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As The World Turns Transcript Friday 4/15/05

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Keith: I have a chance to nail Juliaís killer, but I'm gonna need your help to get the proof.

Lily: What do you want me to do?

Luke: Nothing. Why can't the cops handle it?

Keith: Well, that's a delicate situation, and, you know, I mean, they're doing their best, but --

Luke: But you want my mom to do it instead. Why? What is it, illegal?

Lily: Could you let me handle this, please?

Luke: Mom, you just got back. Okay? My little sisters just got their mom back, okay?

Keith: You're right. You know what? I'm sorry I bothered you.

Lily: Wait, wait, wait. Just tell me what you need.

Carly: I don't understand all that legal stuff. You know, maybe you should call the lawyer and talk to him yourself. The bottom line is that Les could get custody of J.J. at any moment. Yes, of course I will. All right. So, you're sure that you'll be home tomorrow, then? Me, too. I just hope you find whatever you need to, to put Les away for good. All right. Well, call me when you land. I love you, too. J.J.? J.J., you want to play that game now? Hey, J.J.? J.J.? J. -- J.J.!

Henry: Bubbles, this consult here, it's not -- we -- we talked about kids in passing, but --

Katie: No. I am walking out of here with birth control. Not a thermometer and a mission. You can exhale now.

Henry: Thank you.

Katie: Deciding when and if we want to have kids is huge. You think that I would do that without you?

Henry: I guess not.

Katie: No. That's why Iím here. I am not letting us get taken by surprise like -- sometimes happens.

Henry: Like Jennifer, who we don't even know if she is pregnant, and we will wait to hear from herself, if she chooses to tell us anything. Right? Right?

Katie: Right.

Henry: Okay.

Katie: Unless fate drops the answers in our laps.

Jennifer: Congratulations?

Craig: Yeah. I heard the good news. You're still pregnant, aren't you?

Jennifer: Yes.

Craig: Well.

Jennifer: Yes I am.

Craig: Well, then I wish you all the very best. You and Mike both. You must be thrilled with the news.

Mike: Whoa, whoa, don't come inside my house. You have a lot of nerve showing up here with your "congratulations."

Craig: What is this hostility about, business? At a time like this?

Jennifer: You stole my company out from under me, and destroyed what little I had left. That's not business!

Craig: Yes, it was. Now, Jennifer, I can understand how everything must feel personal at a time like this, what with all the raging hormones and whatnot.

Jennifer: Oh, no, no. Don't -- don't even. My hormones are not raging, but I am, and you deserve it!

Craig: I wish I had known.

Jennifer: Why? Would you do things differently? Would you -- would you save some samples just for old times' sake, and not take all of my customers?

Mike: You've done enough. It's time for you to leave.

Jennifer: You are a poor excuse for a human being. I don't know how I ever let you near me!

Mike: Jen. Donít. Get off my porch.

Craig: You know, I get the sense Jennifer has something to tell me.

Mike: Well, Iím not gonna tell you again.

Craig: Well, she doesn't look well. Do you want to sit down or something? You've got to take of yourself, Jennifer, for the baby's sake.

Mike: You know what? I don't see how this is any of your business, anyway.

Craig: Jennifer, maybe you should answer that.

Katie: Tell me that isn't fate.

Henry: It's confidential information.

Katie: It's the Trifecta.

Henry: Katie.

Henry: Katie.

Katie: Don't nag.

Henry: I'm not. Nurse at nine o'clock. Well?

Katie: I thought you didn't want to know.

Henry: Well, I didn't, until you knew.

Katie: Jennifer's file is in there. She's been to see Dr. Schiller recently. I think she's pregnant.

Henry: Or she needed birth control.

Katie: She went to the family planning center, Henry.

Henry: So?

Katie: So, why would she go to both? I mean, if she was just having a check-up or getting birth control pills, then she would just come here. But she didn't. She came here, and then she went to the family planning center.

Henry: She said she was meeting a friend at the clinic.

Katie: No. She went there to get something that she couldn't get here.

Henry: Or she was meeting a friend.

Katie: Well, why do we even have to wonder? The answer's right there.

Henry: Why? Wait a second, why -- whatever happened to letting this just be mike and Jenniferís business?

