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Craig: Well, we can go anywhere. We can disappear, you, me, Cabot.

Rosanna: No, we can’t. James will find us no matter where we go. He'll track us down, he'll trace our moves. I can't but Cabot through that nightmare again. I know what I have to do. Sei?

Craig: Sei, what? Talk to me, talk to me.

Sei: Yes, Ms. Cabot?

Rosanna: Sei, is James still on board?

Sei: No, the police have taken him. Why don't I get Little Jimmy changed and ready --?

Rosanna: No, his name isn't "Little Jimmy." And from now on, it's not Cabot, either.

Craig: Are you all right?

Rosanna: No, I'm not. But I learned something from James.

Craig: What?

Rosanna: How to be ruthless.


Emily: Oh. It went out.

Paul: That's pretty much how the marriage went.

Emily: Well, hey, no problem, I've got plenty more.

Paul: Let me do it. That takes care of the memories I can see. So, now what do I do with the ones I can't get out of my head?


Luke: Mmm.

Emma: Hey.

Luke: I could smell them all the way out on the porch.

[Emma laughs]

Emma: Ah, my tester. Just in time.

Luke: Ah, yes.

Emma: Oh, no, no, no, no, no. They're too hot for that.

Luke: Ah, you're killin' me, Grandma.

Emma: So, what are you doing home from school?

Luke: Half day.

Emma: Oh.

Luke: So, is Dad around?

Emma: He went for some supplies. Is -- is anything wrong?

Luke: No, no, I just wanted to talk to him.

Emma: Oh. There, you can try one now. Here you go.

Luke: There we go.

Emma: So, how is it?

Luke: Horrible. I'm gonna have to take them all home.

Emma: Oh, sweetheart, it's good to see you smile a little bit. So tell me, how are things at home?

Luke: Different.

Emma: I can only imagine.

Luke: I told Mom I wouldn't go ballistic about seeing her with another guy. It's just -- you know, if she wants to get the divorce, then I guess it just has to happen.

Emma: Do you really believe she wants divorced?

Luke: I don't know, it's just -- it's like whenever I see her now, she's always with Keith, you know? And the way she's acting, Grandma. It's like -- it's like she can't wait to get away from Dad so she can be with Keith all the time.


Lucinda: I'm not sure what we have to talk about, Mr. Morrissey. My position is very clear. I want you to stay away from my daughter.

Keith: Well, my position is that I'm not leaving Oakdale.

Lucinda: Well, why would you when it's so sunny here for a man of your caliber?

Keith: If you have a problem with me, then you have a problem with your daughter. See you later.

Lucinda: Don't leave. Things are just getting interesting.


Lily: Let me guess. You've been talking to my mother.

Dusty: I know what I know. Keith has friends in low places. What do you know about his friend, Vin?

Lily: He's a guy that Keith owed money to. He's not proud of it, but he's trying to get himself out of debt.

Dusty: Do yourself a favor. Don't invite this kind of trouble into your life.

Lily: Keith is not trouble.

Dusty: How much does he owe?

Lily: I told you. He's taking care of it.

Dusty: All of it?

[Lily sighs]

Lily: Most of it.

Dusty: Well, "most of it" won't cut it for a guy like Vin. He'll take a pound of flesh instead. You hear me? Turn around, look at me. You got kids. And you have a family. Your mother's not always right, but she is right this time. Your boyfriend Keith isn't worth it. Dump him. I'm worried about the money he owes. You want me to ask around Chicago?

Lily: No.

Dusty: See how deep this thing goes?

Lily: I want -- no, please -- just let him handle it, I'm asking you.

Dusty: You tell Keith, for me, if anything happens to you, he's gonna retire early.

Lily: Nothing's gonna happen to me.

Dusty: Call me if you need anything.

Lily: I've got your number.

Dusty: Use it.

Lily: I will.


Keith: All right, look -- you've pegged me as a murderer, a con man, let's see -- a mobster by association. Have I left anything out?

Lucinda: Freeloader.

Keith: Well, let's not forget home wrecker then, huh?

Lucinda: That's some resume. Wow. No wonder that, as Lily's mother, I would find that your charms are lost on me.

Keith: Well, would you prefer that she was with someone that cheats on her?

Lucinda: I do not hold Holden wholly responsible for their problems.

Keith: Well, that's very big of you.

