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As The World Turns Transcript Friday 5/20/05

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Mya: Something to eat?

Rosanna: No, thank you. Maybe later, after Craig gets back.

Mya: What about the other man who was here, Mr. Stenbeck?

Rosanna: What about him?

Mya: A man like that shouldn't be around children. And for him to have your baby --

Rosanna: How do you know that? Who told you about that?

Mya: I was listening at the door.

Rosanna: Then you know he's selling me to a man who runs a work camp?

Mya: I don't understand. Why does he punish you this way?

Rosanna: Because he's a monster who's decided that I am never gonna see my child again. Craig is gonna get me and Cabot out of here.

Mya: How will he do this?

Rosanna: I've given him access to certain resources.

Mya: Friends?

Rosanna: Money. A great deal of money. In fact, everything that I've got. And he has promised to spend whatever it takes to buy me and Cabot out.

Mya: You trust this man's promises?

Rosanna: No. He's a diabolical liar and a cheat. But he knows how much Cabot means to me. And he's the only chance I've got.


[Knock on the door]

Bank officer: Mr. Montgomery?

Craig: Yes, yes. Come in, come in. Thank you for meeting me down here. Ms. Cabot and I both appreciate you delivering these funds personally.

Bank officer: Speaking of Ms. Cabot, I regret to say that I have been unable to contact her.

Craig: Oh, well, as I told you down at the bank, she's temporarily unavailable.

Bank officer: Nevertheless, without her authorization --

Craig: Well, why would I have all of her account numbers and access codes and all the other pertinent information if I wasn't an authorized party?

Bank officer: As you yourself admitted, this is highly irregular.

Craig: I have satisfied every possible security precaution. Time is of the essence here, man, so can we get on with this transaction, please? Now, now -- now, that isn't necessary. I've done everything that is required.

Bank officer: You have not supplied Ms. Cabot's password.

Craig: Password?

Bank officer: Without that final bit of information, this transaction cannot be completed. The password, sir?


Henry: This is gonna be the Hawaiian vacation of a lifetime. We'll have our own private lagoon with little dolphins frolicking, maid service twice a day, our private lanai, a spa with --

[Katie remembering]

You're no runaway why don't you stay

See, I've always wanted to take up golf, haven't you? And I hear the sharks will literally come up and eat right out of your hands. Or they'll eat your hand, or foot, or part of your nether region, or something like that. But, you know, that'll make it a lot more memorable, don't you think?

Katie: Sounds like fun. I can't wait.

Henry: I can tell. Listen, if you decided you don't want to go through with this, just tell me now, okay?

Katie: No, no. No, I want to go. But you better put the pedal to the metal, if we want to make our flight on time.

Henry: Your wish is my command.

[Engine revving]


Barbara: Let's not create problems where there are none.

Mike: Katie's my friend, not my problem, you got that? She's supposed to be Jennifer's matron of honor. The wedding's about to begin, and she's not here yet.

Barbara: She's also a grown woman with a husband. A very attentive husband at that, who will make sure that nothing happens to her.

Mike: Okay, but she's running late. And for her to not even call -- this just doesn't make sense.

Barbara: You know what? I'm sure there's a very simple explanation that we will find out, eventually. In the meantime, a lot of people have worked very hard for this evening for Jennifer and for you, so let's not ruin it. Alright, Mike?

Paul: Everything okay in here?

Mike: Our matron of honor is missing.

Barbara: I'd be happy to fill in.

Mike: I'll bet.

Paul: You?

Barbara: Yes, of course me. Who else?

Mike: I need some air.

Paul: So Jennifer's without a matron of honor? Funny how that works.

Barbara: Well, everything happens for a reason.

Paul: Exactly, which is why I have to ask -- did you have Katie bound and gagged and locked away in a tower somewhere?

Barbara: Droll, darling, very droll. Are you through?

Paul: Not really, no.

Barbara: Well, that makes one of us. Coming?


Keith: I need to speak with the chief. Is he around?

Cop #2: I'm sorry, but lt. Munson is busy giving his daughter away.

Keith: Well, listen. Get him on the phone. I gotta talk to him.

