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As The World Turns Transcript Monday 7/4/05

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By Boo
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Carly: Susan said she might be a little late.

Jack: Well, the sitter's good for as long as we need her.

Carly: It's good thing, since Hannah bolted on us. What was that all about, Jack? Hannah bolted on us. What was that all about, Jack?

Jack: It's hard to say.

Carly: If my father was in Oakdale years ago and he had problems, so what? It wouldn't have been the first time. It's no secret he was a screw-up. So why all the drama? Why act like it's the end of the world and then take off? It was silly.

Jack: I know, I know. Honey, don't worry about it. Okay?

Carly: What does that mean?

Jack: I like Hannah, but you gotta admit, she's been acting kinda strange.

Carly: Do you know something?

Jack: I went looking for Hannah, after she left the house.

Carly: Did you find her?

Jack: Yes, we spoke.

Carly: Why didn't you tell me, Jack? Tell me what she said. It can't be any worse than what's going through my mind right now. Can it?


Will: Okay so, that was a really weird scene at Paul’s. I'm sorry.

Gwen: It's not your fault. But just to make sure that I have it right -- your brother is living with your dad's wife?

Will: Yeah, looks that way. And guess what? That's mild. You should when my mom really freaks out. Welcome to the family.

Gwen: No, I don't think so.

Will: Yeah, can you tell me again how to become an emancipated minor?

Gwen: You'll never get away with it.

Will: You're right -- they'd hunt me down.

Gwen: Will --

Will: Look, all I wanted to say is that it's not always like that. Okay?

Gwen: Only half the time?

Will: Mostly. But that's just because of my mom. And, you knew that, all right? 90% of the time, Paul’s awesome.

Gwen: Look, regardless of that, Will -- this is nuts. It's not gonna work.

Will: Okay, I can keep my family away from us. Maybe I can get my dad to talk to my mom. You know, she still sort of listens to him.

Gwen: Will, is this some kind of game to you, or have you completely lost your mind? Go home.


Casey: Was that really your first fireworks show?

Celia: My first fourth of July. We have fireworks in Montega for other holidays. We're not totally backwards.

Casey: I know. So, you want to go back outside? We can lay on the blanket. Watch the stars.

Celia: Or we could stay in here.

Casey: I thought you said you wanted to be alone with me.

Celia: I do. What I have to say -- it's important. And I want to be able to see you.

Casey: Okay.

Celia: I want us to take our relationship someplace deeper.

Casey: Me too.

Celia: It's time for the next step.


Dusty: You look beautiful.

Meg: My picnic outfit.

Dusty: What are you talking about? I thought I was taking you out.

Meg: And I would've been impressed. But I thought that we might stay in. Mabel’s.

Dusty: I'm impressed now. You call that a treat?

Meg: What, isn't it your favorite? Used to be.

Dusty: Well, yeah, I guess I haven't been there in a while. That's all.

Meg: Oh, I understand. Memories of us haunting you in every corner breaking your heart?

Dusty: Heartburn, is more like it. [Meg laughs] But, the two are very close.

Meg: Yes, they are.

Dusty: Hey. You're wearing Street Jeans?

Meg: Yeah, I heard that a way to a man's heart is through his product line.

Dusty: Well, I certainly like the pocket design on them.

Meg: Wow -- fashion terminology. That's new.

Dusty: Not really. I always paid attention to your jeans.

Meg: So, are we gonna eat, or what?

Dusty: What.


Margo: Katie? Katie, the door's open, so I just came in. Katie?

Katie: Hey.

Margo: Oh, hey.

Katie: I was just taking snickers for a walk outside.

Margo: You walk your rabbit?

Katie: Well, he actually likes the fireworks. And he needed some exercise. They need to run around. Remember that.

Margo: Oh, okay. Is that why you called me over here?

Katie: Yes.

Margo: Yes?

Katie: Part of it.

Margo: Listen, Katie -- our brother has just been served with a five year restraining order that's gonna set him on the warpath. And you want to talk about rabbit aerobics?

Katie: I need you to take care of him for a while. I know a couple places that might board him. Or you could take him to Nancy’s. I would have called her myself tonight, but it's too late.

Margo: Wait, wait, what is this?

Katie: What does it look like?

