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Kim: Casey, I'm sorry.

Casey: It's not what it looks like.

Margo: Oh, so that's not a condom?

Celia: Thank you so much for lunch, but I should get home.

Casey: Celia, wait.

Margo: Wait, Casey. We're not finished here. Case -- this is not funny. Casey is much too young to be thinking about that. And so is she.

Casey: Celia, wait. I can explain.

Celia: I don't want to hear it. And I don't ever want to see you again.

Casey: I can explain.

Celia: I don't want to hear it. And I don't ever want to see you again.

[Coins hitting table]

Henry: I could make more money mowing lawns.

Craig: The grass is always greener, Henry.

Henry: How is the brother-in-law?

Craig: Not happy -- with you, or my sister.

Henry: Well, how could you not be happy with us? We're such a fun couple.

Craig: You lied to me, Henry. You and Katie.

Henry: Lied to you?

Craig: All right. You failed to disclose the fact that Jennifer is pregnant. And you know what hurts me, Henry, is you thought I didn't deserve to know.

Henry: Jennifer is pregnant?

Craig: Try to give it a rest, Henry.

Henry: Wow, a baby. Well, Mike must be so happy. Can't you just see him down on the floor, playing airplane?

Craig: And the reason you didn't tell me, Henry, is because you assumed I was the father. Why is why you and Katie were unusually weird the last time I was here? You didn't want me to know. Don't you think I deserve to be happy, huh?

Henry: You know, just because you and Jennifer had a moment doesn't make the baby yours.

Craig: No, you're right.

Henry: I am? I'm right about what?

Craig: The child isn't mine.

Henry: You want to run that by me again?

Craig: The baby is not mine.

Henry: Yes! There is a God!

Jennifer: So, are we really gonna do this? Are we gonna lie to Craig, and the rest of the world, about this baby?

Mike: Are you having second thoughts?

Jennifer: No. No. And, especially after Craig showing up on our doorstep, it all just proves that you're right. He cannot, under any circumstances, find out he's that the father of this baby, or we will never have a moment of peace again in our lives. So I -- I do have to lie to him. But you donít.

Mike: No, I donít. But I want to do it for you. For us.

Jennifer: I so appreciate you stepping up when Craig was here. And I know you love me. And I know you can't help yourself. You see a woman in distress, and you just have to save her.

Mike: Hmm. Make I'm saving myself. No, I figure a life with a strong, creative, beautiful redhead, and her child, might just be heaven.

Jennifer: Oh. That is the most romantic thing I think I've ever heard. And I know you mean it. But this is a big decision. It will change your life. You have to be so sure, Mike. Will you be able to give your heart to a child that's not yours? You've already been through this with Carly and Sage.

Mike: No, no, no, no. That's not a fair comparison. Carly was in love with Jack. That's a completely different situation. I want to spend my life with you. And that means, if you want this child, then I guess we're having a baby.

Jennifer: Oh, Mike. Oh, you have no idea how much -- I wish I could just forget all of that and -- and say yes.

Mike: Then do it. Say yes.

Jennifer: But we're talking about years. We're talking about a lifetime of hiding the truth. And you are the most honest man that I know, and I don't want to change that about you. And telling Craig a little lie is probably not that big of a deal, but will you be able to lie to Katie, and Henry, and Carly and Jack?

Mike: Whatever it takes.

Jennifer: And this child? If it comes to it, will you be able to -- to look this child in the eye when she's 10, 12, 15, and lie to her -- or him? And even if you could, is that who you want to be?

Mike: But it won't be a lie, not really. You know? Because I will be her father, or his father.

Jennifer: And you will be the best father in the world, if we can pull it off.

Mike: We can.

Jennifer: I just -- I'm not so sure. Right now, Craig thinks I'm ten weeks pregnant. But what happens in a couple of months when I'm still not showing? Or the due date comes and goes? Craig's -- Craigís no fool. He'll figure it out. What do we do then?

Katie: I knew it. Jennifer's pregnant. Five weeks along. Oh, I wish this thing said who the father was.

Doctor: Be right with you, Mrs. Woods. Katie.

Katie: Hi.

Doctor: Aren't you gonna get changed?

