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As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 4/14/05

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Lily: Luke?

Luke: I thought you'd gone out.

Lily: What's with the bag?

Luke: Mom, I can't stay in this house anymore. I won't be a part of your fairy tale that you're trying to pull together out of nothing.

Lily: What are you talking -- fairy tale?

Luke: You know what Iím talking about, Mom. Your happy ending to everything. You know, maybe you can fool Faith and Natalie, but, Mom, Iím not a kid who'll believe it just because you tell me it's true.

Lily: But what exactly do you think I'm trying to get you to believe?

Luke: That everything will go back to normal. That Dad will come home, that everything will be fine. But it won't be, Mom. Not ever again.

Jack: I don't care if Sweeney spots you, let him know you're his new shadow. Put some pressure on him, make him sweat a little bit, all right? Bye.

Keith: You got a tail on Sweeney? Why isn't he in a cell downstairs?

Jack: Because when I arrest him, I wanna make it stick.

Keith: Come on, we both know that he killed Julia.

Jack: Knowing it and proving it are two separate things, Keith.

Keith: What are you talking about? He wanted Julia out of the way so he could get a hold of J.J. that's motive, okay? He was out of prison before Julia was dead. That's what you call opportunity.

Jack: Out of prison, but in custody in a halfway house.

Keith: So what? He probably slithered out somehow.

Jack: I need some hard core evidence. I need an eyewitness, forensic evidence, anything, Keith, but you gotta back up so I can do my job.

Keith: Well, do your job and arrest my sister's killer.

Jack: Two weeks ago, you were sure it was Lily Snyder. Before that, you were sure it was her son, Luke. We can't afford to be wrong again. The press is all over this.

Keith: Yeah, well, if the judge gives Sweeney custody, that's the end of J.J. we'll never see him again. Do you want that on your head?

Les: Justin, just get it worked out, man. Whatever you gotta do, all right? I tell ya, I gotta get outta this town soon, but not without my boy. You hear me? All right, good thing. Oh, oh, and another -- these cops have been following me around. They're all over me like a bad smell. Do something about it, will you? Only thing I want breathin' down my neck is a pretty woman. You know what I'm sayin'? That was a joke, counselor. Hey, man? Can I sit here?

Rafael: Yeah, sit anywhere you want.

Les: All right, thanks very much. It's very clean.

Will: Hey. Is Alison around?

Rafael: I haven't seen her.

Will: Shouldn't she be here by now?

Rafael: Yeah, but she's not.

Will: Wait a second. Something could have happened to her. I mean, aren't you a little bit worried? She's usually on time, right?

Rafael: Look, Will, I have one sister to take care of already. Alison's a big girl. She'll be okay. Trust me.

Alison: I'm sure that it's tough, but I know that your mom is happy that you're there. Just give it some time, Aaron. [Alison sighs] the apartment was so lonely without you last night. Its funny how many noises there are, things that I never noticed when you were here. I had to pretend that you were next to me with your arms around me so I could fall sleep. Anyway -- things are fine here. And don't worry about metro. I've got things covered. You know, just take care of your mom. I love you. I miss you.

Mike: Morning.

Jennifer: Hi. What time is it?

Mike: A little past 8:00.

Jennifer: Oh, gosh. I slept straight through the night.

Mike: You needed the rest.

Jennifer: How about you?

Mike: Kind of hard to sleep with all this on my mind.

Jennifer: I slept so I wouldn't have to think.

Mike: I wish I could offer you up the perfect solution, the one that just made everybody happy.

Jennifer: I don't think there is one.

Mike: All I know is this -- whatever choice you make or whatever decision you come to, I'm here for you. I am not going anywhere.

Jennifer: Don't make promises you might regret.

Mike: I will never regret falling in love with you. You made a mistake. All right? We've all been there. I've been there.

Jennifer: You still think we have a chance? Because I'll understand if you don't.

Mike: I love you.

Jennifer: Love is easy. Forgiveness is hard.

Mike: I've already forgiven you. I want to be the guy who helps you forgive yourself. So, whatever choice you make about the baby, I will back you up. I -- I guess what I'm trying to say is, if -- if you're not ready or you don't think that in your heart that you could have this baby, I understand. But if you are ready to become a mom, Iím ready to be a dad. Unconditionally.

