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As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 5/3/05

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By Boo
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Katie: What is all of that?

Henry: Well, you said surprise you, so, surprise! Let's see, I've got an appletini, long island iced tea, a shot of old something or other --

Katie: Are you trying to get me drunk?

Henry: Now, would I do a thing like that?

Katie: What's with all the drinks? Oh, I know what this is about. You're trying to get all the dirty details out of me about Craig leaving Oakdale.

Henry: Now, come on, I don't need to ply you with drinks to get you to talk. Could always go on for a little pillow talking with you. But I hate mixing business with pleasure. So why don't you tell me, where is Craig now?

Katie: Nope.

Henry: Is he coming back?

Katie: I don't know.

Henry: Has he given up going after Jen and custody of Jenniferís --

Katie: I told you, I can't tell you that.

Henry: But I'm -- I'm your husband. We're supposed to share things.

Katie: All right, I'll tell you everything that I know, but you can't breathe a word of it to anyone.

Henry: Hey -- look, I'm not the one who can't keep a secret. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. That was so stupid of me. I did not mean that the way it sounded.

Katie: I was just hoping we could spend the rest of our lives not talking about how I'm responsible for Craig finding out that he is the father of Jen's child.

Henry: Done. Done. Forget I ever said it. Can you?

Katie: I'm dying to. All I want now is for Jen and Mike to live happily ever after, just like us.

Henry: You know, the thing is, though, that secrets have a nasty way of coming out.

Katie: What are you saying?

Henry: I'm just saying that if the truth is going to come out, wouldn't it be better if it came out from you?

Katie: Oh, so you're saying just come out and tell Mike that I'm responsible for ruining his life and Jenniferís, too?

Henry: I'm just saying that this has gone on long enough. Now's the time.


Mike: Yes, I would like to order your best bottle of champagne. Oh, scratch that. Make that sparkling cider. Mike Kasnoff. Credit card? Yeah, hold on a second.


Jennifer: I'm detecting a note of cynicism. Why do you think it's so impossible for me to have it all?

Dusty: I don't think it's impossible for some people. You know, they can have a child and rule the world.

Jennifer: Well, I don't want to rule the world. Just my own little corner of it.

Dusty: My point is --

Jennifer: You think that I can only do one, maybe two of those things. That if I try to be a wife, a mother and have a career that I'm going to just end up being a three-time loser.

Dusty: I don't think that.

Jennifer: Yeah, well, it crossed your mind.

Dusty: I'm thinking of what's gonna make you happy in the long run, you know?

Jennifer: That is -- that's bull. You're thinking that if it turns out that I can't hack it, that you're going to end up being responsible.

Dusty: You took off when it got hot and I don't need a repeat performance.

Jennifer: You want 100%?

Dusty: 150%. Rain, shine, diapers, whatever. I don't care. Without anything, we're keeping this place running. So if you can't give me everything, tell me. I got to know now.


Lily: When that plane took a nosedive, that was -- that was scary. That was amazing.

Keith: You know I would never let anything happen to you. You know that -- the shirt that you loaned me when you fixed my bandage?

Lily: Yeah.

Keith: I had it cleaned. I just forgot it.

Lily: Oh, okay. Well, then bring it back another time.

Keith: Okay.

Lily: For right now I just want you to relax and I have to start thinking about what we're going to have for lunch.

Keith: I can't remember the last time I had anything home-cooked.

Lily: After the morning you just gave me, it will be my pleasure.

Keith: Did you really have fun?

Lily: I had fun! It was phenomenal. It was free.

Keith: Well, you know what they say. That flying is the most fun you can have with your clothes on.

Lily: Well, it has been a very long time since I've done anything that I could call fun. So when can we do it again?

Keith: Well, you just say the word and we'll just climb right back up there again. Just the two of us for lunch, huh?

Lily: Yeah, Holden took the girls to the petting zoo.

Keith: What about Luke?

Lily: Movies with his friends. So just the two of us for lunch.

Keith: Lunch.

Lily: What would you like?