Lucinda: Hey, now wait a minute, let's stick to the subject. It's not just what I do know about you, Mr. Morrissey. It's what i don't know about you.

Keith: Well, then ask away, 'cause I'm an open book.

Lucinda: Really?

Keith: Yup.

Lucinda: Oh, well -- let's start with Julia’s cell phone. How did you find it?

Keith: Well, I found it at Sweeney’s halfway house with Lily.

Lucinda: But Lily never saw you in the act of discovery, did she? Just after you produced it. You could have brought it along with you, for all we know.

Keith: Well, that's not what happened. Sweeney had it hidden 'cause he knew that if anybody found it, he'd be arrested for my sister's murder.

Lucinda: Unfortunately he's dead, isn't he?

Keith: I'm glad he's dead, but not for the reasons you think. He killed my sister. He got what he deserved.

Lucinda: And if I have my way, so will you.

Keith: You know, I love the way you go to bat for your daughter. [Lucinda chuckles] So I'll tell you what? You keep an eye on me, 'cause I'm gonna be seeing a lot of you. I'll let you get back to work.


Luke: Dad, I'm sorry.

Holden: For what?

Luke: For what I was saying. Mom and the divorce, and --

Holden: It's okay. We should probably talk about it.

Emma: I'm gonna put the rest of these cookies in the oven. I have some for your sisters.

Luke: Oh, thanks, Grandma.

Holden: Have a seat. Your mom and I, we haven't done anything definite yet about a divorce.

Luke: It sounds pretty definite to me, dad. When Keith was over, I heard them making plans.

Holden: That must have been tough.

Luke: She's tried talking to me about it. It's like she -- she's trying to make everything sound normal. But I just -- I don't know what normal is anymore.

Holden: Luke, your mom and I, we love you very much. And we are not gonna put you or your sisters in the middle here. Nothing is gonna change.

Luke: Everything changes, Dad. Nothing's ever as good as it used to be. I'm old enough to know that.

Holden: I can't tell your mother who to date. I'm not gonna be able to tell you who to date when you start dating.

Luke: I gotta to get home.

Emma: Here you go, sweetheart. Now, you take these home to the girls. Don't you eat any.

Luke: Thank you, Grandma.

Emma: I love you.

Luke: I love you, too.

Emma: You come and see me soon again, okay?

Luke: I will. See you later, Dad.

Holden: Come here. I love you. I'll call you later.

Luke: Try my cell.

Holden: Brat.

Luke: Hey, my parents spoil me.

Emma: Bye-bye.

Holden: I just hate what this is doing to him.

Emma: So do I. I tell you, it's a sad day in this family when the children have more sense than their parents do.


Paul: So, now what?

Emily: Hmm? How should I know? I'm making this stuff up as I go along.

Paul: Where's "the dead marriage handbook" when you need it?

Emily: Oh, you know what? I saw a copy of it on your coffee table.

Paul: Oh, that's funny.

[Emily laughs]

Emily: You'd rather cry?

Paul: No. This is the best that I've felt in months.

Emily: Really?

Paul: Yeah. If I'd known arson was this therapeutic, I would of done it ages ago.

Emily: You know what we need? We need to make a toast. Got any champagne?

Paul: Probably. What are we toasting?

Emily: The future.

Paul: Yeah, there's probably some in the fridge.

Emily: Go get it. Go.

Paul: Okay. Don't you play with matches while I'm gone?

Emily: Um, just a small question -- was this legal?

Paul: Nope.

Emily: Oh, great. Don't rat me out to Hal.

Paul: Don't rat me out to my condo association.

Emily: What do you care? You're rich, you can pay the fine. Oh.

Paul: I forgot glasses.

Emily: And I'm married to Hal. Drinking out of a bottle is practically a tradition. To new beginnings.

Paul: To new beginnings.


Craig: What are you doing?

Rosanna: Don't worry about it.

Craig: Why are you changing Cabot’s name?

Rosanna: Because a name is easier to trace. Look, Craig, I appreciate everything you've done today. You've saved our lives, you were our hero today.

Craig: Then what are you doing?

Rosanna: You know how hard I've tried to be a good mother to Cabot.

Craig: You are.

Rosanna: No, I'm not. I have been selfish. A real mother would have provided a real home for Cabot. She would have done everything to make sure that he was safe and happy. A good mother in my position would find the strength to let go.