Lily: Okay, you heard the man. He's at his daughter's wedding.

Keith: Well, Lily, I don't give a damn about that.

Cop #3: Accident, ten miles out on route 39. It's the prisoner transport van.

Lily: That's impossible

Keith: Is that the van that Sweeney was on, on his way to prison?

Lily: Well, what about Detective Snyder? Where is he?

Cop #2: Last I heard, he was getting on that van.


[Air releasing]

Jack: Stop it! Just stop it! What the hell, are you crazy?! Let's go get the hell out of here! This thing's about to blow up!

Les: I just don't feel like it. Get off!


[Les laughing]

Jack: Oh.

[Les laughs]

Jack: You are crazy. You know that, Les?! Get out of there Les! Get out of there!

Carly: Jack!

Guard #1: It's gonna blow sky high.

Carly: Jack!

Jack: Get out of there, Les!

Carly: Jack!

[Screaming over each other]

Jack: What are you doing here, honey?

Carly: Jack, come on!


Carly: Jack? Jack. Jack! Jack? Jack! Oh, God. Jack. Jack. Jack, Jack.

Carly: Oh, Jack.

[Heavy breathing] Oh, thank God. I was so afraid.

Jack: Its okay, darling. I'm okay.

Carly: Where are you going?

Jack: I gotta go back.

Carly: No, back where?

Jack: To the van. Les is in there. I gotta get him out of it.

Carly: The van exploded, Jack! You can't help him. You can't save him, he's gone. Look at me. When I heard you were on that van, transporting another criminal -- a killer, Jack. I was so afraid it was happening all over again.

Jack: No. No, no. This was different.

Carly: Not to me. You promise me, Jack Snyder -- you promise me you will never do anything like this again. I just got you back. I can't lose you. I can't lose you again. You promise me. You promise our children.

Jack: Alright, I promise. I promise. I'm here. I'm not going anywhere. I'm not going anywhere.


Craig: Since when do bank officers come packing heat?

Bank officer: I apologize for the extraordinary measures, but I'm sure you understand.

Craig: Well, of course. It's your job, isn't it? Considering all the money you're dealing with.

Bank officer: The password, sir.

Craig: Did you know Rosanna and I were once married, once upon a time? Not that there was a fairy tale ending. There was no happily ever after for us.

Bank officer: None of which answers the question.

Craig: Now, now, now, her greatest love -- was not me, and certainly her next marriage or her corporation -- no, her heart, was held in the tiny little hand of her son. He was her raison d'etre, reason for being.

Bank officer: It's become apparent that you haven't --

Craig: No, no, no -- the password is m-y-s-o-n.

Bank officer: Please give Ms. Cabot my regards.

Craig: I shall.

Bank officer: Good day, Mr. Montgomery.


Henry: I know you're worried that Mike and Jen will hold it against you for not showing up, but they're -- Katie, they'd be too happy to even think about that. They're on the right track. They've found the same magic that you and I have. They'll be fine.

Katie: I just hope Jennifer isn't keeping the guests waiting, trying to give her matron of honor one last chance to show up.

Henry: Jennifer, the two most important people are there, the bride and the groom. The show will go on without you, okay? Trust me.

Katie: I just don't want to ruin her day.

Henry: Just stop worrying, okay. Everything's gonna work out all right.

Katie: Sure.


Henry: Oh, boy.

Katie: What's wrong?

Henry: We've got Oakdaleís finest coming up behind us.

Katie: I think he's trying to pull you over.

Henry: You suppose Mike has any friends at the police department, does he?

Katie: I wouldn't be surprised. Everybody loves Mike. Do you think they're trying to stop us to take us back to the wedding?

Henry: I don't know. We're about to find out.


Paul: So, you getting cold feet yet?

Mike: Warm as toast.

Paul: All right. You made it through your first few rounds with Barbara without screaming into the night. I think you'll be fine.

Mike: Yeah, I'm great. I'm better than great you know. I'm marrying the woman of my dreams.

Paul: Yeah, she's one of a kind. You know, I love Jennifer very much.

Mike: Oh, man. You picked a hell of a time to give me the talk.