Craig: Finally. I've been waiting. What did you drag me down here for?

Margo: I didn't drag you down here. I just asked you to come down so we could talk. And don't act all innocent. You know why you're here.

Craig: Well, let's pretend for a second i don't.

Margo: Jennifer Munson.

Craig: Okay, Jennifer Munson.

Margo: Please, stop being so glib. Come on, Craig. What you did to her was shameful.

Craig: Define shameful.

Margo: You took advantage of her!

Craig: All right, exactly what is my self-possessed former business partner claiming I've done to her?

Margo: You know exactly what she -- wait, stop dancing with me.

Barbara: Hal, Hal, I have to talk to you. It's urgent.

Hal: I don't have time for your kind of urgent.

Barbara: It's about our daughter.

Hal: Something's happened to Jennifer?

Barbara: Oh, yeah, you could say that. She's pregnant.

Hal: Really?

Barbara: Is that all you have to say?

Hal: Well, I guess I could ask, is she happy about it?

Barbara: She's considering getting an abortion. You have to stop her. You have to go talk to her, now.

Jack: You think Iím not just as worried about what happens to J.J. as you are? I will do anything, anything, to protect that little boy, Keith.

Keith: Well, then, put Sweeney in jail.

Jack: Once the case is airtight, I'll do that!

Cop: Hey, Jack, we got that info on the quick mart. You were right. It's less than half a block away.

Jack: Wait, you know what? Eddie, go ahead and put it on my desk, okay? Thank you.

Keith: Wait a second. That's where the killer made the call from? That's a half a block away from Sweeneyís halfway house.

Jack: Keith, stay out of this.

Keith: Come on, man. I thought we were -- why are you shutting me out here?

Jack: It's not my job to keep you informed, and the more you push me, the less inclined I am to tell you anything.

Keith: Yeah, but wait a second. I thought we were on the same side here.

Jack: I'm sorry if you feel shut out. But this is my job, okay. I'm the one with the badge. I'm the one responsible and accountable for all of this, Keith.

Keith: Okay, look, I'm not trying to push you here. It's just that I --

Jack: Yeah, I know. You're frustrated.

Keith: Yes, I am!

Jack: I know you are. I am, too. But the two of us doing this thing, I know that Iím the one who can handle it.

Keith: What's that supposed to mean?

Jack: I don't know you. That's what it means. I don't know you. I don't know what you're capable of.

Keith: If I was that kind of a guy, Sweeney would be nobody's business right now. You know what keeps me from taking him apart?

Jack: J.J.

Keith: That's right. Because if anything happens to me, what's he gonna do?

Jack: Well, he's got me, for one.

Keith: Well, you know what? You're not family.

Jack: I think you and I have a different understanding as to what that word means.

Keith: You know, you did a great job with J.J. under the circumstances.

Jack: Under the circumstances? I'd die for that kid, Keith.

Keith: Well, so would I. I love him. That's why Iím gonna play by the law here. 'Cause I need the system to work for me this time.

Jack: Yeah, and Iím doing everything I can to make sure it does.

Keith: Well, let me help it along. I know Sweeney better than you do! I know how to get under his skin!

Jack: Okay. Tell me what you got.

Luke: Stop pretending everything is okay. Nothing is okay, and Iím not gonna stand around and wait for it to get worse.

Lily: Okay, but you running away, that doesn't solve anything.

Luke: Neither does pretending everything's okay.

Lily: I'm not. Honey, I know. We're all in pain. But I'm not turning my back on that because this family means too much to me. And I know it means that much to you, too. You're just -- you're scared.

Luke: I'm angry. Okay? I'm mad!

Lily: You're -- I am, too. I am! That's why I need you here. For me, to help me, to be strong for me. 'Cause we're a team. I need you to help me figure out what happens next.

Luke: Do you still love him?

Lily: I can't stop loving him, just like that.

Luke: Even after what he's done to you?

Lily: Luke, you're very young. You're almost -- I think you're too young to realize there's a lot of gray area between black and white. What people do and what they feel, sometimes they're not always in balance.