Katie: Fate happened, about five files from the top. Don't you always say that information is power?

Henry: No, no, no. I said that information is the power to blackmail. Now, can you foresee any scenario in which either you or I will blackmail either Mike or Jennifer?

Katie: Not off the top of my head.

Henry: Okay, then let it go. All right? You go into that file now, you're nothing but a snoop.

Katie: I suppose.

Henry: Why are you so caught up in this?

Katie: I don't know. I guess I'm just trying to be a friend to Jennifer. And I thought that's where we were headed, especially after she told Mike that she slept with Craig. Let's face it, Henry. She could use a friend right now.

Henry: Yeah. Well, know what? Going through her private medical file is not a way to win her trust.

Katie: I know. I guess I just keep thinking how hard it must be to be in her shoes and making these decisions. Do you have the baby? Is this the right time? Is the father okay with it?

Henry: Oh, well, you know Mike. He's a prince.

Katie: If --

Henry: No ifs. He's a prince.

Katie: Henry, you forget that we already talked about the unfortunate possibility that this baby might be Craigís.

Henry: How could you wish that man a father on anyone? Katie?

Katie: You know, not long ago, people could have talked about me like that. Or about you. And they probably did. And we probably deserved it.

Henry: We -- no. We were never that bad, and you know it.

Katie: Well, we could've been, if we didn't have somebody on our side. But we did. Sometimes it was Margo. Or sometimes it was you for me. And it was me for you. We had somebody to help us feel good. Somebody that gives us a chance.

Henry: Craig is not some stray puppy that you have to protect. He has been given more second chances and more comebacks than Donald Trump. And Katie, this is not about Craig. All right? You're not fooling me for a minute.

Katie: What?

Henry: You are not doing this because you want to be Jenniferís buddy. And this is not so you can be a good little sister to Craig. This is about mike.

Katie: This is so not about -- yeah. This is about Mike.

Lily: I know. You're right. I just got home. But I think we owe it to Julia to find her real killer.

Luke: Oh, Mom, donít.

Lily: Okay. All right. Then we owe it to Keith. I would still be in jail if it weren't for him.

Luke: He helped put you in jail with that fake evidence.

Lily: And he could've left me there. Luke, I really believe all he wants is justice for his sister. I didn't believe that at first, but now I know that that's true.

Luke: Yeah, he was pretty straight with me.

Lily: So let's hear him out.

Luke: As long as it's legal.

Lily: Of course. Come on.

Luke: Look, Iím sorry for jumping on you before. It's just, you know, we just got our mom back. And we don't want to lose that.

Keith: Right. That's great you get a second chance with your mother. It's too bad that J.J. will never get that chance.

Carly: What were you thinking? That is such a busy road out there!

J.J.: I know.

Carly: You know? Then what were you doing? All right. I'm sorry. I know that I sound mad. And I'm not mad. It's just that you scared me. Let me start again, all right? What's up, J.J.? What -- what were you doing? Are you bored playing inside? Then what were you doing?

J.J.: I wanted somebody to give me a ride.

Carly: You were hitchhiking? Do you have any idea how dangerous that is, honey? What, that's it? Come on. Tell me.

J.J.: I heard you on the phone. You said Les could get me.

Carly: And you wanted to run away? Oh, kid -- I'd be scared, too.

J.J.: You can come with me.

Carly: No, sweetie, we don't have to run away. You know why? Jack and your Uncle Keith are not gonna let Les take you away. Now, I know what you heard. And it's true that Les is trying to get another judge to help him. But that won't matter. They will stop him.

J.J.: No, they wonít. Les will stop them. He told me.

Casey: Hey.

Celia: Hey. Where's your bathroom?

Casey: That way.

Celia: Are your grandparents here?

Casey: Not yet.

Celia: Good, I can fix my hair.

Casey: You look great.

Celia: You're just saying that because Iím nervous.

Casey: It's still true. And you don't have to be scared of my family.

Celia: Your grandfather runs the biggest hospital in town. Your grandmother runs a television station. Your father is the D.A. Your mother is a detective. Doesn't anybody work in the mall or something?

Casey: I will. I'll do whatever you want, if it makes you feel better.