Keith: What I would like, more than anything else in the world, is for us to be more than just friends.


Lucinda: And where do things stand exactly now in Les Sweenyís case?

Jessica: I'm sorry, Lucinda. You lost the right to ask me that question. Our agreement ended when I gave you back the money you paid me to spy on Keith and Lily.

Lucinda: Oh, Jessica, no. No. I was just trying to stop him from saving his skin using Lily in case that case fell all apart. I mean, he is using -- he's setting Lily up.

Jessica: You still don't have any evidence of that.

Lucinda: Nothing concrete yet.

Jessica: Well, you know how this works. Without evidence, there's nothing I can do.

Lucinda: Well, what am I supposed to do? Am I supposed to hang around the ponderosa ranch waiting for something really horrible to happen to my daughter?

Jessica: Has Keith threatened Lily? Does she feel she's in danger?

Lucinda: No, no, of course she doesnít. But your client, he seems to be absolutely certain that Morrissey is setting him up and I'm beginning to feel that maybe he's right.

Les: Wait, you believe me? Finally!

Lucinda: I didn't say that I believe you. But I do believe that there is something not adding up in this case.

Les: Yeah, well, you're right. Because I didn't kill Julia. I hate needles. Shoot, I wouldn't know how to inject bee pollen or anything else. It was Morrissey. He set me up.

Cop: All right, keep stepping.

Les: No, I'm innocent, I swear. You gotta believe me.

Lucinda: Wait a minute, please. Don't take him anywhere yet. Jessica! Is it high time that I talk to that prisoner in private?


Katie: How am I going to tell Mike that I gave Craig the ammunition to make his life a living hell? He'll kill me.

Henry: And if he finds out from someone else --

Katie: He wonít. Only three people know. You, and you're not going to say anything. Me, and I won't say a word. And Craig, who's been permanently silenced.

Henry: Craig is dead?

Katie: Of course not.

Henry: Then he hasn't been permanently silenced, sweetheart. He'll find a way to drop a note or send up a smoke signal.

Katie: So, what? I'm supposed to be worried for the rest of my life that my brother's going to resurface and tell my dirty little secrets?

Henry: No, that's my point. You shouldn't have to worry. Come on, just come out with the truth. You know, if you do it now Mike might even respect you for it.

Katie: Yeah, if he doesn't hate me forever.

Henry: Oh, he's not a hateful kind of guy.

Katie: All right, hate's a strong word, but he's not going to forgive me.

Henry: Well, you're never going to know unless you try and tell him the truth. Come on, give it a go. I think this is now the right time to do it.

Katie: Will you come with me?

Henry: You don't want me tagging along.

Katie: Henry, you're my husband. We're married. We share things. Please? Come on.


Jennifer: You can't really be that big of a chauvinist. Look, I know you want this to work. All right? Why else would you get Craig to leave town by some miracle that no one seems to want to explain? And why would you resurrect Street Jeans and offer to reinstate me?

Dusty: Well, that was before you walked out on me again.

Jennifer: I didn't walk out, okay? I had to go tell Mike what was going on. I mean, didn't he deserve to know that Craig was out of the picture for good?

Dusty: Didnít they invent the telephone for that?

Jennifer: I couldn't very well ask him to marry me over the phone.

Dusty: You did that? I mean, you asked him?

Jennifer: Yes! Please, join me in the 21st century, okay? It's true. Women take the bull by the horns sometimes. They can run companies. And they don't fall to pieces just because they're pregnant.

Dusty: Jen, I don't know if you know how much is riding on you.

Jennifer: Oh, no. I know exactly how much. I created Street Jeans and I will do whatever it takes to get it back on top. So what do I do to make you believe me?

Dusty: I'll believe it when I see it. When do you start?

Jennifer: Tomorrow morning, bright and early.

Dusty: Welcome back. Good luck.

Jennifer: I don't need luck. I have talent and drive. I just need a little room to breathe.

Dusty: You got it. See you tomorrow.

