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As The World Turns Transcript Monday 6/6/05

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By Boo
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[Knock at the door]

Jennifer: You better have ice cream, Kasnoff, or you can just turn right back around and back to the --

Craig: Surprised? You look well. Jennifer, you're even starting to show.


Katie: Craig checked into the Lakeview, but they haven't seen him for hours.

Margo: Well, maybe he's just driving around, blowing off steam, plotting another day.

Katie: Have you ever seen him this mad before?

Margo: No, never. Never when he felt so rightfully angry.

Katie: Then you know where he'll go?

Margo: Oh, no, no.

Katie: What? Don't you think Mike and Jennifer deserve to be warned?

Margo: Well, does it have to be you?

Katie: You want to do it instead?

Margo: No.

Katie: 'Cause you know what will happen if Craig sees you -- how happy will he be to see you again?

Margo: All right, but Katie, you go in there, you warn them and you get out, right?

Katie: Instead of what? Staying and moving in with Mike and Jen? I'm not that desperate.

Margo: You seem really eager to jump in and help.

Katie: I am. I would like to do one good thing this week. Maybe I can stop three people I care about from killing each other.


Hal: Paul.

Paul: Hi.

Hal: What are you doing here so late?

Paul: I need to talk to Emily.

Hal: Right now? Can't wait?

Emily: No. You did it, didn't you? You went to go see her.

Hal: Who?

Paul: Yeah.

Hal: Who?

Emily: You want to go talk? Want to go for a walk or something?

Hal: Walk?

Paul: No, we should tell Hal what's going on.

Hal: Yeah, I'd like that.

Paul: I changed my mind about Rosanna.

Emily: What?

Hal: What?

Paul: Emily, I want you to press charges.

Hal: How can she --

Emily: Rosanna's back in town.

Hal: Really? And you were going to tell me when?

Paul: No, Hal, that was my idea. I didn't want Emily to say anything until I had a chance to think about it. And get my head straight.

Emily: And what, now you're sure?

Paul: Oh, yeah, I'm sure. Emily, I want you to throw the book at her.


Lia: Oh, my, God, Ann. Casey!


[Celia screams]

Celia: Casey! Casey. Casey.

Mr. Jacoby: Stand back. Everybody, get back. Give him some room to breathe. Call 911. Will?

Will: Yeah.

Celia: Casey, wake up. Please, be all right. Please.


Keith: Are you sure you don't want one of my killer margaritas? I'm just joking, Lily.

Lily: I just don't want to drink.

Keith: You look like you could use one.

Lily: I have a headache. I just took a pill. I really shouldn't have a drink.

Keith: You going to be operating some heavy machinery later?

Lily: You never know.

Keith: Well, there's no reason why it should go to waste. Maybe the poison sunk maybe the poison sunk to the bottom. Let's just see.

Lily: Oh, God, Keith --

Keith: You know, maybe I've just drugged the wrong glass here, huh?

Lily: Keith, donít. Please.

Keith: Look, one of us should have fun, because it doesn't look like you're having any, as far as you and I together, it's too late for any fun there, huh?

Lily: Don't be silly. I just don't want to drink.

Keith: Right, you need to keep your wits about you.

Lily: Yes, I do, because I have children in the house. I need to be alert.

Keith: I know you took it, Lily.

Lily: Took what?

Keith: The bee pollen. And you sent it to the lab.

Lily: How do you know that?

Keith: Because I'm not the only one that notices when people are acting a little strange around here.

Lily: I never thought you were acting strange.

Keith: So you just investigated me for fun.

Lily: No.

Keith: But you did investigate me.

Lily: Look, I wanted to prove to my mother and everyone else that you're innocent. That you're a good person.

Keith: No. No, no, no, no. You don't believe that, because you're still waiting for the lab results.

Lily: Not anymore.

Keith: Yeah, well, 'cause I cancelled the test. Yeah. That's right. The bee pollen that you found will match the bee pollen that was found in Sweenyís car. Because I planted it there. Now you know the truth.