Craig: You -- you want to give Cabot up?

Rosanna: The only way to keep Cabot safe is to keep him away from James. Now, I could take him home and I could surround the house with a 20-foot wall and guards and James would still find a way to get in. He'd bribe one of the guards or someone, and then Cabot would be gone again.

Craig: How can a stranger a keep Cabot any safer?

Rosanna: It's much harder to find one little boy in a small town than it is to find Rosanna Cabot’s son.

Craig: Rosanna, you are exhausted. Think about this. James Stenbeck is in prison.

Rosanna: Who knows for how long? Every second I wait puts Cabot at risk.

Craig: What about Jordan Sinclair?

Rosanna: He thinks Cabot died in the explosion.

Craig: What about me?

Rosanna: I know how much Cabot means to you. This is for the best.

Craig: Well, you are going to regret this. And when you do, it will be too late to do anything about it, okay?

Rosanna: I will never regret doing what I think is best for my son. Now, get out of my way.


Emily: Wow, I love your flutes.


Paul: Yeah, right back at you.

Emily: Did Rosanna pick these out?

Paul: No, this is not exactly Rosanna’s style.

Emily: Oh, thank you. Yeah, that's good, actually. Save the fine crystal for your next date.

Paul: What's a date?

[Emily laughs]

Emily: You are so out of circulation.

Paul: No, I mean, it sounds interesting. It's not gonna cut into my brooding time, is it?

Emily: Just a little. Will you cut it out -- there's a whole life out there waiting for you, you know? People laughing, having fun. Dancing, going to movies, actually going out to restaurants.

Paul: Really?

Emily: Yeah, unless -- you know, your husband can't find his way out of the station house.

[Emily laughs]

Paul: Hal's been logging a lot of overtime?

Emily: Let's put it this way -- I watch so much reality TV, I could create my own show.

Paul: Oh, what would you call it?

Emily: I'd keep it simple -- "revenge."

Paul: That'd go big around here.

Emily: Yeah, in fact, I'd cast locally.

Paul: Anybody in mind?

Emily: Rosanna. Yeah, I'd feed her, you know, mind altering drugs -- mess with her mind, ruin her life -- lighthearted stuff like that.

Paul: Okay, look, I know you don't care, but Rosanna wasn't herself back then. She never recovered from Cabot dying.

Emily: Don't try to make me feel guilty for hating her.

Paul: No, I'm not.

Emily: But you can't hate her, can you?

Paul: No.

Emily: Chug it.

Paul: Excuse me?

Emily: Come on, finish it. I bet I can beat you.

Paul: What, did you join frat house?

Emily: On the count of three. You ready?

Paul: Yeah.

Emily: One, two --

Paul: Hey.

Emily: Done.

Paul: You cheated.

[Emily coughs]

Emily: I won.

Paul: Yeah, but you cheated.

Emily: You are too trusting.

Paul: What's wrong with that?

Emily: You give people the benefit of the doubt. Nothing, as long as you deserve it.

Paul: Oh, and Rosanna didn't deserve it? [Emily laughs] Is that what you're saying?

Emily: I cannot believe how hung up you are on her.

Paul: I'm not hung up --

Emily: You are so hung up.

Paul: Am not.

Emily: Are too.

Paul: I am not hung up on anyone.

Emily: Oh, please.

Paul: I'll prove it to you on the count of three. Ready? One, two –


Emma: Lily has been a part of your life since you were kids.

Holden: She's making another guy a part of her life now, Mama. She chose him.

Emma: Seems you chose someone not too long ago, too. If I'm not mistaken, both of you have had your share of mistakes.

Holden: Mama, our problems started way before Julia, you know that.

Emma: Sweetheart, there's always that moment -- that kind of moment in a marriage when those things happen. I mean, especially when there are children that you're spending all your time trying to raise.

Holden: She will never trust me again.

Emma: Then earn her trust back. Spend some time with her. I mean, talk to her. Be with your children.

Holden: It's not that simple.

Emma: It's never that simple, Holden. If people were to tell the truth about how hard it is to have a good marriage, I think that the tradition would have -- would have failed a long time ago.

Holden: You're probably right about that.

Emma: Holden, you made a very big mistake with Julia. Don't -- don't sit back and let -- and let Lily make an even bigger mistake. You have a -- you have a family. You have three beautiful children. Don't give up on the one thing that's worth fighting for on this earth.