Margo: Aw, no, Katie, no. Come on, no, come on.

Katie: Henry divorced me. It's final. We signed the papers.

Margo: I'm so sorry. What else?

Katie: There has to be something else? I just got divorced for the second time in a year.

Margo: Yeah, but you can't blame that on Oakdale. There's no reason to leave town?

Katie: It's just better for everyone.

Margo: Oh. It's Mike, isn't it?

Katie: I think it's time I give him a little break.


[Mike remembering]

Jennifer: Don't worry. I'm not going to blow this, Dusty. The last thing I want is for Mike to find out what we did to Craig. Dusty. The last thing I want is for Mike to find out what we did to Craig.

Jennifer: Hey. Thank God you're back, I'm starving! Thank you. Ooh. Did you get held up?

Mike: Yeah, a little, a little. We may have to heat it up.

Jennifer: Oh, that's okay. Oh -- I want to show you something. Look, it came today.

Mike: Nice.

Jennifer: Is that all? I mean, I know it doesn't compare to the cradle, but I thought it would go perfectly -- Mike?

Mike: Yeah.

Jennifer: What is it? Did something happen while you were out?

Mike: Before I left, Jen, you kept trying to tell me something, and I kept cutting you off.

Jennifer: No, no, that's okay.

Mike: No, no, it wasn’t. So why don't you tell me now what was on your mind.


Margo: Come here.

Margo: Come here. Just tell me what happened.

Katie: I got it. Finally.

Margo: You got what?

Katie: At the courthouse today, after Craig lost his case, I went to Mike because something just doesn't seem right there.

Margo: What, so you thought it was a setup?

Katie: Yeah, maybe. I mean, I don't have any evidence or anything. But it just feels wrong. Why would Craig shove a woman? He would never do that. Especially a woman carrying his child that's so important to him. So I brought up the possibility to Mike and he freaked.

Margo: Oh well, of course he did. You accused his wife of lying.

Katie: Exactly.

Margo: I'm lost.

Katie: What was I doing? It's none of my business. But, there I am. Putting myself in the middle again. And Margo, the way Mike looked at me. I just -- I got it, finally. I'm not wanted here. Not in any way.


Jennifer: Well, I don't know about you, Mike, but after the day we've had? I -- I sure can't put two words together. In fact, I can't even remember what it was I thought that we had to discuss. So, just forget about it.

Mike: What if I can't?

Jennifer: Hey. If you're worried about the fall, don't be. Okay? See? It's our little boy and he's ready for you to teach him some soccer. He's fine.

Mike: I'm glad. Because I was really scared for you. You know, I thought you and the baby were hurt. And I thought it was my fault for letting it happen.

Jennifer: Honey, I'm sorry. But it's over. Okay? Hey, come here. Why don't you, for once, let me take care of you. You just sit down. Is that better?

Mike: Jen, I need you to tell me about Dusty.


Meg: So, is your heart burning yet?

Dusty: No, I feel great.

Meg: It's nice when great things don't change.

Dusty: Or great things get better.

Meg: So, how long have you been back in town?

Dusty: A couple of years.

Meg: And you still live in a hotel?

Dusty: Yeah.

Meg: Well it's good to see that you're putting down some roots.

Dusty: I figure it's better to pay someone to clean up after me. You know, it's cleaner that way.

Meg: Than what? Having someone around who's not on the payroll? Or not having wet towels on the floor?

Dusty: I'm just saying, I'm good -- the way things are, you know.

Meg: Well, then I'm glad.

Dusty: You got a place in Alaska, huh?

Meg: Not yet. But that won't be hard.

Dusty: You got work lined up?

Meg: Any job I want is lined up. They need nurses and they'll pay top dollar for it.

Dusty: Is that why you picked it?

Meg: Truth? I looked on the map, and figured out the furthest place away from Waco that was still on the same land mass.

Dusty: And the climate's a real bonus?

Meg: Oh yeah, don't remind me.

Dusty: You get the northern lights there.

Meg: That's right. The man who watched a thunderstorm come across the new Mexico mesa for a solid hour.

Dusty: Well, I tell you, to this day, that was the biggest sky I've ever seen.

