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By Boo
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[Lily dreaming]

Lily: You poor, sad fool.

Keith: Don't blame yourself.

Lily: I trusted you. I believed you.

Keith: You believed what you wanted to believe. What you needed to believe.

Lily: You did it. You killed your own sister.

Keith: What do -- what do you think?

Lily: I think you're a monster.

Keith: No, no. I'm just a guy who got in over his head.

Lily: You said you loved Julia.

Keith: I did. But love's a funny thing, you know? It doesn't make you perfect. It does the opposite, don't you think?

Lily: You said you loved me.

Keith: Well, that was the most honest thing I ever said. But, that wasn't enough for you. You couldn't just let Julia buried and forgotten. You couldn't leave well enough alone.

Lily: Leave well enough alone?! You killed her!

Keith: She was a mess! Her life was a mess! She was dying slowly. She was in pain.

Lily: That makes it all right?

Keith: Don't you get self-righteous with me all of a sudden, here. You wished Julia dead many a times. And let's not forget, you're the one that gave her the first push. And then you ran.

Lily: I'm scared.

Keith: Of course you're scared. 'Cause you're in pain, just like Julia was. But I love you. I wanna take that pain away.

Jack: Lily? Luke? It's Jack. Hello?

Man: Make one sound, and I'll break your neck.

[Lily dreaming]

Lily: Don't touch me. You're not capable of love. You did it. How could you kill your sister?

Keith: Did you ever love somebody so much, but they were all messed up? They were in so much pain that you had to -- you had to save them from all of that?

Lily: Is that how much you love me, Keith?

Keith: You know, it's so easy to judge people. To point the finger at them and say "guilty!" People see what they wanna see, they hear what they wanna hear. But, there are a lotta levels to the truth.

Lily: Stop it! You're just -- you're just trying to confuse me. There's only one truth that I care about. It's that you killed Julia. Oh, you killed her!

Julia: No! What are -- what are you doing?

Keith: I'm sick of you shutting me out. It's gonna stop.

Julia: Keith, you're hurting me. What are you doing? What are you doing?

Keith: Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh. It's only gonna hurt for a minute. Shh.

Keith: What are you doing? What are you saying to her?

Lily: I'm telling her to stay as far away from you as she can.

Keith: Well, it's too late for that. Are you scared of bees? Are you afraid of me?

Lily: No. No, Keith. My children, please, my kids. Please.

Jack: Hey, honey, it's me. I'm at Lily's house, and I -- I guess she's not here. And I have no idea where you are. Listen, something's going on with Keith. I'm not -- I'm not sure what happened, but Jessica seems to think that Lily's more worried than she's letting on. I'm gonna try to track her down, now. Do me a favor, you get this message, I want you to call my cell phone. Okay? Or leave a message for me at the station. I'm -- I'm getting a little worried, here. I just wanna know that you're okay. I love you.

Lily: Lily, come on, wake up. We gotta get out of here. Come on, right now, let's go.

Keith: What's the rush?

Lily: Stay away from me!

Keith: Is that -- is that what I am? Is this what you believe?

Lily: Lily, wake up!

[Carly screaming]

Lily: Carly? Is that you?

Lily: Carly?

Man: Not a word.

Lily: Carly?


Holden: Round you go. Wee.

Faith: I'm flying. I'm flying. Look at me fly.

Holden: Okay, I'm getting dizzy. I need to stop. Maybe your brother here could spin you around.

Faith: Spin me 'round, Luke. Please?

Luke: Okay.

[Luke whistles]

Faith: That was boring. Guess I have to wait for Uncle Keith. He's the real pilot around here. Look what he gave me. And he's gonna take me up in his real plane one day. And the next time he comes over, he's gonna take me horseback riding. I can't wait.

Luke: Well, she's really excited about Keith being around, huh?

Holden: You guys are gonna have to get used to the idea of having him around.

Luke: I don't have to get used to anything.

Holden: Come on, Luke, that's not the right attitude to have.

Luke: Look, you can't just buy people off with -- with -- with plastic toys and the promises of riding horses and flying airplanes. It's just --

Holden: Hey, come on, Keithís in a tough spot here, too.

