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As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 4/19/05

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Jennifer: So it's official?

 Mike: It's official.

 Jennifer: We're engaged.

 Mike: Look, I know women like to play this whole thing up.

 Jennifer: What whole thing?

 Mike: Oh, you know, the showers, the planning, everything that goes into a big wedding, but if it's okay with you, I just want to keep it simple.

 Jennifer: Simple's good.

 Mike: And I want to do it right away.

 Jennifer: Oh. Oh, so Craig doesn't suspect that he's the father?

 Mike: He can suspect all he wants, but once I'm your husband, he's going to have to go through me. Besides, it's time. We love each other. We're having a baby, you know, why wait?

 Jennifer: Okay. Well, I think I can pull all this together in a couple of days.

 Mike: That's too long.

 Jennifer: Well, we need a license.

 Mike: Not true. We can get married tonight.

 Craig: So Jennifer's five weeks pregnant, not ten. Are you sure?

 Katie: No, I never said that. I just said that according to the file in the doctor's office, she's five.

 Craig: When did she see the doctor?

 Katie: A few days ago. But doctors make mistakes.

 Craig: Yes, but you don't think this is a mistake, do you? You think she's carrying my child?

 Katie: No, I never said that. Besides, this is none of my business, we shouldn't even be talking about --

 Craig: We're talking about your niece, your nephew.

 Katie: Craig, we don't know that you're the father.

 Craig: What else did the file say?

 Katie: Nothing.

 Craig: But -- but you know something, don't you? Don't you?

 Katie: I don't even exactly what it means.

 Craig: Well, tell me and we can figure it out. Katie, if this is my child, don't you think that I have the right to know?

 Katie: Why, because you had sex with Jennifer when you shouldn't have and you ruined everything? Everything was all settled, Craig. She was happy, I was happy.

 Craig: Oh, so now we're talking about you?

 Katie: No, we're talking about upsetting everyone's lives. And why, so you can buy yourself cigars?

 Craig: No, we are talking about a human being. And don't you think this child deserves to know that he is loved, that he is cherished, that he has a father who will fight for him? I'm going to find out, Katie, you know I will. And don't you think it's a lot better to settle this before this child is born?

 Katie: All right. Dr. Schiller didn't say much, but she did say that Jennifer was a little tense and that she was concerned about the due date.

 Craig: They are trying to steal my child.

 Casey: I just don't think that I should have to hear about sexual responsibility from you. Not after what you did to Dad.

 Tom: Casey, that's enough.

 Casey: Mom, I'm sorry, I didn't mean that the way that it came out.

 Tom: Hey, honey?

 Jack: Carly? Oh, my God, what the hell happened? Are you all right?

 Carly: Yeah, I'm okay.

 Jack: And the kids?

 Carly: Parker and Sage are at Emma's, they're fine. Jack, I am so sorry. J.J. -- I tried to stop him.

 Jack: What happened to J.J.?

 Carly: Les took him.

 Lily: Hal put out an APB out on Les, they're looking for him in six counties.

 Keith: All right. They got pictures?

 Lily: They have a picture of Les from when he got arrested, they have J.J.'s picture from his school picture that was on Jack's desk. I just wish I knew how much of a head start that they got, because they could be anywhere.

 Keith: I know.

 Lily: I'm just saying that --

 Keith: Lily, I got to find him. I got to find Sweeny. I couldn't save my sister, got to save J.J.

 Les: J.J., you make me stop this car one more time, I -- now you listen to me, boy, you try to escape or you try to get out of this car anyway, I swear to you, I will fix you like I fixed your momma. You understand me? Do you understand me?

 J.J.: What do you mean? What did you do to Mommy?

 Cop: Detective, we've got an APB out on Sweeny and the boy.

 Jack: I want to know what happened to my wife.

 Carly: Jack, you know what a bully Les is. And I wasn't going to let him take J.J. without putting up a fight. But the point is --

 Jack: You're amazing. You wouldn't let him take my son.

 Carly: What can I say? The kid's growing on me.

 Jack: Come here.

 Carly: Oh.