Josh: Come on, man, you got to know that movie. It's like a classic from the '70s or something. Freaky girl, with supernatural powers, gets set up by the girls in high school. They drop a bucket of pig's blood on her head.

Zach: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Gwen: "Carrie." The movie was "Carrie." The girls who did it look a lot like your two dates.

Josh: Yeah.

Gwen: Oh, yeah. Except they had a hard time getting away, in the movie.

Zach: What happened to them?

Josh: Don't think we're protecting those two if they tried to hurt Casey.

Will: The ambulance is out front. I didn't know what to tell them about the condition or anything.

Mr. Jacoby: That's okay. Here they are.

[Celia crying]

EMT #1: What did this?

Mr. Jacoby: It's not real blood. At least it's not this boyís. It was a prank.

Will: I think the bucket was just supposed to fall and drop stuff on him. But it hit him in the head instead --

EMT #2: And knocked him unconscious.

Celia: I tried to wake him up, but he wonít.

Mr. Jacoby: All right, let's let them in here, dear, so they can help him. Come on. Come on.

Gwen: He's still out?

Celia: Who would do this? Everybody likes Casey.

Gwen: Celia, think. That bucket was triggered to fall for when the prom queen stepped up on the platform. No way was that meant for Casey.

Celia: This was meant for me?

Gwen: It might be hard to prove. At least hard enough to get them suspended.

EMT #2: I called it in. Memorial's ready.

Gwen: Wait a minute, the hospital? Is it that serious?

Celia: Oh, my God. You guys can't get him to wake up either? Why is it taking so long? I want to go in the ambulance.

EMT #1: Are the parents here?

Mr. Jacoby: No, they're my next call.

EMT #1: All right, you can go.

Gwen: No, me, too.

EMT #2: Sorry, miss, it's not a van.

EMT #1: He's right, we got to have room to work here. Let's go.

Gwen: Come on, you can drive, right?

Will: What?

Gwen: Your best friend just got wheeled out on a stretcher. Don't you want to go to the hospital?

Will: No, we should leave Celia and Casey -- you know, the guy said we'd be in the way.

Gwen: Look, there's enough room at the hospital. Whatever, I'll get my own ride.

Will: No, wait, fine, fine. We should be with them. Let's go.


Emily: Let's go through this. I don't want you to make a move until you're sure.

Paul: You were right.

Emily: Was I? Because, I told you not to go see Rosanna. Obviously you didn't listen to me.

Paul: Oh, come on, you knew that I couldn't do that.

Emily: What was her story? Why did she drug me?

Paul: James Stenbeck made her do it.

Emily: Oh, please!

Hal: Whoa, time out. James Stenbeck is involved with Rosanna?

Paul: James had Cabot, supposedly. Rosanna thinks that Cabot is still alive.

Hal: What?

Emily: How could that be?

Paul: I don't know, but she swears that it's true. She says that James got Cabot out of the cabin before it exploded and that he was alive and well, and the price that Rosanna had to pay to get her kid back was to torture me.

Hal: Oh, God help us, that sounds like James.

Paul: Yes, it does.

Emily: Did you see him? Did you see Cabot?

Paul: No, I don't know where he is.

Emily: Why?

Paul: Because James double crossed Rosanna and moved Cabot -- now Rosanna doesn't even know where Cabot is.

Emily: She comes back here with a story? That's it?

Paul: Yes. I know!

Emily: You don't believe it, do you?

Paul: Well, who could make something like that up?

Emily: Paul!

Paul: Okay, never mind that -- never mind who, why would somebody make something like that up?

Emily: Oh, my God. You believe it. Don't you?

Paul: I did. Until Craig Montgomery walked into the room. Craig and Rosanna were together wherever they were -- and with Craig involved, this whole thing could be a lie.


Jennifer: You.

Craig: Yes, me. You didn't expect me, did you? You're pretty far along, the baby must be kicking by now.

Jennifer: No.

Mike: Hey, get away from her. How did he get in here?

Jennifer: I don't know how -- I don't know why, when everyone said that he would never come here again.

Craig: Yes. Well, I just want to see how the baby's doing. You must be pretty far along. I never did get the exact due date. I could count backwards or you could tell me.