Meg: Well, I do have some really great shots of you watching the storm. The actual storm pictures came out lousy, but --

Dusty: It's hard to capture on film anyway.

Meg: Maybe we'll have better luck with the northern lights.

Dusty: What, we?

Meg: Why not? You could come to Alaska, too.


Carly: What did Hannah say about my father?

Jack: Not much. Really.

Carly: Then why didn't you tell me before this?

Jack: Because I didn't want to upset you.

Carly: Well, I am upset.

Jack: Yes, I can see that.

Carly: And this is gonna make it worse?

Jack: Maybe. But it shouldn’t.

Carly: Then just tell me.

Jack: I ran into Hannah at Java. I asked her point blank about this nonsense with Ray. And she said it wasn't about Ray. That this thing, whatever it is, if we ever found out, that you'd never recover.

Carly: That's just like what she said before. Is there anything more?

Jack: She said I would lose you and that we would lose the family, honey. She made me feel like I was gonna get struck by lightning. But the whole thing was so cryptic and overdramatic. I just didn't tell you. That's all.

Susan: Oh, hi. Sorry. The E.R. was swamped. Way too many firecracker accidents on the fourth.

Carly: That's all right. I'm glad you could come.

Susan: Nice to see you.

Jack: You, too.

Susan: Hope it's worth your time. You said this was about Founders' day and a picture?

Carly: Yeah. I have the picture here. Nancy Hughes gave it to me. And I think you'll recognize that woman there. There you are.

Susan: Yeah, that's me, all right. Look at that hair! What was I thinking?

Jack: Do you recognize the two people on the right?

Susan: You mean these two?

Jack: Yeah, yeah.

Susan: Hmm.

Jack: Do you know those people?

Susan: The woman's face is too blurry. I can't tell. But the man looks familiar. I remember him.

Jack: You do? That's Carly’s --

Carly: That's the man I was wondering about. Do you remember anything about him, anything at all?

Susan: I'm trying. But there's a lot of time back then I don't have much memory of. And if he was just a drinking buddy, then I wouldn't remember him at all.

Jack: But you do. I mean, you said he looks familiar.

Susan: Oh, he does. He does. So it must be from the hospital. I kept it together at work. It must be from work. Maybe he's a doctor.

Carly: Or maybe -- maybe he was a patient?

Susan: Yeah, maybe. He looks familiar. Something keeps tugging at me. It's not like I knew him but knew about him.

Carly: Like maybe he was well-known?

Susan: No, not famous. Something -- wait a second. He was involved in this terrible thing.

Carly: What?

Susan: It was horrible. And this man was part of it.


Casey: You know I love you, right?

Celia: You tell me all the time.

Casey: Well, you don't look like you believe me. It's true. That's why, if you're ready to take the relationship to the next step, then so am I.

Celia: Good. Have you ever heard of commitment rings?

Casey: No.

Celia: Well, you take a pledge, and you get rings.

Casey: Is it like getting pinned?

Celia: What's that?

Casey: My mom said that, when she was in college, people used to give each other their sorority or fraternity pins. It was -- it's not like getting engaged, but it's for, like, right before.

Celia: Like saying you're gonna only be with each other and nobody else?

Casey: Well, yeah. I mean, 'cause -- I mean, you are and you will be the only one. So, if you wanna get a ring that says that, then let's get one. What? I mean, you can't be surprised.

Celia: It's just, what happened with Will and Gwen, I guess it freaked me out.

Casey: Celia, that has nothing to do with you and me. Nothing.

Celia: Yeah, but it could've been, Casey. The way we're going, that could've been us. But now we'll know it can never happen.

Casey: Wait. Celia, whoa. What exactly are these rings promising us to?

Celia: That we care about each other.

Casey: And?

Celia: That we're waiting for each other.

Casey: Waiting for?

Celia: Until we're married.

Casey: For what? For everything?

Celia: Yeah, we promise that we won't have sex until we're married.


Gwen: Why are you still here?

Will: Because this isn't a game, Gwen. This baby's is real, and I wanna be here.

Gwen: No, this is crazy, and I was stupid to even think from the beginning that it would work.

Will: No, you weren’t. Okay, for once, would you let someone help you?

Gwen: Will, this isn't just, "give me a loan," or, "drive me to the doctor."