 Jack: I'm sorry. I'm sorry, honey.

 Carly: Jack, the point is that you need to go. You need to go and you need to find him.

 Jack: Are you sure you're all right? Because --

 Carly: Yes.

 Jack: -- You don't look so good.

 Carly: No, I'm fine. Lily and Keith were here and they called the cops. And now they're out there looking for lens's car, but you should go, Jack.

 Jack: You okay? Honey?

 Carly: You --

 Jack: Carly? Carly? Carly!

 J.J.: What did you do to Mommy?

 Les: That's what I did to Mommy! And you'll get more of the same if you don't button it.

 J.J.: Where are we going?

 Les: Where we going? We're going where nobody's going to find us.

 Lily: Please, slow down.

 Keith: No. No, I can't. They've got a head start.

 Lily: If we crash the car, we will not find them.

 Keith: Listen to me. I know that Sweeny killed my sister. He's not getting away.

 Lily: Okay, we have some evidence. We have some evidence. We don't know for a fact.

 Keith: Some evidence? We've got Julia's cell phone, which was covered blood. We found it in Sweeny's halfway house. I mean, we know that he was slipping in and out of there without the guards knowing. What else do you want?

 Lily: All right. We'll find him. And we'll let the police question him.

 Keith: I don't know if they can do anything. I mean, he could be down in one of these roads right here.

 Lily: No, no. Not if he's going out of Oakdale.

 Keith: Well, you know, maybe he went to a backup plan. Who knows. He might have known that Jack was leaving town, he might have known about this custody thing, and so maybe he took a trailer somewhere and he's just laying low.

 Lily: No, no, no, no. He'd -- no. He beat up a cop's wife. He did not plan this. He is just running.

 Keith: Yeah? Where's he going, do you think? Texas? With a warrant on his head?

 Lily: I don't know.

 Keith: He's going to Mexico. Wait a second.

 Lily: What? What, what?

 Keith: Can you see that car? Is that -- is that Sweeny's car?

 Les: We get where we're going' and you'll thank me. You'll thank me, little man. We're going to have a good life together, you and me. What the hell?

 J.J.: What's going on?

 Katie: Don't get carried away, Craig.

 Craig: Hmm?

 Katie: Just because Jennifer might be five weeks pregnant and you two happened to have a drunken moment five weeks ago, does not mean that mike's not the father. They have been living together.

 Craig: Then why lie to me about the due date?

 Katie: Because you showed up at their doorstep unannounced and were your usual obnoxious self.

 Craig: No, the only reason for them to lie to me about the due date is they think I'm the father and they're trying to hide it.

 Katie: They couldn't possibly know that you were the father. The baby would have to be born first and a paternity test would have to be administered.

 Craig: Then why lie about the due date?

 Katie: Mike would never lie to you. Not about something like this.

 Craig: Oh, Katie, it is obvious to me that those two were not going to breathe a word, ever, to me about this. No, those two rocket scientists were counting on me to somehow ignore the fact that Jennifer was suddenly pregnant. Or maybe they thought I wouldn't care. But it doesn't matter, because if that child is mine, I am going to be the father.

 Katie: You just assume that they would do something like that because that's something that you would do. But Mike wouldn't. He is a very honorable person.

 Craig: That's love talking.

 Katie: What is that supposed to mean?

 Craig: Katie, I don't care who you marry, you're going to be in love with Mike. Face it. I got to go.

 Katie: Wait. No, Craig -- no, no, don't. Just -- don't go upsetting everyone's lives, okay? Think about it. Sleep on it. But just remember that you have no real proof that you are the father to this baby.

 Craig: Oh, but I know how to get it.

 Mike: If you're willing, we can go to Vegas tonight and then be married.

 Jennifer: Tonight? You mean -- you mean tonight?

 Mike: There are flights every hour. Look, I understand if you want something more traditional with -- with your family and friends, but for me, it's enough having you there. And the baby.

 Jennifer: We would have our own built-in witness.

 Mike: So what do you say? You want to go get married?

 Jennifer: Yes. [Knocking on door] Oh, please don't let that be Craig.

 Mike: Paul.

