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As The World Turns Transcript Friday 5/13/05

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By Boo
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Henry: Surprise!

Jennifer: I don't get it. What is all this?

Katie: Nothing. It doesn't matter anymore.

Henry: It's an engagement party. For you.

Katie: But, don't worry. I was on my way to disinvite all the guests, let them know that there's not going to be a celebration.

Jennifer: Wait, wait. Because of what happened when you came over earlier?

Katie: Because, next to my brother, I'm the last person who has the right to be sharing in your happiness. Believe me, if I could disappear like Craig, I would do it in a heartbeat.


Hostess: Welcome. May I take your coat and hat, sir?

Craig: Yes, thank you.

Hostess: This is your first visit?

Craig: Yes, it is.

Hostess: Would you care for a tour? Or do you already know what you'd like tonight?

Craig: No, I was told to ask for someone named Q?

Q: Then you've come to the correct place.

Craig: You are --?

Q: I am the one you seek. Welcome to my establishment. We specialize in making all types of dreams come true.

Craig: I'm impressed.

Q: The night has just begun. What is your pleasure this evening? We have baccarat, blackjack, roulette, women of every kind.

Craig: Yeah, listen, I was hoping that you could help me find a passport.


Holden: Like I've always said, you are full of surprises.

Lucinda: I've been known to enjoy a good, greasy cheeseburger from time to time.

Holden: Well, I know that urgent message wasn't because you wanted me to come join you for a cheeseburger.

Lucinda: Well, as you are here, what would you like?

Holden: The truth. Tell me this is not about Lily and Keith.

Lucinda: There isn't any Lily and Keith. Not anymore.

Holden: I'm afraid to ask -- what have you done?

Lucinda: I'm pleased to report that Mr. Morrissey crashed and burned all by himself. Lily was there to witness him go down in flames.


Lily: So, that's it? Your lies are exposed, the truth is out -- you're just going to cut and run? Just like that?

Keith: I'm sorry, Lily, but I know that you're never going to forgive me. And I want you to know one thing -- I'm never going to forget you.

Lily: No, no, no. You're not going anywhere. Not yet.

Keith: Why?

Lily: Because you owe me.

Lily: You owe me some answers.

Keith: Your mother told you everything you need to know.

Lily: She didn't tell me why. If you knew you were only going to end up hurting me, then why bother getting close to me? Was it a game to see how far you could get?

Keith: Lily, it wasn't like that at all.

Lily: No?

Keith: No.

Lily: Well, then what was it like? Because you had a chance -- to walk away. I was ready to go to jail for murdering your sister, but you had me cleared. I'd still be behind bars if it weren't for you.

Keith: You were innocent. I wasn't going to let you go to jail for something you didn't do.

Lily: Well, is it right for you to pretend to be someone that you aren’t? To just walk into my life, making me feel like someone wanted me again, knowing it was all based on a lie? How could you do this?

Keith: What if you'd have known the truth up front? What, would you have gone flying with me? Would you have let me into your life, into your house, I mean if you knew all that? You know what? You would look at me the way you're looking at me now, if you knew it all. You see? I lost. I lost a lot here because of this. I lost you. Hell, it's not like this hasn't happened to me before.


Lucinda: Okay, I wanted -- yeah, tomorrow. That was my detective agency.

Holden: More about Lily and Keith?

Lucinda: In a way. It seems that Jessica Griffin is so convinced of her client's innocence that she's asked for and been granted a continuance.

Holden: So they're delaying the trial?

Lucinda: Yeah, I guess she thinks that if she has more time, they'll find irrefutable proof that Les Sweeney didn't kill Julia, and, therefore, the killer is still out there.

Holden: And what does this have to do with Lily and Keith?

Lucinda: Morrissey has repeatedly said he's not leaving town until Les Sweeney is convicted. So, if there's a delay --

Holden: He's not staying anywhere near my kids.

Lucinda: Now, Holden, don't do anything you might regret.

Holden: Trust me. I won't regret this one bit.


Katie: Henry warned me this would all blow up in my face, and, as usual, I should've listened to him.

Jennifer: I don't understand.