Mike: What do you want?

Craig: I want to know how Jennifer is doing.

Mike: That's none of your business.

Craig: Jennifer's health affects my baby's health, which is very much my child's business.

Mike: No, they'll both be great once you're gone.

Craig: Yes, I was gone, wasn't I? You two have anything to say for yourselves?

Jennifer: I canít. I can't do this. I canít.

Mike: Look, he's going, he's not going to bother you.

Craig: Now, I have tried to be nice, which is a lot more than you two deserve after the scams you have tried to run. But clearly, "nice and reasonable" doesn't work with you two. So if you think I'm going to be "nice" about my parental rights, forget it.

Mike: Craig, we didn't have anything to do with you leaving town.

Craig: Of course, not. You just sat on the porch, whittled a cradle while Jennifer told everyone she'd just be a basket case if she had to share the same zip code with me.

Jennifer: I did no such thing.

Craig: You even worked my own sister to turn on me.

Jennifer: Which sister? What is he talking about?

Mike: Look, we weren't part of it, but we were real glad you were gone.

Craig: Because I was trying to be a father to my child.

Jennifer: Craig, Mike and I are married. We are going to raise this child together.

Craig: All together. You two can have each other, but I want my child.

Jennifer: No, you can't take my baby away.

Craig: Oh, yes, I can. And I will.

Mike: Is that a threat?

Craig: Yes, it is. I will go to court, because I am the father, and you cannot make that disappear.

Katie: I'm so sorry to bother you guys --

Craig: Little sister. Were you part of my bon voyage party, too?

Katie: Craig, I didn't even know you were gone until the whole thing was over.

Craig: And you weren't even a little bit sorry?

Katie: Craig, I'm your sister and I love you. That's why I'm here. I want to help you.


Henry: Hi, just tell me she's all right.

Margo: Katie?

Henry: Yes, of course, Katie.

Margo: Well, come on in, Henry. Katie's fine. I just saw her.

Henry: Has Craig seen her? Margo, that's the point. What the hell is he doing back in town?! I come out of the elevator, he's buying a newspaper in the lobby. I thought he was gone permanently.

Margo: Yeah, me, too. It's kind of a long story.

Henry: Well, it is a story I've never heard in full, but I'm pretty certain that he did not leave town of his own volition.

Margo: No, he didnít. Now, he's back, he's got a few scores to settle.

Henry: Great! That's great. Which means, he's more determined than ever to go after Jennifer's baby. And Katie is smack-dab in the middle of it. I don't -- I don't like that, Margo.

Margo: Well, Henry, I thought that you and Katie were over.

Henry: We are, we are.

Margo: Mm-hmm. Then why are you hyperventilating?

Henry: I'm not -- I am not hyperventilating, Margo.

Margo: Henry, if you were any more breathless, I would have to give you the kiss of life. You're still in love with Katie, aren't you?

Henry: Just because a person is a little apprehensive about the well being of someone who they care about, does not mean --

Margo: What, care about?

Henry: I am just concerned --

Margo: Don't give me that -- you still love her.

Henry: -- That he might take out something on her that he didn't --

Margo: You still love her. You still love her.

Henry: Fine. Okay, fine. Fine. Officer, great, you win, I confess. I love her. Are you happy now?

Margo: No, no, I'm not. 'Cause I was really kind of hoping that you guys would find a way to work it out.

Henry: Well, we canít. And Katie and I understand that. And since I can't be around to take care of her anymore, I need your help okay? I need you to warn her about Craig.

Margo: Oh, that's okay, she knows.

Henry: Good, good. Okay, so she can lay low and keep out of the -- [Margo sighs] Hello, what?

Margo: What?

Henry: What?

Margo: What?

Henry: You what, what?

Margo: What?

Henry: I'm hyperventilating, you just stopped breathing. Come on, out with it, Margo.

Margo: Um -- Henry.

Henry: Yeah.

Margo: Okay. Excuse me. Katie went over to Mike and Jennifer's to warn them about Craig.

Henry: Of course. She doesn't care about herself, she cares about Mike.

Margo: No, no, I wouldn't put it that way.