Keith: What's going on?

Lily: Well, if you have to ask, I guess I'm not doing something right. I hope you don't mind, I used my key to let myself in.

Keith: Not at all. You look good. The place looks good.

Lily: I hope you're hungry.

Keith: I'm always hungry.

Lily: Because we have the whole night to relax.

Keith: Okay, all right. We could do that.

Lily: Did you have a rough day?

Keith: Well, my day just got a whole lot better.

Lily: Good.

Keith: Thank you. You know what -- I could really get used to this.

Lily: That's the idea.

Keith: So, you can cook, to boot?

Lily: Cook? Who said anything about cooking? The Lakeview -- the Lakeview has a wonderful gourmet take-out service.

Keith: Really?

Lily: Yes, especially if you own the place.

Keith: You know, some guys, they could be intimidated by all of this, but I happen to find confident, strong women very sexy.

Lily: Good. I have another surprise for you.

[Lily laughs]

Keith: What?

Lily: Something I've wanted to give you for a very long time.

Keith: What's that?

Lily: Here. Take a look.

Keith: A little love note? A cashier's check?

Lily: Yeah. To pay off your debt. So we can both start over. See, once you pay off those guys who've been harassing you, then there's nothing standing in our way.


Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Craig: I know you mean well. But this is wrong. I can't let you go through with this.

Paul: Emily, I'm sorry I kissed you.


Keith: I don't want your money.

Lily: I'm sorry, uh -- I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt your pride.

Keith: It's not my pride.

Lily: Then what is it?

Keith: Well, it would be too simple, too neat. If I took that money, then all of a sudden my problems are just gone?

Lily: I wanna help you. That's it.

Keith: But you can’t. I've waited all my life to meet a girl like you. And now that I have, I am not who I wanna be.

Lily: Why, because you've made some mistakes?

Keith: I'm made a lot of mistakes, you know. And if I took that money, it would prove all the critics, they'd --

Lily: Critics?

Keith: They'd be right about me.

Lily: Who -- who are you talking about? My mother? I don't care what she thinks.

Keith: I know, but I care. You know what, I'm not some kind of a freeloader here. I don't need a free place to live. I don't need somebody to pay off my debts.

Lily: I know.

Keith: Yeah, but, I need to prove it.

Lily: To me?

Keith: Yes --

Lily: Why?

Keith: To you, and to myself, and everybody else who just doesn't understand how I really, really feel about you.

Lily: I know. I know what kind of man you are.

Keith: You know, I'm an airline pilot, for crying out loud. I make a lot of money, and I blew it at the -- on the stupid greyhounds.

Lily: You're gonna have it all again. You will.

Keith: I know, I will. Because you know what? I'm gonna take corporate work. I'm gonna work on weekends.

Lily: Good.

Keith: I'm do whatever it takes.

Lily: Okay, then this a loan. You can pay it off, with interest.

Keith: 30 years?

Lily: 300, I don't care. I'm just --look, I wanna have a future with you, okay? And I don't want this vin guy and these other goons breathing down your neck.

Keith: Goons? You cares about the goons? What are they gonna do to me, really? I don't need you to fix this, okay?

Lily: I'm not doing this because I have to. I'm doing it because I want to. And I'm trying not to let my past get in our way. Why can't you do the same?


Lucinda: Matthew told me that you had called.

Dusty: Yeah, I just got back from Lily's.

Lucinda: I thought you weren't gonna get involved.

Dusty: Well, I wanted to see where her mind was at.

Lucinda: There's gotta be something in the water today. I had a visit from Keith Morrissey not too long ago.

Dusty: Oh, yeah? What did he want?

Lucinda: I don't know -- I guess to prove to me he's not a leech.

Dusty: Uh-huh. Did he prove it?

Lucinda: No, I think he's a congenital liar.

Dusty: Lily doesn't agree. She thinks she knows what he's about.

Lucinda: Yeah, that's because she's so charmed by him. He's the first man that's paid attention to here since Holden left, and she's just latching onto him like he's a life preserver.

Dusty: I give her more credit than that.

Lucinda: Oh, she's so lonely. She's so vulnerable.

Dusty: Maybe she's right, you know? Maybe he's a good guy who found himself in a jam.