 Paul: Hi. I hope this isn't a bad time.

 Mike: No. No, no, come on in.

 Jennifer: No. I'm glad you're here. I wanted to talk to you.

 Paul: Yeah. I -- I wanted to talk to you too.

 Jennifer: Well before you say anything, we've decided to keep the baby. Mike and I. We're going to raise it as our own.

 Paul: What about Craig?

 Mike: He'll never know.

 Paul: Jennifer -

 Jennifer: No. Before you start in, our minds are made up. In fact --

 Mike: I think we can trust your brother.

 Jennifer: We're flying to Vegas tonight to get married. And I -- I don't want you to feel like you're being left out, it's just --

 Paul: Oh, no, no, I understand that. I mean, given the circumstances, I -- are you sure this is what you really want?

 Jennifer: It's what I want.

 Paul: Well, then I think it's a great choice.

 Jennifer: Really?

 Paul: Yeah, really. Of course! Come on, I'm on your side, Jennifer. You have to know that by now.

 Mike: So you stopped by to talk to us?

 Paul: Oh, it's -- it's not important. I -- I just hope that if you do get married, that you keep going. You go south, you go west -- you just don't come back to Oakdale.

 Jennifer: What do you mean? Of course we'll come back.

 Paul: Well, then this plan won't work. Because if you come home, there's no way you're going to be able to keep this baby's paternity a secret.

 Jennifer: But if we're married --

 Paul: Jennifer, look, I don't want you to go. I want you to stay. But more than that, I want you to be happy. And if you and Mike and this baby want a chance at some peace, then I'm afraid this has to be good-bye.

 Tom: I need to talk to your mom.

 Casey: Dad, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to get her that upset.

 Tom: I know.

 Casey: Do you think she'll ever forgive me?

 Tom: I think she needs to forgive herself.

 Casey: Tell her I'm sorry.

 Tom: You know, you can talk to her later. Try to get Celia on the phone. I need a few minutes with your mom, okay?

 Casey: All right.

 Tom: You okay?

 Margo: Oh, no. But I'll survive.

 Tom: Well, he had no right to speak to you like that.

 Margo: Oh, yeah, he did. He had every right. He had every reason. I mean, he's a smart kid. He knows not to listen to someone he doesn't respect.

 Tom: Oh, come on now, he respects you.

 Margo: No, he doesn't. No. Not after what I did with doc Reese. He would be such a loser to listen to me.

 Tom: Oh, I'm not so sure about that. I mean, my experience with kids -- they tend to trust people that make mistakes and can admit it. It's folks who are always trying to be perfect all the time -- those are the ones they distrust.

 Margo: Yeah. I just thought that he'd gotten past it.

 Tom: Well, I think -- I think he has, really. But you know teens, when they feel threatened they -- they try to hit you in the soft spot.

 Margo: You guys have both been so good about not mentioning any of this for months now. I just -- I thought it was over.

 Tom: It's over.

 Margo: Obviously not.

 Tom: No, you apologized. And we've talked this through. And you and I both decided to try again.

 Margo: Honey, you're never going to forget what I did. I'm never going to forget what I did. And god forgive me, Casey's never going to forget.

 Paul: The only way to shut Craig down is to leave town right now.

 Jennifer: But, Paul, won't that make him even more suspicious? He already knows that I'm pregnant. And we've convinced him that mike is the father. If we -- we just leave town, he'll wonder if we're lying.

 Paul: What if the baby's born and it looks just like him?

 Mike: Oh, we already plan on leaving town before the birth so there's no question about the due date, but -- I don't know, if there turns out to be some huge resemblance, we just won't come back.

 Paul: That won't work. Craig will find out.

 Jennifer: How? We won't tell him. You won't tell him.

 Paul: Mother?

 Jennifer: Oh, yeah. She was here earlier and, uh, well, we told her we would banish her if she says anything.

 Mike: She won't say anything.

 Paul: Okay, if you are going to marry this guy, you need to explain to him how things work. Mother lies. That's what she does. Unless it's in her best interest to tell the truth, in which case she won't think twice about ruining your life.