Paul: The talk? No, this isn't the talk. You're the luckiest man in the world. And if you ever do anything to hurt Jennifer, I'll hurt you in ways you can't even imagine. That being said, I'm glad she found such a stand-up guy. And I'm very happy for you both.


Margo: I don't understand what happened. Katie was supposed to be matron of honor.

Tom: Honey, look at you. If you're not worried about Casey, you're all tied in knots over your little sister. Would you try to live in the moment, please? I mean, we're about to witness the union of two souls.

Margo: Wow, when did you get to be so romantic?

Tom: Well, the day we met.

Celia: You disappeared.

Casey: Did I miss anything?

Celia: You're just in time.

[Wedding march plays]


Cop #4: Do you know why I pulled you over?

Henry: I would say something clever or witty, but I'll refrain, since the little wife and I are in a bit of a hurry.

Cop #4: I could tell. Now, you were doing 60 in a 45.

Henry: Oh, really? Something must be wrong with the speedometer.

Cop #4: Well, license and registration, please?

Henry: Yeah, okay. It's not the best picture of me -- it looks like something by Diane Arbus. [Henry chuckles] Honey? Honey, you wanna reach in the glove compartment and get the registration for the nice officer? Katie?

[Katie remembering]

Minister: Do you take this man, Michael Kasnoff, to be your lawfully wedded husband?

Henry: Katie? Do you hear me?

Katie: I do.

Henry: Okay, then why don't you, um -- what are you doing? Sweetheart? Katie? Katie! Hey! Katie, where are you going?

Cop #4: Is there a problem, sir?

Henry: Yeah. Yeah, a big one.


Rosanna: How could I be so stupid? How could I forget to give Craig the password?

Mya: Perhaps your friend will come back to get more information.

Rosanna: No, no. What if he canít. What if the bank thinks he's trying to steal the money, and they have him arrested?

Mya: It can't come to that, can it?

Rosanna: Yeah, but the bank can't get in touch with me, and I can't call them. Unless --

Mya: There are no phones here.

Rosanna: No, you -- there's gotta be someone here with a cell phone you could borrow.

Mya: Only Q himself. But he would never allow it.

Rosanna: Okay, all right. Then, you have to go to the bank. Craig could still be there. You could go. You could go. Please, you have to! You could give him the password!

Mya: I can't! Okay, forgive me, but like you, I have a little boy. If Q catches me, he'll kill my son.

Rosanna: Then what am I gonna do?

Mya: Have faith. You said your friend was a diabolical liar. That means he's clever, no?

Rosanna: Yes, you're right. He's clever. Resourceful. If anyone can find a way out of this, Craig can. He will. You're right. I'm sure he will.



Craig: Yes, who is it?

Q: It's Q.

Craig: Ah, Q. Q, come in, come in. Did you bring the passport?

Q: As requested.

Craig: Ah, thanks, thanks.

Q: The amount we discussed?

Craig: As demanded.

Q: I can't help but notice -- your time in Bangkok has been quite profitable.

Craig: Quite so, Q. You might say I hit the mother lode.


Mya: This is for you.

Rosanna: What is it? Is it from Craig?

Mya: I don't think so. It arrived by messenger.

Rosanna: "For your new life. Who's sorry now? Love, James."


Lily: Excuse me. Do you have any details about the accident? Was anybody hurt?

Cop #3: We still don't have officers on the scene yet.

Keith: What are you talking -- I could be there and back and know what was going on unless -- I'm going.

Lily: Oh, where are you going?

Keith: I'm going to see what's going on.

Jack: What's all the yelling about?

Cop #3: You need to let us do our job!

Jack: Morris, I should have known. I heard you out in the parking lot.

Lily: Jack! Jack, you're all right! We were so worried about you!

Carly: Join the club.

Lily: So what happened? I heard there was an accident.

Carly: It's much worse than that.

Keith: What do you mean?

Jack: The transport van exploded. Ripped to shreds.

Cop #3: Any of our officers hurt?

Keith: What about Sweeny?

Jack: I managed to get the guards out before the thing blew.

Keith: Is Sweeny dead or alive?

Jack: Les didn't make it.

Keith: Did you see him? Do you know?

Jack: Know what?