Lucinda: Awful a lot of bad things happen around this "good guy." Murders -- Julia, and -- and -- then the guy that accuses you?

Dusty: Well, how's that his fault?

Lucinda: That is what I plan to find out.

Dusty: I mean, Lily told me that the guy's, you know, trying to clean up his debt.

Lucinda: At her expense?

Dusty: I don't know, it's her money. It's her life, isn't it?

Lucinda: You think I want to see my grandchildren with mobsters?

Dusty: Uh, come on, Lily knows how to look after her kids.

Lucinda: Lily can't see past the stars in her eyes.

Dusty: Yeah, he matters to her. Isn't that enough reason to give the guy the benefit of the doubt?


Paul: Your coffee.

Emily: Thank you.

Paul: Yeah.

Emily: So, do you smell it?

Paul: Your coffee?

[Emily laughs]

Emily: The elephant in the room.

Paul: No. Okay. Emily, I'm sorry I kissed you. I was way outta line.

Emily: Okay. So now we're both out of line. How was it?

Paul: Is that a -- is that a trick question?

Emily: Did you like it?

Paul: Did you?

Emily: I asked you first.

[Emily laughs]

Paul: Do you need more coffee?

Emily: I don't want any more coffee.

Paul: I don't know why I kissed you. But I'm not so hung up on rosanna that I can't feel anything anymore.

Emily: Well, see, this is good. This is a really good thing. This means you are ready to join the human race. Come on, there are thousands of women out there.

Paul: Yeah, I've noticed.

Emily: Where -- where, from your terrace?

Paul: I don't know, is that so wrong?

Emily: Yes.

Paul: Okay, why'd you kiss me?

Emily: To wake you up, sleeping beauty. Come on, what a waste. You should be kissing women right and left. You know, you should be out there having fun -- enjoying your life. So, now that you've put your toe in the water, tell me, how'd it feel?

Paul: It felt really, really good.


Rosanna: You're gonna have a whole new family, new friends and a new home you can call your very own. You're such a good boy. Yeah, you are. You're my boy. Yeah. And when you get there, you're gonna grow up and be just a fantastic man. The kind of man who changes the world and makes it better. And one day, I'm gonna open the paper and I'm gonna see your picture -- and I'm gonna be so proud, yes, I am. And I'm gonna say, "that's my boy."

Sei: Ms. Cabot, your attorney is here.

Rosanna: Oh, hi. Thanks so much for coming, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: Of course.

Rosanna: Oh. It's time for you to go now, sweetheart. Here you go.

Craig: Rosanna?

Rosanna: Oh, do you wanna hold him?

Craig: Yes, I would. Come here, partner. Come here, partner. Yeah. We had some times, didn't we? Wonderful times. I know you mean well. I know you mean well. This is wrong. I can't let you go through with this.

Rosanna: This isn't your decision to make.

Craig: Yes, I know. It never has been. But you have to remember, Rosanna, you have been traumatized. You need to think through this, and what this would mean for both of you for the rest of your lives. Hey.

Rosanna: I've thought of nothing else. Come here, come to Mommy, sweetheart. Come on, come on, sweetheart. Oh, I got you. Oh, I got you. Oh, I got you, yeah. Okay, Elizabeth, are you clear on everything that I need?

Elizabeth: All the arrangements have already been made.

Rosanna: Okay, now, you follow my instructions to the letter, okay?

Craig: You're not thinking.

Elizabeth: Would you like the agency to call you?

Rosanna: No. Absolutely not. They're not to know that I'm involved whatsoever. Now Sei is gonna accompany you to the plane. She is, gonna help Cabot into his change of clothing. There'll be all the supplies that he needs to get his new life started. And there'll be a full set of documents, including a new birth certificate.

Craig: You're going to regret this.

Rosanna: No, I won’t. Elizabeth, have -- have you gotten that envelope that I requested?

Elizabeth: It's all here.

Rosanna: Okay, Sei, in the envelope you will find $20,000 that I've withdrawn. I want you to take it.

Sei: That's not necessary.

Rosanna: No, I want you to have it for helping us. Please, take it, and then forget that you ever knew him.

Sei: I'll hold my silence.