Luke: Poor guy.

Holden: I wish there was something I could say to make this easier.

Luke: You've done enough already.

Holden: That's good, be mad at me. Not your mother. Be mad at me.

Luke: So, the divorce is gonna happen, isn't it?

Holden: Looks that way.

Luke: God, I couldn't even imagine you guys without each other.

Holden: Me, either.

Luke: Now everything's so screwed up. Look, Dad, I know w I said I hated you -- but I don't, okay. I just hate what's happening.

Holden: Me, too.

Luke: You're still my father. Keith will never replace you.

Holden: And I will always be here for you. And I promise you, I will make up for all the pain that I have caused you, Faith and Natalie. And Mom.

Luke: It's too late. She's obviously not gonna forgive you. She's already trying to replace you.


Lily: Carly? Are you here?

[Carly screaming]

Lily: Carly? Her car's still here. She must be around here somewhere.

Lily: It's just a fuse. Just a blown fuse. Carly? Where are you? Carly?

Carly: Lily! Help me! Lily!

Lily: Carly?

[Carly screams]

Lily: Carly? Carly, where are you? Are you hurt? If you're hurt, please -- if you can hear me, just -- just call out my name. Carly!

[Carly whimpers]

[Carly screams]

Get in.

[Carly cries]

[Banging on trunk]

Lily: Carly? Carly? Where are you? You're scaring me. What's happening?

[Heavy footsteps]

[Door squeaking open]


Jack: I don't understand why she didn't just call me.

Jessica: Well, I think she's scared, Jack.

Jack: All the more reason, Jessica.

Ben: All I know is, she couldn't get out of the hospital fast enough.

Jack: Did she happen to mention where she was going?

Ben: She said she needed to get home to her kids.

Jack: I was at her house. She isn't there. Nobody is. You think this about Keith.

Jessica: Well, I couldn't get her to actually say she thought that Keith murdered Julia, but she's rattled about something. And she's got all these questions about the D.A.'s case against Les. Bee pollen analysis, you know, that sort of thing.

Jack: It doesn't make any sense. She -- she got involved with the guy. So much so that she asked Holden for a divorce because of him. What happened?

Ben: Well, I still think she stumbled across some kind of proof that tied Keith to Juliaís murder.

Jack: Oh, man, this case just won't die.

Ben: What are you looking for?

Jack: I'm bringing up all the traffic accidents in the last 24 hours. Maybe somebody noticed her car. Yeah, here it is. Someone reported an abandoned vehicle on Haver Road. That's Lily's license plate.


[Carly screams]

[Door slams]

Lily: No. No, no, no, no, no. Oh, no, no, no, no. No, don't do this to me. The battery Ė


Lucinda: And now Lily's not returning my phone calls. I mean, she's not answering the phone. It's not like her.

Holden: Maybe she doesn't want to get another earful from you about how she's ruining her life.

Lucinda: She is ruining her life. Where are the kids?

Holden: They're here with me. I'm assuming that Lily is out with Keith.

Lucinda: Well, darling, you just pretend to be as casual as you want to about this. I know it bothers you as much as it bothers me.

Holden: Please. Don't start. I've already been into this with Luke about the same thing.

Lucinda: Bully. Bully for Luke. And what is that enticing smell?

Holden: Cookies. Faith and I are baking.

Lucinda: Oh, darling. Aww, good guy. Chocolate cookies, it's scrumptious. You know what, I'm just gonna have to stay and have milk and cookies with my grandchildren. And there's one of them now. [Girls make plane noises] Hi, honey, hi.

Faith: Wanna fly with me in Uncle Keithís plane?

Lucinda: Umm, maybe later. Can you come down out of your jet long enough to give me a big hug and kiss? Can you do that? Mmm. That's what I wanted. That's what I wanted. And you know what I want? I want to taste your delicious cookies.

Faith: They're not ready yet.

Lucinda: Oh.

Faith: Gotta fly.

Lucinda: Sorry, pardon me. [Lucinda laughs] Uncle Keithís plane? He doesn't waste much time worming his way into a little girl's good graces.

Holden: Well, Keith is a part of Lily's life now. Which makes him a part of the kids' lives, as well.