 Jennifer: But you know what? We told her that she would never see her grandchild if she says anything to anyone about Craig being the father. And -- and she promised.

 Paul: Did she tell you that she'd told hall?

 Jennifer: What?

 Paul: I guess not.

 Jennifer: She told Dad?

 Paul: Yeah. He called me an hour ago. He would have called you, but you didn't confide in him. He got all his information through Barbara and he was very worried, Jennifer. And we couldn't talk for a long time, because the department is involved in some huge manhunt, but I think he has enough information to sink your ship.

 Jennifer: No, I don't believe this.

 Paul: Whoa, whoa, hold on. You're going to what? You going to call Mother? What do you -- what do you think she's going to say?

 Jennifer: I don't care what she says!

 Paul: All right, that was a mistake, okay? Because, if you're going to control Barbara, the first thing you need to do is anticipate her every move. Now just think for a second -- what do you think she's going to say?

 Jennifer: "He's your father, he has a right to know."

 Paul: There you go. Give the little lady a pink balloon. Or a blue one, just in case.

 Jennifer: Okay. Okay, so -- so she told Dad.

 Paul: How long do you think before she tells Will?

 Jennifer: She promised.

 Mike: Yeah, she did. But can she pull it off?

 Paul: No. Which means that if you don't leave town, I guarantee you Craig's going to find out. And then nobody lives happily ever after.

 Craig: I'll get a paternity test. I'll get a court order if Jennifer refuses.

 Katie: So you're going to force her hand?

 Craig: Well, it sure looks to me like she's trying to steal my child.

 Katie: Craig. All right, let's just say that she is. Why do you think she's going to such great lengths to keep you away from that baby, huh? Because she doesn't like you? She doesn't trust you? She doesn't respect you? She's scared of you? I don't know, take your pick. So what? You're going to force yourself into her life?

 Craig: No. I am not interested in her life.

 Katie: Well, she's the mommy. And if you insist on being the daddy, you're going to wade into her life somehow. And you know Jennifer, she might do something drastic.

 Craig: Like what? Macramé layettes?

 Katie: You know what I'm talking about. It's early on in the pregnancy. She just might decide to terminate it.

 Craig: No, she won't do that.

 Katie: Oh, now look who's blind.

 Craig: I am not in love with Jennifer, if that's what you're implying. I know she can work hard when she wants to and I think she has it in her to be a good mother, but -- but as fun as one night was, we are not really domestic material.

 Katie: Then why are you doing this?

 Craig: Because I love all my children. I loved Bryant -- I will always love Bryant. I love Lucy. I loved Cabot. And I will love this child. Which Jennifer will have. And how do I know this? Because, one, she has had plenty of time to terminate this pregnancy and she hasn't. Two, she got Mike to back her up. Three, she lied to me. Which means that, four, she wants to have this child. And, five, I am thrilled to have. Now, all I want is my rightful share in this child's life. And if I have to get a little pushy, so be it.

 Henry: Oh! Hi! To -- yeah, get a towel there. To Jennifer and Mike and the baby on board.

 Craig: Oh, I am sorry, Henry, but that ship has sailed.

 EMT #2: Blackouts aren't uncommon with a head injury.

 Jack: A head -- what the hell happened here?

 Carly: Jack?

 Jack: I'm right here, honey. I'm right here. You're gonna be okay.

 Carly: I am. I'm fine. I just got a little dizzy, that's all.

 EMT #1: You need to lie still, Mrs. Snyder.

 Jack: What happened?

 Cop #1: Your wife was trying to hold him Sweeny off so the kid could get away and he beat her up. He tried to strangle her and then he knocked her out.

 Carly: Hey, I'm fine. It's J.J. that you have to worry about. Les is so out of control.

 Jack: He lays a hand on that boy, after what he's done to you, I'll kill him.

 Keith: That's got to be Sweeny, why else would he speed up?

 Lily: I gave the cops our location. I can't believe they haven't cut him off. Please, just -- just slow down.

 Keith: I'm not slowing down. I'm not letting Sweeny get away.

 Les: Call your daddy.

 J.J.: What?