Henry: I would, I would. I don't know -- I don't know why I don't get it. She doesn't need me to be a watch dog when she is so hell-bent on making sure that all of Mike's interests are taken care of.

Margo: Hey, hey! Henry, hey, wait, wait, wait. Okay, hear me, wait. Why don't you hang out here with me for a while, because Tom, he's off fighting bad guys and Caseyís at the prom, so why don't just you and I hang out and we'll have some ice cream.

Henry: Thanks, but no thanks.

Margo: Oh, no, Henry. You don't understand, marshmallow, almond fudge.

Henry: You don't seem to understand what I like about martinis. No marshmallows. Thank you, anyway, for the offer.

Margo: Hey, don't drink and drive.

[Henry laughs]

Henry: Yeah, I'm fine.

Margo: Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's a little too late for that. Oh, man. [Phone rings] Oh, God, what is it, you don't want me to have ice cream? Hello, Margo Hughes. Yes, this is Casey Hughes' mom. What -- he what? Yes, of course, I'll be right there. Oh, my God. Oh, my God.


Celia: Please, Casey. Please wake up.

Bob: Hi, there. I see our boy's not awake yet, huh?

Celia: Dr. Hughes, I'm so scared.

Bob: Don't you worry, we'll bring him around. This happened at the prom, huh? You know, you know, maybe he's just a lousy dancer and didn't want you to find out about it? Casey? I know he never liked to get dressed up, but red is his color, isn't it? [Celia laughs] Good, good. Casey? Casey Hughes?

[Casey moans]

Celia: Casey?

Bob: Okay. Now, let's give him a little room. Casey, do you know where you are?

Casey: Trouble?

Bob: Close enough. Do you know who I am?

Casey: Grandpa.

Bob: Dr. Grandpa to you. Do you know what day it is?

Casey: The 6th?

Bob: Hey, that's great. I don't know that I would have done that well. Good boy.

Mr. Jacoby: Excuse me, I reached detective Hughes, she's on her way. I'll wait for her out front.

Bob: Good.

Casey: Mom's coming? Big trouble.

Bob: What's this problem with trouble? You got a guilty conscience or something?

Casey: Celia? What happened?

Celia: Oh, it's nothing.

Casey: Grandpa, she's hurt.

Bob: No, no nobody's bleeding. This was somebody's idea of a practical joke. So listen, you just take it easy and I'm going to order some tests. If he tries to get out of here, you just holler.

Celia: I will. Are you okay now?

Casey: Yeah. As long as you're here.

Celia: I'm not going anywhere.

Casey: I love you. Did you mean it about not going anywhere?

Celia: Of course. I love you, too. I'll never leave you, Casey.

Will: What's wrong?

Gwen: I think I'm going to be sick.


Keith: Lily, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I won't touch you anymore. I'm not going to hurt you. I just want to talk to you. Will you -- will you sit down? Please? Look, I planted the bee pollen in Sweenyís car, because I saw him starting to slip away, as he's always done before. Every time he beat my sister to a pulp, she would arrest him, he would go to jail and then he would get out. And I saw it happening again. The case against him was starting to melt away here. He hired Jessica. She's the best, right? She would have got a walk. No physical evidence -- they threw the phone out. He would have walked out of jail, he would have walked right -- right into J.J.'s life. And I'm not going to let that happen. I owed that to my sister. Sweeny needs to go away for life.

Lily: Why didn't you just tell me?

Keith: Tell you? Tell you that I planted bee pollen in the car? I would never ever put you in that position.

Lily: I wouldn't have said anything.

Keith: I know that. I know that you wouldn't have said anything. However, that would have made you an accessory and I would never do that to you. But now you are anyway. So, I am sorry. But if you want to turn me in, you have that right. It's your call.


Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Lily: Hi, Jessica. I'm sorry to bother you again, but I would really like to see you.

Mike: I thought you were our friend.

Katie: I am!

Mike: I can't believe you'd take his side.

Craig: You're going to hear from my lawyer tomorrow.


Keith: If you need to make the call, I understand.

Faith: Uncle Keith!