Will: I know.

Gwen: Do you? You know what? I got it tonight. For the first time, I got it. If you claim this baby, it's not just dinner tonight with your wack job of a family or even getting through the pregnancy. It's your mother in my life forever.

Will: Okay, that's what I'm trying to say. I won't let it be like that.

Gwen: Will, I've met her. You can't rip her off of something she wants.

Will: So, then we'll move after baby's born.

Gwen: With what?!

Will: I don't know. We'll get a lawyer, and maybe I'll get to my trust fund. Or Paul can help with that. Or maybe I'll get a job.

Gwen: No.

Will: Why?

Gwen: Look, this is my problem. I can handle it, okay? Will, we didn't even know each other a couple of months ago. You can't rip up your entire life to try and help me.

Will: I'm not, okay? I want to.

Gwen: No. You want to run away from home? You do? Get another ride out of town. Okay? My life is enough of a circus act without your family involved.

Will: Gwen, stop this, all right? We can --

Gwen: No! There's no "we" here. Just me, all right? Go!


Meg: Yeah, you could come up to Alaska. They do have hotel rooms there, too, you know.

Dusty: Well, I got a job here, and I have commitments.

Meg: Of course. Vacation, Dusty. I was talking about you taking a vacation someday.

Dusty: Oh. Maybe.

Meg: Hey, you know, your partner's husband would be glad if you took a little time off.

Dusty: Mike Kasnoff?

Meg: Yeah. The guy's a little jumpy. You with Jennifer.

Dusty: Why do you say that?

Meg: Gee, why would a guy not trust you with his young, pretty wife?

Dusty: Oh, Jennifer's married and pregnant. It's only business between us. Believe me.

Meg: Then you're quite the gentleman. But still, he was a little weird when he heard that I came to see you at the cottage.

Dusty: So why'd you tell him?

Meg: It just came up in conversation. We were chatting. Why, did I say something wrong?

Dusty: No.

Meg: Are you sure?

Dusty: Mm-hmm. I got it covered.

Meg: Do you have some work that you have to do? Did something come up that you thought of, or --

Dusty: No.

Meg: You know what? You don't have to be polite, okay? I have to go. I have other things to do. We'll catch up later.

Meg: Smooth, Meg. Alone. Again.

Dusty: I'm glad I caught you.


Jennifer: What about Dusty? Do you have a problem with him?

Mike: No. Never was about him, was it?

Jennifer: Mike, what -- what is wrong? As of today, we don't have a problem.

Mike: You gonna make me do this?

Jennifer: Do what?

Mike: Dusty was here in the morning. Before the meeting. Before the fight with Craig.

Jennifer: Was he? I didn't know.

Mike: He was here.

Jennifer: Okay, okay! Well, I must've missed him. So what? I mean, he comes by whenever he wants to talk about business.

Mike: He was meeting you with Sierra at the Lakeview. So why stop by before that?

Jennifer: I don't know.

Mike: And then he and Sierra showed up at the Lakeview just in time to see Craig go after you.

Jennifer: Yeah?

Mike: You dismiss your bodyguard. You decide to speak to Craig. And out of nowhere, he attacks you.

Jennifer: Why are you doing this?

Mike: You know why.

Jennifer: Do you want to hear that I provoked him? Okay, I did. I couldn't help it.

Mike: An accident?

Jennifer: I didn't know what I was thinking! I just said the first thing that came out of my mouth!

Mike: So this whole scene was one big coincidence. The argument, the fall, all the people conveniently there. So that you could press charges against Craig and get a restraining order against him.

Jennifer: I don't like where this is going.

Mike: Neither do I. So -- tell me.

Jennifer: Mike, it's over, okay? It happened. Nothing -- nothing else matters now.

Mike: I heard you before I came in on the phone with Dusty. I know what you did, Jen. You lied in court, and you're lying to me right now.


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Jennifer: Mike, please. It's over now. Can we please, please just let it go?

Susan: There was a child.

Jack: What about a child?

Susan: Oh, the incident -- whatever it was -- there was a child involved.


Dusty: What was that, leaving just now?

Meg: Hard to get.

Dusty: What?

Meg: I was playing hard to get.

Dusty: It's a little late for that, don't you think?