 Les: Jack Snyder. Call him now.

[Cell phone rings]

 Jack: Hello?

 J.J.: Dad?

 Jack: J.J.? J.J., where are you, son?

 Les: He's with me. Snyder, you hearing me now? He's with me. Now you listen up or the kid's gonna disappear for good.

 Jack: You listen to me, Sweeny, you lay one finger on that boy and I swear to God --

 Les: You should of thought of that before you married my wife. You hear that? That's her brother, he's on my tail. Now you call Keith and you tell him to get off my back.

 Jack: Now you slow down before you get yourself hurt.

 Les: I get hurt -- you listen to me, I get hurt, J.J. gets hurt. Now you call Keith right now, you tell him to put on the brakes or I swear to God -- Snyder, I will wrap this car around a tree. Tell him.

 J.J.: Dad!?

 Jack: J.J., Do me a favor, I want you to put your seatbelt on right now. You hear me?

 J.J.: Did you find Carly?

 Jack: Cary's fine. You just put your belt on right now. Buckle up.

 J.J.: You sure she's okay?

 Jack: Believe me, she's going to be just fine. Now you put your seatbelt on. Listen, I'm going to call your uncle Keith and I'm going to get him to slow down. I'm gonna get you out of this, okay? You understand?

 J.J.: I love you, Dad.

 Les: Ah, "love you, Dad."

 Jack: J.J.?

 Lily: Please, you have to slow down, or we're going to get killed.

 Keith: I'm not slowing down. If I do, I.D.'s as good as dead.

[Cell phone rings]

 Lily: Carly?

 Jack: No, Lily, it's me. Les just called. Are you on his tail?

 Lily: We've been following him for about ten minutes now.

 Keith: Who is that?

 Lily: It's Jack.

 Jack: Listen, you need to tell Keith to slow down. Les is threatening to hurt J.J. Now, listen, you just tell me where you are and I'll have a couple patrol cars over there to pick him up.

 Lily: We're on Millstone Road, I think. We just passed the rock quarry.

 Jack: Millstone Road past the quarry, yeah.

 Lily: Now, listen, Les is not just running because of J.J. We found Julia's cell phone at his halfway house. And Keith says if we back down now, we're going to lose him.

 Jack: Yeah, and if he doesn't, then he's going to hurt J.J. Listen, you get through to Keith. We'll pick les up. You just tell Keith to back off, okay? Listen, I got to go.

 Lily: Okay. We have to slow down, because Jack said that Les is threatening to hurt J.J. and Jack knows where we are, so please --

 Keith: No. No, I can't slow down. Oh, no.

 J.J.: Make it stop!

 Les: J.J., be quiet. I'm trying, I'm trying. The damn tire blew. All right, hang on. Hang on.

 Henry: Jennifer's pregnant, Mike's the father, what's not to celebrate?

 Craig: She was lying. I'm the father.

 Henry: And you know this because?

 Craig: Because your wife, my sister, was kind enough to finally tell me the truth.

 Katie: Craig, nobody knows the truth, I told you that. And if you insist on bullying Jennifer, you're just going to make everything so much worse.

 Craig: Well, I don't really have a choice, do I?

 Henry: What just happened?

 Katie: I blew it. I'm so sorry.

 Margo: So, how's the young'un?

 Tom: Well, he's still trying to reach Celia on the phone. You -- I think you should let yourself off the hook. 'Cause you apologized and we accepted that. Just like you've accepted my apologies for mistakes I've made. Big ones, bigger than this thing between you and Doc Reese -- and I'm not trying to minimize it, I'm just saying that everybody's not perfect and should have a chance to try again. I mean, look at what you and I do for a living. I mean, we lock people up for making mistakes, we punish them. Then we let them go so they can try again. So -- I think it's time you let yourself go. It's time.

 Margo: I will.

 Margo: I need a minute before I can talk to him.

 Tom: We'll give you a minute.

 Casey: Is she okay?

 Tom: She'll get there. So I thought that you were okay and come to terms with this thing that happened between Mom and Doc Reese.

 Casey: I have.

 Tom: What was all that before?