Celia: I wouldn't want that.

Casey: What do you want?

Celia: Your parents --

Casey: They went to get supplies.

Celia: Then I have time to get fixed up.

Casey: You're not even messed up.

[Knocking on door]

Matt: At ease. Just me.

Casey: Matt, this is Celia. Celia, Matt.

Celia: Hey. I'll be right back.

Matt: She is so fine I am speechless. Yeah, like you're interested in her razor sharp mind and her beautiful spirit.

Casey: Are you here for the Chem notes?

Matt: Yeah. I missed the lab, too. So what's the deal? You two hooking up?

Casey: The test is Wednesday, man. Don't blow it. The team needs you.

Matt: Ah, ducks the question like a total wimp.

Casey: Or a total gentleman.

Matt: Whatever. You're not prepared at all. I see it in your face. That girl is ready. She's hot and she wants you.

Casey: See you later, Matt.

Matt: Thanks for your help. Let me return the favor.

Celia: Hey. Should we do something to help before your mom and dad get here? Casey?

Casey: No, I --

Celia: Think I'll pass inspection?

Casey: Yeah, definitely.

Celia: So anything we should do to help?

Casey: No, everything's set up. Want to watch TV?

Celia: Sure. TV's good.

Casey: I lost the remote.

Celia: We don't have to change channels.

Casey: We don't have to turn it on at all.

Celia: No, we don't.

Lily: Wait, wait. You can't be sure that Les is the one who called Juliaís cell phone.

Keith: That phone booth is right around the corner from the halfway house.

Lily: But I thought everybody was locked in after seven o'clock? Didn't Jack talk to the guy?

Keith: Well, he probably slipped out after lockdown, you know? I mean, I've got to get in and search his room.

Lily: Then have the police get a search warrant to do it.

Keith: Well, Jack's out of town right now and -- and I can't really rely on the cops. Not to mention the fact that I just got a call from my attorney. Sweeney is very close to getting custody of J.J. If that happens, he's going to grab J.J. and he'll be gone and none of us will ever see him again.

Lily: So what do you want me to do?

Keith: Well -- I'm a bit of a hothead when it comes to Sweeney. So I need someone who's got a little finesse. That's -- that's where you fit in here.

Carly: Listen to me, J.J. Jack and Uncle Keith are going to be fine. Les can't hurt them. I know that he's hurt you. And that he hurt your mom. But he can't hurt big, tough guys like Jack and Uncle Keith. They are going to keep Les away from you. I am, too.

J.J.: You're not very big.

Carly: No, that's true. But I'm mean. I am mean as a snake when I want to be. And you know that's true, don't you? You want to say "yes" don't you? Don't you? [Carly laughs] and here's where it's good to be mean. Because I don't let anybody mess with my family. What?

J.J.: I'm not your family.

Carly: Oh, yes, you are. You are Jack's son. And that makes you my family just as much as Parker and Sage are my family. Do you know how to make a pinky promise? Pinky. You swear to keep a promise. And it's like a chain. It even looks like a chain, see? And so, J.J. Larrabee, I promise you that you will always be a member of this family. And nobody can ever take that away from you.

Hal: Yeah, can I help you?

Les: Yeah, I'm looking for Jack Snyder.

Hal: Jack's out of town until tomorrow, at the latest.

Les: Well good. Good. That'll make this easier.

Hal: What'll make it easier, Sweeney?

Les: You know me?

Hal: Oh, yeah, I know you. I've got your rap sheet memorized.

Les: Yeah. Well, you need to get a life, man. That's okay. We'll be long gone by tomorrow. But, you tell Jack when you see him -- tell him I won.

Katie: Me wanting to know about Jenniferís baby is about Mike. But not in the way that you think.

Henry: How's that?

Katie: It's not like I want him to get rid of Jennifer so I can have him. I just don't want him to be played for a fool. Again.

Henry: And it's -- and it's your job to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Katie: Yes. As Mike's friend. Henry, it's not just me. This is a pattern with him. Women don't treat him very well. [Henry scoffs] and he's been through this baby thing before. Remember Carly? For months he hung out, hoping and praying that Sage was his. And I was there for that, Henry. I saw how bad it hurt him. I saw what he went through.