Keith: Hey. There she is, my favorite little co-pilot.

Faith: I am?

Keith: Yes, you are. Guess what? I just came in from headquarters. It's official -- you now have your wings. Officially my co-pilot.

Faith: Let's go fly right now.

Keith: Well, you know that's up to the squadron commander, over there. She runs the airfield.

Faith: Mom runs everything.

Keith: Yes. Yes, she does. So what do you say, Mom?

Lily: I say that it's time for you to go to bed. So tell Marcia that you need to have your teeth brushed and go to bed. Okay go, go, go, go.

Keith: So Mom runs everything.

Lily: That's the way it works around here.

Keith: I'm really sorry that I put you in this predicament. It's a tough call. But I did not lie about the big things. Lily, I do love you, no matter what you decide.

Lily: Jessica Griffin, please, this is Lily Snyder. Hi, Jessica. I'm sorry to bother you again, but I would really like to see you. I have a very big decision to make and I wanted to talk to you about it. Great, okay. I'll be there in about a half an hour. Okay, see you then. Bye.


Margo: Oh, my God. Oh, my God, the blood!

Celia: It's fake.

Margo: Oh, baby, are you okay?

Casey: Mom, I'm fine, I just got hit on the head, it's okay.

Margo: What? Something got through that hair? Are you sure you're okay?

Casey: Yeah, Mom, I'm fine. Celia, don't go.

Celia: Your mom wants to see you.

Casey: So, she sees me all the time.

Tom: Hey, I just got the beep. Hey, kid.

Casey: It's not as bad as it looks. I got hit on the head, it's not a big deal.

Margo: Yeah, a hit that knocked him unconscious for half hour, not a big deal.

Tom: What? So what exactly happened?

Casey: I don't know. I was at the dance and I was looking for Celia, I was walking across the dance floor, the next thing I know I woke up here.

Margo: Well, did you see it, Celia?

Celia: No, I wasn't around. It's all my fault. The bucket was meant for me.

Tom: What bucket?

Margo: Of blood?

Celia: Fake blood. The ambulance guys said you can buy it online at some special effects places.

Tom: So, this was all some kind of a what, prank?

Margo: It's that movie, that horror movie, you know the one that --

Tom: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know the one you're talking about. Who's got the bright idea was this to do this in real life?

Margo: You know I'm what going to do? I'm going to haul every single kid at that prom down to interrogation.

Casey: Mom, chill.

Margo: Don't chill me, this was not funny.

Bob: Hi.

Tom: Hey, Dad, did you examine him?

Bob: Yeah, yeah, it's not as bad as it looks. We're going to be back for you in a couple of minutes. I've ordered a cat scan and that should tell us exactly what it is. My guess is a concussion.

Casey: I'm sorry I ruined the night.

Celia: It's my fault, not yours.

Casey: No, it isnít. And I'm glad I got hit instead of you.


Hal: What I don't understand, Paul, is why you want Emily to press charges.

Paul: I just explained the whole thing to you.

Hal: Not the "why." This is going to get ugly.

Paul: Yes, I know.

Hal: Do you? Then why are you asking her to press charges and bring up this whole mess again?

Emily: I don't care. Do you hear me? I want Rosanna Cabot to pay for what she did to me.

Hal: Really?

Emily: Yes. How about you, Paul? Or do you just want to punish Rosanna , because she's waltzed back into town with Craig?

Daniel: Mom? Hal? The nightlight went out.

Emily: Oh, dammit, I forgot to buy the light bulb for the -- would you just go upstairs and take care of him? He just wants a glass of water or something.

Hal: No, I want to get to the bottom of this.

Daniel: Mom? Hal?

Emily: Hal, please, just go!

Paul: It's a fair question.

Paul: It's a fair question. Am I doing that? Am I just trying to get back to Rosanna? Get back at her for hurting me?

Emily: You have every right to get back at that woman. What I'm worried about is seeing you get sucked back in.

Paul: She wants me back. That's what she said.

Emily: What? Because?

