

Lily: Being what?

Lucinda: Well, I had hoped that perhaps I could have a few moments of solitary rumination.

Lily: Sorry. I can't leave until I ask you -- this question is going to bug me all night long.

Lucinda: Oh, honey, go ahead. Ask me whatever -- what's the burning question?

Lily: What in the name of everything that is holy is Lucinda Walsh doing in a church?


Keith: All right, come on, come on, Luke, get up.

Luke: Who do you think you are? Get your hands off me. I don't have to answer to you.

Keith: Well, you're lucky it's me instead of a cop.

Kevin: Whoa. Who's talking about calling the cops?

Luke: Nothing. Nothing. Don't listen to him. He would never get me arrested.

Keith: Where'd you get this booze? Did you steal it?

Kevin: No.

Kevin: Somebody buy it for you? Who? What is your name?

Luke: Shut up, Kevin. Don't tell him anything.

Keith: Kevin, huh? Kevin what?

Luke: Leave him alone.

Keith: No, I want some answers here. How'd you get here, Kevin? Did you drive? Do you have a car?

Luke: Don't let him freak you out, Kev. He can't do anything. He means nothing to me or my family. He's a nobody.

Keith: Nobody, huh? Well, you know what? I've got his home phone right here on speed dial. If I dial it, you two would be grounded for life. Now, are you going to stop joking around and answer some of my questions? Or do you want me to make your life miserable?

Kevin: My parents will kill me, Luke

Luke: Okay, don't! Don't make the call.


[Phone ringing]

Emily: Paul? No. No, he doesn't want to change his long distance service. [Knock on door] Will.

Will: Sorry, I guess I should have called first.

Emily: No, please, come in. Don't be silly. You're family. You don't have to call.

Will: Is Paul around? I need to talk to him. It's kind of important.

Emily: No, I'm sorry. I wish I could help. He's not here.

Will: Well, when's he getting back?

Emily: I'm not sure. Wait a minute. He's probably on his way home right now. So, why don't you try giving him a call?


Paul: So what do you think?

Ben: We ran some tests. We're going to monitor her for a while.

Paul: For what? She's going to be okay.

Ben: There's no reason to believe she won't be.

Paul: I'd like to talk to her.

Ben: Why don't we let the nurses get settled in first, and besides, there's a few things I want to talk to you about, since you were there, the critical moments right after she was injured.

Paul: Okay. What do you want to know?

Ben: Well, you told the paramedics that she was talking right after the accident.

Paul: She was. She said something about the wrong foot.

Ben: Did that make any sense to you?

Paul: Yeah.

Ben: She was coherent?

Paul: Yes, she was.

Ben: All right. This is a good sign.

Paul: Where are you going? Shouldn't you be with her?

Ben: No, I'm going to go check on tests we've ran on her. See if we got any results back.

Paul: How long before I can see her?

Ben: Well, it's going to be a while. Look, if you want to come walk with me while I go check on the tests, you're welcome. Might be easier than, you know, sitting around waiting.

Paul: Please. Let me go in there. Talk to her, check on her? And then I'll leave her alone and let her rest, I promise.

Ben: Keep it short.

Paul: If you wake up, and I'm not here -- I'll be right back.

Nurse #1: I'm sorry, sir. Visitors aren't allowed.

Craig: I'm her husband. I'm her husband.

Nurse #1: Oh. I thought --

Nurse Jacobs: Hello, Mr. Montgomery. I saw you and your wife earlier?

Craig: Yes. Yes, yes.

Nurse Jacobs: In the neo-natal unit.

Craig: Yes. Is she all right? Is she going to be all right?

Nurse #1: I'll tell Dr. Harris you're here.

Craig: Yes. Thank you.

Nurse Jacobs: Well, I certainly hope your wife will be all right. You have a lovely family.

[ Craig remembering ]

Craig: What is it do you think I have done?

Rosanna: The baby -- the baby that we just held in the hospital -- that's not Gwen's baby. That little boy is Jennifer's child.

Craig: And how is that possible?

Rosanna: Craig, you switched the babies.


Craig: Rosanna? Do you hear me? Rosanna? 

Rosanna: The babies?

Craig: Rosanna? Do you hear me? Rosanna?

