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As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 7/14/05

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By Boo
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Carly: I tried his cell. He's not picking up. Margo, if Jack shows up or if he calls in and lets you know where he is, will you let me know? Thanks. Bye.

Bartender: What can I get for you?

Henry: Fifty bucks on bridal blues.

Bartender: You got it.

Carly: Hey, Henry.

Henry: Hey, if it isn't Mrs. Detective Jack Snyder.

Carly: Busy?

Henry: You know, no rest for the wicked, but then who am I telling?

Carly: Keeping up on your current events too?

Henry: Mm-hmm, more or less.

Carly: How'd you like to make an honest buck, Henry?

Henry: Hmm, I'm sorry, I'm not in the babysitting business anymore.

Carly: What about the private detective business?

Henry: Well, the Early Bird Detective Agency hasn't been in business in a while. I'm not sure my license is up to date.

Carly: I won't tell if you wonít. Track down the woman in this picture, Henry, and I will keep you in dry martinis for the rest of your life.


Iris: I wouldn't mind another.

Jack: Sure. Another gin and tonic for the lady, please.

Iris: So, what do you want? Sorry, I'm runnin' blank on the name.

Jack: Jack Snyder.

Iris: So what do you want with me, Jack Snyder?

Jack: I'm with the Oakdale Police Department.

Iris: Am I in some kind of trouble?

Jack: No, I'm not here on official business. I wanted to ask you about something that happened quite a few years ago.

Iris: We don't run in the same circles, Detective.

Jack: You'd be surprised.

Iris: Okay, so surprise me.

Jack: Years ago you knew my wife's father. His name was Ray Tenney. My wife is Carly Tenney.

Iris: You can keep your drink, pal. I'm not that thirsty.


Emily: Thank God Dusty was with her.

Paul: Where was Mike?

Will: I don't know. Jen was at the cabin, and Dusty brought her in right after the baby was born.

Hal: Will, where's Jennifer?

Will: Dad, I'm so glad you're here.

Paul: Jennifer's in a room.

Hal: I wasn't talking to you.

Emily: She's stable, Hal.

Hal: As for you, you gave up any right to care about this family, so take your boyfriend and get the hell out of my sight.


Celia: It's not fancy, but it'll work.

Gwen: Celia, thanks for the food and stuff, but I'm wasted.

Celia: You never told me why Casey was here.

Gwen: He wanted to see if I was okay.

Celia: That's sweet. He's always thinking about other people.

Gwen: Celia, I'm really beat.

Celia: At least eat some of the food I brought.

Gwen: Later.

Celia: I know it's none of my business, but are you okay about the baby?

Gwen: Yeah. He's got a good home, and he's got good people waiting to raise him. He'll have a good life, the best.


Mike: You know, why don't we come back in a few minutes?

Jennifer: But I want to see the baby.

Mike: We will, just not yet.

Jennifer: Why not? Why won't you take me to the nursery?

Mike: I'd be glad to take you to the nursery, I just think --

Jennifer: Then let's go right now.

Dusty: Hey, the nurses told me that Dr. Maddux just went in to examine the baby.

Jennifer: That's good. Did she say how long he'd be?

Dusty: No.

Jennifer: 'Cause I'm going crazy. I can't wait to see him.

Dusty: You're still pretty weak.

Mike: Yeah, he's right. Let's get you back in bed.

Jennifer: No, no way. As soon as Dr. Maddux is done, I want to go in there.

Dusty: We don't know how long it will be.

Mike: Why don't we see if we can find out?

Dusty: Are you gonna be okay here?

Jennifer: I guess.

Mike: What is going on?

Dusty: They closed the curtain in the nursery. Something is wrong with the baby.

Mike: Nurse, nurse, is the Kasnoff baby okay?

Nurse Bentley: I can't discuss with --

Mike: I'm Mr. Kasnoff. Please, tell me what's wrong.

Nurse Bentley: The baby's in respiratory distress.

Mike: Will he be all right?

Nurse Bentley: Dr. Maddux is with him now. It happens sometimes with preemies. It's more common than you think.

Dusty: When will you know something?

Nurse Bentley: Dr. Maddux will come out as soon as the baby is stabilized. I'm sorry. That's all I know at this point.

