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Dusty: Hey.

Mike: Hey.

Dusty: Before you start swinging at me with a 2" x 4" for screwing up your honeymoon, she just wanted me to drop this stuff by.

Mike: All right, just leave it there. She's out. Want a beer?

Dusty: No, no, I gotta run.

Mike: Get me one, will you? It's out of the cooler right there. I think I messed this up. Does this look crooked to you?

Dusty: Yeah. Where's Jennifer?

Mike: She got a message from Paul to meet him at Fairwinds.

Dusty: I thought Paul got evicted from Fairwinds.

Mike: Yeah, he did.

Dusty: What's he want her to meet him there for?

Mike: He wouldn’t. Jen and I got talking about that, figured it's a surprise baby shower.

Dusty: Oh, yeah.

Mike: I told her I really wanted to go.

Dusty: You lied?

Mike: Oh, yeah. [Boys laugh] I mean, I'm happy about the baby and everything, but --

Dusty: Believe me -- you don't have to explain to me. I understand perfectly.

Mike: I love my wife, but if she's gonna spend the afternoon knee deep in breast pumps, she's on her own.


Jennifer: Hello? Paul? Is anybody here? Hello?


Emily: Will you please stop scowling? It is extremely unattractive.

Paul: I didn't realize I was getting graded. What's going on here?

Emily: You know what they say about falling off a horse.

Paul: Get out of the way before it stomps you in the head? Emily, I didn't fall off my marriage, I was bucked off and then I was stepped on.

Emily: Okay, well, all the more reason to jump back into the dating pool. So you don't turn into an ancient, dried-up grump. Hence, the practice date.

Paul: The practice what?

Emily: Mm-hmm. Come on, be a gentleman. Show me to my seat.

Paul: This isn't the Ritz, you know. This is Mabel’s, I think -- here have a seat. I think one stool's pretty much as good as another.

Emily: Ask me about my day. You need practice engaging with the opposite sex, trust me.

Paul: I don't engage on the first date.

Emily: You know what? I'm doing this because I'm your friend.

Paul: No, you're doing this because you want a free meal.

Emily: If you're not going to take this seriously, I'm gonna go home.

Paul: Okay, all right. No, no, sit down, sit down. I'll try. Okay, we sit and we smile.

Emily: It's a little awkward, tentative, you know. But that's okay. She says to herself, "that's okay. It's a first date. First dates usually start out that way."

Paul: She's wondering what kind of a loser would bring her to a hot dog stand for a first date.

Emily: Maybe -- but instead she says, "Paul, thank you for picking this place. I love hot dogs."

Paul: Cheap date.

Emily: Just a girl who likes the simple things.

Paul: So, now what? I could move in -- intimate, that's good, right?

Emily: Oh, that's good. That's a good move, yeah. Give her all your focus. Women love that.

Paul: You're beautiful.

Emily: Thanks.

Paul: Was that sincere? I was going for sincere.

Emily: Yeah, it's funny. I got that. Yeah, I got that. So, Paul, tell me about yourself.

Paul: Okay, here's what you need to know. You should walk out the door right now and head for the hills, and never look back. Because if you knew what I know about myself, you wouldn't want to know.


Craig: Rosanna? Rosanna, you decent?


Rosanna: Jennifer, let me get you something to drink.

Jennifer: What are you doing here? Where's Paul?

Rosanna: Um -- he's not coming. I know this seems odd.

Jennifer: You sent that message?

Rosanna: Yes, I needed to talk to you.

Jennifer: I have nothing to say to you.

Rosanna: Jennifer, please -- just wait, tell me -- tell me, how is he?

Jennifer: How is he? You cut my brother's heart out, practically destroyed him! How could you do that?

Rosanna: That's what I need to explain. That's why I need to see Paul.


Lily: Burt, are you sure that you saw this man here?

Burt: No doubt about it. He was hanging around, looking kind of antsy all the time. It's bad enough when serious paying customers do that.

Lily: So, what was he doing? He was just loitering? Did he buy gas or anything?

Burt: Oh, yeah, sure. He bought a couple of bucks worth.

Lily: Are you absolutely sure that it was the same day that the police were looking at Les Sweeney’s car, and searching it?

Burt: Well, that was the day they found that, what do you call it -- bee pollen.

Lily: They told you that?