Craig: Oh, Rosanna -- you're awake. Don't worry, I'm here. Okay? You're in the hospital. You were in a car accident. Do you remember? Can you talk? Have you spoken to anybody about what happened? Do you remember? I know it was scary, okay? And your memory probably is playing to tricks on you. All you have to remember is how much I love you. [Rosanna whimpers] Hey, hey. You'll be fine. Everything will be fine. Shh. Just don't say anything. Everything will be fine. Rosanna -- is it the baby? Do you remember about the baby? Have you said anything about the baby? Rosanna, tell me what you said. Tell me, Rosanna --

[EKG machine beeps]

Craig: Not now, Paul. Not now.

Paul: What did you do to her?

Craig: I did nothing!

Paul: What did you say to her?

Craig: I'm her husband. I will take care of my wife.

Paul: Take care of her? You tried to kill her! I saw you!

Craig: You have no idea what you're talking about.

Paul: I saw you run Rosanna off the road!

Craig: Yeah, I'm sure you did. The police have reached a different conclusion.

Paul: Not for long. When she wakes up, she'll give a statement, and then they'll come get you.

Hal: Why wait? We can get the whole story right now.


Will: He's not answering.

Emily: Well, it was worth a shot, right?

Will: Yeah. Where's he headed? Maybe I can track him down.

Emily: I'm not sure.

Will: He just took off without saying where he was going?

Emily: No, there was a call. An emergency.

Will: Was it Jennifer? Is everything okay?

Emily: No. No, it wasn't about Jennifer.

Will: Then who? My mom?

Emily: Rosanna.

Will: You really are something else, Emily.

Emily: What do you mean?

Will: You were totally just using me right there. Getting me to call Paul.

Emily: No, no, no! You said you needed to talk to your brother. You said it was important.

Will: Yeah, and while I was at it, you figured why not use me to find out what's really going on between him and his ex.


Lucinda: How did you find me?

Lily: I saw your limo as I was driving by.

Lucinda: Oh, yeah.

Lily: Okay, I talked to Rosa and I got it out of her. So, why are you here?

Lucinda: Shh. Hush. Listen. Have you noticed the utter silence in empty churches?

Lily: Mother, you were talking to yourself.

Lucinda: No, darling, I wasnít. I was reading this. I guess there was a service here today for that poor little baby that died.

Lily: It's so sad.

Lucinda: I don't know why people don't clean things. You know, it's amazing. You come into the house of the lord for peace and quiet and there's funereal litter everywhere. It's not to be borne.

Lily: Okay, this, mother, this information is about going back to dust. This is not good for you to be reading. You need to go home.

Lucinda: No! I do not wish to go home. All that hovering. And honey, by the way, this is going to go on for quite a while. You know that.

Lily: I know.

Lucinda: I mean, there are going to be more tests, and pathology reports, and they'll go in and take a little bit more out, or something like that.

Lily: It's very stressful.

Lucinda: Yes.

Lily: I know.

Lucinda: But I know that everything will be fine.

Lily: Of course everything is going to be fine!

Lucinda: Oh, then why don't you act like it? Stop killing me with your kindness. You just live your life the way you usually do. And I'll live my life the way I usually do. I mean, when you coddle me -- me, me. You do that to me, I feel -- I am not dying, dammit!

Lily: I know that.

Lucinda: Of course, all right. Because I'm going to fight it, the cancer's going to be conquered. Everything's going to be just fine.

Lily: I'll see you tomorrow then.

Lucinda: Yeah, okay. You know, Lily, peace and quiet, it's vastly overrated.

Lily: Can we go home, please?

Lucinda: No, I don't want to got home. But I would like to go out. I'd like to see people. People, I want to see them laughing and joking and having fun and drinking and --

Lily: You want to go to a bar?

Lucinda: Yes, I'd love to go -- would you come with me? I mean, we could have a party and then --


Lily: Are you okay?

Lucinda: It's just -- it's only.

Lily: Did you take your pain medication? Did you bring it with you?

Lucinda: It's only a -- it's just a twinge. It's only a twinge. No, I don't have it.

Lily: You have to take the pain medication. The doctor said you have to stay ahead of the pain.

Lucinda: I don't like the pain medication because it does something to me up here and I want to think straight.

Lily: Shh, it explains everything, trust me.

Lucinda: Oh, no, my darling. What I said to you and Holden earlier, every single sober word I meant.

Lily: I don't want to talk, I donít.

Lucinda: I don't want to talk about pain medication.

Lily: Okay. We're going to a bar. Let's go.

Lucinda: All right. And we won't talk about Holden.

Lily: Good.

Lucinda: We wonít. You know what we should do?