Mike: What do we tell Jen?

Dusty: We tell her nothing for now.

Mike: Jen needs to know that there's a problem.

Dusty: Jen is weak right now. When the baby is in stable condition, we'll tell her.

Mike: We don't know how long that'll take.

Dusty: You tell her anything you want, then. You just keep her out of the nursery, okay?

Mike: Fine, but send the nurse in as soon as everything's okay.

Jennifer: You had about another two minutes before I wheeled myself out there.

Mike: I'm glad you didnít.

Jennifer: So are they ready for us?


Rosanna: Phyllis?

Craig: Whoa, whoa, watch the skateboard!

Rosanna: What's this? Has Santa come early?

Craig: I guess I overdid it a little, you know, huh? It started with a couple of squeaky toys, and kind of grew from there.

Rosanna: But why?

Craig: Why not? I know I might've seemed a little less than ecstatic about the adoption routine.

Rosanna: Definitely lukewarm.

Craig: But, Rosanna, I'm happy. I'm really happy.

Rosanna: About the adoption?

Craig: Yes, about the adoption, about our life, about our future. Rosanna, whatever our boy wants or needs, I'm gonna be there to give it to him.


Emily: Hal, listen to me. I'm not trying to hurt you.

Paul: Hal, this isn't the place. Jennifer needs us here. She needs all of us here.

Hal: Fine, but stay out of my sight, both of you.

Will: Dad, you really should go up and see Jen.

Hal: You want to come?

Will: I'm gonna stay down here for a while.

Hal: All right.

Paul: Are you okay?

Emily: Yeah, I'm fine. I'm fine. He gets that way when he's hurt. Maybe I should leave.

Paul: Hal has a choice -- he can either get used to seeing us together or he can leave.

Emily: It's not that black and white, Paul.

Paul: With Hal, everything's black and white. There's a cafeteria downstairs. Why don't you get something to eat?

Emily: Yeah, of course. Of course I will.

Paul: Okay. I'll meet you upstairs.

Emily: I'll meet you upstairs.

Paul: Don't be long. You know, you're not supposed to use those things in here.

Will: Whatever, I couldn't get through, anyway.

Paul: So, you were at the hospital last night? Is it Gwen? Is everything okay?

Will: Like you care.

Paul: I do care. Okay, look, we're all a little tense and --

Will: Paul, you hurt him. People lie and they cheat all the time, and all they think about is themselves.

Paul: That's not fair.

Casey: Will, got a sec?

Will: No, not right now.

Casey: Well, I really need to talk to you. It's important.


Henry: Does this beauty have a name?

Carly: Well, I'm sure she does. I just don't know what it is.

Henry: Hmm, what's the date on this photo?

Carly: I don't know that, either.

Henry: Humph.

Carly: So, could you ask around for me, Henry.

Henry: Yeah, well, unfortunately, I'm analyzing traffic patterns these days. I'm a limo driver or as I prefer to call it -- transportation specialist.

Carly: Oh, well, don't let me get in the way of your upward mobility.

Henry: Mm-hmm. Tell you what, let me think about it, huh?

Carly: All right. Well, you think, and I will scan this picture and get you a copy.

Henry: I haven't agreed to anything.

Carly: The only thing the Henry I know loves more than a dry martini is cold, hard cash.

Henry: Well, lucky for you, the Henry you know is back. Why isn't hubby on the case?

Carly: Well, he is, but you are the one with friends in low places.

Henry: You flatter me.

Carly: I'm just doubling my odds, Henry. Between you and Jack, this mystery can't stay a mystery for long. Ciao.


Jack: Iris, please, sit down. I'm not here to make trouble for you.

Iris: Ray Tenney and that brat gave me a lifetime of trouble. I can't help you, Detective.

Jack: I already know what happened.

Iris: All of it? Did she tell you?

Jack: No. She has no memory of it.

Iris: Yeah, well, she's lying just like her old man.

Jack: It's true. She doesn't remember anything from back then, not her father being here, not you, not your son. She found a picture of you and Ray together at a Founders Day celebration, and ever since she found it, she's been trying to locate you. She doesn't even remember your name, Iris.