Katie: Oh, yes. Of course. I was just about to, when I got a call from my good friend Jennifer. Jennifer Munson. She's so excited about the pregnancy.

Doctor: Oh, really? That's encouraging. I'm glad to hear it.

Katie: I know that, of course, when you saw her, she was not quite used to the idea. You know, this being her first baby, and -- you know, the whole situation. It makes sense that she wouldn't be exactly overjoyed, given the circumstances. You must see this kind of thing all the time, right?

Lily: Can you see anything?

Keith: I see light, coming from a window, or something.

Lily: In the kitchen?

Keith: Probably.

Lily: So, I guess you're right. I guess Les could have climbed down the dumbwaiter, snuck out the window, and --

Keith: Killed my sister.

Lily: He comes back here to a locked room. He has a perfect alibi.

Keith: How are we gonna prove this?

Lily: Maybe he left fingerprints on the window.

Keith: Wait a second.

Lily: What?

Keith: Something -- there's something down there.

Lily: What is it? [Keith grunts] Mr. Simms, I want to thank you again so much for allowing us in.

Mr. Simms: Well, what's taking so long?

Lily: Just gonna be another minute.

Mr. Simms: Yeah, well, I just made a few calls. I think maybe I made a mistake here.

Lily: About what?

Mr. Simms: The people here -- technically, they're still incarcerated. The department of corrections does not want a newspaper in here, because they were nervous about a lawsuit. I think you're gonna have to leave. Now.

Carly: I'm not quite sure why you're here, Lester.

Les: Well, I'm here for my boy. It's all here. We got a new judge to rule in my favor. J.J. is mine.

Carly: We haven't been notified.

Les: I'm notifying you right now. I'm notifying you. J.J., get your coat, son.

Carly: Yeah, I'm sorry. Until Jack gets back, and we speak with our lawyer, I really can't help you.

Les: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Too late for that. You lost, woman. The boy's mine.

[Carly screams]

Carly: I'm asking you to leave.

Les: Oh, I'm gonna leave. I'll leave right now, with my boy.

Carly: He's not going anywhere with you.

Les: Why do women always have to make things hard? I might have to teach you a lesson.

Doctor: Katie, you -- you understand that I can't discuss Jenniferís situation with you.

Katie: Oh, no. Yeah, right. I was just excited to hear from her, and then you walked in, so I thought I'd share the joy. 'Cause that is what it is. A baby, it's a wonderful thing. Assuming that that's what you want, you know. If the particulars are all what you want. And, um -- I guess timing is everything. And Jennifer has this huge job, and -- you know, with the father, and everything. So I was just happy to hear that -- that she wasn't as upset as she was when she was here.

Doctor: I never said that she was upset, Katie. She was a little tense, maybe, but that's normal. You said it yourself. She's got a very demanding career. It makes sense that she'd want to pin down the due date.

Katie: Due date.

Doctor: And that's all I have to say on the subject. Now, if you'd like to get changed --

Katie: Yeah, you know what? Actually, sorry. My fault. We've been talking so long that I've just realized -- I'm gonna have to get going. All right. I'll see you soon.

Jennifer: Craig already suspects that we're lying to him. He's gonna be snooping around. When the baby's a month late, he'll do the math. And then what? We will be caught in the middle of a monumental custody battle.

Mike: We won't let it get to that.

Jennifer: How? How? Craig is relentless.

Mike: I know. And he's suspicious. But we have the facts, and that gives us a huge advantage.

Jennifer: How?

Mike: 'Cause we can plan ahead. Now, look. There's -- there's a couple different ways we could play this out. But I think the simplest is -- is by leaving town.

Jennifer: Well, you mean before I start to show?

Mike: Well, it doesn't matter, as long as we're gone by the time the baby's born.

Jennifer: And we say we're leaving, because --

Mike: Street Jeans needs a new showroom. I've got a big construction job. The reason doesn't matter, but we leave. And we stay away till the baby's about four or five months old, you know? Old enough where a couple weeks won't make a difference. And then we come back -- or not. You know, if we find a place that we like, then we'll just -- we'll stay there. We'll start a new life.