Lily: What?

Lucinda: We'll talk about that wondrous, brilliant, Keith, and all the ways that he has absolutely the wrong man for you.

[Lucinda laughs]


Luke: Can we go now?

Keith: Yeah, neither one of you are driving. Give me the keys to your car. Where's your car? I'll drive you.

Kevin: I'll walk!

Keith: Yeah, good idea, dummy. What about you? How are you getting home?

Luke: Look, if I want to stay out late, I can. If I want to go get drunk, I can do that too.

Keith: Yeah. Yeah, you can.

Luke: What's it to you, huh?

Keith: You know, I'd love to say that it was nothing to me. In fact, I'd love to say that didn't run into you birdbrains getting drunk out here so that when you wrap your car around a tree and your mother tells me about it and says you were drunk, I can say, "really, I didn't know."

Luke: What? So you're going to tell her everything now? Act like your some big shot, like you're my father or something?

Keith: I'm not trying to be your father.

Luke: Yes, you are! You have this thing with my mom. You think I don't know what going on? You're trying to be all buddy-buddy with me and my sister. Giving us fatherly advice.

Keith: Gee, I never thought about that.

Luke: We have a father. Okay, and one day, a lot sooner than you think, they're going to get back together. So stop trying to get on my good side because I don't -- I don't need you!

Keith: Try not to get hit by a car when you stumble on home.

Luke: You know what? Just give up. My mom is never going to love you like she loves my father. So just leave us alone.

Keith: You know what? Turning yourself into a drunk, that's not going to do any good. It's not going to hurt me. It's not -- it's not going get rid of me.

Luke: Then what will?

Keith: Look, you got a problem with me. All right. Don't hurt your family. It's me. Take a shot at me.

Luke: Gee. Why didn't I think of that?

Keith: Ow!

Luke: You told me to do it.

Keith: So, now you listen to me. How do you feel?

Luke: I feel fine.

Keith: Good. How's your knuckles?

Luke: They're okay.

Keith: You're half my age, you knocked me off my feet. You must have bruised your knuckles. Now, come on, there's no reason to gloat about it.

Luke: I guess it hurts a little bit.

Keith: Let me take a look at it.

Luke: I'm fine.

Keith: I'll go get some ice for it.

Luke: I can get my own ice, thank you very much.

Lily: Keith?

Keith: Hey.

Lily: Hi.

Keith: Lily, how ya doing?

Lily: What are you doing here?

Keith: I was taking a walk.

Lucinda: He's standing stock still. That's called loitering.

Lily: Mother --

Keith: Well, actually, I was going to get a drink, shoot some pool, but I changed my mind.

Lily: Oh.

Keith: What are you guys doing here?

Lily: Ladies' night out. My mother insisted.

Keith: Great.

Lucinda: We thought so. Can we, darling, please?

Lily: Hey, hey, it looks like you're getting a black eye.

Keith: Oh, I was afraid that was going to happen.

Lily: How'd it happen?


Emily: I'll tell your brother you came by.

Will: What's the story, Emily? Is he not picking up your calls so you figured he'd pick up me but not for you?

Emily: No, you said you needed to see him or talk to him so I --

Will: Or did you just not want him to find out how nervous you were about him chasing off after his ex-wife?

Emily: Okay, I'm busted. It was a stupid, insecure thing to do. I'm sorry.

Will: Yeah.

Emily: But Will, just listen to me, please. The phone rang, it rang, and it was Rosanna and he just left. He didn't say why or what happened. He just left.

Will: Did you ask?

Emily: What was I supposed to say? "Don't go? Don't you remember what she did to you? How she lied to you, deceived you."

Will: That probably wouldn't go over too well.

Emily: Yeah, probably not.

Will: I didn't know the two of them were speaking to each other. Then again, I didn't know you were living here until I walked in and here you were.

Emily: Hey, is always going to be like this between us?

Will: Emily, you're still married to my father. You just moved in here like that doesn't matter.

Emily: Is that what you think happened? That I got all hot and bothered over Paul one day and decided to toss aside your Dad?

Will: Yeah.

Emily: Will, come on. You and I, we used to be good friends. You know? Who always stood up for you when you were having problems with your mom? Me. And I love you. And I hate that you're carrying all this resentment. I do.

Will: I don't resent you. I just don't get you. Any of you. Mom, Dad, you, Paul. All of you talk about how you love each other and it's so important to be together. Well, if it's so important why can't any of you just stay?