Iris: I have enough memories for all of us, none of 'em any good. So, what are we here to dance down memory lane?

Jack: I don't want Carly to know what happened, and I need your help to keep her from finding out the truth.

Iris: Why should I help you?

Jack: I don't want Carly hurt.

Iris: Who kept me from getting hurt?

Jack: I know you must have gone through hell.

Iris: You don't know what hell is.

Jack: But I love Carly.

Iris: My condolences.

Jack: And I'll do whatever it takes to protect her.

Iris: She's trouble. Always was, always will be.

Jack: Iris, she was just a kid back then.

Iris: She was a bad kid.

Jack: I've been checking up. You've been here in Oakdale. In all these years, you left her alone, why?

Iris: 'Cause I don't want to lay my eyes on her again.

Jack: Great. That's exactly how I feel. Business as usual. We've got a good thing here, Iris. We have three kids.

Iris: You know what I got to show for my life? A nasty cigarette habit and a fifth of gin on a good night. I'm just asking, if I play nice, what's it worth to you?

Jack: You shaking me down?

Iris: I'm not that stupid to shake down a cop. I'm just asking as a friend.

Carly: Hey, Jack. It's you. Jack, you found her.


Gwen: I guess I was hungrier than I thought.

Celia: It's good you ate.

Gwen: You don't have to clean up.

Celia: No, I want to help.

Gwen: Look, stop, okay?

Celia: Gwen, I know it doesn't matter what I think, but what you did for the baby was really brave.

Gwen: No, if I had been brave, I would've kept him. I guess I don't need this shirt anymore.

Celia: I want you to keep it.

Gwen: Why?

Celia: It was a gift. We're friends.

Gwen: I've been a pretty rotten friend.

Celia: No, you're not.

Gwen: I haven't been straight with you.

Celia: You don't have to tell me about your personal business. I understand.

Gwen: What about your personal business? What about your boyfriend? I should have told you about Casey. You've got a right to know the kind of guy he really is.


Will: I'll catch up with you later, okay?

Casey: No, now.

Paul: Why don't you guys talk? I'll go check on Jen.

Casey: Thanks, Paul.

Paul: Don't call Mother. It's the last thing Jennifer needs right now.

Will: I wonít. All right, what do you want?

Casey: Why did you say you were the father of Gwen's baby?

Will: We can't all be virgins like you, Casey.

Casey: You're not the father. I just saw Gwen. She told me the truth. I'm the father.


Craig: Oh. They had a faster one, but I restrained myself.

Rosanna: How long before he grows into this?

Craig: High school state championships, he'll pitch a no-hitter.

Rosanna: This is ridiculous, we can't keep all this stuff.

Craig: Why not? We can devote the northwest wing to his hobbies.

[Rosanna sighs]

Rosanna: We don't even know he'll like baseball.

Craig: Well, then we get him a hockey stick, or a lacrosse stick, or a high-jump pit. Whatever.

Rosanna: Craig -- up till now, you've been very supportive of the adoption, but I know all you've really wanted was to raise your biological child.

Craig: I'm won't deny that.

Rosanna: So, I don't understand. What's changed?

Craig: Nothing's changed. It doesn't mean I can't love this child. Rosanna, I can be a good father. And I've got five years to prove it. Which doesn't mean that this is a test drive for anything, this adoption. Okay? But one day, they are going to reverse that restraining order, and the three of us will be here, welcoming our new son. They'll be brothers, friends, running around here making so much noise, our ears will explode.

Rosanna: That will be wonderful.

Craig: Yeah. So let's get busy making it come true.

Rosanna: Listen, I have to go to Detroit today. They're drafting the final papers for the adoption.

Craig: Want me to come?

Rosanna: No, I was kind of hoping that you would stay here just in case something comes up with the baby.

Craig: All right. All right. You'll give the hourly reports?

Rosanna: That'd be great. Craig, this is it. This is final. Are you sure about this adoption?

Craig: I've never been more sure about anything in my life.


Jennifer: I don't want to get back into bed, I want to see the baby.

Mike: Dusty said Dr. Maddux is still with him, so just get some rest for a little while until we can go in there.

Jennifer: Have you seen him?