Katie: I was just trying to prove a point to you and Mike, and I ended up making things worse. If it weren't for the party, I never would've broken into your house. It just -- to me the collage wasn't complete without a picture of the two of you together as a centerpiece.

Henry: And then I spilled the Bloody Mary on the picture.

Jennifer: And that's why you came to the house? To get a picture of me and Mike?

Mike: Why didn't you just say so?

Katie: I didn't want to ruin the surprise.

Jennifer: And I never gave her a chance to. I was too busy accusing her of trying to break us up.

Katie: No, you know what? You have every right to do that, after everything I've done. And if you two never want to talk to me again, if you want me to keep my distance permanently, then I totally respect that. Henry, let's go call the guests.

Barbara: Hey, what are you two doing here?

Hal: What, are we late?

Paul: Oh, you look gorgeous.

Emily: I think she's actually glowing.

Will: Congrats, man.

Bob: Hey, listen, who's in charge here? Where do we put the gifts?

Kim: I thought this was supposed to be a surprise party.

Jennifer: Well, actually --

Katie: Excuse me, I'm sorry, before everything gets out of hand, can I just have everyone's attention just for a minute? I have an announcement to make.

Katie: There's been a change in plans. I was hoping to have the time to call each and every one of you, to let you know that the party --

Jennifer: What Katie’s trying to say is that Mike and I sort of ruined our own surprise, but we hope you'll forgive us because this party is a wonderful idea. Thank you, so much.

Hal: Well, let's get this party in gear then. Sweetheart, I couldn't be happier for you.

Jennifer: Thanks, Granddaddy.

Hal: Just, let me be the father of the bride first, okay?

Barbara: Which means we've got to get you all fitted out with your tux, okay? Then we'll have plenty of time to talk about our upcoming grand status.

Jennifer: Hi, Uncle Bob.

Bob: Jennifer, I have never seen you look happier.

Kim: Oh, I'll second that. You are just radiant.

Jennifer: Well, I'm so glad that both of you could come. It wouldn't be a celebration without you.

Barbara: And you both better be at that wedding, too. It's going to be my best production yet.

Kim: So, tell me. What are you most excited about? The wedding or the baby?

Jennifer: Oh, you can't even ask me that. I've hardly had a chance to catch my breath. I'm ecstatic about both.

Kim: Oh, I'm so glad. If you need anything at all, you just let me know.

Jennifer: You know what? All we need is the same magic that's kept the two of you together all these years.

Kim: Well, listen, I've seen the two of you look at one another. And I'd say you've already got that magic going. Love you.

Jennifer: Love you.

Paul: All right, so tell the truth. You're not even a little bit surprised with this party?

Jennifer: Oh, you have no idea. Did you have any part in pulling all this together?

Paul: No, no, Katie did all of it. Right down to the photos in the collage, which, by the way, I think she did a great job.

Jennifer: Yeah, I know. It's incredible. Don't you love the collage?

Paul: Well, you'd better. I mean, Katie drove us all crazy making sure she found just the right photos.

Jennifer: Yeah, she sure went to a lot of trouble.

Paul: Yeah, it's hard to believe her and Craig are part of the same family. I'm going to get some punch. Can I bring you something?

Jennifer: No, I'm going to wait a while. You go ahead.

Paul: Okay, I'll catch you guys later.

Jennifer: I'm going to go talk to her and maybe smooth things over.

Mike: Why don't you let me handle this?

Nancy: How is Aaron doing?

Alison: You'd be proud of him, Nancy. He's been a big help with his family. And I think he's holding up okay. Of course, I'm not sure that he would tell me. You know how guys are.

Nancy: Yes, I do. But I also know that you're missing him terribly.

Hal: Hey, who needs Aaron when she's got a man like you to take care of her,right?

Emily: Everything okay between you and my sister?

Will: If you're so curious about it, why don't you ask her?

Paul: Whoa, whoa, whoa. You going somewhere?

Will: Like you care.

Paul: Is something wrong.

Will: No, nothing's wrong. Life's great, actually. I even have a date for tomorrow night.

Barbara: You have a date? That's wonderful news.

Will: Yeah, whatever.