Luke: Mom, he slept with another woman. He left our family to go be with her.

Lily: I know, and I -- it's not simple. And I told you before, your father and I hit a very difficult patch before Julia came into our lives. She was just a result. And I'm as much to blame for what happened as Holden is. And I know that. And I've accepted that. But people make mistakes. Your father never meant to hurt you. Or the girls or me.

Luke: Yeah. He's a real stand-up guy.

Lily: You know, this attitude, this cynical attitude, it doesn't help anything. It's childish!

Luke: You know, I wish I was a confused child. Faith and Natalie have it easy.

Lily: You have to forgive your father.

Luke: Why?

Lily: Because! Because it's the right thing to do.

Luke: Have you? Look me in the eyes and tell me you forgave him for cheating on you. Tell me you forgive Dad for breaking your heart!

Jennifer: Are you sure you could raise this child, Mike? Because last night you had some pretty big doubts.

Mike: Last night, I was still trying to get my head around the fact that you were carrying another man's baby. You know, and not just another man. We're talking about Craig Montgomery. He's the scourge of Oakdale.

Jennifer: Try scourge of the western world.

Mike: Exactly. That's what kept me up most of the night. The idea that he would be a part of our lives because of that baby for the next couple of decades.

Jennifer: So what made you change your mind?

Mike: At about 3:00 in the morning, I just -- I finally stopped thinking about Craig, and I started thinking about the baby. So I just separated the biology from the way that your pregnancy makes me feel.

Jennifer: Like, if it wasn't Craigís? I can't even believe we're talking this way. Oh, how could I do this to you? I just makes me sick every time I think about it.

Mike: Look, stop, stop. Don't go there. Okay, we've already handled that part. What matters now is what happens next, okay? What you want to do.

Jennifer: Are you sure you would be okay with whatever choice I make?

Mike: Everything except you leaving me.

Jennifer: I would never do that.

Mike: Good. Good. Let's focus on the future.

Jennifer: Okay. One more time for the record. Are you sure you could love this child if we decide to have it?

Mike: As if it were my own.

Jennifer: Even -- even with Craig as the father?

Mike: I mean, a father is the guy who takes care of you. You know, he's the one who sits up with you when you're sick at night. He's the one who slips the bucks under your pillow when you lose a tooth. You know? The guy who points your bike in the right direction and just lets go and hopes that you don't fall down, but he is right there to pick you up when you do. It's not about biology. It's about the heart.

Jennifer: God, I love you. And it sounds like you want me to have this baby.

Mike: I want you to do what your heart tells you is right.

Jennifer: But --

Mike: What?

Jennifer: Say we do have this baby. And you accept it, and we have our family -- we still have to deal with the scourge of Oakdale. You know, he's gonna want a say in all of it. He always does. Do you really think that he's gonna stand for having his child call another man "Dad"?

Craig: You're going to have to be a little more specific, since I don't recall doing anything to Jennifer that could be construed as evil.

Margo: You stole Jenniferís company right out from under her.

Craig: What are you talking about? Street Jeans is alive.

Margo: Why did you steal Jenniferís company?

Craig: Jennifer and I had a disagreement. She wanted to play house with Mike Kasnoff. I wanted to do business, all right? So we decided it would be best to part our business ways. I needed good people. Street Jeans had them. I made them a better offer. And voila, boulevard jeans. Laissez-faire in love and war, baby. Free market! Back bone of this country.

Margo: Oh, Craig, that's not free marketing. That's pirating. You know, everybody thought -- everybody -- Sierra, Lucinda, even me -- we thought that your little stint in the monastery had changed you.

Craig: I have changed in a profound way.

Margo: Huh-uh, huh-uh. No, no, no. Something's going on here, Craig, and in your usual fashion, instead if dealing with it, you're taking it out on the whole world, or in this case, Jennifer Munson.

Craig: You're a much better cop than you are psychologist.

Margo: You know what I think, though? I think that you are afraid of people. I think that you're afraid of emotional connection.

Craig: I pick and choose.

Margo: So how come you haven't chosen to come over to, say, my house for dinner when I invite you all the time.

Craig: I've been busy.