Meg: Well, you'd think. I should go.

Dusty: You should?

Meg: Mm-hmm.

Meg: Tonight you're mine, huh?

Dusty: Tonight, yeah.


Carly: What terrible thing, Susan? What did the guy do?

Susan: Maybe he didn’t. Maybe he was just around it or --

Carly: You can -- you can tell us. You can tell us the truth about it.

Susan: I'm trying. If I could remember. I was probably out of town when it happened, so I didn't get the details.

Carly: Well, how can you be so sure about it and still not remember? How does that happen, exactly?

Susan: Bottle and a half of vodka a day.

Carly: Oh.

Susan: So I would go out of town on benders when I wasn't working.

Carly: I'm sorry. I -- forgot.

Susan: It's okay. It's who I am. I have to deal with it every day. But that's why I only have pockets of memory. I look at this photo, I hardly recognize myself!

Jack: But you do recognize that man. Right? That's what you said. So maybe it was from work, since that's what you remember the most. Maybe he was a patient?

Susan: Maybe. There's -- wait a second. There was a child.

Jack: What about a child?

Susan: Oh, the incident -- whatever it was -- there was a child involved. Is this important to you? Should I go back and look in my records?

Jack: We'd really appreciate that. We would.

Susan: Okay. No problem. I'll get right on it.

Jack: Thank you.

Susan: I'll be in touch.

Jack: Okay, bye.

Carly: Thank you. Call anytime.

Jack: Honey, honey, she said her memory is not so good. There's no telling what the real story is here.

Carly: I think I'd like to go home.

Jack: Okay.


Will: Gwen?

Gwen: You're still there?

Will: Look, I know what you think.

Gwen: Oh, really? You picked up on that when I threw you out?

Will: I'm not trying to use you to get back at my family or run away.

Gwen: Oh, come on. Why not? I was such a -- such a good excuse.

Will: Gwen, I'm serious about helping you.

Gwen: I'm okay. We'll be fine.

Will: No, you won't be! All right? And I'm not leaving until you hear me out.

Gwen: Oh, no, you'll go. Burt comes in at 5:00 A.M. and starts doing engine checkups. Believe me, you'll go.

Will: Hmm-mm. Sounds like fun. You know my life. That's probably the best offer I get all day.

Gwen: I knew it. I knew it was about using me.

Will: Can I please come in? Thanks.

Gwen: You will not say that when I am through with you, young man.


Katie: Could you help me?

Margo: No, I'm not gonna help you leave.

Katie: Will you at least water the plants?

Margo: No. I mean, so Mike got angry that you butt in. Next time, you don't butt in.

Katie: Yeah, I would. Margo, that's the problem. That's why I have to leave. Things are so screwed up that I can't win. And I don't mean I can't win like Henry will never come back to me or Mike and I will never be together again. That's a given. I mean, I can't win in that everything I do ends up wrong. Everything I say to them, I make them mad. I make them angry. I make them hurt. And I make me hurt. I can't do it anymore!

Margo: Oh, honey. You had a horrible day.

Katie: No, don’t. You shouldn't feel sorry for me. You warned me about this from the beginning. "Be fair to Mike. Tell him how you feel. Be fair to Henry. Don't marry him." But it did. I deserve this. I deserve to be alone.


Jennifer: Mike -- remember, you -- you told me at the courthouse that I was right. That you realized that you didn't understand -- we couldn't just deal with Craig.

Mike: I believed it because it was a situation that you set up.

Jennifer: I didn't make Craig be violent and unreasonable! That's just who he is.

Mike: And poor dumb Mike just couldn't step up. You know, he just couldn't get it. So you and Dusty had to take care of things.

Jennifer: But nobody said that you --

Mike: Oh, shut up! The hell you didn't! You and Dusty both. You know, I can just hear him. "Mike's a good guy. He only plays by the rules. He doesn't know."

Jennifer: Mike --

Mike: Worse, I can hear you.

Jennifer: No. But -- you are a nice guy! You do play fair! It's one of the things that I love the most about you!

Mike: Only that didn't work for you.

Jennifer: No, no. It didn't work with Craig. But you -- but you wouldn't hear anything else!

Mike: How hard did you try, Jen? If you didn't agree with my way, why didn't you get in my face and say something about it?

