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As The World Turns Transcript Monday 6/27/05

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Singer: I've been watching your world from afar I've been trying to be where you are and I've been secretly falling apart I see to me you're strange and you're beautiful you'd be so perfect with me but you just can't see you turn every head but you don't see me I'll put a spell on you you fall asleep and I'll put a spell on you and when I wake you I'll be the first thing you see and you'll realize that you love me yeah yeah sometimes the last thing you want comes in first sometimes the first thing you want never comes and I know the waiting is all you can do sometimes I'll put a spell on you you fall asleep I'll put a spell on you and when I wake you I'll be the first thing you see and you'll realize that you love me I'll put a spell on you you fall asleep 'cause I'll put a spell on you and when I wake you I'll be the first thing you see and you'll realize that you love me yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah oh, yeah watching you breathe yeah yeah yeah

[Meg gasps]

[Meg gasping]

Meg: Oh! Damn you, Dusty.

Dusty: You're as easy to sneak up on as you were when you were 15.

Meg: And you are acting like you're 15. And you didn't sneak up on me. I heard you coming a mile away.

Dusty: Oh, yeah, right. Bull.

Meg: I swear.

Dusty: No, double swear.

Meg: Triple swear with sugar on it.

Dusty: Oh, I guess I gotta believe you, then.

Meg: You better, sucker.

Dusty: Sucker! Huh! [Meg screams] It's good to see you again. Welcome home.

Dusty: So, what are you doing here?

Meg: Cooling off.

Dusty: I mean, back in Oakdale.

Meg: Just passing through.

Dusty: Where to?

Meg: Somewhere else.

Dusty: Oh. It's like that, huh?

Meg: Can you hand me that towel over there?

Dusty: Turn around. Where's Josh?

Meg: In the past.

Dusty: Oh, this is getting interesting. Tell me more.

Meg: You know what? It's getting a little too hot for sad stories. Why don't you fill me in on what I've missed?

Dusty: Oh, you've missed a lot. You've been away too long.

Meg: Okay, well, why don't we start with you?

Dusty: Me?

Meg: And then we'll take it from there.

Dusty: No. That's boring.

Meg: Not if you're hearing it for the first time.

Dusty: I'm running a company called Street Jeans. With Jennifer Munson. Remember her?

Meg: Yeah, as a kid.

Dusty: She's grown up now. Got married, got pregnant. Not in that order, but -- that's another story.


Craig: There's no relief from this heat, is there?

Jennifer: Oh. Craig, what are you doing here?

Craig: I couldn't sleep, either. I thought I'd come and see how you and our -- were doing.

Jennifer: Deacon!

Craig: No, no, no, you can save your breath. He's snoozing down by the gate.

Jennifer: Mike's right inside. I hope you know that.

Craig: I'm not going to hurt you.

Jennifer: Then why don't you just go back to your wife and leave me alone? Or did Rosanna come to her senses and finally throw you out?

Craig: No, Rosanna knows I have every right to a place in my child's life. And she's doing anything she can to help me.

Jennifer: I wonder what that cost her.

Craig: Not everybody has a price.

Jennifer: Oh, everybody who deals with you usually does.

Craig: Your brother neglected her. I was there to help.

Jennifer: She destroyed Paul’s life, not the other way around. And he is better off without her.


[Paul remembering]

Rosanna: With this ring, I thee wed.


Jennifer: Go home, Craig. For the love of God, leave me alone.

Craig: Just tell me how my son's doing. Is he active? Can I feel him?

Jennifer: No. Go away before I call Mike.

Craig: Well, well. You put a lot of faith in good old Mike, don't you? You know, there is going to come a time when it finally hits him that he is not actually the father. I am. Do you think he's gonna be able to let that go?


[Katie sighs]

Katie: Great. Now I see. Now, no lights.


Jennifer: You try to scare me all you want, Craig. But it isn't gonna work. I know that Mike will always treat this child as if he were his own.

Craig: Oh, okay. You keep telling yourself that.

Jennifer: No, he and I will fight you with everything we've got.

Craig: It's not going to be enough, Jennifer. Rosanna's gonna give me anything I don't already have. Okay? And, ultimately, this child will always be my son. So why fight a battle you can't win? All right, you agree to my terms. It'll make things easier on everybody. Especially yourself.


Katie: Help! Help!

Henry: Katie -- Katie! Hey. It's me. Hey.

Katie: Henry, what are you doing? You scared me to death.