Burt: No, I was kind of snooping. I heard. That's what killed that Larrabee woman. She was allergic. Somebody injected her with enough to stop her heart. Weird, huh? So, I hope that guy in that picture's not a friend of yours.

Lily: What?

Burt: I just got a kind of a feeling, you know? Be careful, Ms. Snyder, okay? You're a nice lady.

Lily: Thanks.


Dusty: Why do you have beer in a cooler when you've got a fridge?

Mike: Saves steps. Jennifer mentioned you might be dropping by.

Dusty: Did she ask you to be nice to me?

Mike: Yeah.

Dusty: Man, you really got it bad.

Mike: Yeah, I figured helping me build this, you know, doing some guy stuff, might help you out.

Dusty: How is that?

Mike: Bro, you work in a fashion house.

Dusty: Yeah, what about it?

Mike: Well, when you meet those models, you can impress them with your calluses.

Dusty: So I can tell them I cut myself by sawing?

Mike: Always worked for me.

Dusty: All right, let me try the hammer.

Barbara: Knock, knock. Hi, I need to see Jennifer.

Mike: Jennifer's not here.

Barbara: I'm not meddling. I'm really not --

Dusty: Of course you're meddling.

Barbara: Dusty, please. Look, I know that you and Jen want to spend some time together, and I promised myself that I wouldn't come over here without a formal invitation, even though I know you've been back for a little while.

Mike: What do you need, Barbara?

Barbara: I ran into Henry, and he told me that --

Mike: That his marriage with Katie is over. I know.

Barbara: Of course you know. I'm sure Katie couldn't wait to come over here and give you the good news. Does Jennifer know?

Mike: Not about the split, no. I told her they were having some troubles. I didn't want to get her all upset, so I just left the rest out.

Barbara: Oh, right. Because you're afraid that Jennifer would assume that you'd make a beeline for Katie, now that she's free. And are you?

Dusty: Open your eyes, will you? The guy's building a cradle.

Barbara: Oh!


Jennifer: Now, I don't know what you went off to find, but it obviously didn't work out. So you come back here to loving, old dependable Paul, knowing that if you play your cards just right, that he'll take you back in a heartbeat.

Rosanna: But he won't, will he, Jennifer?

Jennifer: No, not if I have anything to say about it.

Rosanna: Look, can't you just entertain the possibility that I had a good reason for doing what I did? I missed him every day, Jennifer.

Jennifer: Then why did you hurt him?

Rosanna: That's something that I need to tell Paul first.

Jennifer: Oh, okay, so you want me to warm him up for you? Let him know you're back, that you've refurbished the place, that you made it all nice and cozy and comfortable. And I suppose you want me to tell him that you're sorry.

Rosanna: Yes, I am. I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. I love him, Jennifer. And he loved me. And I'm hoping that somehow he still does.

Jennifer: Well, thanks for firing the warning shot, Rosanna. At least now I can give my brother time to protect himself.

Rosanna: Come on, Jennifer. Paul was everything to me.

Jennifer: Well, you fooled everyone! If anyone had told me that within the span of a week, that you would have told my brother that you hated him, left him, and then divorced him, I would have said that they were crazy. But you did all of those things, Rosanna! You're not who I thought you were.

Rosanna: Well, if anyone had told me that you would sleep with your mother's ex-husband, I would've told them that they were crazy. So, I guess you're not who I thought you were, either.


Paul: Quit it. Quit staring at me.

Emily: I'm pretending to be devastated by your handsome profile, even though you're acting like a slug.

Paul: I don't need practice taking a woman out on a date. I remember. You pick up the check, you take her to the door --

Emily: Do you remember how to get invited in? Because the way you're going, that's never happening again.

Paul: There are plenty of women out there I can sleep with, and I don't need to get to know them first.

Emily: Ooh, okay rico suave.

Paul: I'm just saying that there's a lot of really nice women out there that don't want anything hot and heavy.

Emily: You don't want those women.

Paul: Yeah, I do.

Emily: No, you don’t. You are not a one-night-stand kind of guy. You like to get to a woman first, find out what makes her tick.

Paul: Why? So I can pretend I understand them?

Emily: No, so you could have something to talk about before and after sex.

Paul: Why did you pick this place?

Emily: I don't know. It's friendly and they have good hot dogs.

Paul: No they don’t.