Emily: Just wait. Just don't go. What did you to talk to your brother about?

Will: Nothing, it's personal. And who knows how long you'll be his girlfriend.

Emily: I'm not going anywhere, Will.

Will: You're sure about that?

Emily: Yeah, I am.

Will: Where did you say Paul was right now? [Phone rings] You know what, you might want to get that. Could be Rosanna telling you to pack up and move out.

Emily: Mother, this isn't a good time.

Susan: So you've heard?

Emily: Heard what?

Susan: I stopped by the hospital just now to check on a patient and --

Emily: What is it?

Susan: It's Rosanna. Something terrible has happened to her.


Craig: I don't care how many witnesses you think you have. They are wrong.

Hal: You didn't run Rosanna off the road?

Craig: I told you what happened, Hal. We were on our way to see the baby we adopted.

Paul: That's a lie. She was on the phone with me. She was on her way to see me.

Hal: You keep your mouth shut or I'll have you removed. Sorry, Craig. Go ahead.

Craig: We'd seen the baby earlier, we were very excited. Now, if anything happens to her --

Hal: Why separate cars?

Craig: Afterwards I was going to see my sisters. Show them pictures.

Hal: So you were following Rosanna in your car?

Craig: Yes, yes. And she speed up. She was driving erratically. Okay? So I tried to pull up aside her to try and get her slow her down. And our cars collided and she lost control of her car, I lost control of mine. I don't know, Hal. My wife is convulsing in a hospital bed, all right? I may not be thinking very clearly now.

Ms. Tanner: Oh, my God. It's him.

Hal: Mr. Phelps, Ms. Tanner, I'm sorry. I'm going to have to ask you leave this area.

Ms. Tanner: But he did it. He's the one.

Mr. Phelps: That's the man we saw, lieutenant. He cut that lady off on purpose. He made her crash.

Hal: I have your statements, we'll be in touch with you. But now, I need you to go home and let me handle this.

Ms. Tanner: That poor woman.

Craig: Hal, I never saw those people before.

Paul: I've seen them before. They pulled in right after you, at the accident.

Hal: They saw the whole thing, Craig. That's why I was delayed getting here. I was taking their statements.

Craig: Ah, and Paul, how much did you pay them?

Paul: I've never spoken to those people.

Hal: There are other witnesses we're interviewing now. Everyone's story matches, Craig. Everyone but yours. I'm taking you in.

Craig: Can we wait to do this tomorrow? I have to see Rosanna's okay.

Paul: No, I'm not taking you in for questioning. I'm arresting you, Craig. The charge is assault with a deadly weapon.

Craig: What? I would never hurt Rosanna.

Hal: I can cuff you and Mirandize here or I can do it downstairs. Your choice.

Craig: All right. Let's go, let's go. So I can get back and see if my family's okay.

Ben: Where's Craig?

Paul: Craig was arrested. That should make Rosanna feel better. She's okay now, right?

Ben: No. Rosanna had a seizure.

Paul: A seizure? You gave her medicine, though, right? She's stable now?

Ben: Paul, she slipped into a coma. And it could be permanent.


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Hal: You might wanna call your lawyer.

Craig: Why?

Hal: Tell him we're adding another charge -- attempted murder.

Paul: If you can hear me, squeeze my hand.


Keith: I walked into a door back at the house.

Lily: Really? You did a number on yourself. Why don't you come on inside and get some ice?

Lucinda: Is this really necessary?

Keith: You're right. I'm kind of getting a headache now from walking into a door, so I'm gonna go back home, take some aspirin and go to bed.

Lily: How'd you manage to walk into a door?

Keith: Well, believe it or not, I was thinking about you.

Lily: Oh, I don't believe you, but it's a wonderful lie.

Lucinda: Oh, you could have really hurt yourself. You could have hurt yourself. You're just so clumsy, Keith.

Keith: Well, sometimes I can be all thumbs.

Lucinda: Not while piloting a plane, I hope.

Keith: No, no, no, no. Not then, not then. Well, I'll see you when I get back from my trip.

Lily: All right, be careful.

Keith: Okay.

Lucinda: I hate to rush you two, but it's getting really humid out here, don't you think?

Keith: I'll call you later. Lucinda?

Lucinda: Yes?

Keith: Listen, you know, I know things have been really tough on you with the surgery and everything. And I'm glad that you're doing well. I mean that.

Lucinda: As if I'd ever doubt anything that you have to say.