Margo: You know, it kind of makes me feel like you just don't like my family. Although, Casey and Tom, what's not to like.

Craig: Tom, yeah. Casey has potential.

Margo: He's a really good kid. And Tom is a terrific man. He's a wonderful husband. He's a great dad, and I just don't -- oh, my God, I'm such an idiot.

Craig: Hmm?

Margo: Oh, Craig, Iím so sorry.

Craig: For what?

Margo: Yesterday would have been Bryantís birthday. Oh, man, Iím sorry.

Hal: Oh, my, I can't believe my little girl is gonna have a baby. How far along is she?

Barbara: You're not listening to me. She's considering an abortion. She's scared and confused. She needs our support.

Hal: Barbara, don't you think that if Jennifer wanted my advice, she'd come to me? I mean, she's not a little girl anymore. This is a choice that Jen and Mike have to make themselves. I mean, he knows about it, right?

Barbara: Oh, yeah, he knows. That's part of the problem.

Hal: I'm sorry, what?

Barbara: Nothing. Hal, this is not about Mike. It's about Jennifer. She's in the midst of a crisis. She's not thinking rationally. Are you going to help her or not?

Hal: No, no, hold on. Time out, time out. What's going on here? What part of this little story are you not telling me?

Alison: Sorry! Sorry, Rafael. I'm late, I know. Hey, Will.

Will: We were starting to get worried about you.

Rafael: Will was starting to get worried. I've got everything under control. How's Aaron? Did he get off okay?

Alison: He's in Seattle now.

Rafael: How's his mother doing?

Will: Something's wrong with Aaronís mom?

Alison: Yeah, she's sick.

Will: Is it serious?

Alison: Well, his dad was pretty vague on the phone, but yeah, it sounds pretty bad. They're doing tests.

Will: Well, how long is he gonna be gone?

Alison: Not too long, I hope. I miss him like crazy already.

Will: So I came by to thank you for getting me the job with Henry and Katie at the gym.

Alison: Oh, that's great! When do you start?

Will: Today, I guess.

Alison: Oh, good for you, Will. And it's gonna work out, I know it.

Rafael: Excuse me, Ali. There's a problem in the kitchen. Hurry up.

Alison: Okay. And my day begins.

Will: Are you guys short-handed? 'Cause I could stay and help out.

Alison: I thought you just said you were gonna work at the gym.

Will: I am, but --

Alison: I'll be right back.

Keith: Hey, Sweeney, enjoying your nuts?

Les: I didn't know you two were dating. What do you want?

Jack: We need to clear up a little discrepancy for us.

Les: Hard to believe you guys could clear up a case of acne. So why don't you bozos say what you gotta say and get out of my face. I'm having my coffee.

Jack: When were you released from Statesville?

Les: Statesville. That was in the papers when I went to court.

Jack: Yes, papers. They weren't tampered with in any way, were they?

Les: What the hell you talkin' about?

Jack: You were let go out of Statesville two weeks earlier than you said. Why'd you lie? What do you got to hide?

Keith: Plenty to hide! You killed my sister!

Les: Hey! Hey, man! Come on!

Jack: All right, all right.

Keith: Jack, take it easy, take it easy.

Les: Somehow my papers got a little -- you're a hothead, man. What, so I was in lockdown, 7:00 p.m. sharp every night. Counts as a halfway house. Look it up.

Jack: Halfway house is a bit different from a prison, security-wise. If you found a way to get out of there, I'll find it.

Les: Well, find out. I'm shakin' like a leaf, dude.

Keith: You ought to be shaking, Les, 'cause your alibi's crumbling. I know you killed my sister. We're gonna prove it, and you're gonna spend the rest of your stinking life in prison.

Luke: You see? You can't answer my question. You haven't forgiven Dad, but you want me to. Is that supposed to make any sense?

Lily: All right, this is a complicated situation. Clearly, whether or not I forgive your father has nothing to do with your relationship with him. Please, Luke, I need you on my side.

Luke: I've always been on your side. If anything happens to you, it happens to me and Faith and Natalie. If you get hurt, it hurts us all.

Lily: You shouldn't be taking this on. You shouldn't be dealing with something like this. You should be out with your friends, having fun.