Paul: Because this whole thing was all about James. Which really makes sense, because my entire life, when you come down to it, has really only ever been about james. And this is exactly something that he would do. Leave me twisting in the wind. Make me think that I was responsible for a baby dying. And then take the kid and dangle it in front of Rosanna and tell Rosanna, "the only way you get your kid back is to destroy Paul." It's vintage Stenbeck.

Emily: So where does Craig fit in? I mean, obviously James did not bring him into the mix. That was Rosannaís doing.

Paul: Maybe it was an accident that they were in the same place at the same time.

Emily: Come on, I don't believe in accidents. Not like that.

Paul: Yeah, me, either.

Emily: Well, what then?

Paul: She trusted Craig. Okay? Not me. When she knew that she was going to go up against James, she turned to Craig.

Emily: Yeah, but, if any of this is even the truth -- would you listen to me -- this whole thing could be a big scam.

Paul: She could be telling the truth, okay? James could have forced her to do this.

Emily: Which could mean that Cabot really is alive and well. Do you believe that?

Paul: You know what? I want to. I hope he is.

Emily: I know you do.

Paul: This is why I want a trial now. Put Rosanna up on that witness stand is the only way that any of us are ever gonna know the truth.

Emily: Yeah, well, I'm all for it. I'll get Hal to file the charges tomorrow. You get truth, I get justice. Everybody wins.


Craig: I have a loyal family member. That's touching.

Mike: I can't believe you'd take his side.

Jennifer: Oh, why not?

Katie: Yeah, why not?

Mike: I thought you were our friend.

Katie: I am. But I'm also Craig's sister, and he is the father to this baby, therefore, this baby is my niece or nephew, and I would be really happy if everybody would just stop yelling at each and making threats and refusing to talk to each other. And I'm sure the baby would be very happy, too, if we could all just manage to act like adults. So, Craig, let's go.

Craig: You're going to hear from my lawyer tomorrow.

Katie: They know, I'm sure. Now you can buy me a drink and let me welcome you home.

Mike: Katie? Thank you.

Jennifer: I should've known. I had this feeling ever since we got back from our honeymoon. I told you, didn't I? Ever since I saw Rosanna, I knew something horrible would happen.

Mike: All right. You just need to breathe. Breathe.

Jennifer: I should've known he would never stay away.

Mike: You couldn't have. Please, just relax.

Jennifer: It's going to start all over again, and then I'll never be free.

Mike: We'll be fine.

Jennifer: I have to get away from him. I can't --

Mike: Hey, hey, it's not just you. It's us, and I promise you, we will all be okay.


Bob: My only real concern is how long Casey was unconscious. I mean, it's a freak thing. This bucket just happened to hit the right point and at the right angle.

Tom: Do you think it could be something more?

Bob: I doubt that, but that's why I want to do a cat scan, just to make sure.

Tom: Okay. Okay.

Orderly: For Casey Hughes?

Bob: Oh, right this way. All right, my boy, we're going for a ride.

Celia: Can I come to?

Margo: I'll go.

Celia: Of course, your mom, go.

Casey: Mom, I'm fine. Can she, please?

Tom: You know, it's Celiaís prom night.

Margo: Sure, Celia, you go.

Bob: All right, my boy. Let's take it easy. There you go. Thank you, son, yeah.

Orderly: Is that good?

Bob: Yep, that's good.

Orderly: Here, buddy, real slow. Real slow. Here you go. Here you go. We won't be long.

Bob: This won't take long. All right. And leave the driving to me, okay?

Margo: What, honey, that's all I got. I can't smile and wave at the same time.

Tom: No, no, you did good.

Margo: Boo-boos are my job.

Tom: And diapers were your job, too. That was once upon a time.

Margo: So this gets easier?

Tom: That's not what I hear, no.

Margo: Honey, it's just -- even though they told me and I know it was fake when I saw that blood, and I thought that he could be hurt like that? That this could've been an accident -- just like Bryant. We could've lost our little boy, just like Craig.

Tom: Well, Casey is going to be okay and you don't have to worry about Craig.

Margo: He's back.

Tom: What? Any explanation as to where he's been?

Margo: No, not much. But he figured out that it was all a rouse just to get him out of town, and now he's back and he's looking for blood. Real blood.