Will: Hey.

Gwen: Hey. What are you doing back here? Aren't you permanently banned from this place after you and Casey went at each other?

Will: Yeah, right. No. Luckily, the manager charged me enough on my credit card to pay for all the damages and add a second story.

Gwen: Money talks.

Will: Yeah, I guess. Have you seen Celia? I'm supposed to meet her here.

Gwen: First official date?

Will: No. Yeah. Maybe. Sort of. So, how are you doing?

Gwen: I thought people were gonna stop asking me that question once I wasn't pregnant anymore.

Will: Well, that's people. And this is me. You know, when you said you were okay with giving the baby up for adoption, were you telling the truth, or do you miss him now?

Gwen: Yeah, I do. I mean, for a lot of months, it was me plus one everywhere I went. Now it's just me. I don't even know -- I don't even know how to do that anymore.

Will: Yeah, I went by my brother's to tell him about the baby not being mine and everything --

Gwen: I bet he was relieved, huh?

Will: He wasn't there. But you know, it kind of made me sad to think that I wasn't gonna be in the kid's life anymore, you know. And I wasn't connected to him 24/7, so for you, it must have been much harder.

Gwen: You're the only person in the whole world who knows how I feel right now. To think, I used to despise you.

Will: Yeah. Same goes for me. So, did you talk to Casey?

Gwen: No. I yelled at him, though. Told him he was blind, selfish, a real jerk. A bunch of other stuff.

Will: Did he yell back?

Gwen: His heart wasn't in it. And you know what? For a second, I actually felt sorry for the guy.

Will: Why?

Gwen: You know, I'm used to having a life where stuff doesn't usually work out too good. But this is a whole new experience for him. He's so used to getting what he wants that he never even considered, not even for a minute, that he might actually lose Celia -- that anything bad would actually happen to him. So he thought he could just sleep with me and then go on like nothing ever happened.

Will: Yeah.

Gwen: Hey. One good thing came out of it, though. You got the girl.

Will: Yeah, I did. And your baby got a good home.

Gwen: Yeah. Two good things.


Paul: The coma could be permanent. "Could be." That's what you said -- "could be." There's a chance, right? That she could come out of this?

Ben: It's a small chance. I don't pull punches with you, Paul. It's unlikely.

Paul: Craig did this. Craig caused this.

Ben: What, the accident?

Paul: No -- yes -- no, the seizure. She was fine. She was stable. You said so yourself. And then Craig went in there --

Ben: Wait, wait, wait. No one can say for certain why she had a seizure.

Paul: I can. You gotta fix this. You gotta change this. Isn't there anything I can do?

Ben: Well, you can talk to her.

Paul: What good would that do?

Ben: Medically, there's not much we can do to bring Rosanna out of this. But, her will. She can hear you. You take her hand and you say whatever words you have to say to get her to fight her way back. And if you see any signs of consciousness, you have the nurses call me right away.

Paul: Okay. Where are you going? Shouldn't you be with her?

Ben: I will be in my office, I'm gonna be making some calls, doing some research. Trying to find a way to bring her back.

Paul: Okay, you'll find something.

Ben: Pray I will. I don't wanna give you false hope.

Paul: Okay. But do me a favor?

Ben: Yeah.

Paul: You'll call Hal. And you tell him what happened. You make sure that he understands exactly what Craig has done to her. Okay, look, I know you're probably really exhausted after everything that happened. Maybe you're afraid to open your eyes because you might see Craig here. But Craig is gone. And he's going to stay gone. I promise you that. And I'm here. And I'm gonna make sure that you're safe. Can you hear me? If you can hear me, squeeze my hand. Please, Rosanna, squeeze my hand.


Gwen: Isn't Celia a little late for your first date?

Will: About ten minutes. And it's not a date. It's more like she's doing nothing, I'm doing nothing, might as well do nothing together. So, what are you doing tonight?

Gwen: This is it. I'll probably go over to Al's later, talk to the night manager, see if he can put me back on shift again.

Will: Are you sure you're strong enough to go back to work?

Gwen: I'd better be. I need the money.

Will: I thought the people who adopted the baby were gonna help you with that.

Gwen: They did. I had to pay back most of that for rent.

Will: Are you sure you're okay about the baby and everything?

Gwen: Sure. Why do you keep asking me that?

Will: Because every time I mention it, you get this really sad, depressed look on your face.