Henry: Baby, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry. Here let me get some lights on, okay? I'm sorry. Oh, man, no wonder it's so hot in here. The A/C breaker's tripped, as well.

Katie: Oh, I thought it was broken.

Henry: Ah! Aren't you glad I showed up, then?

Katie: Except for the fact that you scared me to half to death. What is this, some sort of revenge plot or something?

Henry: What are you talking about?

Katie: Well, first you sneak in here and scare me to death. And you left me stranded at the hotel in Chicago the other night.

Henry: No, I'm not -- I'm not trying to get back at you here.

Katie: Then why did you run away? The room was beautiful.

Henry: Thank Mike for that. Not me. Maybe you thanked him already.

Katie: Oh, Henry, when are you gonna get it? I didn't want Mike. I don't want him now. I won't want him tomorrow.

Henry: Really?

Katie: Yeah.

Henry: No kidding. That's funny, 'cause, you know, everything except what comes out of your mouth seems to say the opposite.

Katie: What is this?

Henry: It's the reason why I'm here.


Craig: There you are. I've been looking all over for you. You all right?

Rosanna: Sure, I'm just restless.

Craig: Oh. This heat. Come on back inside.


Katie: Divorce papers?

Henry: Don't pretend surprise, and don't stumble over some phony attempt to say this isn't the right thing to do. Okay? Let's not even have that scene.

Katie: What if it's the right scene to have?

Henry: It's not. You know it's not. The right scene is for me to say good-bye and good luck. Good-bye and good luck. I hope you finally get what you really want.

Katie: I want you.

Henry: No more pretending that's true, okay? I wish you nothing but the best. Always.


Mike: Can I get you something?

Jennifer: How about a nice cool bath? It's so damn hot.

Mike: You got it.


Emily: I'm sorry. I didn't know where else to go --

Paul: Shush.


[Dusty’s voicemail]

Dusty: It's me. Wait for the beep. You know what to do.

Jennifer: Dusty, it's Jen. Craig was just here. You were right. He's more determined than ever. We have to stop him. Whatever it takes.

Mike: Water's ready!


Meg: You're not gonna check that?

Dusty: No, I'm off the clock.

Meg: What if it's personal?

Dusty: So is kicking it with an old friend.

Meg: Does that mean I've got you for the night?

Dusty: As long as we're just talking about talking.

Meg: I made no promises.

Meg: You know, somehow, I can't see you taking orders from Lucinda Walsh.

Dusty: I don't, really. She thinks I know what I'm doing.

[Meg laughs]

Meg: Well, that's no small feat. [Dusty laughs] You know, enough about work. I wanna hear something personal and juicy.

Dusty: Why don't you step up to the plate and tell me "something personal and juicy"?

Meg: I think I'll need a beer for that.

Dusty: Let's get a six-pack.

Meg: As long as we can come back here?

Dusty: I can't think of a better place just to drink and talk.

Meg: And other things?

Dusty: Texas did nothin' to slow you down, did it?

Meg: Hell, I doubt there's a place out there that could.


Casey: I wanna do the right thing here, Gwen. I know Will's not the father. I'm here for you. We'll make this work.

Celia: It's amazing up here. The view is incredible.

Casey: The only thing I want to be looking at right now is you.

Celia: You can see the whole town from up here.

Casey: I -- don't care.


Gwen: Oh, man. Get a room.

Casey: What are you doing here?

Gwen: I'm looking to find the one cool spot in this pathetic town.

Celia: How do you feel?

Gwen: I don't know. Sick, fat, hot, tired.

Celia: I'm sorry. You want some company? We can hang here and talk.

Casey: No! We came up here for some privacy, right? So let's go look for somewhere else.

Celia: Call you tomorrow?

Gwen: Yeah. Whatever. Hey, Joe peep. It's okay. They're gone.

Will: You don't think they saw me, too, do you?

Gwen: You better hope not.


[Both sigh]

Emily: Guess this time makes it real.

Paul: What, it wasn't before?

Emily: Well, I don't know. We were sort of in that gray area. You know, lust and desperation. [Paul laughs] Come on, I'm serious. This was different.

Paul: Well, in a good way, I hope.

Emily: Yeah, in a good way.


Casey: Bet the water's about the coolest spot in town tonight. Let's jump in.

Celia: We don't have suits.

Casey: Who needs 'em? Come on. Nobody's around.

Celia: Let's just sit for a little while. I need to catch my breath.

Casey: You're bummed after seeing Gwen, aren't you?