Barbara: Honey. You're back. I didn't think I'd ever see you again.


Keith: Lily, listen, I would never push you into anything that you're not ready for.

Lily: I don't feel pushed. I feel pulled in a direction that's a little scary. Which is why we should just -- maybe just stop right here, right now.

Keith: Why do we want to do that?

Lily: Because we're drawn to each other and it's very normal when two people who go through hell together find comfort in each other.

Keith: Wait, wait. There's nothing about comfort here. I -- I would still be attracted to you even if it had nothing to do with my sister's murder and that.

Lily: This could all just be a reaction to losing your sister.

Keith: No, it's not a reaction to anything. I mean, I'm reacting to you. The way I feel when I'm with you, your eyes, you know? The way you smile --

Faith: Mommy!

Lily: Hi! You're back so soon. Did you have fun?

Faith: We fed goats, rode ponies and pet a piglet.

Lily: Oh, I can't wait to hear all about it. You got to wash your hands. Where's your father? I thought he was going to come in.

Faith: He left after he saw the car.

Lily: What car?

Keith: That would be my car.


Jessica: You can't seriously believe you have the right to talk to a murder suspect one-on-one.

Lucinda: I need to hear what he has to say in his own defense.

Jessica: Officer, would you return my client back to the interrogation room?

Lucinda: That comment that he made about bee pollen. What does that mean?

Jessica: They exhumed Juliaís body.

Lucinda: Yes.

Jessica: And they found evidence that she may not have died from a blow to the head.

Lucinda: There was a second autopsy?

Jessica: And now her cause of death is listed as anaphylactic shock. Julia was deathly allergic to bee stings.

Lucinda: Did Mike know about that?

Jessica: According to Keith Morrissey, not only did Mike know about it, but he's the only one who could have injected her with bee pollen.

Lucinda: Is that remotely possible?

Jessica: They found a puncture wound consistent with an injection. And when the police searched Mike's property, forensics found evidence of bee pollen in his car.

Lucinda: Oh!

Jessica: Lucinda --

Lucinda: Um, excuse me. I'd like to have a moment alone with the prisoner, please.

Jessica: Officer, would you wait outside?

Lucinda: Perhaps you misunderstood me. I really need to speak with Mr. Sweeny in private.

Jessica: Perhaps you misunderstood me, Lucinda. I'm not going --

Lucinda: Look, he's handcuffed. They've got cops all over the place. I mean, I'm perfectly safe. Thank you.

Jessica: All right, if you need me --

Lucinda: Thank you, thank you. The evidence against you is damning, Mr. Sweeny. There is not a soul in town who does not believe that you are guilty.

Les: Except you. And I'm telling you, ma'am, straight from my heart, I did not kill Julia.

Lucinda: Give me one reason why I should believe you.


Barbara: You know, first I heard that you were in hiding. Paul told me that and then he tells me that you're back. I'm so glad you're home.

Jennifer: I should've called you.

Barbara: No, it's okay. It really is. I understand. I'm just glad you're back.

Jennifer: Did you hear about Craig?

Barbara: Actually, I knew about it beforehand.

Jennifer: You mean you had something to do with his --

Barbara: Eviction from Oakdale? Yes, I did. Just know that I will do anything to protect you and my grandchild.

Jennifer: I don't know what to say.

Barbara: I only did it, honey, to keep you safe. And I did a little shopping, too. I have a little something for you.

Jennifer: Oh, you shouldn't have.

Barbara: Oh, oh, I had to. Happy Mother's day. Only, open it now.

Jennifer: Oh! Oh, Mom, I love it. I love it. Thank you so much. It's beautiful.

Barbara: I'm so glad you're home. I'm glad you're safe. Everything is working out.

Jennifer: Me, too. A lot of things are working out. Mike and I are back together. And we're getting married.

Barbara: Oh, honey. Oh, honey, I thought you had an extra little glow in that face of yours. You have made me so happy. I just want to hold you.

Jennifer: It's okay.


Mike: Hey, you guys. Come on in.

Katie: I hope we're not disturbing you.