Craig: Do you feel proud of yourself?

Katie: When you go straight home without causing another scene, I'll feel proud.

Craig: I went out of my way to be civil.

Katie: Oh, please. I saw what I walked in on.

Craig: I was a model of politeness and clarity. And what a surprise, Jennifer flies off the handle. What? I tried once again to be reasonable with both Mike Kasnoff and Jennifer, and they couldn't even give me the time of day.

Katie: They were probably shocked to see you.

Craig: I wonder why. I get pushed down a wormhole to the other side of the pacific basin by half the freakin' town. Am I supposed to make nice about this?

Katie: So donít. But just don't blame Jennifer and Mike, who knew nothing about it.

Craig: Knew nothing?

Katie: Okay, don't punish Jennifer, who doesn't need to be upset while she's pregnant with your child.

Craig: Why do I have to punish anybody? All I wanted to do was feel my baby kick. That's all.

Katie: Craig?

Craig: I can be a better father. That's why I have this chance. I know it. Okay? I don't want to hurt Jennifer. I don't want to hurt anybody. But I am not going to give up my baby, not for anything. Okay?


Jennifer: Craig's not the only one who can go to court. I'll get a restraining order. I'll have to get a lawyer.

Mike: You need a lawyer?

Jennifer: We. We need a lawyer.

Mike: Jen, don't do this.

Jennifer: We have to have a lawyer.

Mike: That's not what I mean.

Jennifer: I know.

Mike: This needs to be our problem, not your problem.

Jennifer: Okay, okay.

Mike: If it even is a problem.

Jennifer: What?

Mike: Maybe this doesn't have to be world war iii.

Jennifer: Its Craig Montgomery and a defenseless child! I can't think of a better reason to do battle than that!

Mike: But it is his child.

Jennifer: I can't believe you just said that.

Mike: Jen, it is the truth.

Jennifer: But you said that it was our child, and that you could get past --

Mike: I can, I can, hey, hey -- I love this child, and we still will raise it together and in my heart I know it's our child. But it's time to be realistic. Come on, if this thing goes to court or some kind of arbitration, Craig does have rights. He is the biological father.

Jennifer: Whose side are you on?


Lily: Oh, slow down, little miss co-pilot. You're getting really good at that, huh?

Faith: I want to go on a real plane with Uncle Keith.

Lily: Oh, I know, but I don't know if that's going to happen. You know, it's tough sometimes with schedules and things. Just don't get your hopes up, okay?

Faith: Uncle Keith promised.

Lily: I know. But sometimes when people promise something, even though they want to do it, sometimes they canít.

Faith: Uncle Keith would never lie to me.

Lily: You really like him, don't you? Ooh, you really do like Keith. You're blushing! Look at you. Oh. Did you brush your teeth? Let me see. Oh, yeah. [Lily laughs] You know what? Why don't you tell Marcia to pick out your favorite book, put you to bed. I've got to run out for a little bit, but I'll come in and kiss you when I come back, okay?

Faith: Okay.

Lily: Okay, good.


Mike: I am on your side. I'm on our baby's side. But what Katie said, it made sense. If it doesn't have to be a war, then it's better for the baby.

Jennifer: But it's Craig.

Mike: Yeah.

Jennifer: Making demands and throwing his weight around.

Mike: So we use his weight against him.

Jennifer: What?

Mike: Craig -- Craig likes to make a lot about his rights and about being a father. You know, he likes the idea of it. He likes the way it makes him look. You know, it gives him a reason to fight with everybody. But what does it really mean to him? I mean, do we really think he's gonna do the hard stuff? Do we really think he did that any of his other kids?

Jennifer: Probably not.

Mike: So maybe if we don't force him to prove himself, he'll be okay with a visit here, a visit there, a present or two on special occasions. We don't know.

Jennifer: What if he isn't? What if -- what if he seriously wants to be part of every decision, every step that we take?

Mike: Then we'll deal with that, but for now, don't borrow trouble.

Jennifer: Oh, I just can't even stand the idea him visiting. It makes me want to just scream to think of him being around this baby!