Barbara: Well, if it's someone that you want to bring to your sister's wedding? Let me know. I'll put her name on the guest list.

Paul: Great, very nice. Nice job.

Barbara: And how about you? When are you going to start to date again?

Paul: Never.

Barbara: Oh, come on, Paul, you're not serious.

Paul: You know what? Why don't you worry about the music and the decorations and stop trying to fix my life?

Jennifer: Oh, it couldn't be that bad.

Paul: Okay, I'll give you -- its one word. It's Barbara.

Jennifer: Oh, well, say no more. Well, what happened?

Paul: She keeps badgering me about bringing a date to your wedding.

Jennifer: Oh, Paul. I'm so sorry.

Paul: No, no, no, don't be. It's not your fault.

Jennifer: I'm the one who gave her the okay to plan everything in the first place.

Will: Yeah, and why did you? And why the heck are all of us acting like we're such a happy family right now?

Jennifer: I guess he doesn't know what Mom did for me.

Paul: For all of us.

Will: No, I don't know. That's fine, because I also didn't know about the wedding or the baby. I didn't hear about it from my sister. I got to hear about it from Mike.

Jennifer: Hey, hey, buddy. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, you know. Things have been crazy

Will: Hey, whatever. Everybody's got their own life, right?

Jennifer: I would never leave you out of the loop intentionally. You know that. But the last thing you needed was to be incriminated in Craig’s disappearance.

Will: Craig's gone?

Jennifer: Mostly thanks to Mom. She finally found a way to get rid of him.

Will: What did that jerk do this time?


Craig: Well, thank you, gentlemen. Poker's a good game, good game.

Q: Seems your luck has changed, Mr. M.

Craig: Nothing to do with luck, Q. Winning is a well-honed skill.

Q: Perhaps you'd like to take a break? Enjoy a bottle of champagne with one of our charming young ladies?

Craig: No, no, I just want to earn enough money to purchase the document we discussed, then I'll be on my way.

Q: Are you certain there's nothing we can --?

Rosanna: Let me out of here! I demand you let me out of here, now!


Will: Jen, that's unreal.

Jennifer: Yeah, tell me about it.

Will: So, you're telling me that Craig is the baby's --

Jennifer: No, Craig is nothing to me, or to my baby. Mike is and will always be the father.

Will: Okay. Well, what did Mom do to Montgomery to make him leave?

Jennifer: Well, that's a mystery to me and to Mike. The only thing that we know for sure is that she had some help from some of Craig’s enemies.

Will: And Craig’s never coming back?

Jennifer: Not anytime soon. Mike and I have a real chance to make a go at this.

Will: Okay, well, I hope so. That's great. I hope you guys end up really happy.

Jennifer: I already am, Will. Because Mike and I were meant to be together. We are as solid as a rock. And nothing will come between us again.

Mike: Got a minute?

Katie: Yeah.

Mike: Good, you're coming with me.

Katie: Where?

Mike: Not far.

Katie: Okay, let me just tell Henry.

Mike: No, don't worry. I'll have you back before he even knows you're gone. Come on.

Keith: You know, anytime anybody's ever been nice to me, I seem to screw it up. And then sometimes, you know, you can't make it right, you can't fix it.


Lily: You're talking about Julia?

Keith: Yeah, a couple years ago we had a lot of fights, you know, brother- sister stuff. I should've risen above it and been the brother that she needed, but I didn’t. And then she took off with J.J., and I lost the two most important people in my life. After that, I kind of -- well, I went downhill. And even when I found Julia here, you know, and I thought I had a second chance to work things out? I goofed that up as well. And then, you know, meeting you. Willing to go to jail for your son. I mean, you were -- treated me like I wasn't an outcast. When I was with you, all the bad stuff, I forgot about it. And I was thinking that maybe I was gonna get to start over again.

Lily: What did you think would happen if you told me the truth?

Keith: I was afraid. 'Cause I lied to you. I lied to myself. If I couldn't work things out with my sister, how did I think I was going to work things out with you?

Lily: Maybe you still can.


Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Holden: Good, you're leaving. Saves me the trouble of having to throw you out.

Lily: What are you talking about? He's not going anywhere. Not unless I say so.