Mike: Not at all. I thought you were my delivery guy.

Henry: Is Jennifer around?

Mike: No, she had some stuff she had to take care of. She ought to be back soon. Have a seat.

Katie: So, you're probably wondering why we're here.

Mike: I think I already know.

Katie: Oh?

Mike: Mm-hmm. You're here to try to talk me and Jennifer into working things out so we can get back together again. I got some news for you.

Katie: What?

Mike: Jennifer asked me to marry her.

Katie: She what? She proposed? What did you say?

Mike: I said yes!

Katie: That's incredible.

Henry: Congratulations! Couldn't happen to a better guy.

Katie: Yeah, I'm glad things are working out.

Mike: So am I. I love her and the baby so much, I would've died if I lost her.

Katie: This is great.

Mike: Happiest day of my life so far. I've still got the wedding and the birth of a baby to go, so --

Katie: Your baby?

Mike: Yeah, my baby.

Katie: Congratulations, Mike. I'm so happy for you. Well, Henry, we should probably get going.

Henry: Yeah.

Katie: Let Mike get on with his day.

Henry: This is -- this is interesting. Is there something you want to share, Mike?


Jennifer: And there's even more good news, if you can handle it.

Barbara: Oh, sure. Tell me.

Jennifer: Dusty gave me my job back. Street Jeans is back in business.

Barbara: Oh, honey, that is wonderful. I am thrilled for you.

Jennifer: Working with Dusty -- weren't men supposed to evolve over the decades?

Barbara: Is he giving you a hard time?

Jennifer: No, I think he's just a little nervous that he'll have to end up running a fashion company single-handedly.

Barbara: Oh, for heaven's sakes. You're capable of handling anything that life sends you. But if you're serious about that, I'll talk to him.

Jennifer: Oh, no, no. It's okay. It's okay. I think I convinced -- gosh, what is that?

Barbara: Honey, what's wrong?

Jennifer: I don't know. It's a stabbing pain and I had one before. Oh, but this one's not going away.

Barbara: What does it feel like?

Jennifer: Kind of like when you're running and have a stitch in your side.

Barbara: Okay, okay. I remember those. You're going to have a lot of strange sensations. It's the part and parcel of pregnancy.

Jennifer: No, I think something's wrong.

Barbara: Okay, all right. I'm going to go see Dr. Schiller and have her take a look, all right?

Jennifer: Would you do that?

Barbara: Of course. I'll take you there. Can you stand up? Up you go. Can you walk?

Jennifer: Oh, no, I think we should call Mike.

Barbara: We'll call him on the way, all right? Come on, nice and slow. Lean on me. I'll take care of you.


Les: Is that what they told you, that I shot Julia full of bee pollen?

Lucinda: And you're contending that you didn't?

Les: Well, did they also tell you that Keith knew all about Juliaís allergy way before I ever came in the picture?

Lucinda: Well, that's absolutely reasonable, isn't it, 'cause he's her brother? But it's hardly -- I mean, you haven't given me any real motive why he would kill her.

Les: Oh, motive. Well, how about money? Money. Is that motive enough for you?

Lucinda: Oh, money?

Les: Mm-hmm. [Lucinda chuckles] Mm-hmm.

Lucinda: Julia didn't seem to me to be like, you know, a trust fund baby type.

Les: Well, Julia wasn't a trust fund baby type, but J.J. is.

Lucinda: Her kid?

Les: Mm-hmm. Julia's parents set up a -- well, they planned ahead. They set up a tidy little account for -- for my son J.J. It's probably worth half a million now, maybe more.

Lucinda: Oh. I'm not following you.

Les: Who do you think gets his paws on that money if I'm doing time in Statesville?


Lily: The girls are having peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. That's not exactly what I had in mind when I offered you lunch, but if you'd like to join us, I've already cut off all the crusts.

Keith: Well, now that's hard to resist. But I got to get going.

Lily: Already?

Keith: Yeah. I've got some calls to make, and you -- you got to find yourself a sitter.