Jennifer: That's not a bad idea, except for one thing. We're not the only people who know the truth. And I think we can count on Dusty and Paul to keep our secret. But my mother is a whole another story.

Mike: I told you, Jen. Lying was her idea.

Jennifer: It's always her first impulse. Which makes her completely unreliable. You know what? She could -- she could just get angry at me, or you.

Mike: Oh, and tell Craig the truth.

Jennifer: Yeah. Or just act so guilty or upset that she tips him off. I mean, look what happened after she found out I was pregnant. Two seconds later, she's at the house with a baby gift. She's a loose cannon.

Mike: All right. We need to take care of her right now.

Lily: We're just gonna be here for a few more minutes, and then all that is left is your interview.

Mr. Simms: My interview?

Lily: Of course. You are the heart and soul of this whole program.

Mr. Simms: Me?

Lily: Yes. That's why Les gave his permission to run this story. He said, "You have to talk to Simms." So, listen. As soon as my photographer is done with his pictures, we have to take several pictures of you.

Mr. Simms: Of me?

Lily: Of course. For the front page. Can't do a profile without a picture.

Mr. Simms: Should I shave?

Lily: That's a good idea.

Mr. Simms: Won't take me but ten minutes.

Lily: Take your time. Take your time. Don't worry about it. What did you find? A cell phone? How did Les get a cell phone?

Keith: It's Juliaís cell phone.

Lily: That's where it went. He must have taken it from her. What is that on the phone?

Keith: It's blood.

Carly: Don't be a fool, Les. I'm married to a cop. You touch me, and they'll lock you up, and they'll throw away the key.

Les: No, not when I tell them you tried to kidnap my son.

Carly: No one is ever gonna believe that.

Les: Excuse me. You don't have custody. I do. You deny me the right to my kid, that's against the law. I don't care who your husband is. So just get moving, here. Get his jacket. You don't want any trouble here.

Carly: And you don't want to touch either one of us. Not unless you want to lose custody altogether. They won't even give you visitation.

Les: Oh, that's if they find us, and they ain't gonna find us. J.J.?

Carly: No! No! Run! J.J., Run! Run!

Les: C'mon, son. Listen to me, okay.

[Glass shattering]

Carly: Run! J.J.! Call Jack, honey! Run!

Les: That's the last time you get between me and what's mine.

Carly: No! No!

Les: Keep trying! Huh?

Carly: No! No!

Tom: So when we got home, Casey just say we walked in on them --

Margo: Making out on the couch.

Tom: Oh, come on, they're teenagers. And we didn't want to make a huge deal out it. Especially since you guys were here.

Margo: Except now that Caseyís carrying condoms around in his wallet.

Bob: I think it's very responsible of him.

Margo: Responsible? Bob, he's only 16.

Bob: And he's certainly old enough to be aware of the risks and taking the proper precautions.

Margo: You want to help me out here?

Tom: I kind of agree with him.

Margo: No, no, Casey is too young to be having a sexual relationship.

Kim: Oh, Margaret, come on, don't jump to conclusions. You know, sometimes these boys carry around these things whether they need them or not.

Bob: You know, Kimís probably right. It might be just for show. But if isn't, at least he's carrying protection in case it's needed.

Margo: Doesn't anybody understand what I'm saying here?

Kim: Of course we do, we understand perfectly. We realize how difficult it is to watch your kids grow up.

Margo: He is not grown up. He's not a child but he's definitely not emotionally ready to be having sex. And I think as responsible parents, we have to make sure that he understands that. Hmm?

Celia: Do you have any idea how much you just embarrassed me? Your parents invite me to meet your grandparents --

Casey: I'm sorry. But how was I supposed to know that my mom was gonna grab my wallet and throw it across the room?

Celia: Why did you even have that thing? We weren't going to -- to need it. And if you think that you can talk me into --

Casey: No, of course not. Don't worry, it wasn't even for you.

Celia: Then who was it for?

Casey: Nobody. It's not even mine --

Celia: Casey, my brother was right. I should have never trusted you.

Casey: Celia, wait! Let me drive you home!

Tom: Hey, hold on, buddy.

Casey: I've gotta catch up with Celia.