Gwen: Then stop asking me. Seriously, I'm okay. Besides, every time I get sad I'll think of him on Christmas morning opening up like a gazillion toys.

Celia: Hi. Am I late?

Will: No. Not at all. Hey.

Celia: Hey, Gwen.

Will: So, are you ready to go?

Celia: Yeah. Gwen, do you want to come? Will and I were just going to hang out for a while.

Gwen: Oh, I'd love to. But I'm sorry, I've got plans. Thanks, anyway.


Emily: Mom, where's Paul?

Susan: Hey, Emily. Inside. With Rosanna. Maybe it's not a good idea for you to be here.

Emily: How is she?

Susan: I don't know. I haven't seen a chart, I haven't spoken to Ben. But the fact that she's in, I see you, is not good.

Emily: Okay. I'm gonna let him know I'm here.

Susan: Maybe you should hold off on that. Just until we have more information. Come on, you can wait in my office. I'll track down Ben. That way, you'll know more about what you're dealing with.

Emily: I don't need to wait in your office. I know that she's critical. That she could die.

Susan: Or she could recover. You never know.

Emily: Whether she recovers or not, one thing hasn't changed. Paul needs me.


Craig: You saw how devious Paul Ryan is, Hal. He stole your wife.

Hal: So did you. Different wife, same principle.

Craig: He must have bribed somebody, Hal. Come on. Rosanna and I love each other. You know that. We just got remarried. We just adopted a baby. What possible reason could I ever have for hurting her? You know, Paul Ryan has been waiting to get back at her.

Hal: Paul didn't have time to bribe anybody. According to the cops at the scene, he never left Rosanna's side.

Craig: Yeah, and what was he saying, right? And maybe that couple at the hospital who just happened to see the back of my head from a moving car and assumed I was a maniac? Hmm?

Hal: And the forensics evidence? Am I supposed to ignore that, too? You were driving right alongside Rosanna's car at a high rate of speed. What am I supposed to conclude from that?

Craig: That I was concerned she was in trouble.

Hal: Or that you were trying to stop her before she got to wherever she was going.

Craig: I want my lawyer.

[Cell phone ringing]

Hal: Munson. Yeah. Yes, that does make a difference. Thanks, Ben.

Craig: Was that about Rosanna?

Hal: You might want to call your lawyer.

Craig: Why?

Hal: Tell him we're adding on another charge. Attempted murder.


Paul: What you said before about us getting off on the wrong foot? I know that we've hurt each other. We made some mistakes. But seeing you like this, Rosanna -- everything we had, everything we shared, was never broken. Not ever. And you can't let Craig break us now by leaving me. [Emily is standing in the doorway.]You can't leave me, Rosanna. Please. I love you. If you leave -- if you leave me, I'll never love anyone the way I love you.


Lucinda: Honey, he no more walked into a door tonight than I did.

Lily: All right, all right. So, we're supposed to assume everything he says is a lie?

Lucinda: Well, he certainly started lying again, and you should ask yourself why that is.


Keith: Hey. Did they see you?

Luke: No. I came out before, saw you and Mom and Grandma, so --

Keith: So you had time to take cover.

Luke: Yeah.

Keith: Good.

Luke: I heard that excuse about your eye. And how you didn't tell them about the drinking.

Keith: I'm not trying get you in trouble. I just want you to straighten up. Will you do that for me?

Luke: If I decide to. About the punching thing --

Keith: Yeah?

Luke: It wasn't right to blindside you like that. Sorry.


Celia: You can't stay here all alone.

Gwen: Hey, like I told you, I've got stuff to do. Maybe I'll see you guys tomorrow.

Celia: Okay. See you tomorrow.

Will: Listen, if you need anything, you know, if you start missing you-know- who, just call me. 'Cause you're not alone.


Craig: Hal, what did Ben say? What happened? Is she worse? Hal, what happened to my wife?

Hal: She's in a coma. The doctors are saying she probably won't come out of it.

[Hal leaves the room.]

Craig: Rosanna. At least my son is safe.


Paul: Come back to me. Be with me. Rosanna, come back. And I promise that we will never be apart again.


Announcer: On the next "As the World Turns" --

Paul: I saw it with my own eyes. There were other witnesses. There's no way that guy should ever set foot outside of a jail.

Margo: Look, if you've got another version of the story, you better come clean with it right now, Craig. Or else you are looking at a long, long time in jail.

Carly: Paul says that Craig did this to you. And if that's true, I will make him pay. I swear it.

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