Lily: Do I have plans?

Keith: Well, I thought maybe we'd have an early dinner in the Lakeview.

Lily: I like the way you think.

Keith: Well, okay. You do the thinking. You just do as you have to do, and meet me there.

Lily: Okay.

Keith: Okay?

Lily: Look, I'm sorry for the interruption earlier. I had no idea that Holden would bring the girls back so soon.

Keith: Well, it's okay. But don't think that you're gonna be saved by the bell tonight. I mean, a girl who's up there, flying around, taking control of the plane, shouldn't be afraid of a little kiss.

Lily: No, I'm not afraid of a kiss. Just, it's been a long time since --

Keith: Since you had a friend that you were attracted to?

Lily: Yeah, maybe that's it.

Keith: Well, listen. Just relax, because I'm loyal and dependable, and I -- I'll never lie to you. So, you have nothing to fear. Not from me. I'll see you.


Les: I'm the only thing standing between Keith and that trust fund money.

Lucinda: Please, explain that to me.

Les: All right. J.J.'s grandparents, they set it up so whoever's got J.J.'s got control of the money.

Lucinda: Mm-hmm.

Les: Which wouldn't be a problem if Keith hadn't killed Julia, and if he hadn't been mixed up in some pretty shady deals with some pretty sketchy characters.

Lucinda: Well, that's hardly reason enough to --

Les: Hardly -- Keith needs that money. Is that reason enough for you? And so he got rid of his sister. Now, he's getting rid of me. You don't believe me? You talk to those people down at First National Bank. They'll break it down for you.

Lucinda: Have you told your suspicions to anyone like an attorney, or --

Les: Ms. Lucinda, people don't take two seconds to listen to me. I'm Les Sweeny. But you're a smart lady. You do the math. I'm sitting here, locked up, being charged with murder. I've lost custody of my son.

Lucinda: And Morrissey takes charge of J.J.'s trust.

Les: Bingo. Bingo. Keith planted that cell phone in my halfway house room. He planted the bee pollen in my car. Why? Because he's trying to cover up the fact that he traded his sister's life for some cold, hard cashola.


Announcer: Coming up, on "As the World Turns" --

Dr. Schiller: Katie had an appointment not long after you came in to confirm your pregnancy, and she had a lot of questions.

Jennifer: About what?

Dr. Schiller: You.

Lily: I'm going out to dinner with Keith.

Lucinda: Got yourself all gussied up to go out with a -- a murderer?


Lucinda: Mr. Sweeny, this chat has been quite edifying.

Les: Well, all right. Is that a good thing?

Lucinda: That remains to be seen.

Les: Well -- well, I thought you believed me.

Lucinda: Oh, it doesn't matter what I believe. But, wait. Ms. Griffin -- she's a marvelous attorney.

Les: But you -- you have to believe that what I'm saying is the truth.

Lucinda: Me? Why me, in particular?

Les: Well, because it's your -- it's your daughter Keith is -- is cozying up to. He killed his sister for money. Now, I don't mean to scare you, but I can only imagine what he's gonna do to your little girl.

Lucinda: Oh, my God.


Mike: I was ordering a bottle of sparking cider for Jen and I to celebrate, and I pulled the credit card out of my wallet. It must have popped out.

Henry: Well, that's -- well, that's funny how that happened, huh?

Mike: Better be glad I found this than the bride-to-be, huh?

Henry: Yeah. It's -- it's a nice picture.

Mike: Why don't you keep it?

Henry: Okay. I'll add it to my collection.

Katie: We should probably get going. I'm sure Mike has a lot to do. Be sure and give Jennifer our love, okay?

Mike: Yeah, I will. And, you know what? Thank you, guys, for always being in our corner. You two are the best friends Jennifer and I could have.

Katie: It's just so good to see you so happy.

Mike: What's not to be happy about, you know? I'm getting married. I'm gonna be a father. Does life get any better than that?

Henry: It canít. You two drink a toast for us, okay?

Mike: You got it. See you.