Tom: No, no. Not until we talk. Okay?

Casey: You don't understand.

Margo: You're not listening! You're not going anywhere!

Kim: Um, we are going. Casey, it was wonderful, darling, to meet your young lady. She's a darling girl. Thank you very much.

Bob: Hey, listen, buck up. As problems go, that's not a bad one.

Margo: Oh.

Bob: Thanks for everything. I hope we can do this soon again. Huh?

Kim: See you later.

Bob: I'll wait in the car.

Kim: Okay.

Casey: I have to explain things to Celia.

Margo: No, you have to explain things to us.

Casey: That can wait.

Tom: You know what? Not now, you can catch up with Celia later. Right now, your mom and I need to talk to you.

Henry: We didn't know anything for sure.

Craig: You knew Jennifer and I --

Henry: Look, I've done the wild thing. Craig, if for every time I took a girl around the park, I had to buy a stroller, I'd really be broke.

Craig: Your sensitivity is touching.

Henry: Oh, you know, did you deserve to know? No. Because the baby isn't yours. And if by some miracle of timing, it was, it is still up to Jennifer to tell you.

Craig: Do I smell morality here, Henry? Since when do you do the far, far better thing?

Henry: I resent that, Craig. I skipped town so Mike could have a shot with Katie.

Craig: Oh, maybe once in your life --

Henry: And I'm a changed man for it.

Craig: The only reason you didn't tell me is because you were afraid it was true.

Henry: Yeah, you're right. I was very afraid. You're a decent brother-in-law, Craig. But you're no prize as a father. I had to think of the baby.

Craig: You don't care about that baby. You just don't want Mike and Jennifer to break up. Because if they do, then Mike would want Katie back and your marriage would be over before faster than you could say "better man."

Henry: I take it back. You're not a decent brother-in-law.

Craig: Well, where's your loyalty, Henry?

Henry: What? Where is yours? Katie's happy.

Craig: Oh, okay, you keep telling yourself that little fairy tale. Because deep down, inside, you know she is still in love with Mike. And Mike is in love with her. And Jennifer knows it. One reason she came to me.

Henry: You think Jennifer wants you, Craig? Look around, okay? This town is littered with women who hate your guts. There is not a female from here to Chicago who wants anything to do with you. And Jennifer is no exception.

Katie: Henry, guess what I just -- Craig.

Craig: Yeah!

Henry: Craig, he just stopped in to say that is not the father of Jenniferís child. Isn't that great news?

Katie: Oh. Really?

Henry: Yeah. He just talked to Jennifer and she confirmed it. It's Mike's baby.

Craig: Yeah, so it seems.

Henry: Now, if this isn't cause for celebration, I don't know what is. What do you say to some champagne? Hmm, anyone?

Katie: Sure.

Henry: Great, I'll be right back.

Katie: This is why we didn't say anything when you were here before. We had no way of knowing --

Craig: It doesn't matter.

Katie: Are you relieved? You and Jennifer haven't exactly been getting along.

Craig: Ha, ha, ha. Yeah, well that's good. I think most men would be relieved. But you know what? I would have loved to have had a chance at another child.

Barbara: I don't know what you think I've done but I assure you that --

Mike: How about it's because of you Craig knows Jenniferís pregnant.

Barbara: No, no. I didn't say a word to him. He overheard a conversation that I was having --

Jennifer: Oh, yes, you were talking with Paul.

Barbara: Honey, I'm your mother. And you were talking about terminating this pregnancy. Oh, honey, don't tell me that you've done something foolish.

Jennifer: I decided to keep the baby.

Barbara: That's wonderful. You won't regret this decision, I promise you.

Jennifer: And we have already told Craig that Mike is the father.

Barbara: Well, that's wonderful. You decided to take my advice.

Mike: I'm not doing this because of you.

Barbara: No, you're not -- you're doing this for Jennifer.

Mike: We're doing this together so we can be a family.

Barbara: I couldn't be happier for you both.

Jennifer: And, well, before you break out the champagne, you have to understand something. While we've told Craig that Mike is the father, he, of course, is still suspicious. So he's going to pursue this. Which means we have to be very careful.