Keith: Did he survive the explosion? Did you see him with your own eyes? Cause if you didn't, there's no guarantee that he's dead!


Minister: Who is it that brings this woman to this man?

Hal: Her mother and I do, with our blessing.

Minister: We are gathered here this evening to celebrate one of life's greatest moments, to give recognition to the worth and beauty of love, and to add our best wishes to the words which shall unite Jennifer Louise Munson and Michael Kasnoff in holy matrimony. If any of you know any reason that these two may not be lawfully joined this day, speak --

[Doors opening]


Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns.

Lily: He's gone. He's not coming back. So you just have to -- you gotta let it go. We gotta find a way to let it go.

Minister: Michael, do you take Jennifer to be your wife?


Katie: Oh, I'm sorry, I -- there was traffic, and I know I'm not dressed, but I -- you know , wild horses and everything. I'm so sorry. I'm sorry.

Minister: Are we ready to resume?

Jennifer: Are we ready?

Mike: I'm ready for anything, baby.


Keith: Where was Sweeny when the van exploded, Jack?

Jack: In the van.

Keith: Well, did you see him?

Jack: What do you want, Keith? An itemized list of body parts?

Keith: You know, that would help, so I could make sure that he's dead. Okay?

Carly: You're coming with me, handsome.

Jack: Where to?

Carly: Gonna get you cleaned up, and bandaged. And I'm gonna give you some TLC away from prying eyes.

Jack: Oh, now there's an offer I can't refuse.

Carly: Well I'd kiss you, if I could find a place where it wouldn't hurt.

Jack: Well, it wouldn't hurt right there, I don't think.

Lily: Keith, you're scaring me.

Keith: Why is that, Lily? Because I'm being honest? Because I want Sweeny dead? What, do you want me to mourn for him?

Lily: This is your nephew's father.

Keith: He was a biological mistake. He was no father to J.J. never, never. It's all just -- he's nothing, he means nothing.

Lily: He's gone, and he's not coming back. So you just have to -- gotta let it go. You gotta find a way to let it go.


Rosanna: Mya, donít. Just leave it.

Mya: But when Mr. Stenbeck learns what you've done to the uniform he sent --

Rosanna: What's he going to do? Kill me?

Mya: Aren't you afraid he might?

Rosanna: Murder holds no attraction for him. He'd much rather see me humiliated and degraded.

Mya: Why does he hate you?

Rosanna: Because he thought he could force me into marrying him, and that I could pretend my flesh didn't crawl at the thought of him. I just couldn't touch him.

Mya: Not even for your son's sake?

Rosanna: What kind of mother would I be if I allowed that monster to raise my child? Escape is our only option.

Mya: Can you trick him into believing that you've had a change of heart? Tell him you want another chance at being a family. And then, when he lets his guard down, you take your son and you run.

Rosanna: If James let his guard down for a second, I would kill him. It's the only way my son and I are ever going to be free.

Mya: You can't give up hope. Craig -- you said your friend Craig is still out there somewhere.

Rosanna: Well, maybe. But how can we be sure he's gonna return?

[Door closes]

Craig: Because I promised I wouldn't leave you here.

Craig: I want you to stand guard, and warn us if you see anyone. Can you do that?

Mya: Yes, sir.

Rosanna: Craig, I'm so sorry.

Craig: For what? For doubting me? We can get your head examined later.

Rosanna: No, the money. Did you get the money?

Craig: Yeah.

Rosanna: How? I never gave you the password.

Craig: Yes, well, I know the one thing that matters most to you -- your son.

Rosanna: But you could've just run off with the money.

Craig: Yeah, well, I know that. But I know what it's like now to have a child taken from you. Jennifer Munson is carrying my baby.

Rosanna: Paul's sister?

Craig: Yes, and strange things have happened.

Rosanna: Really?

Craig: Suffice to say, I was then framed for something I didn't do and forced to leave the country.

Rosanna: Why?

Craig: Well, because I wanted to be a father to my child, and Jennifer and her babbling followers couldn't accept that.

Rosanna: So that's how you figured out my password. You know that losing Cabot would just be more than I could bear.

Craig: I'm going to get him back. You believe that, don't you?