Henry: See you. What is the matter with you? I thought you were gonna tell him the truth?

Katie: I couldnít. I just couldn't, okay?

Mike: Where's that cider? Oh, a message.


Jennifer: Mike, it's me. Don't be alarmed, but I'm on my way to see dr. Schiller. I was having some pains, and I thought it would be best to get it checked out.


Barbara: Thank you for squeezing us in, doctor.

Dr. Schiller: Oh, it's no problem. I always try to be flexible for first-time moms. Everything's so new. Your body's doing things it's never done before. But it's a perfectly natural condition, and it's perfectly natural to be nervous, especially the first time around.

Jennifer: You know, when I first found out I was pregnant, I wasn't even sure I wanted to be a mom. But then, I mean -- I don't know when or how, but I -- realized that I do want this child, and I want to be a good mom. And the man that I'm about to marry wants to be a dad more than anything in the whole world. So I just pray that nothing's gone wrong.

Barbara: Oh, honey. She had a little twinge, and she thought it was the end of the world.

Dr. Schiller: You'll be feeling all kinds of twinges over the next few months. It's -- it's usually not a cause for alarm, but if you want to talk, you can feel free to call me.

Jennifer: Thank you. Thank you. That's very reassuring.

Dr. Schiller: As long as you're here, would you like to hear the baby's heartbeat?

Jennifer: You can do that? Already?

Dr. Schiller: Absolutely. Ready?

Jennifer: I don't hear anything. Mom, I don't hear anything.

Dr. Schiller: Hang on a minute.

Barbara: Shh. Just listen, honey. [Baby heartbeat] Listen. You hear something?

Jennifer: Wait, is that it? Is that --?

Dr. Schiller: That's your baby.

Jennifer: My baby. That's my baby. That's the most beautiful sound I have ever heard.


Lily: Coming!

Lucinda: Hi.

Lily: Oh. I don't have time for a lecture, because I'm going out.

Lucinda: Wow. Wowee. Care to share where you're headed?

Lily: No. Actually, no, I donít. But you're gonna keep bothering me until I tell you, so -- I'm going out to dinner with Keith.

Lucinda: Are you out of your mind? You've got yourself all gussied up to go out with a murderer? Does your hair need damage control?

Lily: You got proof from Les Sweeny, a man with a history of violence a mile long, and he tells you someone else committed this crime, and you take it at face value because that's what you want to hear. Think about it, Mother.

Lucinda: I have thought about it, darling. And I've lived longer than you have. And, unlike you, I know when I'm being had.

Lily: This is unbelievable that you would believe a man like this -- a wife-beater. A cheater.

Lucinda: That does not make him a murderer.

Lily: Doesn't make him a saint either. - The fact that you would trust him? That's chilling.

Lucinda: Well, I could say the same thing about you, darling. Morrissey is not the man that you think he is.

Lily: You are obsessed with keeping Keith away from me, from me having a life.

Lucinda: I'm obsessed with keeping you alive. Morrissey doesn't care about you. What he really cares about is money.

Lily: He's a pilot. He has plenty of money.

Lucinda: Well, apparently not enough to extricate himself from some questionable business deals.

Lily: What deals?

Lucinda: He owes money, darling, to people no one should owe money to, be in debt to.

Lily: Oh, okay. Who told you this? Les?

Lucinda: Among other things.

Lily: Oh. What else is he going to say? Les is going to spend the rest of his life in jail for committing that murder, and he wants to make Keith look as guilty as possible. Which he is not.

Lucinda: Oh, honey, please. Just sit down --

Lily: I've heard enough.

Lucinda: Listen. Let's talk, let's listen.

Lily: Bye-bye, girls. Mommy's leaving. I love you.

Lucinda: Sweetheart, think about it. You're gonna have steak tartare with a murderer?

Lily: Oh, that's enough. You've taken it way too far.


[Knock on door]

[Keith sighs]

Keith: What do you want?

Joe: I started to think you'd forgotten all about me.

Keith: What are you doing here?