Barbara: Yes. Because he is an awful man and a worse father and there is no way he could ever find out that this child is his. I understand that. I'll have a conversation with Paul.

Jennifer: I'm not worried about Paul. I'm worried about you.

Barbara: Me? But this is what I wanted for you. I wanted you and Mike and your child to live happily ever after. I would never do anything to jeopardize this child's future. You have my word, Jen.

Jennifer: Your word is worth nothing, Mother.

Lily: It's definitely hers?

Keith: Yeah, J.J. programmed "I love you" whenever she opened it. Sweeney killed my sister.

Lily: He must've taken it from her when she was on the phone with her the pharmacist.

Keith: He beat her to death.

Lily: He couldn't leave the phone in the apartment, there's blood all over it. So he took it with him.

Keith: Then he came back, he ditched in the dumbwaiter. He sealed the whole thing up. And -- what are you doing?

Lily: I have to call the cops. They have to know about this.

Keith: No, we're not calling the cops. What are we going to say to them? How we dialogued our way in here without a search warrant? How I've got my fingerprints now all over the phone?

Lily: I will talk to them. I will tell them.

Keith: So what? What are we gonna get? A lecture? Sweeney walks. That's not going to happen. I mean, do you want that?

Lily: No, of course not.

Keith: Okay, you know what? I've been working with Jack. I trust him.

Lily: Oh, Jack. He's not here. He's out of town.

Keith: Yeah, but he'll be back by the end of the day. I'll wait that long.

J.J.: Are you okay? I was afraid he was going to kill you.

Carly: It's all right. And you did the right thing. You saved my life.

J.J.: Is he that bad, bad, bad man?

Carly: Yes, he is.

J.J.: He used to get mad at my mom and hit her. I couldn't let him do that to you. You won't let him take me away?

Carly: No, of course not. But we have to call the police. Okay?

J.J.: I tried to call Jack like you said but I couldn't get through.

Carly: It's okay. It's okay. Just get your coat. We got to get out of here. Okay?

Les: Give me that phone. Now!

Announcer: Coming up on "As the World Turns" --

Carly: No!

Mike: Will you marry me?

Celia: You must think I'm some kind of--

Kim: Wait a minute. Whatever you're going to say, don't think it.

Celia: Really?

Kim: Really. After you've seen as many children and grandchildren grow up as I have, you are not to make any assumptions at all until all of the facts are in.

Celia: If my mom had been there, she would be so mad at me and embarrassed. We never talk about things like--

Kim: Like sex? Well, you know something? I can understand your mother's feelings and then her concern for your welfare. But it's really too bad. I think family should talk about things like this because, otherwise, it's difficult to avoid misunderstanding.

Celia: And that's what this is. A total misunderstanding. Believe me, I would never ever do anything like that.

Kim: Good, good. It's important to know what you're comfortable with and what youíre-the-not ready for. You have to talk to your partner about that and be responsible. Which actually is the reason I think I'm not so concerned about this. Because I know my grandson and I know he is a very caring young man and I believe he would honor your feelings.

Celia: Then why did he have that thing in his wallet? He never talked about ever needing anything like that.

Kim: I don't know. I don't know. But you have to ask him that. And listen to his answer. I mean, who knows, maybe they're handing condoms out in the health class. Or maybe he's just curious, so I bought one, you know? For all their big talk, boys are just as uneasy about sex as girls, so don't make any assumptions until have you a talk.

Celia: I just want to go home.

Kim: Okay. We'll drop you off. Unless you want to join us. Bob and I were going to have a latte. Do you want to come along? We can talk about your school and your singing.

Celia: Really?

Kim: Really. I want to get to know you.

Celia: You know something, Mrs. Hughes? You're pretty cool.

Kim: Come on, let's go.

Casey: There is nothing to tell.

Margo: What did we walk in on?

Casey: Me kissing my girl. Which is none of your business?

Margo: It is my business you carrying a condom.

Tom: You are a normal kid.

Casey: We're not having sex. How many ways do I have to say it?

Margo: Let's define sex.

Casey: Mom, you're so over the line!

Tom: Hold on, hold on. We're sorry if we're making you feel like you're invading your privacy.