Mike: Not yet.

Jennifer: What name did they put on the isolet?

Mike: Kasnoff.

Jennifer: And you're still okay with that? It's amazing, he's only a few hours old and I've already managed to mess up his life.

Mike: No, no, come on, don't do this. Let's focus on the baby.

Jennifer: This was supposed to be the happiest day of our life, Mike.

Hal: Well, now you've done it. You've gone and made me a grandfather.

Jennifer: Daddy.

Hal: How you feeling?

Jennifer: I'm so glad you're here.

Hal: How's the baby?

Jennifer: Fine, I guess. Dr. Maddux is still examining him.

Mike: Yeah, I'm gonna go see how it's going.

Hal: Hey, I'm not trying to chase you out.

Jennifer: No, no, I want him to check on him. But come get me as soon as they'll let us in, right?

Mike: I won't be long.

Hal: Hey, Mike looks like he's holding up pretty well. Everything okay?

Jennifer: Oh, I think I'm just groggy from all the anesthesia.

Hal: Well, then you just close your eyes. And you try and get some sleep, okay?

Jennifer: Will you wake me up as soon as Mike gets back?

Hal: That I will. You know, sometimes, when I'm all alone in that creaky, old house, I can swear I still hear your laugh coming from the den. That's when I miss my 8-year-old girl.

Jennifer: She really misses you, too, Dad.

Hal: Sleep tight, baby. I love you.


Dusty: Excuse me, Miss --

Nurse: Not now.

Dusty: They don't tell you anything.

Mike: Maybe they'll let me in.

Dusty: No, they won't I tried. How's Jen?

Mike: Tired. I'm running out of things to say to her. I've gotta come up with something. Doctor, how's the Kasnoff baby?

Dusty: Is he stable?

Dr. Maddux: Are you Mr. Kasnoff?

Mike: No, I am.

Dr. Maddux: I'm very sorry, Mr. Kasnoff, but I wasn't able to revive the baby.

Mike: What do you mean?

Dr. Maddux: His lungs weren't fully developed. There's a drug that's used to stimulate growth. We administered it as soon as the baby was brought in, but to minimal effect. And in this case, there were just too many other complications.

Mike: So try another drug. Do an operation.

Dusty: Mike, the baby didn't make it. He didn't make it.

Mike: No.

Dr. Maddux: I'm very sorry for your loss. Would you like me to speak to Mrs. Kasnoff?

Mike: No, I'll do it.

Dr. Maddux: Please don't hesitate to have the nurse page me if you or your wife have any questions. My condolences.

Dusty: I thought I got him to the hospital in time.

Mike: I mean, a lot of babies come early. I don't understand.

Dusty: I should've called an ambulance, I guess.

Mike: It's not your fault.

[Dusty sighs]

Dusty: We need to tell Jennifer.

Mike: I can't do it, Dusty. I cannot walk back in there and break her heart all over again.

Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Carly: There was a little boy. And I knew him. Who was he? What happened to him?

Jennifer: I can take the truth, okay? Is it Mike? Did he leave? Is that what you're so afraid to tell me?


Dusty: You want me to go in there with you?

Mike: No. No, I've gotta do it alone.

Dusty: Well, I'll get the doctor. I'm sure Jennifer's gonna have questions.

Mike: Thanks.

Paul: Hi. What's going on in the nursery? Why is it all wraped up?

Dusty: Mike's in there with Jen. He should be out in a sec.

Paul: What's does that have to do with the nursery? Dusty, what's going on?


[Mike clears throat]

Hal: Can she see the baby now?

Mike: No, no. Let her sleep for a little bit.

Hal: You okay?

Mike: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I've gotta take care of a few things.

Hal: A few things. Hey, it never ends, Mike, not even when they're all grown up. Parenthood -- it's forever.

Mike: You'll stay with her, right?

Hal: Sure I will.

Mike: I won't be long.

Hal: Okay.


Will: Back off.

Casey: Why didn't you tell me?

Will: You knew the truth.

Casey: I didnít.

Will: What, you skip sex-ed?

Casey: It was one time.

Will: That's all it takes, genius.

Casey: I don't get it. Why did you run around telling everyone it was you?