 Casey: I don't know, she just got me so worked up with all that being responsible stuff, and she wouldn't listen to me. What I'm trying to tell her is I am. I mean, I wouldn't, you know, with Celia.

 Tom: And the condom?

 Casey: Isn't mine. A friend of mine gave it to me and I didn't want to give it back because -- I don't know, it wouldn't be cool, so I kept it. Then I didn't have time to get rid of it, because Celia was here and then you guys came and you know what happened.

 Tom: Do you like her?

 Casey: Celia? Yeah, I like her. Do you?

 Tom: What's not to like? She's smart, talented, pretty. What she sees in you, I mean, I don't know. Come on, look, all your mom and I are trying to say -- take your time. Don't do this stuff, because the crowd's telling you do it. Find out what feels right for you. And be --

 Casey: Responsible?

 Tom: Yeah.

 Casey: I am. And I'm really sorry about what I said to Mom earlier. It's just, I was so embarrassed. I mean, I'm never going to forget Grandma bending over and picking up that condom.

 Tom: It was a classic.

 Casey: And then with Celia running out all mad at me and Mom going nuts, I mean, I just lost it.

 Tom: Understandable. Now it's time for you to make a few things right. You talk to your mom, try to get Celia on the phone and tell her how everything fell apart and it'll all work out.

 Casey: You sure?

 Tom: One of those rare occasions in my life when I can say yeah. Yeah, I'm sure. Hi. I'm going to take a walk.

 Jennifer: So you're suggesting that we just leave town and never come back? And then we -- what? We change our names? We move to a remote island and take up spear fishing?

 Paul: Well, at the very least, you elope to Europe. Although, a remote island, that sounds very nice. And I'm sure that once you're gone, Craig will find another way to occupy his minuscule brain.

 Mike: But for Jen to leave town without saying good-bye to her father or Will?

 Jennifer: Honey, what about you? You know, Henry and Katie, and Carly and her kids?

 Paul: Look, I'm not saying that any of this is going to be easy. I just feel that it's necessary.

 Jennifer: To leave town and never come back?

 Paul: Jennifer, look, you made a choice, okay? You and Mike are going to have this kid, and I think that's great. But that makes you parents. And parents, they make difficult decisions all the time because guess what -- the kid has to come first. Now, I realize that you and I, growing up with Mom, we don't have a lot of experience firsthand with self-sacrificing parents. But I'm told that that is the preferred method if you want raise a perfectly normal, healthy, well-adjusted child. So I guess the choice is, do you want to give this kid a chance at two loving parents or do you want to give Craig a chance to ruin this whole child's life?

 Jennifer: My brother has a tendency to dramatize.

 Mike: I think he's right.

 Jennifer: That there's only one approach this problem?

 Mike: No, but leaving town is the best bet.

 Paul: Look, I'm not saying it's the only approach. I'm just saying it's not worth the risk. There's plenty of beautiful little towns.

 Mike: I know this is a lot to handle right now. But, you know, if it makes sense to leave town, we should go now.

 Jack: Take my wife to the E.R. make sure she gets checked out -- CT scan, the whole works.

 EMT: I'll call Dr. Harris and have him meet us there.

 Jack: Thanks. It's gonna be all right.

 Carly: Jack, make sure you have back-up.

 Jack: Yeah, Shane will be with me. Just take care of yourself. Leave round two to me. We'll be back before you know it.

 Carly: Hey, be careful.

 Jack: I will. I love you.

 Keith: Do you know where we are?

 Lily: We should be near the lake.

 Keith: I don't think there's a road down there.

 Lily: It's an old logging trail. Look, I'm going to call Jack and tell him Les ran off the road into the woods, give him our exact location. You should put the flashers on.

 Keith: That's good idea. Hey, there's a trail over here. Come on.

 Les: Ow. Hey, J.J.! Come here, boy!

 Casey: I'm really sorry, Mom.

 Margo: No, Casey, listen. I'm really sorry.

 Casey: You don't have to worry about Celia and me.

 Margo: Why?

 Casey: Because nothing's going on. You can ask Dad if you don't believe me.