Luke: Too late.

Lily: All right, that's it. As your mother, I am ordering you to slow down. Because you're only 15 once. Trust me.

Luke: Do you even know if Dad wants to come back yet?

Lily: I know he feels terrible. I know he wants more than anything to be a part of his children's lives.

Luke: What about a part of your life?

Lily: Holden and I have a lot of things to work out.

Luke: That's not an answer.

Lily: I don't have an answer. Neither does Holden. Listen, you've got to give us some time to figure out if there is even an answer. Can you give us a chance, Luke, please? For me?

Jennifer: Thank you.

Mike: Yeah, you're right. I can't imagine Craig letting his son call me Dad. I can't even imagine him letting me hold the baby.

Jennifer: Oh, he's going to want to take over this child's life.

Mike: Poor kid.

Jennifer: I know. I almost feel a moral obligation to protect this child from Craig.

Mike: So the problem's Craig, not that you're pregnant.

Jennifer: No, the problem is that Iím pregnant because of Craig.

Mike: And if the baby had been mine?

Jennifer: That would have been the best news in the world.

Mike: Okay, so the hesitancy isn't because you're afraid to have a child.

Jennifer: Well, God knows what kind of a mother I'll make. I mean, I didn't exactly have the best role model.

Mike: You'd make an amazing mom. I'm sure you've learned from Barbaraís many, many mistakes.

Jennifer: She wasn't so bad when I was a kid. She -- the darkness kind of crept up on her later in life.

Mike: And Hal? You couldn't ask for a better Dad than that.

Jennifer: Yeah, he's great -- kind of like you. Mike -- I think I want to have this baby. I really do. I mean, we can deal with Craig. We can figure something out.

Mike: Or we could just not deal with him.

Jennifer: You mean --

Mike: Forget about him. What he doesn't know, won't hurt us.

Craig: Yes, it was Bryantís birthday yesterday. Thank you for remembering. And yes, i do miss him -- and not just once a year. I miss him every single waking moment.

Margo: Well, of course you do.

Craig: He will always be a part of me. But I am not the emotional cripple you're trying to paint me as.

Margo: You know, Craig, that was a real moment there.

Craig: Well, what do you want me to say? That I wish Bryant was still here? Yes, absolutely. That I wish Lucy was here so I could see her every day? You bet. But life does what it does, and you can only control that which is controllable.

Margo: You know what I think? I think that there's hope for you yet. I think under all these nice suits and that tough skin, there actually is a heart that can still beat and can still love.

Craig: It can still eat, too. Can I buy you breakfast?

Margo: Not a shot, huh-uh. But you know what? You can come over for a free dinner any Sunday night. No advance warning needed.

Craig: Thank you.

Margo: I miss him, too. We all do.

Barbara: I don't know why everyone always assumes that Iím hiding something?

Hal: I don't believe you just asked that question. Look, I don't know what your agenda is in coming down here, but I'll guarantee you this. I am not digging for it. And for the last time, this is a personal matter between Jennifer and Mike. And the best thing we can do for is leave it that way.

Barbara: You're letting her down, just like you did Will.

Hal: Nope. Do not open that wound. I've got things to do.

Barbara: I won't let you walk out of here and turn your back on her when she needs you the most. If you truly cared about her, Hal, you would go to her. You'd convince her that we love and support her, and that she should have this baby.

Hal: Oh, stop it, Barbara!

Craig: No, no, don't stop. Go on.

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Mike: We love each other. No one's going to suspect the child isn't ours.

Jennifer: Are you saying you'd be okay with this -- lying to Craig?

Lily: What's wrong?

Keith: A lot. Um, I need your help.

Les: You know, you're trying to railroad me because you can't stand the fact J.J.'s gonna be livin' with me.

Jack: That'll never happen, Les.

Les: You just believe what you want. But you keep pushing me, Snyder, I'm gonna have my lawyer all over you for harassment.

Keith: Yeah, you better keep your lawyer close there, Sweeney, because you're going to be needing him.

Les: Okay, I'll let you two ladies have your fun.

Keith: So what do you think?

Jack: I think you definitely got to him.

Keith: So now what?