Jennifer: I couldn’t.

Mike: Why not? You're so scared I was gonna duck out on you?

Jennifer: No, no. There are things that you don't know, okay, about Craig. Things that he has done. And I couldn't tell you because I promised that I wouldn’t. Mike, and it was those things that convinced me that I couldn't fight fair, that I had to eliminate Craig from my child's life and that I had to lie to do it.

Mike: You still do it. Do you hear?

Jennifer: What?

Mike: There was no "we" in anything you just said. "I couldn't tell." "I had to fight." "I had to eliminate."

Jennifer: Because of Craig. Because this was my problem. And no matter how much you wanted to help, it was mine to fix. Mike, please. It's over now. Can we please, please just let it go?


Jack: You okay?

Carly: It just doesn't make any sense.

Jack: What?

Carly: I realize that my father was not a saint, but he never would've hurt a child.

Jack: That's not what Susan said.

Carly: Susan implied it, didn't she?

Jack: We don't know.

Carly: Well, what other horrible, terrible thing happens to a kid?

Jack: They get sick. Susan's a doctor. She deals with sick kids every day. But the main thing is we can't trust her memory, honey. She said so herself.

Carly: Right. Right, I can't believe that I forgot about her drinking. I'm so embarrassed. Stuck my foot in it.

Jack: No, not true. You were -- you were very -- graceful.

Carly: Boy, you must really be worried about me to tell that bad a lie, Jack.

[Jack chuckles]

Jack: Let's not just -- let's not borrow trouble, okay?

Carly: I won’t. What do you say that we just stop thinking about it altogether until Susan calls?

Jack: That sounds like a plan. Good night.

Carly: Good night.


Celia: You're freaked out.

Casey: No. Okay, yeah.

Celia: Is it the waiting until marriage to have sex?

Casey: Um -- yeah.

Celia: I know it seems weird. When I first heard about it, I thought, "This is crazy." You know, how can I promise? I'm so young. What if I don't get married until I'm, like, 21? But it's not really so long.

Casey: Yeah, it is.

Celia: But if we promise, Casey, then we don't have to worry. We'll know.

Casey: Know what?

Celia: That we love each other. And when we're together, it'll only be because it's right.

Casey: Well, what if it's right before we're 21 or married? I mean, are you saying there's no way that it could be?

Celia: You don't wanna make this commitment.

Casey: I'm not saying that. But it sounds like you already have.

Celia: Yeah, I have. We'd be together every way that matters, Casey. Except for one thing. You know, we've both stayed virgins this long, and it hasn't been that hard, has it? It's getting late. You'd better go. Good night, Casey.

Casey: 'Night. I am so dead, either way.


Gwen: Look, maybe you do want to help.

Will: I do.

Gwen: And maybe that's all it is.

Will: It is.

Gwen: It still won't work, okay? Look, I love the idea of having a family. Not having to worry about money. That's a fairy tale.

Will: No, it's not, okay? It has its problems, but I can handle them. And my brother's awesome. And he's gonna help. And my sister's pregnant, too, and she's gonna completely understand what you're going through.

Gwen: Oh, yeah? Where were those people when you needed them, Will? Look, I'm sorry to be harsh, but the point is you can't count on them. And they love you. I'm -- I'm nothing to them. I'm the hairball that the cat threw up on the carpet. And it's like, "great. We see it. We'll deal with it." But nobody wants to touch it. How is that any help to me? It's over.

Will: You gotta give it a chance to work.

Gwen: No, I don’t. I don't have to pretend that you're this baby's father. And I shouldn’t.

Will: Okay, fine. So then people start wondering, "Who is the father?" And then Casey’s right in the middle.

Gwen: You know what? I'll make something up. I don't know. I'll say, "I don't know. It could be a lot of guys."

Will: Gwen, stop it.

Gwen: Well, why not, huh? That's what everybody thinks about me, anyways. Even, then, Celia will be too embarrassed to ask me. And then I'll say -- I'll say that you stepped up to the plate because you're a real good guy, and you felt sorry for me. What, Will? You're off the hook. This has gotta be a relief for you.