Casey: You're invading my life.

Tom: We are concerned because we believe you may be moving too fast.

Casey: The condom is not even mine. I had it in my hand when Celia came in and I stuffed it in my wallet so I wouldn't embarrass Celia. Then you grabbed my wallet, which I told you not to, and you embarrassed everyone in the room.

[Phone rings]

Tom: I'll get it.

Margo: Casey, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to embarrass you.

Casey: Well, you did. You embarrassed Celia, too. I need to talk to her.

Margo: I know you're probably not going to understand this. I'm trying to protect you because you're still my son and it just seems like you're growing up so fast and I want to make sure you understand what you're getting into.

Casey: I don't need to talk. What I need is to find Celia.

Margo: No. Not until we settle this.

Lily: Jack, please call me as soon as you get this message. We found new -- just call me as soon as you get the message. I don't want to leave a message there.

Keith: Heel call.

Lily: How do you know heel be back so soon?

Keith: He could be back now.

Lily: I'm going to try the front desk at the station.

[Phone ringing]

Lily: Hal, its Lily. I'm looking for Jack.

Hal: You're not the only one.

Lily: What happened?

Hal: Les' lawyer has gone judge hunting and he found one that will give him custody of J.J..

Lily: Les got custody of J.J.?

Keith: What? Why wasn't I told about this?

Lily: When does this ruling go into effect?

Hal: Now. I've been trying to get a hold of Jack.

Lily: Have you talked to Carly?

Hal: I've been trying to call her, too, but no one is picking up the phone. You know how kids are with the internet.

Lily: I'm going over there. With you keep trying?

Hal: Call me if you talk to Carly. I want to know if she's talked to less.

Mr. Simms: Mr. Hey, what about my picture?

Les: Give me the phone, Blondie!

J.J.: Don't!

Les: Shut are mouth, little man! Give me that phone! Give me that phone. Get the hell out of the way!


Carly: I'll give you the phone. Okay. J.J., its okay.

Les: Real slow.

Carly: It's gonna be okay.

Les: Hold still! Here!


Carly: Go!

Les: I warned you. Now you're gonna have to pay.

Barbara: You can trust me, I swear. I swear you can.

Jennifer: Which is exactly what you told me when you found me in the clinic. And you went right out and told Paul.

Barbara: Paul is your brother. He's family.

Jennifer: I'm not going to debate this with you. You are who you are and you're never going to change and I know it. So listen very carefully. Because this is a threat.

Barbara: This is not necessary.

Jennifer: If you do anything, and that involves talking in your sleep, writing in your diary, or simply venting out loud in your car, if you do anything that causes Craig to discover this is his child, I will cut you out of my life permanently. And I know I've walked -- out on you before. But this is different. If Craig finds out, I will never forgive you. I will leave Oakdale and you will never see me or this child again. Is that clear?

Barbara: Sweetheart, why would I do anything to hurt you or this baby? I was the one begging you to save its life. All I want to do is to help you through a difficult time.

Mike: Made more difficult by you, Barbara.

Barbara: I'm sorry you feel that way, mike.

Jennifer: We both feel that way.

Barbara: Well, maybe, after you've given birth to this baby and you hold it in your arms, you'll know how much I love you.

Jennifer: It has nothing to do with how you feel. It's what you do is the problem!

Barbara: Well, I won't do anything to upset you, I promise. I won't mention anything to anyone, not even will.

Jennifer: Good.

Barbara: Which is not to say that keeping this a secret from Craig is going to be easy. Fortunately, with my resources --

Jennifer: We don't need that kind of help, Barbara. Just your silence.

Barbara: Don't be ridiculous. You'll need the services of a private detective, a security system --

Jennifer: Which would do nothing but convince Craig that he's right. Butt out, Mom. This is our child. Mike and I will handle whatever comes up -- together.

Barbara: Well, could I at least make a dress for the mother-to-be? Who knows, we could launch a maternity line.

Jennifer: And have the press snooping around? No! Now, if you doomed, I really could use some rest.

Barbara: Of course. You're sleeping for two now. I'll call you later, okay?

Jennifer: I'll call you later this week. I think we got through her. What?