Rosanna: Thank you. All right, sweetie. You are going on a fantastic new life adventure. Yes, you are, okay? You're gonna be the answer to somebody's prayers, and that's a very special thing to be, I know. Because you were the answer to mine. Kisses -- give Mommy kisses -- kisses. No? Okay. Okay. Now, look, I want you to give him this necklace. It's jade and it represents love and virtue, I've been told. I want you to tell them to give it to him when he's older, all right?

Sei: We should go.

Rosanna: Okay. I love you, sweetheart. Take my heart with you. Okay. Okay. Okay.


Paul: Coming back to life feels really good.

Emily: That's what it's all about.

Paul: You know, I may have rotten taste in wives, but I'm batting 1.000 when it comes to my friends.

Emily: You're not so bad yourself. I gotta go. It's getting late.

Paul: You're not gonna kiss me anymore?

Emily: Would you get a life?

Paul: Well, come on.

Emily: Come on? You know what? That smile -- practice the smile, because women love a guy with a great smile. Oh -- the kiss -- we don't need to advertise it, okay?

Paul: Okay.

Emily: Okay.

Paul: I'll cancel that ad I was gonna take out in the city times.

Emily: Oh, you're very funny.

Paul: Tell Hal to get out of the station house, will you? You're gorgeous, Emily. You don't deserve to be taken for granted.

Emily: I'll pass on the message. Be happy.

Paul: Okay. You, too.


Holden: Mama, as far as I'm concerned, I have done everything that I could possibly do. I told her how I feel about Keith.

Emma: Have you told her how you feel about her?

Holden: No. You heard Luke, she wants a divorce.

Emma: Holden, if either one of you wanted a divorce, it would have happened months ago. You know, if you have any feeling -- any feeling left for Lily -- if you love if any feeling -- honey, don't stand back and let that man take your -- take your wife and your family away.


Lily: Well, I guess my little surprise didn't turn out exactly as I planned.

Keith: Well, little surprise? I don't know, there was nothing little about that.

Lily: I'm not trying to buy you, Keith.

Keith: I know. You know, that's the nicest thing that anybody's ever done for me in my life.

Lily: Then why don't you just accept it? Pay those guys off, they can leave you alone. I don't want anything to happen to you.

Keith: Eh, a couple broken legs --

Lily: Oh, come on.

Keith: Nothing's gonna happen.

Lily: Just think about it, okay?

Keith: I will.

Lily: What about the rest of my surprise?

Keith: Well, now, that's all I've been thinking about.


Craig: If I had known that he was related to James Stenbeck, I would never have brought Cabot into our lives.

Rosanna: I'm glad you did. I don't regret one second of the time that I spent with him.

Craig: So, now what?

Rosanna: I don't know. I have no child -- I have no husband -- no friends, and not much family except for Carly.

Craig: You wanna spin a rotating globe? Pick a spot, see what's there? Or we can spin it again, go somewhere else.

Pilot: I need to file a flight plan, Mr. Montgomery.

Rosanna: We haven't decided yet.

Craig: Do you want a drink?

Rosanna: Yeah, that -- that -- that -- that would be good.

Craig: I know.

Rosanna: Craig. Thank you. Maybe you can go home again.


Holden: I can't tell Lily who to want.

Emma: I know who she wants -- she wants you. When all that Julia business was happening she dug her heels in to keep her family together, even when I told her to move on.

Holden: Well, she's taking your advice now. And I think we need to let her do that.

Emma: Why? I mean, this thing isn't going to last. It's new, it's beginning -- it's exciting, but it's -- it's not love, Holden.

Holden: Maybe it'll turn into love.

Emma: Love isn't about this. It's about -- it's about all those years -- all those years that you and Lily spent together. All that life together. It's about seeing your children born, I mean -- it's about quiet nights. It's about -- it's about reading them stories and tucking them in.

Holden: And I miss that. I do.

Emma: Deep down I know -- I know that Lily misses that, too. Holden, Lily doesn't love this Keith. Sweetheart, the only man that Lily has ever loved is you.


Keith: Are you sure you wanna do this?

Lily: Yeah.

Keith: Yeah.


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Katie: I lost him, Margo. He's gone.

Casey: Now, all of a sudden you're my girlfriend's best friend, and --

Gwen: And why would I do that?

Holden: Where's Mommy? Can you do me a favor and go get her?

Faith: She's not here.

Holden: Where is she?

Faith: Down in the cabin with Uncle Keith.

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