Jack: Come on.

Barbara: Craig, what are you doing here? Somebody press charges?

Craig: Who's having a baby?

Barbara: Oh, a family friend.

Craig: What's her name?

Barbara: Belinda.

Craig: Oh, I didn't know you had any friends named Belinda.

Barbara: Oh, there's so much about me you don't know.

Craig: No, there's not. Who were you talking about?

Hal: Craig, this is a private affair. It's really none of your business. So why don't you just go pay your parking tickets or whatever it is that you're doing down here and leave us alone.

Craig: Okay, Hal. Good for Belinda.

Barbara: Do you think he bought it?

Hal: I don't know. But it's certainly a matter of life and death to you. So what's the big deal, Barbara? Why is it so important that Craig not find that out Jenniferís pregnant?

Jennifer: So you're saying we don't even tell Craig that it's his child?

Mike: It's an option. And it sure solves a lot of problems.

Jennifer: Yeah, but what if he found out? I mean, my mother knows. So do Paul and Dusty.

Mike: I can't see any of them betraying your confidence.

Jennifer: Even my mother? Are we talking about the same Barbara?

Mike: Well, she's on board with this. As a matter of fact, she had the same suggestion.

Jennifer: You talked to her again?

Mike: She thinks the only way to neutralize Craig is for me to step up and be daddy from the get-go. And at first, I thought -- I told her she's crazy. But, I don't know, the more I think about it, the more I think in her own little sick, twisted way she's looking out for your best interests. At least this time.

Jennifer: My mother is incapable of selflessness. It's not in her DNA. All right, there has to be something in it for her.

Mike: Maybe, but she does have a point. We're together. And we love each other. No one's gonna suspect the child isn't ours.

Jennifer: Are you saying you'd be okay with this -- lying to Craig?

Mike: Would you?

Lily: Things can't get better unless we all want them to.

Luke: And that's including Dad.

Lily: Yeah.

Luke: How do you know he won't hurt you again?

Lily: I don't. I donít. I'm just trying to put the pieces together again, one step at a time. I don't know if your father and I will get back together again. I really don't. I just -- I hope he learned something about himself.

Luke: I know I have. He's sure not the man I thought he was -- not the hero I believed in, not the person I wanted to be just like.

Lily: I'm sorry. But nobody's perfect, you know? Nobody's invincible. We're human, you know? We make mistakes. We're flawed. Just try to stay on the right path, and make it home at the end of the day.

Luke: Is this still home?

Lily: I mean, you're the one with the duffel bag that's running away. I guess it's up to you.

Jack: All right, Les is telling us the truth. His curfew every night at the halfway house was 7:00 p.m., just like he said. The guy running the place was a guy named Rolie Simms, retired cop.

Keith: Let's go check it out.

Jack: Listen, hey -- I let you rattle Les' cage because it was a smart play, all right? That doesn't make you my partner. Listen, the guy was on the job at one time. He'll talk to me sooner than he'll talk to you, Keith. I'll let you know what I find out.

Keith: Yeah, I'm sure you will.

[Phone rings]

Jack: Snyder. What's up? Sure? Yeah, okay. Yeah, I'm on my way.

Keith: On your way where?

Jack: I have other responsibilities, Keith, other cases I've got to take care of. One of which is going to take me out of town.

Keith: Out of town? Wait a second. Wait, you've got some -- you've got some big golf game or something?

Jack: You know, that kind of attitude is not going to get you anywhere. Just like Simms isn't going anywhere, and the halfway house isn't going anywhere.

Keith: No, but what about Sweeney?

Jack: Sweeney's not going anywhere, not without J.J. and you heard what Michael Baldwin said. He's got a long way to convince a judge to hand over custody to him.

Keith: I don't know. He was pretty confident about --

Jack: He was bluffing.

Keith: You want to take that chance? I donít.

Jack: Listen to me. You go out of here, and you play cop on me, you're going to regret it. I'll make sure of it. I'm going to bring him down, Keith. It's just not going to be today.

Keith: Wanna bet?

Barbara: If I tell you, maybe you'll understand. But this is a pretty delicate situation now. Mike is not the father. It's Craig.

Hal: Craig Montgomery?