 Margo: I don't have to ask your dad. You just told me. Look, I am so very, very sorry that I embarrassed you. I guess it was because -- because I'm not a very good role model.

 Casey: Mom, you made a mistake. It's okay.

 Margo: Is it?

 Casey: I don't even want to count the number of times I've let you down.

 Margo: Oh, please.

 Casey: Mom, come on. I know I'm no walk in the park.

 Margo: Yeah, you are. You're my spring day, Casey. I adore you.

 Casey: Which is why you usually let me slide?

 Margo: Yeah.

 Casey: Except when you don't, like today. And I get it -- you're afraid for me. But the only thing is? You don't need to be, Mom. I know what I'm doing. And I don't want that to make you sad. You should be glad. It's made me more responsible, not less.

 Margo: Well, come on. Give me a hug.

 Katie: Remember when I came in and I was trying to tell you something and then I realized that Craig was here?

 Henry: Yeah.

 Katie: Well, when I was at Dr. Schiller's office, I saw jinn's chart.

 Henry: Right, and you said that you were never going to look at that again.

 Katie: Yeah, and I tried. I tried really, really hard but it literally fell in my lap. So I looked at it and Jen is five weeks pregnant.

 Henry: We knew that. She admitted it.

 Katie: Right. So you went to go get the champagne and, meanwhile, Craig stayed here and hung out, feeling sorry for himself and I was only half listening -- I mean, I was working. And then all of the sudden, he said something about Jennifer being ten weeks pregnant and I just corrected him. I said that she was five. Which I didn't even know what I was saying until I saw his face.

 Henry: He thought she was ten weeks along and then you told him that the doctor's chart said it was five weeks?

 Katie: Right, which is when Craig and Jennifer slept together -- five weeks ago. But I didn't know that. I mean, it's not like I was counting weeks or anything. It was an accident. I honestly, truly did not mean to tell him. But then he just got all crazy and started asking me what else the file said and what the doctor said --

 Henry: And you said -- you said -- you said that you couldn't discuss Jennifer's file because you weren't supposed to be looking at it in the first place, right?

 Katie: Do you really think that would've kept him from going there?

 Henry: So what precisely did you say, Kathryn?

 Katie: I told him the truth. That the doctor said that Jennifer was concerned about when she conceived. He asked me. I wasn't spreading rumors or -- [Katie sighs] Would you say something?

 Henry: What do you want me to say?

 Katie: That you believe me.

 Henry: But I don't believe you.

 Craig: Is your sister home?

 Paul: Why?

 Craig: I need to talk to her.

 Paul: I don't think she wants to talk to you.

 Craig: Well, it's not your business. So if you don't mind --

 Paul: I do mind. You've been hounding her for weeks. You stole her designs. You stole her staff.

 Craig: I need to talk to her.

 Paul: No. As C.P.R. of Street Jeans, I can't have you upsetting the talent.

 Craig: I know all about her pregnancy.

 Paul: I don't know what you think you know, but you don't get to talk to her.

 Craig: All right, fine. Circle the wagons.

 Les: J.J., don't you run from me! J.J.! Oh, it's real scary out here. Ow!

 Lily: Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

 Keith: He's inside! He's inside!

 Lily: J.J. --

 Keith: This is for my sister. [Keith yells]

 Margo: Hey, I came to get you for bed, but I guess you've got other plans.

 Tom: I guess I do.

 Margo: Huh.

 Tom: With you. Can I interest you in a little glass of cabernet?

 Margo: Oh, you know what, baby? I just brushed my teeth.

 Tom: Oh, not so fast. You never know what a little toothpaste might do to enhance a very special vintage like this. Let's live dangerously. Here you go.

 Margo: We tried that once already. It failed miserably. And tonight was just a painful reminder.

 Tom: Ah. But you got through it.

 Margo: How do you know? You didn't even talk to Casey.

 Tom: Didn't have to.

 Margo: Who -- what do you mean?

 Tom: Well, you don't give up on people, you work through things, just like you did with me. I made it pretty damn difficult.

 Margo: You had every right.