Will: No, it's not. Gwen, you can tell yourself whatever lies you want, but I know better. Okay? You think you're all tough, and you can handle anything alone? Not this. Nobody raises a baby in this room with no money and no help and does a good job. Okay, that's the fairy tale. So you can get as ticked off at me as you want. But I'm stickin' around.

Gwen: You mean it?

Will: Yeah.

Gwen: You'll be there?

Will: Yeah.

Gwen: You know, Celia’s got real bad taste.

Will: Don't change the subject.

Gwen: I'm tired. I need to go to bed.

Will: Well, I'll call you tomorrow.

Gwen: You don't have to.

Will: I know.

Gwen: Good night, Will.


Mike: I love you, Jen. You have no idea how much I want to say, "Let just forget about this and go on."

Jennifer: Well, you just did. Okay. Okay, you don't have to say it tonight.

Mike: How will it be different tomorrow?

Jennifer: 'Cause you'll remember that I love you, too.

Mike: What's that worth if there's no trust?

Jennifer: I will earn your trust back, Mike, if you just give me a chance.

Mike: But I'll never earn yours, because you can't give me a chance.

Jennifer: No, that is not true!

Mike: You tried. And I just didn't step up. So -- that's it. You're on your own.

Jennifer: I never said that!

Mike: Whatever the reason, Jen, you refuse to believe that we're in this marriage together. So we aren’t.

Jennifer: Mike, please don't say these things. You're scaring me.

Mike: All I wanted was to be your husband.

Jennifer: Mike, wait. No, Mike --

[Jennifer sobbing]


Katie: Don't worry about me, okay, please?

Margo: I'm not worried about you. I'm worried about me. You're leaving me here, alone, to deal with Craig.

Katie: Oh, you can whip him anytime.

Margo: Please, Katie, don't go.

Katie: I have to go, Margo. Okay, will you call the realtor in the morning?

Margo: Why, you're renting this place out?

Katie: Yeah, just tell them month-to-month for now.

Margo: Maybe longer?

Katie: I'll call you when I get somewhere. And if you need me, anything at all, please call my cell. All your numbers are programmed in. I'm not answering any numbers that I don't recognize, okay? Thank you -- again.

Margo: I don't want your thanks. I want you to stay here, Katie. You know, wherever you go, there you are.

Katie: I know.

Margo: So why don't you change here, around all the people who love you?

Katie: And the people that I've hurt. I need a clean break.

Margo: But can't you just -- just give it one day. Or two. Just enough time to really make sure it's the right thing to do. Just give it one day.


Margo: Hi.

Mike: Hey. I need to see Katie.

Margo: Why?

Mike: I said some pretty harsh things to her earlier, at the courthouse.

Margo: Yeah, so I heard.

Mike: I owe her an apology.

Margo: At least.

Mike: Would you mind telling her I'm here?

Margo: You know what? Sometimes she does just want to help. It's not always a scheme to get you or to use Henry. Katie is -- was, a happy girl. A genuinely radiant soul -- and she just wants everyone else around her to be happy. It's a pretty rare thing.

Mike: Can I see her, please?

Margo: She's gone.

Mike: When will she be back?

Margo: She's not out, Mike. She's gone. And I don't know if she's ever coming back.


Meg: Dusty? Hey, did you order room service?

Jennifer: Dusty -- I'm sorry.

Meg: Jennifer, right?

Jennifer: Yes.

Meg: Meg Snyder. I don't know if you remember.

Jennifer: No. No, I do.

Meg: Gosh, you've grown up so much.

Jennifer: Yeah, so have you.

Meg: You know what? Do you want to come in? Dusty's in the shower, if you want to wait.

Jennifer: No, no, no. No, that's okay. It's not important.

Meg: Are you sure? I mean, you came all this way.

Jennifer: Yes. Yes, I'm sure. And you know, you don't need to tell him that I was here. Okay? Okay, goodnight. Okay, goodnight.


[Carly dreaming]

[Carly dreaming]

Iris: My boy -- my beautiful boy! What have you done to my boy?


Announcer: On the next, "As the World Turns."

Carly: She was crying, and something happened to her little boy -- something terrible.

Craig: I'm going to be packing my things and, I'll be leaving.

Jennifer: Oh Mike! I knew you'd be back. Oh, thank God.

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