Henry: No one lied to him, though. He knew what was going on. And Jennifer, I'm sure, has been honest with him too.

Katie: Let's hope.

Henry: She has given you no reason to think otherwise.

Katie: Yet. What if Jennifer has the baby and let's Mike think it's his when it really is Craigís?

Henry: Oh, come on! Come on. She is incapable of living with that kind of lie.

Katie: You don't know that.

Henry: If she is capable of telling him that she slept with Craig, she is certainly capable of telling him about a baby. All right? Let it go! Don't any of these periodicals have a sports section in them?

Katie: I guess this means "subject closed."

Henry: I just -- I need to see who's at the track today.

Katie: So you think Mike and Jennifer can figure this out on their own?

Henry: I do.

Katie: Did we just have a fight? 'Cause this is too weird. You're mad at me.

Henry: Kat -- I love you. Bubbles. And I want -- you know what? I want to think about you. I want to think about us. And I don't understand why you have this uncontrollable urge to get all mixed up in the business of Mike and Jennifer.

Katie: I told you --

Henry: No. I know, you told me. And there's not a single fact in there that I can believe. So I wonder. Craig is a grown man. He can take care of himself. Besides which, we still don't know if Jennifer is pregnant, let alone if there is a problem. Would you get a hobby, sweetheart?

Katie: You already have martinis and gambling. What's left? Online trading?

Henry: Well, that could be dangerous.

Katie: Knitting?

Henry: Knitting? That's better. If you -- if you ever knit any kind of, like, woodland creatures, cute little things, I'm out the door.

Katie: Deal. Domestic pets only.

Henry: Come here.

Katie: Fighting with you bites. Let's not do it again.

Henry: Totally bites.

Katie: Totally.

Henry: We can start making up, right here, right now. What do you say? [Phone rings] ah. Henry Coleman. Yeah. Ah, sure, I can be there in 20 minutes. Okay. That's the dispatcher for the limousine service.

Katie: Go ahead. I'm fine.

Henry: You're sure?

Katie: Uh-hmm. I'll meet you at the gym later, okay?

Henry: Okay.

Katie: No. Henry's right -- it is Jennifer and Mike's business.

Craig: Of course, it's different for every one, but don't be surprised if your morning sickness doesn't last until well into the afternoon. With Bryant, Sierra was queasy until dinnertime, but that went away after the first trimester. With Lucy, of course, she was only sick in the morning. But that went on much, much longer.

Mike: Jen?

Jennifer: No, it's okay.

Mike: No, it's not okay. You are worse than her mother.

Craig: Yes, funny you should say that. I saw her this morning.

Jennifer: Is that how you found out I was pregnant? She told you?

Craig: I overheard some things. Some things I didn't expect, actually.

Jennifer: Like what?

Craig: Like she had to convince you to keep the baby. Why is that?

Jennifer: What?

Craig: I thought you and Mike were so in love. So why would --

Mike: I don't see how this is any of your business.

Craig: I don't hear Jennifer telling me.

Jennifer: Leave me alone, Craig.

Mike: There you have it.

Craig: No, I don't know. I don't know. I could come back another time, but I'm not going away.

Mike: Why not? We both want you gone.

Craig: I think you know why, Mike.

Mike: You want me to hit you again, is that what you want? Because we could go outside and do that. That way Iíll never have to see you again.

Craig: No, I think I'm entitled to some answers, given the situation.

Mike: Here's the situation. Jennifer and I are having a baby. She's going to be a mother and I'm going to be a father. And we're very happy about it. End of story.

Announcer: Coming up, on "As the World Turns" --

Craig: So when's the happy day?

Jennifer: What?

Craig: Well, you never said. When is the due date?

Katie: Don't say I didn't warn you.

Craig: So you and Jennifer are thrilled about having this baby?

Mike: Why wouldn't we be?

Craig: Oh, I'm just wondering where Barbara got the idea you didn't want the child.

Mike: Once again, none of your business.

Craig: Is it true?

Mike: You know what? Give it up, man. I don't even know how she ever worked with you, much less --

Craig: Much less everything else?

Mike: Okay, see that door? It's right behind you.