Will: Because she had nobody else.

Casey: I would have been there.

Will: Yeah, right, and skip out on your virginity pledge? Just go home, Casey.

Casey: You know, why would you ruin your entire life for a girl like Gwen?

Will: Don't put her down.

Casey: You don't love her.

Will: It's not about Gwen.

Casey: Well, then, there must have been some kind of reason. Was it me?

Will: No, it had nothing to do with you. You're the last person I'd protect.


Celia: What do you have against Casey?

Gwen: I'm sorry. My moods are all over the place.

Celia: No, please tell me.

Gwen: Look, forget it.

Celia: But we're friends, all of us.

Gwen: No. Casey and I are not friends. He treats me like dirt and he treats you worse.

Celia: Casey's wonderful to me.

Gwen: He's a liar.

Celia: He'd never lie to me.

Gwen: Can you be that dumb? I'm sorry. He's so not worth it.

Celia: I'm really sorry you don't like him. I have to go.

Gwen: No, no, Celia, wait. Listen to me. I'm trying -- well, I mean, I want to be your friend, I do. And I can't do that unless I'm straight with you. Casey's been playing you.

Celia: No, he hasnít.

Gwen: It's true. Ask him. Make him tell you the truth -- everything. And if he doesn't, tell him I will.

Celia: What does that mean?

Gwen: Talk to Casey. I'm really sorry, Celia. That's the best I can do right now.

[Knock on door]

Gwen: I'm sorry, I can't tell you anymore right now.

[Barbara gasps]

Barbara: What do you think you're doing? Trying to poison my grandchild?


Carly: I'm sorry. I know that I'm asking you so many questions. It's just that I've been looking for you since I found the picture. I don't even know your name.

Iris: It's Iris.

Jack: Dumbrowski.

Carly: And I guess Jack told you who I am. You knew my father.

Iris: A lot of people knew Ray. So Jack says you don't remember?

Carly: No, I donít. It's the strangest thing, it's like there's this big chunk missing out of my life.

Iris: It was a long time ago.

Carly: Well, I need answers, Iris. Please. Will you tell me everything you know about me and my father?

Jack: Honey, Iris already gave me the run down on Ray.

Carly: What's the story?

Jack: Ray had a construction gig. Iris was his bookkeeper. Ray ripped off the company and Iris took the fall for him.

Carly: Oh, Iris, I'm so sorry. I must have been, what, how old then?

Iris: How should I know?

Carly: But you knew me, right?

Iris: Maybe I saw you a couple times.

Jack: Ray left town and then he came back after Iris repaid the money and cleaned up his mess.

Carly: And you two were involved?

Iris: We had some good times.

Carly: Why do I get the feeling there's more?

Iris: You know, all this talking's making me hoarse. I wouldn't mind one for the road.

[Carly remembering]

Iris: What have you done to my boy?


Carly: Wait, wait. There was a little boy. And I knew him, and -- why did you yell at me about him? Who was he? What happened to him?


Gwen: My life is none of your business.

Barbara: Oh, it is if it concerns my grandchild. Oh, my God. What happened to you? Where's the baby?

Gwen: It's called giving birth.

Barbara: But when? Was Will with you? Was he there?

Gwen: Yeah. Will was there. He was great.

Barbara: Oh, I'm sure he was. Honey, you should be off your feet. Shouldn't you be in the hospital?

Gwen: I'm fine.

Barbara: But the baby came so early. Was it a boy? Girl?

Gwen: Boy.

Barbara: A boy. My grandson. And he's okay?

Gwen: Yeah, he's fine, too.

Barbara: I'm sure he has to be in the hospital for a while. I'm sure he's very small, but, you know that will give us enough time to get you settled. Get you out of here, get you -- I'll make all the arrangements. I'm sure you don't want to take any of this stuff --

Gwen: I'm not moving.

Barbara: Honey, don't be absurd. My grandchild has to have a real home, a future, an education. I'll take care of all of that.

Gwen: I've already taken care of it.

Barbara: What are you talking about?

Gwen: Just stay out of it, please. It's none of your business.

Barbara: Okay. Okay, Gwen. If you want to continue to live in squalor, you can live wherever and however you please. But my grandchild, Will's son, will live among decent society. And no one can make me stop that from happening.