Rosanna: Yes. For the first time in a long time, I do.


Carly: Does that hurt?

Jack: Oh, no, I'm good. What am I talking about, I'm great. I'm alive, because of you.

Carly: You know something, Jack? I've been a cop's wife now for a while, and I know that I should be used to it. But when I heard you were on that transport van with Les Sweeny, all I could think of was Starziak, and how you went over that bridge.

Jack: Hey, I'm okay, babe. I'm here, I'm not going anywhere.

Carly: When I was standing on that bridge, I felt so helpless. And I couldn't protect you. You don't know what that feels like.

Jack: Of course I do, you kidding me? It's the same way I felt when I came home and I found out what Les did to you. Same way I felt when J.J. broke his leg. And when I heard what happened to Parker, him almost drowning in the pond, honey -- I wish I could always be there, so I could keep you all from harm.

Carly: You can. You stay safe. You stay alive. Because I cannot go through losing you again, Jack. I need you. We all need you. I just thank God that I got there when I did.

Jack: Come here. Come here. I'm not going anywhere, okay? [Door opens] Any news from the accident site?

Cop #2: Yeah, we just got a call.

Keith: Let it go, huh? When your sister died, did you just let it go?

Lily: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to minimize your feelings.

Keith: Well, it's just -- if there's a chance that Sweeny is still alive --

Jack: He's not.

Keith: What do you mean?

Jack: Just got confirmation, they found a body in the wreckage.

Keith: But are you sure it was him?

Jack: Everybody else was accounted for, Keith. There's no one else it could be.

Lucinda: Jack! Is it true what I heard! Les Sweeney is dead?

Lily: Yes, Les Sweeny is dead. That means that's it. Justice has been served.

Lucinda: Oh, you really think so, darling?

Keith: Listen, could you give your daughter a ride home?

Lily: Where are you going?

Keith: I just -- I gotta go take care of a few things. I wanna just think a little bit, okay?

Lily: All right.

Keith: I' see you later.

Lily: Okay.

Lucinda: What the hell is going on, honey?

Lily: His nightmare is over. Case is closed.


Craig: Well, I'd better get going. See what I can do about getting Cabot back where he belongs.

Rosanna: Be careful, okay? James is crazy.

Craig: James Stenbeck is done. And you're going to be sleeping peacefully, listening to the sweet sounds of your son breathing.

Rosanna: And in the morning?

Craig: He'll be right there, happy to be with his mommy.

Rosanna: You really think that's possible?

Craig: Do you trust me?

Rosanna: What should I do till you get back?

Craig: I'm not gonna be gone long. James Stenbeck has met his match.


Minister: It is now time to exchange your vows.

Jennifer: When I was a little girl, I used to dream that I would marry a man who was as honest and as brave as my father. And as handsome as a fairy tale hero. As true as the day is long. But then, when I grew up, of course -- I told myself that it was just a dream that couldn't come true. But then I met you. I never knew what love was until we met. But now, after all the laughter, and all the tears, and all the bumps in the road, I now know exactly what love is. It's you. You've opened up my heart. Taught me to trust. Taught me that no matter what happens in life, true love never dies. If I had a star for every time you made me smile, I'd hold the universe in my hands. I will cherish you, and everything that you are, and everything that you've given me. And I know that, no matter what the future holds, that we'll always get through it, together. I love you.

Mike: I love you. I guess I'm going to be the optimist in the family, because I always knew we'd be standing here one day, one way or another. There's no way in the world that I could ever let you go. I don't know how or when it happened, but you're part of me, Jen. Part of my life, my future, my everything. I love the way you think. I love the way you dream. Your beauty, your courage -- not a day goes by, I won't name in only nothing you are the love of my life, and the peace in my heart. The girl of my dreams. Thank you for saying yes to the adventure that's ahead of us. I can't wait.

Minister: Michael, do you take Jennifer to be your wife? Do you promise to love her, honor her, cherish and protect her, forsaking all others and holding only unto her?

Mike: I do.

Minister: Jennifer Louise, do you take Michael to be your husband? Do you promise to love him, honor him, cherish and protect him, forsaking all others, holding only unto him?