Emily: Yeah, they do.

Paul: What are we doing here? Why did you choose this place?

Emily: I figured it was one place in Oakdale you hadn't been with Rosanna.

Paul: Thanks.

Emily: Sure. Okay, let's get back to the date.

Paul: Did it ever occur to you that maybe I don't need somebody else to be happy? And that I'm fine, maybe better than fine, all by myself?

Emily: Yeah, the thought crossed my mind. And then you kissed me.

Paul: Yeah.

Emily: Yeah.

Paul: I told you, I was out of line.

Emily: Yeah, you were. I'm a married woman, and from now on you are to keep those lips to yourself.

Paul: Yes, ma'am.

Emily: The way you kissed me? It proved something.

Paul: I've still got it?

Emily: Oh, yeah, you still got it. That wasn't a kiss of someone who's fine by himself. You have more passion inside you to light up a city, Paul. And for the sake of some lucky woman who you haven't met yet, I'm not going to let that passion go to waste.


Lily: Oh!

Holden: Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you.

Lily: Oh, it's okay. What are you doing here?

Holden: I brought the girls home from the party.

Lily: Oh, right, of course.

Holden: Are you all right? Where have you been?

Lily: I had an errand to run.

Holden: What kind of errand?

Lily: I almost hit a deer on my way home in the car. I had to swerve to get away from it. How was the party? Was it fun at the party? Have a good time?

Holden: What kind of errand was it? You seem upset.

Lily: I saw --

Holden: What?

Lily: I saw a deer. I think I saw it. Out of the corner of my eye, I thought I saw a glimpse of it, but, you know, I could have imagined it.

Holden: Where did this happen?

Lily: I went to see my attorney. Didn't Keith mention it?

Holden: Keith was supposed to be at J.J.'s party, but he never showed up.

Lily: Keith didn't come to the party?

Holden: No.

Lily: Did he call?

Holden: No, and J.J. was pretty disappointed.

Lily: I guess something came up.

Holden: What about you? Why didn't you show up? I wanted to talk to you.

Lily: About what happened last night?

Holden: Not my finest hour.

Lily: No, you didn't do anything wrong.

Holden: No, I never should have showed up on Keith’s doorstep like that. And I promise you that it won't happen again. Anyway, I'm gonna go. Let me just say good-night to the girls --

Lily: Wait -- I saw the flowers. Lilies, my favorite.

Holden: Yeah, I know.

Lily: It just made me wonder --

Faith: Daddy!

Holden: Hey, pumpkin. What is it?

Faith: Can you read me a story?

Lily: Of course Daddy can read you a story. He's the best at it. Right? Right?

Faith: Right.

Holden: I want to finish this.

Lily: We will.

Holden: I'll be right back.

Lily: Okay.

Holden: Okay, so what are we gonna read, huh?


Paul: Well, I'm getting hungry.

Emily: You don't need practice ordering. You need practice communicating. Come on, I'm going to turn you into a charming date if it kills me. Tell me about yourself.

Paul: Oh, come on, I wouldn't talk about myself on a first date.

Emily: Why not?

Paul: Because it's rude. I'd talk to you about you. Or her, my date.

Emily: You're going to have to talk about yourself at some point, you know?

Paul: All right, at the tender age of three, I was ripped from my adoptive parents, and placed in the unsteady arms of Barbara Ryan and James Stenbeck -- two psychos, who were soon to be divorced. Denied access to my father, I was convinced that it was all my mother's fault. So when my father died the first time, I took out all my rage and hostility on her, until James Stenbeck miraculously resurfaced, hunted down and tried to kill my best friend Emily, whom I had to protect by shooting my own father.

Emily: Okay, I get it. You have a colorful past.

Paul: Color -- it's like a rainbow.

Emily: So what? Who doesn't? Do you want to hear the uncensored version of my life story?

Paul: No, I already know it.

Emily: Yeah, I guess you do.

Paul: You're a good person.

Emily: So are you. That is what I'm trying to tell you. So stop running yourself down, acting like you deserved what Rosanna did to you.

Paul: That's what she said. That I deserved it. You know, I thought loving her would be enough. That I would be enough. I don't want to put myself back out there, Emily, to learn what I already know. I'm no good at this.

Emily: Dance with me.


Jennifer: Craig Montgomery was a mistake, a one-time aberration.