Casey: You should've told me. I would have stepped up.

Will: You had months to step up, but you couldn't tell Celia you slept with Gwen. How would you have the guts to tell her about the baby?

Casey: I would have found a way.

Will: Yeah. Right. Don't sweat it. She gave the baby up for adoption, so you're off the hook.

Casey: She really went through with it? Are you sure?

Will: Yeah. I'm sure. Try not to look so happy.


Mike: How am I supposed to sign paperwork right now?

Paul: You don't have to do it right now, Mike.

Dusty: You do it now, so Jen doesn't have to.

Mike: He's right.

Mike: Come get me when Jen wakes up.

Emily: Hey, Dusty --

Dusty: Hey.

Emily: They're letting Paul see the baby?

Dusty: No.

Emily: Well, where are he and Mike going?

Dusty: The baby didn't make it.

Emily: What?

Dusty: The baby died.

Emily: Oh, my God, what happened? How's Jennifer?

Dusty: Jennifer doesn't know yet.


Jennifer: How long was I asleep?

Hal: Not long.

Jennifer: Thank you for staying, Dad.

Hal: Now where else would I be?

Jennifer: Did Mike come back?

Hal: Oh, he popped his head in, but you were still sleeping.

Jennifer: Dr. Maddux has to be done examining the baby by now.

Hal: Probably. You know, Jen, I'm a pretty decent cop, and I got the feeling I walked in on something before --

Jennifer: You don't miss a thing.

Hal: Trust me, I miss a lot. What's up?

Jennifer: Things just haven't been great since the hearing --

Hal: This is your old man, Jen. How bad is it?

Jennifer: Mike's really angry with me, Dad. And he was every right to be. But maybe now that the baby's here, we can both just forgive each other for all the stupid things that we've done.

Hal: Honey, do you really love him?

Jennifer: More than ever.

Hal: Well, then let him know that. Every minute of every day, you let him know that your marriage is the most important thing in the world to you.

Jennifer: Dad, I'm really sorry about Emily.

Hal: Hey, this is a happy day for this family. No frowns.

Jennifer: And he's here. And that's a good sign, right? Because Mike didn't have to come. But he did. I think there's still a chance for us.


Nurse Bentley: I've indicated all the places that need your signature. Take all the time you need.

Paul: What? What is it?

Mike: It just hit me. He doesn't have a name, Paul. The baby died without even having a name.


Craig: Spencer Montgomery. Has a ring.

Rosanna: I'm going to call the hospital and check up on things.

Craig: He's gonna be fine.

Rosanna: No harm in making sure.

Craig: Nigel -- Nigel --

Rosanna: Nigel? That's too english. Hello? Yes, this is Rosanna Cabot. Can I have the neonatal intensive care unit please? Thank you.

Craig: Nicholas --

Rosanna: No, Nicholas. It's boring. It's too common. Hello, yes, it's Rosanna Cabot. Yes, I'll hold.

Craig: Benton? Ben --

Rosanna: Ben? Benjie? No. Yes. Hello. Rosanna Cabot -- I'm just calling to check up on the baby. I'm sorry to bother you again.

Craig: Al!

Rosanna: Al? As in the diner? I don't think so.

Craig: It's a joke.

Rosanna: Oh, shh. No, I'm sorry. Not you -- hello. I'm just calling to see if the baby is all right. I'm so sorry to bother you again. Oh, he is? Oh. Oh, that's wonderful. No, you have a number to contact us, yes -- a home number? Oh, good. All right. Well, thank you very much. Thank you. That's wonderful news. Bye-bye. Okay, he has been fed and his vitals are stable.

Craig: Told you.

Rosanna: That nurse is so nice.

Craig: Well, you know, we're practically his parents already.

Rosanna: Now I can leave without worrying.

Craig: Yes, I will call you hourly.

Rosanna: You will?

Craig: Yes, of course.

Rosanna: And you'll go to the hospital?

Craig: They will get sick of seeing me.

Rosanna: I can't tell you how much this means to me.

Craig: Good. Hurry home.

Rosanna: I will. You keep working on those names.