Mike: I still love you, too.

Katie: You do?

Mike: I will probably always love you.


Keith: I would love to believe that we could start over. However, we've got a lot of strikes against us.

Lily: Maybe we can work at it?

Keith: Well, we would still come up against the same thing, which is that I'm no angel. But you, you're perfect. [Lily scoffs] I mean, you've got a family that loves you. In the community, you're, you know, respected. You instinctively will always do the right thing.

Lily: How can you say that? How can you say any of those things after what I did to your sister? You know I'm not perfect, Keith.

Keith: Well, I think that you're pretty damn close.

Lily: I have made more mistakes than I care to remember. I was alone and scared, like you. See, we're not that much different, you and I. We both want the same things. We just have to reach out and take it.

Keith: I just have this crazy idea, and I --

Lily: What?

Keith: I don't know. I don't know --

Lily: What?

Keith: What if we got out of here? What if we got away from, like, your mother, and from Holden, and all these people that tell us that we can't be together, that it's wrong.

Lily: I would love that.

Keith: Really?

Lily: Mm-hmm.

Keith: After everything you know about me now, you wouldn't be afraid?

Lily: Are you being honest with me?

Keith: Yes.

Lily: Completely? About everything? No more secrets?

Keith: I've got no secrets.

Lily: Then it's no problem.

Keith: How soon can you leave?

Lily: What? Now?

Keith: Yeah.

Lily: I've got a lot of things I've got to do, I've got to take care of. I can't just --

Keith: Well, can you get a babysitter for a few days?

Lily: I don't know if -- I can't ask my mother, after what happened tonight. I have to --

Keith: Yeah, you know what? Maybe this is a crazy idea. Maybe we shouldn't do this.

Lily: Holden! I've got to talk to Holden.

Keith: Holden?

Lily he's going to spend time with his children. That's what he's been wanting to do, spend time with his kids. This is a perfect opportunity.

Keith: I think you're right.

Lily: Do you have any idea where we're going?

Keith: Um -- yeah.

Lily: Where?

Keith: Some place tropical. I'll surprise you.

Lily: You always do that.

Keith: Are you sure about this, because a little while ago, you were a little --

Lily: Oh, that was before. No, this is a new beginning.

Keith: I'm gonna go to the airport, get a plane. Meet me there in an hour.

Lily: Okay.

Keith: Okay.

Holden: Good. You're leaving. Saves me the trouble of having to throw you out.

Lily: What are you talking about? He's not going anywhere, not unless I say so.


Henry: How about some more punch there, young lady?

Nancy: I don't mind if I do. Thank you. I've been watching you. I must say, married life seems to be agreeing with you beautifully.

Henry: Well, you're right. Being married to Katie is more than I could have ever expected.

Barbara: Isn't it amazing how love can cause amnesia?

Henry: I'm not sure what you're getting at, Barbara.

Barbara: See? Like it never even happened.

Henry: Like what never even happened?

Nancy: Barbara, I don't think this is the time or the place to go into that.

Barbara: I just wanted to remind him that it wasn't that long ago that his wife and my daughter's fiancée were getting ready to walk down the aisle together.

Nancy: That was a long time ago and now everybody is satisfied with his partner, and why do we dwell on what never was?

Barbara: Still, I am wondering about Katie’s sudden disappearance. Where is that wife of yours, Henry? Or don't you know?


Mike: There you go. Have at it.

Katie: All right. Let's take a look. Oh. That's a great one. Mm, that's gorgeous. Anyone ever tell you two you should be models?

Mike: That's funny.

Katie: Oh. That's it. This is the one.

Mike: That's a good one.

Katie: You both look so happy.

Mike: We were. We still are.

Katie: And I'm happy for you. I am. I know it took me a long time to get here. Oh, man, and I think about how I acted a few months ago, I'm so ashamed.

Mike: Water under the bridge. Over the dam, to the tubes, wherever.

Katie: I'm serious. How could I think that you'd be still pining for me after I finally got back from Europe? Obviously, you were going to meet someone else.

Mike: I didn't think I was ever going to see you again.