Rosanna: And people should just forget about it, and let you go on with your life?

Jennifer: If you're making a comparison here, Rosanna, this one won't float. You hurt Paul. I didn't hurt Craig.

Rosanna: You're having Craig’s baby, right? And do you think that you'll let Craig be part of that child's life?

Jennifer: No!

Rosanna: You think that won't hurt Craig?

Jennifer: How did you know?

Rosanna: How did I know what?

Jennifer: About the baby, about Craig. How did you know?

Rosanna: It's a small town.

Jennifer: You've been away.

Rosanna: I've kept in touch. Look, Jennifer, we've gotten off to a bad start. I've said all the wrong things. Let me say some of the right ones. Congratulations. Having a baby -- I can't imagine how excited you must be.

Jennifer: Yes, I am excited. And I'm very happy. And I intend to stay that way. The baby I'm carrying is mine, not Craig’s. Mine and Mike’s. Besides, Craig opted out of the whole thing.

Rosanna: What are you talking about?

Jennifer: He left town. And as far as I know, he's not coming back.

Rosanna: You make it sound as if he left of his own free will.

Jennifer: He wouldn't have left if he didn't want to. Craig doesn't do anything he doesn't want to do.

Rosanna: What about the charges?

Jennifer: What charges?

Rosanna: Well, I guess all of my information wasn't quite accurate.

Jennifer: Rosanna, you just got back into town, and so far, all of your information has been accurate, so what is this about charges?

Rosanna: Well, Craig’s always in legal trouble so I just assumed that he got out of town in order to avoid it. But, listen, I don't want to talk about Craig, okay? I want to talk to Paul.

Jennifer: Do you? Well then maybe you should tell me where you're getting your information about me and Craig.


[Craig reading Rosanna’s letter to him]

Rosanna: Craig, by the time you read this, I'll be back at Fairwinds trying to pick up the pieces of whatever is left of my life. I know how you feel about my returning to Oakdale. That's why I took the coward's way out and left this note instead of telling you myself. I wish you could have come with me. I'll never forget what you did for me. You were a true friend when I needed one most. You helped me save Cabot’s soul from the devil himself and if there's anything I can ever do for you -- which reminds me, did you find the money? It's under the pillow. It's not a reward, it's an investment in you. Make a good life for yourself. -- Rosanna.


Lily: Keith? Keith?

[Lily remembering]

And Les accused you of planting bee pollen in his car to make him look more guilty.

Keith: I'm gonna ask you a question, Lily. Now, who do you believe? That bum, sweeney, or me?

Lily: Have you seen this man around the garage?

Burt: Yeah, sure. It was back around the time the cops were poking around. They were looking for this guy's car.

Lily: What guy?

Burt: The guy that they say killed his wife.


Keith: Lily? What are you doing here?


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Paul: What's next?


Lily: Holden said that you never showed up to the party.

Keith: So you're checking up on me?

Lily: I was worried about you.

Keith: That's great, come here. Hey, you're kind of shaking a little bit.

Lily: I knew that you would never miss J.J.'s party unless -- where were you?

Keith: Well, I had this job interview for this private pilot thing.

Lily: Oh.

Keith: I had to go to the airport, and it ran longer than I thought.

Lily: Well, why didn't you call Jack?

Keith: Well, 'cause the interview was going good, and I didn't want to, you know, stop. But -- well, this is even better, because now you can come to the party with me, and then we can come back here, and we can have our own party.

Lily: Oh, you know, the party for J.J., It's probably over.

Keith: Oh.

Lily: So maybe you should go there by yourself and talk to J.J. He might be disappointed that you weren't there.

Keith: I'll call J.J. later and explain it to him. But, you know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna pour you a glass of wine. You okay?

Lily: Yeah, I almost -- I almost hit a deer on my way home, and I'm a little rattled still.

Keith: You know what, I'm gonna call J.J., smooth things over. And then I'm gonna spend some time with you.

Lily: Oh.

Keith: Help you relax.

Lily: Can I take a rain check? 'Cause Faith wasn't feeling very well at the party, and I promised her I'd come right home.

Keith: I'll walk you home.

Lily: No, no, no. It's okay. You go. You go see J.J.

Keith: Okay, well, after they go to bed, sneak back down.

Lily: I'll try.