Mike: Yeah, you do. Literally. So, please, let me handle Craig.

Jennifer: No. No. I can't -- hey, what happened to this "we" thing that you were so big on? It cuts both ways.

Mike: Okay, we just have different jobs right now. Yours is to remain calm and take care of that baby. Which you cannot do if you're butting heads with Craig. So let me deal with him. I promise you, I will protect you and our baby.

Jennifer: Okay. You got the job.


Katie: Nobody's saying to give up on your baby. At least I'm not. But be smart, Craig. Don't give people another reason to run you out of town this time.

Craig: What reason? I didn't deserve it the first time.

Katie: Oh, are we gonna have to hear that for months now? Because it's not gonna do any good, and neither is threatening Mike and Jennifer.

Craig: All right, what do you suggest?

Katie: Let me feel things out for you.

Craig: Oh. You want to feel out Mike Kasnoff?

Katie: Oh, don't be disgusting.

Craig: I'm not sure Mr. Katie would allow that. What?

Katie: Henry left me.

Craig: He what?

Katie: I don't want to talk about it. The point is I am not after Mike. Mike and Jennifer both know this, so maybe, just maybe, I could be a voice of reason in this whole mess. Will you let me try?

Craig: Oh, well, why not? As long as it can be pleasant, I am all for it. Just make sure that they understand, okay?

Katie: I know. I know.

Craig: That there are no tricks, no trying to cut me out. I am Daddy.


Emily: Paul, its okay. We are doing the right thing.

Paul: I hope you're right.

Emily: We will shake down Rosanna if it's the last thing we do.

Paul: I hope so. 'Night, Hal.

Hal: Goodnight, Paul.

Paul: I'm really sorry I ruined your evening.

Hal: It's not a problem.

Emily: Goodnight.

Hal: So did I hear all that right?

Emily: Yes. Finally! I knew he would come around. Now we can finally put that witch behind bars.

Hal: Rosanna Cabot behind bars.

Emily: Yes. Yes. And I know she has more money than God, and she will fight us, but we will win. Because now that we've got Paul on our side, we will do whatever it takes --

Hal: No. You are not going to pressing charges against Rosanna. I absolutely forbid it.


Tom: So what's the story?

Bob: The boy has a head like a coconut. [Chuckles] It's a mild concussion. We'll send him home with some painkillers, but you should wake him up every hour or so to make sure you can rouse him.

Casey: It's prom night. I'm not going to sleep.

Bob: You're not partying either.

Casey: Okay, fine.

Margo: All right, let's go get him checked out here, okay?

Casey: I guess I ruined

Casey: I guess I ruined your first prom, huh?

Celia: You didnít. You saved me.

Casey: All part of my plan.

Celia: Yeah, right.

Casey: It would've been if I'd known. I have no problem being the hero.

Celia: You are.

Will: You okay?

Gwen: Yeah, I'm fine.

Will: You were in there a long time.

Gwen: Well, it takes a long time to throw up everything you've ever eaten in your entire life.

Will: Gross. We didn't even drink anything.

Gwen: No. But that's a good idea. Let's get drunk.

Will: Oh, yeah, right. Like you actually want to leave when you came here to be with Casey. It's not like you're Celiaís friend.

Gwen: No, you've got that covered, don't you?

Will: Don't put this on me. You guys were the ones that made him freak out tonight.

Gwen: Uh-uh. I didn't get that far.

Will: Yeah, but you would've. Gwen, what's really going on? Do you love him?

Gwen: Not at all.

Will: Then why are you all over him?

Gwen: Because it's his fault.

Will: What is?

Gwen: I'm pregnant. Okay? Casey's the father.


Lily: Yes, this is Lily Snyder, a message for Jessica Griffin. Could you please apologize and tell her that I have to cancel, and I will call her tomorrow? Thank you.

[Lily screaming]


Announcer: Tomorrow on "As the World Turns," 

Paul: What is so important that you couldn't just call me from downstairs?

Rosanna: Hi.

Hal: For the last time, walk away from this madness, and walk away from Paul Ryan.

[Engine steaming]

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