Katie: I know. And maybe things would've been different if I had told you the truth. Come back sooner, never left at all? But why drive myself crazy wondering? Because neither of us can really answer that question, right? We should probably get back to the party.

Mike: You know what? There's something I want to tell you.

Katie: Does this have something to do with what I said to Jen?

Mike: Yeah.

Katie: Oh, I'm sorry. I really -- Mike, I don't want to freak out about that. She asked me a direct question -- "did I still love you?" And I had no choice. I had to tell her my honest feelings and I didn't want you to feel --

Mike: No, no, no, I'm not freaked out. 'Cause I still love you, too.

Katie: You do?

Mike: I will probably always love you. And what we shared together, that just doesn't disappear. And I don't want to forget the good times. And most of them were spent right here in this house, you know?

Katie: So -- what does this mean for us?

Mike: It means we're lucky. To love someone enough to let them go and still keep loving them. That's pretty rare.

Katie: Letting you go was probably one of the hardest things I've ever had to do.

Mike: Yeah, me, too. You know, there was a while there where I didn't think I was ever gonna be able to let you go. But seeing how happy Henry made you, I just couldn't stand in your way.

Katie: Well, I don't want to stand in your way either. I know that may be hard to believe, after everything I've done.

Mike: I believe you. I do.

Katie: Amazing, huh? Just a few days ago, you were ready to kill me because I had practically ruined your life, and now we're sitting here like old friends.

Mike: It took me barging into my own surprise party to realize how much you regretted telling Craig about the baby.

Katie: I do, Mike. I would do anything to make it up to you.

Mike: That's all I needed to hear.

Katie: I'm sorry. And not just for that, for all my mistakes.

Mike: Ditto.

Katie: Okay, we should probably get back to Metro.

Mike: One more thing. You know what you said about, you know, wishing you could disappear like Craig?

Katie: Yeah.

Mike: As happy as I am that he's gone, I'm really glad that you're not.


Q: Why can't you keep that woman quiet?

Mya: I've tried everything.

Q: Apparently not.

Mya: She's completely out of control.

Q: Get her under control or you're out of a job.

Mya: She's screaming and scratching.

Q: Then I'll get someone else to calm her.

Mya: No one else will go in there. She's crazy.

Q: Tell her this. If she can't be handled, she will be removed immediately.

Craig: Q, awfully hard finding good help these days.

Q: Indeed.

Craig: I haven't heard a ruckus like that since my most recent former wife. She was a wild one.

Q: Some women are like thoroughbreds. They refuse to be tamed. Can't adjust to new surroundings and circumstances.

Craig: Well, still, I like a woman with a little spirit in her.

Q: She'll learn. They all do.

Craig: Still, it didn't sound like she was from around these parts. Sounded like a full-blooded Yankee.

Q: Don't trouble yourself. We'll handle the situation. Right now, there's still one more seat open for poker, and the game's about to begin.

Craig: Well, maybe if I spoke to the girl in her own language --

Q: You should get back to the table, Mr. M, before your luck runs out.


Emily: It's funny how love sort of sneaks up on you, isn't it?

Paul: Yeah, then just slips right back out.

Emily: I overheard you talking to Barbara --

Paul: I thought you gave up eavesdropping.

Emily: I was thinking, maybe she's right. Maybe you need --

Paul: Oh, no. Come on. Not you, too. Look, my love life, such as it is, is there by choice, not by chance. I like things the way they are.

Emily: Oh, if you would just come down from that penthouse of yours, just once in a while, maybe you would find somebody --

Paul: Do you remember what I said to you when Rosanna dumped me? When she tried to get me evicted from Fairwinds?

Emily: It doesn't matter what you said. You were half out of your mind at the time. Now, come on, I'm not saying you didn't have a right to go off and lick your wounds for a while, but that was then, Paul. A lot of time has gone by. You gotta get out of there.

Paul: Why?

Emily: Why? Because you're a great guy and you're depriving yourself of a wonderful woman.

Paul: There are some people in this world who are meant to love and be loved. And then there are some that aren’t. And I'm in group "B." I like it there. It's quiet. There's no hassles. I have a ton of leftover Chinese food in my refrigerator because I've ordered way too much. Plan "b" is the place to be. I think I'll stay there for a little while.