Keith: Okay. Hey, Lily -- we belong together.


Barbara: You know, why don't you just wipe that smirk off your face, because I can tell that my daughter's husband likes me.

Dusty: He doesn't like you. He loves Jennifer, so he tolerates you.

Barbara: Yeah. He does love Jennifer, doesn't he? And to think how close Craig came to ruining everything.

Dusty: What are you thinking about him for? He's gone.

Barbara: How can I thank you?

Dusty: Don’t. It was a team effort.

Barbara: No, you and Paul made this happen. I mean, I do wonder how Craig is coping, moving from hotel to hotel, country to country.

Dusty: You feel sorry for him?

Barbara: Oh, please. The only thing I'm doing is praying that he never finds his way back here.


Craig: Yes, I'd like to check on the availability of a flight to -- anywhere but home.


Rosanna: Jennifer, I have an unlimited ability to purchase information. When I decided to return to Oakdale, I simply asked some questions.

Jennifer: Well, questions about Paul I could understand. But questions about me, about my pregnancy?

Rosanna: Your Paul’s sister. It came up.

Jennifer: Okay, I'm gonna say this exactly once. Stay out of my life. Stay out of Paul’s life, Will's life even. Leave us all alone!

Rosanna: Why? What are you afraid of?

Jennifer: You. I'm afraid of people like you. So do us all a favor, go back to wherever it was you came from! Nobody missed you while you were gone! Nobody.


 [Emily laughs]

Paul: What? What's so funny?

Emily: You still can't dance, can you?

Paul: Oh, no, I can. This is -- this is a ruse. This is a first date ruse.

Emily: Oh? Okay, so what's the ruse? How does it go?

Paul: Well, on a first date, a woman would be too polite to tell me that I can't dance. She would probably say something else.

Emily: Are you okay? Are you okay? Your feet aren't moving?

Paul: Okay, see, now that's pushy. A pushy date. And I could say, "Um, I'm having trouble dancing. I'm having trouble moving. I'm a little self-conscious, 'cause you're very graceful."

Emily: Oh, my God? And women fall for that?

Paul: I hope. Then I just kind of look at you --

Emily: The look works. What's next?

Paul: See what you do to me, huh?

Emily: Your heart just skipped a beat. How did you make that happen?

Paul: Practice. It's a well-crafted, honed skill.

Emily: Okay, what's next?

Paul: Eye contact. We get close. Just kind of move our feet.

Emily: Okay, this works. What happened?

Paul: Well, you know what's next. Once there was a little prince,who was very fussy.

Paul: So how'd I do?

Emily: Great.

Paul: Yeah?

Emily: Yeah, great. You get an a-plus in the smooth moves department. But like I said before, your communication skills need a little work.

Paul: Yeah, well, maybe you can help me out with that.


Jennifer: Paul? Hey. I've been looking all over for you.

Paul: What, what?

Jennifer: I don't mean to be rude, but I really need to talk to Paul alone.

Emily: Oh, oh.

Paul: Emily and I are in the middle of something.

Emily: That's okay, that's okay. I've got to get back home anyway. I'm sure Hal’s waiting for me.

Paul: Okay. Well, why don't you -- here, take my -- take my car.

Emily: Yeah, I need your car. Are you sure? It's okay?

Paul: Yeah, I'm gonna ride with Jen.

Emily: Okay.

Paul: I had fun.

Emily: That's the idea.

Jennifer: All right, hold on to your hat.

Paul: Why?

Jennifer: Rosanna's back.


[Rosanna remembering]

Rosanna: I don't want you anymore.

Paul: Why are you saying all these things?

Rosanna: Because I can't have you following me. It won't work. It will only cause us more pain. So we'll move on. Do what you do best. It will be better for both of us. How am I gonna convince you? Not one word of it was true?


Paul: What does she want?

Jennifer: She wanted to know how you're doing.

Paul: Oh, how -- how I'm doing?

Jennifer: She wants to see you. Paul, please, promise me you won't go anywhere near her.


Holden: Hi.

Lily: Hi. The girls asleep?

Holden: All tucked in. Where'd you go?

Lily: Um, I just had to check on Keith for something. I'll just kiss the girls good-night.

Holden: Lily, wait. There's something that I want to tell you.

Lily: All right.

Holden: About the flowers, I just -- I wanted you to know --

Lily: What?