Joe: Like you don't already know.


Jennifer: So it really was just a twinge?

Dr. Schiller: The baby sounds fine. You're in perfect health. And there's been no bleeding.

Jennifer: So we're fine?

Dr. Schiller: Would you feel better if we took a look?

Jennifer: You -- you mean, do a sonogram? Well, that would be great. I just wish Mike were here.

Barbara: I'm sure he's on his way, honey.

Dr. Schiller: Be right back.

Barbara: So, how do you feel now?

Jennifer: I'm so relieved, I'm shaking. I was so afraid I was miscarrying.

Barbara: Honey, you're gonna have a beautiful, healthy baby.

Jennifer: Did anything like this ever happen to you?

Barbara: Every single time I had a twinge when I was pregnant with Paul, I thought it was the end. And by the time Will came around, I knew it was just part of being pregnant.

Jennifer: Well, I guess I've got a lot of reading up to do.

Barbara: Or you could just talk to me. You can come to me about anything, Jen.

Jennifer: You know, when I first heard that I was pregnant, it was just a word. You know? Something that made me feel exhausted, nauseated and terrified.

Barbara: But now that you've heard that little baby's heartbeat?

Jennifer: I don't know, Mom. It's just so much more. It's just so real, and so important.

Barbara: Yeah. Yeah, I know.

Jennifer: But there's still so much that could go wrong. I mean, even after the baby's born --

Barbara: Honey, you are already a wonderful mother. And, you know, worrying is a -- just a part of it. Millions and millions of mothers have had babies all these years, and they've been fine, then you will be, too.

Mike: Jen.

Jennifer: Hey. I'm fine.

Mike: Are you sure?

Jennifer: Yeah.

Mike: And the baby?

Jennifer: Everything's perfect. Really. Really. The doctor said that it was just a twinge, and nothing to worry about. Where were you?

Mike: Well, I -- I must've turned off my cell phone by accident. I wish I'd been able to get you to the hospital.

Jennifer: That's okay. My mom was with me when it happened, and she brought me.

Mike: Yeah? Thank you.

Barbara: You don't need to thank me. I -- I'm her mother.

Dr. Schiller: Ready for your ultrasound?

Jennifer: Whenever you are.

Dr. Schiller: So, is this the proud father?

Mike: Yeah. I'm the father. And proud barely scratches the surface.

Jennifer: Oh, that's cold.

Dr. Schiller: Sorry about that. Just a few more minutes, and we'll get the first peek at your baby.

Barbara: Well, I think I will let you two share this alone.

Mike: Barbara, you mean you're gonna pass up the chance to get a look at your grandchild?

Jennifer: Why don't you stay and take a peek?

Barbara: Thank you. You mean that?

Dr. Schiller: Well, let's see what we can see. Here we go.

[Babyís heartbeat]

Jennifer: Are we supposed to see something already?

Mike: I sure donít.

Barbara: Well, I do. There's my grandbaby.

Dr. Schiller: Right here.

Mike: I don't believe it.

Jennifer: That's our baby.

Mike: It's amazing.

Jennifer: Isn't it?

Mike: You are.

Barbara: Hey, I'll never forget this, ever. Thank you. And call me if you need anything. No matter what, all right? I love you, honey.

Jennifer: Could we get a picture, or something?

Dr. Schiller: Of course.

Jennifer: Then we can show Henry and Katie when we tell them we're getting married.

Mike: Uh, I already told them.

Jennifer: Without me?

Mike: How do you expect me to keep good news like that all to myself?

Dr. Schiller: You mean Katie Frasier?

Mike: Well, it's Katie Coleman now.

Dr. Schiller: Are you two close friends?

Jennifer: Oh, not -- not necessarily close.

Mike: Yeah.

Jennifer: Why?

Dr. Schiller: Katie had an appointment not long after you came in to confirm your pregnancy, and she had a lot of questions.

Jennifer: About what?

Dr. Schiller: You.


Katie: I have never seen Mike so happy. Thank you, my dear.