Jennifer: I do.

Minister: The rings, please? Wedding rings are an outward and visible sign of an inward spiritual grace and the unbroken circle of love, signifying to all the union of this man and this woman in marriage.

Jennifer: All my heart, all my love, all my life.

Mike: All my heart, all my love, all my life.

Minister: Insomuch as the two of you have agreed to live together in holy matrimony, and have promised your love for each other by these vows, and the giving of these rings, I now declare you to be husband and wife. Whom God has joined together, let no one put asunder. You may kiss your bride.


Mya: He's here.

Rosanna: Craig?

Q: Why aren't you dressed yet?

Rosanna: I am dressed. But if you're referring to that uniform that Stenbeck sent --

Q: Where is it?

Rosanna: Tell James it wasn't my style.

Tuk: I'm here to pick up a package.

Q: Here she is.

Rosanna: No. No, you can't take me.

Tuk: They're waiting at the camp.

Rosanna: No. I'm not ready yet.

Tuk: Now.

Rosanna: No. No, I can't go. Ouch. No. Ouch, stop it, ouch. Put me down.


Lucinda: Lily, darling, whether or not the Julia Larrabee case is closed --

Lily: How long? How long can you do this? This is obsession that you have that Keith was involved with this somehow.

Lucinda: Mr. Sweeney's untimely demise -- or timely -- raises more questions than answers.

Lily: Mr. Sweeney told Jack seconds before he died that he would rather die than go to prison. Does that sound like an innocent man to you? A man that was set up for something that he didn't do?

Lucinda: Frankly, yes. I mean, who wouldn't rather die than be locked up like an animal for the rest of his life?

Lily: You're wrong. You're wrong about this, and I'm tired. Alright, and I've had enough of this conversation. Goodbye.

Lucinda: Lily, Lily.

Carly: Excuse me. Lily, she cares about Keith. More than you know, I think.

Lucinda: Really? Is that your nice way of telling me to butt out? I say the same to you.

Carly: No. No, I was trying to say --

Lucinda: Because I'll tell you why. I'm trusting my instincts on this.

Carly: More than you trust your own daughter?

Lucinda: Far more than I trust him. Morrissey?


[Police radio]

7865, code 6, 105 North Ave.

Cop #5: Something I can do for you, sir?

Keith: Looks serious. I heard that Les Sweeny died in the fire?

Cop #5: Looks that way. Did you know the deceased?

Keith: He was married to my sister. What happened?

Cop #5: As far as we can tell, a tire blew out. Excuse me.

Keith: A blowout, huh?


Hal: I am so happy for you.

Jennifer: Thanks, Daddy.

Hal: I can't believe my little girl is actually a married woman.

Celia: Your sister was beautiful, wasn't she? Everything was so elegant. The music, the wedding gown. Like something from a fairy tale.

Casey: I'll be right back.

Celia: I want a wedding exactly like this one. A beautiful night in May where all the stars are in the sky. All my friends and family are gathered together. The perfect dress.

Will: Well, if that's what you want, then you'll get it.

Celia: How do you know?

Will: Because, this is the place where dreams are supposed to come true, right? Welcome to America.


Gwen: Hey, they're starting to serve hors d'oeuvres in there, if you're interested.

Margo: Hey, okay, free food. Thanks, Gwen.

Casey: What the heck are you trying to do?

Gwen: What are you talking about?

Casey: You've been all buddy-buddy with my parents ever since you got here.

Gwen: So what?

Casey: So who do you think you are?

Gwen: I thought I was your friend.

Casey: You're not. You know what? I'm starting to think I don't even like you.

Gwen: Yeah? Well, you like me enough to sleep with me.


Mike: Whoa, whoa, hold a minute, hold a minute.

Katie: Gotta go. Gotta go!

Mike: After you tell me what that weird entrance was all about.


Announcer: Next week on "As the World Turns."

Paul: I am not hung up on anyone.

Emily: Oh, please.

Paul: I'll prove it to you, on the count of three. Ready, one, two --

Holden: I'm looking for Lily. They said she was down here, but I guess she's not.

Mike: What's going on?

Katie: Something, someone kept me from coming here.

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