Lucinda: Well, Lily isn't thinking. She's just rebounding, that's all she's doing. This guy happens to be there. I still don't trust that guy. Don't trust him.

Holden: Lucinda, please, I told you, I don't want to have this conversation right now.

Lucinda: When did you ever?

Holden: We need to respect Lily's decision.

Lucinda: Respect Lily's -- from what proper divorce etiquette book did that phrase come out of? Her decisions are lousy. She's ripping up the family.

Holden: You don't think I hate what is happening here?

Lucinda: Well, you should hate it, 'cause it's your fault. But instead of falling on your sword, you should unsheath it, and go out and fight for everybody. Unless, of course, you too are ready to move on to somebody else. Are you? I don't think you are.

[Cell phone ringing]

Holden: Excuse me. Hello?

Jack: Hey, Holden, it's -- it's Jack. Have you talked to Lily recently?

Holden: No, not since earlier today. Why?

Jack: I don't wanna freak you out. She had a car accident. She wasn't hurt. Ben checked her out and he said she looked okay. But she didn't want to report her accident to the police, and she left her car on the side of the road.

Holden: Well, that doesn't sound like Lily. Is Ben sure that she's okay?

Jack: He thinks so, but she wouldn't stick around long enough for him to do any tests.

Holden: Why not?

Jack: I have no idea. I went over to the house. She's not there. I'm about to go check out the car now. I was wondering if you wanted to come with me.

Holden: I'll meet you in front of the station.

Lucinda: Did something happen to Lily?

Holden: She was in a car accident.

Lucinda: Oh, my God.

Holden: But she's okay. She went to the hospital, she got checked out. But she left, and nobody seems to know what happened to her. I need to figure out what's going on. Can you stay here with the kids?

Lucinda: I'll stay, I'll stay. Just call me when you know something.

Holden: I will.


Luke: Keith? Keith? Keith, where are you? The key to my old camp trunk? What's it doing here?


[Carly screams]

Carly: Help! Lily! Help me! Anybody! There's no air in here. I can't breathe in here! Help me, I'm gonna die in here! I'm gonna die. Jack! Jack.

[Carly remembering]

I am the sound of love's arriving echoed softly on the sand

lay your head upon my shoulder lay your hand within my hand

I give you all that I have and I breathe where you breathe

let me stand where you stand with all that I am

Carly: No. No, I'm not gonna lose you. I'm coming back to you, g-man.

Lily: Help. Help! Somebody, please, help me! Somebody, please! Help.


Lucinda: What's that? Something's burning.

Luke: Oh, my God. That's my house!

Holden: Lily, are you in there?

Lily: Please! Help! [Lily screams]


Lucinda: Good night noises, everywhere.

Faith: Good night noises, everywhere.

Lucinda: All right, honey. Well, time for bed. All right, ooh, time for prayers.

Faith: Can I say good night to everyone I love first?

Lucinda: Well, you absolutely may.

Faith: Good night, Luke. Good night, Natalie. Good night, Grandma. Good night, Daddy. Good night, Mommy.

Lily: Come on!

Faith: Good night, house. Good night Carly. Good night, Jack.


Jack: There's no question. Somebody cut those brake lines.

Holden: Keith.

Jack: We don't know that, Holden.

Holden: Who else would do it, Jack? Jessica said she was acting suspicious of him. Asking all kinds of questions about the case against Les. It all adds up. She found something out and Keith tried to kill her.

Jack: Wait a second, wait a second. We already put an APB out on him, just in case. The important thing right now is finding Lily.

Holden: What if she's with him?

Jack: Maybe she's with Carly. Hey, Tammy, it's Jack.

Tammy: Oh, hi, Mr. Snyder.

Jack: Carly's not home yet?

Tammy: No. She promised to be back hours ago.

Jack: Maybe she got held up at the office and she couldn't get to a phone. Listen, you haven't heard from Lily Snyder tonight, have you?

Tammy: Nope.

Jack: Okay. Listen, can you hang out there for a little while longer?

Tammy: I guess maybe an hour or so.

Jack: Good. I appreciate it. Thank you. Carly's not home. She hasn't checked in. What the hell is going on?