 Tom: But you could've thrown in the towel and you didn't. So, thanks.

 Margo: Sure. It's my stubborn nature. I could not live my life without you.

 Tom: I couldn't live my life without you either. Soft you ever have a day when you think that I came back because of habit or Casey or because we got a couple of years in the bank, I didn't. I came back because when you walk into a room, my heart does that same stupid dance it did the very first time I saw you smile.

 Margo: My God, baby, you don't know how much I needed to hear that today.

 Tom: When I watched Casey trying to maneuver his way down this long road to romance, you know what I hope? I hope that eventually he finds someone that will do for him what you do for me.

 Margo: Yeah? What's that?

 Tom: Well, pre-Margo I took myself pretty seriously. All right, I took everything pretty seriously. But when you came along, you showed me I just need to laugh a little bit more.

 Margo: Yeah, well, it's my rubber nose and my seltzer bottle.

 Tom: Well, the big clown shoes don't hurt.

 Margo: Got my starter kit right here.

 Tom: See what I mean? Mm-hmm. Let's move this party upstairs.

 Margo: Right. You bring the wine, I'll bring the fire.

 Tom: I don't need any wine, I don't need any candlelight, just a beautiful wife and her pink, fuzzy slippers.

 Margo: I'm sorry. For someone who's suppose to be the life of the party, I sure am falling down on the job here.

 Tom: Just so they're happy tears, it's all good.

 Margo: Yeah, they're happy tears. They're "I love you" tears.

 Tom: Even better.

 Katie: You think I'm lying to you?

 Henry: I think you're lying to yourself.

 Katie: Why? Because there's no such thing as an accident? How did I know that when Craig said ten and I said five he was gonna go off like that.

 Henry: You know, I can understand one slip of the tongue, but then you turn around and told him that the doctor said.

 Katie: I know what I told him. Okay, maybe part of me did it on purpose, but he's my brother. This baby could very well be my niece or nephew, so I couldn't keep it a secret. It wouldn't be fair to him.

 Henry: What do you mean it wouldn't be fair to him? What about being fair to me? What about being fair to your husband?

 Katie: How am I not being fair to you? Okay, I know that you're afraid that Mike and Jen are going to be mad, and they probably will be, but it's not your fault. I'll take all the blame, even though it was partially an accident.

 Henry: Part -- I'm sorry, which part was? Was is the part where you stole Jennifer's medical file?

 Katie: I did not steal.

 Henry: Was it the part where you interrogated her doctor by accident? Was it when you accidentally told Craig, on purpose, everything the doctor said?

 Katie: Okay, fine, this is all my fault.

 Henry: It is. It is, Katie. Because the reason you told Craig what you found out is because you want him to confront Jennifer.

 Katie: Why would I want him to confront Jennifer?

 Henry: Do I have to spell it out to you?

 Katie: Yes!

 Henry: You want Jennifer and Mike to break up, so that you can finally -- you can finally have Mike all to yourself.

 Craig: Jennifer? Jennifer? Where are they?

 Mike: Jen?

 Jennifer: Just saying good-bye to Oakdale.

 Mike: We can always come back.

 Jennifer: Not if we want our child to be happy. But we'll find someplace wonderful.

 Mike: Baby, as long as we're together, we're home.

 Carly: Really, I can walk.

 EMT #1: Ma'am, we're not taking any chances.

 Carly: Wait, the picture of my husband and the boy.

 Lily: J.J., are you here? J.J., its Lily Snyder, are you here? J.J.? I'm here with your Uncle Keith. You can come out now. You're safe, we'll take you home.

 J.J.: Mrs. Snyder?

 Lily: Oh, thank God, J.J., Thank God you're okay. Now come on, come on down now. Be careful, be careful. No! [J.J. falls]

 Jack: Freeze! Drop the knife. You okay?

 Les: Your wife put up a better fight than that, man. One down, one to go.

 Announcer: On the next "As the World Turns" --

 Craig: Two one-way tickets, yes. Destination where? Come on.

 J.J.: Come on, Dad!

 Lily: Hold on, I'm coming! Just hold on! Hold on! Whoa!

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