Barbara: You heard me.

Hal: That miserable son of a -- I will make him pay for this!

Barbara: Hold on, hold on. He didn't force himself on her. It was consensual.

Hal: Consensual? My daughter and Montgomery? Didn't happen!

Barbara: Clearly it was a moment of weakness and confusion on her part. She's not doing very well emotionally. That's what I've been trying to tell you. That's what led her to Craigís bed, and that is why she's now considering terminating her pregnancy.

Hal: Oh, my God. Jen, what were you thinking?

Barbara: Hal, she needs you. She needs your strength, she needs your level-headedness. Please, go to her. Help her.

Hal: No. This is her call. And I'm going to stay out of it. And you should, too.

Barbara: No, wait a second --

Hal: I mean it. Just -- leave 'em alone.

Mike: We don't even know if Craig would want to be a new father at this point in his life anyway.

Jennifer: Yeah, well, I mean, there's no way we can know that for sure.

Mike: That's true.

Jennifer: And it's one thing to lie to Craig. But we would also be lying to this baby.

Mike: I know. And that's what I told your mother. But -- you could argue that lying is the best way to protect this child. I mean, this is Craig Montgomery we are talking about. I know this is a lot, baby. You know, I don't know. I don't even know if this is the best choice. I'm just -- I'm really trying to give you as many options as i can.

Jennifer: Thank you. I couldn't go through this alone.

Mike: You won't have to. Not as long as Iím around.

Jennifer: I don't know what I would've done if this had driven you away, if you hadn't been able to forgive me.

Mike: Hey, stop that. Look at me. I am not going anywhere. We're going to figure this out. Okay, we are in this together, straight down the line.

Alison: I just don't think it would be a good idea for you to be work here.

Will: Why not?

Alison: It just isn't.

Will: Wait, Ali -- this is about you and Aaron, right? You think because he's out of town that Iím gonna -- I don't know, try and take advantage of that? Because you know I would never do something like that, right?

Alison: I know.

Will: Okay, good, 'cause you guys are together, and it's working, so I respect that.

Alison: Good.

Will: But you're still not giving me a job?

Alison: I'm sorry.

Rafael: Excuse me, Ali. The guy from the stove is here.

Alison: Okay. So?

Will: I'm cool.

Lily: Take your duffel bag, go upstairs and unpack it, and just give us another day to try, okay?

Luke: I think I could live with that.

Lily: I figured that. Are you okay?

Luke: For now.

Lily: Come on, give me a hug. Oh. We'll get through this, okay? Okay?

Luke: Okay.

[Doorbell rings]

Lily: Good. Excuse me. Keith? What's wrong?

Keith: A lot. Um, I need your help.

Jennifer: Okay, if we make this choice, if we don't tell Craig the truth, we still have to figure out a way to control my mother, okay? She is the wild card in all this.

Mike: I'll handle her.

Jennifer: Honey, that's sweet. That's sweet. But she always has a plan "b," that's what you have to remember. Her specialty is the sneak attack.

Mike: I'll take my chances. It sounds like you're leaning towards not telling him.

Jennifer: Yeah, well, give me a minute and Iíll sway the other direction. You must think Iím nuts.

Mike: I think you're perfect. You know, let's -- let's take a little rest, all right? Let's go somewhere, let's get something to eat, you know, just clear our heads a little bit.

Jennifer: That sounds like a good idea. I love you so much. And, you know, maybe we can think of a way that's best for everybody.

Mike: Shh! We're gonna clear our heads, remember?

Jennifer: Oh, yeah. [Knock at the door] I'll get it.

Craig: Oh, good, you're both here. I believe congratulations are in order.

Announcer: On the next "As the World Turns" --

Katie: Jennifer's file was in there, she's been to see Dr. Schuler recently. I think she's pregnant.

Keith: Sweeney is very close to getting custody of J.J. if that happens, he's going to grab J.J. and he'll be gone. And none of us will ever see him again.

Lily: So what do you want me to do?

Craig: You've got to take care of yourself, Jennifer, for the baby's sake.

Mike: You know what? I don't see how any of this is your business anyway.

Craig: Jennifer, maybe you should answer that.

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