Henry: Absolutely, darling.

Katie: He's marrying the woman he loves. They have a brand new baby on the way.

Henry: Yeah. You know, the longer you keep this a secret, the bigger it's gonna get.

Katie: Yeah, well, you know what I was thinking is, I need to stop living in the past, and start living in the present. I have a life with you, Henry.

Henry: Mm.

Katie: So I need to just stop getting all tangled up in Mike and Jenniferís business.

Henry: You're right. And you should have thought of that before you went through Jenniferís medical records at Dr. Schiller's office. And then you told Craig that she was five weeks along, when she was really ten weeks along.

Katie: I know. I know what I did, Henry. And I know how wrong it was. But two wrongs don't make a right, and telling Mike now would just ruin his happiness. And how wrong is that? So I've made a decision. I've made up my mind. I'm -- I'm gonna let sleeping dogs lie.

[Henry scoffs]


Jennifer: Well, what kind of questions was Katie asking?

Dr. Schiller: She seemed rather curious to know whether or not you were happy about the pregnancy.

Jennifer: Well, why would she --

Mike: This is shortly after Jennifer had her pregnancy confirmed with you?

Dr. Schiller: About mid-April, I believe.

Jennifer: I didn't even tell Katie that I was pregnant.

Dr. Schiller: Jennifer, I am sorry. Katie led me to believe that you had. And, on that basis, I may have said more than I should have. But she seemed to know so much. I --

Jennifer: Well, what did you tell her?

Dr. Schiller: I -- I told her that you were anxious to know the exact due date.

Jennifer: Oh, my God. It was Katie. She's the one who told Craig it was his baby.


Barbara: Jennifer's at home. She and the baby are fine.

Dusty: You're telling me this, why?

Barbara: Because while you were raking her over the coals, she starting feeling pains.

Dusty: She didn't tell me that.

Barbara: Probably because she was afraid that you would use it to keep her from doing her job.

Dusty: Did she go to the hospital?

Barbara: Yes, to make sure that her pregnancy was not in jeopardy.

Dusty: And she's fine?

Barbara: She's fine.

Dusty: Well, I'm glad to hear it.

Barbara: Yes. And she will continue to meet her deadlines and get her designs turned in on time. And my suggestion to you is that you ease up on her.

Dusty: That's -- I -- I'm running a business here, okay? I've got to make sure Jenniferís up to it.

Barbara: And she is willing and capable, but there may come a time when she's gonna need extra support.

Dusty: She'll get whatever she needs here.

Barbara: And if you can't give her what she needs, like creative assistance, you have my number.

Dusty: I'll keep that in mind.


[Phone rings]

Lucinda: Oh. Jessica.

Jessica: I got your message. How did your little chat go with Les Sweeny?

Lucinda: Disturbing, to say the least.

Jessica: How so?

Lucinda: He's come up a theory that provides a motive for why Morrissey would be involved in the murder. And, god help us both, I'm beginning to believe him.

Jessica: Without proof, it's just the word of a convicted --

Lucinda: And in the meantime, Lily has got herself involved with God knows what.

Jessica: I'm not sure what you're asking of me.

Lucinda: Jessica, you are an officer of the court. Help us out. Do something.

Jessica: Lucinda, there is nothing I can do to help you. I'm sorry.

[ Lucinda sighs ]

Lucinda: Looks like it's up to me. Again.

[Lucinda sighs]


Keith: I haven't got time for this.

Joe: It's time you made time.

Keith: We will talk about this later.

Joe: It is later, man. As later as it gets. Now, I did my job. I took care of her, just like you asked. It's time for me to get paid for it. I want my money, now.


Announcer: On the next "As the World Turns" --

Katie: I will tell them. Okay? I just need to do it in my own way.

Jennifer: Well, where are you going?

Mike: I'm not letting her get away with this.

Lucinda: The man tried to pilfer from the child's account the very same day -- the same day that his sister was murdered.

Holden: It's still not proof that he killed her.

Lily: Weren't you gonna introduce me to your friend?

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