Carly: One lucky penny. One dime, a nickel, anything. Gotcha.

[Lily screams]


Lucinda: To bed, to bed, to bed. What's that? Something's burning. Oh, my heaven. Honey.

Faith: My cookies.

Lucinda: Darling. Oh, I don't know how to do this. Ahh! Oh, my heavens. Eww. I'm afraid they're --

Faith: Yuck. They're ruined.

Lucinda: Yes, they most certainly are.


Lily: Help! Help! Help, someone's in here. Please.

[Lily screams]

Carly: Yes. One more and I'm out of here. Great. Come on. Come on, where is it? Oh, come on.

Lily: No!

Keith: Lily, we need to get out of here!

Lily: Stop it! Stay away from me!

Keith: Lily! Why are you fighting me?

Lily: Stay away from me! No, put me down. Put me down! No! Put me down! Let me go! Let me go!


Faith: Please, Grandma, can't we make more? It won't take long.

Lucinda: Oh, honey, believe me, they'll taste much better if we bake them in the morning. All right? Now, we gotta get you to bed. Get you to dreamland.

Faith: Fine, but I haven't said goodnight to everyone yet.

Lucinda: Is there anyone left in the entire world?

Faith: Yes, there is.

Lucinda: Oh, okay. Okay.

Faith: Good night, Uncle Keith, wherever you are.


Lily: Put me down!

Keith: Lily, come on, we gotta get out of here.

Lily: No, just stay away from me! Just stay --

Keith: Why? Why Ė are you fighting me?

Lily: Stay away from me!

Keith: Why, Lily?

[Les laughs]

Les: Hey, lovebirds. You here for the bonfire, too?

Lily: It's -- it's not possible. You're dead.

Les: Yeah, that's right, little lady, I'm dead. But you had to go and start asking questions. I could've just disappeared. But now, I gotta take care of you two. So come on, let's move it. Chop chop.

Keith: Well, you're crazy, all right? You're gonna get away with this.

Les: The only two people that know I ain't dead are standing right here. Not anymore. Let's go. Come on.

Keith: Hey, hey, hey, come on, you had a clean escape. Why did you come back?

Les: Why? Because Nancy Drew here starting getting suspicious of you. She started opening doors that were already closed. And I can't let that happen, now, can I? Let's go.

Keith: Look, you just sealed your own fate there, dummy, okay? You are not gonna walk away from this.

Les: Yeah, I am, but you ainít. Come on.


Luke: Mom! Oh, my God, that's my house!

Holden: Lily! Lily, are you in there?

Luke: Dad -- Dad, I saw her. She was on the way to the farm.

Holden: Was she okay? Did she look hurt?

Luke: No, no. She was with two other guys. I think one of them might've been Keith.

Holden: Thank God she's not in there.

Luke: Dad, how'd this happen?

Holden: I don't know.

Luke: Well -- is there anybody else in there?

Holden: I don't think so. Listen, the firemen are on their way. I'm gonna go find your mother. Stay here until the fire trucks arrive.

Jack: Luke! Hey! Everybody get out?

Luke: I don't know. I don't know.

Jack: You haven't seen Carly, have you?

Luke: No.

Jack: Come on, Carly. Where the hell are you?


[Carly coughs]


Les: Well, this'll do 'til all the commotion dies down.

Keith: Then what, Sweeney?

Les: Then -- then what? Keep your pants on, loverboy. You threw a wrench into plan A. Now I need time -- I need to think about plan B.

Keith: Well, you're too stupid to come up with plan B.

Les: It could've worked fine. I'd burn Lily up in her house, make it look like you did it, because you were the killer.

Keith: I didn't kill Julia, you did.

Les: Would you cry me a river, man. She deserved it and you know it. Well, loverboy here, you know -- he tried to set me up. So he planted bee pollen in my car. Now, you didn't count on it. You didn't count on her finding out about it, making it look like you killed her, not me.

Lily: Keith, I'm so sorry.

Keith: We can talk about it when we get out of this mess.

Les: What? Newsflash, brother. Look, I -- I got the gun here, not you.

Keith: Come on, think about it, you know? There's two bullets out of that gun? It's not like you're gonna cover your tracks like the fire.