Craig: Yes, I know. Now, Jennifer, if you ever did consider giving up this child, please don't without giving it --

Jennifer: Oh, God!

Mike: Okay, man, you are not going to come in to my house and talk to her like that.

Jennifer: Mike, stop, stop!

Mike: You're not going to do it.

Jennifer: You won't do this, okay? I won't let you do this!

Margo: Hey, Casey! We're home.

Tom: Hey! Casey: Mom, Dad -- you're home early.

Tom: Yeah, we took the by-pass. Must've saved what, honey? 20 minutes?

Margo: Yeah.

Casey: Let me help with the stuff.

Tom: Oh, thanks. Come on.

Celia: Maybe I can help, too.

Margo: Oh, no, no, no, no. Let's let the guys get all the stuff.

Celia: I can set the table.

Margo: You really don't need to do that 'cause we're just having snacks.

Celia: Is there anything I can do to help?

Margo: Yeah, you could just breathe. Kinda looks like you and Casey are getting real close, real fast.

Celia: I like your son very much, Mrs. Detective Hughes.

Margo: One or the other is usually fine, but Mrs. And detective together --

Tom: Hey, look who we found lurking in the driveway.

Kim: Hi!

Margo: Hey! What were you doing lurking in our driveway?

Kim: I don't know. I rang the front bell.

Margo: Oh, well, I guess nobody inside could hear that bell.

Tom: Oh, well, that bell's been broken for more than a week and you knew that.

Margo: Oh, well. Do the honors, darling.

Casey: Oh, yeah. Grandpa, Grandma -- this is my friend, Celia Ortega.

Kim: Hi, Celia.

Celia: It's a pleasure, Mrs. Hughes.

Kim: Thank you.

Celia: Dr. Hughes.

Bob: Heard a lot about you, Celia.

Casey: All good, I hope.

Tom: Absolutely.

Kim: It's just hard to believe that our Casey is old enough to have a girl -- a friend. A girlfriend?

Tom: Ah, but he is.

Margo: I know what you mean.

Hal: Hang on. You won? What'd you win?

Les: Oh, Snyderís lawyer's will get this any minute. We found the right judge. I have just won custody of my son.

Hal: Oh. Temporary custody.

Les: Yeah, it'll be permanent soon enough, now that we found a judge that'll listen to reason.

Hal: Well, maybe you just stick around in my jurisdiction until this is settled. Those are the terms.

Les: Yeah, man, I understand the terms.

Hal: Well, you did say that you'd be long gone by tomorrow.

Les: Oh, it's just a figure of speech, man. I'll see ya around. I'm going to get my boy.

Hal: Now, hang on, Les.

Les: Oh! Now it's Les?

Hal: Maybe it might be wise for you to just wait until Jack gets back.

Les: Well, why, man? You saw the papers. Now, come on now. There ain't nothing you or Jack can do to change that. Now if you want to send one of your boys with me to make sure I get my rights, that'd be fine by me.

Hal: Sorry. Don't have any officers available.

Les: You don't have -- can't do it or you won't do it? Yeah, that's what I figured. That's okay. I don't need cops. I have a judge.

Hal: Sarah? I want you to get a hold of the control tower. Find out if Jack's plane has taken off. If it hasn't, I want you to get him off that plane right now.

Mr. Simms: So who do you write for?

Lily: The "City Times."

Mr. Simms: I like "The Intruder."

Lily: Oh, who doesn't like "The Intruder"? But we're trying to get the story that "The Intruder" doesn't have. The ex-con makes good, gets custody of his son.

Mr. Simms: That Sweeney? Good ex-con?

Keith: Oh, you're surprised, huh?

Mr. Simms: Who are you again?

Lily: He's my photographer. My photographer. Could you --would you mind getting a picture --

Keith: Yeah.

Lily: -- Of Mr. Simms here? You don't mind if we take your picture because you are a very big part of this story.

Mr. Simms: Oh, yeah?

Lily: Sure. This place is a re-entry into the real world for guys like Les Sweeney. You are doing a great service. Must be -- it cannot be easy.

Mr. Simms: I got stories.

Lily: I'm sure you've got stories. Would you mind? You know, maybe we could go into the room, check it out, take our pictures and then we'll have plenty of time for your old stories.