Barbara: I just can't believe that my little girl is getting married. I've been waiting for this day since before you were born.

Jennifer: Well, if it doesn't mean you're going overboard.

Barbara: Oh, I'm trying my best not to. But, honey, you know the press and the magazines are all over this. They can't help themselves.

Jennifer: Well, who told them I was getting married in the first place?

Barbara: Mike, I sure hope you don't keep my little girl waiting on her wedding day as long as you kept her waiting tonight.

Paul: All right, that's enough. Let's get you some --

Jennifer: Would you all excuse us for a second? How did everything go with Katie?

Mike: It went okay.

Jennifer: And?

Mike: And I think we're clear. Whatever we were to each other in the past, the important thing now is saving our friendship.

Henry: I see you managed to find a perfect picture.

Katie: I'm sorry I just left. Mike didn't even tell me where we were going until we were there. You're not mad, are you?

Henry: Mad about you, maybe. I missed you.

Katie: Mm. Thanks for understanding.

Paul: Excuse me, if I could please have everybody's attention, I think it's time to toast the happy couple. Come on, come on up here. Come on. All right, when Katie first called me and said that she was planning an engagement party, I said, "you can't be serious." A celebration? I mean, after all the starts and stops that these two have had, I figured if they had half a brain between them, they'd run off and find the nearest justice of the peace and get it done fast, cheap and easy and go back to that little cottage of theirs and live happily ever after. Love, even in the best of times, is very difficult. And I've always figured, you know, just get it done. You know, without any fanfare, without any applause, without any celebration. But looking at the two of you today and how happy you both are, after everything that you've had to endure, I'm happy to say that I was completely wrong, and Katie was absolutely right to insist on a celebration. So, may the saddest day of your future be the happiest day of your past. Here's to you, Jennifer and Mike and the little one on the way. All of our love from us to you. Congratulations.

Barbara: Hear, hear!

All: Cheers!

Jennifer: That was beautiful, Paul. Thank you.

Paul: Take good care of her.

Mike: Always.


Craig: Thank you again, gentlemen. Merci beaucoup, danke schoen, and auf wiedersehen.

Q: Don't tell me your luck's already turned, Mr. M?

Craig: No, Q, I was just giving somebody else a chance to feel what it was like to win.

Q: How generous. Now, what can we do to make your visit more pleasurable?

Craig: I was thinking of a massage.

Q: Wonderful idea. We have a myriad of lovely ladies ready to accommodate your every desire.

Craig: What about that new girl? The spitfire?

Q: Not that one. But we have many others whom you'd find quite enticing. Excuse me while I locate one.


Holden: After what you witnessed tonight, you were actually going to let Keith stay here?

Lily: Oh, I see my mother is poisoning your mind again.

Holden: No, not at all. I'm concerned about our kids.

Lily: There's no need.

Holden: No need? He's connected to the mob! You almost got yourself shot tonight!

Lily: Because of my mother's private investigator! Not because of Keith! I thought you said you weren't going to be part of my mother's witch hunt anymore.

Holden: What am I supposed to do, just ignore this kind of information?

Keith: All right, look, I think Holden’s right. I -- I don't want to put your kids in danger.

Lily: I promised you, you could stay here through Les's trial and I'm not gonna go back on my word -- for anyone.

Holden: Really?

Lilly: Yeah.

Holden: Well, maybe you ought to think about getting some armed guards for the next month or so until the trial begins.

Keith: What are you talking about, a month or so? It's a couple of days.

Holden: Jessica has just delayed the trial. She thinks that Les is innocent.

Keith: Dammit. She can't do that.

Lily: Listen, it doesn't matter. Whether Les goes to trial or not, he will pay for what he did to your family. You have to know that.

Keith: You're right. He will pay. Listen, I'm gonna let you guys have some time alone.

Lily: You don't have to leave.

Keith: No, I do. I've gotta find a plane. See ya.

Holden: Do you want to tell me what the heck you are up to?

Lily: I'm living my life. How I do that and who I do it with is really none of your business.