Lily: Carly.

Keith: What?

Lily: Carly, the fire. She's stuck in the fire in the house!


Jack: Hey, where's your mom now?

Luke: I don't know. She went off with Keith and someone else.

Jack: Was it Carly?

Luke: No, it was some other guy. I -- this doesn't make any sense. The -- the fire. My great-grandfather's house getting all messed up.

Jack: What do you mean, Calís place getting messed up?

Luke: What is going on? I mean, completely trashed. You know, broken lamps, just stuff thrown around. Pictures of my mom ripped up. And -- and what's really weird is, I found this. It's the old key to my old camp trunk. The last I saw, it was up in the attic. I -- how could Keith get this?

Jack: Carly. Carly. Carly! Carly!


[Carly coughing violently]


Lily: Look, you can't just let her burn to death in a fire!

Les: Just -- just shut up and back off! Like I -- what do I care about her?! She don't mean nothing to me! Shut up. You -- serves her husband right, Jack Snyder. When I met him, coming down on me, trying to bring me down. Now, his wife's gonna get deep-fried, baby. Deep-fried.

Les: Oh, baby, be a woman. I'm tired of you. Oww. Oh, God.


Faith: Grandma, I can't sleep. I keep hearing noises. There's a ghost in the cellar.

Lucinda: No, there's not. There is no ghost in the cellar. That's silly. It's probably the wind. Or maybe it's this house settling, huh?


Faith: What's that?

Lucinda: Well, I'm not sure. Uh, sweetheart, I'm gonna put you back in your bed. Okay? Put you back in your bed.

Faith: Will you stay with me?

Lucinda: I'll stay with you, honey. I'll stay with you as long as you need me.


[Lily screaming]

Lily: Keith! No. Get off! Oh, Keith. Oh, oh, my God.

Les: Say your prayers, little lady. Time for you to die.


Jack: Carly?!

Carly: Jack! Jack, I'm in here. I can't get out!

[Jack coughing]

Carly: Jack, it's no use. You can't get through.

Jack: The hell I canít. I'm gonna find a way to get to you.

Carly: No. Please go. Get outta here, Jack. Please, for the children. We can't both die.

Jack: No way! I'm not leaving here without you! You hear me? No one's dying here tonight, Carly. We're getting out of this together.


Luke: We're not going into the house?

Holden: I'll call for an ambulance.


Keith: I'm gonna go with you. I'm gonna help you.

Lily: No, no, no, you canít. You're too weak, you're too weak. Just stay here. Be careful, okay.

Holden: I will.

Keith: I gotta go help him.

Lily: No, you're too weak. You are losing too much blood. We gotta wait for an ambulance.

Keith: I'm not gonna let Sweeney get away.


[Lucinda screams]


Les: Shut your mouth, Lilyby, be quiet, be quiet. Back up, brother. I'll smoke her. I swear I'll kill her.



Fireman #1: Hey, it's too hot. We can't get in.

Luke: What are you thinking? There's still people inside there!

Fireman #1: I'm sorry, but it's too dangerous.

Luke: Jack! Carly!

Fireman #1: We can't get in. Nothing we can do.


Les: That's a good boy. Now, I'm goin' for that door. This way. Be smart, nobody gets hurt.

Lily: No! No! No!


Jack: He's dead. He's dead. Everybody okay?

Lily: Yeah. We need an ambulance.

Holden: It's on the way.

Lily: Okay. Faith? Natalie?

Lucinda: Oh, no, no. They're upstairs, in bed. I'll go look. I'll check, I'll check.

Lily: Is it really over?

Keith: Yeah. Yeah, it is.



Announcer: Tomorrow on "As the World Turns," 

Carly: I am not afraid of you anymore.

[Carly gasps]

Les: Wanna bet?

Keith: I think you should go home, spend some time with your family.

Lily: I don't have a home anymore. And I wanna be here, with you.

Katie: Oh, I thought we were passed that, Jennifer.

Jennifer: Yeah, so did I. But maybe I was wrong.

Katie: This is not about Mike.

Jennifer: Then do us all a favor. Get a life, and stay out of ours.

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