Celia: I'm worried about her. And I don't wanna end up like her.

Casey: You think I'm trying to pressure you into going all the way? There's no way we're gonna end up like Gwen and Will, okay? Look, I mean, its okay if we just kiss, isn't it? Okay, fine, look -- I'll put my hands right here, where they can't get to you. Come on. Just give me another kiss. Please? I'm begging you here! Give me another kiss. Come on.

Celia: Okay.

Meg: Ahem. It looks like somebody took our spot while we were gone.

Dusty: Hey, guys. What are you doing out so late?

Casey: Trying to find some privacy. But we can't seem to catch a break.

Dusty: I know how you feel.

Celia: We should go, Casey.

Casey: Doesn't look like we have much of a choice.

Dusty: Stay outta trouble, Casey.

Casey: See ya.

Meg: Was that Casey Hughes?

Dusty: That was.

Meg: Wow, he's all grown up. Thank you. Why'd you tease him, anyway? Don't you remember what that was like?

Dusty: All too well. I remember.

Meg: So do I.


Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Dusty: Sounds like you have regrets.

Meg: Well, that's easy. Losing you.

Carly: No secrets. You have to promise me that. Because I don't want to be a mystery to them, the way my father is a mystery to me.


Meg: That was one rock-solid relationship. I guess you never know how things end up.

Dusty: You never know how people are gonna end up.

Meg: I never really liked Lily much. I guess there was no secret there.

Dusty: No.

Meg: You sure couldn't say the same thing.

Dusty: I tried. Nothing could come between Holden and Lily back in the day. But look at 'em now. Just goes to show, you never know.

Meg: Well, you know, she is available. Do you think you're gonna make a play?

Dusty: No, I'm a different guy now. I mean -- different things are on my mind.

Meg: Really? Like what?

Dusty: Like, you know, what's really important.

Meg: What could be more important than love?

Dusty: Lily and Holden loved each other, and look at them.


Lily: Sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt anything.

Holden: You didn't interrupt anything. I was just sitting here having a beer. It's too hot to sleep. Too hot to really do anything.

Lily: Add a little worry on top of that, you got yourself a rough night.

Holden: Your Mother, she's a fighter. And she's got very good doctors.

Lily: I just wish I could do something.

Holden: Support her. That's what she needs most from you right now.

Lily: I'm glad you were here to talk to.

Holden: Even though we're not together anymore, I would hope that you would still consider me a friend.

Luke: Hey.

Lily: H

Luke: Looks like old times in here.

Lily: Come on in. I've -- I've gotta tell you something.

Luke: What is it?

Lily: Sit down. It's about your grandmother, Lucinda. There's really no easy way to say this. They found a lump in her breast. And it's malignant. She's got cancer.

Luke: Are they sure? I mean, maybe they made a mistake or something --

Lily: It's no mistake, honey.

Holden: Luke, this is a very scary time for your grandmother. And what we need to do is we need to be strong for her.

Lily: And we need to be strong for each other. We're a family. We will get through this together.

Luke: Well, is she gonna be all right?

Holden: She has very good doctors. And we're hoping that they caught the tumor before it spread.

Luke: Why do these things keep happening to us?

Lily: Oh, look, I know, I know -- I know you're upset. I know this has been a really difficult year.

Luke: Are we cursed or something? You guys divorce! The house burns down! Now grandma has cancer? Why are we being punished like this? What did we do that was so wrong?

Lily: Honey, come on. Luke --

Holden: Lily. Lily, let him go. He just needs some time to -- let it all sink in.

Lily: Okay, you know, sometimes -- sometimes I feel like he's right! Look at us! Why is this happening to us? Why -- why are we being punished like this?

Lucinda: What's the matter with you? You're not dead yet. Stop acting like it's all over.

Lily: I just feel so helpless. I feel like I'm failing my Mother and my children.

Holden: Lily, stop. None of this is your fault. And Luke, he's -- he's just a kid. He needs somebody, something to blame. He'll get past it. Besides, I told him to take all his anger out on me, not you.

Lily: Oh. We're both to blame, you know.

Holden: For the fire at the house? For your Mother's cancer?

Lily: You think my Mother's not capable of finding a way to make that my fault?

[Holden chuckles]

Holden: You're right. She probably will.


Dusty: It's good to see you again.

Meg: Thanks.

Dusty: Feels like you never went away.

Meg: But I did. All the way around the world and back.

Dusty: That's a long trip.

Meg: Yeah, just to end up back where you started.