Holden: I want you to know that I'll always love you, and that I just want you to be happy.

Lily: I feel the same way about you. I just have one question.

Holden: Sure.

Lily: Why didn't you give me the flowers? Why did you just leave them there?

Holden: I signed the divorce papers. Luke wanted me to wait before I gave them to you.

Lily: Did you -- did you wait?

Holden: Not as long as he wanted me to.

Lily: So once I sign these, then -- then it's official.

Holden: This is what you want, isn't it? You want to move on with your life. With Keith.

[Lily remembering]

Keith: Now who do you believe? That bum, sweeney, or me?

Holden: Lily, is this what you want?


Paul: I have no intention of seeing Rosanna.

Jennifer: Are you sure? Well, there's something else.

Paul: What?

Jennifer: She knew things. Paul, she -- she knows I'm pregnant with Craig’s baby.

Paul: Yeah, well, everybody knows that, Jennifer.

Jennifer: Yes, but when I told her that Craig is no longer an issue, that he disappeared, she -- she seemed confused and asked me about charges against him. Now, what -- what did she mean by that? What charges?

Paul: It's not important.

Jennifer: Look, I am not asking how you got Craig out of the country. I don't care. But if there's any chance that he could come back to town --

Paul: Hold on, slow down. Take it easy. Jennifer, just take it easy.

Jennifer: But how could she know these things, unless she was in touch with Craig?

Paul: I don't know. Maybe she hired a private investigator.

Jennifer: To ask questions about me? No, there is something that -- I don't have a good feeling about this, Paul.

Paul: Everything's going to be fine, Jennifer. I promise you.

Jennifer: Well, you know she's gonna come after you. She's gonna want to explain and make things right.

Paul: She can’t. Rosanna's dead to me. There's nothing that she can say or do that will change that.

Jennifer: Well, what about Craig?

Paul: He's dead, too. They can't hurt us anymore, Jennifer.


[Phone rings]

Craig: Yes?

Rosanna: Craig, it's me. Did you get my note?

Craig: Oh, yes. Lovely letter. You know, I'd almost give back every bit of the money you gave me if I could have you here to take it -- almost.

Rosanna: Aw. Lonely?

Craig: Well, cash can buy a lot of attention. Anyway, there's a world of countries to explore.

Rosanna: You may want to hold off on your travel plans.

Craig: Why?

Rosanna: I think I've found a way to help you out of your difficulties.

Craig: Tell me more.

Rosanna: I saw Jennifer. When I mentioned the charges against you, she had no idea what I was talking about. Isn't that odd? I mean, I should have thought that your escape made front page news in Oakdale.

Craig: At least.

Rosanna: Something's not right about this. I'm gonna look into it.

Craig: Can I help?

Rosanna: Stay put for now, okay? I'll call you and tell you when the coast is clear to come back.

Craig: Rosanna, if you pull this off --

Rosanna: Maybe I can buy myself some good karma. We make a funny team, don't we? A couple of loners trying to get back to where we once belonged.


Holden: Lily? Tell me what you want.

Lily: I want --

Holden: Tell me.

Lily: A divorce. That's what I want.

Holden: All right then. We need to tell the girls.

Lily: Not tonight, okay?

Holden: Okay. You just -- let me know when you want to do that.

Lily: Holden, wait, wait.


[Keith remembering]

Lily: Holden said you never showed up at J.J.'s party.

Keith: Did you come to check on me?

Lily: I was worried about you.


Keith: Lily –

Lily: I have a very unusual request, and if it weren't important, I wouldn't have called so late. I have a -- I have a sample of bee pollen that I want to have analyzed. Yes, I want to see if it matches another batch that might have been used -- I just want to see if the bee pollen matches another batch. Could you do that? Oh, that's great. Yes, I'll be there. I'll be there as soon as I can. Thank you, thank you.


Announcer: Tomorrow on "As the World Turns,"

Gwen: Get over yourself. I'm not a stalker.

Casey: Then, you know what? Why don't you just say what you have to say and stop with all the mystery?

Paul: Rosanna's back.

Emily: What? Why? What does she want?

Paul: Apparently, me.

Emily: Well, there's no way in hell she's gonna get you.

Rosanna: Phyllis, is that you?

Craig: No. Honey, I'm home.

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