Craig: Yes, I will work on each and every name until we find the perfect one for our son. The perfect one.

[Craig chuckles] Craig. Craig Montgomery Jr.? Sounds perfect.


Carly: I remember you yelling at me. I know it's your voice in my head.

Jack: Honey, come on, that's not possible.

Iris: Forget it, Jack. She's got it right. I better tell her.

Carly: Tell me what?

[Iris sighs]

Iris: Ray set it up to look like I cooked the books. I served time. Social services took my son while I was put away. Ray and I had a fight right before I went to jail. You were there. It got pretty ugly.

Carly: I'm sorry.

Iris: It happens. You deal with it, you move on. Thanks for the drinks. I hope you got the answers to all your questions.

Jack: Well, I guess that solves that.

Carly: You bought that load of bull? Jack, that woman was lying through her teeth.


Casey: Celia, I'm glad you're here. Let's go grab some coffee.

[Slap sound]

[Casey gasps]


Gwen: No, Baby Doe. Yes, I'm a relative. You know, it's none of your business how I'm related. Can you just tell me how he is? Fine, forget it.


Craig: Wait till you meet your mother. She's got brains, beauty -- she's perfect.


Jennifer: Is Mike with Dr. Maddux?

Dusty: I'm not sure.

Hal: I'll track him down.

Jennifer: Dad, will you let him know that it would mean a lot to me if we saw the baby together?

Hal: I'll let him know.

Dusty: I'll go with you.

Hal: Okay. What's the stall? Where's Mike?

Dusty: Mike's filling out some paperwork.

Hal: What kind of paperwork?

Dusty: I didn't want to tell you in front of Jen. The baby didn't make it.

Hal: What happened?

Dusty: Respiratory problems.

Hal: I don't believe it. When?

Dusty: Right before you got here. Mike wants to tell Jennifer himself.

Hal: He should. He should. I can't believe it. I mean, he was small, but I thought he was okay.

Dusty: So did I.

Hal: Well, I'll go down, track down Dr. Bob. Somebody from the family should be here.

Dusty: Okay, I'll stay with Jen. You okay?

Hal: Yeah, thanks. Stay with her.

Jennifer: Did you and my dad come up with another excuse?

Dusty: What's that?

Jennifer: Of why it's not a good time to go see the baby? Because the nursery's too busy, or because Dr. Maddux is holding a seminar and the neonatal unit's off limits?

Dusty: Jen, I think you're just tired --

Jennifer: Look, Dusty, I can take the truth, okay? Is it Mike? Did he leave? Is that what you're so afraid to tell me?


Nurse Bentley: Are we all through?

Mike: I think so.

Nurse Bentley: I am very sorry for your loss, Mr. Kasnoff. I hate to bother you at a time like this, but I'm afraid you left this line blank.

Paul: Can't this wait?

Nurse Bentley: I'm afraid not.

Mike: Which line?

Nurse Bentley: This one right here. You didn't list yourself as the baby's father.


Barbara: Excuse me. Could you tell me if a Gwen Norbeck delivered her baby here last night?

Nurse Jacobs: I'm sorry. I'm not permitted to release any information --

Barbara: Listen to me, I want to know what's happening with my grandchild.

Emily: Barbara --

Barbara: What are you doing here, Emily?

Emily: I'm so sorry about the baby.

Barbara: Hal, what's she talking about? What does she know about our grandchild?


Dusty: I'm not stalling.

Jennifer: Okay, good.

Dusty: Where are you going?

Jennifer: If Mike can't make it, then I'll just go see the baby myself.

Dusty: You need to get back in bed, Jennifer. Jennifer --

Jennifer: Why?

Dusty: I want you to wait for Mike.

Jennifer: Why?

Dusty: Just wait.

Jennifer: Dusty, what aren't you telling me? Why don't you want me to go to the nursery?

Dusty: Mike's on his way. Please.

Jennifer: Something's wrong. Why won't tell me? Tell me what's wrong with my baby? No, let me go! Just tell me. I want to see my son! I want to see my baby!


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Carly: You know something, don't you? What's going on here, Jack? Are you lying to me, too?

Craig: This adoption -- it's changing my life.

Jennifer: What happened to my baby?

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