Mike: I was thinking about what you said, about this being our child. I don't know. It just suddenly feels right. Like we are a family. I want to ask you something. Either way, I'm committed.

Jennifer: Okay.

Mike: Will you marry me?

Craig: Of course, having a baby with Princess Jennifer would be slightly less than ideal. She does hate me.

Katie: There's that.

Craig: Another chance. A baby. You know what yesterday was?

Katie: Sunday?

Craig: Brian's birthday.

Katie: That's right. I'm sorry. I should have called you.

Craig: Yeah. Saw Sierra. Lucy called.

Katie: How is she doing?

Craig: She's on the debate team. What a surprise!

Katie: She still wants to be a lawyer?

Craig: She might settle for the Supreme Court.

Katie: Good for her!

Craig: I miss her.

Katie: Why don't you go see her, Craig? M sure they have family visiting.

Craig: Not the same. She's all grown up. I did have another chance there for a little while up in the cabin. I love Cabot.

Katie: Me too. Me too.

Craig: Wishful thinking, but knowing what I know now, to raise another child.

Katie: So why don't you find someone else and start a new family?

Craig: There's not a woman in this town to have dinner with, let alone have my baby.

Katie: That's why they have cars so you can date outside of your zip code. I switched your appointment to 5:30 on Thursday. If there is a problem, thank you. Call me.

Craig: But Jennifer--

Katie: But she is.

Craig: She's ten week--

Katie: Five? Yes. She's five weeks' pregnant.

Keith: J.J.! You in there?! Carly? 

Margo: I think this thing with Celia is too intense.

Casey: I'm not you, Mom!

Margo: What?

Casey: I know what I'm doing. I'm not going to lose control.

Margo: Well, but, but, you know, the heat of the moment, your feelings, you get all worked up and--

Casey: You know what? That's it. I'm not listening to another word.

Margo: Casey, I am your mother!

Casey: And with your track record in the last year, you have no right to lecture anybody about sexual responsibility!

Keith: Call 911. I'm going to look for J.J.

Lily: I need an ambulance right away. A woman has been knocked unconscious. Her name is Carly Snyder. Yes, hurry! Carly, don't move! Don't move!

Keith: What's going on?

Carly: Les --

Keith: Les did this?

Carly: He took -- J.J.

Keith: When?

Carly: I don't know. Not long.

Keith: Do you know why they Ė you remember where they went? Did he say anything? Anything?

Carly: Just that -- we'd never find them.

Les: I told you to sit still! Now you listen to me, boy. If you make one more move, I swear, I'll do you just like I did your mother.

Jennifer: You want to marry me?

Mike: I know you didn't want that kind of commitment -- at least not yet. I thought with the baby on the way, maybe you'd change your mind. For one thing, it would put Craig in his place. And besides, it just feels right to me. If we're gonna have a child, we should be married. But if it's too much too soon --

Jennifer: No, I just never expected -- I mean, all of it's too much too soon. But it's also wonderful. And yes, if you're going to be the father of this baby, I want to be your wife. Because I love you and -- and if all this works, we could actually be happy.

Mike: That's the idea. So you'll marry me?

Jennifer: Yes.

Craig: What do you mean she's five weeks pregnant? How do you know that?

Katie: That she's pregnant?

Craig: That she's five weeks along.

Katie: Why? What difference does it make?

Craig: Because I was with her five weeks ago!

Katie: But that doesn't necessarily mean --

Craig: How did you find out? Did Jennifer tell you? Or Mike?

Katie: No. I didn't even know for sure that she was pregnant until today.

Craig: So how'd you find out?

Katie: If Jennifer told you that you're not the father, then you're not the father.

Craig: I'm asking you, Katie -- as your brother. How did you find out that Jennifer was five weeks pregnant?

Katie: I saw her file in the doctor's office.

Announcer: On the next As the World Turn.

Mike: A baby! Why wait?

Jennifer: We need a license.

Mike: Not true. We can get married tonight.

Katie: The doctor didn't say much but that Jennifer was concerned about the due date.

Craig: Trying to steal my child.

Carly: I tried to stop him.

Jack: What happened to J.J.?

Carly: Les took him.

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