Mr. Simms: Knock yourselves out.

Lily: Thank you.

Mr. Simms: I know you.

Lily: What? What?

Mr. Simms: I just realized, I know you from somewhere.

Jennifer: I cannot let you fight my battles, okay? This is too much to ask.

Mike: No, you didn't ask. This is the way I want it. This is the way it should be.

Craig: I'll leave. Does that relieve everyone of a horrible burden or are we talking about something else here?

Jennifer: Don't let the door hit you on the way out, Craig. And don't come back. Mike and I have a lot of planning to do for our baby. And we would like a chance to do it in peace.

Craig: Yeah, sure. Sure. So, when's the happy day?

Jennifer: What?

Craig: Well, you never said. When is the due date?

Katie: Thank you, fate. Henry's right. I was not meant to know.

Nurse: Mrs. Coleman? You can come in now.

Katie: Thanks.

Nurse: There's a gown on the table. So why don't you go ahead and get undressed. And the doctor will be right in.

Katie: Okay. Thank you. Oh, you forgot something.

Nurse: What?

Katie: You cannot leave these in here.

Carly: And you know what Parker said yesterday? He said that he was glad you're here. That it was really nice to have another -- another guy around. He even wanted to skip his Cub Scouts meeting so he could spend time with you this afternoon. But he already promised, so --

J.J.: You gotta do what you gotta do.

Carly: Exactly. It's fun, though. Scouts. You could join, you know, when you get settled down.

J.J.: I never get settled.

Carly: Of course, you will. All this moving around, it's gonna stop. And then you can join the Cub Scouts and you can join a baseball team, and you can do all the things that all the other kids do. And when you're bored, you can come and visit us here. Because we want you to visit as often as you can. We all do. Ha! Look at that. I won. What? High five. C'mon, I won. Low five. What is it?

J.J.: Mom did that whenever she won a game.

Carly: Oh. You still dream about her every night? Yeah. Well, that's because she's looking out for you. She wants you to be safe, even though things are tough right now. And she knows that everybody who loves you is going to keep you safe, J.J. and that includes me. If you want.

J.J.: I want.

Lily: I'm sorry, we haven't met. But I do get that a lot. Don't I? I must look like everybody's old girlfriend from high school.

Mr. Simms: Not mine. That Iíd remember.

Lily: You're very sweet. I know what it is. I won an award for a piece that I did for the paper. My picture was in the lifestyle section. Bye.

Keith: These windows double locked and they're barred.

Lily: I feel much safer now.

Keith: Go check the closet over there, I'm going to go in this bathroom. Anything?

Lily: Nope, just a closet. No secret staircase. What is that?

Keith: What have we got here? Okay. Something's fishy here. What's under here?

Lily: What is it?

Keith: I don't know. I think it could be, like, some kind of an old dumbwaiter. If I could get it open Ė

Bob: Celia, it sounds like you have your career all mapped out.

Celia: I know what I want. And I know Iíll have to work hard for it, too.

Kim: Oh, well, don't forget to take the time to enjoy whatever happens.

Celia: Oh, I will.

Margo: Does anybody want a drink, huh?

Bob: I would like one.

Kim: Soda.

Tom: I'll help you.

Casey: So Grandma, Celia was thinking about getting a job next summer.

Kim: Oh.

Celia: Not thinking about, I will definitely need a job.

Casey: And I mentioned maybe she should get an internship at the station.

Kim: Oh, you did, huh? Well, why not? We're going to have some openings.

Celia: Could I apply?

Kim: Sure.

Celia: I think I would learn so much, and I work hard, too.

Margo: Well, little miss thing is quite the hit.

Tom: She's not a "little miss thing." She's a nice girl.

Margo: I know, I know. But, aren't you going to say anything about what we just saw when we walked in here?

Tom: With Dad and Kim in the room? Right in front of his girlfriend?

Margo: Well, I've done worse.

Tom: Not outside of an interrogation room. Come on, honey.

Margo: Honey, come on. That looked really intense to me.

Tom: Not now. We're just going to act like whatever we thought we saw, we didn't, and we're probably lucky that we got home early. Come on.