Dusty: Older and wiser.

Meg: Older, at least. Do you ever wish sometimes you could go back again? Start over? Second chance?

Dusty: Sounds like you have regrets.

Meg: Don't we all?

Dusty: I guess so.

Meg: So what's your biggest one?

Dusty: You start. You started this fiasco.

Meg: Well, that's easy. Losing you.

Dusty: You didn't lose me. I'm right here.


Hannah: Oh -- gosh, I'm sorry. The kids and I came in the back way. I didn't know you two were out here.

Carly: That's all right. Did they like the movie?

Hannah: Oh, they loved it. They're upstairs, getting ready for bed. Anyway, I didn't mean to interrupt.

Jack: No, Hannah, can you watch the kids a little while longer?

Hannah: Sure.

Jack: Yeah? Great. Come on, sweetheart. Let's go for a drive.

Carly: Where -- where to?

Jack: Don't worry about it. You're gonna love it. Thanks a lot.

Hannah: Have fun.

[Hannah sighs]

Jack: I love you so much.

Carly: I love you, too. Promise me that we're gonna grow old together. Right here, in this place, in this town. And we'll tell the kids about us. About how our love never died. About how we were probably the last happy couple in Oakdale. And tell them everything, okay? No secrets. You have to promise me that. Because I don't want to be a mystery to them, the way my father is a mystery to me.

Jack: I promise.


You love me but you don't know who I am

I'm torn between this life I lead and where I stand

and you love me but you don't know who I am

so let me go let me go

I dream ahead to what I hope for and I turn my back on loving you

how can this love be a good thing when I know what I'm goin' through

in my head there's only you now this world falls on me

Cop: Okay, you two. Break it up.


Hannah: There. That ends it. [Hannah tears up Carly’s photo]


Cop: Detective Snyder? Sorry.

Jack: Hello, Finn.

Cop: I -- I thought you were a couple of kids.

Jack: Yeah, well, we're just a married couple who were playing hooky from our kids.

Cop: Well, maybe you oughta find someplace else to -- you know.

[Jack laughs]

Jack: Right away, officer. Sorry about that, Finn. You know the beauty of being a grown-up?

Carly: What's that?

Jack: We can continue this at home.

Carly: I guess everyone's asleep.

Jack: That's good.

Jack: What you got there?

Carly: This is part of that photo of my dad. The one I lost.

Jack: Looks like somebody ripped it up.

Carly: Good work, Detective.

Jack: Yeah, well, cop school really paid off. What do you think happened to it? Who do you think ripped it up?

Carly: Well, it wouldn't have been one of the kids. Hannah, maybe?

Jack: But why?

Carly: I don't know. But I intend to find out.


Dusty: I thought we were gonna spend the night talkin'.

Meg: Shut up and kiss me.

Meg: Don't look back. You can never look back, right?

Dusty: Who's looking back? That's your trip. It's about now. The moment, isn't it?

Meg: I was kind of hoping maybe it's about -- a second chance?

Dusty: To what? Make the same mistakes again? Wasn't all moonlight between you and I, remember?

Meg: So, you can't look forward, and you can't look back. Where does that put you, exactly?

Dusty: Puts you right here. That's the only thing you can be certain of.

Who makes you feel the way that I make you feel

who loves you and knows you the way I do

who touches you and holds you quite like I do

who makes you feel like I make you feel

Dusty: I mean, if you're looking for someone to figure out your life, I'm probably -- you know, you don't wanna look here.

Meg: Well, maybe you need somebody to figure yours. [Cell phone rings] So you're back on the clock now?

Dusty: I gotta take this. Jen, what's wrong?

Jennifer: Hey, did you get my message?

Dusty: No. What happened?

Jennifer: Craig stopped by. He's not backing down. We have to take care of him. Your way.

Dusty: It's gonna mean lying to Mike. 'Cause he's not gonna go along with it. You know that. Are you sure about this?

Jennifer: Yeah, I am. Can we meet tomorrow?

Dusty: Yeah, I'll call you first thing in the morning. You're making the right choice, Jen.

Jennifer: I better be.

Dusty: Hey.


Announcer: On the next "As the World Turns" --

Carly: Hannah destroyed this picture. And now she's lying about it. She knows a hell of a lot more about my father than she's telling me!

Dusty: Are you ready to knock Craig out of your life for good, or what?

Jennifer: Yeah, I am.

Rosanna: Trust me -- Paul has moved on. And so have I.

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