Holden: It is when it involves my kids. And I don't want him within ten yards of my kids.

Lily: He won't be, at least for a couple of days.

Holden: What's that supposed to mean?

Lily: He’s going out of town. And I'm going with him.


Keith: A continuance? Now how in the hell did that happen?

Tom: The defense believes Mr. Sweeny was wrongly charged.

Keith: Wrongly -- my sister's bloody phone was found in Sweeny’s halfway house. The bee pollen that killed her was in his car.

Tom: I know how frustrating this can be.

Keith: Sweeny belongs in an orange jumpsuit! Now what else do you need?

Tom: Well, there needs to be a presumption of innocence before a suspect is proven guilty.

Keith: He's a wife-beater, a child abuser, he almost killed Carly. Come on, what? What do you want?

Tom: It's not up to me, Keith. Jessica was well in her rights to request a delay.

Keith: So, Sweeny, he just walks around now like a free man.

Tom: No, it doesn't mean that he's going to be walking around free. It doesn't mean the case is gonna dry up.

Keith: And what about J.J.? What happens to him?

Tom: It means it's going to take a little longer to put him behind bars than we anticipated. I've got to file some papers. We'll talk later.

[Les whistles]

Les: Keith, man, we both know why the judge said yes to that delay. The cops figured out you're setting me up, man. They know that the bee pollen was planted in my car and that you're the one that put it there.

Keith: You know, Sweeny, I'd be real careful about accusing me of anything. Because, in the end, it's gonna be my word against yours. And when I want something, I can be very persuasive.


Holden: I can't wait to hear this. This is gonna be good.

Lily: Hear what?

Holden: Why you're leaving your children to run off with some mobster.

Lily: He is not a mobster, and I'm not leaving my children. They'll be spending a couple days with their father. You told me you wanted to spend more time with them. Now, here's your chance. Or are you too busy right now to take care of your kids?

Holden: No. I'm not too busy to take care of my kids. I'll just watch after them, just like I did every other time you decided to run off and do something crazy. I hope you know what you're doing.


Katie: Oh.

Barbara: Handsome young man, isn't he?

Katie: Oh, that must've fallen off the collage when Mike and Jennifer were bringing it home. Thank you.

Barbara: Well, this picture and the man in it belong to my daughter now.

Katie: So, Jennifer tells me that you're making all the wedding preparations?

Barbara: That's right.

Katie: Well, if you need any help at all, please feel free to ask.

Barbara: You've gotta be kidding, right?

Katie: Kidding? No.

Barbara: I'm on to you, Katie. And I think your involvement in Jennifer and Mike's wedding is entirely inappropriate. Don't you?

Jennifer: Mm, oh. Oh, my God, Mike, the baby.

Mike: The baby? The baby? You -- you want me to call Dr. Schiller right now and let her know we're coming to the emergency room?

Jennifer: No, no, no, sit. Sit, sit right here.

Mike: Are you in pain?

Jennifer: No. Not at all.

Mike: All right, then what is it?

Jennifer: Feel that?

Mike: I don't feel anything, but if you're having some pains, we should probably go to Dr. -- Whoa. What was that?

Jennifer: You felt it, too?

Mike: Yeah, I felt it. There it is again. That's amazing.

Jennifer: Isn't it?

Mike: Is it really?

Jennifer: That's our baby.

Mike: Our baby.


Q: Good news, Mr. M.

Craig: Oh, Q, I'm always up for that.

Q: Your new passport will be ready soon.

Craig: Oh, brilliant.

Q: As soon as you've acquired enough funds --

Craig: Oh, I think --

Q: To purchase it. You were saying?

Craig: Pardon me?

Q: Have you acquired enough money for the purchase? I know how eager you are to be on your way.

Craig: Actually, Q, I think I have time for a few more hands. Did you miss me?


Announcer: Next week on "As the World Turns" --

Carly: Jack!

Jack: Get out of there, Les! Carly!

Carly: Jack!

Jack: What are you doing here? Get out of here!

Carly: Jack!


Rosanna: You stay away from me.

Craig: Rosanna.

Reverend: If any of you know any reason that these two may not be lawfully joined this day, speak --

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