[Margo scoffs]

Margo: I'm sure Casey'd see it that way.

Kim: Margo?

Margo: Huh?

Kim: Help me. Help me. I'm trying to get a picture from Casey -- of his school picture?

Bob: Thank you, my boy.

Kim: He said you'd sent them all out.

Margo: Yes, I have.

Kim: Ah.

Margo: But I gave you a pile first, right?

Casey: Oh, yeah, yeah. I put them right inside of my -- uh, let's skip it.

Margo: Huh?

Kim: What?

Casey: They're really bad shots.

Margo: Oh, that's ridiculous.

Casey: Mom, no.

Margo: Kid's never taken a bad shot in his life.

Casey: Mom, no! Mom, don't!

Margo: Come on! I paid for them. I can dole 'em out!

Kim: Whoa! Oh. [A condom falls of out of Caseyís wallet]

Craig: Oh, I'm sorry, is the due date part of that vast ocean of information that is none of my business?

Jennifer: My baby's birthday won't be any big mystery, Craig.

Craig: Oh, good. So, when is the blessed event?

Jennifer: The last week in October. I'm ten weeks pregnant.

Craig: Well congratulations, Jennifer. Really.

Mike: Me too?

Craig: You, too. Ten weeks. [Craig leaves]

Jennifer: Oh, I am so sorry.

Mike: For what? You handled him like a pro.

Jennifer: No, I caved, didn't I? And I let you do all the work, and then, you know, that's fair, because we hadn't even made a final decision yet.

Mike: It's okay.

Jennifer: No, it's not. I won't hold you to anything you said. You got rid of Craig for the time being and that what's important and --

Mike: Shh. It's okay. Look, I didn't say anything that I didn't mean.

Jennifer: You told Craig it was your baby.

Mike: Yeah. And it will be.

Jennifer: You -- you saw that man. You can't sign on for this. You can't, Mike.

Mike: It's too late, I already have.

Jennifer: Because you were ambushed.

Mike: No, no. Because I wanted to. You know, I am glad Craig showed up.

Jennifer: Bite your tongue.

Mike: No, I am. I am. Because we would've talked it to death. You would've felt guilty ten times a day.

Jennifer: Well, I mean, could you blame me? You saw him. How could I ask anyone to sign on for that?

Mike: No, but you haven't. And now it's done. Okay? Craig thinks that baby is mine. And it is. And that is the way we need to start thinking about things.

Jennifer: Just erase Craig from our minds?

Mike: He's out of the picture now.

Jennifer: But what if --

Mike: No. No buts. Okay? This is life. We deal with it. Besides, we got much more important things to think about. We're having a baby.

Jennifer: We are. We are. We're having a baby.

Nurse: Dr. Schiller does her chart work in here. She needs to review the histories, so she can make some notes.

Katie: I just don't want anyone else's information in here. You know, in case, mine gets mixed up with theirs.

Nurse: Don't worry. They're not gonna mix you up. I'll just put them over here, and they'll be out of your way. 

Katie: Don't say I didn't warn you.

Keith: This was some kind of an old dumbwaiter. It was just sealed off again.

Lily: It's obviously a security violation. It goes right to the kitchen.

Keith: Yeah. And from there, Sweeney was able to go right to my sister's apartment. .

J.J.: Will Dad be home soon?

Carly: Tomorrow. What, are you sick of playing this game already?

J.J.: No. I just -- maybe he could call the judge.

Carly: Do you remember that lawyer that was helping us? Well, he's gonna call the judge. And he's good at that kind of stuff. Would you like to call Dad anyway?

J.J.: Can we?

Carly: Yes. Of course, we can. And as long as his plane isn't up in the air, he can answer his phone. [Doorbell rings] okay, you talk to him when he answers, okay?

Operator: The customer you have dialed is out of range. Please try again later.

Announcer: Next week on "As the World Turns" --

Les: That's the last time you get between me and what's mine.

Carly: No!

[Carly screams]

Henry: Do I have to spell it out to you?

Katie: Yes.

Henry: You want Jennifer and Mike to break up. So that you can finally have Mike all to yourself.

Paul: And if you and Mike and this baby want a chance at some peace, then I'm afraid this has to be good-bye.

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